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"This is NOT GOLDENEYE 007!"

This is not like Goldeneye!

I repeat if you think for one minute this is anywhere as good as Goldeneye you'll hate yourself for it. This is just an impotent shooter with slow controls, mostly crap sound and average graphics. It plays like a dog.

The graphics are pretty average. Models look decent with a fair amount of detail, but nothing jumps out at you and says “Hey look at me!!”. I only saw about 4 of the levels since I was bored out of my mind by then so I can't comment that much on the environments, but the ones I saw were just standard buildings without any defining features.

Sound can be good but the music and every other sound but voice acting lets it down. The cool thing is that baddies will yell about whatever you're doing. You'll hear stuff like “He's behind the forklift” or “He's reloading!” or “Watch out he has a sniper rifle!” This adds loads to the sound and really should be done in more shooters. Sadly the music -while having some bond like rifts - just redefines average. It's really just there in the background and you don't stop and think “wow that music is awesome!” like you would for most bond films.

Gameplay isn't that bad but could be much better. In GE: Rouge Agent you play as an ex agent of MI6 that lost an eye on a mission and as such became angry and vengeful: a loose cannon. This wasn't the kind of agent MI6 wanted so you were fired and decided to join the ranks of evil. The bad guy's scientist replaced your lost eye with a golden one (hence the name). This gives you three abilities: X-ray vision, EM (Electromagnetic) hacking and a limited shield. There really could be a lot more use for these abilities. The X-ray is too short ranged to be of use. The EM hack is clumsy to use on enemy weapons and only reduces their accuracy temporally. The shield I never got to use since I got bored. Overall these abilities are unimagitive and limited. It sucks because this was a cool concept and could have been great.

The other defining feature of GE: RA is the fact that the game centers on dual wielding and lets you control what weapon you hold in each hand. You might have a .44, and a small shotgun or two 9mms or one weapon, leaving your other hand free for grenades. Some large weapons such as the assault rifle and RPG need both hands though.

Another problem with the gameplay is how slow you move and health restoring. Your character walks so darn slow you'll get shot lots just trying to take comer. When you aren't getting shot your health will refill after a while for no apparent reason, making the game much easier since you can duck behind cover, let your health restore then pop up and cap the bad guys. Halo had this, but compensated by extreme difficulty and, if you stood still, a load of grenades. This is further exacerbated by the fact that bad guys aren't aggressive in flushing you out of cover and lack grenades, making it simple to let your health restore in peace.

The enemies aren't thrilling to fight either. They are just genetic soldiers in furtureristric clothes or armour. While their speech mentioned above is good their death screams and grunts sound stupid. The exaggerated death animations don't help matters either. They just aren't very fun to fight. They also feature a thing that is in more and more shooters and that I'm really starting to hate: they don't animate when shot. When you shoot a bad guy he doesn't react at all except for yelping unlike perfect dark where the enemies realistically grab their arm, bend over in pain or start to limp depending on where they are shot. It looks stupid and lazy not to make them do this and theres no excuse.

You won't be playing GE: RA for very long either. The tame gameplay coupled with the shortness of the main game makes it get boring fast. It does support online play though so if you enjoy it that may add some longevity.

All up Rouge Agent had a few good ideas. With more time in development it may have been something special. I recommend a rent, it's worth that.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/05/10

Game Release: GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (EU, 11/26/04)

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