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    Dairou by Minty Fresh Death

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                MK Deception: Dairou FAQ Version 1.00
                Completed on Friday 4th February, 2005.
                Written by Minty Fresh Death
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    I     Table of Contents
    II    Introduction
          A     Version Updates
          B     Preface and Legalities
    III   Dairou
          A     Why Dairou?
          B     About Dairou
          C     Dairou's Costume Descriptions
          D     Dairou Unlockables
    III   Playing as Dairou
          A     Controls and Basics
          B     Wing Chun
          C     Escrima
          D     Autumn Dao
          E     Special Moves
          F     Fatalities / Hara Kiri
    IV    Kombos
          A     Wing Chun
          B     Escrima
          C     Autumn Dao
    V     Strategy      
    VI    Frequently Asked Questions
    VII   The Final Word (Thanks Section)
    1.00 - The very first version. Updates to come.
    Yo there. After feeling bored one Tuesday night, I decided to 
    write the lowdown on one of my favourite characters on the
    awesome computer game Mortal Kombat: Deception (hearafter 
    referred to as MK: Deception or MK:D) - Dairou.
    This version of the MK: Deception - Dairou FAQ (Version 1.00) 
    is exclusive to GameFAQs.
    You are NOT allowed to post any version of this FAQ on any 
    other websites WITHOUT my given permission. My e-mail is 
    under "The Final Word" section if you wish to contact me. 
    You also may NOT copy any of the things you see in any version 
    of this FAQ and stick it into your own. You are also not 
    allowed to plaguerise any versions of this FAQ (don't steal 
    the information and type it up in your own way) and you 
    are NOT allowed to use it in any way to gain profit.
    If I catch anyone who has violated these rules, legal action 
    will ensue. You have been warned.
    This FAQ / Walkthrough is not property of Midway and is not 
    written or supported by them.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2005 by Dan Gallagher, AKA Minty Fresh Death.
    Put quite simply, Dairou is an awesome character to play as, 
    and is often overlooked as one of the 'new' fighters, most 
    likely because his style and special moves can be quite tricky 
    to learn and master. However, those who stick with it are well 
    rewarded, for Dairou is an incredibly powerful kombatant when 
    used correctly. And as another bonus, he has some of the best 
    Fatalities in the entire game. :)
    The purpose of this guide is to help those who read it become 
    Dairou masters by detailing his moves, specials, combos and 
    strategies you can use when playing as him.
    WARNING: Spoilers are going to be unveiled in this section.
    If you don't want to spoil Dairou's story for yourself, I 
    suggest you skip past this section of the FAQ.
    Origin: Realm of Order (Seido)
    Alignment: Neutral
    Allies: Darrius, Damashi
    Foes: Hotaru
    Difficulty: 5 (In game)
    Fighting Styles: Wing Chun, Escrima, Autumn Dao
    The following quote is taken from the MK: Deception website
    in reference to his trading card:
    "A former member of the Seidan guard in the Realm of Order, 
    Dairou is a mercenary and takes no sides in the war between 
    Order and Chaos. His most recent contract is for the death of 
    The following is Dairou's biographies, taken from the game 
    First Person Bio:
    "I was once a member of the Seidan Guard. I believed in the 
    power of Order and lived by the strict codes of my superiors. 
    I had saved many lives during my years of service. But when I 
    killed an assailant in a fit of rage. I was arrested and 
    sentenced to a life of incarceration. For all the good I had 
    done, the event that had come to define me was that one moment 
    of chaos. I eventually escaped during a riot incited by the 
    Alternate Bio:
    "I emerged from prison a changed man. No longer would I follow 
    orders of the Seidan. Neither could I bring myself to give in to 
    Chaos. Instead, I opted to serve myself. I became a mercenary, a 
    warrior for hire, and have become revered in Orderealm's secret 
    underground. My neutrality has been put to the test, however, as 
    my current contract is to find and kill my former guardsman, 
    Now, here's my explanation on everything the game tells us
    about Dairou:
    Dairou is a resident of Seido, also known as the Realm of 
    Order. He once worked as a member of the Seidan Guard, 
    protecting it's civilans from anything that would disrupt the 
    order of the realm. One day, Dairou's family were killed by a 
    hired assassin. Dairou tracked the assassin down and slew him 
    in a fit of rage. In the Realm of Seido though, assaulting a 
    perpetrator without consent of a superior officer is 
    considered a serious offence. The law itself turned on Dairou, 
    ignoring all the good he had done in his service to the Seidan 
    government and defining him through that one moment of rage. He 
    was sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment.
