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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Treecko1870

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    Sly 2: Band of Thieves
    September 21, 2004
    2.Legal Stuff
    3.Moves and Characters
    	a.Episode 1: The Black Chateau
    	b.Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
    6.Clue Bottles
    Hello! I'm treecko1870, here to help you with Sly 2!
    If you're ever having trouble with the game, come 
    look at this! Sly 2 is a fun yet extremely short
    (but I am really good at this game) game =). Ok,
    on to the legal stuff! *heroic music*
    2.Legal Stuff
    This Walkthrough is only to be used on gamefaqs.
    If used elsewhere, I will hunt you down! *gets
    3.Moves and Characters
    There are three playable characters in Sly 2. 
    They are:
    Specific Sly Moves:
    []=Swing cane
    O=Super Stealthy move. (when you see blue sparkles)
    Also to pick pocket enemies from behind. 
    R1=Hang Glider(Only if bought)
    Overhead Smash= Jump with X and then swing your cane. 
    Sly will swing downward.
    Dive Spin=Jump with X and then press ^. Sly will twist
    his cane above his head and fall downwards, attacking.
    Power-Up Whack=Hold down [] and Sly will pull back his
    cane and orange energy will glow. Release, and Sly will
    spin around, attacking enemies.
    Specific Bentley Moves:
    []=Swing Dart Gun.
    O=Crawl and sneak along walls with green flashes.
    ^=Drop Bomb.
    Murray Specific Moves:
    []=Punch. Throw enemy/item Murray is holding.
    O=Sneak along wall with pink sparkles. Also used to 
    pick up items and enemies on the ground.
    Roundhouse Punch=If you press ^ near an enemy when he
    hasn't seen you, you'll knock him in the air. Here you
    have two options. Press O to catch enemy, or press []
    to automatically kill enemy.
    Thunder Flop= Jump, and then press []. Murray will come
    crashing into the ground, breaking items and hurting 
    Basic Moves:
    X+X=Double Jump
    Left Analog Stick=Move
    R1=Run.Hold R1 down while moving with the Left Analog.
    Right Analog Stick=Rotate Camera
    ^=Juggle.Only for Murray and Sly. I guess Bentley
    doesn't have enough in him. O_o
    O=Activate switches, open doors, pretty much an action
    Select=Gadget Screen
    L1,L2,R2=Gadgets if assigned at Gadget Screen.
    Automatic KO's=When Sly or Murray, if you walk up to
    an enemy undetected, you can press ^ to fling the enemy
    into the air. If you then press [], you'll automatically
    KO the enemy. Although, it does make noise until you buy
    a power-up, so be cautious.
    Each character in Sly 2 has a Binocucom. A binocucom, 
    like its name, is sorta like binoculars, except more 
    advanced. Each character has different things in his
    Binocucom Controls:
    R3=Get out/put away binocucom.Move it in and out to zoom
    in and out.
    Left Analog Stick= Move around.
    Ok on to the sweet stuff.
    Sly's Binocucom:
    Sly has a one extra feature Bentley and Murray don't:
    He can take pictures!!! OMG ITZ PICTURZZZZ111111!
    Anyway, you'll go on multiple picture taking missions
    for Bentley to get information, so help him out and
    press the R1 button to take a picture.
    Murray's Binocucom:
    Murray, doesn't have anything special about his....
    But it's pink!!!
    Bentley's Binocucom:
    You'll be using the binocucom the most with Bentley.
    I 100% guarantee you.
    As you can tell, Bentley has a dart gun. You're 
    thinking,"WTF he isn't shooting!!!"
    Well you see, that's where the Binocucom comes in.
    You'll notice the target on Bentley's binocucom.
    If you press R1, you'll shoot a dart. This dart will
    knock out all guards it hits. But if you miss, guards
    will hear it and wonder whats up.
    Remember that.
    Now for some character history.
    Sly-Sly is the present member of the Cooper Gang. Sly
    met Bentley and Murray at an orphanage when the Fiendish
    Five killed his parents. Sly's whole family have been 
    thieves and became thieves from the Thievius Raccoonus. 
    The master of all thieves, Sly became one by defeating 
    Clockwerk and regaining the Thievius Raccoonus last game. Now ready to destroy
    To destroy Clockwerk once and for all, he goes to a 
    museum in Egypt to find and destroy the pieces. When he 
    finds them gone,he goes after the Klaww Gang to destroy 
    Murray- The brawn of the Cooper Gang. Murray is also the
    van driver for the gang. If there is anything that 
    involves pure muscle, Murray is perfect for the job.
    While he might not be bright, he's got Bentley and Sly 
    to help him with that.
    Bentley- The brain of the Cooper Gang. Bentley is the 
    one who plans all the heists. New in this game, he can
    also go out on the field to do certain missions. A 
    demolitions expert, he carries bombs with him to help 
    him. He also has a cross bow and sleep darts to help him
    out with the guards.
    Carmelita Fox- Police Officer in Paris. Always go after
    Sly and hunts him down. Has a trusty shock pistol she
    carries around with her. Flirts with Sly alot.
