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    Sub-Zero by Menji

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                _____         _       _    _____           _       _
               |     |___ ___| |_ ___| |  |  |  |___ _____| |_ ___| |_
               | | | | . |  _|  _| .'| |  |    -| . |     | . | .'|  _|
               |_|_|_|___|_| |_| |__,|_|  |__|__|___|_|_|_|___|__,|_|
                        ____                  _   _
                       |    \ ___ ___ ___ ___| |_|_|___ ___
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                       |____/|___|___|___|  _|_| |_|___|_|_|
                                  Menji76 Presents
                               Sub-Zero FAQ/Movelist
                              Mortal Kombat Deception
    |                                                                            |
    |                   Created by: Nick Bryant (Menji76)                        |
    |                   Last Updated: 09/01/06                                   |
    |                   Version: 3.6                                             |
    |                   Email: g0dlikeskills[at]yahoo[dot]com                    |
    |                   AIM: g0dlikeskills                                       |
                    |                                          |
                    | Game Info:                               |
                    | Name: Mortal Kombat Deception            |
                    | Release Date: 10/04/04                   |
                    | Number of Players: 1-2                   |
                    | Special Features: Online; USB Headeset   |
                    | Developer: Midway                        |
                    | ESRB RAting: M                           |
                    | My Rating: 9/10 (See reviews)            |
    Update History:
    Version   1.0 10/06/04 Added Basic Outline and Moves/Fatality
    Version   1.7 10/07/04 Added Bios and Krypt Secrets
    Version   2.0 10/08/04 Added Strategies, Alt Bio, Alt Costume, Notes
    Version   2.1 10/09/04 Added Easier Move Setting Combos
    Version   2.5 10/10/04 Fixed errors and gave major credit
    Version   2.8 10/27/04 Added more combos and grammar erros
    Version   3.0 10/29/04 Changed some B's to F's in the combo, check
                           the ones with the stars to see which ones I
    Version   3.2 11/12/04 Added Ending summary and strategy against him
    Version   3.3 12/04/04 Descriptions for the Fatalities/Hari Kari
    Version   3.4 08/03/06 FAQ fix up and added to site list, added GC controls
    Version   3.5 08/09/06 Yet another FAQ update
    Version   3.6 09/01/06 Made the Movelist easier to read
    Table of Kontents:
    I:    Kreator/Game Information
    II:   Update History
    III:  Table of Kontents
    IV:   Bio
    V:    Moveset
           c)Kori Blade
           d)Fatalities/Hari Kiri
           e)User Kombos (Submit to me your combos)
    VI:   FAQ
    VII:  Kredits
    VIII: Copyright Info
    These are the only sites that can post this faq, if you see them anywhere else
    please report to me via email as this is a copyright violation.
    Here is a quick change between the three systems
    Playstation 2:    Xbox:    Gamecube:
    Square            X           B
    Triangle          Y           Y
    X                 A           A
    O                 B           X
    R2                R           R
    R1                Black       Z
    L1                L           L
    This guide is made for the sole purpose of Sub-Zero's Moveset in Mortal Kombat
    Deception. You may print out a copy to use if you wish but in no way can you
    recreate or use this guide for other purposes. If you see a mistake anywhere
    in this guide, feel free to contact me so I can change it and give you the
    credit you deserve.
    Place of Origin: Earthrealm
    Alignment: Good
    Allies: Frost and Raiden
    Foes: Quan Chi, Hotaru, Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Smoke(Originally an ally but
    after seeing their ending, decided to change it)
    Difficulty: 4 (Game Rating)
    History: Sub-Zero has been in just about every Mortal Kombat. Him and Scorpion
    were in the very first one, and are still the favorite mortal kombatants to
    this date. After the Mortal Kombat Movies, Sub-Zero was added to the Good side,
    and got many new outfits. In Deadly Alliance he had a no mask one. And now has
    adopted a Samurai looking mask with his usual outfit.
    Bio 1:
    While still in Outworld, the Lin Keui Grand Master, Sub-Zero, discovers his
    true heritage -- the source of his mastery over cold. This discovery will aid
    him in the fight against the Dragon King's Tarkatan hordes.
    Bio 2: Unlocked at the Krypt Number AS C-3/Earthrealm
    I learned that the ruins were a holy structure belonging to a lost race of
    people who had attained mastery over cold. After throrough study of this
    culture,I now believe both Frost and myself to be their descendents. I laid
    Frost's body in a sarcophagus and left the catacombs donning the armor of my
    newly discovered heritage.
