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    Ashrah by Blackmagik Demon

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          |       Mortal Kombat: Deception Ashrah Guide         |
            Mortal Kombat: Deception Ashrah Guide for PS2/Xbox
                            by Lewis Payne
    This FAQ is copyright Lewis Payne.  You cannot steal or borrow this FAQ without
    asking me first. If you wish to post it somewhere else you can contact me at
    blackmagik34@hotmail.com and must give me full credit. Please enjoy this FAQ.
    I.  History
    II.  Purpose
    III.  Abbreviations
    IV.  Story
    V.  Outfits
    VI.  Moveslist
    VII.  Good Combos
    VIII. Ashrah in Konquest
    IX.  Unlockables
    10/07/04- Published this guide
    10/16/04- Added her ending, Described her special moves
    10/24/04- Added her alt costume time
    11/06/04- Added the good combos section and the Ashrah in konquest
    I have written this FAQ to outline the fighter Ashrah. She is my favourite new
    character and is very powerful when you know how to use her correctly. The
    thing that drew me towards Ashrah first was her impressive attire- I love the
    white garments that she wears and the hat makes her look very unique. Once you
    scratch the surface, you’ll notice her impressive array of special moves and
    magical abilities. This gives every possible piece of information about Ashrah
    you could ever want. Enjoy.
    Back            B
    Forward         F
    Up              U
    Down            D
    Move        Abbreviation   PS2            X-Box
    Attack 1        1          Square         X
    Attack 2        2          Triangle       Y
    Attack 3        3          X              A
    Attack 4        4          Circle         B
    Change Style    CS         L1             L
    Block           BL         R2             R
    +    indicates to press both buttons at the same time
    Place of Origin: Netherrealm
    Alignment:       Good
    Allies:          Shujinko
    Foes:            Ermac, Noob Saibot, Brotherhood of Shadow
    Ashrah is a demon who has discovered means for escaping the Netherrealm...a
    holy sword. To achieve her goal of purification, she must slay powerful evil
    such as Noob Saibot with the sword. Each denizen of the netherrealm she defeats
    brings her closer to freedom.
    I am a demon, a denizen of the Netherrealm. For ages, my sisters and I have
    blindly served Quan Chi as members of the Brotherhood of the Shadow. But I
    questioned a command given by the sorcerer. To set an example, he sent my own
    sister to slay me. During my escape, I discovered a weapon - a sword - that
    seemed to be of heavenly origin. With each demonic assassin that has fallen to
    this blade, I have felt a strange exhilaration. It is as if the taint of evil
    is leaving me.
    Now I understand the strange sensation I feel when I exterminate a demon of the
    Netherrealm with this sword. The sword is purifying me as I cleanse the world
    of evil. With each fiend I eradicate, my presence here becomes more
    unstable...soon I will be expelled from this realm. If I were to slay a
    powerful demon such as Noob Saibot, I would finally become an ascending demon,
    free from the Netherrealm forever.
    Noob Saibot was not originally a demon, which might explain why Ashrah sensed
    such a great evil in him: He had to earn his place in the Netherrealm. He
    actually desired to remain there. His companion, however, seemed to be having a
    problem adjusting. Perhaps there was some good left in the cyborg. Whatever the
    case, Noob would have to face Ashrah alone. Ashrah defeated Noob Saibot and
    finally earned her ascension from the Netherrealm. But the sword that made her
    travel possible did not travel with her. I suspect it still remains in the
    Netherrealm, waiting to release another of its denizens from damnation.
