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    Kara Cancel Throw FAQ by SilverGear

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    Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike - Kara Cancel Throw FAQ
    By - Nathan R. Roach
    Started - 2/20/01
    Contact - SilverGear2014@yahoo.com
    Copyright - This FAQ is property of Nathan Roach. Copying this FAQ in any way or 
    form with-out my permission will result in legal action. 
    Version - 1.5
     Ah greetings fellow Street Fighter fans! I'm here to explain the art known as  
    "Kara Cancel Throwing". I hope you find this information of some use next time 
    you go to the local arcade. I shall try my best to break down this art of 
    throwing and how it works for each character. Once you master this art I think 
    you'll be very pleased with how it effects your skills. Plus this art can come 
    in very handy when used properly. Hope you find this FAQ both informative and 
    fun to read. Take care and keep up the good Fight!
     - Nathan "SilverGear" Roach
    The Throw System
     As you all know by now (or should know by now)  Capcom decided to re-do the 
    throw engine by making it where you have to press both Jab + Short  while hold 
    the joystick (or D-pad) towards the opponent or away from the opponent , you 
    could also leave the joystick (or D-Pad) neutral for a different result. 
     Anyways, Capcom decided to please their loyal players by making throws a tad 
    bit easier by adding a "window" that gives the person some extra time to press 
    the other button (be it Jab or Short) to break it down to simplier terms here is 
    an example : You press Jab then with a split second left you press Short 
    canceling out the Jab animation and starting the throw animation. Go it? Good. 
    Well, what Capcom testers failed to find was the fact that this "Window" they 
    added also allowed you to cancel out other normal moves as well and in return it 
    would increase your throw range. Pretty interesting eh? Oh well at least this 
    isn't as bad as some of the glitches in MvC2.
    How to Perform it
     Well now that you know what Kara Cancel Throwing does I'm sure you want to know 
    how to do it right? Well keep on reading.
     To perform a Kara Cancel Throw you must have amazing timing ....this is a key 
    to performing Kara throws. But what you have to do this this - Perform the 
    desired normal attack of your choice then AS FAST AS YOU CAN press Jab+Short. If 
    it doesn't work then your probably not hitting the jab and short button fast 
    enough. Remember you only have roughly around 1/6 of a second to pull this off. 
    That may sound crazy but it's no lie , now before you give up all hope just keep 
    up the practice eventually you'll get the timing down right. Kara Cancel 
    Throwing IS possiable it just takes time to learn (Took me around 3 months of 
    practice to get it down). If your determined enough and practice until you get 
    it then your on the right track.
     Now if done properly you will have achieved the desired effect of having your 
    character advance towards your opponent THEN throw. HOWEVER some normal moves 
    can actually have a reverse effect and push your character away from the 
    opponent! But this a rare case some of them just stay in the same spot and don't 
    advance at all. To avoid this  I have compiled a list of which standard moves 
    are best for what character , scroll down to see the list.
    The List
     This list is in order from who benefits from Kara Canceling the most to who 
    does the least. Plus it shows the desired normal attack you want to cancel with 
    each desired character. Here we go.
     Character - Best Move to  Kara Cancel:         
     1. Hugo - Forward Kick
     2. Alex - Strong Punch / Close Forward Kick / Toward Opponent + Fierce Punch
     3. Gill - Toward Opponent + Forward Kick
     4. Urien - Toward Opponent + Forward Kick or Strong Punch
     5. Necro -  Press Back + Forward Kick or Roundhouse Kick
     6. Chun-li - Close Roundhouse Kick / Jumping Fierce (!?!?!?!)
     7. Oro - Forward Kick / Toward Opponent + Strong Punch / Roundhouse Kick
     8. Akuma - Toward Opponent + Strong Punch
     9. Ryu - Toward Opponent + Strong Punch
    10. Ken - Roundhouse Kick / Forward Kick / Press Back + Forward
    11. Q -  Press Back + Strong Punch / Strong Punch
    12. Remy - Close Forward Kick /  Far Away Roundhouse Kick / Hold Back + Forward 
    13. Elena - Hold Back + Forward Kick / Strong Punch / Roundhouse Kick
    14. Twelve - Fierce Punch
    15. Makoto - Toward Opponent + Forward Kick or Strong Punch
    16. Dudley - Forward Kick / Toward Opponent + Strong Punch / Roundhouse Kick
    17. Sean - Toward Opponent + Fierce Punch / Far from Opponent Roundhouse Kick
    18. Yun - Toward Opponent + Forward Kick
    19. Yang -  Far from Opponent Roundhouse Kick / Close Strong Punch / Toward 
    Opponent + Fierce Punch
    20. Ibuki -  Close Forward Kick / Roundhouse Kick / Far from Opponent Strong 
    Now what do I do now?
     Well once you finally manage to pull of Kara Cancel Throws it's time to hit the 
    arcades! That's where your true Kara Canceling Skills will be tested. If you can 
    pull it off during battle the your set! However if you still have problems then 
    I suggest you go home and pop in 3rd Strike into your loyal DC and get 
    practicing in Arcade Mode (And if you don't have a DC then shame on you! :p ). 
    To help you out a little more in getting Kara Cancel Throws to connect I shall 
    provide some extra tips that you should take to heart.
