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    Noob-Smoke by ShadalooSoldier

    Version: 1.60 | Updated: 12/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The all-purpose Noob-Smoke FAQ
    Mortal Kombat: Deception
    Sony Playstation 2/Microsoft X-box/Nintendo GameCube
    Version 1.60
    by ShadalooSoldier (ShadalooSoldier@hotmail.com)
    December 29, 2005
    Legal and Copyright issues, etc:
    This FAQ may NOT be posted without my permission. No exceptions. It may 
    be found at www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com, www.freewebs.com/
    smoke081, and nowhere else. However, any Mortal Kombat-oriented sites
    that wish to post it may do so, as long as I am contacted first.
    That said, this FAQ may not be used to garner any profits whatsoever. 
    It is public domain, and will remain so. I wrote it, you didn't. If you 
    wish to use it for ANYTHING, contact me and we'll talk. If any of these 
    rules are broken, you will face swift legal action, and possibly, harsh 
    -Mortal Kombat Deception, Noob Saibot, Smoke, all other characters, the 
    Dragon Logo, etc. are copyright by Midway Entertainment.
    -This FAQ copyright 2005 by ShadalooSoldier
    ---------------------A) CONTENTS-----------------------
    A) Contents (You'd be reading that now, silly!)
    B) Version History
    C) Introduction & Foreword
    D) Controls and Fighting Basics
    E) Combo Theory
    F) The Difference
    G) Noob-Smoke in the Krypt
    H) Attacks and Kombos
    H1) Noob - Monkey
    H2) Smoke - Mi Tzu
    I) Special Moves
    I1) Noob
    I2) Smoke
    I3) Shared Moves
    J) Fatalities and Hara-Kiris
    K) Player-Created Kombos
    L) Backstory
    L1) Smoke
    L2) Noob Saibot
    M) Bios
    N) Ending
    O) Konquest Mode
    O1) Fight Locations
    O2) Training
    P) Frequently Asked Questions
    Q) Unanswered Questions
    R) Needs
    S) Thanks
    Use Ctrl and F to search through the FAQ for whatever section you're 
    looking for.
    -----------------B) VERSION HISTORY--------------------
    Version 1.00 (October 14, 2004)
    -FAQ created. Moveset, Combos, Finishers, Bio, Backstory, Ending, etc. 
    all in.
    Version 1.01 (October 14, 2004)
    -Fixed a contradiction, and an embarrassing typo.
    Version 1.30 (October 17, 2004)
    -Fixed some more typos, added a BUNCH of player-created combos, and
    supplied an answer to one of the 'Unanswered Questions'; moved it to
    the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section. Added another question to
    the FAQ section, also added info on Noob's appearance in 'The Grid'.
    Added additional info to 'unanswered questions' section. Added 'Needs'
    section. Lastly, added one more koffin to 'Noob-Smoke in the Krypt'
    Version 1.35 (October 21, 2004)
    -Fixed a major error regarding the codebreaker codes being for PS2, and
    not X-box, added more combos, supplied an answer to another of the
    'Unanswered Questions'; moved it to the 'Frequently Asked Questions'
    section. Added another Q to 'unanswered questions', and a couple to
    'Frequently Asked Questions'. Altered player-created combos section to
    a condensed format. Fixed Noob's fatality distance.
    Version 1.40 (November 5, 2004)
    -Made several corrections, altered the FAQ section a bit, added a new
    FAQ or two, made plans for the next revision, and added more combos.
    Version 1.50 (December 4, 2004)
    -Credited Shang Heihachi of MKO for being the first to come up with the
    Noob 'theory' some time back. Added mandatory battle to Konquest
    section, as well as Smoke's mission quotes. Added notes on MKT
    differences and Smoke's UMK3 ending to questions in FAQ section. Added
    an assload of combos (BIG thanks to infamousoulja - check out the Noob
    corner stuff!), and a Stinky Cloud tactic in the Special moves section.
    Moved Player-Created Kombos to its own section.
    Sorry for the long period between updates, GTA: SA has been owning my
    Version 1.51 (December 6, 2004)
    -Corrected Noob's Darkness special move typo. Major thanks to
    The_Scorpions_Sting for telling me!
    Version 1.55 (December 21, 2004)
    -Corrected some typos, added more plausible explanation as to why the
    main outfit has human skin for Noob. Added info on contacting me in
    regards to MSN. Way more combos. Added area section for Chaosrealm's
    brother of Shadow. And finally added Noob's fifth negative training
    vocal quote. Whee!
    Version 1.60
    -Updated with storyline info concerning character appearances in
    Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks in the FAQ and Backstory sections.
    -Included 2 new questions in the FAQ section.
    -Am no longer accepting combos.
    -Most importantly, expanded to include Gamecube controls. Not to
    rag, but it's absolutely hilarious that 60% of the other MK:D FAQs up
    at Gamefaqs don't have GC controls listed. Authors at fault for not
    updating? Gamefaqs at fault for not making FAQs system-specific?
    Doesn't matter, really. People have long since corresponded controls
    between systems. Still, I'm a completist. :P
    -One year and several days after the last update. Hot damn.
    Further updates possibly forthcoming to include PSP's Mortal Kombat
    Deception Unchained, depending on Noob-Smoke's appearance in that
    -------------C) INTRODUCTION & FOREWORD----------------
    Welcome. Shadaloo here, and this would be my second zesty tasty FAQ. 
    This FAQ is for Noob-Smoke only, so if you've come here seeking 
    information on anyone else, you're in the wrong place. This FAQ will 
    cover Noob-Smoke's basic moves, combos, specials, story, ending - 
    shoot, even their locations in Konquest mode. Considering that we're 
    dealing with the ins and outs of two characters here, it's something of 
    a long FAQ. Why Noob-Smoke, you ask? Well, for starters, they compose 
    one of the most complex characters in MKD, the game's sub-boss in fact,
    and  people might want a reference point for their specifics; they're
    not  played exactly like every other character. Their differences are 
    cosmetic, but very noticeable. Also, Smoke kicks ass, and so does Noob 
    (to a lesser extent IMO, but he still does). Ever since their first 
    appearances in MKII way back when, I've always loved Smoke (my fave 
    character), and thought Noob was pretty cool. When they merged two 
    great characters into one, I couldn't help but think to write an FAQ!
    This being an all-encompassing FAQ, I suppose I should mention that 
    there are SERIOUS MAJOR SPOILERS OMG ahead. If you don't want to have 
    their kickass ending ruined for you, avert your eyes from the Ending, 
    Backstory, and Frequently Asked Questions sections of the FAQ at all 
    costs. For those who don't care, or came here to see the ending in 
    particular, having not played the game yet (shame on you!), and being 
    very curious, please follow me...
    If you have any insightful input, questions, comments, additions, or 
    corrections, you may e-mail me: ShadalooSoldier@hotmail.com. I'll make 
    a future update once I get anything really big. However, there are a
    couple of things to keep in mind...
    1. Do NOT e-mail me asking for hints, tips, info, etc. that I have not 
    covered in this guide. There are plenty of other FAQS and websites 
    which will answer those questions for you. Remember - Noob-Smoke only, 
    2. Do NOT e-mail me asking for endings, tips, etc. to other games. I 
    don't think I need to explain this.
    3. I don't read letters that bear the mark of CATS. That is to say, if 
    you must contact me, please use proper grammar, sentence structure, and 
    punctuation. I like being able to read things without straining my 
    eyes. I'm not too lenient with letters that could make Samurai Shodown 
    4 look like Shakespeare.
    4. I don't work for Midway. So please, dear god, don't e-mail me asking 
    if there are any superunlockables in the game. I have no more clue than 
    you do. Besides, you should know by now.
    5. Although Noob-Smoke (more specifically, Smoke) are my specialty, I
    do know a good deal about the MK universe, especially when it comes to
    the storyline. If there's a question about MK's story you want answered,
    I may be able to help. I've answered one or two such E-mails already. But
    don't start asking me how to beat MK: Special Forces, okay?
    ...and lastly...
    Seriously, you have no idea how pissed I get when 25 people start popping
    up on my contact list I've never even heard of. And it's even more
    irritating when all of them expect me to talk first, and wind up never
    saying anything.
    Just E-mail me, people. It's not that hard.
    If you contact me, and break any of this criteria, your letter will be 
    laughed at, deleted, and you will be ignored. In short, don't waste my 
    Now, on to the nitty gritty....
    ------------D) CONTROLS AND FIGHTING BASICS ---------------
    The D-pad's/analog's controls, and uses:
    Up- Move character into the background
    Down - Move character into the foreground
    Left, Right - Move character toward or away from your opponent, 
    relative to their position.
    Diagonal Down-Left, Down-Right: Duck.
    Diagonal Up-Left, Up-right: Jump toward or away from your opponent, 
    relative to their position.
    The buttons, controls, and uses:
    Attack 1 - X-Box: X. PS2: Square. Gamecube: B.
    Your first attack, punching type
    Attack 2 - X-Box: Y. PS2: Triangle. Gamecube: Y.
    Second attack, punching type.
    Attack 3 - X-Box: A. PS2: X. Gamecube: A.
    Third attack, kicking type.
    Attack 4 - X-Box: B. PS2: Circle. Gamecube: X.
    Fourth attack, Kicking type.
    Block - X-Box: R. PS2: R2. Gamecube: R.
    Defends against incoming hits, can be used while ducking.
    Style Switch - X-Box: L. PS2: L1. Gamecube: L.
    Switches the martial arts style you are currently using (or in Noob-
    Smoke's case, the character). Each style has its own different 
    strengths and weaknesses.
    Throw - X-Box: Black. PS2: R1. Gamecube: Z.
    Grabs your enemy and punishes them, usually with a toss of some kind.
    Pick Up Weapon - X-Box: White. PS2: L2. Gamecube: C-Stick
    Grabs any weapon that might be laying around in the arena.
    Breaker: While receiving an attack, Forward and Block. This will break 
    any assault toward you with an abrupt punch to the enemy's face. It can 
    only be used 3 times per match, however.
    By default, this guide follows an ambiguous button layout, it being 
    simpler to type 1,2,3,4 rather than Square, Triangle, X, Circle, (and 
    so on for X-box and GC). 
    As for the Style Switches and Throws, we're going to just say "Throw" 
    and "Switch", for simplicity's sake. Mmmkay?
    A comma between commands means that the commands are performed in 
    sequence (one after the other), while "+" denotes that the commands are 
    performed simultaneously (at the same time).
    --------------------E) COMBO THEORY -----------------------
    In theory, and in practice, a combo is two or more attacks strung 
    together to create a chain of unstoppable hits. There are two types of 
    combos present in Mortal Kombat: Deception: 
    Dial-a-combos, the first kind, which have been around since MK3. Dial-
    a-combos are MK:D's basic combo system, wherein with each button you 
    press, you get a hit. Each hit is strung together to create a chain. 
    The only thing that can break a chain is a breaker move, of which you 
    are allotted 3 per match.