    1- White half robe with gold trim, white baggy trousers, white
       boots with gold design, gold sash, large white hat with veil at
       the back
    2- Her first outfit without the hat, the half robe is now changed
       to more of a mini-dress with a long back, no trousers, more
       cleavage and longer boots
    Wrist Chop                                 1
    Piercing Wrist                             F+1
    Crouching Low Arm Chop                     D+1
    Nukite                                     2
    Vicious Uppercut                           D+2
    Snap Kick                                  3
    Off Balance Trip                           B+3B + 3
    Knee Bruiser                               F+3
    Lifting Flat-Foot                          U+3
    Ducking Snap Chip                          D+3
    Hopping Crane Kick                         4
    Whirling Spin Kick                         B+4
    Chicken Leg                                F+4
    Soaring Crane                              U+4
    Walking Steel Leg                          D+4
    Steel Wrists                               1,F+1
    Twin Eye Poke                              2,2
    Downfall                                   2,2 CS
    Stone Wrists                               2,1
    Leg Chopper                                F+4,1
    Demon Slayer                               2,2,1
    Faithful Mind                              2,2,1 CS
    Feeling Lucky                              2,2,3
    Furious Wrath                              2,2,1 CS 2,2 CS
    Killer in White                            2,2,1 CS 3,F+3
    BA GUA
    Ox Tongue Palm Strike                      1
    Dragon Elbow Strike                        D+1
    Power Palm                                 B+1
    Hooking Strike                             2
    Spear Hand Thrust                          B+2
    Heavenly Uppercut                          D+2
    Spinning Force Palm                        3
    Hammer Palm Strike                         F+3
    Low Jagged Kick                            D+3
    Stepping Side Kick                         4
    Swinging Sweep                             B+4
    Horse Kick                                 U+4
    Low Turning Kick                           D+4
    Stomach Pain                               1,3
    Fancy Hands                                1,2
    Chin Strikes                               2,2
    Rusty Blade                                1,3 CS
    Painful Palms                              1,2,2
    Dancing Hands                              1,2,2,3
    Face Scrape                                2,2,3
    Face Poker                                 2,2 CS
    Art of Overkill                            1,3,F+3
    Chest Slash                                1
    Head Slicer                                B+1
    Eye Poke                                   F+1
    Low Thigh Slash                            D+1
    Right Down the Middle                      2
    Dancing Kriss                              B+2
    Quick and Easy                             U+2
    Rising Uplift                              D+2
    Reverse Blade                              3
    Low Slash                                  B+3
    Neck Thruster                              U+3
    Target Practice                            F+3
    Low Quick Stab                             D+3
    Pelvis Kick                                4
    Twisting Gut Cut                           U+4
    Midsection Pain                            D+4
    Kriss Kross                                2,2
    Twin Swipes                                1,1
    Fast Enough                                F+1,1
    Fast Hands                                 F+1,1,1
    Extreme Fists                              F+1,1,1,1
    Goddess Blade                              3,4
    King Thunder                               3,4,2
    Killer Bride                               3,4,2,2
    Heavenly Light- D,B+1
    She throws a ball of white energy into the air, which falls down on the
    opponent’s head; I think Kai had this move in mk4.
    Lightning Blast- D,F+1
    She conjures up a ball of red energy, which works as a close projectile.
    Spin Cycle- D,U+3
    She spins vertically, deadly if the opponent walks into her.
    Nature’s Torpedo- F,F+4
    She spins horizontally at the opponent driving her head into the     opponents
    chest, a bit like Raiden’s flying dive move from previous games.
    Voodoo- D,D,U,U,2 (close)
    She spins backwards and pulls out a voodoo doll.
    She repeatedly stabs it with her kriss
    which reflects on her opponent.
    Magic Melt- F,D,F,D,2 (sweep)
    Her hands glow blue and she waves them about a
    little. She brings them to the floor and her opponent
    also starts to glow blue. Then she thrusts them to the
    sky and her opponent’s body parts start melting.
    Spin Out of control- U,D,U,U,2
    She spins like hell until she glows blue and her body parts
    fly everywhere.
    Not so much a move but its cool anyway. If you are defeated in a match Ashrah
    spins herself up.
