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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Anago

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/23/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This FAQ is Copyright 2006, by Matthew Walter
        ###  ### ######## ####### ####      ####  ######  ####   ###   
        ###  ###   ####     ###   #####    ##### ###  ### #####  ###   
        ########   ####     ###   ### ##  ## ### ######## ### ## ###   
        ########   ####     ###   ###  ####  ### ######## ###  ##### 
        ###  ###   ####     ###   ###   ##   ### ###  ### ###   ####  
        ###  ### ########   ###   ###        ### ###  ### ###    ###
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            b    b b      b    b b    b b    b
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            b    b b      b    b b    b b    b
            b    b b      b    b b    b b    b
            bbbbb  bbbbbb bbbbbb bbbbbb bbbbb 
    				    #  ##  
    	                      ####   #   ###
           "MERCES              #####   ##    #####
                              ######   ###     #####
                              #####            ######
                                #####           #######
                                  #####         ######
                          .        #####      ####
                        ###          ###     ####
                     #######        ####    ####               .
                    #########      #####    ####             ###
                    ####################    ######         #####
                    ####################    ###################
                     ########    #######    ##################
                       #######     #####    #####     #######
                         ######      ###    ##         #####
                            ###       ##    .          #### 
                              #        .             ####
                              .                  ######          LETIFER"
                                    MM     MM MMMMMM MM     M MMMMMM M     M
                                    MMM   MMM M    M MMM    M M       M   M
                                    M  M M  M M    M M  M   M MMMMMM   M M
                                    M   M   M M    M M   M  M M         M 
                                    M       M M    M M    MMM M         M
                                    M       M MMMMMM M     MM MMMMMM    M
     Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough for Playstation 2
        Written by: Matt Walter
            E-mail: Anago@hotmail.co.uk
           Version: 1.00
              Date: May 31st 2006
     Copyright (c): 2006 Matt Walter
                                 HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY
                        "Merces Letifer" : Death as Business
     1.0 Contents
     2.0 The Basics:  2.1 Controls
                      2.2 Game Screen / Display
                      2.3 Movement  
                      2.4 Actions
                      2.5 Fighting
                      2.6 Features
     3.0 Tips and Hints
     4.0 Full walkthrough: 4.1 Death of a Showman
                           4.2 A Vintage Year
                           4.3 Curtains Down
                           4.4 Flatline
                           4.5 A New Life
                           4.6 The Murder of Crows
                           4.7 You Better Watch Out ...
                           4.8 Death on the Mississippi
                           4.9 Till Death do us Part
                           4.10 A House of Cards
                           4.11 Dance with the Devil
                           4.12 Amendment XXV
                           4.13 Requiem
     5.0 Weapons
     6.0 Upgrades
     7.0 Version History 
     8.0 Copyright Information
     1.0                             INTRODUCTION
     Having bought and completed this game on the day it was released (I really
     didn't have anything better to do, and nor should any of you), and given that
     I now have 5 months of glorious Summer holiday before I start Uni, i decided
     I would try my hand at writing a walkthrough, and what better than writing 1
     for the culmination of the Hitman series.
     Bearing in mind that this is a new venture and given my lack of any ability
     in computer expertise, any contributions or corrections will be welcome at
     my email address. This guide covers the 'Normal' difficulty level, and I
     have tried to give a guide for the best possible rating (Silent Assassin).
     A word of warning, as there isn't a great deal of story line in these games
     (being honest), most of the spoilers you are you'll get are going to come in
     the missions, so if you're not prepared to read something you'd not first
     experienced, then don't blame me. I would recommend that this guide be used
     as an advisory as how you could do each mission, hopefully to the best of my
     ability, and due to the nature of the game, there'll obviously be a plethora
     of different ways to complete each mission, so this isn't the be-all end-all
     of mission guides. If you are not truly stuck then try exploring the levels,
     something that is punished less in this game than in any of it's previous
     incarnations, as solving a problem is all the more satisfying when you do it
     without help.
     I havn't included various Easter Eggs which can be found in the game, you can
     find these yourselves you lazy fellas, or just look on most messageboards,
     they're probably there. Finding these are the fun of really playing a game,
     so I don't like to spoil things!
     Enough preaching though. Blood Money cast you as a callous cloned assassin,
     'Agent 47', 'The Hitman' who kills certain targets for a cash payment, as the
     title suggests. These 'hits' play out in a variety of places, but mainly in
     different parts of mainland America, as 47 found himself fleeing to a new
     country as 'The Agency', the middle-man, came under attack from other hitman
     agencies. This is the context of Hitman: Blood Money.
     Hitman: Blood Money is certainly a contender for the best game 
     in the series, with new game engine and re-vamped enemy A.I., and with
     the new innovative ways you can perform the 'hits', such as framing it as an
     accident and the like, and all new actions, such as disarming armed opponents
     and using enemies as human shields when backed into a corner.
       and so, without further ado:
     2.0                               THE BASICS
     2.1                                CONTROLS
            L2 Button: Open/Close Map               R2 Button: Reload Weapon
            L1 BUtton: Crouch/Sneak	               	R1 Button: Fire/Use Weapon
    							   Close Combat
            Left/Right Button: Scroll through maps
    	      		   Scroll through inventory
               Up/Down Button: Zoom Sniper Scope/Binoculars
    	       	           Scroll through actions/items
               Right Analogue: ~ Tilt: Aim / Rotate camera angle	
                               ~ Press: Switch View mode (3rd person/1st person)
                Left Analogue: ~ Tilt: Walk / Sneak (when used with L1)
                                       Note there are 4 speeds of moving normally,
                                       on how far you tilt the left anaolgue
                               ~ Press: Throw Item (Hold and release)
     BUTTON PAD (?):
                   [X] BUTTON: ~ Tap: Carry out action
                               ~ Hold: Action list
            [Triangle] BUTTON: ~ Tap: Drop Item
                               ~ Hold: Exit Map/Legend
              [Square] BUTTON: ~ Tap: Holster/Unholster Weapon
                               ~ Hold: Open Inventory (release to close again)
                   [O] BUTTON: ~ Tap: Pickup item
                       ~ Hold: Pickup List (release to pickup item)
                Select BUTTON: Access Mission Briefing / Intel
                 Start BUTTON: Pauses the game / access ingame menu
                 ~ Button Commands taken from the game manual
     2.2                           GAME SCREEN / DISPLAY
            |                                                                   |
            |     [Tri]                                             W__N__E	    |
            |                     	   4.  |!|                      '  '  '	    |
            |   1.   [Sq]                                              5.	    |
            |                                                                   |
            |      [X]                                                          |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                |                                  |
            |                           7.	- -                                 |
            |                                |                                  |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                                                   |
            |                                                                   |
            |     _______                                      ___________      |
            |    |       |                                    |           |     |
            |    | 2. 3. |                                    |     6.    |	    |
            |    |_______|                                    |___________|     |
            |                                                                   |
     1. Current Command Buttons:
     This is a new invention into the Hitman series. Whereas before you selected a
     given action from a list with one button, now any action you can do will be
     displayed next to a button in the top left of the screen. When more than one
     action is available then a small arrow will appear below the command,
     and you can then hold the button to scroll down a list of actions available.
     The [Triangle] button is used for dropping items, the [O] is used to pick
     up items or change costume, while the [X] button is used to perform actions.
     2. Health bar:
     Displays remaining health for Agent 47. When it is completely empty Agent 47
     3. Threat meter:
     A staple of the hitman series, the threat meter determines how the guards
     react to Agent 47. When it is empty, everyone will treat Agent 47 as a normal
     civilian. He can generally run around without raising suspicion. When it is
     half full the threat meter will be yellow, and this indicates that the guards
     have seen something suspicious and will go on alert. Here running around
     may increase the bar until it is full or any really suspicious action will
     blow Agent 47's cover. When the meter is full it'll turn red, which means
     any guard present has seen through Agent 47's disguise and shoot on sight.
     The threat meter will decrease over time if Agent 47 acts normally, or hides
     from the guards, another thing that is new to the series but long overdue. If
     Agent 47's cover is blown or the threat meter is yellow, then changing 
     disguise can decrease the guards' suspicion.
     4. Information indicator:
     When new information becomes available this will appear at the top of the
     5. Compass:
     This shows the direction in which Agent 47 is headed.
     6. Weapon Indicator:
      hen a Agent 47 is holding a weapon, it'll show up here, with information on
     clip size and total rounds left.
     7. Crosshairs:
       This indicates where Agent 47 is aiming. When the crosshairs are red, you 
     are pointing the gun at an enemy. White otherwise.
     2.3                                 MOVEMENT
     In this game Agent 47 moves more fluidly and naturally around the maps, and
     can now jump obstacles and climb walls. The graphics are much improved, and
     47 actually walks down the individual steps now. It's the little things that
     Moving Around the maps:
     47 can be moved around by tilting the left analogue stick in any direction,
     and moves relative to the viewpoint. By tilting the analogue stick different
     amounts, 47 can move at different speads (walk, slow/fast walk, run). When in
     sneak mode, 47 will either shuffle on one knee or do a crouching walk.
     Low walls/objects:
     To increase the immersion in the environments, 47 can now climb on or over
     low obstacles. To do this simply continue tilting the left analogue stick
     towards them. For higher boxes, 47 will jump and then pull himself up onto 
     the box.
     Ladders/Trellaces/Drain Pipes:
     To climb up or down any of the above things, tilt the analogue stick toward
     them to hold on, then tilt it up or down to climb up or down respectively.
     Moving along ledges:
     For narrow ledges, Agent 47 presses himself against the wall and shuffles
     along. He does this automatically as you approach a narrow ledge. He can't do
     this anywhere, as per Solid Snake, however.
     Jumping Balconies:
     If there are two balconies close enough together, 47 can jump between them by
     simply walking toward the gap and holding the left analogue stick in the 
     right direction. Much simpler than it used to be.
     Climbing In/Out of windows:
     I found this the most annoying of the new actions to get the hang of. When in
     front of an open window, 47 can climb through it. However, you can't do it in
     1 fluid motion like the other actions. Move up to the window, let go of the 
     left analogue, and then tilt it towards the window to get 47 to climb 
     through it. Maybe this was just me ...
     2.4                                 ACTIONS 
     All the same actions are open to our Hitman in this game, with a few added
     extras, which is fine by me. You can now distract guards and shoot off any
     locks, which can be helpful when the right situation doesn't show itself or
     you're in a hurry. 47 can now also dispose of bodies he's sedated or taken
     out, which is useful to keep everyone else unsuspecting, and is required
     to get the highest ranks at the end of levels. These are all covered in the
     tutorial mission.
     'Ingression' techniques:
     Lock Picking:
     If a door is locked, when approaching it the command will show as 'Pick Lock'
     47 will proceed to pick open the lock and open the door. If guards see you
     doing this they won't open fire immediately, as before, but will run up and
     tell you to stop. Lock picks can be upgraded to make this faster, but 
     generally it doesn't take as long as it used to.
     Shooting locks:
     If you're in too much of a hurry to pick a lock, you can always shoot it off
     while risking nearby guards hearing you. It'll also decrease your rating at
     the end of the level. Simply take out a gun and aim the crosshair over the 
     lock. I don't think I ever actually used this, so there we go.
     Key cards:
     Some doors are fitted with card readers next to them. This means that they
     can't be picked or shot open and to get through them you'll need the relevant
     card. Just walk up to the card reader and press [X], if you don't have the 
     right card then an info thing will pop up to tell you. These are annoying as
     Peeking through locks:
     If you want to check out a room before entering, you can crouch in front of
     the door and press [X] to peek through the keyhole. The view's limited
     so this is rarely useful, but is good if you're on a harder difficulty where
     the guards aren't marked on the map. Better to open the door and use the 
     camera to peer around the corner.
     Talking to people:
     In some levels Agent 47 can talk to barmen or receptionists to get info or
     certain items. To do so walk up to a person and press [X] to initiate 
     Hide in closets:
     Yup, that's right, Agent 47 can now hide in closets if he so chooses. Useful
     if you want to hide until a guard walks by, or if you're waiting in a room
     for someone. Simply walk up to the closet and press [X].
     Distraction techniques:
     'The coin':
     If you want to distract a guard or move him away, you can throw a coin. You
     have an unlimited supply of these in your inventory automatically, so that's
     fine. To throw the coin, select it from the inventory, and then hold and then
     release L3 to throw it.
