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    Hotaru by Menji

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 09/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                _____         _       _    _____           _       _
               |     |___ ___| |_ ___| |  |  |  |___ _____| |_ ___| |_
               | | | | . |  _|  _| .'| |  |    -| . |     | . | .'|  _|
               |_|_|_|___|_| |_| |__,|_|  |__|__|___|_|_|_|___|__,|_|
                        ____                  _   _
                       |    \ ___ ___ ___ ___| |_|_|___ ___
                       |  |  | -_|  _| -_| . |  _| | . |   |
                       |____/|___|___|___|  _|_| |_|___|_|_|
                                  Menji76 Presents
                                Hotaru FAQ/Movelist
                              Mortal Kombat Deception
    |                                                                            |
    |                   Created by: Nick Bryant (Menji76)                        |
    |                   Last Updated: 09/04/06                                   |
    |                   Version: 1.8                                             |
    |                   Email: g0dlikeskills[at]yahoo[dot]com                    |
    |                   AIM: g0dlikeskills                                       |
                    |                                          |
                    | Game Info:                               |
                    | Name: Mortal Kombat Deception            |
                    | Release Date: 10/04/04                   |
                    | Number of Players: 1-2                   |
                    | Special Features: Online; USB Headeset   |
                    | Developer: Midway                        |
                    | ESRB RAting: M                           |
                    | My Rating: 9/10 (See reviews)            |
    Update History:
    Version 0.5 10/12/04 Added Basic Outline and Moves/Fatality
    Version 0.8 10/13/04 Added Bios, Tips, Strategies and Ending
    Version 1.0 10/13/04 Added most things
    Version 1.2 10/19/04 Added minor errors and added to sites
    Version 1.3 10/26/04 Fixed errors and changed things
    Version 1.4 11/12/04 Added Strategy on how to stop him
    Version 1.5 08/03/06 Fixed up the FAQ, added to sites, got GC controls
    Version 1.6 08/09/06 Yet another FAQ update
    Version 1.7 08/15/06 Added some combos
    Version 1.8 09/04/06 Cleaned up the FAQ
    Table of Contents:
    I:    Creator/Game Information
    II:   Update History
    III:  Table of Contents
    IV:   Bio
    V:    Moveset
           a)Ba Shan Fan
           b)Pi Gua
           d)Fatalities/Hari Kiri
    VI: Credits
    VII: Copyright Info
    These are the only sites that can post this faq, if you see them anywhere
    else please report to me via email as this is a copyright violation.
    Here is a quick change between the three systems
    Playstation 2:    Xbox:    Gamecube:
    Square            X           B
    Triangle          Y           Y
    X                 A           A
    O                 B           X
    R2                R           R
    R1                Black       Z
    L1                L           L
    This guide is made for the sole purpose of Hotaru's Moveset in Mortal Kombat
    Deception. You may print out a copy to use if you wish but in know way can you
    recreate or use this guide for other purposes. If you see a mistake anywhere in
    this guide, feel free to contact me so I can change it and give you the credit
    you deserve.
    Place of Origin: Realm of Order
    Alignment: Evil
    Allies: Onaga and Baraka
    Foes: Sub-Zero, Havic, Darrious, Darriou and Shujinko
    Difficulty: 5 (Game Rating)
    History: New to the Mortal Kombat games is Hotaru. He is the elite genereal of
    the Seidon Guardsmen of the Realm of Order. After pledging for the help to
    Shujinko and betrays him and sends him to jail for many years.
    Bio 1:
    There is an order to the universe -- laws that all of nature must obey. For
    centuries I have imposed order on those who would wreak havoc. Outworld has
    long been a source of disruption, but an old ruler has made a triumphant
    return. During Onaga's rule, his military forced peace throughout his domain.
    I will see that his return brings order to this war-torn realm once more. I
    will fight against the insurgents to clear a path for the Dragon King's coming.
