Review by MasterCheif47

"Making Great Greater"

47 is back and better than ever with IO Interactive's New Release Hitman: Blood Money. With new gameplay features and slightly better AI.

Gameplay - 9/10
For starters the gameplay is great. With new features such as upgraded weapons. You can make your weapons silenced or even make your silver ballers full auto. New agility abilities to help you get around each mission. Other than that it's the same poisoning food, strangling enemy, assasin gamplay that we know and Love. With many, MANY different ways to complete missions. Also has a first person mode.

Graphics - 9/10
This game improves on the already good graphics from Silent Assasin, and Contracts. Excellent detail for the PS2. Definent 9/10.

Story - 9/10
A pretty good story with a surprising ending. Still has that enthralling story the series is good at. Told in a flashback style.

Controls - 8/10
The controls are great, except when trying to pick something up. You have to keep moving around a body to pick up a weapon instead of changing clothes. Other than that great one touch manuevers.

AI - 8/10
The AI is noticeable better than Contracts but still falls short to games like Gears Of War. Enemies are still a little stupid. Besides that they dont get suspicous when you follow them as close as possible, they charge at you while you are firing right where there going.

Difficulty: Hard
Dont be mistaken, this game is the Ninja Gaiden of stealth games. Even with one touch controls, upgraded weapons this game is still HARD AS HECK. But it is completely possible. You just have two slow down, look around, and think. If one method isn't working try a new one.

Engine - 9/10
The engine can slow a bit in missions like The Murder Of The Crows with a lot of motion. But other than that it is great. There is not any other missions than that though.

Replay - 9/10
With all the weapon Upgrades you can't buy the first time through, and the feeling of accomplishment after beating every mission with a Silent Assasin Rating, and all the different ways to finish a mission, this game is always fun.

Overall - 9/10
One of my and many others favorite game this is worth getting on any console. Keeps you waiting for Hitman Five. Five Stars. TWO THUMBS UP!

Overview -
Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Controls 8
AI 8
Difficulty Hard
Engine 9
Replay 9
Overall 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/11/08

Game Release: Hitman: Blood Money (US, 05/30/06)

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