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"Fun for a while, but repetitive after a while."

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent is supposed to be a sequal to the game that came out on N64 called Goldeneye, but it suffers from too many glitches and problems that it can only be bunched up with the rest of first person shooters out on market now. I was looking forward to this game and overall, i am a little disappointed.

Graphics: 5

Now, I know people say graphics are not a big part of gameplay, but i disagree. Why play a game if most of the time you cant see or tell what is going on very clearly. When I first saw the trailers for this game, I was stunned at how real the graphics looked and how textured the explosions and other animations were. Well now, I can say that I have been fooled. The graphics in this game are no more than "okay". The reason is that almost all of the environments look the same. Also, the character models are crappy as hell. I can honestly say there are only like 10 enemy models. Most of them are repeated lots of times throughout the level. It is far from perfection.

Music/Sound: 7

Ok, what I can say is the music in this game is probaly the best thing about it. The music is good mostly, but not all of the time. Also, the sound is actually okay and not great. Your character never talks, your AI sound all the same, and most of the characters dont sound like their movie counterparts. I was a little disappointed.

Story: 3

Wait, this game has a story. I didnt really see one. The story in this game, if there is one, is not even reconizable. *spoilers* First, you start out in a helicopter with James Bond. Then, quickly it crashes and James Bond falls to his death. But after you beat the level, you realize you are in a training machine. Then, you are booted from MI6. Then, you get a letter from goldfinger to join up with him. All the story basically is is a battle of Dr. No and Goldfinger. Not good, not good at all.

Gameplay: 6

Ah. The main part of video games. Now, the gameplay in this game feels incomplete. Sure you can knock people out and take them hostage. But all you can do with them is throw them, and this comes to another point, when you throw them at someone, even if you dont hit the person, They will still fall down sometimes. EA also decided to go with the flow and put dual wielding in the game. Wow, that has never been done before. Even though dual wielding is easy, there are not many weapons you can dualwield. There are actually only about ten kinds of weapons in the game. And there are no gadgets in the game, with the exception of the golden eye. The goldeneye you recieve in the game can do many different things, most of which arent useful. Most of the powers let you do things that normally wouldnt be possible. Some of which are see enemys through walls, A shield, and some more. Also, the AI is a little smarter in this game, but not much. They will come to where you are hiding sometimes, but they are easy to kill.

Overall: 5/10

Goldeneye tries to be a new game, but acts like a mix of all the other first person shooters on the market.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/02/04

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