    Some time later, a riot led by the Seidan Resistance allowed 
    Dairou to escape prison, but his experience left him jaded and 
    cynical. He vowed to never work for the Seidan Guard again, but 
    could not completely turn to the path of Chaos. Instead, he 
    chose a middle ground and decided to work as a mercenary, 
    lending his services to the highest bidder. 
    One of these bidders was Damashi, or a representive of him 
    (seeing as Damashi was nothing more than a projected image of 
    Onaga's conscience), who hired Dairou to break Shujinko out of 
    prison in order for him to complete his task of finding the six 
    Kamidogu. Dairou located Shujinko being kept in a holding cell 
    awaiting trial and easily killed the two guards keeping watch 
    over him with a surprise attack. After commentating on how
    easy they were to take care of, Dairou left Shujinko to 
    complete his task.
    Some time after that, Dairou was recruited by Darrius, leader 
    of the Resistance, and paid many koins to do his bidding. What 
    Dairou does not realise, however, is that the man who hired the 
    assassin to kill Dairou's family was Darrius himself. 
    At the time MK:D begins, Dairou has two contracts to furfill. 
    The first is to steal the Declaration of Order, the most prized 
    possession of the Seidan government and deliver it to Darrius. 
    The second, and more important one, is to find and kill his 
    former commander, Hotaru.
    TRIVIA NOTE: Dairou was originally going to be in Mortal Kombat: 
    Deadly Alliance, as a hired bodyguard of Shang Tsung and Quan 
    Chi. His story for that game was that he was a samurai who was 
    too bloodthirsty to abide by their code of honour. The time 
    factor in releasing MK:DA meant that he had to be omitted from 
    the game, but he can still be seen in the production art that 
    can be bought in MK:DA's Krypt.
    The following is Dairou's ending, which is shown once you
    complete Arcade mode as Dairou:
    (Note - The ending is narrated by Shujinko. What appears in []
    parenthesis is a description of the picture displayed that 
    accompanies the words spoken.)
    [Scene - The Living Forest in Outworld, daybreak. Hotaru and 
    Dairou are facing each other, both in fighting stances.]
    "Normally, Dairou took no risks and ambushed those he had been 
    hired to kill. But in this case, he felt compelled to announce 
    his intentions to kill his fellow Guardsman, Hotaru. There still 
    must have been some code of honor left in his cynical heart."
    [Hotaru lies next to a tree, battered, bloody and moments from 
    death. Dairou is crouched beside him.]
    "Hotaru was defeated... but before Dairou could reveal who had 
    commissioned the attack, Hotaru drew his dying breath."
    Dairou's primary costume resembles a monk of sorts. The front 
    half and top of his head are completely bald, and on his 
    forehead are red markings. The back half of his head is a very 
    long black ponytail. He wears a brown costume made mostly of 
    Dairou's alternate costume is also brown, but consists of a 
    more metallic armour plating than the cloth of his primary 
    costume. His arms are now bare as well.
    The following items relating to Dairou can all be found in the
    Krypt and the coffins that make it up. Each of these 
    unlockables is uncovered in their own unique way, so keep 
    Dairou's alternate costume is in coffin QI, which needs a key 
    to be unlocked. To find the key for this koffin, you must play 
    Konquest mode. While in Konquest, journey to section D-8 of 
    the ChaosRealm. You will find the key for coffin QI in one of 
    the houses in that area.
    Coffin EL contain's Dairou's story board, which is a detailed
    pencil drawing of what happens in Dairou's ending (without 
    narration notes). To unlock it, open the coffin with 199 Jade 
    Koins. You will then be able to access the story board by 
    looking in the Production Art section.
                                 PLAYING AS DAIROU
    From this point onwards in this FAQ, I will be using a lot of
    abbreviations, symbols and numbers to help describe Dairou's 
    moveset. I will define all of these in this section. Note 
    that, as my only game console is a Playstation 2, these 
    basics only refer to the buttons on the PS2 control pad. If 
    enough people holler at me I may consider making this part of 
    the FAQ X-Box compatible, but until then...
