Review by Zapher_40

"My friend said this game was great, well its actually terrible."

If you have ever played the old skool Golden eye game for N64, it is tons of fun. I thought this game would have something to do with that game and I tried it.

The game play is like any first person shooter where you look and aim with one stick and walk with the other. The only good thing about this game is that you can pick up to different guns and shoot them at different times. I have never played Halo but I think you can do the same thing. Well it was done very poorly. There is like 6 guns so if they wanted to make the two gun thing good they should have made way more and a variety. Plus you get to use most of them at the beginning of the game and there is only two more guns to get later in the game.

The worst part of this game is the health system. You don't find health packs or regain health at certain points. How it works is if you go a certain amount of time without taking damage then you will regain your health. It is so stupid because you could run up and shoot a couple of enemies and then run back, wait for your health to come back and then repeat it until they are all dead. I think the game was supposed to be hard so that just caused you to have to wait longer. Doing this was very boring.

The enemies are all the same except the bosses take a little more damage. Even if they had a couple of levels that had different enemies it would have been better.

The graphics are nothing to brag about. They were not horrible but not very good either. The environments are pretty boring. They all seem the same.

The game has no story. In the beginning you are at a practice session with 007, but you are not him. Then on the second level I think you are but it doesn't really explain it. It isn't a complicated plot but one that they just start and totally forget about. After the practice session you go and all of sudden are in some place doing a mission. According to the back of the game you are an agent that betrayed his country but I don't think it ever says so. The game has nothing to do with the old movie Golden eye but the person you are loses his eye and they give him surgery which gives him powers with his eye. The powers are pretty lame and useless.

The game overall is disappointing, there are other good first person shooters out there but this isn't one of them.

Overall: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/18/06

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