    Constable Neyla- British police officer. New to this 
    game, you first meet her when you meet up with 
    Carmelita. Mysterious, she seems to give Sly a hint on
    the Klaww Gang.
    Klaww Gang-Like the the Fiendish Five, is a group of 
    thieves and disturbers of the peace. The members are 
    Dimitri, Rajan, Jean Bison, Arpeggio, and one mystery
    member. They stole the Clockwerk parts, using them for
    their own need.
    Ok FINALLY, on to the walkthrough! *heroic music again*
    Hey! *chases after band*
    4. Walkthrough
    Finally after all those controls, which you probably 
    didn't even read -_-, we come to the Walkthrough!
    The Binocucom will come up and Bentley will be talking
    to Sly. Bentley tells you that you have to get to a 
    switch to let him come down from the elevator. So after
    talking to the "Lizard" you'll be back.
    Jump onto the drum-like thing ahead of you. You'll be 
    shot up. Land on the dinosaur bones, and continue til
    the edge. Jump onto the platform, and another cutscene
    will start.
    After Bentley hurts himself, Bentley runs over to the 
    security computer. He then takes out the spotlights,
    lasers, and security gate. When he's done, go over and
    Sly will congratulate Bentley. Bentley will then tell 
    you that you have to meet up with Murray.
    Walk down the hallway and break all the items with your
    cane. You're bound to get some coins. Coins actually
    have a point in this game unlike the last. You can buy
    power-ups with the coins. Don't worry about the guards, 
    they HAVE to be deaf. If you played Sly 1, notice the 
    pictures of the bosses. Anyways, at the end of the 
    hallway you should start to be getting outside. You'll
    then start talking with Bentley again.
    Bentley tells you where the Clockwerk parts are, and
    that to get to them, you'll need to meet up with Murray.
    Then he'll tell you the gardens are full of guards.Sly,
    being the classy cat..er...raccoon he is, says he'll 
    take the long way around, looking at the rope. Remember,
    X and then O is to go onto ropes.
    You'll then hear Bentley tell you that Murray must be
    late. Smash and get some coins and then after a while, 
    you'll hear "THUNDER FLOP!" Murray will crash through
    the glass, destroying everything underneath. After
    telling Sly the Thunder Flop only knew destruction, 
    he goes to open the gate. After awhile, you'll be able
    to go under. It's pretty funny that if you sit and don't
    go under, Murray will still keep it open...He must be
    When you go, you'll see another gate. Murray, being a
    show off, grabs a statue and chucks it at the barrier,
    breaking it. O_o. Anyways, he tells you he'll meet
    up with you later. Go onto the rope and continue inside.
    You'll automatically move ahead. Bentley, confused, 
    wonders where the Clockwerk parts are. He says that they
    have to pull the plug on the operation. At that moment,
    Carmelita and a purple cat come out of the coffins. Sly
    flirts like always and Carmelita wonders why Sly came 
    back to the crime scene. Sly, surprised, wonders who 
    stole the parts already. Then the purple tiger tells
    Carmelita that it might not have been Sly and that
    the evidence points to the Klaww Gang. Carmelita then
    calls her Neyla, telling us her name is Neyla. Sly
    sneaks out of the room while Carmelita and Neyla are
    arguing and Carmelita chases after him.
    When you gain control again, keep running forward.
    Carmelita will keep trying to blast you with her gun.
    Unfortunately, she didn't get A's on her shooting
    test. Her aim is crap. Anyways, continue moving. After
    awhile, Sly will tell Bentley and Murray to go warm up
    the van while he escapes. Continue running and run
    on the ropes. At the end, jump into the back of the van.
    You'll get into a cutscene, Sly talking about Carmelita.
    Then he'll start talking about Clockwerk and how he
    hated the Cooper family. Then you'll be told what the
    save icon is.
    Episode 1: The Black Chateau
    You'll see the members get ready. Then Sly will tell
    on how he found the Klaww Gang members. He tells how
    the first member, Dimitri, used to be a young painter.
    But then when he was rejected, he started remaking old
    paintings. Apparently, Dimitri has the Clockwerk tail
    feathers. You'll see Sly run into a building. That 
    building is the Safe House. The Safe House is a very
    important place. It's where you change characters and
    buy gadgets. You can see where the Safe House is on the
    map by pressing L3 to look at the missions and the Safe
    Sly will climb to the top of the Safe House. Then you'll
    talk to Bentley. He talks about how you go to mission 
    locations to get to goods on it. He also tells you about
    how Bentley is planning to get into Dimitri's 
    Make your way over to where the mission is. If you don't
    remember, press L3 to see all missions. Go to the 
    location, and Bentley will give you the goods.
    Mission:Satellite Sabotage
    Character: Sly
    Difficulty: Extremely Easy
    When you get there, Bentley will tell you that you need
    to get Dimitri's satellites pointing at the Safe House's,
    So Bentley can get some info. Climb up the pipe on the
    tower, and go to the satellite. You'll hear Bentley 
    talking and he'll tell you to press the circle button
    to do actions. You'll be doing this alot. After doing
    the first satellite, press L3 and you'll see the next
    satellite. Do this to find missions and objectives. 