    NOTE: These are the default keys when you start up MK:D. All
    directional references refer to the D-Pad of the PS2
    controller, not the analog stick.
    | DEFINITION      | ABB |  BUTTON  | SYMBOL | 
    | Sweep Distance  |  -  |    -     |  (s)   |
    | Close Range     |  -  |    -     |  (c)   |
    | Long Range      |  -  |    -     |  (l)   |
    | Followed By     |  -  |    -     |   ,    |
    | At Same Time    |  -  |    -     |   +    |
    | And / Or        |  -  |    -     |   /    |
    | Forward         |  F  |    -*    |   -    |
    | Backward        |  B  |    -*    |   -    |
    | Up              |  U  |    Up    |   -    |
    | Down            |  D  |   Down   |   -    |
    | Attack 1        |  1  |  Square  |   -    |
    | Attack 2        |  2  | Triangle |   -    |
    | Attack 3        |  3  |    X     |   -    |
    | Attack 4        |  4  |  Circle  |   -    |
    | Throw           | TH  |    R1    |   -    |
    | Block           | BL  |    R2    |   -    |
    | Change Stance   | CS  |    L1    |   -    |
    * = The buttons used for Forward and Back depend on which
    side of the screen your character is on. If they are on the 
    left, Forward is Right and Back is left, and vice versa if 
    your character is on the right.
    Now I'll go into the basic moves of every stance that 
    Dairou has to offer, along with some brief comments on the 
    stances themselves and how much damage each basic attack 
    does. If you see a star (*) next to the damage percentage
    of a move, this means that move can knock opponents into
    Death Traps
    NOTE: All attacks were performed on Dairou. This is 
    important as different characters take different amounts of
    damage from moves.
    Wing Chun is Dairou's primary stance. This is the same 
    stance Mavado used in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, but
    the version used in MK: Deception is much more deadly.
    Dairou has some good striking moves to choose from here - 
    the 3-D Slap is particularly good as a counterattack move. 
    The only real con of this stance is that it lacks a good 
    Pressure Fists:               1                 (7%)*
    Long Arm Punch:               Up + 1            (12%)*
    Ducking Low Punch:            Down + 1          (3%)
    Overhead Knock:               2                 (8%)
    Uppercut:                     Down + 2          (13%)*
    Sideways Smack:               Back + 2          (12%)*
    Side Kick:                    3                 (7%)*
    Digging Heels:                Back + 3          (7%)
    Walking Stomach Kick:         Down + 3          (3%)
    Train Kick:                   4                 (7%)
    3-D Slap:                     Up + 4            (11%)*
    Low Spin Kick:                Down + 4          (3%)
    Escrima is another style from MK:DA, and much like when 
    it was in Quan Chi's arsenal, it can be rather difficult to 
    use correctly. Dairou moves MUCH slower when he's in this 
    stance, so be wary. Much like Wing Chun, Escrima's basic
    strikes also lack good sweeps, but it does have some nice 
    pop ups and powerful hitters though.
    Forearm Strike: 			1                 (12%)*
    Lifting Skull Cracker:        Back + 1          (10%)
    Low Chop:                     Down + 1          (4%)
    Pak Fist:                     2                 (10%)
    Upward Sky:                   Up + 2            (6%)*
    Hanging Arm:                  Down + 2          (13%)*
    Abdominal Strike:             3                 (12%)*
    Wild Attack:                  Back + 3          (10%)*
    Short Elbow:                  Down + 3          (4%)
    Knee:                         4                 (11%)*
    Turning Foot:                 Down + 4          (4%)
    The Autumn Dao is remarkably similar to Kung Lao's 
    broadsword from MK: DA, except that it looks a bit more 
    deadly thanks to the various cuts made into the metal of the 
    blade. Easily the best of Dairou's stances, this weapon does 
    loads of damage and has a great mix low and high attacks. Do 
    remember that you take 25% more damage if you're hit while 
    in this stance, so watch out.
