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"Decent, but Im severly disappointed"

Its good to be bad in Bond's world

That was the slogan for this game, the concept was you were a disgraced agent of M16 and was thrown out due to reckless endangerment. Dr. No shoots out your eye, and Goldfinger (by the way, these are all bad guys from James Bond's world in case you didn't already know), recruits you as his top assassin, and replaces your eye with a "Goldeneye" (hence, where the name comes from), giving you special abilities in the field. Your job is to work for Goldfinger, and stop Dr. No

Sounded like a nice concept, and at first, the whole idea was shaky sounding from the minute it was announced, even the development team wasn't exactly sure how they would make the story turn out, and, apparently, that's as far as they went into thinking out the story. And now, comes one of the most disappointing games of 2004, not terrible, just, not what I had been expecting.

Graphics: 6/10

Relatively decent at best, nothing beyond the verge of great or fantastic. Gun designs feel bland, so do levels, they consist mainly of opposite, but similar feeling rooms. You'll see a lot of the same enemies, I mean a LOT. It doesn't get anything but annoying killing the same exact identical person right after the other (and no, I don't mean by his costume, I mean, his face, everything about him is the same). It's almost like watching an army of clones running at you constantly. While you might be able to get past that, levels just don't immerse you too much into what a Bond game should (and usually does). Everything feels chunkier and blockier than a Bond game usually turns out to be.

Sound: 5/10

You might as well turn the sound off, it's bland, the soundtrack consists of a guitar playing hard rock music in most levels, but soft enough so you can hear the gunfire and such. Guns sound bland, and enemies taunts are the same, you'll hear the same thing shouted several times in each level. The voice acting for Goldfinger and other main characters is alright, but nothing that of a game using professional voice actors. It just became irritating after a while listening to everything over and over that I muted my T.V. at one point. Others might be able to get by this, but it drove me insane.

Controls: 7/10

A little bizarre at first, thanks to the new dual wielding feature. Yes, you dual wield in this game, because it uses the name "Goldeneye", so they decided to use the feature from Goldeneye, for the N64 (which if anyone remembers in that game) you could dual wield 2 same exact weapons. This game has you wield 2 of (most) any weapons. If you've ever played a PS2 First Person Shooter before, you might catch on to the controls rather quickly. Dual wield requires you to stand over a weapon, and hit X or Square to pick a weapon up, and X or Square (depending on what hand you want the other weapon in) to pick up another. Aiming on the other hand is extremely annoying and difficult to get used to. You see, EA decided not to center the Crosshair, but instead, put it higher up on the screen, so most of the time you'll nearly be looking at the ground when trying to aim. I simply went berserk when trying to adjust to this. I bet many others have too. If I do so recall correctly, you can customize SOME controls.

Fun Factor: 6/10

Overall, this game might hold the interest of a 10-12 year old longer than it would a teenager like myself (let alone an adult). When it comes right down to it, its bland, boring, just not exciting enough to hold someone's attention for a very long time.

The one neat feature was Goldeneye's "Goldeneye", which incorporates a neat idea. It uses 4 special functions you can use at any time in Single Player. One, for instance, lets you see through walls, another makes your melee attacks stronger. All this comes down at a price though, it drains energy from the golden eye's battery, so use these functions wisely.

Even though that's a creative idea, its novelty doesn't last very long. Some portions of single player will require you to use one of those powers to pass a certain point in a level, at other times they are plain useless. Single Player in Goldeneye: Rogue Agent is probably one of the most annoying portion's of a game I have EVER played. As stated, it's bland, boring, more of a shoot and stay alive rather than any creativity involved in level design, and the checkpoints are ridiculous I might add. It decides to save and restart you at some worst spots you could imagine. Lets say you just defeated a boss that took a good 3-5 minutes, and then move on to the next area, and die. You then choose retry, and it starts you from the area BEFORE THE BOSS, and you have to fight him ALL OVER AGAIN. I wouldn't recommended buying this game solely for Single Player

Online Multiplayer on the other hand isn't spectacular, but its good fun. The bad part is I haven't seen very many people play online, but enough so that you can start a game and have a full team of players. I don't think its community will last very long unfortunately, because this game hasn't been getting the best reviews.

So overall, it's not the game I expected, I expected more (and fun) gameplay, It didn't really deliver in my opinion.

Rent or Buy?
I'd suggest you rent this game and decide first. I'm glad I did. Being the huge Bond game fan I am, then seeing the bad reviews, I decided to try it first. I didn't enjoy it to the fullest extent I have with other Bond games

I give Goldeneye: Rogue Agent a 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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