    After the third one, you'll see the Safe House antenna 
    getting data from Dimitri's database. 
    End Mission.
    Ok. Anyways, Bentley will tell you that you need to sneak
    into the nightclub through an old wine cellar. From your
    position, jump off the roof onto the street. Watch out
    for the guard. Anyways when you get to the cellar, 
    you'll begin your second mission.
    Mission:Breaking and Entering
    Character: Sly
    When you get in, Sly will talk to Murray. Bentley sent
    him to help clear out the guards patrolling. When you
    get control back, continue forward until the guards see
    you. Then just start hacking at them with your cane.
    When the guards are cleared, Murray will lower the gate
    and tell you about double jumping. Double jump over the
    fence and continue. Avoid the lasers by going on when
    they aren't in an area. The second one covers all
    spaces. You're probably thinking,"WTF what am I gonna
    do?" Well, you see that table. Press the circle button
    while near it to crawl under it. Guards also can't see
    you when you're under a table, remember that. You'll
    get to a section with a flashlight guard. Go near the
    table and crawl under them. If you want, go up to the
    guard and press triangle and then [] to automatically
    KO him. Remember, he can't have seen you for this to
    work. The next guard rotates which way he looks. When
    he's looking over the other way, crawl under the table.
    Sit there and wait until he's looking the way you were
    before, then crawl through. When you get there, there
    should be a vent. Make sure not to break anything with 
    your cane though. If you do, the guard will hear it and
    come chasing. When you get out of the vent, Bentley will
    tell you about the One-Hit KO move that you already 
    know. Kill the guard and move on. Avoid the lasers, and
    then you'll get to a moving guard. Go up to him when
    he's looking the other way, and kill him. When I say
    "Kill Him" I usually mean One-Hit Ko. Now on this part,
    you have two choices. 1. Run through and kill the guards
    by just fighting. 2. Sneak attack them. Eitiher way,
    the guards will probably see you. Anyways, when all
    guards are dead, go onto the stage. Hit the air vent,
    and crawl through. You'll move to another screen. When
    you fall, you'll be in an air vent type thing, except
    bigger. Move forward and Bentley will tell you to
    take some photos. Press R3 and aim for circles. When
    they're green, press R1 when your cursor is in them.
    Take a picture of Dimitri, the generator, and then
    the tailfeathers. 
    End Mission.
    You'll then get into a cutscene. Bentley says he needs
    more info. He'll then tell you about the new missions.
    At this point, you have two missions you can do, both
    with Sly. Bug Dimitri's Office or Follow Dimitri.
    After arguing with myself, I've decided to do Bug 
    Dimitri's Office first. 
    Mission: Bug Dimitri's Office
    Character: Sly
    Difficulty: Easy (medium for beginners)
    When you get to the location, you'll automatically get
    the painting. Remember: If you take any damage, the
    painting will be destroyed. Climb up the pipe behind
    you and climb onto the roof tops. Press L3 to find 
    the location of where you're going. Continuing going on
    the rooftops, no guards can get you easily there. When 
    you get close, jump down and climb the pipe on the right
    of the patio. Sneak along the edge, and then when you
    get to the window, press O to get in.
    Bentley notifies you that the door is locked from the
    inside. He tells you that the next entrance is from an
    airvent. Go forward, sneak attacking the guards...er..
    janitors. Avoid being detected and then go past the
    lasers. Climb up the pipe, and sneak along the edge.
    Climb on the ropes, and sneak along the waterfall ledge.
    Hit the vent and go through. Swap the pictures and 
    listen to what Bentley has to say. Get the painting
    back in one piece. Also note, don't buy the power-ups
    in this level. They suck. Save your coins. 
    End Mission.
    Mission: Follow Dimitri
    Character: Sly
    Difficulty: Medium
    When you get there, Bentley will tell you that he 
    overheard that if you ring the bell, the coast is clear.
    So he tells Sly to ring it and follow Dimitri. So, ring
    it and you'll see your first shot of Dimitri up close.
    Make sure not to make noise near Dimitri, you'll be 
    caught and have to start ALL over again. At the 
    beginning, go up the ramp after Dimtri gets far enough
    away. There really is no walkthrough for this. Just 
    follow Dimitri on the rooftops. When you get to the
    place where the buildings end, climb the pipe on the
    water tower, and stay up there until Dimitri has gone 
    down the stairs. Stay there and then the mission will
    End Mission.
    As you can see, where the door is, there's a pink icon!
    Yup, you guessed it. Murray time! Head back to the Safe
    House and pick Murray. Remember, Murray can't climb and
    sneak like Sly can, so try hanging low a little bit.
    Get to the door and start the mission.
    Mission: Waterpump Destruction
    Character: OMG ITS NOT SLY!!! ITS MURRAY!
    Difficulty: Extremely Easy
    This is your first mission with Murray. Bentley will
    teach you the basics of throwing. Go up to the ice cube
    thingy and press O to pick one up. You need to chuck
    3, count em, 3 items at the laser thingy. Do it for the
    next one also and move ahead. When you see the enemy,
    go pick up an item and chuck it at him. Then run up to
    him and pick him up. Chuck him at the red lasers and
    you have some roast ham. Anyways, go through the section
    without being hit, grab the rats and chuck them into
    the bucket. After a few more, it should explode.
