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"This is a betrayal of the 007 licence. Repetitive, bland and infuriatingly lazy design."

I was really looking forward to ‘Goldeneye Rogue agent'. I expected the same frantic shooting as in the original, backed up by cool evil powers - most of all, I was looking forward to being the bad guy and getting to fight good guys instead.

So here's what went wrong.......EVERYTHING. The shooting is boring, repetitive, and grows tiresome after the first 2 levels or so, the eye powers are equally uninspired and practically useless (I completed the game barely having to use them at all), you're a bad guy but you fight.....other bad guys, James Bond himself is in it for about oooooo.....2 minutes shall we say as an estimate, and the AI really is horrendous.

To be fair the game has a variety of weapons and the ability to wield two at once (this is just about the only similarity with the original except for being in first person) but you won't care because the shooting is so boring no matter what you use. Most of the time you'll be using the same combination of weapons, as the game barely involves any tricky situations in which you have to conform to a certain style to defeat your enemies. It's all simply getting the most powerful gun you can find and unloading your ammunition onto henchman, after henchman, after henchman.
The eye powers, of which there are only four, are very difficult to use effectively and I found myself not having to use them for the majority of the game. You do get a kick out of freezing gunmen on the spot and causing their weapons to go faulty – but trust me, these sound a lot more fun than they actually are. The fact is, that your enemies are so dumb that they will walk in front of your gun barrel practically screaming to be killed.

As the game's title suggests you are an evil character, so why on earth did they set you up against another evil organisation? This ruins the effect of being a 'rogue agent' instantly; it makes NO SENSE why they did this - I wanted to fight MI6, I wanted to face Bond himself. The only 'bad' things you can do are activate traps on your enemies and use people as human shields - however if you're a true Bond fan you'll know he's done both of these things in tight situations. In fact, the character of Goldeneye in this game is nowhere near as nasty compared to some of the dirty things Bond has done in his time. So, in that case, the box lied to us. It said we could be bad – but we can't be bad unless we go against good guys or do bad stuff. Ah well, there goes the main selling point down the drain.

The graphics are by and large, very decent and the guns at least look quite nice even if they aren't fun to use. The environments are also good looking - you get to uninterestingly shoot your way through some of the film's baddie locations like the Volcano Lair or Crab key. However, most of these bare very little resemblance to what they look like in the films and none of them ‘feel' like Bond locations – some of them would seem more at home in a ‘Medal of Honour' game (by the way I would recommend ANY Medal of Honour game over this). There are only a few types of enemy, who are all rather stupid and easy to kill though from time to time you'll get to a 'named' enemy (the same but with a name above his head) who is tougher to kill and may make mincemeat of you if you don't get rid of them quickly enough. The game seems to have thrown in quite a few who look exactly the same with different names......hmmm....they must be twins......or it was laziness on behalf of the makers. Speaking of gamemaker's laziness, besides using traps and shooting idiotic henchmen, there's nothing to do - shoot, shoot, shoot is virtually all there is to it in this game. The campaign is short, but you'll get bored before the end anyway and apart from this you could try the multiplayer. The multiplayer isn't half bad actually, but why bother when you have to slog your way through the dreary campaign to unlock it?

The voice work is passable, as are the in game music and sound effects, but it's nothing extraordinary and shockingly includes no James Bond music at all - only the title screen tune is similar to the 007 theme.

All in all this is a below average first person shooter that to be honest doesn't come close to any other first person shooters on the PS2, let alone the original Goldeneye for Nintendo 64. Goldeneye Rogue Agent simply would not stand up against the competition without the 007 name backing it up – it has nothing in common with any other James Bond games such as ‘Nightfire' and ‘Everything or Nothing'. There is a distinct feeling of the lack of effort gone into the game from start to finish - this should be forgotten and go straight to the bargain bin.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/23/07

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