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    Trophy FAQ by trosk109

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/23/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Def Jam: Fight For New York FAQ
    Trophy FAQ
    Author: Trosk 109
    Version 1.0
    NOTE: This guide contains spoilers.
    Table of Contents
    1	-  Introduction/Version History
    2	-  What are these "Trophies"?
    3       -  The Torphies
    3.1     -  Wall 1
    3.2     -  Wall 2
    3.3     -  Wall 3
    4       -  Trophy Awards
    5	-  Credits
    6	-  Copyright
    1. Introduction
    Version 1.0: Submitted FAQ.
    Hi, everyone.  This is my trophy FAQ, which will provide 
    you with info on all of the trophies in Fight for New York's Story 
    Mode (39 to be exact).  You'll get names, descriptions, tips, 
    strategies....everything you need.  I decided to write this when I 
    saw almost no trophy-related info on the FAQ page.
    2. What are these "Trophies"?
    In FFNY's Story Mode, their is a wall in your Crib dedicated to 
    trophies.  There are 39 to be collected in total, in 3 sections.  
    Some are very easy to obatain, some are pratically impossible, and 
    some you get no matter what.  Most trophies you get for doing 
    certain objectives, while others are about money.  Others still may 
    involve winning in a certain way.  Everything can be found here.
    3. The Trophies
    Here is the meat of the FAQ: The trophies.  Enjoy.
    Trophy Name - Difficulty - How to get it - Tips
    Difficulty Guide:
    *= You will have this by the time you beat Story Mode no matter 
    **= Even if you don't win this the first time around, you''l have no 
    prob on the second.
    ***= This can be difficult, but not too hard.
    ****= Beginners will probably have no chance in hell; well-versed 
    players should get it eventually
    *****= Hardest to obatain, nearly impossible.  Only one gets this 
    += Your skill and winning really has nothing to do with getting 
    $= This depends on your playing style.
    * 1/2= You will have to try not to win this on your first try to not 
    win it.
    3.1. Wall 1
    9 Trophies
    1. Raided Territory - ** - Beat WC at the Red Room to win this. - 
    This fight can be easy or hard depending on how into it you are.  
    It's not really that hard to get, but you may not get it on try 1.
    2. Tutorial - * - Complete the Tutorial.  Duh. - None needed.  This 
    one will be there when you first get to your Crib.
    3. 50 Wins - * - Win 50 matches in Story Mode - Since Story Mode has 
    over 50 matches you're not allowed to lose in, this one is a piece 
    of cake.  It just takes awhile to get.
    4. Speed - $ - At the gym, max out your Speed skill - Whether or not 
    you do this is up to you, like all the stat trophies.
    5. Subway Match Win - **** - Throw Trejo into the Subway train in 
    the Subway match - This one is hard because it often backfires on 
    you.  More often than not, you will try to get Trejo in there only 
    to be thrown in yourself.  Just keep trying is all I can say.
    6. 3 Wins in a Row  - ** - Win 3 in a row. - Very easy, even for 
    beginners.  Three in a row is no problem at all.
    7. Free for All - * - Win the Free-for-All Tournament - Since you 
    have to win, you can just read the story mode walkthrough on how to 
    win it.
    8. Bling King - + - Spend $200,000 in Jacob's Jewelry Store - Making 
    all that money is the hard part, spending it is no problem.  Also, 
    you really won't be spending too much anywhere else, so if you make 
    $210,000, you'll probably net this easy.
    9. Single Game Earning - *** - Earn $10,000 in one match - Although 
    this seems too hard at first, it's actually pretty easy on a match 
    with a high fight purse.  Therefore, this will be much easier in the 
    later matches.
    3.2. Wall 2
    21 Trophies
    10. T.W.I.Y. - **** - Earn $250,000 in Story Mode - This one can be 
    quite hard considering the dramatic purse decrease from Vendetta to 
    FFNY.  I'm not sure if exhibition money counts towards it or not.
    11. Speed King - *** - Beat the first 10 opponents in 30 minutes 
    (game time) - Beat the first 10 in 3 minutes average.  Shouldn't be 
    too hard, but you would have to win all of them to have a shot at 
    getting it.
    12. Perfect Health - **** - Win a match without taking any damage - 
    Holy cow, this is tough.  I've never done it, but I'd say you'd have 
    to it agaisnt an early opponent like Trick.  Good luck.
    13. Lower Strength - $ - At the gym, max out your Speed skill - 
    Whether or not you do this is up to you, like all the stat trophies.
    14. Crowd Move - $ - Do 50 Crowd double-teams - Depends on how you 
    play the game, a kickboxer would have an easier time than a 
    15. Chopshop Champion - * - Win the Tag Tournament - You have to win 
    this, so....