    First Person Bio:
    My fellow Lin Kuei Frost, had betrayed me and stolen my dragon
    medallion. Unable to control the medallion's power, she was consumed
    by her own freezing ability. I searched Outworld for a suitable place to bury
    her remains when I happened upon ancient ruins, carved into a Mountain Side.
    Alternate Outfit:
    Unlocked at the Kyrpt Number: RM
    Location: F-8/Earthrealm (7pm-9pm)
    His new outfit is his elders clothing style. His head is shaved and has a
    little rat tail at the end. Dressed in his usual blue suit.
    Defalt Outfit:
    This outfit, is a samurai looking Sub-Zero and the ninjas are very different
    now. Each with their own look, Sub-Zero still keeps his blue clothing.
    -Because of some much emails and IM's, I have decided to put in a note her that
    the mask he wears is very similiar to Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja
    Turtles, thanks for all the info.
    Ending Summary:
    Sub-Zero is ambushed by the tarkantan's and a in a last-minute power up
    destroys them all, as he walks away a wounded tarkantan speaks the words, "Long
    live the Dragon King"
    Past Mortal Kombat History by johny_6_6_6 (lol unedited)
    Subzero was used by the sorcerer Quan Shin(or how ever it's spelled) as a
    investigator and when he achieved his goal, Quan found no more uses in him and
    sent Scorpion at his tail having convinced him that Sub-Zero destroyed his
    village... (but it was Quan Shin)  Sub-Zero killed him in MK, but then Scrop
    have been brung back to life to revenge...  (explains the skull face from
    'toasty' finishing move...)
    At the point where you beat the game with Sub/Scorp, the cinematic goes about
    like this: one of the 2 is to the floor, almost dead(which one = depends on
    which user you used to beat the game...) then Quan Shin comes in and put sub
    zero to the floor if he's the one still standing and gets ready to finish
    him.  He then explain what happened about Scorp's village and get ready to
    throw back Scorp in his prison-like realm (shadowrealm?)  but as he was about
    to get suck in it, very VERY mad, Scorpion gets a last desperate move and take
    a solid hold on Quan Shin, bringing him with him...
    (Mk5) (Deadly Alliance)
    at the Beginning, they mentionned that Quan SHin has been emprisonned in the
    something-realm; that's because of Scorpion...he's not a Sub-zero alied, but
    he's not an annemy anymore...  Scorpion isn't a Shao Khan/Dragon King/Quan
    Shin/whoever's pawn; he's just a lot soul that refused to die cause he wanted
    vangence... and he got it... The part about Frost seems right though; that's
    pretty much what happenned in the Deadly Alliance between thos 2 car...
    Sub-Zero Notes
    What is good about him?
    Sub-Zero has the ability freeze his opponents, stopping them in their tracks
    and allowing you to get a free hit. His specials are easy to execute and
    remember. Plus he has that look to him, that screams "Don't Mess with me" His
    weapon is a Kori Blade which cause great damage to his opposing fighter. He
    does have some good combos that are easy, like starting in Dragon and pressing,
    1,2,CS which gives you a nice setup to 50/50 with your Kori blade.
    What is not good about him?
     Sub-Zero lacks easy combo remembrence and power. His combos can
    be hard to execute when you are on your tippy toes trying to stay alive in
    brutal online battle. (Keep in mind, this may very from person to person)
    What works well against the CPU?
    For some reason, the CPU will learn what you do if you constantly do it. For
    example if you constantly freeze them and then attack with the Kori Blade, in
    the matches to come they will block the freeze more often and attack you. To
    counter this, you need to mix up you attacks, and rotate your specials that you
    are using.
    What works well against veteran players?
    To be a veteran at this game, you have to learn all the cheap attacks people
    do and know how to counter them. I would normally suggested the Freeze and Ice
    Shoulder them, but they will see the freeze coming unless you can get close
    without them hitting you. If they come to you, use an Ice Clone move and freeze
    them in their tracks, allowing you to move on.
    What works well against medicore players?
    These players won't know how to block and stop these tricks. Ice ball to Cold
    shoulder works wonders, and following up with Kori Blades' Spinning Slash and
    Kori Uppercut, will get you the flawless victory blowouts you want.
    What works well to hit them into Death Traps?
    My favorite way is to use Cold Shoulder, because it can catch them off guard
    and send them flying. There are also many other great moves like his kicks,
    that send your oppoent flying, don't forget about freezing to aim them
    What works against him?
    Freeze should be no problem to block but be carefull getting to close or using
    a long combo because he can use ice clone which freezes you and gives him a
    free hit.
