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    Nightwolf by Menji

    Version: 3.4 | Updated: 08/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 _____         _       _    _____           _       _
                |     |___ ___| |_ ___| |  |  |  |___ _____| |_ ___| |_
                | | | | . |  _|  _| .'| |  |    -| . |     | . | .'|  _|
                |_|_|_|___|_| |_| |__,|_|  |__|__|___|_|_|_|___|__,|_|
                         ____                  _   _
                        |    \ ___ ___ ___ ___| |_|_|___ ___
                        |  |  | -_|  _| -_| . |  _| | . |   |
                        |____/|___|___|___|  _|_| |_|___|_|_|
                                  Menji76 Presents
                               Nightwolf FAQ/Movelist
                              Mortal Kombat Deception
    |                                                                            |
    |                   Created by: Nick Bryant (Menji76)                        |
    |                   Last Updated: 09/01/06                                   |
    |                   Version: 3.4                                             |
    |                   Email: g0dlikeskills[at]yahoo[dot]com                    |
    |                   AIM: g0dlikeskills                                       |
                    |                                          |
                    | Game Info:                               |
                    | Name: Mortal Kombat Deception            |
                    | Release Date: 10/04/04                   |
                    | Number of Players: 1-2                   |
                    | Special Features: Online; USB Headeset   |
                    | Developer: Midway                        |
                    | ESRB RAting: M                           |
                    | My Rating: 9/10 (See reviews)            |
    Update History:
    Version   1.0 10/06/04 Added Basic Outline and Moves/Fatality
    Version   1.5 10/10/04 Added History
    Version   2.0 10/11/04 Added Bios, strategies, notes and conversion
    Version   2.2 10/26/04 Fixed Errors and added things
    Version   2.8 11/12/04 Added Ending Summary and Strategy against him
    Version   3.0 08/01/06 True way to gain his alternate costume
    Version   3.2 08/03/06 Fixed FAQ and added to site list, added GC controls
    Version   3.3 08/09/06 Yet another FAQ update
    Version   3.4 09/01/06 Tracked down the correct way to get his alt costume
    Table of Contents:
    I:    Creator/Game Information
    II:   Update History
    III:  Table of Contents
    IV:   Bio
    V:    Moveset
          b)Tae Kwon Do
          d)Fatalities/Hari Kiri
    VI:   FAQ
    VII:  Credits
    VIII: Copyright Info
    These are the only sites that can post this faq, if you see them anywhere else
    please report to me via email as this is a copyright violation.
    Here is a quick change between the three systems
    Playstation 2:    Xbox:    Gamecube:
    Square            X           B
    Triangle          Y           Y
    X                 A           A
    O                 B           X
    R2                R           R
    R1                Black       Z
    L1                L           L
    This guide is made for the sole purpose of Nightwolf's Moveset in Mortal
    Kombat Deception. You may print out a copy to use if you wish but in know way
    can you recreate or use this guide for other purposes. If you see a mistake
    anywhere in this guide, feel free to contact me so I can change it and give
    you the credit you deserve.
    Place of Origin: Earthrealm
    Alignment: Good
    Allies: Liu Kang, Raiden, and Kung Lao
    Foes: Dragon King and Shao Kahn
    Difficulty: 3 (Game Rating)
    Nightwolf has taken a league of absence from many Mortal Kombats, his last
    happenings were in the second Mortal Kombat movie where he guided Liu Kang and
    healed his soul to defeat Shao Kahn. He was in Trilogy where he gained the
    most for his fighting skills. Who knows what the future lies for him.
    Bio 1:
    Nightwolf has foreseen the coming of the Dragon King in his dreams. To defeat
    this new menace, he must corrupt his own soul and enter the Netherrealm. The
    process will alter his temperament and make him a danger to even his allies.
    He must travel alone if he is to succeed.
    Bio 2:
    Unlocked at: Koffin LE  for 265 Platinum Koins
    The Sin-Eater ritual has corrupted my soul and will therefore allow me to
    enter the Netherrealm. There I will implement my plan to defeat Onaga. The
    sins I have absorbed have poisoned my temperment however and I have forced
    myself into exile until my task is complete in the depths of hell.
    First Person Bio:
    As the Shaman of my tribe, my connection with the super natural has been
    interrupted by visions of a dark presence. To confront this foe, I have
    assumed the role of Sin-Eater to absorb the sins of my tribesmen. I must
    embrace this corruption, though I will eventually become a threat to those I
    care for. It is a necessary evil if I am to save the realm.