    16. Story Mode - * - Beat Story Mode - Um, congrats!
    17. Upper Strength - $ - At the gym, max out your Upper Strength 
    skill - Whether or not you do this is up to you, like all the stat 
    18. Toughness - $ - At the gym, max out your Toughness skill - 
    Whether or not you do this is up to you, like all the stat trophies.
    19. Demolition - ** - Total Magics car in the demoltion match - You 
    have to knock out the windsheild and a few windows, if I recall 
    20. 100 Combo - * 1/2 - Hit 100 combos - Wow, you can smell the 
    21. Inferno Match Win - ***** - Holy cow, this is the toughest thing 
    ever.  It's hard enough to win out of Danger, let alone do this.  
    Good f'n luck, buddy.
    22. Learning Moves - **** - Learn every Blazin' Move - At the gym, 
    learn every single Blazin' move.  It's a lot of dev. points, and you 
    have to beat every match on hard.  Ouch.
    23. Find All Weapons - **** - Find all 50 weapons - Never done it, 
    no idea how.  Just take every weapon you see, I guees.  Good luck.
    24. 50th Blazin' - * 1/2 - Do 50 Blazin' taunts - Not even 50 moves, 
    just 50 taunts.  So easy.
    25. First Special Move - * 1/2 - Just hit 1 Blazin' Move - It's 
    actually harder to not do this.
    26. Hybrid Style - $ - Learn a new fighting style in the gym - So 
    easy it doesn't deserve a tips section.
    27. Grapple Move - $ - Do 25 Grapple Moves in one match - A 
    wrestling character will do this the best.  In a free-for-all, it's 
    28. Window Match Win - * 1/2 - Throw Crow out the window in the 
    final match.  It's a lot easier than KOing him, I'll tell you that.
    29. Brotherhood - * - Beat Magic and Crack with Blaze - Simply win 
    this match.  For tips on the match, see the general guide. 
    30. Catfight - ** - Win the catfight between your girl and the one 
    who hits on youu - It's your choice who to play as.  Not too hard 
    once you know the game.
    3.3. Wall 3
    9 Trophies
    31. K.O. - * 1/2 - Hit 50 KO's - If you don't have a Submission 
    character, this will be won at the same time as 50 wins.
    32. Health - $ - At the gym, max out your Health skill - Whether or 
    not you do this is up to you, like all the stat trophies.
    33. Bonus Fights - **** - Win every Bouns Fight after Story Mode - 
    This can be very hard.  Excpet for the D-Mob fight, they're all 
    pretty difficult (the last one isn't too bad, though).  You only get 
    one shot at these, so if you lose one, you don't get it.
    34. No Penalty - * 1/2 - Win a match with no penalties - Penalties 
    are those values with "-" beofre them in the points screen after a 
    match.  Your first without one, you get this.
    35. 5 Blazin' - $ - Hit 5 Blazin' Moves in one match - Depends 
    heavily on charisma.  Try to do it agaisnt someone easy.
    36. Charisma - ** - Get your chracter to 75% charisma - To do this, 
    have a good win percentage and ice yourself out.  The more you spend 
    on your bling, the higher your charisma (sparkle, sparkle).
    37. Win % - *** - Have an 80% or more win % when Story Mode is 
    beaten - This depends on how many times you lost.  The Bonus Fights 
    don't count.
    38. 1 Minute KO - ** - KO an opponent in under 1 minute - Your first 
    time around the block, this ain't happening.  Your second time, you 
    can KO Trick in 30 seconds.
    39. Skill Points - $ - Max out all 6 skills (Upper Strength, Lower 
    Strength, Speed, Toughness, Health, and Charisma) - Depends on how 
    you play.  Man, what a lackluster trophy for the last one.
    4. Trophy Awards
    Time for the only annual trophy awards.  Woo.
    Easiest to get: Tutorial. Duh.
    2nd Easiest to get: First Special Move
    Hardest to get: Inferno Match Win
    2nd Hardest to get: Perfect Health
    Coolest looking: Single Game Earning
    Honorary Mention: K.O.
    5. Credits
    Me, for writing the FAQ and strategy.
    You, for reading the FAQ.
    EA Sports, for developing the game.
    The Trophy Wall, for frustrating the best of us.
    Eddie Guerrero, my idol.
    6. Copyright
    This FAQ is for private use only.
    This document is copyright (c) 2006 trosk109 (me) and cannot be
    modified, reproduced or distributed in any way. The author reserves
    ALL RIGHTS to the use and distribution of this document.
    This FAQ is only to be found at GameFAQs.  No other permissions will 
    be given under any circumstances (in other words, don't even try, 
    I'm not interested).

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