    Here a few good combos to use when in a tight situation. They are very
    effective and do a lot of damage. They are all in the Chou Jaio fighting style
    (I named them myself):
    White Blossom- 34% damage- 10 Hits
    2, 2, 1 CS 3, F+3, 1, 2, 2, 3
    Power Behind a Veil- 36% damage- 12 Hits
    2, 2, 1 CS 3, F+3, CS CS 2,2,1 CS 2,2 CS
    (The double CS is to change back to Chou Jaio after the style branch)
    Once you finish all the possible side quests in the village, go to location C-6
    to train with Ashrah.  Talk to her and Shujinko will say that she doesn’t look
    like a Netherrealm demon, to which Ashrah replies that she was once like other
    demons but she found a holy sword, which allows her to slay other demons. She
    then says Shujinko does not look like he belongs here, to which he replies that
    he is from Earthrealm. Ashrah offers to train him to protect him from the evil
    denizens that reside here. These are the moves that you must perform to pass
    her training:
    Ashrah: “The first techniques you must learn are the Chou Jaio high
    Wrist Chop                                    1
    Nukite                                        2
    Snap Kick                                     3
    Hopping Crane Kick                            4
    Ashrah: “Next I will teach you Chou Jaio low attacks.”
    Crouching Low Arm Chop                        D+1
    Ducking Snap Chip                             D+3
    Walking Steel Leg                             D+4
    Knee Bruiser                                  F+3
    Off Balance Trip                              B+3
    Chicken Leg                                   F+4
    Ashrah: “Daze and confuse demons with these Chou Jaio pop-up
    Lifting Flat-Foot                             U+3
    Whirling Spin Kick                            B+4
    Piercing Wrist                                F+1
    Soaring Crane                                 U+4
    Vicious Uppercut                              D+2
    Ashrah: “Next you will learn Chou Jaio basic combos.”
    Twin Eye Poke                                 2,2
    Stone Wrists                                  2,1
    Steel Wrists                                  1,F+1
    Ashrah: “Now that you have mastered the basic combos, I will show you
             Chou Jaio advanced combos.”
    Demon Slayer                                  2,2,1
    Feeling Lucky                                 2,2,3
    Ashrah: “You next lessons will encompass Ba Gua high attacks.”
    Ox Tongue Palm Strike                         1
    Hooking Strike                                2
    Spinning Force Palm                           3
    Stepping Side Kick                            4
    Ashrah: “Now you will learn Ba Gua low attacks.”
    Dragon Elbow Strike                           D+1
    Low Jagged Kick                               D+3
    Low Turning Kick                              D+4
    Swinging Sweep                                B+4
    Ashrah: “Ba Gua also utilizes power and pop-up attacks.”
    Horse Kick                                    U+4
    Hammer Palm Strike                            F+4
    Spear Hand Thrust                             B+2
    Power Palm                                    B+1
    Heavenly Uppercut                             D+2
    Ashrah: “Now, on to Ba Gua basic combos.”
    Stomach Pain                                  1,3
    Fancy Hands                                   1,2
    Chin Strikes                                  2,2
    Face Scrape                                   2,2,3
    Ashrah: “We will see if you can execute Ba Gua advanced combos.”
    Painful Palms                                 1,2,2
    Art Of Overkill                               1,3,F+3
    Dancing Hands                                 1,2,2,3
    Ashrah: “The last of your high attack training will use the Kriss, a
             rare bladed weapon. Mine in particular seems to be blessed
             in some manner.”
    Chest Slash                                   1
    Right Down The Middle                         2
    Reverse Blade                                 3
    Pelvis Kick                                   4
    Ashrah: “The Kriss basic low attacks are quite effective against
             Netherrealm oni.”
    Low Thigh Slash                               D+1
    Low Quick Stab                                D+3
    Mid-Section Pain                              D+4
    Low Slash                                     B+3
    Ashrah: “I find Kriss power and pop-up attacks to be most effective.”
