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    Scorpion by Menji

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                _____         _       _    _____           _       _
               |     |___ ___| |_ ___| |  |  |  |___ _____| |_ ___| |_
               | | | | . |  _|  _| .'| |  |    -| . |     | . | .'|  _|
               |_|_|_|___|_| |_| |__,|_|  |__|__|___|_|_|_|___|__,|_|
                        ____                  _   _
                       |    \ ___ ___ ___ ___| |_|_|___ ___
                       |  |  | -_|  _| -_| . |  _| | . |   |
                       |____/|___|___|___|  _|_| |_|___|_|_|
                                  Menji76 Presents
                               Scorpion FAQ/Movelist
                              Mortal Kombat Deception
    |                                                                            |
    |                   Created by: Nick Bryant (Menji76)                        |
    |                   Last Updated: 09/02/06                                   |
    |                   Version: 3.7                                             |
    |                   Email: g0dlikeskills[at]yahoo[dot]com                    |
    |                   AIM: g0dlikeskills                                       |
                    |                                          |
                    | Game Info:                               |
                    | Name: Mortal Kombat Deception            |
                    | Release Date: 10/04/04                   |
                    | Number of Players: 1-2                   |
                    | Special Features: Online; USB Headeset   |
                    | Developer: Midway                        |
                    | ESRB RAting: M                           |
                    | My Rating: 9/10 (See reviews)            |
    Update History:
    Version   1.0  10/04/04 Added Basic Outline and Moves
    Version   1.2  10/05/04 Added Fatality
    Version   1.8  10/08/04 Added Alt Bio, Strategies, History and Notes
    Version   2.0  10/09/04 Added Easier to use Combo Setting
    Version   2.5  10/10/04 Fixed many errors
    Version   2.7  10/26/04 Fixed errors and changed things
    Version   3.0  11/12/04 Added Ending Summary and Strategy against him
    Version   3.1  02/22/05 Added one combo
    Version   3.15 07/03/05 Location of Alternate costume
    Version   3.2  08/06/05 Added some truly crazy combos
    Version   3.5  08/03/06 FAQ fix up and added to site list, added GC controls
    Version   3.6  08/09/06 Fixed up the guide
    Version   3.7  09/02/06 Cleaned up the guide
    Table of Kontents:
    I:    Kreator/Game Information
    II:   Update History
    III:  Table of Kontents
    IV:   Bio
    V:    Moveset
    VI:   FAQ
    VII:  Kredits
    VIII: Kopyright Info
    These are the only sites that can post this faq, if you see them anywhere else
    please report to me via email as this is a copyright violation.
    Here is a quick change between the three systems
    Playstation 2:    Xbox:    Gamecube:
    Square            X           B
    Triangle          Y           Y
    X                 A           A
    O                 B           X
    R2                R           R
    R1                Black       Z
    L1                L           L
    This guide is made for the sole purpose of Scorpion's Moveset in Mortal Kombat
    Deception. You may print out a copy to use if you wish but in know way can you
    recreate or use this guide for other purposes. If you see a mistake anywhere in
    this guide, feel free to contact me so I can change it and give you the credit
    you deserve.
    Place of Origin: Earthrealm
    Alignment: Neutral
    Allies: None
    Foes: Quan Chi, Drahmin, Moloch, Shujinko and Sub-Zero.
    Difficulty: 2(Game Rating)
    Scorpion has been in just about every Mortal Kombat. Him and Sub-Zero were in
    the very first one, and are still the favorite ninja's to this date. After the
    first Mortal Kombat Movie, where he was defeated by Johnny Cage, he seperated
    himself from everyone, and has no allies. He still hunts Sub-Zero to this day
    for an epic battle. Another one of his great adversaries is Quan Chi, who led
    him to believe that Sub-Zero had killed his family and clan when it was the
    Sorcerer Quan Chi who had killed them. After Shujinko led Scorpion to Quan
    Chi, Scorpion got his revenge against Quan Chi.