    Default Costume:
    This is regular Nightwolf. He has indian paint with indian clothing and an
    indian bandana. Yep you guessed it, he's an indian.
    Alternate Costume:
    Unlocked at: A-4/Netherrealm
    You need to complete his quest he has you do and then you have to return and
    defeat him three times. He'll grant you the key to unlocking his alternate
    This is a very unusual looking Nightwolf. He has a mowhawk and no is
    supporting shades. He has some Native American cloth that he wears like armor.
    I've been informed that his costume is from a game on the SNES entitled Killer
    Ending Summary: (SPOILERS)
    Nightwolf comes to a sacred burial ground and summons the Dragon King to him,
    there they fight and in a last effort, Nightwolf kills the Dragon King once
    and for all.
    Nightwolf Notes
    What is good about him?
    You may think he doesn't have good skills but he actually does, using Spirit
    arrow followed by Rhino Charge will leave anyone in the dust. He has some nice
    combos and style branching techniques which aren't nearly as impossible as
    some I have encountered in Konquest.
    What is not good about him?
    Nightwolf lacks the weapon power that many other people excellerate at. (i.e
    Scorpion and Barraka) But they do have better combos than other players have,
    since they focus on one hit wonders where Nightwolf focuses on four hit
    What works well against the CPU?
    There is no way that the CPU will be able to stop the Spirit arrow to Rhino
    Charge. Keep that up and you will have no trouble, at least into you come to
    Onaga. He has some nice tomahawk combos which can get them unblocking the
    combo above.
    What works well against veteran players?
    The only thing that works on veterens is the  ability to mix up your attacks
    and use something they don't see often. Try his other specials and when they
    least expect it, pull ou the old Spirit Arrow Rhino Charge combo.
    What works well against medicore players?
    Unless the person is someone who watches you continously and knows you will
    dominate with one single combo. Mix it up with his other combos and specials
    to defeat them.
    What works well to hit them into Death Traps?
    Rhino charge should do the trick, you can also use some of his Tae Kwon Do
    kicks since that is what it heavily focuses on. You can try some tomahawk
    things out if those aren't working for you.
    What can stop him?
    Like other characters the Rhino Charge will be one of the cheapest moves used
    against you, I suggest combo breaking it and then turning the tables on him to
    use all of your combos on him.
    Moves will we listed with the combo needed to enter and then the name. Buttons
    separated by commas are inserted after completing the first one and "+" mean
    at the same time.
    Since three systems use this same game, here is my table showing how it is
    different for each one.
    Movement  Abbreviation
    Back      B
    Forward   F
    Up        U
    Down      D
    Buttton        Abbreviation     PS2     Xbox    Gamecube
    Attack 1           1          Square     X         B
    Attack 2           2          Triangle   Y         Y
    Attack 3           3          X          A         A
    Attack 4           4          Circle     B         X
    Change Style       CS         L1         L         L
    Block              BL         R2         R         R
    Throw              TH         R1         Black     Z
    Pick-Up Weapon     PU         L2         White     ?
    Command      What it Means
    ","          Enter button after the previous one is entered
    "+"          Enter at the same time as the one connected
    Move Name            Button Combination
    Gut Punch.............1
    Low Snake Bite........D+2
    Overhead Smash........B+1
    Razor Elbow...........2
    Rising Sun............U+2
    Hammer Fist Uppercut..D+2
    Knee Crush............3
    Leg Sweeper...........B+3
    Valtudo Striker.......U+3
    Creeping Leg..........D+3
    High Kick.............4
    sweeping Cyclone......D+4
    Rush Punches..........1,1
    Beat Down.............1,1,3
    Rapid Chain Punches...1,1,1
    Red Sky...............1,1,1,CS,4
    Dirty Trick...........1,1,1CS,B+3,3
    ___/Tae Kwon Do\______________________________________________________________
    Move Name            Button Combination
    Side Kick............1
    Hook Kick............B+1
    Setting Palm Punch...D+1
    Downward Axe Kick....2
    Rolling Heel Kick....B+2
    Peaceful Uppercut....D+2
    Spinning Heel Kick...3
    Leg Tap..............D+3
    Ankle Smash..........B+3
    2Hit Axe Kick........4
    Nitro Kicks..........B+4
    Tapping Low Kick.....D+4
    Clearness of Mind....4,4
    Take Out.............B+3,3
    Peaceful World.......1,1,B+2
    Wild Things..........4,B+3,3
    Move Name            Button Combination
    Sidewinder Slap......1
    Twin Peak............B+1
    Bis Mo...............U+1
    Thigh Chop...........D+1
    Mid Section Strike...2
    Slashing Talons......F+2
    Stone Hilt Uppercut..D+2
    Twisting Edge........3
    Shin Buster..........B+3
    Foot Chop............D+3
    Middle Kick..........4
    Stomach Chop.........D+4
    Stone Hammer.........1,2
    Swift Wind...........1,3,2
    Savage Edge..........1,1
    Head Hunter..........1,2,2
    Scalping Time........1,2,3,4
    TH    :  Trip Up              Rating: 3/5
    A week throw indeed, I know midway was trying to make everyone's throw
    different and do about the same damage. But they should take the damage by how
    much it would actually hurt.
