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Reviewed: 06/07/06

The Perfect Bald Perfectionist

Overview: Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth installment to the Hitman series. It matches up to the high standards of its predecessors and beats them by a hair.

New Skills and Features 10/10
In this game the killer 47 has some new abilities to make the game even more fun. Now you can throw knives that stick into the body, plant bombs and detonate them from a distance and instead of clicking a button the jump to a balcony you just start to do it and the cut-scene automatically appears. You can also climb up drain pipes and trellises (type of fence like thing). There is also a new way to kill but not get in trouble for it is the new "accident" feature. If someone is standing next to a shark pool and you push him in it counts as an accident. Different forms of accidents are, rigging explosives to high objects to fall on targets, pushing people to death, crushing weights onto a targets throat, and rigging a stove to blow up in a targets face. Newly added is the ability to upgrade your starting weapons. You can add silencers, laser sight, scopes, stronger ammo, and others. Another new feature is the Notoriety feature where depending on how the level went you get a range from 0-100 and the higher the number the easier people begin to recognize you on future levels. At the end of each level you get your rating as always and pending how you performed you get a nice fat paycheck. The greatness of the money is that now you have the ability to decide where you spend it. You can bribe Civilians to lower 15 notoriety points, the chief of police to lower 40 notoriety points, or the US government to get an identity change and get rid of up to 100 points! Or you could spend your money on the weapon upgrades. Last but not least new feature is the newspaper article at the end of each mission. Everytime you finish a mission, see your rating and stats, spend your money, you see a clipping from a newspaper article which records everything from the amount of shots fired the the assassins favorite weapon during the hit to how many others were killed.

Music 8/10
The music is great as it is in all of the Hitman games but it can get a little old sometimes when the same music plays when your tension gets too high.

Graphics 10/10
The game just looks amazing and the quality remains perfect even with over 100 people on the screen at one time.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay runs very smoothly as you move about the levels eliminating your targets.

Levels 9/10
Each level is HUGE with plenty of space and a plethora of ways to complete each mission. Many disguises and ways to break in makes each level very enjoyable. The only downside to the levels is that there are too few. Including the training level there are 13 when compared to the 20ish in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin makes it look bad.

Replay Value 10/10
After you beat each mission you can go back and do it again COMPLETELY different in every way so your almost playing a new level with the same map! You can get a different disguise, enter a different way, kill with a bomb rather than poisonous syringe, and exit through a different route. And after you do that you still have the different ratings to look forward to and the newpaper article changes with every switched detail.

Story 8/10
The story is a little bland in this game as each cutscene between levels is an interview that leads to the last level. (I'm not going to give anymore away). The best part of the story is the very last cutscene which promises us another Hitman game in the future!

AI 9/10
The AI is better than the previous games as they don't shoot you for such stupid reasons anymore. If you go into a restricted area and get caught they give you a fair warning with plenty of time to leave before the pull a gun on you.

Overall 10/10
This game is almost perfect with the rare flaw that barely registers in your mind as a flaw.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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