    Gut Slash: 				1                 (10%)*
    Wushu Spin:                   Forward + 1       (9 + 7%)*
    Thigh Slash:                  Down + 1          (5%)
    Upward Wind:                  2                 (10%)*
    Upward Launcher:              Back + 2          (9%)*
    Double Handed Slash:          Down + 2          (15%)*
    Melon Cutter:                 3                 (11%)
    Crouching Cyclone:            Forward + 3       (11 + 8%)*
    Tornado Spin Cutter:          Back + 3          (9%)
    Low Long Ranged Stab:         Down + 3          (3%)*
    Chest Stab:                   4                 (7%)*
    Blender Slice:                Forward + 4       (6 + 4 + 3%)
    Foot Chopper:                 Down + 4          (4%)*
    Now I'll go into a description of Dairou's specials. In 
    this section, I'll give a quick explanation of the move, give 
    it a rating and then add some personal comments on it.
    ARM SNAPPER - TH (5 + 5% damage)
    Description: Dairou grabs his opponent by the arm, snaps it 
                 by the elbow in a direction it shouldn't go in, 
                 and then throws the opponent to the floor some 
                 distance from him. Sadly, the opponent's arm 
                 relocates itself by the time they get up.
    Rating: 3/5
    A fairly weak throw, not nearly as heavy hitting as some of 
    the best damagers in the game (Kenshi, Bo Rai Cho, Liu Kang) 
    nor with any potential for setting up juggles (Nightwolf, 
    Shujinko, Havik). It's good for getting distance between 
    you and your opponent and can be used to set up the Tombstone 
    Drop, but unless your opponent is a block frenzy maniac or 
    constantly in close range proximity, you're usually better 
    off using Stealthy Shadows.
    TOMBSTONE DROP - Forward, Back, Down, 1 (7% damage)
    Description: Dairou spreads his arms out and slams himself 
                 backwards into the ground as hard as he can. The 
                 impact from this propells the opponent high into 
                 the air and they almost cut a flip in the 
                 process. Dairou bounces back up instantly after 
                 hitting the floor while the opponent falls 
                 towards him.
    Note: This move will always do damage and propell the 
    opponent into the air as long as they are touching the floor.
    Rating: 5/5
    Master this move. Don't be put off by the low damage and 
    complex button sequence, MASTER THIS MOVE. This is Dairou's 
    best and most dangerous move, because not only is it the 
    perfect juggle starter, not only is it so fast it's 
    practically instantaneous, but it is also unblockable. The 
    only way to avoid taking damage is to jump in the air. Human 
    players will almost ALWAYS get caught in this regardless of 
    their skill because it's impossible to telegraph and even the 
    higher difficuly CPU has trouble avoiding it. If you wanna 
    become a great Dairou player, you will need to execute this 
    move at will from either side of your opponent.
    Combining this move with the Autumn Dao combos is a great way 
    to take your opponents health down quickly. One Tombstone Drop 
    plus the Blood Letter combo does over 33% damage. That's a 
    third of the opponent's health gone in an unblockable 5 hit 
    combo, people. Now do you see why I love this move so much? :)
    The Tombstone Drop is also a great counterattack move. Missed 
    projectile? Tombstone Drop. Out of range special? Tombstone 
    Drop. Whiffed combo? Tombstone Drop.
    The only cons of using the Tombstone Drop is that if you do
    it too close to your opponent, they'll fly over your head and
    this may ruin your chance to hit a big juggle, or that some 
    of Dairou's dial-a-combos in Wing Chun and Escrima may not 
    hit your airborne opponent with every move. But hey, that's 
    what practice is for, isn't it? So get practicing!
    STEALTHY SHADOWS - Up, Down, 3 (N/A)
    Description: A puff of yellow smoke surrounds Dairou as 
                 another surrounds his opponent, then the two
                 exchange their current positions on the screen.
                 As the smoke clears, the opponent is confused 
                 for a second and looks around to get their 
                 bearings, leaving them open for an attack.
    Rating: 4/5
    Another great move in Dairou's arsenal. While Stealthy
    Shadows does no damage, the split second it gives you will 
    allows you to deliver either a quick Tombstone Drop if your 
    opponent is mid to long range from you, or allow you to start 
    a vicious dial-a-combo from close range. It's also very 
    useful as a counter to projectile attacks.