    The second type are juggle combos, which have been present since the 
    old days of MK, involve using an attack to pop a character up into the 
    air, and then keeping them airborne for a (usually) short period of 
    time with other attacks, hence the term 'juggle'. Most juggle combos 
    are performed in MKD by popping the opponent up, and then using a dial-
    Commands that are next to each other (1,2,3) indicate a
    dial-a-kombo. However, commands that are spaced (1, 2) indicate steps
    of a juggle combo. Cases such as (1,2,3, Forward+2) indicate dial-a-
    kombos that become juggle combos.
    ------------------F) THE DIFFERENCE--------------------
    Mortal Kombat: Deception features the same martial arts system as was 
    found in its predecessor, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. This system 
    is one wherein each character is given two bare-fisted attack styles, 
    and one weapon style to choose from. The weapon style would deal more 
    damage, but the user would take more in return. Each style, as 
    mentioned, has its own strengths and weaknesses. That's it, in a 
    However, Noob-Smoke is different. Being the sub-boss of the game, they 
    have to be a little bit more challenging, and unique. Plus, being two 
    characters, it would be only logical that they each have a different 
    moveset. Hence, they operate by style-switching. Whereas your typical 
    MKD character still has 2 fighting styles and a weapon style, Noob-
    Smoke have only 2 fighting styles: Monkey, which is used by Noob, and 
    Mi Tzu, which is used by Smoke. When their style is switched, one 'tags' 
    out, and the other 'tags' in, making for a unique play experience to 
    say the least. They have no third weapon style. Which one would use it? 
    Besides, they ARE a weapon. :)
    They each have only one fatality, unfortunately. There are no others.
    And as a last note: They're fast. Really fast. Moreso than other 
    characters. They are the sub-boss, after all. Maybe it's not fair...but 
    it sure is fun! 
    --------------G) NOOB-SMOKE IN THE KRYPT---------------
    Well, first things first. If you want to play as this awesomely awesome 
    hybrid of two characters, you'll have to unlock them. Noob-Smoke are 
    one (or two, depending on your view) of the twelve initially 
    unselectable characters on the select screen. To acquire them, first 
    build up 3642 Onyx Koins, and proceed to Koffin DM in the Krypt. A 
    quick grave-robbery later, and Noob-Smoke is yours to control! 
    But wait, there's more! Several other Noob-Smoke related items can be 
    found in the Krypt. First and foremost is their alternate costume, 
    located in Koffin EJ for the princely sum of 1494 platinum koins.
    The alternate costume is selectable by pressing START.
    The primary costume features Noob in standard ninja gear, with flesh-
    toned skin - unusual for him, since all of his previous appearances 
    have depicted him as being totally black in color. There actually is a 
    rational explanation for this, but we'll get to that much later.
    As for Smoke, he appears in his regular outfit as a somewhat upgraded 
    improvement on his old cyber-ninja form, complete with what look to be 
    exhaust pipes on his back. Sounds weird, but it's very sleek and shiny. 
    If both players pick the same basic outfit, Noob's gear will have a 
    reddish tint to it, while Smoke will have yellow coloring 
    Their alternate costume is way better, in my humble opinion. Although 
    there are no changes to Noob's model structure, he is entirely decked 
    out in black, as we're used to seeing him.
    Smoke definitely looks way better here, though. Wicked new look, 
    complete with transparent smoky skin, scary-ass ninja mask, red eyes, 
    and a take on the old MKII ninja garb. VERY nice.
    If both players pick the alternate outfit, Noob will have a blue tinge 
    to him, while Smoke's garments will have a reddish hue.
    As a note, their alternate is supposed to be their original. They
    appear in those forms in their ending; Noob is by default black, and
    Smoke's transparent body is what he looks like after his nanomachines
    reshape him.
    Other Noob-Smoke related items to be found in the Krypt:
    Koffin FR - 288 Onyx Koins - Double Character Concept
    Koffin AN - 179 Sapphire Koins - Noob Story Board
    Koffin HI - 312 Gold Koins - Noob-Smoke Bio
    Koffin GB - 390 Sapphire Koins - Alternate Noob-Smoke Bio
    Koffin KB - 225 Sapphire Koins - Noob Concepts
    Koffin PN - 161 Sapphire Koins - Noob Concepts
    Koffin JF - 217 Platinum Koins - Noob Alternate Concepts
    Koffin MF - 385 Jade Koins - Noob Saibot Demo
    Koffin TD - 289 Platinum Koins - Noob Demo Version 2
    Koffin OM - 181 Onyx Koins - Noob and Smoke Demo
    Koffin ES - 234 Onyx Koins - Sektor and Smoke (Don't get excited, it's 
    just a design concept...but what if...)
    Also, you can plainly see where Havik came from...
    --------------H) ATTACKS AND KOMBOS--------------------
    OK, time for the gameplay!
    Attack name: Key or command
    Damage dealt
    Description of move
    Sloth Fist: 1
    Damage: 8
    A quick punch to the opponent's midsection.
    Downward Slap: Forward+1
    Damage: 13
    An overhead smack to the head, which will plant them face down to the 
    Low Twisting Slap: Down+1
    Damage: 5
    A swift chop to the shin.
    Hooking Wrist: 2
    Damage: 8
    A quick smack to the head.
    Berzerk Slap: Back+2
    Damage: 10
    A fast slap to the torso, which will pop the enemy up. Good choice to 
    initiate a juggle combo.
    Palm Uppercut: Down+2
    Damage: 13
    Noob will step forward and deliver a double-fisted smash to the face, 
    which will send the enemy sailing away through the air.
    Thrust Kick: 3
    Damage: 9
    Noob delivers a swift kick to the enemy's torso, knocking them back 
    through the air to land face-down.
    Leg Scraper: Back+3
    Damage: 7
    Noob will stick out his leg to trip the enemy, who will fall face-down.
    Push Kick: Down+3
    Damage 6
    Noob will plant his hands to the ground and deliver a back kick, which 
    will push the enemy back a bit, as the name would imply.
    Bad Monkey: 4
    Damage: 8
    A double-fisted overhead blow to the skull, which will bounce the enemy 
    off the ground for combo purposes.
    Whirling Low Kick: Down+4
    Damage: 3
    Noob performs a very quick sweeping kick to the shin. This has little 
    effect, save for knocking the enemy slightly back.
    Tree Monkey: 1,1
    Damage: 8+4
    A punch to the torso, followed by a punch to the face. The enemy will 
    remain standing.
    Going Ape: 2,1
    Damage: 8+5
    A slap to the head, followed by a jab to the torso. Same effect as Tree 
    Krazy Apes: 2,4
    Damage: 8+4
    Noob will perform here a slap to the head, followed up with the same 
    Bad Monkey pop-up blow, for use as a juggle combo starter.
    Monkey Rage: 2,1,1
    Damage: 8+5+3
    Same as Going Ape, but with an extra smack to the face added. 
    Monkey Trouble: 2,1,3
    Damage: 8+5+3
    Same as Going Ape again, but with the Thrust kick added in to knock 
    back and down.
    Double Trouble: 1,1,Switch
    Damage: 8+4+4
    This is Noob's tree Monkey Combo with an extra strike added to the end, 
    the Thigh Break, performed by Smoke, who will be tagged in for the 
    third and final hit.
    Double Trouble Plus: 2,1,1,Switch
    Damage: 8+5+3+3
    This combo does not appear in their in-game movelist, only in their 
    Konquest mode training exercise (I gave it the name). The extra hit
    added to the beginning of Double trouble makes it their second-best
    H2) SMOKE - MI TZU
    Lunge Attack: 1
    Damage: 9
    A quick punch to the enemy's torso.
    Thigh Break: Back+1
    Damage: 12
    A double-fisted straight attack, aimed at the enemy's legs. This will 
    knock them down, and send them skidding back across the ground.
    Low Quick Claw: Down+1
    Damage: 4
    A ducking jab to the thigh area, which will knock the enemy back 
    Turning Lunge Strike: 2
    Damage: 10
    A straight jab to the chest, which will stagger the enemy back 
    Dual Upward Wrists: Forward+2
    Damage: 12
    Double-fisted blow to the face, which will knock the enemy back and 
    through the air. 
    Single Upward Palm: Down+2 
    Damage: 13
    Single uppercut-style blow to the face. This will send them flying even 
    farther back, and higher, too. Makes Dual Upward Wrists kind of 
    obsolete, serving all the same purposes, but better.
    Axe Kick: 3
    Damage: 12
    Smoke will lift his leg and deliver a crushing downward kick to the 
    head, sending the enemy skidding backward along the ground.
    Sneak Attack: Down+3
    Damage: 6
    Smoke will get low to the ground and deliver a sweeping kick to the 
    enemy's ankle, to knock them back slightly, and almost cause them to 
    Reaching Toe Poke: 4
    Damage: 12
    Smoke will deliver here a swift kick to the enemy's jaw. They will stay 
    in close.
    Shattering Kick: Up+4
    Damage: 7
    Smoke will hit the opponent with a stiff upward kick which will knock 
    them spinning upward. This is his opener for juggle combos.
    Dancing Foot: Back+4
    Damage: 9
    Smoke will perform here a quick step kick to the enemy's ankle, causing 
    them to almost trip.
    Low Flat Foot: Down+4
    Damage: 4
    Smoke will get down on his hands and deliver a back kick to the enemy's 
    shin, initiating the near-trip animation, yet again.
    Flowing Wing: 1,1
    Damage: 9+7
    Smoke will deliver a punch to the torso, and a knee to the face. They 
    will remain in position.
    Lunge Strikes: 1,2
    Damage: 9+6
    Smoke will deliver two punches to the enemy's torso, knocking them 
    back. You might say he gave them the old 'one, two'. >_>
    King Palms: 1,2,Forward+2
    Damage: 9+6+4
    This is Smoke's aforementioned Lunge Strikes, with Dual Upward Wrists 
    added at the end to knock them backward through the air.
    Long Ranged Strikes: 1,2,4
    Damage: 9+6+3
    This is Lunge Strikes with Reaching Toe Poke at the end. They will 
    remain standing in the same position afterward.
    Deadly Foes: 1,2,4,Switch,1
    Damage: 9+6+3+4+2
    This is it, THE ultimate Noob-Smoke dial-a-combo. Smoke will perform 
    Lunge Strikes, and immediately upon its completion, Noob will tag in 
    from the rear to execute his Tree Monkey combo. However, this has the 
    added bonus of knocking them backward through the air. This could be 
    just the thing if Smoke is cornered near the edge of an arena, and you 
    want to turn the tables...
    -------------------I) SPECIAL MOVES--------------------
    I1) NOOB
    Monkey Flip: Throw
    Damage: 5+5+5
    This is Noob's throw. He will grab the enemy by their shoulders, flip 
    himself up and over their head, and use the momentum to throw them 
    face-first into the ground, almost the entire screen away. You cannot 
    use this to knock the enemy into a deathtrap, however. Use it in a
    corner for combo possibilities however, as the enemy cannot block
    immediately after. Be sure to always follow with Death From Above
    afterwards, if not in a corner, for a guaranteed hit!