    End Mission.
    Bentley will then explain the new jobs that you have to
    do. You have multiple mission choices at this point. 2 
    with Sly, and 1 with Murray. I will be doing the Sly
    missions first but do whichever one you want though.
    Mission: Moonlight Rendezvous
    When you get there, you'll meet up with Neyla. She'll
    talk about how she's helping you and say that she needs
    to know if you can keep up....literally. Neyla will
    start running. Don't worry about the guards, just run.
    Hold down R1 while walking to run. Follow the gold light
    that follows Neyla. I can't really give you a 
    walkthrough, but if you have more trouble e-mail me.
    When its done, Neyla will tell you she has a key to the
    back door and only Sly can use it. 
    End Mission.
    You'll see that this mission is your first Bentley 
    mission. If you're so excited to use Bentley, go ahead.
    I'll be doing his level later on, so look there for 
    Mission: Theater Pickpocketing
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Bentley will tell Sly that he needs to destroy the 
    security by getting on the chandelier. Bentley tells
    him that the fans are the fastest way up. Sly says the
    fans are going so fast. Bentley tells you that you need
    to steal 6 fan keys. Each guard has a key that you have
    to pickpocket.
    Guard 1: The guard in front of you when you start is 
    Guard 1. Wait until he starts walking the other way and
    the just pickpocket him. Easy pickpocket.
    Guard 2: Go onto the wire to your left and wait there
    until Guard 2 walks by. Jump inbetween Guard 2 and 3 and
    just pickpocket. Don't worry, the only way of getting
    caught is making noise.
    Guard 3: You should see a little area that the guard's
    flashlights don't go on. Wait there until Guard 3 goes
    by, and then pickpocket the key from him. 
    Guard 4: After Guard 3, you should go through the 
    curtains. Take a left and climb up the pipe near the 
    stairs. Then walk on the pipe to the platform the guard
    is on. That is Guard 4. While he's watching a blank T.V.
    O_o, steal the key from him.
    Guard 5: Jump down to the ground and go right instead
    of left. Go up the stairs and you should see 2 guards.
    Those are Guard's 5 and 6. Guard 5 is the one going up
    and down the stairs. Wait until he's going up the stairs
    and Guard 6 is going the other way, then go and 
    pickpocket that key.
    Guard 6: After Guard 5, run over to the carpeted area
    near the mirrors. Go under the table there and wait for
    Guard 6 to go towards where you came from. Then go out 
    and pickpocket him as many times as you can. If you get
    all of them in, you'll probably not have enough time to
    go under the one you were under before, so run to the 
    back of the room and crawl under. Wait til he turns 
    around, go under the table in the middle again, wait til
    he goes the other way, and then you're free to go.
    Yay you got all 6 keys! Woohoo! Go get you and me a 
    Anyways, head back to the curtain. Wait til both guards
    go past, and head left. Climb up that pipe. Jump from
    thing to thingy, walk on the pipe, go up to the fan 
    control, and press O. Sly will turn off the fans, so
    you can get up to the chandelier.
    Head back to the pipe you climbed up, and look to your
    left. There are 2 fans. Climb each rope attached to each
    fan to get to the chandelier. Then press O to insert the
    splice clip into the security system. You'll watch as
    a cannon destroys the security. 
    End Mission.
    Mission: Silence the Alarms
    Character: Murray
    Difficulty: Easy
    Bentley will tell Murray that he has to destroy the 
    alarms so Dimitri doesn't find out about the heist will
    its being executed. You're gonna have to throw 3 items
    at the alarm. When you hit it once, guards will appear
    and start attacking  you. I don't think they ever stop
    unless you run away. So do that whenever you destroy an
    2. To get to the second one, go along the roads closest 
    to the river. Keep going and press L3 if you can't find
    it. It should be on the side of a house near the river.
    Use the newspapers from the stand to hit it. Destroy it,
    and move on.
    3. The third alarm is near the fence you jumped over
    while chasing Neyla. Press L3 to find a better view.
    After destorying alarm #2, jump onto one of those bouncy
    things and head onto the rooftops. Keep proceeding on 
    the rooftops til you get to a dead end. Jump down to the
    right, and proceed forward. The alarm should be right in
    front of you. When you destroy it, you're done with the
    End Mission.
    Mission: Disco Demolitions
    Character: Bentley!
    Difficulty: Easy
    When you start, go bomb the laser fence by pressing 
    triangle to drop one. Then shoot the guard ahead with
    a sleep dart. Bomb him, then bomb the laser fence. 
    You'll understand that you have to bomb the 4 pillars 
    holding the disco ball up. 
    1. Jump off the platform to your left. Press L3, the 
    pillar is right in front of you. Bomb it and move on.
    2. Go up the other platform and sleep dart the guard.
    Bomb him, and then bomb the pillar to the right of you.
