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"Hackin n Slashin"

Well lets see Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows is the newest edition to the Gauntlet series. As the game changed very much from what we thought we mite get from E3 with Romero and Sawyer leaving the team and going to different projects, basically leaving Midway with whatever they could do.

Graphics: 8

Well from what I can see the graphics are quite nice with some very pretty backgrounds to look at, all the animations are very cool to gaze at and just overall it looks good. Even when having 20+ guys on screen the game will still keep a good frame rate and won't chug at all on you.

Audio: 8

The music, sound effects and alot of things that can be found are nicely done, can't complain with some of it, I guess really my only gripe is that the announcer can sometimes be way off if you have 2 guys that are close to dying, but thats really only against boss battles when it becomes like that. But I believe he can be shut off.

Gameplay: 7

Its a hack and slash game, what more could you want? You get 4 different buttons to mash on for hitting, the right stick to dodge, R2 button to use ur mana blasts, the D-pad to use special attacks, and a block button. These are all quite nice to have but I guess I didn't really find myself using the block button much. Now yes...while I think they should have items in the game..they don't and they really did need something to spend gold on besides combos, because after you get all that, thats it, done for, you just get to watch ur gold stack up and becomes useless. Single player is decently fun, but playing with a few friends over online is where the fun is. Personally I would have liked to see alot of the stuff that was planned for the game(Item system, energy comes from enemies, etc) would have added alot to the gameplay.

Replay: 7

Hmm, well this is a tough one, basically once you max our ur character that seems to really be it, the only plus I can really say is if you wanna keep going then thats what you gotta do, and some people will just play to keep killing hundreds of guys. Online also extends it, I personally am gonna just kick butt online and have as much fun with the game as possible.

Rent or Buy? Rent

Another tough one, I say personally rent cause you may just get all you want out of this game in a rental and if you like it enough then go ahead and buy the game and play it to death. But this game seems to be a hit or miss with people, but like I said rent it first and if you like it enough, go buy.

Overall: 8

Lets face it, there is no item collection or anything that Sawyer and Romero had in the game, but deal with it, Im having a damn good time with it so far and hey if I ever wanna trade it in, its there to trade in. Personally I think the game shouldn't be at the price its at and should be a $30 CDN title, but meh, what can you do. I love just beating the crap out of the enemies in the game and its fun to watch how you do it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/20/05

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