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    FAQ by Camel Rider

    Version: 4.2 | Updated: 05/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            DEF JAM: FIGHT FOR NY
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2007 Kevin Sounthavong A.K.A Camel Rider.
    I have created this FAQ since the manual for this game isn't very helpful and 
    to key all you new players on how to play and dominate in this game.
    !WARNING! don't sell the game right after purchase 
    if you don't master the game in under 10 minutes.
    It takes time to master this game so be patient and learn.
    This FAQ can get big. Press CTRL+F and then type what section you
    wanna view.
    What's in here?
    Basic Controls
    How to use/Activate Blazin's
    Cinematic Beatdown
    Back Grapples
    Tips On Landing Grapples
    Variety Of Moves
    Enviromental Attacks
    *Hood Smash
    *Car Door Move/Cage Move
    *Total A Car
    Aerial Attacks
    Aerial Weapon Attack
    Double Team Moves
    Crowd Action
    Ground Fighting
    Fighting Style KO's
    Wrestler Ability
    Kick Boxing-The Deadly Style
    Match Types
    Bonus Points
    MileStone Bonus
    Version History
    0.2-Added Meters, Basic Controls,How to Activate use/Blazin's, and Grappling
    0.3-Added Striking, Enviromental Attacks, and Weapon/Use
    0.4-Added Crowd Action, Fighting Style Ko's, and Match types
    0.5-C-A-F, Stats, and Penalties 
    0.6-Ground Fighting and Wrestler Ability
    0.7-Back grapples
    0.8-Running Weapon Strike and Aerial Moves
    0.9-Credits and Cinematic Beatdown
    1.0-Stores and a little spelling
    1.1-Updated Penalties, !WARNING!, Hints, and *Combo's*
    1.2-Bonus Points/Penalty Points and some Hints
    1.3-MileStone Bonus
    1.4-Update Hints
    1.5-Tougness Milestone
    1.6-Updated Hints and Combo's
    1.7-Martial Arts Sub Styles
    1.8-Fixed Stats
    1.9-Landing Grapples Tip
    2.0-Spelling Corrections
    2.2-Aerial Weapon Smash and Hood Smash
    2.3-Kickboxing-The Deadly Style
    2.4-Mantis Style Glitch
    2.5-Variety Of Moves and Double Team Moves
    2.6-Crowd Action Update
    2.7-Speed Attribute
    2.8-Update on Variety of Moves and some GUI upgrades
    2.9-Updates on counters
    3.0-Updates On Weapons and NY Nightcap Combo
    3.1-Hints section has been changed to Hints/Secrets Section & Car Door/Cage
    move added
    3.2-How to TOTAL a car in Demolition Match & Aerial Moves
    3.3-Hints & Secrets Updated
    3.4-Milestone corrections
    3.5-Drunken Boxing Glitch
    3.6-Updated Credits
    3.7-Updated Closing
    3.8-Abolished Ma Sub Styles
    3.9-Disclaimer update
    4.0-How to do Submission moves
    4.1-Closing updates
    4.2-Fixed repeating articles and added to hidden weapons section
    Ok, here is the down low.
    The green bar is your health meter, it goes down every time you take damage 
    and when your health is depleted you are knocked out! The health bar gets 
    lower and lower like every fighting game so there isn't much to explain here.
    The smaller bar underneath it is called you Momentum Bar. When you kick butt 
    in matches and perform combos and moves it will fill up until the whole bar is 
    filled up where it is at the point that it's blinking rapidly and 
    making a noise. More on this below.
    Your bar also goes down when you run away, if it gets to low and you run you
    might not be able to run at all.
    2.-Basic Controls
    Here is the layout you must know in order to do well in this game.
    L1=Strong Modifer (It Makes you do Hard Strikes and Hard Grapples)
    R1=Block and Counter
    R2 and L2=Change person you are looking at (Only works for Free for Alls
    R1=Activate Blazin/Perform Blazin move
    Left Analog Stick=Move Character
    3.-How to use/Activate Blazin's
    Ok, first off, Blazin's are your specials, the cool moves you love in the game 
    and most deal hefty damage.It would be useless if you didn't know how to 
    use them,am I right? So, here's how to use them.
    4.-How to Activate Blazin's
    When your Momentum Bar is filled up completely and blinking and making noises
    flick the Right Analog stick in any direction and you will enter Blazin Mode. 
    You will Know you enetered it since your Character will scream.
    5.-How to use Blazin's
    When you are in Blazin Mode grapple your opponent with X and then flick the 
    Right Analog Stick either Up, Down, Left, Or Right to perform a Blazin' Move.
    6.-Cinematic Beatdown
    In certain areas (for example, the Subway Station, Crow's Office, 
    or Sticky's Hideout), you can do special area moves like at the end of 
    the introduction for the game. To do these moves, you must have your 
    opponent in danger and with your special meter almost full, Taunt to 
    blaze, then go near the edge of the ring 
    (the window, fire, or near the subway tracks), then grapple them. 