    We Live: Down, Back, 2
    Damage: 9
    Smoke will pop up next to Noob, and together they will deliver a VERY 
    fast dashing punch which will knock the enemy down, and send them 
    skidding back, during which time Smoke will teleport away. When they 
    get up, they will be at the same distance from you, however. It comes 
    out quick, however you'll be left hanging in place for a moment if it 
    misses or is blocked, so watch out.
    Darkness: Up, Down, 1
    Damage: N/A
    Noob will disappear in a puff of black smoke when this move is used, 
    becoming completely invisible. The advantages to this are obvious; you 
    can launch Death From Above and Dark Shadows while invisible, and the 
    enemy will have only a split-second to react. There are downsides, 
    however: it's obviously useless against the CPU, and a seasoned MKD 
    player should be able to know just where you are via the camera angles. 
    Being hit while invisible, switching to Smoke, or performing the move a 
    second time will return Noob to visibility.
    I2) SMOKE
    Nosebreaker: Throw
    Damage: 5+11
    This is Smoke's throw. Smoke will grab the enemy by the head, pull 
    back, and smash their face into his knee (OW!!). They will stagger 
    around for a second, and finally fall down face-first. You can combo 
    during the staggering period, but the hits will do minimal damage.
    Unless you're in a corner...
    Smokeycut: Forward, Forward, 4
    Damage: 7
    Remember Smoke and Sektor's teleport uppercut from MK3? Although Sektor 
    kept it for Mortal Kombat Gold, Smoke proves here he can use it just as 
    well as he, albeit with a slight name change. Smoke will disappear into 
    the ground, though a puff of - well, smoke - and come up on the other 
    side of the enemy with an uppercut, which will knock them upward into 
    the air to set up a juggle combo. It leaves him very vulnerable if it 
    is blocked, however. One of your key moves.
    Stinky Cloud:  Up, Down, 1
    Damage: N/A
    When this is performed, Smoke will dash backward and leave a cloud of 
    thick black smoke in his place. If the enemy comes into contact with 
    the cloud, they will cough and choke for a second or two. The cloud 
    itself, if untouched, will remain in place for about 3 seconds. This 
    acts very similar to Sub-Zero's ice clone, except that the enemy has 
    shorter recovery time. This is just perfect for when you want to put a 
    bit of space between yourself and your opponent. Players who've waited
    for years to see Smoke use his elemental powers can now finally be 
    (Zachegizio [Zachegizio@aol.com] suggests using this immediately after
    a blocked in-close Dark Assassin, to stop their counterattack. Not
    Dark Assassin: Down, Back, 2
    Damage: 2+2+2+2
    This is Noob-Smoke's projectile. When this is performed, Smoke will 
    take a step forward and duck down, with Noob popping up behind him. 
    Noob will then launch four ninja stars in quick succession at the enemy 
    before disappearing. This is the only projectile attack they have, and 
    unlike many of MKD's other projectiles, actually travels pretty fast. 
    Like most of Noob-Smoke's moves, it comes out quick, and the added 
    bonus of Smoke's ducking makes it pretty hard to punish him for using 
    it. Recovery time is almost slow, but acceptable.
    As the name would imply, these are two special moves that Noob and 
    Smoke both share, and can be used at any time. Using either of these 
    two moves will tag the outside member of the Noob-Smoke team into the 
    Death From Above: Forward, Forward, 3
    Damage: 9
    Remember Mileena's teleport kick? Same deal. When this is used, the 
    current member of the team will step out of the screen, as the other 
    drops down out of the sky to deliver a crushing kick to the enemy's 
    face. This will leave the player VERY vulnerable if it is blocked 
    however, as they will be hanging in the air for a full second or so.
    Always use it after Noob's throw if you're not in a corner!
    Dark Shadows: Down, Back, 3
    Damage: 7
    When this is used, the current member of the Noob-Smoke team will 
    vanish in a puff of smoke, and the other will appear directly behind 
    the opponent, dashing in with a punch that will send the enemy 
    careening backward. This is a great surprise manoeuvre, probably their 
    best, and the CPU loves to abuse it. The only warning you get is the 
    first character bending back to disappear - less than half a second. 
    Beware if it's blocked or dodged, however, as you'll be left frozen in 
    place for a moment, just as in 'We Live'.
    -------------J) FATALITIES AND HARA-KIRIS--------------
    What would Mortal Kombat be without its Fatalities? MK has always 
    boasted the bloodiest killing strokes in any game series - and it 
    should, it invented them. MK: Deception makes slaughtering an art form, 
    with some of the greatest fatalities yet, and Noob and Smoke are no 
    exception to the rule. Well, maybe Noob is. :P
    To perform a fatality, as we all know, beat seven shades of crap out of 
    your opponent until you get a message at the end of the second round 
    telling you to "FINISH HIM/HER!" The old MK games required that you be at 
    a specific distance away from your opponent in order to perform the 
    fatality; MKDA did away with this rule, but MKD has brought it back in 
    full force. There are three fatality distances in MKD, as far as I'm 
    concerned: in close, medium range, and far away. They're self-
    explanatory, but to get a better idea of medium range, it would be at 
    such a distance from your opponent so that none of your basic attacks 
    would hit them. Say, perhaps 2 inches away from them.
    To make things easier, switch to FATALITY stance once the message 
    appears, by tapping the switch button. Having this stance on will 
    prevent your character from moving around. Try to have your desired 
    character on-screen before you administer the blow which will end the 
    round, otherwise you might find yourself confused trying to switch from 
    Noob to Noob's Fatality, over to Smoke, and so on. You probably won't 
    have enough time to do all that, and then enter the command afterward. 
    Either that, or they'll have already performed a hara-kiri.
    A Hara-Kiri is a suicide move, long a persistent rumor among the MK 
    fanbase. For so long, fans wished that they could have some way to kill 
    their own character: now they can. If you lose the battle, rather than 
    allow yourself the dishonor of being brutally murdered by your enemy, 
    you can take your own life and deprive them of the chance. You can 
    enter the hara-kiri command anytime after it says "FINISH HIM/HER". No 
    need to worry about distances with this  - you're not moving anywhere, 
    being dizzy and all.
    Your on-screen character must be Noob to perform this.
    Command: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, 4
    Distance: Medium (people have said far - it's not, trust me)
    Noob Saibot will produce a series of nasty-looking ninja stars. He will 
    then proceed to whip them into the opponent's legs, arms, torso, and 
    finally finish them off with one to the head. They'll gurgle as they 
    scream, bleed and collapse. Not a bad fatality...but didn't I see this in 
    MK4? Oh well. Reiko stole Noob's teleport throw, so I suppose it's only 
    Your on-screen character must be Smoke to perform this.
    Command: Up, Down, Down, Forward, 2
    Distance: Medium
    Smoke disappears in a puff of - you guessed it, smoke. A second later, 
    the enemy receives a strike to the head. They look around in 
    bewilderment, only to have their arms suddenly ripped off. They scream 
    in pain, only to have it cut short as their head is ripped from their 
    shoulders. The body drops, and Smoke reappears, raising his arms and 
    making a small noise of triumph. Now THAT's a fatality!
    Your on-screen character must be Noob to perform this.
    Command: Down, Up, Up, Down, 4
    Noob will produce several ninja stars, and toss them straight upwards 
    into the air. A moment later, they will return to him, embedding 
    themselves into his chest, shoulders, and face, before he falls dead to 
    the floor. What can I say, but...OUCH!!!
    Your defeated character must be Smoke to perform this.
    Command: Down, Up, Up, Down, 4
    Smoke will tap at several buttons on his arm's keypad, and we hear a 
    rising noise as he gradually extends his arms, looks up...and explodes. 
    Just like Cyrax's old fatality, but without the laughter.
    --------------K) PLAYER-CREATED KOMBOS-----------------
    I figured that since I'd had such a sick amount of contributions for
    new and ingenious combos, this thing deserved its own section. So here
    you go.
    As of December 2005, I am no longer accepting any combos. This may
    change in the future with the release of MK Deception Unchained for
    the PSP.
    Shadow Griffin's Custom Combos:
    Back+2, back+2, back+2: 24% Damage (3 hits)
    Back+2, back+2, down+2: 25% Damage (3 hits)
    4, back+2, 2: 19% Damage (3 hits)
    4, back+2, 'We Live': 19% Damage (3 hits)
    Credit: Shadow Griffin (insomniac9181@yahoo.com)
    Shadaloo's 'Two-fisted Smoking Monkey Style' Combo
    Back+2, Back+2, 1,1,Switch
    Damage: 30% (5 hits)
    Universal Noob Juggle Combo 1:
    2,4, step forward, Back+2, step forward, 2,1,1,Switch
    Damage: 27% (7 hits)
    Universal Noob Juggle Combo 2:
    Back+2, Back+2, 2,4
    Damage: 26% (4 hits)
    Infamousoulja's Raging Shadow Noob Corner Combos:
    Raging Shadow Corner Combo 1:
    In corner, Back+2, 2,1,1, 2, Down+2
    Damage: 43% (6 hits)
    NOTE: Start the juggle very late, or else the last hit won't have time
    to connect. You may want to skip the Hooking Wrist to make it easier.
    Raging Shadow Corner Combo 2:
    In corner, Back+2, 2,1,3, step forward, 2, step forward, 2
    Damage: 40% (6 hits)
    NOTE: Same rules apply. Last hit is even tougher to connect.
    Raging Shadow Corner Combo 3:
    In corner, Back+2, 2,1,3, Down+2
    Damage: 37% (5 hits)
    NOTE: You may want to stick with this one. Easy as pie. :)
    Raging Shadow Corner Combo 4:
    In corner, 2,4, Down+4, 2,1, Down+2
    Damage: 28% (6 hits)
    NOTE: Purely for show. Not worth the damage, but looks nice!
    Infamousoulja's Corner Noob Throw Combos:
    NOTE: The timing for these are really weird. Basically, you start the
    combo immediately after the enemy hits the ground from the Monkey Flip.
    The strange bit is that despite the fact that they're lying there,
    the next hits will cause them to fly through the air as if they were
    airborne and low. Weird, but you'll get used to it. These seriously
    improve Noob's arsenal, even if the first one kinda makes all the rest
    obsolete. :)
    Combo 1:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, 2,1,3, Down+2
    Damage: 53% (6 hits)
    Combo 2:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, 2,1,1, Down+2
    Damage: 52% (6 hits)
    Combo 3:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, 2,1, Down+2
    Damage: 49% (6 hits)
    Combo 4:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, 1,1, Forward+1
    Damage: 48% (6 hits)
    Combo 5:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, 2,1,1, 4
    Damage: 47% (6 hits)
    Combo 6:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, 2,1, 1
    Damage: 46% (6 hits)
    Combo 7:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, 2,1,1, Down+3
    Damage: 45% (6 hits)
    Combo 8:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, 1,1, 2
    Damage: 44% (6 hits)
    Combo 9:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, 4, 2,1, Down+2
    Damage: 43% (6 hits)
    Combo 10:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, 4, 1,1, Forward+1
    Damage: 42% (6 hits)
    Combo 11:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, 2,1,1, Down+4
    Damage: 41% (6 hits)
    Combo 12:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, 1,1, Down+4
    Damage: 40% (6 hits)
    Combo 13:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, Down+4, Down+2
    Damage: 39% (5 hits)
    Combo 14:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, 2,4
    Damage: 38% (5 hits)
    Credit: infamousoulja (reaperoflostsouls@msn.com) - for this and all
    his other combos, outlined later.