    3. Bomb the laser fence and then sleep dart the guard.
    Bomb him, sleep dart the second guard, and bomb him.
    Look to your left and jump onto a small little platform
    thingy and bomb the third pillar. 
    4. This one is easy. Just proceed forward and to your 
    right should be the 4th one.
    When you're done, you'll hear Sly tell you that half of
    the peacock sign's bolts flew out when the ball dropped.
    End Mission.
    Mission: Operation: Thunder Beak
    Characters: Sly, Murray, Bentley
    Difficulty: Easy
    Head out as Bentley. Go down and to your right should be
    Bentley's symbol. You and Murray have to get to the 
    water tower. Go on to the roofs. Its alot faster and you
    won't be hurt. When you get there, kill the guards near
    the water tower. Then jump in to Murray's arms by 
    jumping and pressing O. Aim for that little hole with
    Murray, and then put down a bomb with Bentley. Go back
    down, and then get thrown by Murray again. Then head 
    You've got to get the water flowing out instead of in.
    To do that you have to turn 5 switches. 
    1  3  5
    O  O  O
     4   2
     O   O
    #=Order of turning
    When you're done, you'll switch to Sly. You have to 
    pickpocket the truck keys from the repair man. Follow
    him, but don't worry about the rats, they'll take a 
    right when the repair man takes a left. When you're 
    done, run back to the fountain and Sly will give the
    keys to Bentley and Murray.
    You're back to Bentley. Press L3 to find the truck. If
    you remember where the third alarm was in the Silence 
    the Alarms mission? Well the truck is there. When you
    get to the truck, this part is done.
    You'll be flashed back to when Sly gave the key to 
    Bentley and Murray. You'll have to climb to the top of
    the peacock sign. When you start, turn around and jump
    on to one of those bouncy things. Take a left on to the
    rope. Walk on it and then jump off the balcony on to the
    platform below. Sneak along the edge and climb the pipe.
    You'll now have to shoot the hook to Sly. Aim it up at
    him and then fire. You'll be Sly now, and you'll have 
    to protect the truck from guards. Slide down the wire, 
    and start attacking the guards. After awhile, the sign
    will fall and Sly will jump in.
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Dimitri's attack is to shoot purple projectiles at you.
    To avoid them, go behind the canisters or pillars. When
    he tries to do his 4th shot, it should backfire. While
    he's trying to fix it, run up to him and start smacking.
    Smack him once, back away, attack, back away. Repeat 
    that so you aren't hit by his melee attacks. Do this 
    three times and Dimitri runs up to his machine. Sly hits
    him into the money maker and Dimitri's plans are ruined.
    You'll see a movie about Carmelita arresting Dimitri and
    the gang playing cards. Episode 1 is complete!
    Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
    Sly tells you that you need to go to India for your next
    Clockwerk piece. He'll also tell you about Rajan. He's a
    tiger who started his own spice business. He's having a
    ball in his palace to show off his Clockwerk Wings. 
    When you start, go towards the river. Avoid the elephant
    guard, and go to the right. You'll get into a convo with
    Bentley about the Ninja Spire Jump. To do it, Jump and 
    press the O button near pointy objects. Spire Jump the
    rocks and sneak along the edge. The proceed to the 
    Mission: Recon the Ballroom
    Character: Sly
    Difficulty: Extremely easy
    Bentley tells you that he finally found a way to get in
    undetected. Sly says he'll get there by the 
    the nifty branch transportation!
    Walk back a little and there should be a tree. Jump and
    walk on the branches starting from that tree all the way
    to the door.
    When you get inside sneak up to the curtain. TO THE 
    CURTAIN! Do not go on to the balcony or else you'll die
    and have to start the game over again. No I'm kidding, 
    but don't go out on to the balcony. Press R3 to take out
    your binocucom and start takin those pictures.
    End Mission.
    You'll be taken back to the Safe House. Now you have two
    missions you can do. They are: Lower the Drawbridge and
    Ballroom Dance Party. I'll be doing Ballroom Dance Party
    Mission: Ballroom Dance Party
    Character: Sly
    Difficulty: Easy!
    When you get to the door, Sly will ask to get into the
    dance party. The guy will tell him that he has to have
    a tux to get in. Bentley tells you to go to the Guest 
    house to see if somebody over packed. Head to the Guest
    House. Its the house on the little island seperate from 
    the main area.
    When you enter, Bentley recommends that you should check
    every room for a part of the tux. There are five pieces.
    1. Climb the pipe near your position. Jump from light to
    light. Go left first. Jump along the wooden planks, 
    killing the cobras while you go. When you get to the 
    end, drop down and go through the door. There's a goat 
    guard standing on the bed platform and a rhino going back
    and forth. I'd KO the rhino and then just deal with the 
    goat guy. The first piece is in the carrier with the 
    2. Go out the back door of the room. Bounce up, and kill
    the guard. Go over the bridge like thing and drop down
    to the other rooms patio adjectant from Room 1. When you
    enter, there are two small guards on the floor you're on
    and two on the upper one. Sneak attack one and just kill
    the other ones. Destroy the drawer type thing to the 
    right of the bed to get the second part of the tux.