    Do your special. Your fighter will give them numerous punches 
    to the head followed by a stomach shot. 
    You will then put them in a head lock and throw them to finish 
    them off. 
    Note: The way you finish them off will depend on your area. In Sticky's 
    Hideout, you will throw them into the flames and a piece of the 
    ceiling will come down on them. On Crow's Office and the Sub Station, 
    they will just be thrown out the window and into the train.
    Your main weapon you are going to use besides punches and kicks. 
    Here is how to them.
    Soft Grapple-Press X to your opponent and you shall grapple him/her. 
    Then press [] or []+Any Direction with the LEFT analog stick or /\ or
    /\+ Any Direction with the LEFT analog Stick. 
    You should be able to perform a move then, but these moves deal 
    LESS damage.
    When I say any direction I mean either Up, Down, Left, Or Right.
    5.-Hard Grapple
    The Strongest grapple in the game, deals good damage too. I would suggest to 
    use these on dizzy opponents since it is easy to counter when they are 
    Hard Grapple-Press L1+X and you will do a hard grapple then press [] or
    []+any dIrection with the LEFT analog stick or /\ or /\+Any Direction with 
    the LEFT analog Stick. You should be able to 
    perform a move then, but these moves deal GREAT damage.
    When I say any direction I mean either Up, Down, Left, Or Right.
    6.-Back Grapples
    When behind your opponent press X to do a Soft back Grapple. Then press 
    L1+X to do a Hard Back Grapple. Techinically, you only have two back
    grapples for don't bother using directions with X.
    7.-Tips On Landing Grapples
    You should try jabbing them in the face before pressing X to grapple
    your opponent. It should increase your chances of them not reversing 
    it. So first hit them with /\ and when they tilt back from the pain
    press X. Voila, you should land it easily.
    8.-Variety Of Moves
    Depending on your style, your moves will vary, you can get a DDT,
    Adam's Apple Strike, an Armbar, etc. when you perform a grapple move.
    If you combine more styles with your original one, you can get more
    moves in your arsenal.
    Kickboxing-Once you grapple and initiate a move, everything you hit will be
    nothing but knees and elbows until you get another style, in which you will
    have "actual" grapple moves.
    Martial Arts-You got a good arsenal of moves right there, most of them are
    combo of strikes, but grapple moves none the less. Again, if you want more
    grapple moves pick another style. Some moves might be repetitive.
    Wrestling-Yup, you guessed it; you have some wrestling moves.  Again, if you 
    want more grapple moves pick another style. Some moves might be repetitive.
    Submission-Yup, you guessed it; you'll have some submission moves.  Again, if 
    you want more grapple moves pick another style. Some moves might be 
    repetitive. Hard grapple and press []+ Left Analog in any direction to do a move
    focusing on legs and /\+ Left Analog in any direction to do a move focusing on
    the arms or head.
    Street Fighting-Nothing much to say here; you have basically 4 actual grapple
    moves.  Again, if you want more grapple moves pick another style. Some moves 
    might be repetitive (This style is a good example).
    This game is not all about grappling your opponent. You sometimes gotta 
    throw a fury of punches and kicks to beat down your opponent. 
    10.-Soft Strikes
    Press punch or kick plus left analog stick up, left, right, down to perform
    different punches and kicks.
    11.-Hard Strikes
    Hold L1+Punch or Kick plus left analog stick in any direction. You should
    perform a Hard Strike which is the most powerful strike in the game.
    12.-Enviromental Attacks
    Oh, yes. The most coolest moves next to Blazin's and does quite the damage if 
    I might say so. Learn it and use it.
    13.-Enviromental Attack 1
    First, grapple your opponent. Then you must IRISH WHIP them or Shove them
    into a Wall or Pillar or whatever. To IRISH WHIP them to an object, while you
    are still in a grapple press O+Left Analog to Direction of object. Then when
    your opponent is on the wall, press X. You have performed your first 
    Enviromental Attack.
    14.-Enviromental Attack 2
    DDT on Light/2nd Wall Moves/Grab weapons from crowd: lock up with you 
    opponent and have your back facing the lights/wall/person holding a weapon, 
    now simply press "back+X" then you'll grab the weapon away from the 
    crowd and hit ur opponent with it/ddt ur opponent on the lights/2nd wall moves.
    Credit Goes to CONFIDENCE from Gamefaqs
    15.-Hood Smash
    Demolition Match only
    All you gotta do is perform Enviroment Attack2 stated on my Faq. Have 
    your back turned on the object and press Back+X. You will grab them by 
    the legs and flip them on top of the hood. The hood damages too!
    Car Door Move/Cage Move
    To perform the car door move, you first gotta perform 3 enviroment attacks
    on the door and then another one. This works in the Demolition Match and on
    the car on Hunter's Point Scrap Yard.
    You only need to perform an enviroment attack on the cage door once to perform
    the cage move.