    First off, khoa nguyen (skygto19@hotmail.com) has given us an excellent
    breakdown of the basic combo outlined in the following examples. Always
    a good idea to mix it up!
    Nose Breaker(throw)->Shattering Kick(Up+4) 
    Shattering Kick(Up+4) 
    All these will pop up the other player. Shattering Kick isn't very good
    because you need to be up close and it's very easy to block.
    Nose Breaker->Shattering Kick does less damage in the end, but it can
    catch a guarding player.
    Shattering Kick(Up+4)->Dark Assassin(Down,Back,2)
    The Shattering Kick will pop up the player again, setting them up for
    the Dark Assassin. Your Dark Assassin should hit if you use it right
    after the Shattering Kick.
    Long Ranged Strikes(1,2,4) 
    Deadly Foes(1,2,4,Switch,1) 
    King Palms(1,2,Forward+2)
    Death From Above
    Dark Shadows
    The first two are the same, just depends on if you want to switch right
    away or not. Most of the time Noob will miss, but if he does hit, it'll
    do some extra damage. King Palms is my favorite because it'll knock the
    other player further away.
    Thank you very much, khoa! This is an EXCELLENT breakdown of Noob-Smoke's
    combo format, and a great combo! I hope everyone out there is paying
    Now then, here are some very basic notes about the following combos:
    -Using Smoke's Nosebreaker throw at the beginning of any combo will 
    seriously lessen the damage done.
    -Dark Assassin has the effect of causing Smoke to crouch forward and down.
    So when used in a juggle combo, it must be timed so that Smoke does not
    duck under his falling opponent, bur rather ducks just beside them. A
    slight pause should do it.
    -In general, try to keep away from walls when using these. Your enemy's
    going to be flying a long way back and forth, so walls/obstacles are sure
    to interrupt your combo flow.
    -I have removed the hit counter's damage info, and just placed the overall
    percentage for these. Dark Assassin seems to screw things up.
    Shadaloo's Custom Combo: Smokey Assassin
    Smokeycut, Dark Assassin, step forward, 1,2,4
    Damage: 35% (5 hits)
    NOTES: Kind of piddly compared to what's out there now, but I like it for
    its simplicity. :)
    Khoa Nguyen's main combo:
    Damage: 37% (6 hits)
    Smokeycut, Shattering Kick, Dark Assassin, 1,2, Forward+2 = 37% Damage.
    Sanose/Petrun's Custom Combo: Evil Brother
    Smokeycut, Dark Assassin, step forward, 1,2,4,Switch,1
    Damage: 46% (7 hits)
    NOTES: You must hit the enemy as low to the ground as you possibly can
    after the step forward with the Deadly Foes combo for the whole thing to
    come off.
    Petrun's Custom Combo: Angry Mantis
    Smokeycut, Dark Assassin, step forward, 1,2,Forward+2
    Damage: 36% (5 hits)
    Sanose (metatron.intermail.co.il)
    PetRun (PetRun@bellsouth.net) 
    Zerlo's Custom Combo 1:
    Up+4, Smokeycut, Dark Assassin, 1,2,4,Switch,1
    Damage: 44% (8 hits)
    Zerlo's Custom Combo 2:
    Up+4, Up+4, Dark Assassin, 1,2,4,Switch,1
    Damage: 44% (8 hits)
    NOTES: Remember, low as possible with the Deadly Foes combo.
    Ephor's Custom Combo: Lin Kuei Ladykiller:
    Smokeycut, wait, 1,2,4,Switch,1
    Damage: 37% (6 hits)
    NOTES: Apparently, this is easier to do on females than on males, but
    I seem to be able to get it done on both without problem.
    Ephor's Custom Combo 2: Smokey Manslaughter
    Smokeycut, don't wait, 1,2,4*,Switch,1
    Damage: 30% (5 hits)
    NOTES: The lack of pause at the beginning of the juggle means that
    Smoke's final blow will miss, but Noob will come in and connect for
    2 hits. A revised version of 'Lin Kuei Ladykiller'.
    Credit: Ephor (second_ephor@yahoo.com)
    StriderBeta's custom combo:
    Smokeycut, Shattering Kick, Dark Assassin, Death From Above.
    Damage: 28% (4 hits)
    Credit: StriderBeta (striderbeta@tampabay.rr.com)
    Eugene Kim's custom combo 1:
    Stinky Cloud, Dark Shadows, Switch back to Smoke, Up+4, Up+4, Dark
    Assassin, 1,2,Forward+2
    Damage: 37% (7 hits)
    NOTE: This is all dependent on whether you can knock them into the
    Stinky Cloud, of course.
    Eugene Kim's custom combo 2:
    Stinky Cloud, Dark Shadows, Switch back to Smoke, Up+4, Up+4, Dark
    Assassin, 1,2,4,Switch,1
    Damage: 44% (9 hits)
    NOTE: Same as above, remember a slightly longer pause for the Deadly
    Foes combo, though.
    credit: Eugene Kim (eujinkim@gmail.com)
    infamousoulja's custom combo 1:
    Nosebreaker, Smokeycut, Smokeycut, Dark Assassin, step forward, 1,2,4
    Damage: 30% (8 hits)
    NOTE: Yes, the Smokeycut can be comboed twice, but the timing is way
    too tough - you're much better off using Shattering Kick instead, it
    does the same damage, and is easy to connect with. This is, however, an
    interesting variation for those of you seeking a bit of a challenge.
    Ditch the Nosebreaker if you're looking for good damage, though.
    infamousoulja's Corner Crushing Combo:
    In corner, Shattering Kick, SLIGHT pause, Dark Assassin, 1,2, Down+2
    Damage: 44% (5 hits)
    NOTE: After the Lunge Strikes combo, you will be pushed back, which
    is when you must initiate the uppercut. Somewhat tricky, but not
    impossible. The timer will say 41% most of the time, because of that
    dang Dark Assassin combo counter issue. It's actually 44%.
    infamousoulja's Beat Down Corner Combo:
    In corner, Shattering Kick, SLIGHT pause, 1,2,Forward+2, (hold forward)
    Forward+2, 4
    Damage: 47% (6 hits)
    NOTE: Psychotic timing is required for the very last hit to connect.
    You've gotta be pretty much holding forward for the entire combo to
    work out right, so that Smoke advances a tad right after the King Palms
    combo, and the Dual Upward wrists that come after it, to compensate for
    his being pushed back.
    infamousoulja's Assassin Combo:
    In corner, Shattering Kick, Dark Assassin, 1,1, (hold forward) Forward+2,
    Damage: 50% (6 hits)
    NOTE: I like this one. The very fact that Flowing Wing is used for once,
    rather than King Palms, adds variety. Anyway, the same rules apply as the
    Beat Down combo above. Timing is very tough for the last hit, though I
    find it slightly easier here. A worthwhile corner combo, IMO.
    infamousoulja's Ultimate Smoke Combo:
    Near corner, Shattering Kick, step forward, Dark Assassin, step forward,
    1,2,Forward+2 (hold forward) Forward+2, Forward+2
    Damage: 56% (7 hits)
    NOTE: OH DEAR GOD. O_o Basically, your enemy must be a set distance away
    from the corner - it's really tough to judge, maybe two character's
    lengths away. Then come in with the Shattering Kick to Dark Assassin we
    know so well, to the King Palms Combo. At this point you should be
    continuously holding forward, so that like in the Beat Down combo, Smoke
    moves forward for the last 2 hits to make up for the push-back. And 
    like the Beat Down Combo, it's great to watch, but so hard to pull off
    during a heated battle that it's not really worth it, with the easier
    combos out there. However, If you can actually get this combo down to a
    science, I salute you.
    Smoke's Infinite Combo:
    In corner/against wall, Nosebreaker, Down+1, Nosebreaker, Down+1, repeat.
    Damage: Infinite/100%
    NOTE: Simple, and yet so sad. The corner/wall's presence will prevent the
    enemy from being pushed back, making this combo possible. The Nosebreaker
    must be done instantly after the Low Quick Claw.
    NOTE 2: I have no problems with people using this in the comfort of their
    own home, against friends over a bowl of popcorn, or what have you. But
    when you go online and start using this against people, they won't be
    happy. Chances are they'll disconnect, and people DO get warned about
    certain users who abuse infinites. You might find yourself with few people
    willing to accept your challenges.
    Let me make this short and sweet: If you go online and use this to win
    matches, you are a chump, and you suck. It's that simple.
    Credit: The thirty-five or so people who E-mailed me about this, the
    GameFAQs message boards, the Mortal Kombat Online message boards, etc.
    Start with Noob out for all of these:
    money1's Flipping Death combo:
    Monkey Throw, Death From Above
    Damage: 26% (3 hits)
    NOTE: Due to the nature of Noob's throw, Death From Above is unblockable,
    and serves as an excellent follow-up for guaranteed damage.
    Credit: Money1 (Chisox26@aol.com)
    infamousoulja's Noob/Smoke Shadow Tag corner combos:
    Shadow Tag Combo 1:
    In corner, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, Up+4, Dark Assassin, Switch to Noob,
    Damage: 32% (4 hits)
    NOTE: Switch Smoke in ASAP to get his hits off right. Same with Noob. Fun
    as all hell to perform!
    Shadow Tag Combo 2:
    In corner, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, Up+4, Dark Assassin, Death From Above
    Damage: 30% (4 hits)
    NOTE: Whee!
    Shadow Tag Combo 3:
    In corner, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, 1,2,Forward+2, Down+2
    Damage: 40% (5 hits)
    NOTE: Fairly easy. Not bad.
    Shadow Tag Combo 4:
    In Corner, Up+4, Switch to Noob, 2,1,3, Down+2
    Damage: 34% (5 hits) 
    NOTE: Yes, for once, you start with Smoke out. Yay! Remember to start the
    juggle late.
    infamousoulja's Noob/Smoke corner throw combos:
    Noob/Smoke Corner Throw Combo 1:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, 1,1, Down+2
    Damage: 52% (6 hits)
    NOTE: As above, Switch Smoke in ASAP to get his hits off right. 
    Noob/Smoke Corner Throw Combo 2:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, 1,2, Down+2/Forward+2
    Damage: 51%/50% (6 hits)
    NOTE: Same as above. Damage is dependent on the last hit used.
