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    Jade by Jynkins

    Version: 3.00 | Updated: 10/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 M            0M  M            M       rMMM        M.         WM
                 M            M   MM           M,         MM       Mr         MM
                 M           MM    M           M:          MM      M7         X0
                 M          rM     0M          M:           M      M,    MM
                 M          M       M;         M:           M      M@;88 MW
                 M         MM        M         M:           M      MMZMM;MW
     MM          M         MMMMMMMMMMMM        M:           M      M.    MM
     MM          M        MX          M        M:          MM      M7          M0
     MM         MM       2M           BM       M:         ZM       M7          MM
     ;MM       MM        M             Mr      M        SMM        M           MB
                                                 ZBBB ,ZBBBB8B7i, .8BB
                                                BBBB: BBBZiiiZBBB2riBBB
                                                BBB  BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
                                               BBBB  BBB8BBBZSZSXX7,:iBB
                    .:,:::::::ii,:i7           B72B 7BBBB87        .ii7B
                   BBBBZZS78ZZSS22BBBBBB7Z     BBB. BBB8Z77S7r72Z2XSSZ2B
              .BBBB8i:BBBBBBBBBBBX:    .iBBBZ  8BB, BBBBBBXrB7S222S2B8XB
    +  BS:BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBXS, ,iZB8    iBBBBB        BB Z    SZBBr     2BB
      rBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB8BB8S:..2 rri.ii8B          BBBBB7rBBBS7XSi  XB:
        irBBBB2ZZZ882Z8BBBBBBBBBB.2Xi::, :8B        ,BBBBBBB2X7XiiZBBBB
            BBBB8ZZ888888BBBBBBBBi2SZXirri:BBB    ,BBS8BXXS2Z8BBBBB28BB
              BBBBBZZZZBZX7irZ8BB:2ZXXS7r7,,SBBSZ BBBBBZXXZ82r,   ,77BB,
                    8BBBBBBBBBBBBZ827X787S8SZBZ: BB87XBB828SSZ288BBBBBB
                         8BBBBBB8BBBS8Z27ZZSBB2. BB8ZSZBBBZBZXSZXr ,BB
                              BBBBBBZ2ri7rSS7Xi  BB8BB8BBBB8ZBX2BBBBB
                                7BBB,Z,rr7XXrr,S8iBB8BBBBBBBBBBB B2B
                                 i8B BS777   rBB:, BBBBB8BBBZBBB
                                ir8B 78r7r:iBB7::,.7BBBBBBB8i8BB
                                rrBB :B7i:ZBXr,iir. BBBBBBBZ2BBB
                                778i  B7XB2r7ir7i7 82:BBBBSSBBB
                                7X2,  iSZXi7X7Sir, B,,BBB87BBBBB
                                XX7  XB2X77XXSXi: SB7BX:BB8BBBBBB
                                i,.,BB2777XSS7:r.,BBBB  BBBXriBBBB.
                               i878BB2i77XSrirS7,ZBBBX8 BBBXX7rB8ZBB
                               ,7BBBi,iXXX7rriiXZBBB8 BBBBB7.BrBZ:rBB
                                rX  .:SXXS777:, BBBBir,BZBB2 2Z22irrBB
                               2,  .7XSXX7i77r. BBBB ..:BBB2 :Z82i,,2B
                               2::..7XSXXXirX: 8BBBZS:: XBBB:,iX27i :BB
                              .r::,.77SX7XXr7,7BXBX ZB  .BBB..riXSX: XB:
                              B:::, rXS777Xrr.B8iB27SBB22BBB r:i,877.iB8
                              8,::, rX2XX77: rB,SBrB28BB BBBi Si:7Z7rrBB
                              Z,::, 7ZXXXXX7 BS,BBXS.. XSBBBB 2ZSrBi7:7B
                              S,,,, 28S77XX7rBBBB,BB,ii..BBBB  B2i8,Si,B
                             Zr::::.XBXXXX7rXBBBi7BiB    SB2B  BB:BS2SrB
                             2ii,..,8B882SS7BBBB7BBZBBBBBBBSBi BBXBBB2:BB
                             7i,.:,7BB8Z882XBBBZBBX,.iB8  BiBS BBBBBBB2XB
                             :::,rX8B8888828BBBB2::i7::BB BiB7.BBB8riBB2B
                            7Z:ir28B88ZZZZ78BBBSBr.ii.  :BB:B:iZBBS,  iiBB
                             r:iX8Z8ZZZZZZSBBBZ, Z7r7r   .BrB:7BBBBXrZ2BBB
                            B7 XZS7X8ZZ227BBBB2,222ZBBS, SBBZ2BBZ2B2BB2XZBB
                            BB 72SX7rS222iBBBBS :2ZiBBBSZBBBS2BBBSBBSBBriSBB
                           B7BBBX72ZZ2ZZZ:BBBB 7XZB2BBBBBBZ88BBBBB8BBBZBBBrB
                          ,BBBBBB:X2ZZZ8ZiBBBB:i.:XBBBBZ8888BBBBBBBZ8BSi   Bi
                          BXBBBBBBBX7S282:BBBr:ZBBBB2ZBBBBBBBBBBBBBB7ZBBZ:,ZB  r.X
    Gamefaqs FAQ: Jade by Jynkins (12/23/04)
    Copyright 2004
    Table of Contents
    1: Version History
    2: Controls
    3: Basic Layout
    4: Jade's History
    5: Why Jade
    6: Combos / Juggles
    7: Strengths and Weaknesses
    8: Stuff to Get For Jade
    9: Questions and Answers
    10: Legal Information, Special Thanks, Contact
    1: Version History
    Ver. 3.00 (10/15/06)
    Once again, I have updates.