    However, this move CAN be blocked, and if it is, your 
    opponent will exchange places with you, but will be in block 
    mode and will not be temporarily confused. This is the only 
    serious con of the move and the only thing preventing me from 
    giving it a higher score. Don't overuse it, and it'll work 
    IRON LEG - Down, Back, 2 (9% damage)
    Description: Dairou extends his leg towards his opponent as 
                 if going for a kick. An orange star-shaped 
                 projectile then shoots from his foot, leaving 
                 trails of orange energy behind it. Upon impact, 
                 the projectile dissipates. 
    Rating: 2/5
    To be fair, this is better than most projectiles in the 
    game, but not by much. The Iron Leg travels fairly fast and 
    has a good recovery time, but cannot be used to knock 
    opponents into Death Traps and doesn't do a great deal of
    damage. Even though the recovery time is fairly quick 
    compared to most specials, you're still left wide open for 
    teleport attacks or sidestep counters. At long range, you 
    have much better options than this.
    As most of you will no doubt be aware by now, the Mortal
    Kombat series is notourious for allowing you, once you've
    defeated your opponent, a few seconds to finish them off
    in a particularly gruesome fashion. Fortunately, MK: 
    Deception does not disappoint in it's Fatalties, and 
    Dairou has some of the best in the game. To perform a
    Fatality, you must be a certain distance away from your
    opponent (refer to the definition board above if you
    don't understand the symbols) and pull of the requisite 
    button combination, which I will go into more detail on
    The Hara Kiri, for those unaware of the term, is another 
    way of saying "suicide", and basically allows a defeated 
    kombatant to kill themselves rather than letting your 
    opponent do it for you by inputting a button combination
    once you've been defeated. Because you're standing in
    one place when you're about to be finished off, you don't
    need to worry about being a certain distance to do
    the Hari Kiri.
    FATALITY 1: Down, Up, Back, Back, 1 (c)
    Description: Dairou slips behind his opponent and places
                 his foot firmly in the small of their back.
                 He forces them facedown to the floor and 
                 then grabs both their arms, pulling their
                 upper body back violently in a Surfboard Stretch. 
                 Dairou suddenly lets go, sending the opponent's 
                 upper body back to the ground with such force 
                 that it explodes and splatters blood and entrails 
                 over the arena. Dairou backs away from the 
                 opponent's legs and the pile of blood in front of 
                 them and lets out a cry of "Yea!" while pumping 
                 his fists, before standing up straight.
    Personal Comments: If you like blood, you'll love this. 
                       Easily one of the more Gore-tastic
                       Fatalities in MK: Deception. 5/5
    FATALITY 2: Down, Down, Back, 3 (c)
    Description: Dairou turns his opponent around to face him,
                 and then suddenly drives both his arms through
                 the opponent's torso. Dairou's arms re-emerge
                 holding two of the opponent's rib-bones, and he
                 gouges these into the opponent's eyes. The 
                 opponent screams in pain and falls to the floor, 
                 where a pool of blood appears around their face.
                 Dairou does a quick kata and then stands up 
                 straight in celebration.
    Personal Comments: Best Fatality in the game in my opinon.
                       But then again, it's also my personal 
                       favourite. Still utterly gruesome
                       whichever way you see it. 5/5
    HARA KIRI: Back, Back, Back, Down, 1
    Description: Dairou falls backwards, but while doing so he 
                 snaps his lower back at a 180 angle, sending his
                 upper and lower body falling in different 
                 directions. Dairou screams in pain for a bit as
                 a pool of blood appears around him before falling
    Personal Comments: If you get defeated and wanna shock 
                       your friends, use this. Absolutely brutal
                       to watch every time. 5/5
    And now, we get to the meaty section. In this bit, I'm going
    to show the button combinations needed to pull off Dairou's
    combos and also show you how much damage they do. Before
    I go into detail on this, I'll also briefly talk about the
    combos themselves and how to use them effectively.
    Just about all of Dairou's combos here are easy to execute 
    and do good damage, however they lack the variety of hit 
    areas that Escrima and the Autumn Dao excell in. I wouldn't 
    advise combining these combos with a Tombstone Drop started 
    juggle - often you will fail to connect on the more 
    complicated combos.
    Note: All Wing Chun Combos that can knock opponents into
    Death Traps do so on the final hit only.