    Moves will we listed with the combo needed to enter and then the name. Buttons
    separated by commas are inserted after completing the first one and "+" mean
    at the same time.
    Since three systems use this same game, here is my table showing how it is
    different for each one.
    Movement  Abbreviation
    Back      B
    Forward   F
    Up        U
    Down      D
    Buttton        Abbreviation     PS2     Xbox    Gamecube
    Attack 1           1           Square     X         B
    Attack 2           2           Triangle   Y         Y
    Attack 3           3           X          A         A
    Attack 4           4           Circle     B         X
    Change Style       CS          L1         L         L
    Block              BL          R2         R         R
    Throw              TH          R1         Black     Z
    Pick-Up Weapon     PU          L2         White     ?
    Command      What it Means
    ","          Enter button after the previous one is entered
    "+"          Enter at the same time as the one connected
    Move Name             Button Combination
    Spear Hand Strike......1
    Forward Elbow Strike...B+1
    Lower Knee Strike......D+1
    Swinging Hand Strike...2
    Rising Jackhammer......D+2
    Mountain Punch.........B+2
    Rising Thrust Kick.....3
    Side Snap Kick.........F+3
    Low Sharp Kick.........D+3
    Thrust Kick............4
    Low Strike.............D+4
    Low Shin Kick..........B+4
    2-Hit Trick............3,2
    Cold as Ice............1,1
    Triple Threat..........1,1,1
    Cold Feet..............1,1,3
    Cheap Cold Strike......1,1,4
    Frigid Touch...........1,1,3,2
    Lin Kuei's Secret......1,1,3,F+3
    Ultimate Shogun........1,1,3,B+2
    King's Crown...........3,F+3
    Peaceful Mind..........3,B+2
    Icy Pain...............1,2,4
    Cloud Hands............1,2,B+1
    Iron Horse.............1,2,B+2
    Rock Solid.............1,2,2,CS,3
    Lin Kuei Storm.........1,2,4,CS,2,3
    Zero Below.............1,2,4,CS,2,4
    Thin Ice...............1,2,4,CS,2,B+2
    Dark Fists.............1,1,3,CS
    Cold Blade.............1,2,4,CS,1,2,CS
    Move Name               Button Combination
    Black Knuckle Strike.....1
    Ducking Claws............D+1
    Upper Lunge Punch........B+1
    Sun Fish.................2
    Dragon Attack............B+2
    Round House Kick.........3
    Low Talon Strike.........D+3
    Front Stomp..............4
    Wheel Turning Kick.......U+4
    Sidestep Claw............B+4
    Low Dragon Kick..........D+4
    Yielding Fire............1,3
    Ice Pop..................1,1,2
    Tiger in Cave............4,B+2
    Dragon Dance.............1,B+1
    Sile Dragon..............1,2,3
    Dragon Play With 7 Stars.1,2,4
    Ice Maker................1,2,CS
    3Hit Claws...............1,2,B+2
    Twist of the Tiger.......1,2,U+4
    Chill out................1,1,2,CS
    ___/Kori Blade\_______________________________________________________________
    Move Name            Button Combination
    Overhead Swing Cold...1
    Downward Stab.........D+1
    Spining Slash.........B+1
    Overhead Smash........U+1
    Blade Lunge...........2
    Icy Lift..............B+2
    Kori Uppercut.........D+2
    Frosty Slash..........3
    Thigh Ripper..........D+3
    Back Kick.............4
    Sweep Kick............B+4
    Crouch Slash..........D+4
    Butter Blade..........1,B+1
    Rib Breaker   : TH    : Rating: 4/5
    Everyone has a throw, and they are all most equally powerful, provdiding 2-3
    different hits to cause massive damage. Sub-Zero's falls short of some of the
    great ones like Bo Rai Cho and Mileena's, but it still gives great damag to
    whoever you are fighting.
    Ice Clone     : D,B+1 : Rating: 3/5
    This would be the best move if it weren't so hard to use it's full
    potentional. Getting the CPU to touch this, is downright impossible and the
    only way a human will touch it, is if they are standing right there, and get
    caught in it. For blocking blasts it does a so-so job, and you could easily
    have done a regular block instead.
    From: Bahamut83
    "Also, their is a very easy way to hit foes with this move, but it does take a
    little bit of foresight. If you see your foe start to do a combo (and your not
    hit by the first attack) lay down the ice clone. Since most combos cause the
    enemy to move foward, they will do their combo right into it."
    Freeze Ball   : D,F+3 : Rating: 5/5
    Sub-Zero's classic move is back, the ability to stop and opponent and give you
    a free hit. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that you can block
    this, even though your arm doesn't get frozen.
