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"The Third Installment is good, but leaves me wanting."

Ratchet and Clank is a series of games, created by Insomniac. This review focuses on the third installment. Lets just dive into the review, shall we?

Graphics: - 8/10

This game has decent graphics. Ratchet looks better than he did in previous games, and his universe looks a lot better. Insomniacs attention to detail is finally starting to show. The weapons used and the gadgets also look good. Luckily, as with the second, there are plenty of new environments. Every place is simply bustling with activity. In the background, you can almost always see ships flying around which is pretty cool. There is one let down graphics wise that would hurt the game in the eyes of someone who cared a lot about graphics: the bosses really don't look that good. The detail that is present everywhere else is somewhat lacking with the bosses. It looks like Insomniac went with the bare minimum there.

Game play - 9/10

If you've played a Ratchet game, going into a new one you know you're going to have a lot of weapons, a lot of enemies, and a lot of things to destroy. Up Your Arsenal truly does not disappoint on any of those fronts. In the third installment, you have brand new weapons, brand new enemies, and even more things to destroy. Heck, its still fun to sit there and shoot the ships that fly around in the sky. Skill points are back, to make completion of the game harder (completion as in completing everything possible, not simply beating the final boss.)

Ratchets start weapon, just as in the previous games, is a ratchet. However, as with other Ratchet games, I rarely used the ratchet. There are just way too many options to run around with a ratchet and beat people with it.

Everything is harder and faster place. Giant Clank does make a comeback which I was quite pleased about. One drawback that brought this score down was the lack of space battles. I loved the space battles of the Ratchet series and I was a bit disappointed when I found that the third installment didn't have any.

Once again, you're collecting bolts to buy things. Once again, you have interesting puzzles you have to complete to continue on in some places, which is as fun as it used to be. Nothing in the game is impossible. Nothing is so hard that only the elite can do it. However, some aspects do take practice. As with anything, you need to practice.

You can't just expect instant results. The same is true for things like the hacker that opens doors. I have noticed a lot of people who play this game and just expect to get everything their first try and it just doesn't work that way. Luckily, nothing in Up Your Arsenal takes a lot of practice, and things can be figured out rather quickly.

Other than that, there are a lot of things to search levels for. In the first game, we were looking for gold bolts. In the second game, it was Platinum bolts. Now, we are searching the maps for Titanium bolts. The different names aside, there is no difference between these bolts. They are all used to unlock secret stuff. Some are easy to find. Some are extremely hard.

Lastly there is a very fun battle arena called Annihilation Nation. In this place, you have all kinds of challenges to overcome. A couple you have to do to advance the story, but the rest are completely optional. I found them all to be exceedingly fun, and some to be a bit difficult. Even though it will not effect the outcome of the game, save having more bolts, I recommend beating all the challenges in the battle arena just because of the challenge and the fun entailed. Plus, it gives you a chance to hone your skills.

Control - 9/10

When playing this game, the analog stick is your best friend. Adjusting the camera is quite easy, as is targeting.

Sound - 6/10

Sadly enough, the sound really hasn't improved. Don't get me wrong. The voice acting isn't the problem. It's the completely generic sounds that are used throughout the game that are the problem.

Story - 8/10

This game has a decent, solid story which is always good. I do not think it measures up to the stories of the first or second games, but it is still solid and interesting.

Replay Value - 9/10

This game is worth replaying just because of how fun it is to shoot everything. Plus, the hover board is tons of fun to play on by itself. I've played it several times myself.

Overall - 7/10 - Above Average

This is a solid game. Good story. Good game play. Nice graphics, and the fact that it is worth replaying give this game an above average score.

Final Comments and Recommendation

All in all, worth a buy. If you liked the previous games, get it for sure. If you enjoy First Person Shooters, you might just like this. Don't get me wrong. It isn't a first person shooter, but there are elements from first person shooters in it. Take a look at the screen shots on the net, and see what you think, and then make your own conclusion, but you should at least give this game a chance.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/07/06

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