Stuck in clockworks and gears (mechanical pit-past)?

  1. Ive pull the lever and it has raised a platform, I wall run onto it. It raises up and then I need to wall run and jump left and right until I reach the ledge. What buttons do i press on my controller? Just as I get to the corner I press x it brings me straight back, if I press x before the corner i go left but drop like a stone. What am I doing wrong?????

    User Info: hellconn

    hellconn - 8 years ago


  1. Run along the wall until you reach near the end then press X to jump left and right until you cling on the edge. It isn't hard when you do this command. You just have to press X while The Prince is running along the walls to make he jump back and cling on the back walls, when he touched the back walls, press X to make him jump back to cling another back walls until you reach to the edge. Remember tp press X when he touched the wall and do not press X uninterrrupted.

    User Info: krauser1989

    krauser1989 - 8 years ago 0 0

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