    Totaling A Car
    In order to TOTAL a car, my method is simple. Smash you opponent on your
    windshield 3 times and on the hood 3 times. That should cause their car to be
    16.-Aerial Moves
    Climb on top of a Car/Turnbuckle/Pillar by running up against it.
    You should now be on top of it. Then press either Punch Or Kick to
    perform a Aerial move involving a punch or kick when your targeted
    opponent is standing.
    When your targeted opponent is lying on the floor press punch, kick,
    or X to perform another Aerial move to your opponent. Pressing X
    usually makes you do a Swantom Bomb Jeff Jardy does.
    Aerial Moves vary from styles.
    Weapons, Weapons, Weapons. Can save a butt beating into a miraculous win.
    Here's how to use them.
    18.-Getting Weapons
    You can normally find them on stands or counters and such. Then all you have
    to do is walk up to it and your fighter will pick it up. To get it from
    the crowd use the same method. IF it is on the ground press X when you are 
    next to to it. To drop weapons press X again. To pick weapons up more efficently
    make sure it is beneath your legs, then press X.
    19.-How To Use Them
    Press the Punch Or Kick button to start swinging them at your opponent. 
    Careful When you use it multiple times the weapon will break, but 
    the damage has already been done.
    Pressing /\ you will do a vertical swing
    Pressing [] you will do a horizontal swing.
    IF you have a weapon in your hand and your opponent is lying down, press []
    to kick them and press /\ to perform a different variation of NY Nightcap.
    To do the NY Night cap combo, hit your opponent 2 times in a row with a weapon.
    20.-Hit 'Em Hard
    Simple Hold L1+Punch or Kick. You will nail them hard with the swing of that
    weapon. Does great damage. Slow, so watch out. Very easy to Counter.
    21.-Running Weapon Strike
    With weapon in hand, run and press an attack button. You should be 
    running and swinging your weapon at your opponent.
    Credit goes to...NextbigThingBrock from Gamefaqs
    22.-Aerial Weapon Attack
    Grab a weapon and run up to a pillar/car/ whatever. You should go on 
    top with a weapon press the attack or grapple button to jump off the 
    object and swing the weapon on your opponent.
    23.-Double Team Moves
    These moves require two people to grapple an opponent at the same time. They
    can be your Tag Team Partner or someone in a Free For All. Can also be done if
    the desired opponent is already in a grapple (Someone is already holding them)
    Positions that these Moves Can Be Done In:
    Front of fighter-Both of you grapple the opponent facing his front. You should
    do the wish bone where you both grab him by his legs and pull them down hurting
    his crotch, Double Suplex, or Powerbomb.
    Back Of Fighter-Both of you grapple the opponent facing his back, where his
    butt is, and you would perform an Atomic Drop or Double Back Drop.
    Front 2 Back-One Fighter behind the opponent and one in the front. You could
    perform a Powerbomb or Spike Piledriver.
    Front 2 Side-One fighter grappling the front and one fighter grappling the 
    opponents arm. You guys should perform a 3-D like move. One person lifts the
    opponent in a bench press and then tosses him to the other fighter who finishes
    with a Diamond Cutter-like move.
    Back 2 Side-One Fighter grappling from the back and one fighter grappling from
    the side of the opponent from behind also. You guys should perfomr the 
    backwards 3-D where one of you get them in a Backdrop position and the other
    neckbreakers them.
    24.-Crowd Action
    Ah, yes. Crowd Action. They can help you or break you. What you must know 
    first hand is that they can push you when you are knocked into them or
    GRAB you which is done at random. When they are grabbing your opponent
    You can either give them a flurry of punches or kicks and knock them
    down that way or press X to do a tag team move with a crowd member.
    The moves seem to be random though.
    *Tips On Getting Them To Grapple By Futurekill and Me*
    If you grapple and push(Throw in other terms) someone into the crowd, 
    the crowd will push them back. However, if you knock someone into
    the crowd , with say a hard punch or kick or a running punch or kick, 
    the crowd will grab them.
    ^^By Future Kill
    OR you can try countering their grapple so that they will be knocked back into
    the crowd. That seems to work too, but I think Futurekill's method is better.
    One of the questions that has been asked about this game is
    "How do I counter?" Well, here's how.
    26.-Countering Strikes
    Before the attack is going to hit you press R1+Left Analog Towards
    OR Away from that strike to counter it. That leaves them right open
    for a beating. You can also press R1+Left Analog Up or Down, I find this 
    method better.
    27.-Countering Grapples
    Press either punch or kick before a grapple is about to land on you.
    If you chose to punch counter, you will perform a uppercut leaving
    your opponent open. If you chose to counter with a kick, you will kick
    them in the gut and they will take a few steps back leaving them open.
    28.-Ground Fighting
    Theres a lot of stuff to do on the ground, here's what you can do.
    29.-Rising attacks
    Hold the punch or kick button when you are on the ground. You will
    either kick them or punch them as you get up.