    Bio 2:
    Krypt Number: GK
    Price: 267 Gold Koins
    Years ago, I fought against the vile Tarkatan warriors. I vowed to protect
    outworld city of Lei Chen from the attacks of Shao Kahn. Time have changed.
    Now I find myself aiding Baraka and his troops. I pledged the loyalty of the
    city to Onaga and begun my mission to stop the uprising against him. Baraka's
    militia have brought word of an earthrealm warrior named Sub-Zero who has
    slain many Tarkatan. I will hunt him down. I will bring him before the justice
    of the Dragon King.
    Unlocking Hotaru:
    Koffin Number: OJ
    Location: H-1/Orderrealm
    Time: 4am-2pm
    You should be able to see a chest around this area where he is located. If you
    can't seem to find him, keep looking
    Alternate Outfit:
    Unlocked at the Kyrpt Number: QT
    Price: 1064 Ruby Koins
    This has a small change to his original outfit. He no longer has those flags
    sticking out and now wears a helmet, to look even more like a guard.
    Defalt Outfit:
    This is the armor used by the Seiden Guards. He shows his face and has two
    feathers that stick up from his shoulders.
    Unlocked by: Defeat the Dragon King with Hotaru.
    In the wilds of outworld, Hotaru captured the renegade earthrealm warrior
    Sub-Zero and brought him before the Dragon King. Onaga's judgement of Sub-Zero
    was swift. And Hotaru was given the task of carrying out his punishment;
    Death. His fate served as a reminder to all who challenged the authority of
    the Dragon King.
    Hotaru Notes
    What is good about him?
    He has one of the best specials around. It is called Grasshopper and is also
    one of the cheapest attacks in the game. His weapon is pretty powerful but
    lacks big combos.
    What is not good about him?
    Hotaru lacks greatly in the combo department. His biggest combo is about four
    buttons. So you'll have to keep on redoing or string your own combo together.
    What works well against the CPU?
    Grasshopper, this move is virtually unstopable, Onaga has no chance to stop
    this, if you cannot get past an opponent, switch to Hotaru and unleash this
    What works well against veteran players?
    Vets will know of this cheap tactic and you will need to very the Lava Burst
    every once in awhile to keep them off guard. Then try to nail them with Pi
    Gua's Spinning out of Kontrol and Ba Shan Fan's Launching Bash.
    What works well against medicore players?
    Grasshopper will work nicely here, but if they are able to stop it, switch to
    his basic combos of Pi Gua.
    What works well to hit them into Death Traps?
    Grasshopper works fairly well here, along with most of the  Naginata attakcs,
    just use these to send them flying.
    What can you do to stop him?
    Grasshopper will be used by the cheapos out there so be on your guard, just
    block and use combo breakers to stop it, he doesn't have many combos so you
    can stop him with your other moves and go in for the kill.
    Moves will we listed with the combo needed to enter and then the name. Buttons
    separated by commas are inserted after completing the first one and "+" mean
    at the same time.
    Since three systems use this same game, here is my table showing how it is
    different for each one.
    Movement  Abbreviation
    Back      B
    Forward   F
    Up        U
    Down      D
    Buttton        Abbreviation     PS2     Xbox    Gamecube
    Attack 1           1          Square     X         B
    Attack 2           2          Triangle   Y         Y
    Attack 3           3          X          A         A
    Attack 4           4          Circle     B         X
    Change Style       CS         L1         L         L
    Block              BL         R2         R         R
    Throw              TH         R1         Black     Z
    Pick-Up Weapon     PU         L2         White     ?