    Fixed some of the almost unnoticeable spelling errors.
    Added GC controls to the intro.
    Ver. 2.50 (1/29/04)
    I've updated again!
    Added the content "Basic Layout"
    Added the content "Questions and Answers"
    For the question and answers part, feel free to ask me any question
    about Jade. It will be answered on this FAQ if it is a decent enough
    Ver. 2.00 (1/9/05)
    I've updated for almost the final time. Here is what I have
    Text picture at front made.
    Added "Why Jade" in the contents.
    Ver. 1.50 (12/29/04)
    Yes that's right ladies and gentleman, I've updated! Here are
    the things that I have updated.
    % Given to all of Jade's normal attacks for her fighting styles.
    Locations on where to get all of Jade's stuff. (Alternate Bio,
    Story Board, etc.)
    Descriptions of her Fatalities and Hara-Kiri.
    Ver. 1.00 (12/23/04)
    This is my first FAQ but I trust no incorrect information will
    be on this FAQ. I keep the best combinations for myself, (sorry
    about that) but enjoy this FAQ.
    2: Controls
    X (for Xbox) = Square (for Ps2) = B (for Gamecube)
    Y (for Xbox) = Triangle (for Ps2) = Y (for Gamecube)
    B (for Xbox) = Circle (for Ps2) = X (for Gamecube)
    A (for Xbox) = X (for Ps2) = A (for Gamecube)
    Black (for Xbox) = R1 (for Ps2) = Z (for Gamecube)
    White (for Xbox) = L1 (for Ps2) = ??? (for Gamecube)
    L (for Xbox) = L2 (for Ps2) = L (for Gamecube)
    R (for Xbox) = R2 (for Ps2) = R (for Gamecube)
    X = 1
    Y = 2
    A = 3
    B = 4
    Black = 5
    White = 6
    L = SC (Style Change)
    R = BL
    3: Basic Layout
    I'm not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to give you
    useful advice when using Jade. It is best to only use her tele-
    portation attack when you are far from the opponent. Jade's
    layout isn't too difficult to figure out, her recovery time for
    her Fan Zi and Kou Shou is pretty bad, so if you notice that the
    opponent is blocking your Fan Zi or Kou Shou combo while you are
    executing it, be sure not to use an ending attack that propels
    the opponent into the air. While her fighting styles may not have
    good recovery time, her Bojutsu has some of the best recovery
    time in the game. Her Razor-Rang attack is only useful when your
    opponent is busy getting up, otherwise, prepare to leave yourself
    wide open for the opponent to beat you senseless with a combo
    or juggle. Be sure to keep your distance and use diverse strategy
    to topple the opponent.
    4: Jade's History
    Origin: Edenia
    Race: Edenian
    Appearance: MK:2, UMK:3, MK:T, MK:A, MK:D, MK:AR
    Allies: Kitana, Sindel
    Foes: Mileena, Tanya
    Well, Jade was born in Edenia and has been friends with kitana ever
    since childhood, and since Jade worked for Shao Kahn, she was brought
    to do a mission. When the renegade Princess Kitana made her escape
    into the unknown regions of Earth, Jade is appointed by Shao Kahn to
    bring his daughter back alive. Once a close friend of the Princess,
    Jade is faced with the task of betraying her friend or disobeying
    her Emperor. The Emperor Shao Kahn sent Reptile to go along with Jade
    and assist in capturing princess Kitana. Thoughts of betrayal now
    plagued Jade's mind, and when they got there Jade turned on the Emperor,
    and decided to assist Kitana.
