Art Director (Canada)Ryan Slemko
Art Director (Worldwide)Boyd Burggrabe
Assistant ProducerNico Bihary
Assistant ProducerMatt Vella
Associate ProducerTaylor Miller
Associate ProducerMatt Vella
Creative Director (Canada)Trent Ward
Creative Director (Worldwide)Mike Mika
Executive ProducerAndrew Ayer
Executive ProducerScot Lane
Lead ArtistAnna Fong
Lead ProgrammerGeorge Phillips
ProducerNathan Rose
ProducerNathan Rose
Production ManagerChris Charla
ProgrammerJimfre Bacal
ProgrammerClinton Blackmore
ProgrammerVeron Brooks
ProgrammerAndre Chang
ProgrammerChuck Chow
ProgrammerDan Filner
ProgrammerDean Gilbertson
ProgrammerJeff Hanson
ProgrammerLuke Huang
ProgrammerPeter Phillips
ProgrammerKevin Pickell
Senior ProducerJoe Bonar
SoundRobert Baffy
SoundTom Johnson
Technical ProducerJeff Vavasour


Data and credits for this game contributed by Lisanne, lilobaggins, Mookiethebold, Doumah, SaturnHST, Slane10, oliist, and NamcoMuseum2.

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