    Bio 1:
    In his haste to confront his nemesis, Quan Chi, he was ambushed by
    two Oni and cast into a powerful soulnado. He would surely have been
    torn apart by the souls trapped there had he not managed to escape into the
    Void. It was in this place that he first set eyes on the fabled Elder Gods. He
    would be forever changed by this encounter.
    Bio 2: Location: RT  Key: D-4/Earthrealm
    While in the Void, I witnessed, along with the Elder Gods, the death of Raiden
    and the re-emergence of the Dragon King. Suddenly aware of my presence, the
    Elder Gods transformed me into their servent and gave me a new purpose: To
    prevent the Dragon King from merging the realms.
    Alternate Outfit:
    Krypt: Koffin KI,
    Location: B-6/Earthrealm (Town)
    This outfit, is the old school Scorpion we all grew up with. And it looks the
    same as always.
    Alternate OUtfit: (After you beat Konquest
    Krpyt: Koffin KI,
    Location: F-3/Eathrealm
    After you get out of the portal, follow the path to a big house.
    (Thanks to Rob Warnet)
    Ending Summary: (SPOILERS)
    It turns out that Scorpion is the true chosen one of the gods and he must
    destroy the Dragon King. After hunting him down, Scorpion fights him in mortal
    kombat and kills the Dragon King for good.
    Scorpion Pros/Cons
    What is good about him?
    He has the ability to cause damage to his opponent and then bring them right
    to him so he can finish them off. What makes Scorpion better here than Sub-
    Zero is his easier combos. Plus you gotta love his alternate costume that lets
    him go old school.
    What is not so good about him?
    Since his main attack is well-known throuhout the MK universe. People know
    you are gonna use it and can block it easily, except the CPU doesn't. His two
    fighting stances aren't as powerful as other fighters but his sword makes up
    for it.
    What works well against the CPU?
    Since only the CPU doesn't reconize Scorpion's "GET OVER HERE" technique, that
    is what you should use, then follow it up with an uppercut or something that
    you need to be close to execute. If for some reason they are blocking it, then
    you should switch over to Backflip kick and use some combos.
    What works well against veteran players?
    Since any Veteren would know of the Bloody Spear Technique (Listed above)You
    have to rely on his specials, Hellfire isn't a good idea because it causes you
    stop and react. Backflip kick is gonna help because it's hard to block, and the
    Teleport kick will really throw him off, then mix it up with some combos.
    What works well against medicore players?
    If you use the strategy above and throw in the Bloody Spear, you will most
    likely dominate every single time.
    What works well to hit them into Death Traps?
    Scorpion's best moves to knock someone off are from Moi Fah, use his basic
    kicks, and you may be able to get them off using his famous uppercut.
    What works against him?
    Bloody spear should be easy enough to block as long as you have block ready to
    be pressed. Use it when you see him backing up for that split second and
    quickly follow up with a good combo or throw to send him packing.
    Moves will we listed with the combo needed to enter and then the name. Buttons
    separated by commas are inserted after completing the first one and "+" mean
    at the same time.
    Since three systems use this same game, here is my table showing how it is
    different for each one.
    Movement  Abbreviation
    Back      B
    Forward   F
    Up        U
    Down      D
    Buttton        Abbreviation     PS2     Xbox    Gamecube
    Attack 1           1          Square     X         B
    Attack 2           2          Triangle   Y         Y
    Attack 3           3          X          A         A
    Attack 4           4          Circle     B         X
    Change Style       CS         L1         L         L
    Block              BL         R2         R         R
    Throw              TH         R1         Black     Z
    Pick-Up Weapon     PU         L2         White     ?
    Command      What it Means
    ","          Enter button after the previous one is entered
    "+"          Enter at the same time as the one connected
    Moves will we listed with the combo needed to enter and then the name. Buttons
    separated by commas are inserted after completing the first one and "+" mean
    at the same time.
