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"He hits hard and strong."

Ah, the Hitman series. Where to begin? This series has always impressed me and it has again.
The story is one thing in all the Hitman games that is good and bad. The idea is surreal and strange, I mean a genetically modified perfect assassin? Although, however weird it is, it still works. Blood Money has made the storyline really work this time around though. For once, people are actually looking for you, instead of denying you exist, and going to the extent of sending other assassins after you. It is not the best storyline of games but is ok.

The Hitman Series (excluding number 1:Codename 47) graphics have always impressed me. This game does it again and truly push the Playstation's graphics card to the limit. The video graphics look as good as some 360 games and the game play graphics aren't half-bad. The scenery and people detail is very impressive, (even if some models for people are used multiple times.) The physics of the game are what have made this series famous, the rag doll-like physics are truly masterful. Overall, not the greatest but as far as PS2 graphics go, still very good.

Game play:
The game play of Blood Money really impressed me this time. For the first time it has incorporated in features, that always needed to be there. E.G. Hiding people in boxes, hiding your self in closets, causing "Accidents" for your poor victims. In some cases I think there could be room for improvement. For example, once somebody is in a box they cannot be removed which is absurd and also frustrating at times. Also, it's very basic movement of things. E.G. You strangle somebody and drag them into the lift shaft the same way. Overall, though there is a lot more freedom and you mustn't forget there are so many different ways of killing someone. I must not forget the new combat system. For the first time, you can actually physically beat someone up! It may be basic but it's a lot of fun.

This game has good and bad A.I. It does depend on your difficulty level, however in some cases the guards and civilians are just plain stupid. There are times when I think, fair enough you have picked up my gun and started shooting me with it, touche. On other occasions, I am thinking, you idiot can you not see the gun that I am holding behind my back? But I think IO did a pretty good job.

Replay Value:
This game series has never got boring for me. I have never thought of trading it in and I still regularly play Contracts (the third in the series). It has a way of reeling you in and making you want to have another crack at a level you just cannot seem to do or do a level again with a different method, and this game has plenty of ways of doing a level.

This series will never die for me and I will always buy the new one because I feel they just get better and better with each little tweak and even if there is always things you can think "Why, oh why" at it still makes you feel that it was a worthwhile buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/31/06

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