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Reviewed: 06/01/06


I have been a die hard fan of the Hitman series since Silent Assassin, and once again the great people at Eidos have produced another classic!

If you enjoyed Silent Assassin and Contracts, Blood Money should be the icing on the cake!

The only problem I had with Hitman: Contracts was that all of the levels were too dark. This time around the lighting is much brighter! I have only played up to the 4th mission and so far they have all been very well lit! Some taking place in broad daylight, others indoors with excellent lighting. The scenery is outstanding. Sometimes it is hard not to just walk around and take it all in before actually getting started with your mission objectives. And with two of the first few missions having a guided tour feature, it just blows my mind! Seriously. You can join a tour group and tour the ins and outs of the surroundings! It is like a totally different game within the game! Don't feel like killing? Take a tour and hang out with the group!

Blood Money went back to its Silent Assassin routes this time around. Chamber music! It fits the character, Agent 47, and the game perfectly. The sounds of the pistols and assault rifles seems more realistic. Hear what might be going on elsewhere every time a door is opened by you or a character in the game!

This is the only downside to the game, in my opinion. The controls in Silent Assassin were perfect. You could select a weapon quickly with a simple press of the square button and scrolling down the list. Blood Money continues the way Contracts did somewhat. In Contracts you had to pause the game and then go through a merry-go-round to pick your weapon and equip it. This time around you must press and hold the square button to bring the same merry-go-round up and equip and item. But this is all a VERY small price to pay as it gets easier to get used to after very little time. Movement of Agent 47 is the same as in the two previous games. Very simple. Left analog stick to move, right analog stick to control the camera.

Excellent!! It is a ripoff of the storyline from the movie "Hannibal" but it totally works! You have become the hunted as a mysterious disfigured man follows your trail via newspapers and secret files. The less you stick out in each mission, the harder it will be for the papers to get the story about what happened correct. The better you do at each mission, the more money you make. And you can use that money to upgrade your weapons and even payoff witnesses and police so your news coverage will suddenly take a wrong turn.

Picture in picture, baby! You have the option of turning on a PIP camera! With it you can see important events and clues during your missions. Toss an enemy over a cliff and the PIP camera will show you his or her fall from down below.

You can now conceal your kills by tossing them into large bins. Conceal your weapon as you walk up behind a target.

The AI is alot smarter depending on the difficulty level you choose. This can range from cops finding a trail a blood, leading them to a dead body, to finding weapons you may have dropped. Imagine my surprise after killing a wine maker with the fibre wire, dropping my shotgun so I can dump him into a bin, only to turn around and watch a security guard find the shotgun and take it for himself.

And as per the other Hitman games, each level can be completed in many different ways giving the game huge replay value!

The Hitman series suits both the run and gun style and the patient stealth style of play. Running and gunning, however can be dangerous if you do not have a decent amount of ammunition. The enemies do not go down as easily now. Unless you score a head shot, you will find yourself using more bullets then before. Even with the powerful Silver Ballers.

Buy this game! If only for the tours and scenery, it is totally worth it!


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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