     Light switches:
     In most rooms, the Hitman can turn off lights at a switch. This supposedly
     makes you and perhaps bodies within less visible. If a guard is in the room,
     he'll automatically go over to turn the light on, so this is a good method
     of distraction. Simply walk up to the light switch and press the [X] button.
     Breaking utility boxes:
     These are boxes marked by a lighting bolt on your map in Normal or Rookie
     difficulties. Breaking these will generally cause a guard to come out and fix
     it. Use it in a similar way to the light switch technique.
     The 'misplaced' weapon:
     Nice email from Mike Kozar neatly encapsulated the uses of the old misplaced
     weapon. I mentioned somewhere that if you drop a weapon, civilians and guards
     have the annoying tendency of picking them up. Well you can use this to your
     advantage, either by dropping them, and then sneaking up on said victim while
     their back is turned, or you can simply sneak past them. Mike also suggested
     guards take any weapons straight to the guard's room, thus locating the CCTV
     tapes for the level, but I havn't tested this yet, so take with a pinch of
     salt, and don't email about lost weapons, they're gone fellas!
     Subterfuge techniques:
     One of the main actions of the game, 47 can dress in the clothes of a target.
     This will allow him to enter restricted areas freely, for example entering a
     building by dressing as a guard, or the kitchen by dressing as a chef.
     Note, generally there are places where each disguise can not go. To do this,
     walk up to a dead or sedated button and press the [O] button. It also allows
     you to openly carry the weapons that the person would be allowed to: A hammer
     if you're a builder, larger weapons for guards or soldiers etc.
     Disposing of bodies:
     If bodies are found, be they dead or sedated, then guards will be more alert
     and the threat meter'll fill easier. This means that when you take out a mark
     it is prudent to hide the evidence. You can either drag the body into a dark
     corner or room, or hide them in foot lockers or freezers or the like. To do
     this, drag the body up to the disposal unit, Press [X] once to open the lid,
     again to dump the body, and a third time to close the lid. If the hit looked
     like an accident, then you don't need to hide the bodies to get a good rating
     2.5                                  FIGHTING
     Agent 47 now has way more moves to protect himself when backed into a corner.
     The close combat system allows him to use his bare hands to take out targets,
     but be warned this generally leaves splashes of blood around, and makes noise
     that can alert the guards. In the case of the fibre wire of course, the kill
     is completely stealthy.
     Close Combat Techniques:
     Knocking out targets:
     When you're in front of an unarmed target, Agent 47 can first headbut them to
     stun them with a press of the R1 button, then knock them cold with a punch 
      with another press.
     Disarming targets:
     If you're in front of an armed target, then pressing the R1 button will cause
     47 to wrest the gun from their control. The gun can go off during the 
     struggle, which raises a bit of a racket.
     Concealing weapons:
     Smaller weapons can be concealed about the Hitman's body. To see if a weapon
     is concealable, check the inventory for the weapon's list of stats. Concealed
     weapons can be discovered by a frisk or detector. If 47 is holding any
     container, such as briefcase or tool box, he can conceal weapons in there. 
     This means they won't be discovered by a frisk.
     Shoving and neck pinching:
     If you come upon someone from behind when unarmed, pressing R1 while moving 
     will shove them to the ground. Alternatively, if you are stationary when you
     press R1, 47 will perform the nerve pinch on their neck and render them
     unconcious, but I actually havn't been able to replicate this from the first
     time I did it, so maybe the game was glitching, take it with a pinch of salt. 
     Close combat weapons:
     The fibre wire:
     Of course what hitman game could be complete without a customary fibre wire.
     The fibre wire allows 47 to stealthily kill targets from behind without any
     blood or gunshots. To use it, sneak up behind a target while holding the R1
     button to ready the wire, then release it to strangle the victim. 47 performs
     a variety of kill methods that seem to be totally random, and are not
     respective to any button presses you may perform at the same time as
     strangling any hapless victim. If you climb onto of an elevator, you can
     strangle anyone below by looking at them and pressing the [X] button when the
     fibre wireis selected from the inventory. The fibre wire can never be 
     detected by frisksor metal detectors.
     As with the fibre wire, these can be used for stealth kills by sneaking up
     behind unsuspecting targets and pressing R1, though note this causes a trail
     of blood and splashes all around. Alternatively you can hurl the knife at a 
     target by holding the L3 button, aiming at the victim, and then releasing it.
     There are two main types of syringes, the lethal one, which will kill the 
     target, and non lethal one, which will stun them. If stunned victims are
     disposed of, they will not wake. I'm unsure about this, but if left to lie
     around there's a chance they will wake up before the end of the level, but I
     have yet to see this. Certainly in Normal mode guards sedated at the start of
     the level won't wake up before the end. 
     The syringes can be applied directly to the target in the same way as the
     knife and the fibre wire are used. Alternatively, you can poison food or 
     drink by brandishing either type of syringe, placing it over the food, and
     then pressing R1 when the crosshairs are red.
     Weapon techniques:
     Human Shield:
     Useful when outnumbered in enclosed spaces, you can now get Agent 47 to grab
     guards as human shields. Other guards won't usually shoot at you then unless 
     they see a clear target, though I have had a few that were killed when I was
     holding them. To do this, sneak up behind a guard with gun in hand and press
     the [X] button. Fire and reload as normal. To release the shield, press [X]
     again to knock him out, or [Triangle] to shove him face first to the ground.
     Remote Bombs:
     Mines can be placed inside suitcases or tool boxes and then detonated later
     from a safe distance. Use the place item to command to put a mine inside the
     carrier, and then use the detonator to detonate it. This is noisy and can 
     cause the deaths of innocents, use with caution.
     Blood money introduces a new system in performing your hits, that of making
     them look like accidents. The plus of this is that they don't count as kills,
     so I incidental deaths don't affect your rating. Also bodies found after
     an accident don't count towards the 'bodies found' category at the end of the
     mission I've found. Even better, any civilian killed in this way will not be
     deducted from your final pay. 
     Further to this, G.I. suggests that you can sedate civilians or any
     particular target, and then throw them off ledges, and their deaths will
     count as accidents. I have yet to try this, but it seems plausible enough to
     add in. Feel free to experiment, it's the name of the game.
     Rigging Bombs:
     The first kind of accident is to cause heavy objects to fall onto happless
     targets below. This can be accomplished by walking up to where they are
     tethered, and when prompted pressing [X] to place the mine. Detonate with the
     detonator as always. Be warned that any guard or civilian too near the blast
     will obviously be killed, and this counts towards your total. Lure them away
     by throwing coins or simply sedate them and hide their bodies safely.
     Apparent Suicide:
     This is where you push a target that is standing close to a railing or long
     drop over the edge of the fall, making it look as if they committed suicide.
     Simply walk up behind the target and press R1 to shove them over the edge
     Using the surroundings:
       Always look to see the ways in which 47 can interact with his surroundings.
     Stoves can be broken to cause explosions when used. These are particularly
     effective as you can simply rig the accident and then leave the area, not
     limited by the detonation range on the rigged bombs.
     2.6                                 FEATURES
     Hitman: Blood money has several new features outside simple gameplay. The most
     notable of these is the use of money to upgrade weapons and bribe guards, and
     also the new 'Notoriety' system, both of which reward stealthy hits with little
     collateral damage.
     First of all notoriety affects how you play. When your notoriety level is at
     a minimum (0/100), you can enter levels normally, without being recognised.
     The higher your notoriety level, the harder it is for47 to blend in with
     disguises and in his suit, until it's nearly impossible to perform stealthy
     hits. Notoriety increases when you leave witnesses to your crime alive or
     un-sedated, or you get caught on CCTV cameras and don't destroy the evidence,
     and generally all the other factors totted up at the end of misisons. Your
     notoriety is reflected in the papers you see at the end of a mission. Perfect
     kills leave the police with no clues as to your appearance, & the more noise
     you make in the hit the more facts they are able to divine.
     All is not lost however, notoriety can be reduced by placing specific bribes
     at the end of each mission. There are three levels of bribe, one that reduces
     your notoriety by 15 points, one by 40, and the last by 100, no matter how
     you caused the notoriety level:
      --> Bribes: Bribe Civilians - $50,000 - Notoriety decreases 15 points
                  Bribe the police - $100,000 - Notoriety decreases 40 points
                  Obtain New identity - $200,000 - Notoriety decreases 100 points
     If you repeat a mission, then your notoriety at the end will be the least
     you gained on any of your tries. If you replay a level and for example to
     collect all the guns, and end up in a situation where you would have a higher
     notoriety level, your current notoriety level will NOT increase, which is
     definitely a good thing.
     Payment and Fines:
     Money in Hitman is payed at the end of the mission. You'll get the set fee
     for carrying out the contract, and bonuses for any of the optional objectives
     you achieved. Fines are awarded for leaving the scene of the hit without
     your suit ($5000 ... where does he buy these?) and leaving custom weapons on
     the scene of the hit ($5000 per weapon I think, I could be wrong).
     Fines are also included for killing off innocents on the level. These include
     any civilian or police casualties outside of accidents.
     Extra money is rewarded depending on how fast you complete the level.
     If you replay a mission, you will only recieve the difference between the
     payment then and when you last completed the mission, i.e. your highest score
     for any given mission.
     Spending the money:
     As mentioned, the money you earn can be spent on new cleaning up after your
     last hit, but it can also be spent on upgrading any custom weapons in your
     possession. These weapons are standard throughout the game, and can't be
     lost (you're only fined if you leave it on the scene). A full list of these
     upgrades can be found in the upgrades section of this walkthrough.
     During a mission, you can also pay for intel by accessing the briefing screen
     with the select button, and then choosing 'Buy Intel'.
     3.0                              TIPS & HINTS
     1. Explore the level
     If you can't seem to get to grips with a given level, take time just to walk
     around. There are never any time limits, even in the Mardi Gras level, so
     take the time just to walk around. On most levels there are a few areas you
     access in just your suit, but with the right disguise you can wonder freely
     almost anywhere. Often exploring rooms presents a simple solution, albeit 
     stumbling accidentally onto a stove you can saboutage
     2. Read the Briefings
     While a lot of it is filler, there can be some hints given away in the notes
     in the briefing, such as the habits of the target or their possible 
     whereabouts. You can use this to plan your hit.
     3. Use the Map wisely
     The Map is an essential tool. On Normal mode, it displays the whereabouts of
     all the guards, and some of the environmental devices, such as the utility
     boxes. When in doubt, locate the '!' points and see if there is anything
     you can use. If you're on normal mode, you can watch the map from a safe place
     to learn the patrol routes of the guards, and where your target is likely to
     be or where he is going.
     4. Use the saves properly
     On normal difficulty, you have 7 saves, on harder ones either 3 or none. If
     you save at the right place, it'll stop you replaying the entire mission
     again just to experiment with the next bit. By saving first, you can try out
     one method, and then reload if it fails. Simple but can be overlooked.
     5. Take your time
     While it may seem easier just to walk in and blast away, in the long run 
     you'll end up losing the stealth bonuses at the end of the level, and then
     having to continue with a notoriety level 10 feet tall. As well as this, even
     from the earliest levels the guards are armed with powerful weapons, and two
     or more of them can easily take down Agent 47.
     6. Accidents are key
     Thanks to the new accident system, it's possible to kill off a load more
     people on any given level without affecting your rating and how well you come
     away from the level. If you push guards or civilians off ledges, then this is
     counted under the 'accident' total at the end of the level, 
     and not under 'kills' or even 'bodies found'.
     7. Don't Underestimate distractions
     Distractions are very useful in either relocating a guard to a more helpful
     out of the way place, or used so that you have the oppurtunity to sneak up on
     them. Light switches in particular are useful, as someone will come to turn
     it back on, and they'll always have their back to the room when they do,
     giving you the chance to sneak up behind them and sedate or wire them into
     oblivion. Tried and tested.
     8. Beware civilians
     Try not to take any guns that you won't need or are going to get confiscated
     with you on any mission. While it seems like you can just drop them and come
     back to pick them up later, if you try it you'll find that some citizen
     picks them up for you. On this note if you kill someone in an open gunfight,
     civilians often pick up their guns and continue where they left off. It's 
     hard being a Hitman ...
     4.0                                WALKTHROUGH
     Here I'll provide a walkthrough of each level as I saw it. This is not to say
     that I'll cover every single possibility and method of the kill, as Eidos
     have pretty much ensured that this is impossible! However, I'll provide a
     method that is sure enough to finish the level, and where possible to get the
     Silent Assassin rating and the bonus cash. On most levels there is a place
     where your weapons will be confiscated, so generally I've completed the level
     without bringing anything more than the Silverballers with the upgraded 
     silencer function for quick and stealthy kills. Most often there could be 
     an easier method than mine involving the sniper rifle, but I'm only human!