    D,B+1 :  Spirit Arrow         Rating: 5/5
    With this attack, Nightwolf pulls out a bow and shoot his opponent with a
    Spirit Arrow, it may not seem like something but it does a nice bit of damge
    and can quickly be followed up by a Rhino Charge for great damage. Use this
    F,F+4 :  Rhino Charge         Rating: 5/5
    A take-off on Johnny Cage's little power slide, this causes great damage and
    if you shoot a Spirit Arrow right before you can follow it up with this for
    some truly powerful stuff, this can also be used to knock your opponent flying
    off a building.
    D,U,1 :  Lightning From Above Rating: 3/5
    I never liked these attacks, as they are very hard to hit the target unless
    they are stopped. When it's first shot off where the opponent is, is where it
    will hit. So they have about a second to move out of the way and dodge it.
    Even if it's close they will still dodge it.
    From: scross3427
    He says, this can be extremely effective at the end of a combo, your opponent
    is down and cannot block this, so it does a lot of damage.
    F,B,2 :  Reflection           Rating: 4/5
    A nice move right here, using this you can absorb your opponents attack and
    shoot it right back. There is one downside to this and that is it is hard to
    execute. But if you can reflect it, they will take some massive damage.
    Switch to Fatality when announcer says,"Finish Him"
    B,F,B,F,1 : Fatility 1 (Must be far away)
    Nightwolf takes out a tomahawk and, doing a little spin, throws the tomahawk
    at the opponent. the weapon gets lodged at the opponent's head (the face,
    actually) and they fall face up to the floor dead while Nightwolf raises his
    fist in the air and lets out a "yeah!"
    D,F,D,U,2 : Fatality 2 (Sweep)
    He again takes out one of his tomahawks, holds it up in the air and says
    something Indian (Wha?). Then he decapitates his opponent with just one big
    chop! The head flies straight up and Nightwolf catches it with his hand. While
    the now headless opponent falls to the floor dead, Nightwolf lets out a yeah!"
    and holds hisopponent's still profusely bleeding, severed head in the air.
    U,U,U,U,3 : Hari Kiri (When you can be finished)
    Nightwolf takes out a tomahawk again and he throws it up in the air. then he
    raises his arms and the tomahawk flies down and gets lodged in its owner's
    chest. Nightwolf falls to the floor dead with blood squirting from his
    tomahawk-lodged chest.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is Hari Kiri?
    A: A new fataility in which, your opponent commits suicide.
    Q: Something's wrong with your move list, what should I do?
    A: You should contact me so I can give you credit and change it.
    Special Thanks:
    To the Midway crew who have never failed to impress us with the great games
    they have created. There are also many other people and sites I want to thank,
    and they are listed below.
    -CJayC           - For making gamefaqs
    -Menji76         - For making this FAQ/ASCII Text
    -MZielinski      - For providing me with his fatality
    -Bronzie         - For providing me with his Alt Bio/Costume Krpyt
    -vulcan_axe      - For explaining his alt costume
    -Richard Cheese  - For pointing out errors
    -trav_lynn       - For pointing out errors
    -scross3427      - For giving an explanation for lighting special
    -bayman_510      - For the fatality/Hari Kari descriptions
    -meg             - For pointing out the correct location of his alt costume
    -www.gamefaqs.com             - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.neoseeker.com            - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.gamerhelp.com            - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.supercheats.com          - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.network-science.de/ascii - For the ASCII Logo
    Copyright 2004-2006 NickWorks
    All Rights Reserved
    Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
    Do not use this guide without written permission from the owner.
    No part of this guide can be used or recreated without the written consent of
    Menji76 (Nick Bryant).
    This is not the official guide for Nightwolf of Mortal Kombat Deception, and I
    have no affiliation with MIDWAY.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
                              -A Menji76 Production-

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