    Hold R1 to block ground attacks your opponent is giving you
    31.-Ways to get up
    Press O=Stand up
    Roll and Up-Press the O button the same time you move the left analog
    Scamble back up-Press O and Left analog stick at the same time towards
    your head.
    32.-Style Ko's
    The 5 fighting styles have their own way of KOing your opponent.
    Here are the ways...
    Martial Artists-They guys can do wall attackts to knock their opponent
    out by running towards a wall or pillar and press punch or kick.
    You will rebound off that object and land a kick. When on Danger that
    move KO's opponents.
    Kick Boxers-Specialty, Clinch Attacks. Hard Grapple your opponent
    and rapidly begin press the attacks buttons and directions. You will
    land elbows and knees in this combos and if you land around 7 the last
    strike KO's a opponent on DANGER.
    Sumbmission-Make em tap. Work on a body part and make them cry
    cause of broken bones. Usually you have to hard grapple then perform a
    move to do a submission hold.
    Street Fighters-Haymakers. When your opponent is on DANGER hold 
    L1+Punch to do a uppercut and instant KO. Strongest attack in the game.
    Wrestling-Hard Grapples. When an opponent is on Danger Hard Grapple
    them and perform a move. A KO should happen.
    33.-Wrestler Ability
    Hard Grapple your opponent with L1+X and then press L1 to position
    yourself behind your opponent to do back moves.
    34.-Kick Boxing-The Deadly Style
    Kickboxing is one hell of a versatile style, combined with the right
    style(s) it can be almost unstoppable. Here is what I am gonna reveal
    to you.
    Kickbox Clinch into Blazin Move-Hard Grapple (or 
    soft, depending on your preference) your opponent and give
    them a few knees (Like 3-4) and hit the right analog stick to your 
    desired special. So it would have the damage of the knees and into
    that Blazin' to do even more damage.
    Kickbox Clinch Into Enviroment Attack-Hard Grapple your opponent (or 
    soft, depending on your preference) then hit them with a few knees, I
    recommend 3-4 but if you can do more go right ahead, just don't exceed
    6, then shove them or throw them into an object with O+Left Analog to
    direction of object and grapple them. MAJOR DAMAGE! Seriously Sick.
    Kickbox Clinch into Wrestling Move-Hard Grapple your opponent and hit
    them with a few knees, then press /\ or with Left analog up, down, left
    right. You would hit them with a few knees into a wrestling move. 
    Decent Damage indeed.
    Kickbox Clinch into Sumbmission-Hard grapple your opponent and hit them
    with a few knees the press /\ or with Left Analog up, down, left, or 
    right. You will land the knees into a submission move. Xzibit seems to
    like that a lot.
    35.-Match Types
    The things you play for fun, here's what they are.
    One on One-Just you and your opponent along with weapons and enviroment
    your main mission is to knock him out or make him submit. Accomplish
    Team Match-You and another fighter versus 2 other fighters. Work
    together to knock your other opponents out. Becareful! You can hit
    your own partner accidently when doing attacks and grapples.
    Free for All-4 people trapped in one eviroment=Chaos. Fight to the
    top and end up the last man standing by knocking all 3 characters out!
    Demolition Match-Destroy your opponent's ride before he destroys yours.
    Your weapon is..Your enemy.
    Inferno Match-Your simple One on One match with a slight twist. You're
    surrounded by fire. Get your opponent on danger and end his life in
    his life in the flames.
    Window Match-Easy, throw your opponent out the window, simple enough?
    First break the windows then break your opponent.
    Subway Match-Push your opponent in front of a moving subway and then
    splat, KO.
    Cage Match-No way out. Use these enviroment to beat your opponent to
    a pulp.
    Ring out-Held in Dragon House, Break the beams and throw your
    opponent out the ring.
    *Options-For matches like One on One and Free For All, you can choose
    these rules.
    Standard-Simple, either KO or make them Tap.
    Crowd Favorite-5 minutes of hell. Give it your best, cause the crowd
    determines who fought the best.
    No Sumbmissions-You can't tap your way out of this one. KO only.
    C-A-F, stands for Create A Fighter. One of the hottest customizing
    I have ever seen in my life. Visually beautiful, yet it lacks since
    you cannot adjust your movelist. The only thing you can pick is 4
    Blazin' moves.
    During STory mode you gain these things called Development Points where
    you can use to buy specials, learn new fighting styles to create your
    own hybrid style, and boost up your stats. Here are the stats and
    explainations of them.
    Upper Body-Punches do more damage when upgraded.
    Lower Body-Kicks do more damaged when upgraded.
    Toughness-Reduces the damage you take.
    Health-How fast your Health Regenerates.
    Speed-Determines how fast you run and walk.
    38.-*Hidden Stat*
    Charisma-Wear the hottest clothing and Jewlery. Be sure to change your
    clothes from time to time or else your Charisma goes down. This stat
    determines how fast your Momentum Bar fills up.
    During story mode you can shop for stuff and develop your character.