     4.1                        TUTORIAL: DEATH OF A SHOWMAN
     ---> Weapons: Not carried forward
     ---> Rating: n/a
     ---> Briefing: n/a (Assassinate the Swing King in Southland Park)
     This is perhaps the most in depth tutorial mission around, so there should be
     little difficulty here. Neither weapons nor ratings count towards the rest of
     the game, so don't feel the need to try and collect them. There's only 1 way
     to do this mission, though don't feel you are obliged to follow the guidelines
     as you can just stroll through the mission killing people anyway you want. 
     You won't fail as far as I know
     First scroll through the tutorials, and then turn left and head south towards
     the upraised pier. Climb the ledge, then walk up the tilting bench to the 
     pier. Proceed towards the main gates ahead of you, and wait for the guard to 
     After the scene, check the photo in you inventory, then turn left and head in
     the gift shop. Follow it round to the right, and when prompted, select the
     coin from your inventory and throw it through the open window. The guards
     shouldn't be able to see you inside the gift shop, so no need to sneak. When 
     the guards have turned their backs, walk across the square to the theatre
     On entering the theatre, hold the L1 button and sneak up to the guard with 
     the fibre wire at the ready. Kill him and take his gun (SLP.40). Leave the 
     lawyer and climb the red trellace that is to your right. Jump across the 
     balcony and approach the door.
      Next you have to clear the room. Pick the lock, but be ready to draw your 
     newly acquired pistol, as the door will open automaticall and the gangsters
     will start firing. Drag their bodies and dump them in the two foot lockers
     found in the room, after picking up what ammo they had on them and was on 
     the table.
     Hide in the closet, and when the chemist enters, either jump out and shoot 
     him, or sneak up behind him and fibre wire him if you're worried about ammo 
     (you shouldn't be). Take his clothes and keycard, no need to hide his body
     Leave the room by the door the chemist entered with, and use your keycard on
     the door on the left. Cross over the walkway until you reach a door on your
     left. Your threat meter may be in the yellow after the fight, so it would be 
     a good idea to walk this bit. Anyways, enter the room half way around the 
     walkway, and choose the option to stash your guns in the green crate, as the 
     guard at the next door will be frisking for any weapons. Walk up to him, you
     should pass inspection. Enter the door behind him.
     In the control room, retrieve your guns, and then watch the scene that 
     follows. Drop onto the elevator right in front of the door you entered by, 
     and take out your fiberwire. Perform the elevator kill with your fiberwire as
     it suggests, then drop into the elevator itself and walk forward
     In the factory, break the utility box right in front of you, then sneak 
     through the main room, following the wall on your left, you shouldn't be 
     seen. When you see the sign for the men's room, hang a right and head for the
     toilets. In this next room, there is one guard going to the loo with his back
     to you, and three around the corner in the main room. Again, as the tutorial
     suggests, grab the guard as a human shield, then walk into the next room and
     let loose on the gangsters. They shouldn't fire. Knock out the sap you were
     using as a shield, no need to waste bullets on him, and grab all their 
     weapons. There's a TMP in the sink by the entrance if you want it.
     Climb the ladder besides the table, and enter the round room ahead with a 
     suitcase in it. After the scene has played through, unpack the suitcase by
     selecting it from the inventory, and position yourself by the window on the
     left. Your task now is to snipe the 3 gangsters in the courtyard. There is 1
     patrolling on the ground, one is on the building opposite between 2 turrets,
     and the final one is on the lower left of the ferris wheel to your right. It
     doesn't matter what order you do them in.
     Enter the door to the right of the sniping room, hang a left, and climb down
     the drainpipe. Head to the office (follow the left wall). Upon entering, pick
     up the syring on the black desk opposite, and walk up the stairs. When the
     gangster has stopped talking to the girl (didn't hear the sniper fire?), push
     him off the balcony (again you can just walk up and shoot them if you want).
     Sneak into the office with the syringe readied, and poison the bottle of 
     brown liquid on the left of the desk in front of you. Hightail it to the 
     closet at the back, and watch as the secretary is taken care of. Enter the
     swing king's office, and after the scene, execute him in whatever manner 
     suits you best.
     Now to escape. Climb through the window to the left end of the office. Grab
     the RU-AP mine and detonator, and continue around the walkway until you get 
     to the next window. Climb through. Directly ahead of you is a mechanism with
     the rope holding up the lights attached. Walk up to it and place the mine on
     it. Try and wait until the main gangster you saw in the clips is under them,
     and detonate the bomb. If you miss some gangsters, clean them up with 
     whatever ammo you have left. The reason you should kill the main guy is 
     because he has a  desert eagle which could quickly make mincemeat of you, and
     to die now would mean you had to repeat this level, something to be avoided
     here unto eternity I feel. 
     Escape through the door in the far corner of the ground floor of the 
     building. You have successfully performed your first hit of the game ...
     4.2                          MISSION 1: A VINTAGE YEAR
     --> Weapons: Shotgun, SAF SMG, Snub nose, TMP, Hammer, Fire extinguisher
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: The target is in Chile, a one Fernando Delgado, a wine maker cum
                   drugs manufacturer, and his son, Manuel Delgado, who likes water-
                   skiing ...
                  ---> Kill Don Fernando Delgado
                  ---> Kill Manuel Delgado
                  ---> Escape via the Water Plane in the Hanger below. 
     --> Intel: 1. We heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy
    	       merchandise in the wine cellar.
                2. A guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially
      	       when looking for potential traps.
    	    3. The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine
      Reasonably easy mission to start with. Perhaps save just before each of the
     two hits, and afterwards, if you're on normal mode. The only tricky bit is
     hiding the evidence on the 2nd hit, and then escaping. Nigh on impossible I
     found to escape with the suit, but maybe I'm just being dense. The outside
     guards carry shotguns, the 'VIP guards' carry SAF-SMGs. The Hacienda is 
     offlimits to all except the VIP guards, the drug factory also allows workers,
     and the Eastern compound allows everyone except civilians. You can enter the
     wine cellar as a civilian however.
     --> Kill Fernando Delgado
     Do the hit on Fernando Delgado first, so to get to him you'll need to
     access the guard compound (eastern courtyard), and to do that you'll need a
     There are two ways; Either cross around to the Eastern side of the map where 
     there is a solitary guard patrolling, and when he stops at either end of his
     patrol, sedate him and nick his clothes and shotgun. Then find the truck next
     to the wall (Eastern '!'), climb onto the roof and drop into the warehouse.
     The other way is to enter the wine courtyard straight ahead from the start, &
     then enter the building on the left when noone is looking. Right in front is
     a utility box, break it, and then hide in the closet at the end of the 
     hallway. When a guard comes to fix it, exit and sneak through the guards
     quarters to the end room just vacated by the guard that walked past you. 
     There is an outdoor guard uniform on the chair in front of the door you enter
     by. Only use this if you want to look clever and save a syringe, as it means
     you don't get a shotgun, and the guard patrolling the outside will sometimes
     spot you in the next bit.
     The easiest way to get to Fernando Delgado (2nd floor of building marked
     Hacienda), is to cross the courtyard to the far south eastern side, and climb
     the drain pipe next to the unguarded door. Shimmy onto the roof (careful not
     to be seen by the guard if you didn't take him out to get his clothes) and
     enter the window to your right. Fernando is either playing cello (thanks
     zadok13!) in the room you just entered, or next door on the balcony. If
     you're not bothered, wait until he's playing the oboe, and sneak up and wire
     him. Grab his Snub Nose.
     To make it look like an accident, hide in the closet, then follow him next
     door. When he's on the balcony, sneak up behind and give him a shove over the
     side. Don't worry about the guard here, he's sleeping. If you want to trade
     for a VIP guard uniform though, you can use your other sedative and take his
     clothes and SMG-SAF
     I'd not advise entering the house from the ground floor. You won't have the 
     right uniform, and when you access the 2nd floor you'll find all the doors 
     are locked, and you can't pick them without attracting unwanted attention. If
     you really are determined to do this though, there is a uniform in the far
     Eastern room of the 1st floor with a SAF-SMG next to a sleeping guard.
     If you're feeling lazy, just go around the South face of the house and wait
     until Fernando comes onto his balcony. Let loose with your 'Ballers. This 
     isn't be advised, as you probably won't have the silencer for them yet, and
     the shotgun isn't accurate enough.
     --> Kill Manuel Delgado
     If you killed Fernando first, then exit the Hacienda the way you came or via
     the drain pipe from the Eastern second floor balcony, and make your way to 
     the wine cellar. There are two ways to do this hit.
     If you want to make it look like an accident, wait until the guard at the top
     of the stair leaves, and plant a bomb where the platform of boxes are 
     tethered, or just sneak up and do it while the guard is there, he rarely
     notices. When  Manuel is below the boxes, detonate the mine. !WARNING! If you
     want the SA rating, make sure the guard isn't by the bomb when it detonates
     or he is royally dead. Throw a coin at the door to the wine cellar to make
     him leave, and then detonate.
     The other way is good if you're quick on your feet. Go downstairs and hide in
     the first room to the right. When Manuel arrives, either sneak around and wire
     him, then drag him to the foot locker in the same room, or wait until starts to
     leave and wire him as he goes past. Either way he should be unguarded, and hide
     the evidence. Manuel is holding a TMP if you're interested.
     --> Escape!
     Again two ways to do this. Either (if you still have a sedative syringe)
     go right around the outside of the compound  and go down the path inset in
     the cliff. When you get to the bottom, wait until a worker comes out to have
     a smoke, and then sedate him. Take his clothes, and walk around the hangar to
     the sea plane. Note melée weapons don't carry over missions, so you don't
     need to pick up the hammer.
     If you're down two sedatives, go to the secret door to the drugs factory in
     the bottom of the wine cellar (the door that is like a wine barrel) and enter
     when noone is looking. Quickly cross over to the room opposite and change
     into the workers clothes, or if someone is coming, hide in the closet to your
     left until they have left. Calmly walk through the factory, and take the lift
     down to the hangar. Proceed to the sea plane and escape.
         Kills: 0             OR            Kills: 1
     Accidents: 2                       Accidents: 1
                                     Bodies found: 0
     An alternative route was suggested if you want to keep the suit. Head around
     the South side and go down into the hangar, push in the worker that's by the
     water's edge (this counts as an accident), and when there are no other
     workers around, sedate the VIP guard near the lift, take his clothes, and
     hide the body. You can now carry out the two hits with that disguise, and
     when you escape, pick up the suit again. The guard next to the water plane
     is asleep, so you can get past him without fuss.
     Thanks to sam_vere for this contribution
     4.3                          MISSION 2: CURTAINS DOWN
     --> Weapons: MP5, SLP.40, Real WWI Pistol, Prop pistol, Nailer, Hammer
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: Off to Paris to kill both the famous tenor Alvaro d'Alvade and 
                   an American ambassador, Richard Delahunt, an avid fan of the 
                   tenor, and both of whom are apparently involved in prostituting
                   small children ... hmmm ...
    	       ---> Kill Alvaro d'Alvade
    	       ---> Kill Richard Delahunt
    	       ---> Escape
     --> Intel: 1. The content of toolboxes will not be searched when you are 
                2. There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. 
                   It's closely observed and only actors are permitted.
                3. Lead actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks
                4. The large chandelier is attatched with bolts to the floor of 
                   the attic
                5. Only actors are allowed on stage
                6. Light technician have keycard to Light Control Room.
     Seemingly hard on the surface, but made much easier as soon as you realise
     there is no time limit to setting up the accidents, and as soon as you have a
     disguise. If you have a builders uniform (worker etc.) you can go pretty much
     anywhere in this level. You can obtain a police uniform by going to the light
     control room on the second floor and sedating the patrolling officer, but 
     there is no real need. I havn't found a way to get a bodyguard's uniform or
     gun and successfully hiding the body, you can sedate the bodyguard that is
     on duty outside the dressing rooms by going into the toilet and turning off
     the light, and sneaking up behind him, but someone always enters here later.
     Note that it will generally be offlimits for you to enter the stage dependant
     on disguise. You don't need to go on anyway.
