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"The angel of death is bald"

Hitman:Blood Money is the sequel of the Hitman series. This game is addictive, unique, and fun. Mixture of Metal Gear and Grand Theft Auto, YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME ? Come with me now, as we take a trip to the world... of Hitman: Blood Money.

Well, I can't tell you much about the story. Because the story is not as good as the gameplay, but I tell you anyway. You're a hitman, named Agent 47, you're working in an agency called ICA(International Contract Agency, am I right ??) and your job is to kill(Of course !) protect, or retrieve object. Continuing through each level will reveal slowly the plot of the story, I don't want to spoil the story so PLAY THIS GAME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF !!

The graphics in this game is mediocre, average, and PS2 games standard. But, the detail of this game is extraordinary. Each level will show a lot of detail to Agent 47'S surroundings. Buildings, plants, trees, people is very well detailed.

THIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE GAME. You can shoot like crazy or you can do this professionally. You can finish the mission with hundred bullets or only one bullet spent. You can kill the target using weapons or without any weapons !
And of course, mission impossible style ! You can disguise as everyone in this game to reach certain places without getting caught by the guards. If you haven't played Hitman, you may be confused of the gameplay. But the tutorial in the first mission of this game, is very helpful, so you don't have to worry. But, you must keep this in mind: In the tutorial mission your every step will be guided, In the next mission there will be no one to guide, you must find your own method to kill the target, you must be creative and plan your every step carefully. Well, if you don't care about stealth or professionalism, just shoot everyone who oppose you and destroy everything in your path(sometimes this method is fun...)The control of this game is little bit complicated for a while but you will get used to it. When you complete the mission, you will get rewarded, and you can use the money to upgrade your weapons and your kit. The reward of each level is different, but, you can increase your reward by having a good title. And the unique thing about this game is: your title and the way you kill your target will be shown in the newspaper ! The newspaper is shown every after you complete the mission. This makes the gamer feels like a real hitman.

Replay Value: 10
The replay value in this game is really good. You can replay each level in order to have better title or find a new way to kill the target or just to having fun. And this makes the game have a good replay value for the player to enjoy.

Hitman: Blood Money offers you a great game to play. But this game is just too Goddamn SHORT ! I end the game the same day I buy this game. So I suggest, if you just want to play this game without having a thought to replay it after you end this game, just rent. If you hate stealth/action game, but you really want to play it, just rent. If you just anxious, just rent. If you just want to give it a try, just rent. But, if you are fan of this game or HARDCORE action gamer you must try and buy this game this its REALLY a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/30/06

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