Review by Cyptosporidium

Reviewed: 08/15/05

This game is perfect

Ok before the review I have to tell you if you haven’t beaten the 1st and 2nd one then don’t play this. I am dead serious play them in the order they were created otherwise you will not have nearly as much fun. I made the mistake of playing them in a weird order and I wish I hadn’t. You will find the games funnier too because there are inside jokes you wont understand and characters you wont know about. If you don’t listen to me then don’t say you weren’t warned.

Game play 10/10
This game has so much to do there mission where you are like a sergeant in a military or you can go through the game normally with tons of weapons armor and ways to upgrade them! Also there are tons of levels and the difficulty is just right so you will dye but not so much that it is annoying. Also once you go through the game and beat it you have the option to go to challenge mode where you can upgrade your weapons even higher and you get a bolt multiplier which increases the bolts you get from an enemy. There is much more that I will let you find out. Oh and your health upgrades to a maximum of 100 until you go to challenge mode where it upgrades to a maximum of 200 and don’t worry you keep the 100 health you earned in normal mode

Story 10/10
The story is great now there is a real enemy named Dr. Nefarious who is racist if you can call it that. He is a robot who hates organic life form which are non-robots and he has a servant named Lawrence and this game is hilarious! Well as you might have guessed you have to stop him from turning all organic life form or as he calls them squishies into robots. There is also a returning character from the previous games who I will not reveal.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics aren’t the greatest but for a game that has to have so much stuff jammed into it and the graphics still looking this good. It deserves a 10/10. Also the water looks beautiful and the cut scenes and cinematics are awesome. That is unless you have played Fight Night Round 2 or FFX.

Multiplayer 10/10
Offline isn’t all that great and I haven’t tried online but from what I can tell it is awesome there is a death match mode and a mode called Siege in which you activate nodes which give you defenses and weapons and other stuff and you get defenses on you base like troopers turrets and others and the goal is to get to the other teams base and take it over. I think there is also a CTF mode which I haven’t played as I have never liked CTF.

Sound 10/10
This game has perfect sound unless you like games with sound tracks like sports games. The guns sound right the voice overs are perfect and the music matches the levels. The music was made with perfection. But the music will get repetitive if you stay in the level too long.

Replay Value 10/10
There is plenty of replay value even if you don’t have online play but if you do there is more to play through for like new costumes for online. Also getting 100% isn’t over frustrating like most games. In fact this was my first 100%ed game and you replay for challenge mode which was explained above. There are just so many reasons to play through over and over but the best reason is it is fun and never gets old. A few more reasons to replay are to upgrade your health your weapons get more armor maybe make up a few challenges like going through a game without getting hit which has been done by somebody on the previous game who went through it 9 times without getting hit in a row! Or you could try using only your wrench or certain guns.

Over all 10/10
This game is perfect in every way but as I have said many times before play these games in order or else it will not be as much fun and you will miss some inside jokes that were thrown in and you won’t recognize all the characters. Also you may find the 1st game a million times harder if you don’t play it in order as you cannot strafe in the 1st game so if you get used to being able to strafe then the 1st game will be way to hard I have made this mistake and am very mad at myself. Over all buy all 3 of the games and buy the new one that is coming out. It is called Ratchet: Deadlocked.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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