    3. Go out the door you came in. Bounce up and then go to
    the next balcony to the right of the last one. When you
    get in, there should be a rhino standing still and two
    smaller guards near the bed. KO the rhino and just kill
    the smaller guards. Hit the drawer near the cabinet and
    mirror near the bathroom to get the third piece.
    4. Go out the door you came in from. Jump on to the 
    building across from you. Jump down to the left and jump
    on top of some fruit. Then jump on to the next roof. 
    When you go through the door, there should be a guard 
    going back and forth. Watch out for cobras. KO the guard
    when he goes past. Then destroy the suitcases nearest to
    the bathroom. You'll then get the 4th piece.
    5. Now to go to Rajan's room. Go out the door you came 
    in through. Bounce up to the roof and KO the guard. Go
    across the bridge thing to the left and drop down to a 
    big balcony. Enter the door and you're in Rajan's room.
    There should be a guard straight ahead. Go on the 
    chandeliers next to him and jump on to platform that
    the guard is on. Kill him and destroy the cabinet to 
    your left after killing him. Now you have all 5 pieces!
    End Mission.
    From this mission, head back to where you went to start
    the last mission. Since you have a tux, he lets you in.
    Mission: Dominate the Dance Floor
    Character: Sly
    When you come in, Bentley says your disguise is working 
    perfectly and you have to dance with Carmelita during 
    the heist to distract her and the crowd. Bentley says 
    that the only problem is that she's picky about dance 
    partners. When Sly talks to Constable Neyla, she doesn't
    recognize him at first, but then figures it out. You'll
    have to dance with her to impress Carmelita. This is a
    mini-game type thing. You have to memorize the button 
    order, and then press it at the same time when it does
    it over again. Here is the order:
    Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    Triangle, Triangle, Circle
    Circle, Triangle, X
    Circle, Triangle, Circle
    Triangle, X, Triangle
    Circle, Triangle, X
    Triangle, Triangle, Square
    X, Triangle, X
    X, X, Triangle, Circle
    Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle
    Triangle, Circle, Triangle
    Triangle, X, Circle, X
    Circle, Circle, Circle, X
    Circle, Triangle, X
    When you're done, Carmelita will come up and compliment
    Sly. Sly asks if later they could have a dance. 
    Carmelita accepts.
    End Mission.
    Mission: Lower the Drawbridge
    Character: Sly
    Difficulty: Easy
    Murray and Bentley can't spire jump like Sly so the only 
    way he's going to be able to get in the palace, is by the 
    drawbridge. The problem is, the drawbridge is raised. So
    with Sly, you have to lower the drawbridge. The only way
    to lower it is to pickpocket 5 keys from 5 different 
    guards. Then unlock it and lower it. 
    1. Jump down on to the pole sticking out of the side and
    jump on to it. Jump off and you'll see the first guard 
    standing there. Pickpocket him, and then KO him.
    2. Get back in to the palace as you always do. Head 
    forward over the bridge. Jump on to the first bouncy 
    thing you see and then on to the shade thing. Then jump 
    on to the fruit bags and then on to another shade thing.
    Then second guard is at the building in front of you.
    Spire jump on to the yellow thing and then double jump 
    far enough so the flashlight doesn't hit you. Ring the
    gong and then pickpocket him while he's just standing
    there. Watch out for other guards attracted from the
    gong too though.
    3. Go forward towards the gong until you get to the 
    fire thing. Keep going forward and you'll notice that 
    Guard 3 is looking forward and not moving. We're going 
    to have to go through the back door. Jump off on to a
    shade thing. Then kill the guard, and jump off. Go over
    the bridge and then go jump up to the Great Wall looking
    thing. Go right and climb on the vine. Get off and then
    pickpocket the key from the guard. Kill him and then 
    for Guard 4.....
    4. Head over to the island like place where the Guest
    House is. Guard 4 should be going back and forth on 
    the bridge. When he turns around pickpocket him and then
    kill him. If you KO him though, the guards around you 
    might hear it so be prepared to run.
    5. Stay on the island and keep moving forward. Jump on 
    to the rooves and get to the balcony of Rajan's room. 
    There is the last and final guard. He is patrolling a 
    little space, but that's no problem as the guards in 
    this game don't turn around like in real life. 
    Pickpocket him while following behind him. Make sure 
    to follow right behind him.
    When you've got the last key, head back to the 
    drawbridge winch and lower it.
    End Mission.
    Mission: Battle the Chopper
    Character: Murray
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    This is the first mission you get to use a cannon in!
    Yay! Anyways, when you get there. Bentley will tell you
    that you need to destroy the chopper so the skies will
    be clear for the heist. 
    You use R1 to fire and the left analog stick to aim.
    If you shoot too much in a row, it'll overheat and 
    you'll have to wait for it to cool down. 
    Anyways, when the copter shoots missles at you, shoot 
    them before you shoot the copter. I can't really help
    you out that much here.
    End Mission.
    You'll be taken back to the Safe House where Bentley 
    will explain the few missions left.