    Trapping Hands:    1, 1                    (7 + 3%)
    Lock Down:         1, 1, 1                 (7 + 3 + 2%)*
    Stick Fists:       1, 1, Up + 1            (7 + 3 + 3%)*
    Reaver Strikes:    1, 2                    (7 + 5%)
    Junk:              1, 2, 4                 (7 + 5 + 4%)
    Long Legs:         2, 4, 3                 (8 + 5 + 4$)*
    Iron Horse Legs:   2, 4, 4, 3              (8 + 5 + 4 + 3%)*
    Razor Legs:        1, 2, 4, 4              (7 + 5 + 4 + 3%)
    Whispering Tail:   4, 4, 3                 (7 + 5 + 4%)
    Doom Attack:       1, 2, 4, 3              (7 + 5 + 4 + 3%)*
    Wonder Thunder:    1, 2, 4, 4, 3           (7 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2%)*
    Changing Winds:    1, 2, 4, CS             (7 + 5 + 4 + 7)*
    Escrima contain's Dairou's best combos, no question about it. 
    Some of them may be difficult to execute, but are nonetheless 
    effective. Chaos Strikes is the most damaging combo to use at 
    close range, and Sharp Spin Action ends with a nice low hitter. 
    When using the Tombstone Drop to juggle, I find Warrior of
    Chaos and Sonic Air Wave are the best to use, as most of the 
    time you can get all the moves to connect...IF you time it 
    right, that is. Escrima combos are also brilliant for Death 
    Trap situations, as ALL of them can knock an opponent into one
    on ANY move.
    Double Trouble:    1, 1                   (12 + 4%)*
    Trap Those Hands:  2, 3                   (10 + 4%)*
    Hand Lock:         2, 3, 4                (10 + 4 + 3%)*
    Secret Knees:      2, 3, 4, 4             (10 + 4 + 3 + 8%)*
    Chaos Strikes:     3, 4, 4                (12 + 11 + 8%)*
    Deadly Fu:         4, 4                   (11 + 8%)*
    Path Walker:       3, 1, 1                (12 + 4 + 4%)*
    Open Passage:      3, 1                   (12 + 4%)*
    Warrior of Chaos:  2, 3, 1, Up + 2        (10 + 4 + 4 + 3%)*
    Hidden Evil:       3, 1, Up + 2           (12 + 4 + 3%)*
    Sharp Spin Action: 2, 3, CS               (10 + 4 + 5%)*
    Sonic Air Wave:    2, 3, 4, CS            (10 + 4 + 5 + 4 + 3%)*
    The Autumn Dao is the weakest of Dairou's stances combo 
    wise, but that's ok as you'll only ever need to perform 
    one combo when you select this weapon, and that's Blood 
    Letter. As I said earlier in the FAQ, when combined with
    a Tombstone Drop, 3 Blood Letter combos equals a match 
    victory. Use and abuse. :)
    Tiger Slashes:     1, 1                  (10 + 7%)*
    Beast Power:       1, 1, 2               (10 + 7 + 3%)*
    Blood Letter:      1, 1, Forward + 3     (10 + 7 + 6 + 4%)*
    Koming Soon (in the next version).
                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 
    Koming whenever people decide to ask me questions. :)
                                 THE FINAL WORD
    Well, writing this FAQ / Walkthrough took a lot longer than 
    I thought it would. And heck, I haven't even got round to the
    next version yet! :)
    Feedback is welcome provided you can write in good English. 
    My e-mail address is keepinitfresh@hotmail.com, but be warned: 
    my Hotmail account can get quite filled with junk as well, so 
    PLEASE ensure that any mail you wish to send me has the words 
    "MK: Deception - Dairou FAQ" clearly printed in the subject 
    title somewhere, otherwise I might mistake it for spam mail and 
    delete it!
    Thanks go out to the following people:
    Me (no one reads this bit, so why not) for taking what spare
    time I have in this world to constantly update this FAQ. :)
    Midway for producing this great game!
    GameFAQs for allowing me to put the initial version of this 
    FAQ on their site.
    And finally I give thanks to YOU, the adoring fan / Mortal
    Kombat fanatic who decided to read all the way through this 
    FAQ of mine. You guys are the reason I do and will continue 
    to update this FAQ until literally nothing more can be said 
    about the man known as Dairou.
    So then, all that's left to say is "Laterz, Dudez."
    Minty Fresh Death

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