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    FAQ/Walkthrough by YuGiOhFm2002 / YuGiOhAngel

    Version: Final | Updated: 05/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       i:i:i:                   i:i:i:
                      i: .....,,:,.      .....,,:,.  i:
                    i:            .....,,:,.           i:
                  i:     .....,,:,.                      i:
                 i:                   .....,,:,.,i,       i:
                 i:  ::i::::,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,::ii;7SSXi     i:
                i:   :.:,:::,:,:,,,,,,,,,,::iii:;7XS;      i:
                i:   :,::...        .,,,,::iirr;XSaZSi,,   i:
                i: , ::i:,..       ..,,,::i;r77XSa8W8S77   i:
                i: . .:;i,,.     ....,::ii;rrXXSaa8Ba;r2:   i:
                i: i  .ri,,..       .,:;7SXXrrXaZ80WaiXBX   i:
                i:    ,X7;:.     :irr;i,..:728008aaZS:;2;   i:
                i:  . ,XXXXri,:,,,  ,;7XXXSaa2S22a0MWZSS    WMa;i:
                i:  . ,7r7Saa2S7;ir7X7XS2aa2SS28WMMMB8aZ    ;@  i:
                 i: , ,7rri:,,;XS2SXXXrr;77SBMMMBr;XSra@r  0MBW0Si:
                i: :  :a22ZZ2XXrr7777X280W@@8S77X20WM22Br ,MMWMX:i:
                i: MM :2XXS22S2a8000BW0Z2SX28BWB0Z8ZW7 ;r  8MMMZ i:
                i:WMW iaSXSXrirX7r7X7rXZWMMWZXXXSSZaBX  ;.  MMM8 i:
                i: WM  7iir20MM@MMWWW@BaX7;;;rXaZZX,S2  :   2MB i:
                 i: W  r:.;X: .i7S22X77Xr:;r2Za7i,i;@M  :   SMr i:
                 i: W :i   :ir;:   .ir7XXXSSX7;i2@M@MM7:;   ZM, i:
                  i:  8MBSr,irX2aZZ2SX77a@WB@MMMMMMMMMMM@   XMXii:
                  i:  ,MMMMMMMMWB88ZS72B@MMMMMM@@@@W@MMB@r  XMa0i:
                  i:   MMMM@MMMMMMMMMMMMM@@MMMMMMMM@@MMWM7  i:i:i:
                    i: 7MMMMMMMMMMMMMBMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWBB8@7   i:
                     i: S.2WMMMM@8a7,  7@WMMMBW@@B@@W0B0W. . i:
                     i: 7r.    ,i;i.X  ZM8BWB8800Z0@@W@@0.;S i:
                      i: MMZaSX;r;r7S iZMZ8Za2aaaa8WMM@B87M8  i:
                      i: ;M0BX2ar:XXi. 80@W0aSSSaZBM@B8aWMMa  i:
                      i:   iWX7; 7MaXi 80MMMW8ZaaZ0WBaZ8@MMi; i:
                       i:   r8XrXMM  ,.i70Z2BMM@@MMMWaZB@M@i0 i:
                       i:    M0SMMr   .i2@M@@MW0B@WM2ZWMMMSSM  i:
                        i:   S8@Mr8MM@WMMMMMMWWBB0MBa8BWMZaMM, i:
                         i:   aMM :r8MMMMMMMMMM@W8MZZBBWW2BMM;  ZS
                         i:   :MMWMMMMMMMM@@MMM@W8MaZBW@20@MMZi  M7
                         i:    M@aZ2X;. rWM@@MM@@@WBBBBB@WMMMMr  0M
                         i:    MX2Xa8MMMMMMMMM@@@WWWBW@MMMMBZi  WMa.
                        M :r:   BM@aBMMMMMMMMWW@WWWWWBWMMM@ZS2SXSMM882
                       MM   7aa  S@02i,iirX2a8BM@BW@MMMM@088800Z0MMW08B0
                      .M      MM2 ;08a22X7XaZ0WM@WWMMMMMW88080a8@MMWB00BBS
                      MM        MMX8a88800BWWW@MM@MMM@@WW008ZaSMM@WWWBW@@BZr
                  :i iMM          @MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@WBB0008ZX8MMBB@M@WWW@@BZ2
               72SX  WMM            ZMMMMMMMM@MMMMM@@WW0008ZZZMM@WW@@@@@W@WWB8
           :7XX7S2;. MMM             MMMMMMM@@@MM@@WWWW0888Z0MM@@@@@@@@@@@WW0Z
        7X2ZaXSa22i.7MMM           SMM8WMMMMM@@@@MMWWWB000Z28MMM@@@@@@@@@@WWWB
        Z8MZraa8Za.iW@WM          8MM2;aBMMMMMMBBM@WWWB0ZSa@M@@@@WWWWWWWWWWWWW
        a20WZ2Z08ZZ88W8M     MMM   0M2W72@MMM          SMBBBBWWWWWWBB008ZZZZ88
        8Z2Sa0WW0Z8B0BZMM  rMM      MMMMMMMM           MM8Z0WWWWWWW@@MMMMMMMMM
        MMMM@B000000B@0MM MM       ZMBW@aaM           MM@BW@@WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
                  Hitman: Blood Money
                  Demo Walkthrough
                  For PS2
                  Final Version
                  Copyright 2006 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel
                  (If you Email one of us or both of us)
                  (Please add Game Name or Guide Name in Subject.)