    ___/Moi Fah\__________________________________________________________________
    Move Name             Button Combination
    Stone Hand.............1
    Ducking Knife Thrust...D+1
    Angry Wind.............F+1
    Stone Finger...........2
    Rising Uppercut........D+2
    Snap Kick..............3
    Leaping Crescent Kick..F+3
    Pecking Toe............B+3
    Turning Low Kick.......D+3
    Stomach Smasher........4
    Horse Shoe.............D+4
    Low Fury...............B+3,3
    Finger of Death........1,1,1
    Double Tap Kick........3,3
    Pain Taps..............3,3,3
    Chain Kombo............1,1,3,3,3
    Sharp as Hell..........1,1,B+1
    Krazy Rush.............1,1,4
    ___/Mugai Ryu\________________________________________________________________
    Move Name                Button Combination
    Bloody Tip................1
    Hilt Blunt................F+1
    Ducking Horizontal Slash..D+1
    Horizontal Slash..........2
    Swinging Vengence.........U+2
    Dark Lifter...............F+2
    Doulbe Handed Uppercut....D+2
    Fiery Saber...............3
    Agony's Edge..............F+3
    Low Thigh Slash...........D+3
    Gut Slice.................4
    Ankle Slash...............B+4
    Toe Poke..................D+4
    Blood Fire................2,2
    Blood Bath................2,2,1
    Move Name             Button Combination
    Right Cross............1
    Face Strike............B+1
    Twisting Palm..........D+1
    Neck Chop..............2
    Hammer Fist Up.........D+2
    Axe Kick...............3
    Knee Knockdown.........F+3
    Hop Sweep..............B+3
    Back Sweep.............D+3
    Sharp Kick.............4
    Front Sweep............D+4
    Backside Kick..........B+4
    Front Thrust Kick......U+4
    Flowing Water..........2,2,1
    Inner Power............2,2,4
    Spectre Blast..........3,B+1
    Lethal Legs............4,B+4
    Lift Off...............4,U+4
    Burning Soul...........2,3,U+4
    Sinking Leaf...........F+3,B+3
    Death Fingers..........2,2,CS,1,1
    Flurry Kicks...........2,2,CS,1,3,3,3
    Hell on Earth..........2,2,CS,1,3,3,CS
    TH     : Knee Launch    : Rating: 5/5
    One of the stronger throws, Scorpion uses his knee and sends them flying,
    causing great pain to the opponent and giving me him lots of damage. It
    easiest to use this after using Bloody Spear.
    B,F+1  : Bloody Spear   : Rating: 5/5
    This has to be my favorite move of all time, NOW attached to his belt,
    Scorpion shoots a rope with a Snake head out which impales the opponents body.
    Then screams his famous "GET OVER HERE" line and they are dazzled for a bit
    while you do any attack you want.
    D,B+2  : Hellfire       : Rating: 3/5
    A lot of people have these, shoot something in the air or require the opponent
    to be somewhere. Scorpion will summon fire from the ground. And if the
    opponent moves just a bit before it comes then it will be dodged. They have to
    be standing still.
    F,B+3  : Backflip Kick  : Rating: 4/5
    This attack can come in handy at times, after running up to the opponent he
    will jump and somehow manage to get his feet on fire while he does a backflip,
    and then kicks them.
    D,B+3  : Teleport Attack: Rating: 5/5
    These attacks are so effective it's not even funny. I'd say out of all the
    people who have them, Scorpion and Mileena use them the best. You can use this
    the entire time and win by getting countless flawless victories. Use it when
    you can't win by any other means.