     --> Kill Alvaro d'Alvade
     First thing's first, to get a disguise, otherwise you're not going anywhere
     on this level. As you enter, on the left there is a door leading to a set of
     stairs South of the wooden shack (the cloakroom), and a door leading to a
     toilet north of it. You can either go down the stairs and wait for the
     builder to return, before stuffing him in the nearbye locker, or you can go
     to the toilet and wait for the worker to enter here. The latter is easier,
     and means you can also get a toolbox, and easily regain your suit later.
     Disguise ready, go to the cloakroom (the odd construction left of the entrance)
     and give the guard the ticket that is automatically in your inventory, and was
     mentioned in the briefing. Agent 47 will take a loaded WWI pistol out from the
     Either hide the pistol in the toolbox and proceed north and then round to the
     door guarded by two policemen, or go down the stairs south of the cloakroom
     I mentioned before. Either way you end up in the basement. If you want a 
     nailer, there is one lying around at the '!' point in the basement, but
     otherwise carry on through and go back up the stairs to arrive in the
     dressing room corridor. It doesn't really matter which route you take through
     the basement, as you'll end up in roughly the same place in the end.
     You should now be in the western most corridor on the first floor. There are
     two rooms along the western edge of the corridor with a star outside them, go
     into the smaller one that has the '!' symbol, and jump into the closet.
     You can also pick up the note lying against the mirror.
     Wait until the actors take a break, and the man who plays the executioner
     should enter the dressing room you're in. As soon as he leaves again for the
     toilet, climb out the closet and replace the fake pistol he left on his table
     for the real one you got from the cloakroom at the start. This is all you
     need to do, eventually, they'll go back on stage, and in the execution scene
     the actor will fire the real gun and kill Alvaro d'Alvade, which counts as an
     Alternatively if you start the mission with a sniper rifle, you can follow
     the same procedure to get to the dressing room, corridor, but then enter the 
     room behind the stage and climb into the scaffolding. At the top exit through
     East door and then climb down the ladder. Go around the dome until you see
     another ladder. If you go down this you can find the perfect position to 
     snipe the stage from. Do so when the executioner fires his gun, and the sound
     will be masked
     --> Kill Richard Delahunt.
     Once you've plotted the downfall of the famous tenor, quickly mount the
     scaffolding in the room behind the stage. You'll arrive at the platform
     suspended way above the stage. Look on the map for the '!', and you can plant
     a bomb here. Note there's a civilian worker that often wanders around here,
     so if he gets in the way, wait until he stops, facing a long drop, and then
     shove him off. This counts as an accident, so you can still get the SA
     If you successfully took care of Alvaro d'Alvade, you'll see a little inset
     of Delahunt panicking and running out of his box. Wait until he arrives at
     the stage to examine Alvaro's body, then detonate the bomb, dropping the
     lights onto him. Two for two.
     Note a lot of policemen will start running around after the assassinations, 
     but they shouldn't bother you if you walk calmly and still wear the builder's
     --> Escape
     Make your way back to the entrance any which way, stopping only to pick up
     your suit to avoid the $5,000 fine.
     Accidents: 2
     4.4                          MISSION 3: FLATLINE
     --> Weapons: SLP.40, Stun Gun
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: Off to a rehab clinic in North Carolina now. The hit is one of
                   three mobsters staying there, but you have to find a CIA agent
                   to identify just which one it is. Bonus objectives are hitting
                   the other two mobsters, so there we go. You've been given a 
                   fake death syrum to smuggle the CIA agent out with.
                   ---> Find the CIA agent
                   ---> Kill Carmine De Salvo
                   ---> Kill the HUman Trafficker (OPTIONAL)
                   ---> Kill the Las Vegas Mobster (OPTIONAL)
                   ---> Protect the CIA agent
                   ---> Escape
     --> Intel: 1. Admission Papers are required to check in. Future patients 
                   often wait in the park outside.
                2. Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
                3. The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a 
                   library, a gymnasium and a large spa area.
                4. Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions
                5. Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places, let's hope
                   they don't get alcohol poisoning.
                6. Weight lifting can be fatal
                7. Some guests cheat the spa's diet by smuggling camping stoves 
                   into their room, sounds dangerous.
                8. Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to
                   the morgue.
     This mission requires skipping around a lot of disguises to finish subtley,
     but is easy once you realise how to get them. The Stun Gun is an awesome
     weapon, just like having unlimited sedation syringes, but you don't get to
     keep it after the level. The hits themselves are no trouble, and can all be
     arranged as accidents, so no worries there. It's often been put to me that
     there are actually CCTV cameras in this level (GodFather, Bluedevil99). This
     one is found above the garden gate East of the main entrance. For where to
     find the video tape, see below.
     --> Find the CIA agent
     Although the CIA agent is in the medical wing, you need to first gain entry
     to the rehab centre, then go through it to get to the medical wing, where the
     so-called troubled patients are kept. There are many ways to do this.
     The easiest is to walk to the northern '!' on the map outside the front.
     Here there are papers that admit47 to the rehab clinic. Make sure their owner
     has his back turned before you steal them, if he's really being annoying
     feel free to fake his suicide by pushing him off. Walk into the clinic and 
     place the papers at the reception, change into the patients clothes as
     directed, and enter the door beside the police officer after being frisked.
     Alternatively you can sedate the patient smoking at the southern '!' out the
     front and hide him in the dumpsters he's next to. If you want to sneak in, 
     you can climb the gutter next to the locked door to the West of the main
     entrance. Wait until the patient body guard comes out for a smoke, and then
     sneak in past him (don't bother taking his clothes). You can finally pick the
     locked door next to the gutter, and then pick the door in front of this until
     you're out tha back. Lure the policeman out by breaking the utility box
     marked on the map, sedate him, and steal his clothes. There is a nearby
     dumpster you can stash him in.
     Either way, once inside, climb to the second floor and go to the eastern wing
     of rooms. Enter the only unlocked room (the door should be open), and don the
     therapist's clothing on the table to the right. If you stole the policeman's
     clothes, this isn't necessary, but the therapist has more freedom than the
     patients. Head down to the 1st floor, and head west until you see a bodyguard
     standing outside two doors. Take the left one, that leads to the guard's
     room. On the desk is a keycard, and near the back door a stash of weapons.
     You can take the video tape for the CCTV here as a precaution if you want.
     Use the keycard on the door, and go through the next keycard door to enter
     the medical wing, note that neither the therapist nor policeman is allowed in
     this area, so don't get seen. Straight ahead of you should be an office. Wait
     until there is only one person in the office, and then climb through the
     window (the door will be locked), sneak up behind him, and sedate him. 
     Quickly take his clothes and then hide him in the freezer behind. Take the
     cell key from the left end of the desk the guard was sitting at. Enter the
     cell block, and locate the one containing the agent (the person with a white
     designation on the map). Enter his cell and talk to him. After the scene,
     make sure noone can see you, and use [X] to sedate the agent. Diana will
     inform 47 of the two optional targets ($50,000 each). Make your way back to
     the main building.
     --> Perform the hits
     There are three hits to do, and they are always the same people, although the
     main target often switches around, so I'll tell you how to kill all of them.
     First go to the second floor, and enter room A in the West wing. Go onto the
     balcony, and enter the room next door when there's noone there. Approach the
     gas stove and use the [X] button to rig it. When the target comes back to his
     room he'll be blown sky high.
     For the second hit, stay on the second floor, and find the '!'. You'll find
     yourself on a landing overlooking a room with a globe in the centre. Plant a 
     bomb on the right where the lights are secured, and wait until the next 
     target starts to take his sneaky drink before you detonate the bomb.
     Alternatively wait unti noone else is looking, and poison the wine bottle in
     the globe. Two down.
      For the final target, all you do is wait until he comes to the 'gymn'
     in the East of the main building. He'll start doing weights. Wait until he's
     finished, and use the [X] button to drop the weights onto his neck. There'll
     be noone else around, so don't worry about that. Job done.
     If you used the Admission Papers to get in, change back into your suit in the
     changing room, and leave the clinic. Go down to where you started, and enter
     the building marked 'morgue' on the map to the East. Revive the CIA agent,
     and escape laughing.
     Accidents: 3
     4.5                           MISSION 4: A NEW LIFE
     --> Weapons: Air rifle, Bull. 480, SLP.40, MP7, Nailer, Hedge-cutter, 
                  Baseball bat
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: Target this time is a gangster turned state witness in the FBI
                   witness protection programme. There is a birthday party in the
                   house he lives at, so entry should be easier. You also need to 
                   steal a microfilm of hard evidence before you escape.
                   ---> Kill Vinnie Sinistra
                   ---> Retrieve Microfilm
                   ---> Escape suburb
     --> Intel: 1. Garbage trucks can dispose of waste
     	    2. The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts
    	    3. Vinnie has complained about the nieghbour's son taking potshots
                   into the garden with an airgun.
                4. Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet 
                   needs to tranquilize wild animals.
                5. Rumor has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with the hired staff, 
                   but Vinnie trusts her completely.
                6. Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
                7. A Barebequeue is being prepared for the party, be careful with
                   flammable liquids.
                8. Vinnie just bought an expensive and unusual necklace for his 
     Into the suburbs for this one, you have to infiltrate a household and murder
     and ex-gangster. The hard evidence (microfilm) can be found in the necklace
     his wife is wearing. Not too tricky a mission this. Note the surveillance
     tapes are in the white van parked across the way, as this was the 1st mission
     I personally saw security cameras used (1 outside the kitchen entrance, the
     other outside on the other side of the house). Note that there's a stash of
     guns in the FBI office on the ground floor, East of the kitchen, and also a
     nail gun in the basement for some reason. Weapons can be sneaked into the
     house by placing them in the crate in the back of the catering truck. The air
     gun is one of the weapons you can use in other missions if you escape with
     it, but not that as soon as you're seen with it, people will start shooting
     at you.
     Churchiemeister points out that if you push Vinnie down the stairs, it'll
     look like an accident, but the situation where he's alone at the top of the
     stairs could be hard to arrange (you need to probably use the ether on the
     underwear, and sedate the other guy - kernel32 for this idea).
     The baseball bat melée weapon can be found in Vinnie's garage according to
     Blueman, if you swing that way.
     Lots of people have pointed out the efficacy of breaking the utility box on
     the outside of the house (marked with the snazzy lightning bolt on the map)
     to lure out the FBI guarding Sinistra. I did notice this but decided it was
     too hurried for my relaxed style, but I thought I'd throw that one out there.
     --> Kill Vinnie Sinistra
     First thing is to gain entry to the house, and to do that you'll need a
     disguise. Best thing for the job is the FBI agent, so go around the corner &
     approach the catering truck. Take the donuts next to the crate and go
     back to the start of the level. Drop the donuts, and inject them with the
     sedation syringe. Walk up to the white van, tampered donuts in hand, and open
     the door. The FBI agents within will approach you and warn you off, so simply
     drop the donuts and walk away, if all's well the FBI agents will go back in &
     start munching on the donuts, and will fall unconcious. Relieve them of their
     clothes and weapons and steal the video tape to be safe.
     Other ways include sedating the clown and hiding him in the back of his van,
     but this way you'll be frisked on the way in, or sedating a garbage man and
     hiding him in the back of the garbage truck (to the far east), or finally you
     can break into the house opposite when noone is looking and steal some tranq.
     darts, then find the '!' point on the map outside that should be a treehouse
     overlooking the garden and side of Vinnie's house. You can then shoot the dog
     down the side with the air rifle in the treehouse and the tranquilizer darts
     you stole earlier. The side passage has a connection to the basement.
     This is by far the hardest and most pointless method of entry, I wouldn't
     recommend it.
     Once inside, sneak up to the second floor. If you're not in FBI disguise then
     you can wait until an agent enters the teenage girl's room, and then sedate
     him, or you could go down to the indoor pool and pick up the FBI disguise
     next to the sauna entrance.
     Thanks to GodFather for pointing out that you can obtain a bottle of solvent
     (I can't remember its exact name here) from the Vet's office, and can pour it
     on the ... underwear ... in the teenage girl's room, which will knock out the
     FBI officer that sniffs them!
     Either way go to the first door on the right as you come up the stairs, and
     hide around the corner. Eventually Vinnie will come up to the room and start
     reading something on his desk, sneak up and wire him, problem solved.
     Alternatively is you brought a sniper rifle you can use the phone in the
     FBI's white van to bring him to the window, then snipe him from the garage of
     the house opposite when noone's looking.
