I need help at the Opera House....Anyone?

  1. I found a site that said I had to talk to a guard to get a WW2 gun out of a jacket pocket, head into the bathroom on the right, take out a worker in green drags, put his gear on, head out, go around to the right and head through the door. Make ur way to an actors dressing room but wait for the guard in black to head into a bathroom before heading in the actors room. Hide in the closet, wait till the actor stops playing with the prop gun and leaves. Then come out of the closet, swap the prop gun for the real one and head out of the room. Go through the double door across the way and head up the to the top of the stairs where another guard in green drags is. THIS IS WHERE I'M HAVING A PROBLEM. The instructions says you have to knock this guy out, drag him someplace, head through the door, place the bomb and back out to the bathroom to collect YOUR suit. Then head back out of the bathroom, go down the stairs in the main hall and stand on either side of the double doors here. Usually u'll see the actor with the real gun unknowingly kill the 1st mark. But when the 2nd mark gets up...what do u do then? I'm confused. These instructions say when the 2nd mark trips and falls THATS when u blow the bomb and the mission is complete. All u have to do now is casually walk out the door where the mission started in the 1st place and u can move on. Every time I do exactly what these instructions say to do it never works. So I go back and do it all over again hoping I did it this time. HEEEELLLLP!

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    i finally got through it after all this time. i gave up for a REALLY long time and just took it back up a few days ago. what i did was after taking out the 1st 2 targets i went up to the 2nd floor above the stage, waited for a guard to leave the area, quickly picked a lock and went inside a door. of course after leaving a bomb on the chandelier. Wait til the 2nd target was "accidentally" assassined by his co-worker on stage and the final target to get up from his chair, run and trip on stage. Immediately blow the bomb. you're mission is complete.

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  1. Get the real gun,swap it for the prop gun,wait until alvaro dies,when delahunt goes to the stage,quickly open the lights room by the key card from the second floor from the back,then when you open the lights room,take him out by killing him with your sniper.


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  1. Dude thats the hard way of doing the mission what you do is you go into the bathroom and wait for the worker guy to come in and than strangle him than go to the door on the otherside of the place were you get the old ww2 gun and there is a door go down the stairs and kill the other worker and put his body in the box thing that is there and walk through the dood and turn lefa a little and go to the metal door and pick the lock (not the door to the locer room) than go down the stairs and into a hallway and go through the first door on 47s right and go up the stairs and into wewr the actors rooms are take a left than a right and go through a dig doubble door and than there should be some stairs to 47s left go up to the top and walk around the platform thing until you see a thing that says place bomb place the bomb than walk through the door pass the top of the light(the thing that is sticking up from the ground and down th vertical stairs and walk around that platform until you see a hole in the floor and blow up the bomb (only if the opra guy is still on stage)blow the bomb and the ambassater will come running to the stage shoot him with watever gun you want and tham run to the exit.

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  2. Ah, you're doing what I'm doing!

    the things is that there are 2 Bomb place. 1st is the Big lamp hanging in the middle of the room and 2nd is the 'Lamp' above the stage. The moment that the 2nd mark fell you press the switch and VIOLA! there goes the lamp, the 2nd mark and his bodyguard.

    if you decide to put the bomb above the stage, you should wait until the 2nd mark comes into the stage, hug the 1st mark dead body and Boom! there goes the Lamp, the 2nd mark, his bodyguard plus the 'shooter' actor.

    by the way, if you didn't knock the guy, there are possibilities that he'll caught up in the explosion.

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  3. Hello I'm new on gamefaqs.com ^_^. Anyway... I see that you have a problem with this level... I'll tell you a "tip" to do it in "Silent Assasin" Rank. Here is the "Tip" :

    "Beat Curtains Down with "Silent Assasin" Rating"

    First, get your coat from the officer in the front desk. You will retrieve a WWII pistol. Next go to the bathroom and wait for the construction worker in the green. When he comes sedate him with the sedative, take his clothes, and then hide his body in the container. Then, run down to the first floor, take a right and go down the stairs where the construction worker in white is painting. Go straight through the hallways, and once you get to the room with another construction worker take a right to the big doors. Keep going straight and follow the signs on the doors that say stage. Once you get to where it splits into two doors take the one on the left. It should be the men's locker room. Keep going straight and exit that room. Take a right to where there is a guard sitting. There is two doors in front of him; enter the one on the right. Hide in the closet. Wait for the actor to come to his room where you are. Wait for him to leave. Walk towards the mirror and press "x" when it says to place the real gun. Take his prop gun. exit his room run through the big doors and run upstairs. Go through the door. Place a bomb where the rope is. Now go all the way back to the main lobby. Go back to the bathroom and change back into your suit. Wait for the end of the play. He should be shot for real and after 15 seconds the ambassador should come running out. Follow the ambassador he should trip. When he does blow the bomb and escape. The chandelier should fall on him if you time it right.

    I got this tip by a friend of mine. I hope you get a wonderful time with the game ^_^.

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  4. Here's what you should do in oreder to take out the man watching the show walk to his door with a bomb in the toolbox (after taking the man in green drabs clothes and putting a bomb in the toolbox) and then when they stop you drop the toolbox and walk away, then blow the bomb after that you can switch out the fake gun for the real one like you said in your message.

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  5. Also, another way to take out Delahunt, get your W2000 Sniper rifle and go to where you place the bomb for the chandelier, the really big one that falls on Delahunt if you do that method, go past the winch that holds up the chandelier and climb down the other ladder at the end. You should be in some sort of pathway that goes in circles and there should be a hole in that floor nearby, take out your sniper rifle and climb down it, also hold L1 when you get down there, makes it harder for the guards and cops to spot you. Press R3 until you enter the scope mode and aim between some of the floorboards, find the space between floorboards that shows Delahunt and shoot him, then when thats done, climb up the bars you used as a ladder and wait for the 'Tension' meter to go to green, put your sniper away while you wait and thats 1 mark down, 2nd one well thats simple, do what Hasent said.

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  6. You guys are doing it wrong i beat the game already now listen its very simple get the silver ballers walk to the seats in the opra shoot the first target run out go to the second floor kill the guards kill the second target and haul but to the glass doors where you began.

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