Review by Z23WOLVERINE

Reviewed: 06/05/06

A good game, but not much has changed.


Bearing in mind that I loved Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and thought that Hitman: Contracts was a little half arsed, I expected miracles from this game.

The second game in the series was the biggest step up in the whole series. The missions were bigger, more open and more intelligent. The third game seemed to be a mission pack, not a sequel. Some levels were great (the fetish party for example), but others were retreads.

I still regard the second as the best game in the series. Blood Money is a much more flexible game; the controls seem looser, the AI more rounded and the levels bigger. However, this step up is not as big as I wanted. The game still seems bound by some pointless limitations - the context sensetive moves are good, but it feels so fake. Why can't we do it OURSELVES? Read on for more...


The playstation 2 version does well to cope with so many NPC's on screen. The frame rate occasionally dips, but it still looks good. The anti aliasing is non-existant here. Jagged edges galore, but this makes no difference.

The animation is a little better than the previous games, but still nothing to go crazy over. I really think they should completely revamp the entire game. Hitman 2 was a big step up - this game should have been too.

In terms of design, the look is great and diverse. We get opera houses, crowded streets, suburbia and much more. These levels are very fun to explore and are cinematic - which is important.

SOUND (10/10)

Not much to say here - another great soundtrack from Kyd. All the Hitman games sound wonderful and this is no difference.

The sound effects are powerful too - gunfire, stabbings, footsteps - the game is suitably atmospheric.


The gameplay is as fun as always. The levels seem more open this time around, so the killings are diverse and less limited. 47 has more moves too, which means he is less stilted than the previous games. However, like I said before in the review, this game should have been so much more than just "a little better than hitman 2".

The levels are well thought out, though some rely on trial and error. The AI sometimes make illogical decisions which make the game seem frustrating.

But overall, the gameplay is still great. The hits are well thought out and it feels very film-like.


The levels can take as long, or as short as you want them to. There are many ways to do the hits and there is an incentive to do more - like the newspaper clippings.

However, if you are like me, and wanted a truly innovative game, you may become a little bored before the end.


Hitman Blood Money is a good game - nothing more, nothing less. The hits are well thought out, the controls are fine and the atmosphere is suitably tense.

However this game should have been better in all respects. Better graphics and better gameplay. I have seen the 360 version in action too, and the graphics are nothing special on that either.

For the next game, there should be much better graphics, more flexible gameplay and a more dense atmosphere - not one populated by obvious AI.


A fun game that should have been more.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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