Can only play oringial Mortal Kombat?

  1. how do you get to Mortal Kombat:Deception ?

    User Info: pmelhuish

    pmelhuish - 6 years ago

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  1. Here's the thing. The original MK Deception is a stand alone one disc game. But Midway and the MK team made some limited editions of the game that included two discs; one that contained the game and the other contained some sweet special features - one of which included the original Mortal Kombat.

    I'm guessing you bought a used copy of the game described as the original MK Deception and got the disc with the special features from the limited edition instead. Get the guy who sold it to you and FINISH HIM!

    Hope that helped.

    User Info: MunKy321

    MunKy321 - 6 years ago 1 0

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