    Stapleton Athletics-Here is where you can update your charcter. Your
    trainer is Henry Rollins. During Storymode you will win Dev. Points
    in which you can use to upgrade your character and the right place to
    use them is here. You can buy new Blazin Moves and Assign them to
    your character, purchase up to 3 fighting styles and increase your
    Stingray's Barber Shop-Want a new cut? Get it here. It has new hair
    styles from time to time and you can also customized your facial hair
    and the color of your hair. Come here every time you can a new cut.
    Jacob & Co.-Want some new ice? This is a great way to raise your
    charisma. You buy necklaces, earings, rings, bracelets and watches.
    *SUS* The Syndicate Urban Streetwear-Here is where you can purchase
    clothes. Your selection includes bottoms, tops, hats, and accessories.
    Manny's Tats-Want some ink on your fighter? Your at the right place.
    As you progress through Storymode you unlock more and more styles and
    patterns of tattoo's. They also help raise Charisma.
    You ever wonder why you got them points taken away? Where here's why.
    Coward-You Chicken! Stop running and start fighting. Get down to the 
    nitty gritty and fight, then you wouldn't see this penalty 
    taking your cash away. Normally -500
    Soft Touch-You call that a punch? Hit harder, less soft strikes and 
    more hard. Either that or use grapples and weapons. 
    60-69% weak strikes=-400 pts
    First To Fall-You got knocked down! Pretty self explanatory, you fell
    first. Next time, stay up. -1000 points
    Recycled Re-Run: Using mostly the same moves over and 
    over again in a match. Weak Strikes do not count. 
    Perform 3 same moves in a row=-200 pts
    The section of the FAQ is tips and hints on certain players
    you fight in story mode or just regular tips on certain fights like
    Free-For-All etc. Also secrets in the game.
    ICE-T Hint
    Before the fight with "Iceberg", make sure to dip most 
    of your DevPoints from the last matches or match, depending on 
    if you save up, into toughness and health. When fighting Ice T, it can 
    be best to use a hit-and-run tactic, and always keep your finger near 
    R1 at all times because Ice T only grapples when a few blows have not 
    connected, to which you can roll away quickly and attack him.
    Fighting WITH these Styles
    Martial Arts-Your speed and attacks are your
    weapons, creat combo's and use enviroment attacks to get your
    Momentum up and Blaze your opponents. Make use of the wall attack.
    Street Fighters-You are built for offense, hit the Haymakers anytime
    you can and land punches and don't forget your grapples.
    Submissions-Pick a limb and stay on it. Pretty soon victory will be 
    yours when your opponent taps.
    Kick Boxing-Lower Body is strong, so use a furry of kicks. Make use of
    clinches too, they deal hefty damage.
    Wrestling-You may be slow, but you can dish out the pain. Cramp your
    opponents into a space and grapple the hell out of them. Hard Grapple
    to end the match right there when their in danger.
    Fighting AGAINST these Styles
    Martial Arts-One thing they lack is probably toughness. So, use that
    to your advantage. Hit them with grapples or submissions and you should
    have them out in no time.
    Kick Boxing-The have great ranged attacks with them kicks, but they'll
    be useless if you grapple them, slam them to stuff, and beat them with
    weapons. Close in on them and those kicks will hit nothing.
    Wrestling-One, word. Run! If they can't get their hands on you, you
    won't be hurt. Also, counter a lot.
    Submissions-Same with Wrestling but just run.
    Window Match
    On the WINDOW MATCH, you don't have to do your blazin 
    while your opponent's in danger, or hit the window with your 
    opponent 3 times to throw him out the window. Beat him until his 
    health is in danger.
    Then, push him towards a window, and if you grab him while his health 
    is still in danger, any move he ends up doing 
    (whether he kicks him or throws him head first), will end up with 
    the window breaking automatically.
    Picking up Weapons
    To easily pick a weapon, don't stand "NEXT" it, 
    stand "on top of it". In other words, make sure the weapon is 
    BETWEEN your legs, and you'll pick it up each and every time.
    Free For All Tip by Me-The infamous Free For All, a lot of chaos in
    here no doubt. Here are my tips to survive and remain victorious.
    Ok, first everyone is on 4 corners of the Venue you are fighting in
    usually fighters facing diagnally from eachother will just brawl,
    leaving you and a CPU to fight. Literally, kill him. Enviroment 
    Attacks, Combo's, Hard grapples, whatever your hybrid style is good
    at, just knock him out! After that dude is KO'd, help out the person
    that is delivering the beating to your other opponent. Double Team 
    Moves and such. It won't take too long until one of you guys knock
    him out. Then, it's a regular one on one with you and the CPU,it should
    be easier now.
    Hidden Weapons
    Windshield Wipers-In the Demolition match, through your opponent into the
    windshield two times and the wiper should break off and be on the floor.
    Pipe-In Hunter's Point Scrap Yard, perform an enviroment attack on the dumpster.
    A pipe should fly off there.
