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"The best hitman so far?"

Well to be honest I'd have to say that it is the best hitman game
In this hitman game it isn't the best story, but it's there to interest you. It isn't a detailed and exciting story, but I didn't care, I just wanted to get on with playing

Well as far as I can see it's the best graphics iv seen on a hitman game, the details are near perfect, it really helps you get into the game. The guns are detailed and the blood effects are a very nice touch. Everything looks sharp and detailed and it gives all the levels a feeling and atmosphere

Game play:
There are so many things you can do on this game that you wouldn't of even dreamed about. You can do so many things to bring down your target, and it's really easy to do as well. You can hide in closets and hide bodies in big boxes. You can ether kill your target head on, from a distance or just by poisoning their drink. You can climb up many things to help you get past guards and security, and its realistic as well. Example: you can be seen on a security cam and if you don't want them to keep the tape, you can just steal it from the security room! Changing clothes is very simple and quick as well, the stealth has even more options to help you, like you can hide gun behind your back for example. Killing guards has been polished too, you can make lots of things look like accidents, such as pushing them over a rail and into some water or of a great height, you can even hide on top of and elevator and strangle them by reaching down from the roof! But the best part is the fact that what you do affects the whole game, if you leave witnesses and clues then they will get suspicious of you in later levels. But this can be easy avoided so no need to worry

Its way better than last time, guards act better and they don't just shoot you at any given time. If you act suspicious then they will warn you first, they give you plenty of time to get back to a safe place.

Replay Value:
Well there is plenty of things to keep you entertained, the selection of weapons and levels isn't huge, but they are fun and there are lots of ways to kill your target in each level. Its not a trade in game, its a game you will want to keep forever.

It's the best of the bunch, if you don't own it then there is only one thing I have to say... BUY IT NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/06

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