    Noob/Smoke Corner Throw Combo 3:
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, Down+2
    Damage: 37% (4 hits)
    NOTE: Not as damaging as the first two, but definitely easier to do.
    infamousoulja's Noob/Smoke Shadow Reversal Combo:
    Back+2, Switch to Smoke, Up+4, Dark Assassin, 1,2,4,Switch,1
    Damage: 47% (8 hits)
    NOTE: Flawless timing required for the Smoke tag-in and hit. Dark
    Assassin must be performed immediately after the Shattering kick to
    connect. You may find this easier to perform if you are backed into a
    infamousoulja's Ultimate Noob/Smoke Combo 2:
    Near corner, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, step forward, Shattering Kick, step
    forward, 1,2, Forward+2 (hold forward) Forward+2, Forward+2
    Damage: 54% (8 hits)
    NOTE: Essentially, this is the Ultimate Smoke combo with Noob tossed in at
    the beginning. Although the damage is lessened by 2%, the extra hit
    provides even more bragging rights if you can get this whole thing off.
    Remember, the opponent must be 2 characters' distance away from the corner.
    infamousoulja's Noob/Smoke Master of Shadows Combo
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Switch to Smoke, 1,2,Forward+2, Forward+2,
    Damage: 69% (7 hits)
    NOTE: Yes, you read that right. It's best to hold forward for the entire
    combo, so that Smoke can get close for his attacks. You have a split-
    second to get Smoke in for his hits to connect. Their deadliest combo to
    date, and also the hardest to perform. Good luck with the second Dual
    Upward Wrists. Timing is insane for the whole thing. Practice, practice,
    infamousoulja's Noob/Smoke Rushing Shadow Combo
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Switch to Smoke, 1,2,4, Forward+2, Forward+2
    Damage: 67% (7 hits)
    NOTE: Same as above, only slightly less insane. Still crazy, though. :)
    infamousoulja's Noob/Smoke Fist Of Fury Combo
    In corner, Monkey Flip, Back+2, Switch to Smoke, 1,2, Forward+2, Down+2/
    Damage: 61/60% (7 hits)
    NOTE: Damage dependent on final hit used. Again, good luck!
    A MAJOR hanks to infamousoulja (reaperoflostsouls@msn.com) for providing
    more combos than any of us can shake a stick at!
    Remember, if you have any new, undiscovered or psychotic combos, let me
    -------------------L) BACKSTORY------------------------
    So, you want to know the past experiences of these two masters of 
    stealth and savagery? Pull up a chair; this might take a while.
    I said it before, I'll say again: MAJOR SPOILARZ AHEAD, LOL
    L1) SMOKE
     We first learned in Smoke's MK3 storyline that he was a warrior of the 
    Lin Kuei, sent along with the second Sub-Zero, after the first one did 
    not return from Shang Tsung's Mortal Kombat Tournament. Sub-Zero II was 
    to find out what had happened to Sub-Zero I, and complete the mission 
    that the first had apparently failed at: Assassinate Shang Tsung. Smoke 
    was to merely accompany him (makes you wonder what he was doing in 
    Goro's lair, anyway). The assassination never happened, as Liu Kang
    whooped Shang and Shao Kahn. Sub-Zero and Smoke learned that the first
    Sub-Zero was dead at teh hands of Scorpion, and returned to the Lin Kuei.
    There, they found that the Lin Kuei had begun automating their ninjas, 
    transforming them into cybernetic assassins. Neither would have any 
    part in it, and they attempted to escape. Sub-Zero did, but Smoke was 
    unsuccessful. He was transformed into a cyber-ninja (Unit LK-7T2)
    against his will, and along with Cyrax and Sektor, the other two cyber-
    ninjas, was sent to find and kill his old friend and partner, Sub-Zero.
    It was during this time that Shao Kahn had invaded Earthrealm. The 
    precise events that occurred are unclear, but what we know is that in 
    the end, Shao Kahn was defeated - but he took Smoke back with him to 
    Outworld as a war trophy, and threw him in a dungeon, possibly 
    deactivating him beforehand.
    There are two chief possibilities as to what exactly happened, IMO:
    1) As indicated by Smoke and Sub-Zero's MK3 endings, Sub-Zero helped 
    Smoke to recover his memory, and learn that he still had a soul. 
    Together they fended off Cyrax and Sektor. Smoke realized that since
    his soul had not been taken during Kahn's invasion, he was one of
    the chosen warriors. They joined up with Earthrealm's other fighters
    in the battle against Kahn's forces, but Smoke was captured during
    the onslaught and brought back (this, I believe, is the most likely.
    The fact that the events surrounding Cyrax and Sektor are referenced
    in 2 endings are a strong indicator as to them actually having
    2) Similar to what was shown in Sektor's ending, Smoke analyzed 
    Kahn's forces, saw them as a threat to the Lin Kuei, and 
    confronted them. He lost, and was captured.
    In either case, Smoke remained in the bowels of Kahn's dungeon for
    years, before being reactivated and reprogrammed by Noob Saibot with
    the purpose of serving as the seed for his army of cybernetic demons.
    Noob Saibot first appeared in his current form during Shao Kahn's
    Outworld Tournament, during the time of MKII/MK Shaolin Monks. It was
    some time during these events that Sub-Zero II encountered Noob Saibot.
    While journeying with Liu Kang and Lung Lao, Sub-Zero encountered
    Scorpion, the murderer of his older brother, and pursued him into the
    Netherrealm. There, he came across Noob Saibot, and recognized him as
    the very person whose death he was trying to avenge. Sub-Zero tried to
    reach out to Noob, but they came to blows, and Noob fled.
     Although Noob Saibot would also appear in MK3 and UMK3, it was not
    until  Mortal Kombat Trilogy was released that we learned what his new
    purpose was. He was discovered to now be a servant of Shinnok, dark lord
    of the Netherrealm, and one of the Brotherhood of Shadow, Quan Chi's
    group. His orders had been to spy on the events taking place in Earth and
    Outworld, and report back to Shinnok with his findings. It wasn't until
    Kahn's invasion of Earth was well underway that he was ordered to ally
    himself with Kahn's forces. He pledged allegiance to Kahn, while still
    working for Shinnok (his orders might have been to slay Kahn, if the 
    opportunity presented itself, and the time was right - also, it may have
    even been possible that he had donned his old blue garments during the
    war against Kahn - see the FAQ section). He remained with Kahn after his
    defeat, until the time came for Shinnok's invasion of the Heavens and
    conquest of Edenia, during which Noob Saibot fought for his lord and
     During these events, Raiden more than likely (again, see FAQ section)
    confirmed to Sub-Zero the true identity of  Noob Saibot; he was in fact
    Sub-Zero's older brother, who had been slain by Scorpion in Shang
    Tsung's Mortal Kombat tournament, as vengeance for having been murdered
    by him much earlier. Raiden revealed that when Sub-Zero was killed, he
    was tainted with evil. That, in addition to the fact that Sub-Zero had
    lived his life as a fairly remoreseless killer, condemned his soul to
    damnation. He descended into the Netherrealm, and found it to his
    liking. He had remained there, becoming a wraith loyal to Shinnok;
    ironic considering that he had once fought against the very being who
    was now his master (See Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero for more
    But the inevitable happened, and Shinnok fell to Earthrealm's forces. 
    Quan Chi too was gone, pulled down into the Netherrealm by Scorpion. 
    This left Noob Saibot in the sole service of the recovering Shao Kahn.
    As Kitana led the Shokan against Kahn's forces in war, Noob Saibot 
    fought for his master on the battlefront, under Kano's forces. Although 
    they were losing badly, Noob Saibot struck a major blow to the Edenian 
    forces by severely wounding an exhausted Goro in a fierce battle. The 
    wound would lead to Goro's death soon after (Goro would then be
    resurrected by Shao Kahn soon after).
    It was during this period that Shao Kahn was thought to have been
    slain by the Deadly Alliance of the returned Quan Chi, and Shang Tsung.
    No longer having any master to serve, Noob Saibot began to make his own
    plans for domination. He descended into the deepest levels of Shao
    Kahn's dungeons, and there found the inert body of Smoke. He
    reactivated him in the hopes of using him as a seed to create an army
    of cybernetic demon warriors.
    ----------------------M) BIOS--------------------------
    (As narrated by Noob Saibot)
    "Under Shao Kahn's rule, I hunted enemies of his throne. As a member of 
    the Brotherhood of Shadow, I did Quan Chi's bidding. All the while 
    serving Shinnok, Lord of the Netherrealm, as well. Now all my masters 
    are gone; I am at long last free to pursue my own destiny. Outworld is 
    where I will begin my ascension to power. Now is the time to forge a 
    legion of assassins loyal only to Noob Saibot.
    "I found my first ally in the abandoned fortress of Shao Kahn. Deep in 
    the labyrinth of torture chambers and prison cells, the cyborg ninja 
    Smoke lay inoperative. A war trophy of the late Emperor, Smoke had lain 
    there since the invasion of Earthrealm. It did not take long for me to 
    reactivate his nanotechnology, which reshaped and repaired his 
    artificial body."
    (As taken from Trading Kard)
    PLACE OF ORIGIN: Earthrealm
    ALLIES: Sub-Zero
    FOES: Sektor
    "Left disabled in the dungeons of Shao Kahn's fortress, the cybernetic 
    ninja Smoke has been reactivated and reprogrammed to serve Noob Saibot. 
    His new purpose is to be used as a seed for a new form of cyborg."
    --------------------N) ENDING--------------------------
    (As narrated by Shujinko)
    (Picture 1: In the Netherrealm, Noob Saibot watches as Smoke holds back 
    "With Smoke as his template, Noob Saibot planned to return to the 
    Netherrealm and use Smoke's nanotechnology to create an army of cyborg 
    demons. He was unaware that they were followed by someone Noob had not 
    seen since before he became a wraith. Smoke instantly recognized their 
    "He was an echo of their past. He was Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot's brother."
    (Picture 2: Noob Saibot and Smoke each have one of Sub-Zero's arms in 
    their hands. They are tearing him in two.)
     "Noob Saibot was surprised to see how much stronger his brother had 
    become. If he were still Lin Kuei, still human, he would probably have 
    shown some degree of pride. But, as Raiden had revealed during the 
    ordeal with Shinnok's amulet, his soul had been tainted when he died at 
    the hand of Scorpion."
     "Noob Saibot, the original Sub-Zero, had descended into the 
    Netherrealm free from compassion. He ordered Smoke to assist him in 
    slaying his brother - his first act as ruler of the Netherrealm."
    Quite the mindjob, eh? He was the first Sub-Zero, all along!! I tell 
    you, no one (except one very observant MKOnline user: Shang Heihachi.
    Kudos to you for your theory, and sorry I didn't believe you) saw
    THAT one coming!
    But wait...Noob and Smoke appear in one other ending: Ashrah's! I have 
    here for you the excerpt of what is important:
    (Picture: Noob Saibot faces off against Ashrah. In the background, 
    Smoke experiences a short circuit, holding his head in pain.)
