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"Agent 47; Grim Reaper's human rival."

After reading numerous reviews and forums about this game, I decided to buy it. Back at home, I finished the game within seven hours. There I sat, in front of the TV, awed by the sheer brilliance of the game developers at Eidos Interactive of making a superb game. Let me list down what I think of the game:

The A.I. system of the game varies with the difficulty level chosen by the player. This is seen if the player leaves plenty of witnesses of his/her crime behind on an easier difficulty level, the witnesses give an inaccurate sketch of the Agent 47, but on the higher difficulty levels, an accurate sketch is drawn of Agent 47. The A.I. controlled civilians, guards or FBI agents also react to a situation quickly by calling for reinforcements.

A.I. aspect: 8/10

The graphics in Hitman: Blood Money has a slight improvement from the previous Hitman games; notably Hitman: Contracts. The detail of everyone and everything are crisp in quality and detail. Maybe in the next Hitman game, most presumably on the PS3, will improve even better.

Graphics aspect: 8/10

The gameplay of either using stealth or blasting your through a level Rambo-style, is awesome. When I was playing the game, I often walk around the level planning my moves and hatching a sinister way of terminating my targets through the most devious way possible. The wide-open aspect of killing your targets using different methods, engages and puts the player in 47's shoes, literally.

Gameplay aspect: 10/10

Excellent sounds are produced in the game, from opera music in "Curtains Down" to the rave music in "A Dance With The Devil", everything is moving and sets the mood of the game in motion.

Sound aspect: 9/10

Replay Value:
Once the player has finished the game, he would want to play it again, not only for the sake of killing people over and over again but also too find new methods of dispatching their victims. The players would also want to collect every gun in the game, such as the Elephant Rifle in "Till Death Do Us Part" and FN2000 in "A Dance With The Devil".

Replay value aspect: 9/10

The story of rival agencies pitting against one another was seen in the movie "Mr. and Mrs.Smith". The same story has been implemented in Hitman: Blood Money. This time, the story takes place by a wheelchair bound gentleman who tells another guy how Agent 47 was captured. I found the story very intriguing and captivating.

Story aspect: 10/10

Overall this game is awesome and it should be a must buy by Hitman fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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