    Command      What it Means
    ","          Enter button after the previous one is entered
    "+"          Enter at the same time as the one connected
    ___/Ba Shan Fan\______________________________________________________________
    Move Name             Button Combination
    Smashing Fist..........B+1
    Low Punch..............D+1
    Chest Backfist.........2
    Smashing Elbow.........U+2
    Power Punch............R+2
    Rising Fist............D+2
    Stomp Kick.............3
    Twisting Low Kick......D+3
    Front Kick.............4
    Creeping Kick..........D+4
    Double Backfist........2,1
    Bashing Skulls.........2,B+1
    Leg Bash...............1,B+3
    Launching Bash.........2,1,L1
    ___/Pi Gua\___________________________________________________________________
    Move Name               Button Combination
    Ridge Hand...............1
    Knife Hand Chop..........B+1
    Swing Chop...............U+1
    Low Knife Hand Chop......D+1
    Spear Hand Strike........2
    Wing Chop................F+2
    Spearhand Sweep..........B+2
    Sharp Uppercut...........D+2
    Stepping Heel Kick.......3
    Low Shin Kick............B+3
    Pointy Toe Strike........D+3
    Power Heel Kick..........4
    Low Spin Kick............D+4
    Falling Tree.............2,2,3
    Rushing Ridge Hand.......2,2,1
    Good Order...............2,2,4
    Sliding Hands............2,B+1
    Rain From Above..........2,2,U+1
    Spinning Out Of Kontrol..2,2,L1
    Move Name        Button Combination
    Face Cutter.......1
    Raging Uproar.....B+1
    Blunt End.........D+1
    Stomach Slash.... 2
    Leg Takeout.......B+2
    Razor Spin........U+2
    Diamond Cutter....D+2
    Face Poker........3
    Hot End...........U+3
    Shin Spitter......D+3
    Power Kick........4
    Cartwheel Pain....B+4
    Sharp End.........D+4
    Royal Guard.......1,B+1
    Samurai Spirit....1,1
    7th Death Dealer..1,1,4
    Honor Guard.......1,1,U+2
    Demonic Warrior...1,1,B+4
    Bounder    :  TH   : Rating: 3/5
    A nice karate kick to the back and then to the fron side where he sends them
    flying. Not the most effective Throw but it can still get the job done. It
    even seems easier to pull off then other kombanats.
    Grasshopper: F,F+4 : Rating: 5/5
    One of the best moves a character can have going up against Onaga. These moves
    are some of the cheapest attacks in any fighting game. But it usually gets the
    job done.
    Lava Burst : D,B+1 : Rating: 3/5
    This move is decent, it's able to stop them in their tracks and send them
    flying. There are some downsides, as you may me to far away to hit them or too
    Switch to Fatality when announcer says,"Finish Him"
    Fatility 1: F,U,B,D,1 (Sweep)
    Fatality 2: D,F,B,F,2 (Close)
    Hari Kiri (When you have lost, input to kill yourself)
    Ba Shan Fan:
    2,1,CS...2,2,U+4 33%
    2,1CS...2,2,3    29%
    2,1CS...2,2,1    29%
    2,1,CS...2,2,4   29%
    2,1,CS...2,2,CS  28%/30%
    Pi Gua:
    Throw, 2,2,1
    Throw, 2,2,3
    Throw, 2,2,4
    Special Thanks:
    To the Midway crew who have never failed to impress us with the great games
    they have created. There are also many other people and sites I want to thank,
    and they are listed below.
    -CJayC           - For making gamefaqs
    -Menji76         - For making this FAQ/ASCII Text
    -MZielinski      - For providing me with his fatalities
    -Bronzie         - For providing me his krypt secrets
    -Richard Cheese  - For pointing out errors
    -trav_lynn       - For pointing out errors
    -_kobra_         - For some combos
    -www.gamefaqs.com             - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.neoseeker.com            - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.gamerhelp.com            - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.supercheats.com          - For Hosting my FAQ
    -www.network-science.de/ascii - For the ASCII Logo
    Copyright 2004-2006 NickWorks
    Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
    Do not use this guide without written permission from the owner.
    This is not the official guide for Hotaru of Mortal Kombat Deception, and I
    have no affiliation with MIDWAY.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
                              -A Menji76 Production-

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