    Switch to Fatality when announcer says,"Finish Him"
    F,D,F,F,1 : Fatility 1 (Must be fairly Close)
    Description: Scorpion does a backward spin, then he unleashes his spear. The
    spear hits the opponent's left arm and with just one tug, Scorpion rips it
    right off. He throws his spear again, this time hittin' and lodgin' his
    opponent's right arm and he rips it off with one tug as well. While the
    opponent hobbles on leg saying "NO, NO, NO!!!," Scorpion walks over to them,
    grabs their head and snaps their neck in a swift motion. They fall to the
    floor dead and Scorpion raises his fist and lets out a victory yell.
    F,B,F,B,1 : Fatility 2 (Must be fairly Close)
    Description: Scorpion pulls his left arm back and proceeds to plunge it into
    his opponent's neck. The opponent is coughin' with blood squirtin' from the
    neck and after a couple of tugs, Scorpion rips off the head, spinal cord and
    all. The headless opponent falls to the floor dead while Scorpion raises his
    blood-dripping prize.
    F,U,U,B,1 : Kari Kiri (A suicide)
    Description: Scorpion gets on his knees, looks to the right, grabs a hold of
    his own head and snaps it gruesomely (he is lookin' left). Then he falls to
    the floor, face down and dies (duh).
    User Kombos
    From C.G.
    First you use either back flip special or his throw. Then you use the Spear to
    bring them to you. Then you use the hell fire special.Then with his sword you
    use the  Triangle Triangle Square and use down triangle 2 times to use pop
    up.The finally use either Back flip or Throw(use which ever one you didnt use
    at the beginning.
    From MKOnline.com
    All these start in Mugai ryu
    Spear,F+1,CS,B+1,B+1,2,2,CS,1,3,CS,2,2,1, WAIT, Hellfire,TH,CS,3,CS,B+1,CS,
    TH,3,3,CS, Hellfire
    Spear,F+1,CS,B+1,B+1,2,2,CS,1,3,B+1,CS,CS,TH,3,B+1, Hellfire
    Spear,F+1,CS,B+1,B+1,2,2,CS,1,3,B+1,CS,CS,TH,3,CS,B+1,WAIT,CS,CS, Hellfire,
    TH,3,CS,B+1,WAIT, Hellfire
    Spear,F+1,CS,B+1,B+1,2,2,CS,1,3,B+2,WAIT, Sidestep, Hellfire,TH,3,3,CS,WAIT,
    CS,CS, Hellfire,TH,3,3,CS,WAIT, Sidestep, Hellfire
    Frequently Asked Questions=
    Q: Why is Scorpion so good?
    A: His moves are easy to execute and cause great damage.
    Q: How do I unlock him?
    A: He is already unlocked for you.
    Q: What is his fatality and where do I do it?
    A: You execute the kombo when it says "Finish Him" or "Finish Her" after you
    beat them twice.
    Special Thanks:
    To the Midway crew who have never failed to impress us with the great games
    they have created. There are also many other people and sites I want to thank,
    and they are listed below.
    -CJayC           - For making gamefaqs
    -Menji76         - For making this FAQ/ASCII Text
    -MZielinski      - For providing me with his fatality
    -Bronzie         - For providing me with his krypt bio/costume
                     - For telling me about his Bloody Spear is not from his hand
    -SweeToothTKC    - For fixing grammar errors
    -Richard Cheese  - For pointing out errors
    -trav_lynn       - For pointing out errors
    -Jack            - For pointing out spelling mistakes
    -bayman_510      - For giving me the descriptions of his fatalities
    -C.G             - For contributing a combo
    -www.gamefaqs.com             - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.neoseeker.com            - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.wogaming.com             - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.gamerhelp.com            - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.mkonline.com             - For the combos for Scorpion
    -www.supercheats.com          - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.network-science.de/ascii - For the ASCII Logo
    Copyright 2004-2006 NickWorks
    Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
    Do not use this guide without written permission from the owner.
    This is not the official guide for Scorpion of Mortal Kombat Deception, and I
    have no affiliation with MIDWAY.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
                              -A Menji76 Production-

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