    You can now pick from 3 missions. Two with Sly and 1 
    one with Bentley. I'm going to be doing the Bentley 
    mission first.
    Mission: RC Bombing Run
    Character: Bentley
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    This is your first RC Copter mission. To drop bombs, 
    press the X button. To steer, move around the left
    analog stick. 
    Bentley will tell you that you need to destroy the Air
    Defenses so you have clear skies. What you do here is
    bomb the jeep like crazy and make sharp turns to avoid 
    the jeep's missles. 
    End Mission.
    Mission: Elephant Rampage
    Character: Sly
    Difficulty: Easy
    Bentley will tell you that you have to find a way to
    get the elephants out of their cages. The reason he 
    wants you to get the elephants is because they have hard
    jewls on their crowns. Crawl under the building and just
    crawl around. The elephants will fus and then they'll 
    burst out. Go back outside and you should see them 
    running around. To get a jewel, you're
    going to have to jump on an elephants back and 
    repeatedly smack it with your cane. If you see the 
    elephant's head rise up and it makes a noise, jump. It
    will make it's trunk go where you were standing. There
    are 6 jewels total. Stay on the roof of the elephant 
    building, the elephants go around there alot. After you
    get all 6, the elephants will be put back in their 
    End Mission.
    Mission: Boardroom Brawl
    Character: Sly, Murray
    Difficulty: Easy
    When you get in there, Bentley will tell you that you'll
    have to open the security fences. To find the code to 
    open it, you're going to have to find it under one of
    the tables in the room. Kill all the guards that you 
    see without them seeing you. The code is obviously under
    the last one in the hallway. After getting it, head to 
    the panel and press O to enter the code. Then flip the 
    switch next to the vault. 
    You'll see Murray and Bentley come through a door. 
    Bentley will say that he needs to hack both computers to
    gain access to the electronic winch. Your job is to 
    protect Bentley while he's hacking. He has to hack three
    times at each computer. You're Murray now, so it's easy 
    to kill the guards.
    After that's done, they'll talk it over and then you'll
    End Mission.
    Bentley will then tell you the plan and then it's time
    to execute it!
    Mission: Operation: Hippo Drop
    Characters: Sly, Murray, Bentley
    Difficulty: Easy/ Medium
    Start out as Bentley. When you get to the mission, 
    you're going to have to blow up the bridge to attract
    the guards' attention. 
    You're going to have to place a bomb on every cleat on
    the lower level and then every cleat on the higher 
    level. This is an annoying mission. Rocks will fall down
    from the bridge and try to hit you. Try not to get hit.
    Well, at least it has awesome army music.
    You're now with Sly. After a small conversation with 
    Carmelita, they begin to dance!
    Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    Triangle, Triangle, Circle
    X, X, Triangle, X
    Circle, Triangle, Square
    Triangle, X, Triangle
    Triangle, Circle, X
    Circle, Circle, X, Square
    X, Triangle, X
    X, X, Triangle, Triangle
    Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle
    Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle
    Triangle, X, X, Triangle
    Circle, Circle, Circle, X
    Triangle, X, Circle
    Now you'll be the RC Chopper again. Murray has the 
    Clockwerk wings and is running to the Van. With the RC 
    Chopper, you've got to bomb all the guards trying to 
    attack Murray. When he gets to the van, this heist has
    been pulled off.
    You'll then see a cutscene about how Carmelita blew her 
    cover after the dance and started making arrests. Rajan,
    who's reputation was destroyed, had to flee.  He's now 
    hiding deep in the jungle. The gang headed to Bollywood.
    They snuck Murray on to the set of an Indian musical.
    Sly was worried about Rajan though.
    Chapter 3: The Predator Awakes
    Loot is new to this game. There are three items in 
    every episode sitting on pedestals. If you get them back 
    to the Safe House without getting hit, you can sell it
    for coins. You press O to pick it up. Starting at the 
    second episode, there are booby-trapped loot. This kind 
    of loot has a time limit that you have to get the loot 
    to the Safe House by. If you don't get it in time or get
    hit, it explodes, damaging Sly. Here are the loot!
    The Black Chateau:
    1. From the Safe House, head right. Run along the rooves
    until you get to that fenced place. Jump on to the car 
    and over the fence. Jump on to the speaker and then on 
    to the rope and head on to the monument type thing. Run 
    along the South-Western rope. On the balcony should be
    the first loot, Ivory Jewel Box. It sells for 205 coins.
    2. Loot #2 is in the same designated area that Loot #1 
    was in. From the nightclub back door Bentley went 
    through for Disco Demolitions, head right a little. The
    second loot should be there on a pedestal. It is the 
    Crystal Chalice and can be sold for 153 coins.
    3. From the Safe House, this time head left. Run along 
    the rooftops until you get to the water tower. Climb up 
    the pipe you used to get to the Bug Dimitri's Office 
    job. But instead of sneaking along the building, run 
    along the rope behind you. That should lead you to the
    last loot, Jade Vase. It can be sold for 246 coins!
    In all, you can get 604 coins from loot in this episode.
