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"Definitely worth the rental fee"

Gauntlet fans everywhere always anticipate the arrival of newly released games, with the hopes that they can be compared to those of years past. With the release of these games comes excitement, anticipation, and even sometimes; disappointment. In this review I will cover three main principles of what I think makes a game; Story, Graphics, and Gameplay.

Story 5/10: The story is good, to a point. Sometimes I think it is too cliche, and they just seemed to run out of ideas. It reminds me a lot of "The Lord of the Rings" crossed with the Bible,in the aspect that a King was betrayed, heroes destroyed, and his betrayers now have immortality and power stolen from the slain heroes. Now, all of a sudden the heroes find a way to revive themselves, and are handed the task of hunting down the King's betrayers and restoring peace to the land. I think this game could have been scripted a bit better. I enjoyed the story immensely, but there was not enough back-story to know what exactly happened to the King to cause his council to betray him. The whole idea of crucified heroes coming back from the dead to purge the world of evil hit me in a wrong way. I didn't like how they were pictured, in being crucified and reborn again. Sadly, it is an interesting story, but it lacks anything sensual.

Graphics 3/10: The graphics here would probably have been better if they didn't look so cheap. I mean, come on, it's the PS2 for crying out loud. The character detail lacked big time. I understand how you would have to have the camera set back in order to get a full view of what's coming up behind you but, they really didn't have to make it look like they rushed to try and get it done. The best part of the graphics would have to be the special moves animations. I believe the graphics in this game could have been done much better in trying to refine the little details. It isn't hard. Dynasty Warriors anyone?

Gameplay 7/10: Oh yeah! The heart and soul of the Gauntlet series. Hackin' and a Slashin'! I enjoyed the Gameplay very much, and those who enjoy your Hack and Slash video games will love this game. Very fast paced action, coupled with devastating special moves is what I like to accomplish. This is what you expect from Gauntlet and that is what you get. The only real drawback to the Gameplay would have to be the amount of moves that can be purchased, and the ridiculousness of how hard some of the ending bosses are. It won't take much to purchase everything you can, and then it leaves a void of "What do I do now?" in your stomach. Not much to do after that besides leveling up, which can be a pain, because if you don't balance your class out you could see some mobs mopping the floor with you. As for the ending bosses: L1 is your friend. I personally don't understand why they made some of these guys so hard to battle. Repeatedly getting owned is not my idea of a good time.

Overall, this game is definitely worth a play-through for any die-hard Gauntlet fan. I wouldn't recommend shelling out $40 (US) for it, instead I would pay the rental fee. The game itself isn't very long, but it does have the replay value of going through it with each character.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/19/05

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