    Pipe-In 125th Street Station, perform an enviroment attack on the soda machine.
    A pipe should fly off there.
    Pipe-Hunter's Point Scrapyard. Slam someone into the dumpster and it'll 
    fall from the top for use.
    Circuit Breaker Shock
    In The Babylon Club, to the left of the venue should be a circuit 
    breaker. Throw your opponent onto it once to open it and a second time to shock
    them. Sparks should be emitted from the breaker. This can only be done ONCE.
    Foundation Pillar Breaks
    It takes a total of 3 enviroment attacks to break the Pillars at The 
    Haymaker onto tracks
    WHen near the edge of the tracks or a step back, Hard Grapple and Haymaker your
    opponent. They should fly from the platform to the tracks.
    Irish Whip Into Train
    If you Irish WHip somebody into the train when it is coming by, they should hit
    it and do a 360. Also, by Hard Grapple and Irish whipping somebody towards the
    tracks, they will automatically fall from the platform and onto the tracks.
    43.-Bonus Points
    Bonus Points
    Combos- The basic requirement is to perform a minimum of five commom 
    combos in a match.
    5 combos=500 pts
    Superior Style- perform a minimum of two unique combos 
    (fighter's original combos) in a match.
    2 combos=1,000 pts
    Grapples- perform a minimum of two successful grapples in a match.
    2 grapples= 150 pts
    Blazin' Moves- execute at least one successful blazin' move in a match.
    1 blazin' move=1,500 pts
    Show-Off- complete a minimum of two regular taunts in a match 
    (blazin' state taunts are not included).
    2 complete taunts=750 pts
    Grab and Go- perform a minimum of two successful running grapples in a 
    2 running grapples=500 pts
    Death From Above- perform two successful attacks 
    (from ropes, platforms, or walls, for example).
    2 diving attacks=200 pts
    World Warrior- perform two successful environmental attacks 
    (including hot-spot and sticky-points grapples).
    2 environmental attacks=500 pts
    Reversal of Fortune- Two successful reversals 
    (including counterattacks).
    2 reversals=1,000 pts
    Line of Defense- perform two successful blocks.
    2 blocks= 200 pts
    3= 500
    Striking Blow- perform more than four varied strikes. 
    Note: A weak combo strike is considered one strike.
    4 varied strikes-100 pts
    Striking Blow, Submission- perform any two submission holds. 
    They must be different submission holds that focus on the same part 
    of the opponent's body.
    1 submission move=300 pts
    Bone Snapper- Perform a double-team move in a multiplayer match or a 
    triple submission in a free-for-all match. Two players grapple one 
    opponent at the same time to perform a random move together.
    Double Submission=3,500 pts
    Triple Submission=5,000
    Bill of Health- End a match with a minimum of 60% health left. The more
     health you have, the more points you get.
    End match with 60-69% health= 1,000 pts
    Perfect Match- Don't lose any health. 
    (Note: at the beggining of the match, every fighters HP is set to 99%, 
    so the requirement is to maintain 99% HP).
    No damage (99% health)=8,000 pts
    Arms Race= be the first to use a weapon and make a successful hit to 
    gain bonus points.
    First to use weapon=2,000 pts
    Heavy Hitter- successfully execute at least 60 percent hard strikes, 
    rather than weak strikes.
    60-69% hard strikes (31-40% weak strikes)=1,500 pts
    70-79% hs(21-30% ws)=2,000
    80-89% hs(11-20% ws)=5,000
    90-99% hs(1-10% ws)=6,500
    100% hs(0% ws)=8,000
    Crowd Favorite- be the crowd favorite. Get crowds super-pumped 
    and at a high cheering level at the match's end.
    Crowd fav.=1,000
    Time Factor- win a match under a specific timing criteria:
    Win under 3 minutes by KO or submission=1,000 pts
    Win under a minute=5,000
    90-99% hard strikes (1-10% weak strikes)=6,500 (?)
    Win at exactly 4 minutes, 20 seconds=8,000
    Win at exactly 3 minutes, 16 seconds=8,000
    Cold-Cock- win a match by KO
    KO=2,500 pts
    Paneless- never get thrown into a window 
    ( don't touch window during the window match).
    Never get thrown into a window=3,500 pts
    Demolition Man- Win match by totaling the opponent's vehicle.
    Total the opponant's vehicle=8,000 pts
    Crazy Conductor- win subway match by a subway KO 
    (the opponent is run over by the train).
    Subway KO=5,000 pts
    Fire Retardant- never touch the ring of fire in an inferno match.
    Never touch the ring of fire=5,000 pts
    Close One- win the match while your health is in Danger.
    win while health in Danger=5,ooo pts
    Big Comeback- regain 40% or more of your original total health after 
    being in Danger.
    40% health regained=2,000 pts
    Last Man Standing- be the last one to fall in a multiplayer or 
    free-for-all match.