    A Starry Eyed Encounter:
    1.From the start, take a right. You should go off the 
    grass on to some wooden platforms. Jump from platform to
    platform. Walk along the vine and then your first 
    booby-trapped loot, the Burial Urn, should be in the 
    little cave. You have to run it back to the Safe House 
    before time runs out. You can easily beat this with 25 
    seconds left. The Burial Urn sells for 354.
    2. Go over the drawbridge or spire jump around. Take a 
    right and head over the bridge to the island where the 
    Guest House is. Go straight and then left or right, both
    ways lead to the same place. Keep going, and you should 
    find the second loot, Ming Vase on a pedestal. The Ming 
    Vase sells for 249.
    3. Proceed in to the palace area. Go straight until you
    go over a bridge. Take a left and go up some stairs. 
    Then jump on some fruit and then a bouncy thing and you 
    should be on a roof. Kill the guard there and jump on 
    to the Palace roof. Climb on the vine on the right side 
    of the palace and jump on to the second balcony. There 
    should be the last loot, Ancestral Kite, which sells for
    You can get a total of 910 coins from loot in this 
    Rest of the episodes coming soon!
    6. Bottles
    For help finding the bottles, take a look at 
    YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel's FAQ. 
    7. Gadgets
    Each character has 8 gadgets, each being different. 
    Here they are...
    Sly's Gadgets:
    1.Smoke Bomb
    2.Combat Dodge
    3.Stealth Slide
    4.Alarm Clock
    6.Silent Obliteration
    7.Thief Reflexes
    8.Feral Pounce
    Murray's Gadgets:
    1.Fists of Flame
    2.Turnbuckle Launch
    3.Juggernaut Throw
    4.Atlas Strength
    5.Raging Inferno Flop
    6.Berserker Charge
    7.Guttural Roar
    8.Diablo Fire Slam
    Bentley's Gadgets:
    1.Trigger Bomb
    2.Size Destablizer
    3.Snooze Bomb
    4.Adrenaline Burst
    5.Health Extractor
    6.Hover Pack
    7.Reduction Bomb
    8.Temporal Lock
    Sly's Gadgets...
    Smoke Bomb: Sly puts down his cane and smoke comes out.
    If you're being chased by guards, you can use this so 
    the guards can't see you anymore. The thief meter will 
    go back to normal. 
    Combat Dodge: Sly can jerk suddenly to avoid enemy 
    attacks. Press the button it's set to and a direction.
    Stealth Slide: Not sure. Will find out soon.
    Alarm Clock: Sly throws an alarm clock that makes noise
    and attracts nearby guards. Is required for some 
    Paraglide: Required to finish game. If you press and 
    hold R1 while in the air, Sly will pull out a paraglider
    and float.
    Silent Obliteration: Makes the KO move not as loud. 
    Still makes little sound so don't do it TOO close to 
    enemies. Doesn't have to be equipped.
    Thief Reflexes: Goes in slow-mo. Good for avoiding 
    projectiles and other things. Equip to buttona and hold
    it down to use.
    Feral Pounce: Sly jumps a far distance. Assign to button
    to use. 
    Murray's Gadgets...
    Fists of Flame: Press button to use. Makes Murray's 
    hands on fire for a few seconds. Does more damage than
    usual to enemies.
    Turnbuckle Launch: Hold and then let go of button to 
    use. Murray jumps REALLY HIGH. Pretty useful if you ask
    Juggernaut Throw: Not sure. Will find out.
    Atlas Strength: Can jump while holding something. 
    Works automatically. Pretty useful.
    Raging Inferno Flop: Not sure but I'm guessing it makes
    fire while you belly flop. I'll find out for sure.
    Berserker Charge: Murray charges forward. Assign to
    Guttural Roar: Don't know. Will add later.
    Diable Fire Slam: Don't know. Will add later.
    Bentley's Gadgets...
    Trigger Bomb: Bentley throws a bomb that can be remote
    detonated. Press assigned button to throw and then press
    it again to blow it up.
    Size Destablizer: When you use it, it lasts for a 
    limited time. When you hit enemies with your crossbow,
    they shrink in size. 
    Snooze Bomb: Bomb that puts enemies in an area asleep.
    Press button to use.
    Adrenaline Burst: Makes Bentley run really fast. Sucks 
    up gadget bar as long as its active. Assign to button.
    Health Extractor: Can take health from enemies. Don't 
    know much about this gadget.
    Hover Pack: Bentley can jump higher. Happens 
    Reduction Bomb: Bomb that shrinks all enemies around it.
    Assign to button. Press to aim and press again to throw.
    Temporal Lock: Freezes time around enemies for a limited
    time. Assign to button.
    Those are all the gadgets.
    I'd like to thank Sucker Punch for a great game. 
    I'd like to thank YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel for a bottle
    You can contact me by e-mail at Icee5000@aol.com or talk
    to me on AIM. My sn is Icee5000. If you're gonna talk to
    me, tell me you're from Gamefaqs. I'll talk about Sly or
    anything else.
    Sly 2: Band of Thieves, it's characters, and everything 
    are a trademark of Sucker Punch. I do not own any of 
    these things.
    So I hope you enjoyed it!

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