     --> Retrieve microfilm
     Since the wife has the microfilm, you're either going to have to kill or 
     sedate her 1st. If you want to kill her. To kill her and make it look like an
     accident, go to the garden shed and pick the lock when noone is looking, and
     take the lighter fluid off one of the boxes in here, or get the same thing
     from the basement. Then you can walk up to the barbeque at the end of the
     pool and rig it, so that the next time the wife lights it up, she'll go up in
     To sedate her, you can either first sedate the pool boy, take his clothes, &
     follow the wife as she lures you to her room (this takes hours, she walks 
     slow), or you can wait until she walks into the house from the indoor pool
     and sedate her then, and hide her body in the sauna. Finally, you can follow
     the procedure outlined above to get the tranquilizer darts and air gun, and
     as she walks through the garden snipe her (the range isn't a problem).
     Unfortunately this way she tends to fall in the pool and drown.
     Approach the wife's body and pick up the medallion, leave the house and 
     regain your suit, return to where you began the level to escape
     Kills: 1
     Accidents: 1
     ~ Note that I can't find a way to make Vinnie's death seem accidental, so his
       will probably be found. I don't know if this will affect the rating, but if
       you're worried about this, just do the microfilm part first and escape 
       before they discover the body.
     4.6                      MISSION 5: THE MURDER OF CROWS
     --> Weapons: Desert Eagle, SLP.40, SLP.40.S (silenced), SG552, MP9, Kazo TRG
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: The American Secretary of the Interior is making a speech on a
                   a float during the Mardi Gras festival, and he's the target of
                   an assassination attempt. You're task is to foil this attempt
                   by taking out the three would be assassins, one an albino
                   ---> Kill Mark Purayah Jr.
                   ---> Kill Raymond Kulinsky
                   ---> Kill Angelina Mason
                   ---> Protect the politician
                   ---> Retrieve the Diamonds case (OPTIONAL)
                   ---> Escape
     --> Intel: 1. Walkie talkises transmit everything - even background sound and
                   music, which could reveal someone's location.
                2. Clubs usually have a back entrance for staff
                3. Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going
                   on next door.
                4. Clubs in this area are known for having a hat-dress codes and
                   music themes
                5. Some private appartments have a useful view
                6. Pianos can kill - especially when dropped from the sky.
                7. A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a 
                   couple of hours ago
       This level is awesome. 'Nuff said really. Depending on how old and
     knackered your Playstation is though, it could slow down a bit, but generally
     it runs smoothly. For the mission, there isn't actually a time limit, or I've
     never encountered the situation where the hit is actually made, but in any
     case there is enough time to perform all the hits. There are a load of new
     guns if you're collecting them, but two of them are rifles, so can't be
     sneaked out subtley. Otherwise, enjoy the graphics.
     ADDENDUM: Due to the huge quantity of emails I've recieved on this matter, I
               leave the warning that there does seem to be a time limit to this
               mission. Note I said that there's plenty of time to take out the
               hits anyway, so it shouldn't affect you at all. That is all.
     --> Kill Mark Purayah Jr.
     It's probably best to kill this guy first, as he probably coordinates all the
     walkie talkie stuff, & so it'll conceal the deaths of the other two from each
     other, if you get what I'm saying. Follow the man in the red bird costume
     out of the hotel and then through the parade until he goes for a cigarette
     break in one of the two central courtyards. Don't worry, he doesn't react if
     you get too close, although I don't think 47 looks very inconspicuous on this
     one. Sedate the red-bird-guy when he's alone, and dump his body in the nearby
     dumpster when you've relieved him of his clothes. Pick up the suitcase, and
     walk to the building the opposing hitmen are using as an HQ (Far
     north-western corner, yellow bird outside). 
     Go inside, taking the MP9 from the chest to the foot of the spiral staircase
     if you so wish, and climb the stairs to the 2nd floor. You have to be quick
     on your feet with this one if you want to escape undetected. 
     Place the suitcase onto the desk on the far side, and wait until both the
     guard has left the room and the target has his back to you. Quickly wire him,
     take his gun and walkie talkie and hide his body in the locker to the left of
     the door you entered in. Make sure the guard doesn't walk in on you alone in
     this room, as he'll open fire. Hide on the balcony until he leaves again,
     then take the suitcase and throw it over the balcony (with the L3 button), as
     the guard will open fire if he sees you leaving with it.
     --> Kill Angelina Mason
     If one of the yellow bird guards retrieved the suitcase, you can just pick it
     up from the first floor room anyway. Exit the building and locate Ms. Mason 
     on your map (she'll be the one walking around the town). Dump the suitcase
     somewhere safe if you so wish.
     Two ways to do this, either wait until she goes into one of the courtyards
     and then sneak up and kill her. Steal her walkie talkie and gun, and dump her
     body in one of the dumpsters (all the courtyards have these). If you want to
     make it look like an accident. Go to the far Western courtyard*. There, 
     you can climb on top of a box on the eastern side of the courtyard, and
     follow the path around until you end up to where a piano suspended above
     the courtyard is tethered. Place a bomb on this, wait for Angelina to walk
     underneath, and detonate.
     --> Kill Raymond Kulinsky
     Raymond will be hiding out in the second floor of one of the clubs, and he
     doesn't move around the level. Thankfully the method is the same for all of
       First, to enter the club, you'll need to change, as 47 won't be allowed in
     in either the bird costume or his regular suit. Go to the Middle courtyard
     (next to the hotel you started in), and find a drainpipe on the southern
     side. Climb it and follow the walkway around to a room with a sleeping guy 
     in. A waiter's disguise is waiting for you here, which you can access any of
     the clubs with. Go to the club where Raymond is hiding out.
     Raymond will be on the second floor of the club, so find the stairs and go 
     up, it's probably advisable if noone sees you. He'll alternate between a
     brief spell on the balcony followed by waiting in his room. Either wire him
     when he's inside or push him over the balcony when he's outside. Note that he
     doesn't spend much time on the balcony, so try to lie in wait in one of the
     side rooms, then sneak out when he goes outside.
     Leave the club, and if you pushed him over the balcony, leave by the side
     exit as policemen will come storming up the main stairs. This fire exit
     should deposit you out back. Retrieve your suit and the briefcase with the
     diamonds, and find the exit to the level.
     Kills: 1
     Accidents: 2
     4.7                      MISSION 6: YOU BETTER WATCH OUT
     --> Weapons: SLP.40, TMP, Kitchen Knife
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin / Professional (?!)
     --> Briefing: To the Rocky mountains, and a tax-day party at a porn king's
                   house. Targets are Senator Bingham's son, Chad Bingham, who was
                   caught in an embarassing position on camera by said porn king,
                   Lorne de Havilland, who is now blackmailing the senator with
                   the footage. You have to assassinate both culprits, and steal
                   the video tape.
                   ---> Kill Lorne de Havilland
                   ---> Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
                   ---> Retrieve the video tape
                   ---> Escape the site
     --> Intel: 1. Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
                2. The bartender knows how to help improve performance in the
                3. Waiters often shower in the staff changing room.
                4. Even small, annoying Dogs eat sausages.
                5. The glass bottomed jacuzzi looks down on the pier 70 feet below
                6. Among the high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
                7. Heavy light rigs are installed in the photo studio.
                8. Lorne recently hired a former US airforce helicopter pilot.
     This level now annoys me, can't figure out why I can't duplicate my silent
     assassin rating. That and that this level has the most annoying invention
     of the series, a small yapping dog. Both deaths can be made to look
     accidental, so everything's fine there. Also found on this level is another
     assassin. In the corridor with the private rooms, one of the girls will
     invite 47 in with her. If you do so, she will kill you. I'd recommend
     against it.
     --> Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
     Right off the tee you can kill this guy. If you have a weapon at the start of
     the stage, look up a bit and you should see the bottom of a jacuzzi. If you
     shoot it out, Chad will fall to his death, but this is hardly the most subtle
     way of doing things, and I don't know if you can do it without anyone seeing.
     Note Bene: If you go to the second floor balcony (staff floor -> balcony)
     you can indeed shoot it out stealthily, dunno if this affects your rating
     though. It is fun to watch them fall the good 70 feet though. Enjoy!
     (Ta to numerous emails again; ereinioncalaelen was the first to email me
     though, albeit a few weeks ago). 'Tis good, means you don't have to wait all
     that time for the aphrodesiac et cetera. Good stuff.
     If you want to make a more stealthy kill, first you have to gain entrance to
     to the party. As always at least two ways of doing this. The first is to take
     the main elevator in front of where you start up to the 1st floor, take the
     door directly in front of you as you turn out of the elevator, and take the
     1st corridor on the left. In front of you there should be a door with a staff
     only sign, next to a set of stairs. Wait until there are no guards around and
     enter this, the kitchen. There should be a drunken santa wandering around, so
     walk behind him, get out your syringe, and sedate him, steal his clothes, and
     hide him in the kitchen cooler.
     The other way requires more sneaking, but you get a better disguise. Instead
     of taking the main elevator, head right around the pier until you see a guard
     outpost in front of you, with a single guard inside, and a laser grid to your
     left. Wait until the guard turns around and starts using the vending machine
     inside, and quickly sneak in to the left and the giant red button on the
     wall, that should also be shown as a '!' on the map. Press the button (which
     deactivates the laser grid) and sneak out again and round the corner. Here is
     another elevator which will take you up to the staff floor. The first door on
     the right here as you come out of the elevator has a guard sitting with his
     back to the entrance. You can sedate him and take his clothes and weapon.
     Drag him out of sight of the door, but you needn't hide him, as noone really
     goes into that room. Locate the set of stairs on this floor and go up one
     flight, to arrive on the first floor.
     Note that you'll probably be recorded on CCTV as you enter by either entrance,
     but you can easily steal the video evidence later, so worry not.
     Find the kitchen door and turn east to enter the back of the bar in the main
     party room. On the floor is an aphrodesiac. Go around to the other side of
     the bar and wait until one of the waiters drops off a cocktail glass, which
     you can then spike with the aphrodesiac. Don't worry, this doesn't seem to
     raise anyone's suspicion, even doing it in full view. Wait until the waiter
     reclaims the glass (this can take a while), then follow him out to the
     jacuzzi. Chad will drink the spiked alcohol, and then will leave with the
     next bikini girl that comes. Follow them all the way to the private room, and
     break up their festivites by opening the door. Follow Chad out now, down some
     stairs to a balcony, which you can easily push him over.
     --> Kill Lorne de Havilland.
     First you'll need a black suited bodyguard disguise to access the top studio
     floor. If you took the longer route into the house, then you should have one
     already, if not, go back to the room that Chad was using until one such guard
     patrols past. Sneak up behind him and either push him down the stairs (which
     should count as an accident) or sedate him. Take his clothes and weapon.
       Now go up either of the stairs on the 1st floor to get to the second floor.
     Here, find the guard's quarters (marked by a star on the map). Wait until
     there is only one guard, and turn off the lights. As the guard is turning
     them back on, steal the video tapes (on the desk to the left of the door you
     came in through). Then when noone is watching, pick the lock of the other
     door in here, and climb up to the studio floor.
     There are two ways of killing Lorne de Havilland accidentally. One requires
     that you took a sausage from the kitchen downstairs, so if you want to do it
     that way, quickly go and nab one. Lorne alternates from watching the filming
     in the main studio, and going to the balcony in his bedroom. If you want to
     kill him in the studio, climb up the ladder (marked on the map) and walk
     around the gantry to the '!' point on the map, where you can place a bomb.
     When Lorne stands underneath the 4 turned off studio lights, that is the time
     to detonate it. Make sure noone sees you. This can be quite tricky, as often
     the lights will miss entirely. Save before you detonate perhaps, so you can
     try again.
     To push Lorne off his balcony, you first have to make sure the dog is out of
     the way. Take out the sausage you took from the kitchen, and drop it on the
     floor. Use either of the syringes to poison the sausage. Approach the dog and
     drop the sausage next to him, he'll devour it, and collapse after a little
     bit. Then is the time to push the porn king off his balcony.
     --> Retrieve the video tape
     The video tape is also on the studio floor. One of the rooms that has a
     constant guard and is filled with surveillance material. Wait until noone is
     looking, and steal the tape, which is on a desk on the South side of the
     --> Escape
     Two ways to escape. If you want to keep your weapons and retrieve your suit,
     head back to the yacht you arrived on the same way you came in. If you want a
     quick escape, take the elevator on the studio floor up to the floor marked
     helipad. The guard at the exit will frisk you before allowing you out onto
     the helipad itself however. I don't know if your method of escape affects
     your final rating.