    She thwarts an assassination attempt by Reptile against the princess and fends
    off their other Outworld enemies. This clears the path for Kitana to turn
    Sindel against the Emperor, Shao Kahn. With Sindel removed as an enemy, Jade
    finds herself facing the Emperor in combat. She defeats him and both Earth and
    her former homeland of Edenia are transformed to their original states. Jade
    has earned herself a place alongside the great heroes of Mortal Kombat.
    Kitana had already gone ahead, later, Jade gained knowledge that a partner-
    ship between Shang Tsung and Quan Chi had been formed. She immediately rushed
    to help the heroes.
    She had arrived too late. Kitana and her allies from Earthrealm had been slain
    in an epic battle against the Deadly Alliance. At the least, they had killed 
    many Tarkata before they died. As Jade knelt beside her, a menacing, 
    dragon-like creature strode across the bridge to the palace. She leapt out of 
    sight and watched as he resurrected the dead and ordered them to regroup near 
    the Living Forest. Jade followed them in secret.
    The Dragon King’s entourage crossed into
    Edenia and imprisoned Queen Sindel. He used Princess Kitana to guard her,
    knowing the Queen would not attack her own daughter. Jade fought Kitana and
    eventually managed to lock her in a cell of her own. Kitana screamed furiously,
    alerting the enemy. Before Queen Sindel and Jade escaped through a portal to
    Outworld, she caught a last glimpse of the Dragon King… and at his side… Tanya!
    5: Why Jade?
    Well, the first and foremost reason reason is that you like the character. 
    Other reasons are that Jade can do enormous amounts of damage with small 
    combos, has a sweet array of special moves, and has some of the best
    fighting styles. Also, Jade has a very useful throw and is moderately
    fast in walking speed.
    6: Combos / Juggles
    Fan Zi:
    Movement Attack: 1 (11%)
    Power Fist: b+1 (11%)
    Leg Chop: d+1 (5%)
    Chest Punch: 2 (11%)
    Double Palm Uppercut: d+2 (13%)
    Shoulder Cracker: 3 (12%)
    Mule Kick: d+3 (6%)
    Thigh Buster: 4 (12%)
    Trampling Toe: f+4 (9%)
    Spinning Kick: d+4 (3%)
    Fan Zi Quan Fists: 2,2 (18%)
    Havik Attack: 2,2,b+1 (24%)
    You Can't Escape: 2,2,4 (25%)
    Hard Hands: 2,2,1 (24%)
    Stir it up: 2,2,SC (24%)
    Edenia Sister: 2,2,1,SC (29%)
    Evolution: 2,2,1,SC,4,SC,b+2 (37%)
    Staff of 8: 2,2,1,SC,4,SC,1,u+3 (39%)
    Champion: 2,2,1,SC,4,SC,1,u+4 (37%)
    Kuo Shou:
    Stomach Smash: 1 (13%)
    Razor Elbow: b+1 (10%)
    Lower Claw Strike: d+1 (4%)
    Chin Lifter: 2 (11%)
    Evil Uppercut: b+2 (7%)
    Jackhammer: d+2 (13%)
    Steel Teeth Strike: 3 (10%)
    Creeping Kick: d+3 (4%)
    Mid-Section Kick: 4 (11%)
    Hi-Heels: b+4 (16%)
    Heel Tapper: d+4 (5%)
    Turning Heels: 4,4 (18%)
    Blazing Staff: 4,4,SC (22%)
    Loud Bang: 4,4,SC,b+2 (25%)
    Krispy End: 4,4,SC,3 (26%)
    Anger: 4,4,SC,1,3 (28%)
    Ouch: 4,4,SC,1,u+3 (29%)
    Chin Poker: 4,4,SC,1,u+4 (27%)
    Head Knocker: 1 (11%)
    Crouching Upward Staff: d+1 (7%)
    Twisting Hilt: 2 (11%)
    Turning Pole: b+2 (8%)
    Rising Long Pole: d+2 (12%)
    Underarm Hilt Lift: 3 (12%)
    Amazon Power Strike: u+3 (9%)
    Tricky Toe Strike: b+3 (7%)
    Shin Smasher: d+3 (7%)
    Mid-Section Reach: 4 (12%)
    Dancing Face Poke: u+4 (8%)
    Long Low Ranged Hit: d+4 (7%)
    Over the Top Head Hits: 1,1 (19%)
    Feel the Wind: 2,1 (19%)
    Rising Staff: 2,b+2 (17%)
    Raging Demon: 2,1,3 (25%)
    Green Warrior: 2,1,u+3 (28%)
    The Hunted: 2,1,u+4 (24%)
    Chin Chopper: 2,3 (20%)
    Special Moves:
    Over and Out: 5 (16%)
    Vanishing Winds: b,f+1
    Blazing Nitro Kick: b,f+4 (11%)
    Razor-rang: d,b+3 (9%)
    Dodging Shadows: b,f+3
    F1: b,f,u,f,1 (S)
    Description: Jade takes out her Bojutsu, raises it, then
    thrusts it into the opponent's head. While the Bojutsu
    is still in the victim's head, Jade jumps up and grabs
    it on each side whilst still in air and jerks the opponent's
    body off by their head impaled by the Bojutsu. After
    that, she swings the Bojutsu twice and goes into a steady
    stance with the Bojutsu in a horizontal position with
    the head still on it, dripping blood.
