Review by Tster01

Reviewed: 07/10/06

Agent 47, born killer

I’m going to make this review short and sweet so you can start playing the game straight after you read this.
First of all this is the best Hitman so far. There have been Hitman games like contracts, but none even compare to this baby.

Very interesting, yet, it doesn't grip you like it could if it really wanted. Some people will skip it since they want to play so bad but that’s ok. You’re a agent called 47 working for a agency called ICA, you get more and more of the story further you go on (state the obvious) So the key point of this is – interesting. 7/10

Very well polished, if Jessica Alba was in this game she would look amazing as always. 47 now has a very smooth bald head, as he should. But the thing that caught my eye the most was the surroundings. Like, trees, buildings…you get my drift. They look way better than Contracts. You can see everything in so much detail that it’s near freaky for a PS2 game, it’s awesome. 9/10

Hitmans best feature. You may not be able to play with Jessica Alba in this but it can’t be far off. (What am I saying…were talking about Jessica Alba!) Anyway, you have so many choices in this game. You can empty your whole gun with shots flying everywhere or just send one bullet going flying. You will have to sneak in and out of buildings, sneaking around guards or killing them on the spot. You’ll have to sneak into closets and hide and hope you just don’t get caught. In the first mission everything you do is guided but it isn’t all like that. After that you will have to find your own way to kill the target. Once you do…do as you wish to kill him. As I have said you have so many choices where to hide, how to, if to. How to kill the guard, if you go on rampages or not. You won’t get bored. 10/10

Well…you can always do missions again to get a better title. Also find a new way to kill the target, tons of fun. 9/10

Depending how and where you kill the target will determine how much media goes on you. I’ll put it this way, if you throw a target of a balcony everyone will think they committed suicide or just fell off. But, if your seen with a gun you then shoot the target in the head and make a runner off people will start getting scared of you and you will get more media coverage…bad thing. So watch your step…if it all goes bad to worst you can always pay bribe money.

OVERALL – 9/10 Brilliant

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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