     Accidents: 2
     4.8                    MISSION 7: DEATH ON THE MISSISSIPPI
     --> Weapons: Snub Nosed, Bull. 480, FN-2000, Shotgun, Shovel
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: The Gators are a gang that moves drugs up and down the
                   Mississippi river on their private boat. Your job is to hunt
                   down all 6 members of the gang on the boat, as well as taking
                   out their skipper, Skip Muldoon. Finally you need to steal some
                   pictures owned by the Skip.
                   ---> Kill Skip Muldoon
                   ---> Kill the Gator Gang (/6)
                   ---> Retrieve pictures
                   ---> Escape via rescue boat
     --> Intel: 1. The engine room is off limits to passengers - the furnace is a
                   dangerous workplace.
                2. Man overboard - the wild waters of the river will cause certain
                3. The captain's cake is being prepared in the galley in the rear
                   of the 4th deck.
                4. Only the 1st Class Pursers are allowed in the Gators Private
                5. The lower class kitchen prepares food for both the tourists on
                   board as well as the gators on the top deck. Extra flavour
                   could be added.
                6. The boss has recieved some heavy duty hunting gear from a
                   business alliance. The  present is kept secure at the staff
     Can be quite a nasty level. You have to assassinate 7 different people, most
     which are on their own private deck, along with several potential witnessess.
     Thankfully there are a lot of high ledges to push people off, and a few good
     disguises lying around the place. I'm not sure, but one of the methods I had
     tried before required speaking to someone in the restaurant, but I always had
     an unexplained witness when I did that, so I found a way around it. For this
     reason I also avoided the scene where the chef asks you to take up the cake
     (see Gang Member 3), but this might just be being paranoid.
     There's a new rifle replete with case in one of the rooms in the staff deck, 
     and you can get that on the way off the boat, you shouldn't need it for the 
     --> Kill the Gator Gang
     From where you start, head up and left until you reach the powerbox on the
     side of the bridge. Pull the fuse, and climb the stairs that a sailor comes
     down to fix it. Head right into the bridge, but make sure noone outside sees
     you through the window (sneak around perhaps). In the front right corner
     there is a bottle of something that you should sedate. Hide in one of the
     closets. The sailor that fixed the fuse box will come back and take a sip
     from the altered drink, take his clothes and weapon, and also the Engine room
     key that's on the table there.
       ~ Gang Member 1:
     Go back out of the bridge and down the stairs again. Enter the door in the
     building to your right, this should be the engine room. The first Gator
     should now be leaning against a rail in the far end of the engine room. Make
     your way there, sneak up behind, and push him off (make sure there are no
     engineers around or looking at you when you do this).
       ~ Gang Member 2:
     Still in the sailor uniform, exit the back of the engine room, and climb the
     stairs outside that lead into the 2nd deck Staff quarters. Continue through
     and climb the stairs at the other end of the quarters, still in the sailor
     uniform. You should now be in the deck with all the rooms in, and also the
     second Gator. The second target will take a woman into his room with him when
     you approach. Wait until she leaves and enter and strangle him, or wait even
     longer until he leaves and follow him out to the deck, sneak up, and shove
     him into the infested waters.
       ~ Gang Member 3:
     Head to the South end of this residential deck, and climb the stairs there up
     to the restaurant level. Head through both sections until you're in a
     corridor only open to staff. Take the first on the right in this corridor,
     and there'll be a 1st class purser's uniform in here (by a wardrobe). Leave
     this room and enter the next room along, which should be the kitchen. The
     chef might tell you to take the cake up to Skip, but hold off on this now.
     Wait until the third Gang Member enters the kitchen, and when he leaves,
     follow him around the deck until about half way, where he stops against the
     rail. Push him over the rail as well. Be careful here that one of the other
     pursers doesn't see you, as there is one that goes up and down from the top
     deck to the kitchen.
      ~ Deck 4, remaining gang members:
     Head back to the kitchen and go to the cake. When the chef isn't looking give
     it a dose of poison syringe, and then grab it and head outside and up to the
     4th deck. Instead of immediately going into the front door, which is guarded,
     head left and up the boat to where another crew member is hanging around.
     Drop your cake a second.
      First target will be the gang member that walks down this side of the deck &
     back up through, and means the rest can be taken out 1 by 1 rather easier.
     When you see on the map that this patrolling gang member is inside, sedate
     the crew member in the area you're in (NW), and drag him just north of the
     locked door up there. When the gang member comes out of the door, he'll go to
     the rail, so give him the old heave-ho. The problem is that the Skip
     sometimes comes out to ... 'harrass' ... the guy you have to sedate, so pick
     a time when you can see on the map he's otherwise engaged. 
     Now pick the locked door you're next to, and go through the bedroom into the
     Skip's main room. Place the poisoned cake on the desk, and wait till he eats
     it, or wait until his back's turned and fibre wire him. Either way drag his
     body back into the bedroom you came through. The other guy should be having
     a shower so won't notice it. The bathroom is the room the other side of the
     Captain's study, so you can check on your map first to see he's there. Grab
     the photos from the safe in the bedroom.
     Head South into the main cabin with the pool tables. There's a gang member
     in here, so just wait until he heads down into the toilets, sneak in behind
     him and fibre wire him. Finally head outside and walk around behind the guard
     on the door and fibre wire him. You can hide his body in the toilets as well.
     Be careful again that the purser that sometimes delivers food here from the
     kitchen is not around.
     An alternative way to do this is to go inside first and give Skip the poison
     cake or the trusty fibre wire, and sedate the purser in the shower. This
     means all the other hits can be taken care of in peace inside, and is much
     less fiddly. Credit for this idea to Bluedevil99.
     --> Escape
     Walk back down into the VIP lounge, and try to find your way back to the
     staff quarters. In the room with the '!' on the map there's the new rifle,
     so wait sailor in here turns his back, then pick up first the rifle, then the
     suitcase to pack it away. Go down the stairs at the South end of the staff
     quarters, and walk around to the stern to the rescue boat, and your ticket
     Accidents: 3
     Kills: 4
     Close combat: 3
     4.9                     MISSION 8: TILL DEATH DO US PART
     --> Weapons: Shotgun, Six Shooter, Elephant Gun
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: Staying in Mississippi, you now have to 'attend' the wedding of
                   a new gang leader and his bride-to-be, Margaux LeBlanc. You
                   must take care of the groom, and the bride's father, but not
                   the bride herself.
                   ---> Kill the Groom
                   ---> Kill the Bride's father
                   ---> Ensure the Bride's safety
                   ---> Escape
     --> Intel: 1. Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make rednecks panic.
                2. The water is home to alligators.
                3. The priest rings the wedding bell to anounce the ceremony.
                4. The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family
                5. The Groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on the
                   wedding cake.
     This has to be my least favourite level of the game, but is probably one of
     easiest once you know how. The final level in Mississippi, but nothing new
     here. Before this mission it may be easier to buy the upgrade that allows you
     to carry two mines, but it's not necessary.
     Thanks to sam_Fvere and new_rdl88 for pointing out that you can also get the
     elephant gun on this level. Go to the South West room on the second floor,
     which is actually the bride's father's room, and it'll be hanging on the wall
     there. You should be able to walk out with it wearing the bodyguard disguise,
     but it does look suspicious to others, so I'd only do this on a replay. 
     --> Kill the two men
     Walk through the gap in the shacks ahead into the compound, and to your left
     will be a guest busy spilling the contents of his stomach onto the grass.
     Wait until he staggers into the abandoned shack to your left, and passes out,
     at which point you can walk up to him and steal his clothes, gun, and party
     Go to the main entrance and walk right in. Head to the left of the stairs
     ahead of you, and, pick the lock of the door there. Inside this room there
     is a guard patrolling up and down. When he reaches the end nearest you and
     turns around, walk into the room and sedate him quickly before he turns
     round. Dump his body in the small toilet at the bottom of the stairs in the
     same room, after stealing all he has to offer.
     There is another guard out back lounging on a chair on his own, you can
     easily take out this sedentery target, and drag him to the bin just West of
     here to dispose of the body. Thanks again to Bluedevill99 for this method.
     There are now two methods you can employ:
     If you have only one mine, then either go outside the back of the house (to
     the North), through the wedding reception) and make your way to the graveyard
     marked on the map, where the Bride's father should be feeding chicken to his
     dead brother. When noone else is looking, give him a quick shove into the
     Go back into the house, and climb the stairs in the room with the sedated
     guard up to the attic. Plant a bomb on the North Western '!' marked on the
     map. Go down to the second floor and enter the North room, with the balcony
     overlooking the reception. When the groom starts playing the piano, detonate
     the bomb. (This may only work with a long distance detonator. Otherwise, just
     stand in the attic and look on your map until the groom positions himself in
     the left of the reception room, and then detonate)
     You can use the mine to kill the Bride's father by planting it on the
     southern '!' in the attic, and detonating it just before he reaches the
     stairs on the first floor, but hitting a moving target is harder. If you do
     it this way, you can go to the kitchen and poison the large wedding cake to
     kill the groom.
     Obviously, if you have the two mine upgrade, go straight up to the attic.
     Plant the mine to kill the groom first, and detonate at the appropriate
     moment, then plant the southern bomb, and kill the Bride's father as he
     starts on the stairs. Lots of guards will run up to the attic as the bombs
     are detonated, but they shouldn't suspect anything.
     --> Escape
     Return to where you came into the level from. If you want to keep the
     shotgun, then don't change clothes. Otherwise put your suit back on, conceal
     all weapons, and leave the level.
     Kills: 1               OR           Accidents: 2
     Accidents: 1
     4.10                       MISSION 9: A HOUSE OF CARDS
     --> Weapons: SLP.40, SLP.40.S, TMP
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: A white supremacist, Hendrik Shultz, is selling DNA material to a
                   Saudi Sheikh, Muhammad bin Faisal Al Khalifa, who is working for
                   an unknown entity. Kill those two, and the Sheikh's scientist, 
                   who is there to verify the DNA.
                   ---> Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
                   ---> Kill the scientist
                   ---> Kill Hendrik Shultz
                   ---> Steal the diamonds case (OPTIONAL)
                   ---> Escape
     --> Intel: 1. It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the
                   first things you do at the casino.
                2. Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have
                   keycards which only provide access to the floors they work on.
                3. As requested, we have left an agency pickup in your hotel room,
                4. The casino has strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible
                   fire alarms are located on the top floors.
                5. It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may
                   provide this.
                6. The VIP lounge has been reserved all day by the Sheikh - only
                   waiters are allowed in this area.
                7. There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent
                   cheating. Anyone recieving a call has to step outside.
                8. The items used in trade are carried around in an ordinary
                   looking suitcase so they don't attract too much attention.
       This might be a mission that is made far easier if you take the sniper
     rifle with you. It's still possible to complete without however. The long
     route to killing all three takes up to 25 minutes due to all the waiting
     around, so if time is a consideration with ranking, you might want to avoid
     this route. If you want to use the sniper rifle, be sure to upgrade its
     silencers and scopes and the like. If you get caught on CCTV, the tape can
     be found in the guard room to the left of the lobby, marked with a '!'.
     1: The Time consuming method
     --> Kill Hendrik Shultz
     Enter the hotel, and approach the reception on the left hand side of the
     lobby, talk to the receptionist to get a room key.
     Go through the lobby to the lifts on the raised landing above the casino,
     and enter the right one, and hide on top of it. Wait until Hendrik Shultz
     enters it, and strangle him. Take his clothes and keycard and go to his room,
     retrieve the DNA case.
     --> Kill Sheik Al-Khalifa
     Take the DNA case down to the Sheikh's private enclosure. When going through
     the casino area, be careful to go up the East corridor past the toilets to
     avoid the security cameras. Let the guards search you, then approach the
     Sheikh with the case. Wait while the courier comes down, collects the case,
     and brings it back up to the scientist, who will then attempt to call the
     Sheikh. Follow the Sheikh up the stairs as he goes outside to get reception,
     and wire him when his back is turned, collect the diamonds case, and leave
     the casino.
     --> Kill the Scientist
     Go now up to the 7th floor, and find the balcony directly behind the lift
     block, there may be a staff member smoking out here. There is a trellace here
     you can climb, and then shuffle along a ledge until you get to a window for
     the 8th floor. Get up onto the 8th floor, and immediately to the west of the
     lifts, there is a room that always has a staff member in it. When his back is
     turned, go in, sedate him, and steal his keycard. Hide his body in the
     locker. Find a fire alarm on the floor and hit it (you can leave the diamonds
     case in the store room).