    "Noob Saibot was not originally a demon, which might explain why Ashrah 
    sensed such great evil in him: He had to earn his place in the 
    Netherrealm. He actually desired to remain there. His companion, 
    however, seemed to be having a problem adjusting. Perhaps there was 
    some good left in the cyborg. Whatever the case, Noob would have to 
    face Ashrah alone. Ashrah defeated Noob Saibot and finally earned her 
    ascension from the Netherrealm."
    What could this mean? More on that later, in the Frequently Asked 
    Questions section!
    ------------------O) KONQUEST MODE---------------------
    If you own MKD, then chances are you've been playing Konquest mode, a 
    third-person adventure game in which you assume the role of Shujinko, 
    the 'Hero' of MK Deception. Here you will see firsthand how Shujinko 
    learned from many masters. But he also had to beat down many opponents 
    in his path, and in his way through Konquest, you will find Noob and 
    Smoke - in separate places! Sadly, they will not use any special moves
    once seperated. Nevertheless, track them down, and test their might!
    Battle Location 1:
    Netherrealm, Section E8
    Opponent: Noob
    Message: "Noob Saibot will force you to kneel before him. Will you 
    A two round fight, set in Dark Kombat - the lights will alternately dim 
    to blackness, and light to regular view.
    Battle Location 2:
    Chaosrealm, Section B2
    Opponent: "Noob"
    This is a mandatory battle which you will fight while playing through
    Konquest mode. Your opponent is not actually Noob Saibot, rather, he
    is referred to as a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow who has taken
    control of a small cemetery in their name. Regardless, you will be
    fighting "Noob" solo here, and I thought it was worth mentioning in
    Battle Location 3:
    Chaosrealm, Section G1
    Opponent: Smoke
    Message: "Noob Saibot has sent Smoke to hunt you! Will you stand and 
    Only one round, your mission objective is to defeat a completely 
    invisible Smoke. Nothing will make him visible, not even connecting 
    with hits.
    Battle Location 4:
    Outworld, Section D2
    Opponent: Smoke
    Message: "Smoke's programming has gone haywire! Will you shut him down 
    by force?"
    Same as the Noob battle, set in Dark Kombat.
    Battle Location 5:
    Outworld, section B1
    Opponent: Noob
    Message: "The Brotherhood of Shadow has found you! Will you stand and 
    Dark Kombat again, but only for one round.
    Also, in Konquest, you can accept many missions for fun and profit, 
    These missions usually revolve around the acquisition of some item. 
    There is a mission you can perform for Smoke, in Outworld. He wants you 
    to deliver a message to Sub-Zero for him, in Earthrealm.
    Mission Location:
    Outworld, section H7 (inside cave)
    From: Smoke
    Relay Smoke's message to Sub-Zero in Earthrealm. (Find him there in
    section G8)
    Enter this cave to find Smoke standing close to a chest with 200
    platinum koins inside. Speak to him...
    "You there! You are a member of the Lin Kuei, are you not? I have
    important information you must relay to Sub-Zero in Earthrealm
    You will receive the item "Note to Sub-Zero".
    If you talk to him without having delivered the note, he will say
    "What are you waiting for? Relay the message to Sub-Zero."
    Also, if you punch him, he'll say "Assaulting a member of the
    Lin Kuei is an offence punishable by death!" (And you probably
    deserve it too, for attacking him! :P)
    In Konquest mode, if you wish, you can learn from any of the characters 
    in the game...and who better to learn from than Noob Saibot and Smoke? 
    Should you decide to listen to what they have to teach, proceed to 
    section B-8 of Chaosrealm after you have finished Konquest. Here, you 
    will find Noob Saibot with folded arms, awaiting a worthy pupil.
    Below, I have listed Noob Saibot's quotes, I.E, the script for the 
    Noob-Smoke training, complete with the exercises they will have you 
    perform. When you find him, you will receive this message:
    "You have located Noob Saibot and Smoke, Tag Team Kombatants. Will you 
    join them?"
    Accept, and let the training begin!
    Mission 1: Noob's Monkey
    "So you wish to pledge your allegiance to me? Excellent. I will train 
    you to fight as Smoke and I do...beginning with high attacks from my 
    fighting style of Monkey." (Sloth Fist, Hooking Wrist, Thrust Kick, Bad 
    "I will now teach you low attacks. Begin with these Monkey basic low 
    attacks." (Low Twisting Slap, Push Kick, Whirling Low Kick)
    "Now you will learn some of the more satisfying attacks. I will teach 
    you Monkey power and pop-up attacks."(Bad Monkey, Krazy Apes)
    "You have learned much, but I have taught you only single attacks. You 
    will now practice my Monkey basic combos."
    (Tree Monkey, Going Ape, Krazy Apes)
    "Excellent! You have mastered my basic combos. Let us see how you fare 
    with more advanced Monkey combos." (Monkey Trouble, Krazy Apes X2)
    Mission 2: Smoke's Mi Tzu
    "Now for the basic high attacks of Smoke's Mi Tzu Fighting Style."
    (Lunge Attack, Turning Lunge Strike, Axe Kick, Reaching Toe Poke)
    "Smoke will now show you his Mi Tzu basic low attacks." (Low Quick 
    Claw, Sneak Attack, Low Flat Foot)
    "Next, practice Smoke's Mi Tzu power and pop-up attacks." (Shattering 
    Kick, Shattering Kick X3)
    "Well done. Now for Smoke's Mi Tzu basic combos." (Flowing Wing, Lunge 
    Strikes, King Palms)
    "You are indeed beginning to impress me! Now try Mi Tzu advanced 
    combos." (Long Ranged Strikes, Shattering Kick to Long Ranged Strikes)
    Failure messages for the first two missions:
    "I will not accept such incompetence among my ranks! Repeat your 
    "I am not impressed by your progress. You must try harder!"
    "You are not paying attention. If you do not take this training 
    seriously, I will cut you open and leave you to bleed to death!"
    "I am starting to doubt your kombat abilities. Perhaps you are wasting 
    my time to delay my plans of domination!"
    Failure Message:
    "I cannot further your training. I am beginning to think you are not 
    taking this seriously!"
    Mission 3: Style-branching combos
    "You definitely have kombat skill, but can you handle style-branching 
    combos? Smoke and I alternate our fighting styles in a combined 
    attack." (Double Trouble Plus)
    "Finally, you must complete a style-branching combo that spans all 3 of 
    the fighting styles I have shown you."
    Failure message:
    "You are wasting my time. Do not approach me again until you can prove 
    to me that you understand style-branching combos."
    Mission 4: Special moves
    "This next lesson will teach you our special fighting moves." (We Live)
    "Well done. Now try this one." (Darkness)
    "This next special attack is especially deadly." (Dark Assassin, 
    Smokeycut, Stinkycloud)
    "Finally, this special attack will require some concentration." (Death 
    From Above, Dark Shadows)
    "In battle, you may be required to use any one of these special attacks 
    at any given time. Attack us with all four of them. This may become 
    confusing, but that is the desired effect."
    Failure Message:
    "How can you expect to follow my orders if you cannot perform these 
    special attacks?"
    Mission 4:Battle
    "For your final test, you must defeat us both in battle...FIGHT!"
    Failure Message:
    "You are wasting my time! You have not learned all that I have taught 
    As a bonus, here are the vocal quotes from Noob and Smoke during their 
    training, I.E, the things you hear them say after you have completed or 
    failed a mission:
    "Well done."
    "Almost as good as me."
    "Good work."
    "Very good."
    "Need more practice."
    "Not good enough."
    "Try again."
    "Good work!"
    "Well done."
    "You have passed."
    "Horrible effort!"
    "What was that?!"
    "No! Do it again!" 
    ------------P) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS--------------
    Q: When did Noob and Smoke first appear?
    A: They both made their first appearances in Mortal Kombat II, way 
    back, as secret characters which you could fight. In order to fight
    Smoke, you had to basically perform uppercuts at the Portal stage until
    Dan Forden's (MK's main sound guy) head popped up at the bottom-right
    corner of the screen and sang "Toasty!". When he did, you held down,
    pressed start, and you (or whoever did it first, if both players tried)
    would be whisked away to Goro's Lair from MKI after a special
    congratulatory message. Here you would fight Smoke, who at the time had
    no special moves of his own - he just used Scorpion's spear, and moved
    REALLY fast - he was able to cover the whole screen in a split second.
    Smoke also appeared in the Living Forest stage every once in a while,
    popping out from behind a tree (so would Jade, the other secret
    character) to tantalize players into trying to find him. He and Jade
    would also rarely pop up before matches to offer clues on how to find
    Noob Saibot could be found by winning 50 straight matches (25 on the
    home Genesis Version in a series of two-player games. Like Smoke, he had
    only Scorpion's spear, but was also tricky to beat - although he didn't
    move as fast as Smoke, he was pitch-black, making him really hard to see
    against the background of the lair. (An amusing bit of trivia for you: no
    announcer said "Noob Saibot wins." Instead you heard "Feel the power of
    TOASTY!") They both had a nasty habit of kicking your ass whenever you
    fought them.
    Q: What other games did they appear in?
    They both came back for the next sojourn, Mortal Kombat 3/Ultimate 
    Mortal Kombat 3, Smoke having a bit more of a presence to start with. 
    He was MK3's big hidden character, who could be accessed by the 
    entrance of an Ultimate Kombat Kode. In MK3, Cyrax and Sektor, the 
    Cyber-ninjas, were introduced, and now Smoke was one, too. He shared 
    Sektor's teleport uppercut, had a cybernetic version of (the then 
    absent) Scorpion's spear, and could turn invisible, and had a fatality 
    where he could blow up the world. O_o It was also during this time 
    where we learned Smoke's backstory and origins.
    Noob Saibot could be fought through entrance of a Kombat Kode during a 
    versus match (as could Smoke), but he was just a completely black 
    version of Kano who moved a bit faster and had no special moves.
    With Ultimate MK3, Cyber-Smoke became a regular character, but his 
    human form could also be chosen with a secret code when he was 
    selected (no big deal, just a gray Scorpion clone with Ermac's head 
    decap fatality. Better combos though). Noob was made a black ninja 
    again, with no special moves (you could apparently play as him via 
    another secret code which involved selecting Kano in UMK3 Wavenet, a 
    Chicago-area exclusive version of UMK3. But he still had no moves, 
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy came next, with both versions of Smoke 
    selectable, and at long last, Noob Saibot was too, with his own array 
    of cheesy moves. Indeed, he was the cheapest character in the game. And 
    we learned here also what Noob's story was. He also appeared in the SNES
    and Genesis versions of UMK3, moves intact (he didn't have his own
    fatalities, with the exception of a pit fatal, though). (More useless
    trivia: As the PSX and N64 versions of the game were handled by different
    teams, the selection box for Smoke was unique on the N64 version, while
    on the PSX version, it was Masked Sub-Zero's box, except reversed, with
    a red background. Smoke only 'smoked' on the PSX character select screen,
    and Noob Saibot was completely black on N64 (like MKII), while his skin
    was greyish on PSX).
