Review by JonWood007

"'s alright, but you're better off with another game."

This game is ok, it's not really that good of an FPS, but I've played worse. I've also played much better too.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are decent for this game, not amazing, but not bad either. It's just your run of the mill PS2 graphics.

Audio: 8/10

Also pretty decent, people yell stuff like "he has an assault rifle!", and gunshots sound like gunshots. The video game's music is also pretty good and it gets you in the mood to play the game.It has some nice special effects at some parts suck

Controls: 7/10

If you're used to playing games like Black and Half life, these controls will be a little different to use and I personally think they're harder to use. Nothing particularly bad, but the lay out seems sort of awkward for me.

Gameplay: 10/20

This is the whole thing that makes a game, and this game doesn't exactly stand out. At first, the gameplay seems cool, but it's incredibly repetitive. All the rooms look the same, and you're stuck with the same old guns throughout the game. It has a duel wielding system, which is cool at first, but it gets old. The levels are also incredibly long for the most part. While long levels are good, and some games like Black have long levels and are very long, these are too long and boring and repetitive. The Hong Kong roofs just go on...and on...and on....and me saying "and on" any more. Zip from one roof to another, shoot a helicopter down, shoot more guys and zip to another roof. It's not very interesting after a while.

Bottom Line: 6.6/10

This game is alright, but it's not that good, if you want a mindless shooting game, this is a good game to get, but trust me, there are better mindless shooters out there. Try getting Black or Medal of Honor Frontline or something, because those are better than this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/07/06

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