                  (to let us know which game you need help with.)
                  First Created : 5/5/06
                  Last Revised on : 5/15/06
    Table Contents
    I. Legal Info
     II. Introduction
       III. Demo Walkthrough
           Area: Gift Shop
           Area: Theater
           Area: Theater Restroom
           Area: Office
           Area: Gangster Hideout
    ============================I. Legal info=================================
    This document may not be altered, copied, published, sold nor reproduced for
    profit in any way shape or form without advance permission from me. Use of
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited. If you steal any part of this Guide, FAQ, you will be
    punished to the full extent of the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really
    detest it. If you do Email us for our permission, We have nearly no problems
    in allowing you to post it on your site as long as full credit is given to
    us (YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel), and you are not charging or profiting off
    of Gamers/Users to access it directly or indirectly in any way shape or
    form. However, you may print this document out if it is for your own personal
    use. If you see a site using this without our permission let us know. 
    % II. Introduction %
    This Demo/game is from the PS2 Jampack Vol. 14 Demo Disc. We figured we would
    put this together to help any of those that might be having trouble figuring
    out fast enough what to do before the dreaded invisible demo timer runs out
    and resets your game (on a side note the note on the controls screen is
    wrong at least for the PS2 demo it is because you don't need to reset the
    system to exit the game just let the game sit for awhile and it will take you
    back out to the list of game demos eventually). If you have played the
    previous games in the series the demo should be fairly easy for you. This is
    intended more for those that have NOT played any of the previous games in the
    series but we hope it will help anyone it can. You will need to do most of
    these steps as fast as you can even though we don't say it or you may end up
    running out of time and not reach the end of this demo.
    Training Level Amusement Park
    1. Quickly make your way up the pier ledges and to the front gatee of the
    Amusement Park. I figure you don't need much help finding the front gates
    and I say to do this quickly due to the Demo Timer that you can't see is
    counting down. The timer may end your demo abruptly before you get to finish the
    it just to warn you in advance.
    2. Once you reach the front gates wait in front of them until the guard walks
    closer to talk to you.
    Scene (Push Triangle to skip the Scene if you want)
    3. Now that you have entered the gates go into the Gift Shop door to 47's
    Area: Gift Shop
    4. As you enter this building go to your right and go around the corner of
    the wall in front of you near the counter before equipping the coin.
    5. You should see an open window here with a sign just outside of it that
    has a target on it.
    6. Throw your coin towards that target to get the guard just outside the
    window to your left moving towards that target.
    7. Quickly exit out of this Gift shop through the door behind you and enter
    the door of the Theater up ahead.
    Area: Theater
    8. Now you have a choice here:
    a. Use the Fiber Wire on the Gangster tormenting the lawyer at the other side
    of the theater before using the red trellis you see at the right side of the
    room (I recommend doing this only because you get the ammo and you will need
    as much ammo as you can collect for the pistol a bit later).
    b. Climb over the boxes at the right side of the room and climb up the red
    trellis just ignoring the gangster.
    9. Once you reach the top of the trellis climb over the railing in front of
    you to jump to the balcony across the way.
    10. Pick up the shotgun near the far wall of this small room in front of you
    (use the shotgun on the gangster if you didn't already fiber wire him).
    11. Now you have another choice:
    a. Shoot the closed door of this room to open it.
    b. Pick the lock of the door.
    12. Once the door is open quickly shoot the two guys counting money here at
    the table.
    13. Once they are both dead go over to one and drag him over to either of the
    big trunks in this room to dispose of the body (be sure to pick up the guns
    the dropped to add to your pistol ammo amount).
    14. Close the lid on that trunk and then do the same dumping the other body
    in the trunk you haven't used yet to dispose of the second body.
    15. Now head over to the closet at the corner of this room (just to the left
    of the locked double doors you can see).
    16. Once you are hidden a Chemist will enter the room (take notice of the
    keycard that he drops).
    17. Exit the closet and you will have a choice here:
    a. Shoot the Chemist.
    b. Use your Fiber Wire on him.
    18. Once he is dead go over to the body and change into his clothes (be sure
    to drop your 12 gauge at this point if you picked it up).
    19. Quickly go through the doors he came in from and use the keycard on the
    keycard reader that is just to the right of the door to 47's left.
    20. Go through the opened door and slowly walk (tilt the analog stick forward
    slightly) along this walkway past the guard up ahead (if you don't the guard
    will start shooting at you and the guys from down below will also start
    shooting at you). Be sure that you holster your weapon also before walking
    along this walkway.
    21. Once you get past the guard go into the first opened doorway to 47's
    22. Pick up the gun on the box to add to the ammo amount and then face the
    Baking Soda green crate on the floor to your right.