    Last man standing=2,000 pts
    First attack- be the first to complete a successful attack 
    (strikes or grapples). It also counts if you both hit each other 
    at the same time or if a double-team move is executed in a 
    multiplayer match.
    First attack=1,000 pts.
    Hit and Run- perform two or more running strikes.
    2 running strikes during a match=500 pts
    Mob Rule- perform more than two crowd double-team moves.
    2 double-team moves in a match=1,000 pts
    First to Blaze- be the first to Blaze in a match.
    First to blaze=2,000 pts
    These are the positions that you start your combo off with:
    neutral - no direction pressed on D-pad during initiation of the first 
    front - move analog stick forward toward opponent
    rear - move analog stick away from opponent
    Note: Once you enter the first move, you lock the combo, so pressing 
    other directions doesn't do anything. All combos start with a 
    direction press (unless it's neutral), and then your locked into the 
    combo, You cannot change combos halfway through performing one.
    Get it got it? Good, well start with punch combos, 2-hit combos which 
    are worth 1,000 points each:
    Neutral; punch, punch
    Neutral; punch, kick
    Front; punch, punch
    Front; punch, kick
    Rear; punch, punch
    Rear; punch, kick
    3-hit combos worth 2,000 points each:
    Neutral; punch, punch, punch
    Neutral; punch, punch, kick
    Neurtal; punch, kick, punch
    Neutral, punch, kick, kick
    Front; punch, punch, punch
    Front; punch, punch, kick
    Front; punch, kick, punch
    Front; punch, kick, kick
    Rear; punch, punch, punch
    Rear; punch, punch, kick
    Rear; punch, kick, punch
    Rear; punch, kick, kick
    4-hit combos worth 4,000 points each:
    Neutral; punch, punch, punch, punch
    Neutral; punch, punch, punch, kick
    Neutral; punch, punch, kick, punch
    Neutral; punch, punch, kick, kick
    Neutral; punch, kick, punch, punch
    Neutral; punch, kick, punch, kick
    Neutral; punch, kick, kick, punch
    Neutral; punch, kick, kick, kick
    Front; punch, punch, punch, punch
    Front; punch, punch, punch, kick
    Front; punch, punch, kick, punch
    Front; punch, punch, kick, kick
    Front; punch, kick, punch, punch
    Front; punch, kick, punch, kick
    Front; punch, kick, kick, punch
    Front; punch, kick, kick, kick
    Rear; punch, punch, punch, punch
    Rear; punch, punch, punch, kick
    Rear; punch, punch, kick, punch
    Rear; punch, punch, kick, kick
    Rear; punch, kick, punch, punch
    Rear; punch, kick, punch, kick
    Rear; punch, kick, kick, punch
    Rear; punch, kick, kick, kick
    2-hit combos which are worth 1,000 points each:
    Neutral; kick, kick
    Neutral; kick, punch
    Front; kick, kick
    Front; kick, punch
    Rear; kick, kick
    Rear; kick, punch
    3-hit combos worth 2,000 points each:
    Neutral; kick, kick, kick
    Neutral; kick, kick, punch
    Neutral; kick, punch, kick
    Neutral; kick, punch, punch
    Front; kick, kick, kick
    Front; kick, kick, punch
    Front; kick, punch, kick
    Front; kick, punch, punch
    Rear; kick, kick, kick
    Rear; kick, kick, punch
    Rear; kick, punch, kick
    Rear; kick, punch, punch
    4-hit combos worth 4,000 points each:
    Neutral; kick, kick, kick, kick
    Neutral; kick, kick, kick, punch
    Neutral; kick, kick, punch, kick
    Neutral; kick, kick, punch, punch
    Neutral; kick, punch, kick, kick
    Neutral; kick, punch, kick, punch
    Neutral; kick, punch, punch, kick
    Neutral; kick, punch, punch, punch
    Front; kick, kick, kick, kick
    Front; kick, kick, kick, punch
    Front; kick, kick, punch, kick
    Front; kick, kick, punch, punch
    Front; kick, punch, kick, kick
    Front; kick, punch, kick, punch
    Front; kick, punch, punch, kick
    Front; kick, punch, punch, punch
    Rear; kick, kick, kick, kick
    Rear; kick, kick, kick, punch
    Rear; kick, kick, punch, kick
    Rear; kick, kick, punch, punch
    Rear; kick, punch, kick, kick
    Rear; kick, punch, kick, punch
    Rear; kick, punch, punch, kick
    Rear; kick, punch, punch, punch
    Common combos are the special named combos.
