Review by anarchski

Reviewed: 01/05/06

Not up to the hype but still a fun game

I was expecting a lot more of this game but it's worth buying if your into hack and slash games if you can find it for a cheap price. Was not really worth $50. It's a bit simpler and more of an action game than games like Diablo 2, Champions of Norrath, Dark Alliance. Its somewhat similar to games like dynasty warriors. In Gauntlet Seven Sorrows you hack and slash your way through levels and pick up food, gold, hit switches, find keys, and occasionally run into death. You also pick up upgrades along the way. There are weapon and armor upgrades. Your weapon or armor will change when one is picked up and becomes stronger. It applies to all characters in the game even if dead unless they have lost all 5 lives. However they can go back and get it later.

You Choose between the Warrior, Elf, Valkyrie, or Wizard. The classes are a lot more different from each other unlike Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy where the characters all seemed to be the same. Four players can go at it again and anyone can join or leave at any time.

The variety of attacks for each character is nice. Each has a ranged attack(no experienced gained from using this), hack, slash, throw, and mana blast. You can also zoom out with R3 and do a dash/dodge move by moving the right analog. Combos are bought with the gold you pick up. Each character starts with a special move and can purchase 3 others. Special moves use a small amount of mana. A mana blast uses lots of mana but is more powerful. Mana slowly recharges over time. Before buying items, You receive a stat point for each level up if any. The point can be placed in Strength, Magic, or Health. The higher magic is the faster that characters mana bar will charge.

If your playing single player you have unlimited lives and if you die respawn at a way point. If playing multi player, each player has 5 lives and if anyone dies, the party must be near a way point in order for anyone the respawn. If you lose your 5 lives its game over and you lose anything experience or gold picked up on that level. Saving on this game is by far the best saving system of any game and also very simple. Each separate game is a save file, and each character is its own save file. Anytime you load a saved game you may play previous levels you already completed. Any character can join any Game.

Nice graphics, easy learning curve, variety of enemies, many different combos and attacks, faster paced than other RPGs, 4 player, 4 difficulties, auto save feature, Pro Logic 2 sound, some people like the mana bar replacing potions.

Too simple for some people, can get repetitive, game is short, only 4 characters, the lancer and Tragedian classes never made it to the game, no controller configuration, ranged attacks give no experience, the emperor has a different voice, not many pickups in levels like amulets, 3 way shot, giant growth, etc. However most of those items were useless anyway except on Nintendo's version of Legends and Dark Legacy because you could turn any items on or off until its time ran on. On Sony's versions all items were instant. Some people prefer potions instead of a mana bar. It doesn't take too long to buy all combos and attacks, but still a nice variety. They should of made it so you can spend additional gold on each special move or combo to make it stronger. Not enough depth in levels. No secrets or unlockables. The speed stat is gone along with the runestones.

Story: 6
Its simple and nothing too interesting. It is better than most of those boring newer RPG stories. Your mission is to kill the evil sorrows who betrayed Emperor who once betrayed you because of the evil sorrows tricking the emperor.

Graphics: 8
Decent improvement since Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Backgrounds are more detailed in each level. Enemies and characters look a lot better.

Sound: 7
For those who have a good stereo, Gauntlet now supports Pro Logic 2. The music is nothing special but good enough to keep on. The sound effects are decent. The Emperor's voice has been changed. In the options you can change the volume of the music, FX, or the voice.

Controls: 5
Very easy to use and learn but one big disappointment, there is no one-handed controller configuration like in Dark Legacy in fact you can't change the controls at all. Nothing is better than being able to play gauntlet with one hand and smoke a cigarette with the other. Although you might get away playing with just the right analog and R1 button. Sometimes it can be hard to move and use special movies at the same time.

Game play: 7
Sometimes repetitive but lots of fun. Especially with other people. Its simple hack and slash, run around, kill things, and build up your character, have fun. Usually you end up trapped with enemies that are produced by generators. Destroy the generators to proceed and stop enemies.

Replay Value: 6
Again Repetitive but the four classes are much different from each other and there are 4 difficulties. It doesn't take too long to buy all combos and attacks unfortunately, but still a nice variety.

Overall: 7
Overall I was happy with this game. Missing some things but still what I was looking for. If your a hardcore gauntlet fan, get this if you can find it for cheap. Otherwise, rent it. This game has drawn a lot of criticism from fans and critics. Most of these people just fail to point out all the good features in the game. This game does have its disappointments as I have mentioned but overall still a fun game to play. So did Seven Sorrows ruin the Gauntlet Series? Hell no, its still the same fun evolving game play its always been since the original in 1987.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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