    Mortal Kombat 4 saw Smoke drop off the face of the earth. Noob Saibot 
    was still present however, originally intended to be a selectable 
    character, then eventually replaced by Reiko. He was still selectable 
    in the home versions by means of a secret code, and had a very nice 
    scythe, and freaky alternate costumes. He had no ending whatsoever, 
    though, and no intro. Dreamcast's Mortal Kombat Gold gave him back his 
    cheesy block disabler move - but no story.
    (As a special note, Noob Saibot also appeared as a selectable character
    around this time in Midway's "The Grid", which was a very strange
    shooter/adventure game. He apparently had a super move wherein he
    sucked people in toward himself and they'd explode. Obviously not part
    of the canon MK plotline, but a fun note nonetheless. Thanks to
    sasakikojiro (sasakikojiro@verison.net) for reminding me about this).
    They both missed the boat for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, but Noob 
    popped up yet again in MK: Tournament Edition for the Gameboy advance.
    2004 brought us MK Deception. That's why you're reading this FAQ.
    2005 Brought us MK Shaolin Monks, where Smoke hung around in the
    living forest, and set about appointing mission for you to complete
    once you found him. Upon completing his tasks, you were given access to
    MKSM's version of MKII's Pit II stage, whereupon the player would have
    to beat up numerous enemies in an endurace round of sorts. Smoke rewards
    the player for victory with access to the horrible MATII port of MKII.
    Oh, joy. See the next question for the answer as to why Smoke seems to
    hate you so much. Oh well, at least he had a cool voice and a nice
    variation on his old outfit.
    Noob Saibot would also appear in Shaolin Monks for a period totalling
    seven or so seconds. You go down to the Netherrealm, and see him get
    smacked by his younger brother. He then grunts and runs away like a
    little girl. On the upside, if both players select Sub-Zero in Versus
    mode, P2 will have a Noob Saibot skin (with icy hands).
    Q: I can't fight Smoke in Midway Arcade Treasures 2 or MK Shaolin
    Monks's MKII port! WTF?!
    A: Yeah. Since 'START' pauses the game, hitting it when Forden's head
    pops up is now useless. So as of right now, there is no way to fight him
    in MAT2 MKII. And to boot, we have to re-enter the Ultimate Kombat Kode
    in MAT2'S MK3 every single time we play, in order to access him. MAT2
    really gave Smoke fans the shaft.
    As an extra kick in the ass, the version of MKII included with Mortal
    Kombat: Shaolin Monks was a DIRECT port of the MATII version, with the
    same in-game pause screen and everything. Thusly, same Smoke bug. Say it
    with me, folks: FISSION MAILED.
    Q: So who's better to have out in a fight?
    A: Well, between carrying the projectile, a seriously psychotic combo
    with a bunch of variations, and a better fatality, I'd say the answer's
    obvious, wouldn't you? ;D
    Q: Noob Saibot: What the devil?
    A: It's 'Boon' and 'Tobias' (the men who started this whole MK thing) 
    but spelled backwards. You'd be surprised at how many people don't know 
    that. We don't hold any grudges for it, though. :)
    Q: Did the condense it to just 'Noob' because of Tobias leaving Midway?
    A: No, they did not. They could not have, if they wanted to. Tobias does
    not hold the copyright over Saibot, Midway does. He's still called Noob
    Saibot in their bios and ending. And it certainly would not have been
    because of any unpleasantness between old team-mates - as of the time of
    this writing, Boon and Tobias are still on very good terms.
    Q: Why the hell do people like Smoke? He sucks, he's a cheap Scorpion 
    A: Why the hell do people like Noob? He didn't have a mind of his own 
    until Deception all shocked us with his origins and desires. Seriously, 
    for some of us, it's about the story as much as it's about the moves, 
    in some cases, even more so. Besides, he's got his own moves now, so 
    you can't say that anymore. :P Honestly, different people like 
    different things. Get used to it. :)
    Q: Smoke is a friend of the first Sub-Zero, not the second one! Are you 
    on crack?
    A: Taken from the MK3 ending, exact quote: "Smoke was once a friend and 
    MACHINES BY THEIR NINJA CLAN." Honestly, I don't know where people get 
    this stuff. He's a friend of the second, not the first. And that's 
    that. >_<
    Q: Did he get turned back into a human, or what?
    A: No. Although he appeared in both Human and Cybernetic form during 
    MKT, his MKT ending states that this is how he remembers himself. His 
    human form in MKT is not a canon character (meaning it is not part of
    the MK storyline). However, his original ending in UMK3 states that
    defeating Shao Kahn somehow magically enabled him to return to human.
    From there, he went to the Living Forest to train, and learn the
    techniques of Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile. This ending was completely
    retconned (for those who don't know what a retcon is, it's basiclly
    cancelling out part of a story with a different bit of info than
    originally stated - short version: rewriting events) as it made no
    sense whatsoever, and made Smoke seem like even more of a special move
    kleptomaniac. After MKII, he was never human again, although he does
    still have some good within his soul.
    Q: If Smoke's such a great buddy and everything, why's he helping Noob? 
    His alignment says he's good.
    A: Noob has reprogrammed him to serve him. Smoke doesn't have a choice 
    - for the ultimate proof that he still has a good soul, check out 
    Ashrah's ending. He short-circuits, unable to assist him any further. 
    That's why he's still listed as good.
    Q: Can I play as them separately?
    A: Not through normal means, (at least none that we know of), but 
    for all you PS2 users out there, I have a treat for you, if
    you've got a v. 7.0 Codebreaker or higher! Enter this as your enable
    B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
    352BA795 CF074F86
    6F456B84 D6D359A2
    E3956DBB 6FABD13F
    Now, enter either one of these two as a separate code:
    For Noob: 783D87FD 5E6747F6
    For Smoke: 2BCCC14D 9DD4311C
    And voila! you've got Noob or Smoke as a solo player. Neither of these 2
    will have any endings, special moves or fatalities whatsoever, but it's
    still nice to play around with! Thanks to the PS2 Gamefaqs MK:D board,
    and to Elkowdm (elkowdm@hotmail.com) for submitting them to me in
    Q: "No Smoking Noob?" Huh?
    A: This was one of the clues to Code #5 of the Kombat Kodex located in the
    horrible, horrible Bradygames strategy guide. Apparently, the code leads
    to a Google keyword phrase to find a video on totalmortalkombat, and the
    PS2 UPC code.
    Q: Do Noob-Smoke have 2 more fatalities?
    A: The answer is no. The following PS2 codebreaker codes were posted on the
    Gamefaqs PS2 MKD board, which enabled easy execution of fatalities.
    Smoke - Fatality 1 -(Press Triangle) B6C5272D 3FC51B0F
    Smoke - Fatality 2 - (Press X) 116F8BA1 B1DB21B9 
    Noob - Fatality 1 - (Press Triangle) A77750BF 187FA924
    Noob - Fatality 2 - (Press Circle) 1A97F0EF 3F901A72
    However, StriderBeta and Mike Moore (sexymike4@seductinve.com) have tested
    these thoroughly, and sadly, have informed me that while the known
    Fatalities did work, the other 2 Fatality slots did nothing. This is
    probably just uncompleted programming from when they were planned to be
    separate characters. Thank you, Beta and Mike, for testing these codes!
    Q: They were planned originally as separate characters?
    A: Yes. Very early versions of MKD had Noob and Smoke as both being present
    on the character select screen in their own boxes, and through clever
    hacking, Smoke was seen at one point to have a puzzle fighter sprite. In
    fact, Smoke's original ending was connected to Ashrah's - as she and Noob
    fought, the purity that remained in his soul combined with his presence in
    the Netherrealm caused him to malfunction, and his nanomachine systems
    remade him into a type of cyber-demon, in order to cope with the stresses.
    Gavok (gjj2192@rit.edu), writer of the almighty MK Plot FAQ
    (http://db.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/mortal_kombat_plot.txt)is to
    thank for this incredible bit of info. In a way, I'm very glad this ending
    (or ending expansion) never happened; you've got to wonder if he'd even
    remember what being human was like, poor guy.
    Q: So what about their actual ending? Does that mean that Sub-Zero will be 
    dead in MK7?
    A: Good god, no. Way, way, waaaay too many angry fans. Boon has stated 
    that there will never be an MK fighter without Sub-Zero (or Scorpion). 
    If anything, I'm willing to bet either Ashrah's ending happened, or neither
    did. But remember, also; just because an ending happens or doesn't happen
    does not mean that ELEMENTS from that ending do or do not happen (a perfect
    example: Scorpion was tossed into the Soulnado like his MKDA sending said,
    but he did not die, like his MKDA ending said.). So Noob could very well be
    dead next time...although, considering the interesting angle they're taking
    him in, I kind of hope not. (I just hope Smoke rebels against him :P). If
    Shaolin Monks is any indication, the story between these two and Sub-Zero,
    or at the very least Noob and Sub, will be elaborated on in the future.
    Q: Noob Saibot is THE FIRST SUB-ZERO?!?!!? OMGWTFBBQ?!?!!?!
    A: Yeah, that's what I said. Great, isn't it? :D Can Vogel write a plot 
    twist or what?
    Q: But how is that possible?
    A: Very easily, and we all (almost all of us) missed it. There was the 
    fact that in MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero, which centered around the doings 
    of Sub-Zero I, he was told by Raiden that he could enter the 
    Netherrealm because his soul was tainted with evil. Remember, Sub-Zero 
    I was not like Sub-Zero II - he was a merciless killer, while his 
    younger brother has a sense of compassion. During his sojourn into the 
    Netherrealm, we did not see Noob Saibot once. The matter of his evil 
    soul is addressed again in the game's end when Raiden informs him that 
    only he can alter his destiny.
    In MKI, as we all know, Scorpion had his revenge for his own death 
    during MKM:SZ, and killed Sub-Zero. Toasty!
    MKII-MK3: Noob Saibot appears, and Sub-Zero I remains unseen - enter the
    Subbie we all know and love.
    UMK3: A character appears called 'Classic Sub-Zero'. His ending reveals 
    "Upon removing his mask, both the Outworld and the Earth-born warriors 
    are shocked to discover the true identity of this warrior, a warrior 
    who has long been missing from a previous Mortal Kombat, and one who 
    will return in the fourth tournament."
    People assumed this to be Cage, Raiden, or even the original Kung Lao. 
    The very text of his ending itself fooled us into believing that he was 
    NOT just who he appeared to be, the original Sub-Zero. He was, but he 
    was just also Noob Saibot - who, although being a hidden character in 
    that game, was also the one OTHER MK cast member apart from the 
    aforementioned group who was not selectable. His having the ice powers 
    makes sense.
    MK4: And lo and Behold, Noob Saibot appears, like mentioned in the UMK3
    ending. AND, if you activate the one-button fatality option on Mortal
    Kombat Gold - oh my goodness gracious, he has Sub-Zero's fatalities!
    The hints were always there, we just never really saw them.
    Q: Wait just a minute, buster. Noob Saibot AND Classic Subbie were in 
    MK Trilogy! Explain that!
    A: Okay. Human Smoke, Cyber-Smoke. Two characters, two endings - but 
    the same individual, even if one was not canon. You don't even have to 
    consider UMK3 Sub-Zero canon - the fact remains, it's probably him.