    F2: b,f,f,f,2 (C)
    Description: Jade takes out her Bojutsu, and slices right
    through the opponent's body (with the body still on the
    opponent) and stays in the back of the enemy. After a
    very short amount of time the body falls off slowly and
    jade does her stance.
    HK: f,f,f,b,2
    Description: Jade throws a triple bladed boomerang into
    the distance, and it comes back and it slices her own
    head off.
    Custom Juggles:
    Fan Zi:
    32%: 2,2,SC…Back+1(SC)…2,3
    37%: 2,2,SC…4,4,SC,1,u+3
    30%: 2,2,SC…b+1…b,f+4
    36%: 2,2,SC…b+1…4,4,SC,1,3
    35%: 2,2,SC…4,4,SC,3
    Kou Shou:
    31%: 4,4,SC,1,u+3…b+2…b,f+4
    33%: 4,4,SC,1,u+3…b+2…2,1,u+3
    30%: 4,4,SC,b+2…b+2…2,1,u+3
    29%: 4,4,SC,3…u+3…b+2
    32%: 4,4,SC,Up+3…Back+2…2,1,Up+3
    19%: u+3…b+2…b,f+4
    28%: u+3…b+2…2,1,u+3
    35%: 2,1,u+3…b+2…2,b+2
    33%: 2,3…b+2…2,3
    36%: 2,3…b+2…2,1,3
    43%: 2,3(SC)…2,2,1
    7: Strengths and Weaknesses
    Jade is among the strongest characters in the game. She has many
    strengths and weaknesses, and they are:
    1: Getting heavy hits with little time and combos is one of Jade's
    best strengths.
    2: Large amounts of combos make it difficult to predict when she'll
    3: Special attacks of all sorts, including a teleportation attack
    makes Jade have one of the best special attack lists
    1: If you are not careful when using the teleportation attack, your
    opponent could very easily hit you because of lack of recovery time.
    Try using it at a far distance to stay safe.
    2: It's easy to predict when she'll use the Razor-Rang attack. Try
    avoiding using this attack, unless part of a juggle, etc.
    3: Like most characters, if her combo is blocked, it will leave her
    wide open for an attack. Try to time your attacks into confusing
    your opponent, so he cant expect certain moves.
    8: Stuff to Get For Jade
    Unlock Jade - Coffin OI - 2417 Jade Coins
    Unlock Jade Puzzle Fighter - GO - 2911 Ruby Koins
    Jade Alternate Outfit - GC - G-4 Outworld Konquest
    Jade Character Studies - SI - 244 Gold Koins
    Jade's Bio - RP - 258 Jade Koins
    Jade's Alternate Bio - AQ - 352 Platinum Koins
    Jade Story Board - IR - 256 Jade Koins
    9: Questions and Answers
    No questions TBA.
    10: Legal Information, Special Thanks, Contact
    Gamefaqs is the only one permitted to use this FAQ, this FAQ is
    for personal use only.
    Special thanks to friend Ryan, for the weaknesses.
    Special thanks to friend Josh, for Ascii art made with Ascii
    If you'd like to ask a question about this FAQ or for more info,
    contact Yugiohfan696@aol.com or Jynkins@hotmail.com or Jynkins@

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