    () - name of combo
    3,000 points combos:
    Shove, sticky points interaction, ground strike (droppin heat)
    Shove, ring corner grapple, ground strike (droppin heat)
    Shove, whip grapple (high rollin)
    Hotspot grapple interaction, ground strike (brickcity smash)
    Weapon strike, weapon strike (ny nightcap)
    Strong punch strike, running grapple (smash n grab)
    Strong kick strike, running grapple (smash n grab)
    Counter strike, strong punch strike (holla back)
    Counter strike, strong kick strike (holla back)
    Rear grapple, ground strike (lights out)
    5,000 point combos:
    Strong punch strike, crowd double team attack, ground strike (player hater)
    Strong kick strike, crowd double team attack, ground strike (player hater)
    Rope rebound strike, running grapple (body count)
    Rope rebound strike, running strike (body count)
    Rope rebound strike, ground strike (body count)
    Strong punch strike, running strike, running grapple (rope a dope)
    Strong kick strike, running strike, running grapple (rope a dope)
    Strong punch strike, running strike, running strike (rope a dope)
    Strong kick strike, running strike, running strike (rope a dope)
    Strong punch strike, knock back interaction (***** please)
    Strong kick strike, knock back interaction (***** please)
    Shove, knock back interaction (***** please)
    Counter strike, strong punch grapple, ground strike (big pimpin)
    Counter strike, strong kick grapple, ground strike (big pimpin)
    Strong kick strike, strong punch grapple, ground strike (dirty south special)
    Strong punch strike, strong kick grapple, ground strike (dirty south special)
    Strong kick strike, strong kick grapple, ground strike (dirty south special)
    Strong, punch strike, strong punch grapple, ground strike (dirty south special)
    Strong punch strike, whip grapple (high rollin)
    Strong kick strike, whip grapple (high rollin)
    Weapon strike, whip grapple (high rollin
    7,000 point combos :
    Strong punch strike, ring corner grapple, platform jumping attack (packin heat)
    Strong kick strike, ring corner grapple, platform jumping attack (packin heat)
    Shove, ring corner grapple, platform jumping attack (packin heat)
    Shove, whip strike, ground strike (mudhole stomp)
    Strong punch strike, whip strike, ground strike (mudhole stomp)
    Strong kick strike, whip strike, ground strike (mudhole stomp)
    Rising strike, running strike (cash money)
    Rising strike, running grapple (cash money)
    Rising strike, ground strike (cash money)
    Martial arts rebound attack, running grapple (drawer droppin)
    Martial arts rebound attack, running strike (drawer droppin)
    Martial arts rebound attack, ground strike (drawer droppin)
    Problems-Section mainly involving the Grinding Noise.
    Alot of the people who have played this game have experienced a 
    loading and grinding noise,especially in the shops.If you go to 
    Beat Box and turn off all the tracks the loading and grinding 
    noise practically stop. 
    I would suggest you to send it to Sony though. Follow either one.
    46.-Milstone Bonus
    Milestone bonus:
    Upper-Body Power: Learn Street Fighting Style/Learn Street Fighting 
    Style (not a typo)/Learn Wrestling Style/Land 100 Punches/
    Land 5,000 Punches
    Lower-Body Power: Learn Kickboxing Style/Learn Kickboxing style 
    (not a typo)/ Learn Submissions Style/Land 100 Kicks/Land 5,000 Kicks
    Speed: Learn Martial Arts Style/Learn Martial Arts Style/
    Learn Kickingboxing Style/Land 250 Running Attacks/Run for 250 Seconds
    Health: Learn Submissions Style/Learn Submissions Style/Learn Martial 
    Arts Style/Record 5 Perfect Health bonuses/Successfully Block 500 
    Attacks, Plus Successfully Counter 100 Attacks
    Charisma: Record 25 Crows Double-Team Moves/Record 250 Environmental 
    Attacks/Record 5 Crows Favorite Bonuses/Perform 5 Blazin' Moves/Finish 
    Story Mode
    Toughness [2- Learn Wrestling Style; 1- Learn Street Fighting Style; 
    1- Record 4 Close One Bonuses]
    1- Record ONE Big Comeback Bonuses]
    Check out psydeaths FAQ on Milestones.
    Confidence from Gamefaqs-Enviroment Attack 2
    TheNextbigThing from Gamefaqs-Running Weapon Strike
    Mathew Wheeler from Gamewinners-Cinematic Beatdown
    Grimeyville-Ice-T Hint
    RedTyga-The WHOLE BONUS POINTS and Subtracting points from penalties
    for First to Fall and Soft Touch and Recycled Rerun. Mileston Bonus
    too. Man, I feel useless. Combo's too.
    http://defjamfightfornylist.tripod.com/ Fighting STyle Hints
    IBiggsI-Window Hint and Weapon.
    Futurekill-Getting Crowd Double Team Moves
    Camel Rider-For writing this FAQ
    John-Drunken Boxing Glitch
    WWE RAW Rules-!Warning!
    All in all, I am happy with this FAQ I have created. It looks like all
    your answers on how to do something and milestones should be answered.
    For a walkthrough check out the other FAQs and I gotta say this is a
    kickass manual.
    If you have anything to add, contact me at soun042564@yahoo.com.
    You can only find this FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com, www.cheatcc.com,
    www.cheatplanet.com, www.psxextreme.com
    If you find it somewhere else please contact me IMMEDIATELY!!!
    Copyright 2004 Kevin Sounthavong.

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