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Reviewed: 06/20/06

An EIDOS classic!

INTRO-The bald headed, contract killer is back for yet another appearance and yet again will you be thoroughly pleased. The feared Agent 47, created by EIDOS, has successfully helped to bring "Hitman" to a new level, a level which will be difficult to improve upon. Blood Money is one of the best EIDOS games that I have ever played; Let me explain.

STORY- Agent 47, a bald headed hitman is hired and expected to fulfill his contracts to eliminate his targets in exchange for money. However, when a rival agency stumbles upon him and his work, a war is created, further adding to the game's climax. Simple story-line, yet woven with so many mini-plots, you're always guessing wrong. 10/10

GRAPHICS-Considering the age and weakness of the PlayStation 2 console, I was impressed by the graphics. From weather conditions, to the a beautiful mountain rage, from the trees to the swaying green grass in the lawn to the minute details of common human facial expressions, Blood Money offerers you with some pretty neat graphics, just as it has in the past titles. When playing in first-person mode, you can truly see even the most finest points of the game's graphics. Check it out. 10/10

Gameplay-Each mission assigned to Agent 41 will consist of approximately 3-5 tasks. These tasks range from assassinating a person(s), stealing some evidence, protecting a certain person(s) and of course, fleeing from the scene without being killed. In order to help you during the mission, you may buy "Intel", sort of like hints for beating the mission with relative ease. You may purchase before the start of the mission, various upgrade for your arsenal of weapons, buy painkillers which increase your health, buy armor, etc in order to increase your survival/success chances. "Notoriety" is a new feature added to this game. Notoriety is basically the A.I.'s knowledge and recognition of you and what you've done via television broadcasting. It makes the game much more difficult as is increases, but you may buy bribes before the mission's start in order to decrease your notoriety, which is very helpful. The best part of the gameplay, for me, are the sneaky, stealth- behind-the-back kills. You can perform these kills with almost any object thats lethal. You may also take hostages during gameplay, which is always a treat. The game is just full of action; You won't be let down. 10/10

CONTROLS-Smooth as they should be. The left analog stick moves Agent 47 up and down (running and walking is pressure sensitive, so the harder the push forward, the faster you run and vice versa), while the right analog stick changes the camera angle. Equipping weapons and performing silent kills is not difficult and the controls allow for easy concealment and retrieving of items and weapons. You can crouch, punch, head butt, drag bodies, dispose of bodies, change clothes, shove and steal weapons with much ease, all by pressing or moving a certain direction on the analog stick near another person. A map is conveniently provided by hitting L2 and you may check it at any time during a mission. I have not a single complaint. It should only require about 15 minutes to become accustomed to controlling Agent 47 and his stealthy actions. 10/10

SOUND-Crisp and clear. The sound of guns to the sound of Agent 47 breathing within the confinements of a tight closet, to the sounds of victim's dying and gasping for a last breath, everything sounds perfect. I never miss a conversation between to A.I. members; It's amazing what they'll say, often funny! The music becomes more ominous when you do something bad or stumble upon a new area, but that keeps your adrenaline pumping and wondering who's waiting for you beyond the next door. Definitely keep your sound volume up for this game. 10/10

RENT/BUY-Buy! The game has a lot of levels and you can challenge yourself by attempting harder modes of gameplay. Also, you can buy and upgrade weapons and store them at your "Hideout." There is a lot of replayability and you will want to try to beat the levels in many different ways than just one. Buy this game; It's worth the 40$.

Final commentsThis is a great addition for Hitman fans or anybody who enjoys 3rd person/1st person (optional) shooting/stealth games. New additions such as concealing bodies, notoriety (how people notice who you were during gameplay), buying upgrades and important information and bribes make this game much better than first few titles. You can stop reading this now and go out to the video game store.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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