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"Sigh, Why was this game made?"

First off, I love the Gauntlet games. After this review, I'll try to review Gauntlet 2. But that's not what you want to hear. You want to hear the truth. You want to make a fair decision on whether to buy this game or not. All I can say is, DON'T.

Story: The story begins with a king talking about what has happened. The four immortals, the players, used to serve the king. But the king and his advisers tried to steal the heroes immortality by crucifying them on a magical tree at the bottom of the world(you mean Antarctica?). This is the kings first sorrow and it was the only one he could undo himself. The other six sorrows are the king's advisers, who have turned into horrible monsters. Now, it is up to the player(s) to stop the advisers from ruling the land.

Graphics: First off, let me address the cutscene graphics. They are kind of like pictures in a demented story book. Now, the pictures do look okay but what about 3D cutscenes? If you look back at Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy, they had some remarkable cutscenes for there time. You want to know why? They were in 3D! This game not only does not try something new, it digresses back to the 16 and 32-bit era. The graphics in game are pretty okay. They remind me of the graphics of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. But it is only a little bit better than LotR:RotK and, on top of that, RotK was released two years before Gauntlet came out. That is REALLY sad.

Gameplay: You control one of the four heroes from the cutscene. They are the warrior, archer, berserker, or sorcerer. That's it. Okay, what happened to the Knight, Jester, Dwarf, Sorceress, and Valerye? Oh, so that means that there are secret characters. WRONG! In fact, there are only about four secret rooms in the game. NO MORE SECRETS! No secret moves. NOTHING! And all that the secret areas do is give you better armor, which does not do anything except change your appearance. Your character has different moves that they can buy with gold. Most of the are absolutely useless. While on the topic of gold, gold only buys moves in this game since there are no power-ups in the game. Why did they get rid of power-ups anyway? I WANT MY CUJOO! Food is scattered all over the ground, like it should. At least they got one thing right. The shielded enemies are really annoying. You cannot do anything to them unless you use a special move on them. There is also an experience bar which is pretty much useless except to unlock new moves like RotK. In fact, this game seems to be a duplicate of RotK only worse. Finally, there is magic and Death. You no longer have magic potions you can throw. You have a magic bar. Since a magical attack uses up most of your bar, why is this in the game? Moving on, Death is killed by magic. But no thanks to the bar, if you use a magic attack to kill a battalion of archers and move to the next area only to find Death waiting for you, you are going to die. That is not cool, man.

Sound: It really gets on my nerves. The enemies are ALWAYS grunting. The background music is okay. There really isn't much for except that is a little above mediocre. But these people took out the most enjoyable factor of the past Gauntlet games, the disembodied voice. Sure, he got annoying but I love to here him say stuff like "Yellow Sorceress needs food badly".

Multiplayer: There is an online multiplayer mode in the game. There is also an offline mode in the game. Both modes hold up to four people. Unlike Dark Legacy, multiplayer does not enhance the experience. It does make it a little less painful, though. An example would be the the second to last boss, the Troll. In single player on impossible mode, he will murder you and then some. With at least another person, you can distract while the other play attacks and vice versa. So I guess it does help out some but not really.

Controls: The controls for moving and attacking work, at least. But the button mashing combos suck. Just like Mortal Kombat, the button combos require exact timing. I do not even bother with them because they are a pain in the neck. That's a lot of gold spent on you behalf because you have to buy the combos. That's a load of baloney.

Conclusion: The ending is not worth all of the pain you put into the game. Its not even that long. 4-6 hours is what it takes to beat the game. In those four hours you played the game, you could have gone to see you deaf aunt, gotten some groceries, and adopted a puppy named Snuggles. But you just had to play the game. Your hungry because you have no food, your aunt has fallen and she cannot get up, and Snuggles has been put to sleep. So please do not play this game, for Snuggle's sake.

Rent or buy: Rent if you want to see if you might actually like it but do not buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/18/08

Game Release: Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (US, 12/12/05)

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