    Remember though, the whole UMK3 Sub-Zero as Noob theory is not official 
    - it's just that, a theory - a theory that happens to fit the known 
    facts REALLY REALLY well.
    Q: So wait, you're telling me that the MK crew has had this whole Noob 
    as Sub-Zero thing planned since MKII? Holy CRAP, these guys are 
    A: Maybe. Or maybe it was just planned since Mythologies...or maybe they 
    just said 'hey, this works', and decided to resurrect the one character 
    they left dead and out of games up until MKT - going with the easiest 
    possible explanation. Whatever the case, I congratulate them on 
    seriously messing with the fanbase's minds!
    Q: The ending states that During the ordeal with Shinnok's amulet (MK4),
    Raiden revealed to Sub-Zero II that Noob/Sub-Zero I was tainted with
    evil when Scorpion killed him. But in MK Shaolin Monks, Sub-Zero
    recognizes Noob as his brother by himself. MKSM takes place before MK4,
    so what the hell?
    A: This is why I mourn for the MK storyline sometimes. MKSM seems to
    retcon that section of Noob-Smoke's ending entirely. BUT - it doesn't
    necessarily. You see, Noob-Smoke's ending never says "Raiden told Subbie
    Noob was his brother" outright. It just says that Raiden told him HOW he
    became Noob. Sub-Zero could very well have formed his own conclusions
    before that conversation took place. So we're spared the misery of another
    retcon. And thus, that scene in MK:SM conflicts with nothing.
    Unlike the rest of Shaolin Monks, which is basically one huge plothole.
    But this guide doesn't concern that, so let's move on.
    Q: How the HELL did Noob kill Goro?
    A: Lucky shot, I guess. :D Actually, it was stated that Goro was exhausted
    from the battle. Noob took advantage of that. Not that it matters, as he
    came back a couple of days later. >_<
    Q: Why does Noob have human skin in his main outfit? Isn't he 
    completely black?
    A: He was once a man, remember that. Also, as Billy Desautels
    (treeuhlebbin@yahoo.com) reminds me, he skin was different shades of black
    in MK4 (also, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, on the N64). He could even have the
    ability to alter his skin color. He can turn himself invisible, after all.
    It could even have something to do with his being outside the Netherrealm. 
    But the most likely explanation is that their main outfit is simply a
    throwback to when Noob was human, and Smoke still looked like a Cyber-ninja,
    for old times' sake. Their alternate is supposed to be their default. Why it
    was changed, I have no idea.
    Q: Why is Noob bleeding black? Is he a robot? Or is he bleeding shadow?
    A: No. Noob has always bled red, from MKII-MK4. This is because Midway
    could not program Smoke and Noob as bleeding 2 colors based on fighting
    styles. Blood is not something you read too deeply into, folks. Sheeva
    bled green in MKIII, even though by all rights she needn't have, what
    with her male Shokan allies being red-blooded and all. That was a screw-up,
    just as this is. The only exception is Reptile, who has been officially
    made to bleed green from now on, as well as all three cyber-ninjas, who do
    bleed black. On that note, to see something really strange, check out
    Noob's alternate costume's muscle tissue when he gets diced up. It's
    blue. O_o
    Q: Is Noob still human-looking under that mask?
    A: Hell, no. Check out his MK4 alternate costume. Scary toothed demon
    Q: Have there been any other alternate costumes for Noob?
    A: He also appeared in a Grim Reaper-like costume in MK4 (the scythe
    really adds to the overall effect).
    Q: Have they appeared in any of the movies, cartoons or shows?
    A: Smoke and Noob Saibot made brief appearances in Mortal Kombat:
    Annihilation, possibly the single worst videogame movie of all time.
    In it, Smoke, in his cybernetic form, attacks Liu Kang and Kitana. He
    proves to be a match for Kang, tossing missiles like Sektor, until he
    is frozen in a surprise attack by Sub-Zero, kicked over a cliff, and
    explodes, a missile stuck in mid-ignition in his forzen chest. Sub
    reveals that Shao Kahn programmed Smoke to attack Kang and Kitana
    instead of him. Noob Saibot appears at the very end of the movie in 
    a completely nosensical scene, where he flows from Ermac's chest as
    black goop and forms into himself. Noob and Ermac attack Sonya until
    Jax comes to the rescue and seemingly kills Noob with one punch.
    In Mortal Kombat Conquest, the show centering around the great Kung
    Lao, Noob Saibot appeared as the guardian of a temple of some sort.
    He seemed to be made from or covered in oil. Smoke appeared once
    before the show was cancelled, at the end of an episode. He was to
    have hunted Sub-Zero for treachery.
    Smoke appeared in the Defenders Of the Realm cartoon in one episode,
    again serving Kahn, hunting Sub-Zero. He overpowered his programming
    and remained his friend.
    Smoke has also appeared twice on the cartoon show Robot Chicken,
    once performing a fatality where he tore Sub-Zero's heart out, kicked
    his body off-screen, pulled out a hockey stick, and smacked the heart
    away. XD.
    Q: Do the movies, shows or cartoons have anything to do with the
    game's story?
    A: HELL NAW. So don't expect to see Noob pop out of Ermac's chest
    anytime soon. Oh god, that was hilarious.
    Q: So what does the future hold for Noob Saibot and Smoke?
    A: During the Fight Night chat with the MK team, it was hinted at that
    Noob and Smoke might be separate in a future MK game. MKSM saw Sub-Zero
    chasing Noob, so we'll probably, as stated, see more between the two of
    them. We'll see what the future holds, and if and when they appear
    again, together or seperate, or if they're even mentioned, this FAQ will
    update, and a new FAQ for a new game just might be created by yours truly.
    Q: Are there superunlockable characters?
    A: No.
    Q: Is Reiko Shao Kahn?
    A: Get out. Get out now. Just go, get out.
    ---------------Q) UNANSWERED QUESTIONS-----------------
    Q: Smoke's Bio on the Premium Pack/Collector's edition's extra disc 
    lists him as an enemy of Sektor. Is this just because of the whole 
    cybernization process from way back in MK3, or is something else 
    happening that we don't know about?
    A: Theorem by Dan Christler (zotmaster@mindless.com):
    "I came up with a more plausible explanation as to why Sektor is still
    listed as Smoke's enemy. Look at Sub-Zero's trading card: of particular
    note is the fact that Frost is still listed as one of his allies. We're
    certain of two things regarding Frost, both of which are confirmed by
    Sub-Zero's ending in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and again in his
    first Mortal Kombat: Deception bio.
    1. Some time after the conclusion of the tournament in Deadly Alliance,
    Frost turned on Sub-Zero, stealing his Dragon Medallion in an attempt to
    become Grand Master.
    2. Frost became frozen in her attempt to steal the Medallion, resulting
    in her death.
    Sub-Zero later searches for a place to bury her remains in Outworld.
    From this, we can surmise that Frost's ambush is hardly becoming of an
    ally, but regardless, she's dead anyway. Yet she's still listed as one
    Sub-Zero's allies.
    A similar situation is Damashi being listed as old Shujinko's ally even
    though they obviously aren't by the time Shujinko reaches old age (i.e,
    when he's playable)
    With that in mind, my conclusion as to why Sektor is still one of Smoke's
    enemies is due to their past, regardless of whether or not either is
    still alive. Either that or Midway has created a plot hole you could drive
    a truck through."
    Excellent observations, Dan, and some that had crossed my mind. If we're 
    speaking of the past, as you've pointed out, it would make sense for
    Sektor to be listed as Smoke's enemy. Billy Desautels has also suggested
    that their relation as enemies has to do with their past. Unfortunately, we
    won't know until Midway tells us directly in the next MK game, or we unlock
    a red cyber-ninja in MK:D...(if he's even there...)
    Q: Who exactly was responsible for defeating, capturing, and 
    imprisoning Smoke? Was it Kahn himself, or one of his flunkies?
    A: Eric Martinez (rafael21@verizon.net) writes:
    "This was not revealed but I personally believe Kahn beat him himself.
    Mainly and only because he is referred to as a war trophy."
    Possibly. Kahn does strike me (and others) as the kind to keep mementos
    of past victories in personal Kombat. But again, we won't know until Midway
    tells us...
    -----------------------R) NEEDS------------------------
    What this FAQ needs:
    Possible updates in the future pending the release of PSP's Mortal Kombat
    Deception: Unchained. If you remember, the old version of this FAQ stated
    that high-level gameplay strategies and CPU strategies would be included
    at a later date. They won't. I just don't have the time, and besides which,
    the game in general is really not too hard.
    -----------------------S) THANKS-----------------------
    Francine Bass, for reminding me about my little Hara-Kiri slip-up
    Gavok, for Smoke's planned, but unused ending
    shadow griffin, khoa nguyen, Ephor, StriderBeta, Eugene Kim, Zerlo,
    Money1, Petrun, and especially infamousoulja for submitting combos
    Sanose and PetRun for informing me that my Smokey Assassin combo can be
    extended to include the full 'deadly foes' branch
    skullion_1 (skullion_1@yahoo.com) for several corrections, suggestions,
    konquest clarification, and reminding me about Noob's appearance in UMK3
    JdK (evenflow.ddt@gmail.com) for Noob's fifth vocal quote
    The_Scorpions_Sting (joseph9182@hotmail.com) for correcting Noob's
    Darkness move.
    Zachegizio (Zachegizio@aol.com) for a Stinky Cloud tactic suggestion
    Gamefaqs MKD boards in general for possible codebreaker fatality codes
    StriderBeta and Mike Moore for confirming that the codebreaker fatality
    codes do not work
    sasakikojiro for reminding me about Noob's 'Grid' appearance
    Elkowdm for e-mailing me the codebreaker codes - and reminding me they're 
    for PS2
    Bronzie, for his quick-reference Krypt FAQ
    Dan Christler and Billy Desautels for suggesting an answer to the Smoke/
    Sektor question
    Billy Desautels for reminding me Noob wasn't completely black in MK4
    Eric Martinez for suggesting an answer to the Smoke/Kahn question
    Writers of Wikipedia's Smoke entry, for the Robot Chicken info.
    All my friends and family: For their support though everything
    The powers that be, whatever they are
    Coffee: Self-explanatory
    NIN and Pig: For making kick-ass music to write a FAQ to
    The GameFAQs MKD Board members: For posting questions and answers which 
    helped me through Konquest hell
    CJayC: For hosting this FAQ, and having the patience and tolerance to 
    keep GameFAQs going
    The Members, Mods and Admins of Mortal Kombat Online's message boards 
    and IRC chatroom: For being really kickass people, in general.
    Midway: For making the best MK ever.
    People who told me to thank them: John
    People I owe no thanks to: Freemasons
    Remember, if I've forgotten to give you credit for something, didn't
    include it, or haven't even replied to you, E-mail me again and I'll
    amend my efforts (within reason, of course).
    -This FAQ copyright 2005 by ShadalooSoldier

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