    23. Place your weapon into it and then pick up the crate.
    24. Walk out of the doorway and continue down the walkway to 47's left.
    25. Walk up to the guard you see guarding the double doors up ahead to let
    him use his metal detector on you.
    26. After he has cleared go into the double doors he is guarding (close the
    doors after you enter the room just incase).
    27. Take the pistol out of the crate after you put it down and then equip the
    Fiber Wire (you can pick up a hammer if you want to the right of the elevator
    shaft on a small table).
    28. Go into the elevator shaft here and walk over to the edge of the opening
    into the elevator car to get a Strangle button option at the upper left of
    the screen.
    29. Strangle the guard and then drop down into the elevator car.
    30. Exit the elevator car and go over to the utility/power/junction box on
    the wall to your right.
    31. Use that box to disable the lights and then go around the corner to your
    32. Go along the edge of this room towards the Men's Restroom sign (you can
    run if you want as no one can see anyways) you see up ahead and when you
    reach it go to 47's right to go towards the Men's Restroom (if you want you
    can use the hammer or fiber wire on the guys in this dark room so that you
    don't have to shoot them later but shooting them was more fun for me).
    33. Enter the first door to this room and equip your pistol (this is the part
    you will need that extra ammo if you didn't do anything to the guys in the
    previous dark room but you may not need it if you are a good shot but if you
    are not you will be glad to have some extra ammo for the pistol).
    Area: Theater Restroom
    34. Enter the next door and grab the guy using the urinal for a human shield.
    35. Go down the hallway just behind that urinal and shoot the 3 guys at the
    table here.
    36. Once you have dealt with them continue to hold your human shield and move
    towards the table the guys were at before facing towards the hallway you just
    came from.
    37. Shoot the 3 guys that show up from the room you turned the lights out in
    and then once you are done with them knock out your human shield.
    38. Quickly climb up the ladder you see here (near the table) and go into the
    small room in front of you at the top of the ladder.
    39. Pick up the rifle suitcase on the floor here and Equip the suitcase to
    Equip the Sniper rifle.
    40. Go over to the small opened window and there are three guard you need to
    shoot from here (you can deal with them in any order you like):
    a. First guard you should aim at is on the platform on the left side of the
    Ferris Wheel.
    b. Second guard is on the rooftop just to the left of the Ferris Wheel.
    c. Third and Final Guard is usually standing just below the hamburger sign
    but sometimes he is walking to the right or left of that building.
    41. Once you have shot all of them leave this small room.
    42. As you exit this room go to 47's right onto the broken walkway and
    out of the doorway you see to 47's right.
    43. When you come out of this door you have a choice here:
    a. Walk along the narrow portion of walkway to 47's left and climb down the
    drain pipe.
    b. Just drop off the broken portion of walkway to 47's left and take a little
    44. Head for the double doors that says "Office" above it and enter them.
    Area: Office
    45. As you enter go over to the small coffee table you see near the stairs
    and take the syringe.
    46. Make your way up the stairs and pick up the shotgun shells if you want
    even thought you can't use them before going over to the corner of the wall
    to see the two people talking here (don't get to close or you might be
    47. Once they are done talking the guy will go over to the little balcony to
    the right.
    48. Get behind him and push him (R1) over the railing.
    49. Quickly go into the office and go over to the desk with the drink at the
    left edge of it.
    50. Equip your Syringe and use it on the drink.
    51. Quickly leave the room the same way you came in or hide in the closet
    near the desk and wait for the Secretary to take a drink.
    52. Once she drops the bottle exit the closet and enter the Mr. Clarence's
    53. Shoot him or use the hammer you picked up on him and then pick up the
    photo he drops (you don't need to pick up the photo but I figure might as
    54. Go over to the opened window at the far side of the room and go out of
    55. Go over to the case between the cardboard boxes to 47's left and take the
    remote bomb and remote from it.
    56. Follow this walkway to the open window at the other end of this walkway
    and enter that window.
    Area: Gangster Hideout
    57. Place the Remote bomb on the winch (the mechanism that is holding the
    light fixture above the guys talking below) you see at the far side of the
    balcony to 47's right (aim for the winch area until the cross hairs turn red
    and then place the bomb).
    58. You have a choice here:
    a. Use the remote after you move away from the bomb of course.
    b. If you still have your sniper rifle shoot the guy on the bed in purple
    down below after he shoots the guy from the front gates you saw at the start
    of this demo and then use the remote to blow the bomb.
    59. It does NOT really matter which way you do it because either way you
    will need to equip your Pistol and kill the last remaining guy.
    60. Go down the stairs near the winch and use the door with the "Exit" sign
    over it at the far left corner of this room to end the demo or use the door
    to the right of that door it doesn't seem to matter.
    Congratulations you have now completed Hitman: Blood Money DEMO.
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    Sorry if we missed listing you, but as long as you are not listed below and
    you got our go ahead to post you are fine. If we find a site that wasn't
    given our permission they will be added below.
    Site(s) that can NOT use any version, update or parts of this walkthrough or
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    having an illegal copy of this walkthrough without our permission.
    Copyright 2006 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel

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