     Everyone should run to the lift area, so go to the scientist's room in the
     North West corner of the level, and hide in the bathroom. When the scientist 
     comes back, you can sneak up behind him and wire him. To get out, go back
     through the bathroom, and sneak up behind the one guard inside the room, and
     sedate him. Go out on the balcony, and jump across to the next room, exit 
     through its front door.
     --> Escape
       Retrieve the diamonds case from where you left it, go down to the lobby, &
     the exit is to the East of the casino entrance.
     Kills: 3
     Close combat kills: 3
     2. Using the Sniper Rifle (or not if you're quick)
     --> Kill the scientist.
       Enter the hotel, and go to the receptionist booth on the right of the lobby,
     and get your room key from her (701) enter the left hand lift on the raised
     landing above the casino entrance. Hide above the lift. When the scientist
     enters you can strangle him and steal his keycard. Stash the briefcase above
     the elevator.
     --> Kill Hendrik Shultz
     Leave the lift when it arrives on the 8th floor, and go right, around the
     corridor until you see a door on your right, that should lead to a store room
     with a staff permanently in there. Sneak in and sedate him, steal his clothes
     and keycard, and hide his body in the big locker there. Return to the lobby
     and enter the right hand lift. Wait until Hendrik comes into the lift and 
     fibre wire him.
     --> Kill Sheik Al-Khalifa
     Go back up to the 8th floor, and pull the fire alarm. Proceed to the scientists
     room, with the sniper rifle if you have it. In the bedroom on the desk next
     to the window is a phone, use it to ring the sheikh, who will proceed outside
     to the courtyard you can see way below, with the red lit door.
     If you have a sniper rifle, go down to your room, and go out on the balcony,
     snipe the Sheik when he appears.
     If you don't have the sniper rifle, run down to the lobby, through the
     casino, using the right corridor past the toilets, into the Sheik's private
     area (which you can access because you're wearing staff uniform), and
     straight through the door ahead into the back stairs. These are the ones the
     Sheikh went up, so walk up until you meet him, and then use the poison
     syringe from behind to kill him.
     Retrieve the diamonds case from the left elevator, and walk to the exit, which
     is to the left as you enter the casino.
     Kills: 3
     4.11                   MISSION 10: A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL
     --> Weapons: SLP.40, Desert Eagle, FN-2000, MP5, MP7, Stilletto, Dragunov
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: The Agency is finished, this will be your last assignment.
                   Targets are a former circus performer Vaana Ketlyn, and a
                   corrupt CIA agent. Kill them both, and any other assassins out
                   baying for 47's blood
                   ---> Kill Anthony Martinez
                   ---> Kill Vaana Ketlyn
                   ---> Retrieve Information
                   ---> Kill Eve (After completing objective 3)
                   ---> Kill Maynard John (After completing objective 3)
                   ---> Escape
     --> Intel: 1. Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the parties
                2. Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a
                   laptop on the top floor.
                3. Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at the Hell Party.
                4. Be careful with pyrotechnics, they could kill someone.
                5. Bartenders are usually well informed.
                6. Look out for the singer at the heavan party.
                7. The devil is never to be trusted.
                8. There is a food elevator which might be used to transport more
                   than just food.
     Final mission in Vegas, this time in a large tower block, with two
     masquerade parties in progress on the top and bottom floors, with heavan and
     hell themes respectively. Another chance to get the FN-2000 if you didn't get
     it on the Mississippi mission. New knife can be found on the heavan assassin,
     but I still don't think you can keep these. Note heaven and hell guards have
     different uniforms, so you can't just steal one guard's uniform and expect to
     be welcomed everywhere. If the assassins see you they'll lure you away and
     try to kill you, but these are often the best oppurtunities to kill them.
     Thanks to new_rdl88 for pointing out that you can collect the Dragunov rifle
     (the gun on the training mission) from the assassin's office, next to the
     desk with the laptop on! (Use the rifle case the CIA agent has)
     If you want to do the Hell party first, you can find a suitable guest in the
     garage 'colouring the pavement' (credit to GodFather).
     --> Kill Anthony Martinez
     Go into the building via the glass doors ahead. You can't avoid being seen by
     CCTV at this stage. Approach the front desk and talk to the guard, follow him
     into the back storage room, sedate him, and take his clothes. Leave the lobby
     via the door on the right, that has stairs down to the garage. You may as
     climb the ramp at this stage, and enter the guard building there, and steal
     the video tape for the cameras when noone is looking. This is actually quite
     easy, and you don't have to sedate either guard. 
     Go down into the garage, and locate the '!' next to a party prop truck.
     There's a heaven guest suit there, so don it when the guard isn't around. Go
     to the right elevator, and after being searched, take it to the top floor.
     You'll see the first target walking around. Head into the main room, where
     the bartender will drop less than subtle hints about the singer not being who
     she seems, but exit by the Eastern door to the room with a view. Enter the
     door to the North of the one you just used to get to a bland corridor, there
     are toilets off to the right which the CIA agent uses frequently, take him
     out when he enters. You can leave the body there, noone else goes into that
     cubicle. Steal his clothes and desert eagle.
     Note, you have to complete this before he leaves the heaven party.
     It has been pointed out multiple times that you can in fact steal the clothes
     of the guard just next to the elevator and sneak into the elevators
     themselves by picking the lock on the door next to the guard, and climbing
     the ladder therein. I didn't do this in the end, because the guard uniform
     is next to useless outside of the garage, and you should already have one.
     It seems a waste of a tranquilizer ... (lots of people reminded me of this,
     GodFather, bfelsch, Bubbles63846 ...)
      --> Retrieve information
     Make sure the singer is on stage, and go into the Eastern corridor that's
     marked staff only. If you want guns, there's a fine stash of them in the
     guard room here. Enter the huge room at the South end of the corridor, and
     quickly take the information off the computer on the main desk. The two
     assassins will now become objectives. Leave before the singer, Eve, returns.
     --> Kill Eve
     If she sees you, she'll lure you back to her room, and if she doesn't, when
     she goes off stage she'll go there anyway, so follow her and she'll enter the
     room with her back to the door. Sneak in and fibre wire or poison her. Leave
     the body.
     --> Kill Vaana Ketlyn
     Go down the elevator, but climb onto the hatch. When it arrives at the garage
     you can transfer over to the other one without going outside and thus being
     relieved of your weapons again. Take it down to the Hell party.
     If Vaana sees you dressed as the CIA agent, she'll lead you to a private room
     where you can easily kill her without anyone noticing. If not, head around
     the club to the back area. Wait until Vaana is on the platform above the club
     and go to the entrance to this platform. There is the pyrotechnics machine
     which you can rig, that'll kill her at the end of the display.
     --> Kill Maynard John
     No subtle way to do this that I can see. Whatever costume you're wearing, 
     approach this assassin (posing as a bartender, you can hear some of the
     guests complaining about it), and he'll challenge you to a duel, leading
     you to the storage room. Pick up a gun and kill him with as few shots as
     you can, you should still get a Silent Assassin rating (I did at least).
     --> Escape
     Take the elevator back up to the garage, locate the escape van, and escape.
     If you didn't steal the CCTV footage earlier, then put the guard uniform
     back on, and steal it from the guard room at the top of the ramp when
     noone is looking, escape.
     Shots fired: 43
     Shots hit: 23 ... It was a bad day ...
     Kills: 3
     Accidents: 1
     Bodies found: 0
      4.12                       MISSION 11: AMENDMENT XXV
     --> Weapons: Nailer, MP5, M14, Desert Eagle, Custom 1911, SLP.40
     --> Ranking: Silent Assassin
     --> Briefing: The president is about to be assassinated. The man behind it is
                   the acting vice-president. Stop them, by killing the lead
                   albino clone assassin, Mark Parchezzi, and the Vice himself.
                   ---> Kill Mark Parchezzi III
                   ---> Kill the Vice President
                   ---> Escape
     --> Intel: 1. The Guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by the
                   metal detectors.
                2. Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored
                   away by security.
                3. The white house is surrounded by an iron gate, which varies in
                4. Guards will respond if the laser alarm system in the Museum is
                5. The first lady has a dog which is regularly taken out for a
                   walk in the backyard
                6. The oval office has been the setting for many historical
     Now it's the final assassination mission, at least the last one you can get
     rated for. Enter the white house, assassinate the vice-president and the
     assassin who's out for the president. Simple stuff ... Make sure that by this
     level you've bought the upgrades for the W2000 and as a priority the padded
     briefcase upgrade. There is one gunfight that is unavoidable here, and while
     you don't need a sniper rifle, it makes things easier. 
     --> Kill the Vice president
     I did this in a really round about route. First I broke into the white house,
     and went all the way through to get full access in the FBI security guard
     Enter the museum, and place the padded briefcase containing whatever weapon
     you brought onto the bag scanner. Walk through the metal detector and pick
     up the rifle case. Straight ahead is a door guarded by a soldier toting an
     M14 rifle, to the left a small toilet. Enter the toilet, and hide behind the
     door until a museum staff member enters. Sedate him and take his clothes.
     barmytoo writes:
     "You must equip ONLY the silverballers and the WA2000 rifle, then wait until
     the woman with the suitcase goes for a smoke behind the bus, whilst that is
     happening, drop the WA2000 suitcase and take hers, then put the silverballers
     in it and drop her suitcase. Retrieve your WA2000 suitcase and go past
     security, when she is scanned she will be taken away, and the suitcase you
     put the silverballers in will be taken to the guards office, simply acquire
     the disguise of the museum staff and go into the security room, take the
     suitcase and Retrieve the silverballers, drop her suitcase and continue on."
     Pick up the rifle case again, and enter the door guarded by the soldier.
     Take the first on the left into the guard room, and take the main building
     security card, as well as the video evidence (there is A LOT of CCTV around
     in the West Wing particularly).
     Go back out into the corridor and head north, until you're in a connecting
     corridor that looks out onto a garden, with either one or two soldiers
     patrolling. You won't be allowed to enter the main building in your present
     disguise, so take the door on the left near the top, which leads outside
     onto the roof. Climb the scaffold, but wait near the top until the window is
     unobserved (check the east side of the main building 2nd floor map for
     details of people in the room).
     Wait until there is only one builder left with his back to the door, and
     quickly climb into the window, and take the first door on the left in this
     room. Travel through the southern rooms on the 2nd floor, until you arrive
     at the opposite side, where there should be a carpenter disguise next to a
     Put this on, and climb out the window after picking up your rifle case again,
     and climb down onto the West Wing roof area. Head near the door, and wait
     until a secret service agent comes out for a smoke. Sedate him, take his
     clothes and keycard, and drag him all the way around the circular thing just
     there. Leave your guns here.
     Enter the West wing via the nearby door, and go down to the first floor. Head
     back East, out into the back yard (the door is the north-east corner of the 
     first floor). The Vice president walks between the back yard and the main
     office in the White House main building. 
     You can't kill him here, as he has his dog with him, so follow him back to
     the main office, making sure to enter the door after him, so you don't have
     to pick the locks. Wait until he heads to another room on his own, follow
     and poison or fibre wire him. Hide his body in a nearby box (the dog won't
     be around, as it has returned to its mistress)
     --> Kill Mark Parchezzi III
     Head back to the first floor of the West Wing and the oval office, where you
     can see your other target circling. Enter and confront him. After the scene,
     proceed at your own pace to the roof again (everyone will be on alert, but
     you won't be shot at), and retrieve all your weapons. If you brought a sniper
     rifle, this is a simple matter of assembling it, and then shuffling along the
     wall until you have a clear shot. One head shot should take care of him. If
     you don't have a sniper rifle, then be ready for a gunfight, his gun is
     incredibly powerful.
     --> Escape
     Walk up to the assassins body, and take his gun, the custom 1911. Agents
     might start swarming the roof here, so make sure you hid the body well.
     Climb up the scaffold and into the window. Proceed all the way back through
     to the exit, remembering to change into your suit in the museum. It doesn't
     matter if you set off the metal detector on the way out
     Kills: 2
     Head shots: 1
     Close Combat Kills: 1
     4.13                         MISSION 12: REQUIEM
     --> Weapons: SLP.40, MP7, Stiletto, Custom 1911, Screwdriver, Hammer, Hedge-
                  cutter, kitchen knife, shovel
     --> Ranking: n/a
     --> Briefing: It's time to close down the Franchise, leave no witnesses
     Not really a mission, you can't save afterwards or keep any weapons you find.
