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"Great Game Great Price"

Welcome to Hitman: Blood Money, a very great game where you must go around performing hits while avoiding other hit men (preferably stealthily but it's up to you. Stealthily is easier though.)

This game is about a bald headed cloned perfect assassin known as Agent 47, who as a hit man goes around performing hits. People believed him to be a myth, but this time, a few who believe have sent other hit men to take care of Agent 47.

Game Play
You are given assignments to perform hits, with around 3-5 objectives on each assignment. Which can include not only hits, but obtaining evidence, protecting people, and obviously, escaping the scene from which you committed the hit. Before you begin an assignment you are given the option of purchasing various upgrades with the money you earn from hits. Such as upgrades to your weapons, buying armor, increasing health etc. The AI is also smarter this time around if you start on any difficulty above rookie due to the new "Notoriety" feature. If you get caught throughout the game then the AI will start to recognize you from television and newspapers. But along with this comes the ability to bribe the police to clean up the scene. There are also new "accident kills" where you can make it look like the victim was accidentally killed instead of being assassinated.

The graphics look great, especially for a PS2 game. The cinematics look very beautiful down to the last wrinkle in the clothing, to the curves in a curtain. Even during game play the graphics look nice. The water is also very realistic just overall awesome graphics. 10/10

Not much to say here, the controls are intuitive for the most part and you have a lot of control over the camera even down to its speed.

Very nicely done, from the voices, to the breathing, all the way down to the guns shooting, every sounds very realistic. The music is annoying in the beginning, though I won't deduct for that, as it's just the intro screen.

Buy this game, I still need to, I am currently renting it. But now that I have played I wouldn't mind at buying it. Very fun, especially performing accidental kills and the game is $40 from what I have heard.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/10/06

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