     Tip 1 - If your facing a crouching opponent smack them with the Overhead attack 
    (Strong Punch + Forward Kick) if it is blocked or not once you land follow up 
    with a Kara Cancel Throw. The reason why it is smart to follow up with a Kara 
    Cancel Throw is because once you land the Over Head attack almost everyone is 
    going to expect you to either do a crouching or standing attack so their gonna 
    block. But you can't block a throw and by the time they realize their being 
    throw it will most likely be too late to Tech Hit.
     Tip 2 - You can also Kara Cancel into certain Specials! For example you can 
    Kara Cancel Throw into Hugo's Somersault Press (aka - His Spinning Pile Driver) 
    and Alex's Super Bomb AND Hyper Bomb! So if your a fan of grapplers this is a 
    technique you've GOTTA learn!
     Tip 3 - In rare cases when you go for a Kara throw if your opponent tries a 
    normal move sometimes you can gain even MORE range! It's as if your grabbing 
    their limb!
     Tip 4 - Also take note That if you use Ibuki / Oro / Chun-li you can also 
    perform Air Kara Cancel Throws. These are pretty hard to get down but still 
    Those tips should be all that you need once you've got Kara Cancel Throwing down 
    BUT if your the type that has a hard time learning please continue to the next 
    section properly named.....
     Okay okay okay....So you STILL have problems Kara Throw Canceling right? Well 
    fear not for your not alone! Many people still have a hard time performing Kara 
    Cancel Throws , heck some people have no clue what a Kara Cancel Throw is! 
    Anyways....Your still reading so I gather you need some help , well look no 
    further my friends for I shall lead you on to the right path!
     Well to start off pick you character of choice then keep him/her at the 
    distance where you cannot throw the training dummy by simple pressing Short + 
    Jab. Now that your at the perfect range position your fingures over the Arcade 
    buttons like so - Middle Fingure on the Forward/Fierce/Roundhouse/Strong button 
    , Your index fingure on the Jab button , and your Thumb on the Short Button. Now 
    once you press the desired Standard attack button with your middle fingure 
    automatically press the Jab and Short Button with your Index fingure and Thumb 
    if you do this your character will "magically" grab your opponent even though 
    their out of your throw range. But just remember press the Jab + Short buttons 
    at just the right time...Not too early not too late. Like I mentioned this will 
    take some practice so don't get upset and just drop it. 
     Now for those of you who don't go to the arcade and play on your Dreamcast your 
    probably saying "Well what about us? I don't have an Arcade stick so how am I 
    supposed to position my fingures like that on a tiny DC controller hmmm?"  Well 
    cool your jets there son don't worry for those of you who use the Dreamcast D-
    pad just do as followed - If the move you have to Kara Cancel is a Strong Punch 
    or a Forward Kick then just position your thumb so that it covers either the X  
    (Strong by Default) or B (Forward by Default) button AND the X + A button (Jab 
    and Short by Default) now that you have your thumb in position simply press the 
    Strong or Forward attack with one part of your thumb then hit the Jab + Short 
    with the rest of your thumb. It's not as hard as it sounds trust me....again it 
    just takes some practice. Now as for Fierce Punch and Roundhouse Kick....well 
    come on!! That's easy! Oh well if I get e-mail demanding it I'll put it up as 
    well okay?
     Well now all you have to do now is Practice Practice PRACTICE. Now don't come 
    to me with your problems I've already explained everything I know as best as I 
    can so your either not trying hard enough or you just have a hard time under-
    standing what I provided you. However if you are still having a hard time 
    performing Kara Cancel Throws I suggest you head on over to Shoryuken.com you 
    should be able to find something over there (Not sure if the information they 
    orginally had up is still there).
     Well now that I've tried my best to break down this technique I hope you pick 
    it up with ease. Enjoy the power! Once you have this art form of throwing down 
    it will add a whole new light to your way of playing. And for all of you who go 
    up against a Kara Cancel Throwing Hugo....well may God have mercy on your souls. 
    Thank you for taking your time to read this I hope this information may be of 
    use to you. Enjoy the power! And keep up the good fight!
      - Nathan "SilverGear" Roach
     I just gotta give credit where it's due so I give credit to:
    -Capcom : For keeping the Street Fighter series alive all  of these years
    -Shoryuken.com : This is were I originally learned about the art of Kara Cancel 
    Throwing check this place out some time!
    -John Choi /  Maxstah / Derek Daniels : These were the three that originally 
    brought the art of Kara Cancel Throwing into the light.
    -Dr. Deelite : You know who you are. Thank you for keeping my love of 3rd Strike 
    alive. If I ever run into you in the near future please give me the honor of 
    taking out my Q.
    -acesmith5 and Eric : My two partners in crime ^_^ Once we get this CvS training 
    over with we really got play some more 3rd Strike and MvC2 ^_~
    -The Fine People at Software Etc. : For selling me my copy of 3rd Strike and for 
    being some of the nicest people around.
    And that pretty much wraps it up! Keep your eye out for up-dates. If I get bored 
    I might add some Stun Combo's you can get from using certain throws (Like Hugo's 
    neutral throw) I'll think about it. Take it easy! Later!
    ~Copyright 2001 Nathan "SilverGear" Roach - All Rights Reserved~
    ~Contact At - SilverGear2014@yahoo.com~
    ~Finished: Fedruary 21st, 2001 6:37 p.m. eastern time~

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