Review by chrome_nexus

"What's the point of this game???"

When you pick up this game you think yeah I would play this game and then when you turn it on you get what you pay for. Then you'll play and start the game on beginner mode and keep playing.

The graphics for this game are good for the gauntlet series. Then when you play through the levels you will notice that the scenery is well detailed , whereas the enemies don't look to great but on the upside they do look savage and the bosses are really detailed as well but the attacks aren't very good for enemies and characters because the swishing white lines are unnecessary and kind of ruin the attacking.

The sound of this game is relatively bad and the background music is dull and generally boring, whereas when you kill someone the death sound isn't to bad , but the attacking sound is just terrible in the heavy attacking and the ranged attacking, but the mana blast has quite a good sound effect.

The storyline to this game is there but very weak and all it tell you really is what is happening and why it is happening and the cut scenes that go with
the storyline is just terrible.

The controls for this game could slightly be improved ,but with the varying attack options and the specials it's ok but the minor specials could been L2 and a shape button to define the move genre a little bit more. You can use analogue for it so it's ok for the movement and the blocking controls are like most other games so don't need to much adjusting. You can also counter which could never have been done before.

Game play-7/10
The game play for this game is ok but it is linear and with more bosses each with a different technique and some with minions it's varying and ok but what worries me is the overly complex levels without an aim , goal or objective which means you don't really have a clue of what to do so you run around pulling switches and slaughtering enemies so apart from the bosses ad the level the principal is all the same kill and keep killing.

This game may not sound like it but it's worth playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/07/07

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