    Eye Poke                                      F+1
    Dancing Kriss                                 B+2
    Neck Thruster                                 U+3
    Target Practice                               F+3
    Twisting Gut Cut                              U+4
    Head Slicer                                   B+1
    Quick And Easy                                U+2
    Rising Uplift                                 D+2
    Ashrah: “There are basic combos within the Kriss fighting style as
    Goddess Blade                                 3,4
    King Thunder                                  3,4,2
    Killer Bride                                  3,4,2,2
    Kriss Kross                                   2,2
    Ashrah: “And now my favorite: Kriss advanced kombos.”
    Twin Swipes                                   1,1
    Fast Enough                                   F+1,1
    Fast Hands                                    F+1,1,1
    Extreme Fists                                 F+1,1,1,1
    Ashrah: “You have done well, but your next lesson is more
             complicated. This combo changes from one fighting style to
    Downfall                                      2,2 CS
    Rusty Blade                                   1,3 CS
    Ashrah: “Good!  Now try this style branching combo.”
    Killer In White                               2,2,1 CS 3,F+3
    Face Poker                                    2,2 CS
    Ashrah: “Finally, show me how you can handle this last style-
             branching combo.”
    Furious Wrath                                 2,2,1 CS 2,2 CS
    Ashrah: “In the wastes of the Netherrealm, you will need special
             moves. Let us see how well you learn this one.”
    Heavenly Light                                D,B+1
    Heavenly Light                                D,B+1
    Ashrah: “Well done. This next one will fill an oni’s black heart
             with dread.”
    Lightning Blast                               D,F+1
    Lightning Blast                               D,F+1
    Ashrah: “Impressive!  You are quickly becoming a demon slayer. Let us
             try another special move.”
    Spin Cycle                                    D,U+3
    Spin Cycle                                    D,U+3
    Ashrah: “You are learning quickly, but you still have one left to
    Nature’s Torpedo                              F,F+4
    Nature’s Torpedo                              F,F+4
    Ashrah: “You have learned my special attacks. They work well against
             most demons, but can you execute them against me?”
    Heavenly Light                                D,B+1
    Lightning Blast                               D,F+1
    Nature’s Torpedo                              F,F+4
    Spin Cycle                                    D,U+3
    Heavenly Light                                D,B+1
    Lightning Blast                               D,F+1
    Nature’s Torpedo                              F,F+4
    Spin Cycle                                    D,U+3
    Ashrah: “I have taught you much, Shujinko. But to be sure you
             understand all that I have taught you, I must test you in
             battle. FIGHT!”
    Basically you have to defeat Ashrah. The best plan is to move around a lot, and
    utilize strong combos and special moves.
    Mission Complete!
    When you defeat Ashrah, she tells you she has taught you the techniques for
    defeating Netherrealm demons. She then talks of a test outside the gates that
    she has for you. She says she will find a suitable opponent for you, to which
    Shujinko accepts the challenge. You are now allowed outside of the village.
    This is a list of unlockables for Ashrah or related to Ashrah. They are found
    in the krypt.
    Chou Jaio video         - Koffin AF - C-6/Orderrealm (Punch Mokap)
    Alternate Costume       - Koffin EE - H-4/Netherrealm (4pm)
    Ashrah Character Concept- Koffin KR - 145 Gold Koins
    Ashrah Concepts         - Koffin LK - 170 Onyx Koins
    Ashrah Render           - Koffin NG - 166 Sapphire Koins
    Ashrah Story Board      - Koffin PI - 280 Sapphire Koins
    Alternate Bio           - Koffin QN - 324 Sapphire Koins
    (Credit goes to Smokey MacPot on the alt costume time)
    This FAQ is copyright Lewis Payne.  You cannot steal or borrow this FAQ without
    asking me first. If you wish to post it somewhere else you can contact me at
    blackmagik34@hotmail.com and must give me full credit. Please enjoy this FAQ.

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