Review by saxydrew

"A good idea, poorly executed"


When I first saw this game, I was pretty excited. It was a pretty fresh idea for the PS2 console where you could play a character other than James Bond. After about 4 or 5 minutes of playing the game, my excitement dulled.

Game play- 6/10

The game play for this Bond game is somewhat frustrating. The left analog stick controls your direction, and right is for strafing and looking up or down. It made game play confusing at times for me, trying to figure out what was what. However, I did like the dual-wielding feature they added. It adds more realism to the game, being able to fire them individually was a welcomed feature.

The general gaming experience I had with this game was one of redundancy. Using mostly the same techniques over and over again, defeating characters looking mostly the same. Everything was very "cut and dry." Shoot people, shoot things, and use a Goldeneye. In the other 007 a espionage element was involved, rather than just shooting things.

Also in other 007 games it invited more of a non-linear gaming experience because you would drive, or do other things to keep away from the, shoot or be shot cliche.

Story 1/10

I never really figured out what the basic point of this game was. I know you play GoldenEye, you have a GoldenEye, you use it, and you get rejected from MI6, so you go to GoldFinger he gives you a job and you work for him.


The graphics for this game were alright. I've seen better in other 007 games. The sounds were really intriguing to me at first. An enemy would say "He's by the wood stack" or something like that, which added some realism. After a while, it got redundant. The same chatter things were said whenever you encountered someone.

Replay-ability- With various difficulty modes to chose from, and one to unlock, you could do something with that. So it does have some.

Rent/Buy- I'd say rent, see how you like it, if you like it, buy it.

Thank you for reading my review.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/05/04

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