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    Story/Boss FAQ by A.Logan

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    Def Jam: Fight for New York
    Story Mode FAQ
    [Table of Contents]
    1. Copyright Information/Version 
    2. General FAQ
    3. Story FAQ
       a. Beginning-Middle
       b. Middle-End
       c. End-Bonus Matches
    4. Thanks/Acknowledgements
    [1. Copyright Information/Version]
    This guide is copyright to me, Anthony Logan, also known by a number of names   
    on a number of websites.  As of this writing, no other site is authorized to 
    use this guide, other than www.gamefaqs.com.  Don't email me about using this
    guide, because you cannot.  Sorry, too much stress.  Thank you for reading.
    October 10, 2004 - version 0.15, first 11 fights, all rewards and strategies for
     specific fighters.
    [2. General FAQ]
    Basically, I believe that the first thing most people do is get used to the
    controls before hitting the Story Mode, but I have been wrong before, so just
    in case, I detail the basic controls.
    Left Thumbstick: Move, Highlight an option
    D-Pad: Same as Left Thumbstick
    Right Thumbstick: Taunt (in match), Activate Blazin' mode (in match)
    Start: Pause
    Back: No use
    A: Select option, Grapple (in match)
    B: Back, Run (in match)
    X: Kick (in match)
    Y: Punch (in match)
    L: Strong Modifier (when used in tandem with A, B, or X)
    R: Block, Counter attacks (when timed right and used with the Left Thumbstick)
    White: Change focus
    Black: Change focus (opposite direction)
    [Countering Grapples]
    Grapples are easy enough to execute while on offense, but a real challenge to
    prevent on the defensive front.  The best advice I've heard and implemented is
    to time a strike at the same time as the grapple.  A reversal animation will
    occur should you be successful.
    [3. Story FAQ]
       (a. Beginning-Middle)
    After the cutscene, create your brawler through the creative interface. It's
    nifty, no?  Then select a style, but be careful to choose a style that will lend
    itself to your skills.  The ways to win increase as you add styles, but for a
    while, you'll be stuck with the one style and limited options for the KO against
    your opponents.
    The styles are as follows:
    Kickboxing- A focus on kicks, and lots of them.  Grappling allows you to combo,
     ending with a KO blow.
    Street Fighting- The typical untrained fighter, no real focus, except on upper
     body strength, and the best punch in the game, the Haymaker, which can be used
     for the KO.
    Martial Arts- Speedy strikers, good defensive fighters, equally adept at strikes
     and grapples, their KO move comes by way of flying attack (using walls, etc.)
    Wrestling- Great strength, excelling in grappling, can KO opponents by way of
     strong grapple, which usually comes in the form of devastating head-dropping.
    Submissions- Well-balanced, using strikes and grapples to wear away at specific
     body parts to get the opponent to submit.  Regular KOs still apply.
    That said, choose the style you like most, or one that you think you can win
    with more often than not, as that's going be the one and only style for a while.
    With the style chosen, it's time to spar with House, a returning face from the
    first Def Jam title.
    Fight 1 - House - Sparring
    This fight really serves as training.  A tutorial, in case you neglected to try
    out the controls.  Nothing really comes from this match, other than the $1000 
    you earn for completing it.
    Reward: $1000, 100 Development Points (from here on, DEV Points)
    Once you can use the story menu, get acquainted with the interface.  Get used to
    the Wardrobe option, as you'll constantly have to use it to keep your appearance
    fresh.  Go to the Map option to see where you can go to start fighting.  Before
    you start fighting, you should probably go to the Shop District so you can get
    some new clothes and train your skills at the gym with Henry Rollins.
    Once you've got some new clothes, and trained with Rollins, start tearing up the
    circuit!  You have to start with the Foundation, but more options await after
    the first fight.  For the first opponent, I suggest fighting Trick, as he's the
    slowest, and less charismatic of the three available.
    Fight 2 - Trick - The Foundation
    Against Trick, quick strikes are great, but once he tires, strong attacks will
    put him away.  After KO'ing Trick, you're taken back to the house.
    Reward: Money depends on points, 150 DEV points, Trick, Kidney Stones (Blazin')
    After checking the email and voicemail, go back to the map, and train again, you
    aren't fast enough to keep up yet, as you probably found with Trick, being the
    slowest, but still fast enough to beat you to the punch.
    Fight 3 - Bo - The Foundation
    Bo, as well as Trick, can be beaten with quick strikes, and liberal use of the
    crowd double team moves.  Don't scoff at his low attack strength, you aren't too
    tough in these times, they'll add up quickly.  Get used to going to the house
    after every match.