     When you see the credits rolling, twiddle the left analogue stick until 47
     gets up. It'll start off in slow motion, so make those first few shots count,
     as his 'Ballers take ages to reload. Kill everyone on the map, there are a
     few melée weapons available in a shed in the graveyard (marked !) if you so
     wish. There's no time limit, so enjoy.
     5.0                                WEAPONS 
     As far as I know this is the complete list of weapons found in the games, or
     at least I've filled all the shadows in the hideout. If anyone finds any
     others not on this list, I'll be happy to add it! Apparently you can keep the
     Dragunov by obtaining it on the Dance with the Devil mission (see earlier),
     so there we go then. I've tested this, and it's true.
     sam_vere pointed out that the best way to keep long weapons is to stash them
     in the black crates. You can do this by walking up to them with the weapon
     in hand and pressing [X]. This is useful especially to keep the SG552 on The
     Murder of Crows mission.
     If you are playing the Xbox version, there is apparently a missing weapon in
     the hideout between the shotgun and the M14, but I have no clue what it could
     ________ ______________ _____________________ ____________________ __________
             |              |                     |               *    |
       Type  |   Weapon     |     First found     |    Concealable     |  Silenced
     _______ |   _______    |      ________       |     _________      |   ______
             |              |                     |                    |
     Pistols |  'Ballers    |     From start      |        Yes         |   Custom
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |  Snub Nosed  |   A Vintage Year    |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    |  
             |   SLP.40     |   Curtains Down     |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    | 
             |  Bull. 480   |     A New Life      |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             | Desert Eagle | The Murder of Crows |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |  SLP.40.S    | The Murder of Crows |        Yes         |     Yes
             |              |                     |                    |           
             | Six Shooter  |Till Death do us part|        Yes         |     No
             |           ** |                     |                    |           
             | Custom 1911  |   Amendment XXV     |        Yes         |     No
     _______ |   _______    |      ________       |     __________     |   ______ 
             |              |                     |                    |          
     Sub-    | SMG Tactical |     From Start      |        Yes         |   Custom
     machine |              |                     |                    |          
             |   SAF-SMG    |   A Vintage Year    |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |     TMP      |   A Vintage Year    |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |     MP5      |   Curtains Down     |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |     MP7      |     A New Life      |        Yes         |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |     MP9      | The Murder of Crows |        Yes         |     No
     _______ |   _______    |      ________       |     __________     |   ______
             |              |                     |                    |           
      Rifles |   W-2000     |     From Start      |        No          |   Custom
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |  M4 Assault  |     From Start      |        No          |   Custom
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |    SG552     | The Murder of Crows |        No          |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |   Kazo TRG   | The Murder of Crows |        No          |     No
             |              |                     |                    |       
             |   FN-2000    |     Mission  9      |        No          |     No
             |              |                     |                    |
             |Elephant Rifle|Till Death do us Part|        No          |     No
             |              |                     |                    |
             |   Dragunov   |Dance with the Devil |        No          |     No
             |              |                     |                    |         
             |     M14      |    Amendment XXV    |        No          |     No
     _______ |   _______    |      ________       |     __________     |   ______
             |              |                     |                    |           
      Misc.  | SP12 Shotgun |     From Start      |        No          |   Custom
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |   Shotgun    |   A Vintage Year    |        No          |     No
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |    Nailer    |    Curtains Down    |        Yes         |     ?
             |              |                     |                    |           
             |  Air Rifle   |     A New Life      |        No          |     ?
     _______ |   ________   |      ________       |     __________     |   ______ 
                 * Weapons are concealable when used in conjuction with a suitcase
                 ** It appears the Custom 1911 is not a collectable gun. It
                    doesn't appear in the hideout, even if you collect it on 
                    Amendment XXV.
     6.0                              UPGRADES
     These are the upgrades on the Agent 47's standard armory. There are 5 levels
     of upgrade, opened after completing certain missions. If there are two prices
     given for a particular upgrade, this means it is the price plus the price of
     the other required upgrade to use it.
     Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
     (Available from start)
        --> Low Velocity Ammo ~ More Silent
                              ~ Less recoil
                              ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> Silencer Type 1   ~ Medium Silenced
                              ~ Excludes silencer type 2
                              ~ Excludes Long slide
     Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
     (Complete 'A VINTAGE YEAR')
        --> Extra Ammo  ~ 2 extra clips
                        ~ Expands all clips
        --> Rail mount  ~ For scopes
        --> Laser sight ~ Laser Aim
                        ~ Medium Precise
     Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
     (Complete 'FLATLINE')
        --> Magnum Ammo  ~ Penetrates doors
                         ~ More recoil
                         ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> Long Slide   ~ Better precision
                         ~ Less recoil
                         ~ Excludes silencer
        --> Dual Action  ~ Two guns
                         ~ Twice the fun
                         ~ More recoil
     Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
     (Complete 'A MURDER OF CROWS')
        --> Red dot sight ~ Small zoom
                          ~ High precision
                          ~ Requires rail mount
                          ~ Excludes scope
        --> Large Clip    ~ More bullets
                          ~ Double capacity
     Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
        --> Silencer Type 2 ~ Max silenced
                            ~ Excludes silencer Type 1
                            ~ Excludes long slide
        --> Scope Type 1    ~ Medium Zoom
                            ~ Extreme Precision
                            ~ Requires rail mount
                            ~ Excludes Red dot sight
        --> Full Auto Fire  ~ High rate of fire
                            ~ Requires large clip
                            ~ More recoil
     SP12 SHOTGUN:
     Level 1 Upgrades:
        --> Flechette ammo ~ 18 dart slugs
                           ~ Less damage
                           ~ More precise
                           ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> Butt stock     ~ More precise
                           ~ Less recoil
     Level 2 Upgrades:
        --> 12 Guage shots ~ 12 guage slugs
                           ~ Max damage
                           ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> Extra ammo     ~ 2 extra rounds
                           ~ Expands all rounds
        --> Reload boost   ~ mounted shells
                           ~ Faster reload time
     Level 3 Upgrades:
        --> Rail Mount   ~ For red dot sight
        --> Short Barrel ~ More damage
                         ~ Less precise
                         ~ Excludes silencer
     Level 4 Upgrades:
        --> Laser Sight ~ Laser aim
                        ~ Medium precise
        --> Magazine    ~ 4 extra slugs
                        ~ High rate of fire
     Level 5 Upgrades:
        --> Silencer Type 1 ~ Medium silenced
                            ~ excludes short barrel 
        --> Red dot sight   ~ Max precision
                            ~ Require rail mount
     Level 1 Upgrades:
        --> Low Velocity Ammo ~ More Silent
                              ~ Less recoil
                              ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> Butt Stock A      ~ less recoil
                              ~ More precise
        --> Butt Stock B      ~ less recoil
                              ~ More precise
     Level 2 Upgrades:
        --> Extra Ammo  ~ 2 extra clips
                        ~ Expands all clips
        --> Rail mount  ~ For scopes
        --> Magnum Ammo ~ Penetrates doors
                        ~ More recoil
                        ~ Excludes other ammo
     Level 3 Upgrades:
        --> Silencer Type 1 ~ Medium silent
                            ~ Less damage
                            ~ Excludes silencer type 2
        --> Short barrel    ~ more damage
                            ~ less precise
        --> Rapid Fire      ~ Extreme rate of fire
                            ~ More recoil
     Level 4 Upgrades:
        --> Laser sight ~ Laser aim
                        ~ more precise
        --> Double clip ~ Fast reload
     Level 5 Upgrades:
        --> Silencer Type 2 ~ Max silenced
                            ~ Less damage
                            ~ Excludes silencer type 1
        --> Red dot sight   ~ small zoom
                            ~ high precision
                            ~ requires rail mount
     M4 RIFLE:
     Level 1 Upgrades:
        --> Low Velocity Ammo ~ More Silent
                              ~ Less recoil
                              ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> R.I.S. Handguard  ~ Special Handguard
                              ~ required to upgrade
        -->   Butt stock      ~ Lightweight buttstock
                              ~ less recoil
                              ~ More precise
     Level 2 Upgrades:
        --> Armor Piercing ammo ~ Penetrates doors
                                ~ More damage
                                ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> Rail Mount   ~ to mount scopes
        --> Extra ammo   ~ 2 extra clips
                         ~ expands all clips
        --> Laser sight  ~ Laser aim
                         ~ medium precise
     Level 3 Upgrades:
        --> Silencer Type 1 ~ Medium silent
                            ~ Excludes silencer type 2
        --> Pistol grip     ~ Extra support
                            ~ More steady
                            ~ Requires handguard
     Level 4 Upgrades:
        --> Double clip   ~ 2 clips
                          ~ Less reload time
                          ~ Excludes drum magazine
        --> Red dot sight ~ small zoom
                          ~ high precision
                          ~ requires rail mount
                          ~ excludes scope
     Level 5 Upgrades:
        --> Silencer Type 2 ~ Max silenced
                            ~ Excludes silencer type 1
        --> Drum magazine   ~ 100 rounds
                            ~ large recoil 
                            ~ excludes double clips
     W-2000 SNIPER:
     Level 1 Upgrades:
        --> Low Velocity Ammo    ~ Less sound
                                 ~ Less recoil
                                 ~ Excludes other ammo
        --> Double capacity clip ~ High rate of fire
                                 ~ Excludes bolt action
     Level 2 Upgrades:
        --> Lightweight frame ~ Lightweight parts
        --> Scope Type 1      ~ Medium zoom
                              ~ high precision
                              ~ excludes other scopes
        --> Extra Ammo        ~ 1 extra clip
                              ~ Expands all clips
     Level 3 Upgrades:
        --> Silencer Type 1     ~ Medium silent
                                ~ Less damage
                                ~ Excludes silencer type 2
        --> Armor piercing ammo ~ Penetrates doors
                                ~ more recoil
                                ~ excludes other ammo
     Level 4 Upgrades:
        --> Carbon fibre barrel ~ less recoil
                                ~ high precision
        --> Extra Ammo   ~ 2 extra clips
                         ~ Expands all clips
        --> Bolt Action  ~ high precision
                         ~ requires light frame
                         ~ excludes clip
     Level 5 Upgrades:
        --> Silencer Type 2 ~ Max silenced
                            ~ Less damage
                            ~ Excludes silencer type 1
        --> Scope Type 2    ~ Max zoom
                            ~ Extremely precise
                            ~ Excludes other scopes
     Level 1 Upgrades:
        --> 7x50 Binoculars   ~ Incremental zoom
                              ~ Better vision
                              ~ Distance counter
        --> Pain Killers      ~ Small health boost
        --> Improved lockpick ~ 25% faster lockpicking
     Level 2 Upgrades:
        --> Enhanced detonator ~ Long range detonator
        --> Kevlar Vest ~ Absorbs 15% damage
                        ~ Lost at new outfit
     Level 3 Upgrades:
        --> Adrenaline  ~ A health boost
        --> Extra Mine  ~ 1 extra mine
        --> Flak vest   ~ Absorbs 35% damage
                        ~ Lost at new outfit
     Level 4 Upgrades:
        --> Craft Shultz lockpick ~ 50% faster lockpicking
        --> Foil padded suitcase  ~ Non detectable
                                  ~ For custom sniper rifle
     Level 5 Upgrades:
        --> Flexible Flak Vest ~ Absorbs 35% damage
                               ~ Fits all outfits
     7.0                          VERSION HISTORY  
     1.00 - Finished full walkthrough, nearly all weapons
     1.01 - Added the elephant rifle to list of weapons
     1.11 - Added alternate route in A Vintage Year and updated weapon section
     1.20 - Added final weapon (I hope!), and a few other routes to some of the
            levels, nothing life changing, but it's nice to diversify.
     1.21 - Yet more ways of doing things! Gosh I'm generous ... Keep on writing!
            Also removed some of the things I wrote about fibrewiring, which was
            shown to be wrong, so my bad for that.
     1.30 - No idea what I've done this time round, been adding things for the
            past few weeks as emails come in, so there could be lots of fun new
            facts here, and then and again it could be almost exactly the same,
            you just never know!
     8.0                       COPYRIGHT INFORMATION
     This document is copyrighted by Anage AKA Matthew Walter. If you want to use
     it for your site, just email me, otherwise don't sell the thing. 'Tis all.
     Thanks for reading. I've replied to those who can use this guide, to those
     I havn't sent permission, don't nick this, you have been warned, repeatedly,
     at length, with the threat of baying wolves and raw meat ... or something ...
     you get the idea.
     End of document

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