    Cold Shoulder : B,F+4 : Rating: 5/5
    One of his newly moves in the newer games, this ability uses his ice to ice the
    floor, and slide across to elbow his opponent. This is especially well to use
    for deathtraps or following up on Freeze Ball.
    Switch to Fatality when announcer says,"Finish Him"
    F,B,D,F,2  : Fatility 1 (Must be fairly Close)
    Description: Sub-Zero summons all of his powers and he unleashes a laser-like
    blast of ice that puts the opponent in a deep freeze. He walks over to the
    frozen opponent, messes with their head a little and rips it right off. Then he
    walks away, does an ice slice backward and he throws the head at the opponent's
    still frozen but now headless body, shattering it to pieces. Subby raises his
    arms and gives a fist up.
    B,D,F,D,1  : Fatality 2 (Sweep)
    Description: Sub-Zero freezes the opponent's legs all the way up to the hips.
    then he does a sweep that shatters the block of ice, costing the opponent their
    legs. the opponent desperately crawls away saying "No, no, no!!!" while
    Sub-Zero slowly walks toward them and he raises his left leg and stomps on his
    opponent's stomach so damn hard, their head pops right off their shoulders. The
    opponent dies instantly while Sub-Zero gives a fist up.
    D,U,D,U,2  : Hari Kiri (When you have lost, input to kill yourself)
    Description: Sub-Zero comes out of his dizziness and freezes himself from the
    legs to where he is spreading his arms. After he gets himself encased in his
    own ice, he falls over and he is shattered is pieces; blood, body matter and
    chunks of ice are all over.
    From: Chinz
    Fighting Stance: Kori Blade
    Combo: B+2,B+2,CS...1,2,4,CS,2,3
    For: 8Hits - 41% damage
    From: Chinz
    Fighting Stance: Kori Blade
    8Hits - 44%
    7Hits - 38%
    From: Chinz
    Fighting Stance: Kori Blade
    9Hits - 44% damage
    8Hits - 40% damage
    From: Menji76
    Fighting Stance: Shotokan
    From: BigLoki
    Fighting Stance: Shotokan
    10Hits - 37%
    From: Junno/G-Ninja
    Fighting Stance: Shotokan
    14 hits - 35% Damage
    From: Jon Lyons
    Fighting Stance: Shotokan
    10 hits
    From: 045789
    Fighting Stance: Shotokan
    10 Hits - 33% Damage
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is up with Sub-Zero's new outfit?
    A: This all goes back to the very first MK where all they did was change the
    color of the outfit the ninjas wore and made them different characters. All the
    ninja's have their own unique outfit for them.
    Q: Something's wrong with your move list, what should I do?
    A: You should contact me so I can give you credit and change it.
    Q: How do you use his alt outfit?
    A: Press "Start" at the select screen to change it
    Special Thanks:
    To the Midway crew who have never failed to impress us with the great games
    they have created. There are also many other people and sites I want to thank,
    and they are listed below.
    -CJayC           - For making gamefaqs
    -Menji76         - For making this FAQ/ASCII Text
    -MZielinski      - For providing me with his fatalities
    -Bronzie         - For providing me his krypt secrets
                     - For fixing his fatality #2
    -shadoeflare     - For pointing out grammar errors
    -GuardianXanatos - For fixing triple threat
    -S               - For giving me a great combo (Dragon - 1,2,CS)
    -Bahamut43       - For giving a good way to use ice clone
    -Chinz           - For giving me combos
    -Richard Cheese  - For pointing out errors
    -trav_lynn       - For pointing out errors
    -BigLoki         - For contributing a combo
    -Junno           - For contributing a combo/Fixing major errors
    -G-Ninja         - For contributing a combo
    -Jon Lyons       - For contributing a combo
    -045789          - For contributing a combo
    -bayman_510      - For giving me the descriptions to Fatalities
    -johny_6_6_6     - For giving me a quick game history
    -www.gamefaqs.com             -   For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.neoseeker.com            -   For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.wogaming.com             -   For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.gamerhelp.com            -   For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.supercheats.com          -   For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.network-science.de/ascii -   For the ASCII Logo
    -Midway            - For making this game
    Copyright 2004-2006 NickWorks
    Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
    Do not use this guide without written permission from the owner.
    No part of this guide can be used or recreated without the written consent of
    Menji76 (Nick Bryant).
    This is not the official guide for Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat Deception, and I
    have no affiliation with MIDWAY.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
                              -A Menji76 Production-

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