    Rewards: 150 DEV points, Bo, Pop Your Collar (Blazin')
    From here on in, assume unless I say otherwise, that you get the Blazin' move of
    the opponent you just faced and defeated.  The next fight that you have is one
    of the first true challenges.  Nyne's stats are pretty good, and he's got a high
    Charisma stat.
    Fight 4 - Nyne - The Foundation
    This fight should be a challenge, but if not, good.  He's pretty fast, and look
    out for his Haymaker, an attack you probably saw and felt from the other guys
    you fought at The Foundation.
    Reward: 150 DEV points, Speedbag (Blazin')
    After that, you can fight The Foundation's boss, Omar Epps (O.E.).  His stats
    are good.  He's fast, charismatic, tough, and his upper body strength is maxed
    out.  His health is his weak point, and his lower strength is weak, but he's a
    Streetfighter, so he'll stick to upper attacks.
    Fight 5 - Omar Epps - The Foundation
    Try to counter his grapples, and grapple him a lot.  Use the environment for big
    damage, his health stat is low, but toughness makes the bar refill faster, so
    keep on him, and hurt him fast.
    Reward: 500 DEV points, Omar Epps (O.E.), Bombtrack(Blazin')
    After the fight, do the usual (check email/voicemail, train, buy clothes/jewels/
    tats, change the hairstyle), and head back out.  You'll no doubt have noticed
    that you could fight at The Limit, a greasy little honkey tonk of a bar, after
    the first couple fights at The Foundation.  Go there.  Let's fight.
    Fight 6 - Skull - The Limit
    Skull is not that tough.  His upper power is really high, but he's not that fast
    His health stat is decent, but he's still not too much of a threat.  As with any
    Streetfighter, watch out for the Haymaker, and he's a Submission brawler too, so
    try to just take it to him as fast as possible, to stop him from wearing down
    your body.
    Reward: 200 DEV points, Skull, Latin Twist(Blazin')
    After this fight, you get to make an addition to your love life, you can choose
    from Cindy J, Kimora, Lil' Kim, and Shawnna.  Whoever you choose, their man will
    try to step to you.  The man?  Nyne.
    Fight 7 - Nyne - The Limit
    Nyne hasn't changed much in his game, so he's not too much tougher, but he's
    still faster than you.  Try to avoid his strikes, he's strong.
    Reward: The girlfriend that you chose
    Go back to The Limit.  You have only one choice.  Cruz is the only choice.
    Fight 8 - Cruz - The Limit
    He's got a strong upper power stat, he's got okay speed, and he's got a maxed
    out health stat.  It's a challenge.  They did a good job of making the returning
    fighters something to deal with.  Good luck.
    Reward: 200 DEV points, Cruz, Flatline(Blazin')
    Go back to The Limit, because you can fight one of Crow's top level fighters in
    Danny Trejo.  His upper strength, toughness, and health are maxed out, meaning
    he can take some major punishment as well as dish it out.
    Fight 9 - Trejo - The Limit
    Good luck.  Try to jump to a lead before Trejo gets started.  He's strong, so
    try not to underestimate him.  Remember, crowd attacks are your friends, as well
    as weapons.
    Rewards: 500 DEV points, The Limit(venue), Readjustment(Blazin'), Trejo
    You just defeated one of Crow's top dogs.  Congratulations, you can retire.  Not
    bloody likely.  You just made an enemy.  Trejo doesn't like to lose, and Crow 
    doesn't like to be made a fool of.  Once the fight is over, Blaze sends you a
    voicemail informing you of a Free For All tournament at The Powerplant.  It's
    only the first round, but it's a way to build your rep.
    Go to Club 357, because as you've no doubt seen, D-Mob got you a fight against a
    legend, Ice-T.
    Fight 10 - Ice-T - Club 357
    Ice-T is strong!  He's got high attack stats and high charisma.  He uses two
    styles, Submission, and Martial Arts, so look out for Flying Attacks as well as
    grapples.  Good luck, you'll need it.
    Reward: 1500 DEV points, O.G.(song), Iceberg(Blazin'), Ice-T, Club 357(venue)
    That gives you enough to really help out your stats.  After the fight, you'll
    have a face to face meeting with D-Mob, Blaze, and Sticky Fingaz.  You encounter
    Crow for the first time, and he asserts the fact that he's a jerk.
    Let's go to the first round of the Free For All tourney.
    Fight 11 - Free For All - Syn Energy Power Plant
    Let the three fight, unless one comes at you, then dispatch him posthaste.  You
    can't afford to let two people gang up on you.  This shouldn't be too hard,
    especially if you used the the DEV points to beef up your stats.

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