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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ragnarokmag

    Version: 8.5 | Updated: 09/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     |    Name: Under the Skin    |
     |    Console: PS2                  |
     |    Plapers: 1-2                     |
    BY: Ang Qi Jun (Ragnaroksyth at hotmail dot com) no space 
    Revision History:
    v8.5 (9/9/2006) 
         With my improved English, i realise HOW MANY MISTAKES I HAVE 
         DONE!(in my faq) Sorry folks... I think my English is still not top 
         notch yet. 
    v8.2 (26/12/2004)
         Ho ho ho! Merry Chrismates!! After one month, I reviewed the FAQ I 
         done and made some changes. 
    v8.0 (26/11/2004)
         Add one more section to the walkthrough: High Stakes Hill.
    v7.5 (25/11/2004)
         Update more information on the Items/Characters lists.
    v3.5 (24/11/2004)
         Update more information on certain sections.
    v1.0 (23/11/2004)
         The very first guide of "Under The Skin"  
          1. Introduction
          2. General Basic
          3. Characters:
                       - Cosmi
                       - Becky
                       - Mumpy
                       - King Vork
                       - Baron Proptop
                       - Princess Cleo
                       - Cadabra
                       - Master Itazura
                       - Magnetron
                       - Cosmi Sr.
           4. Walkthrough:
                       - Coco Town
                       - Pharoh Island
                       - Raccoon City
                       - Frontierville
                       - Big Booty Bay
                       - High Stakes Hill
                       - Pranksylvania
                       - Cosmopolis
           5. Item list
           6. Unlockables
           7. Trial Mode
           8. Credits 
    I shortern this faq because all these methods are relatively easy to 
    understand. And thus explained my laziness. 
    I am truely disgusted by people using my faq without my permission.
    And also people that generates out money using FAQS. If you are one 
    of them, please leave my FAQ now. Thank you very much.
        1.     INTRODUCTION
    Under the Skin is a two-players game. It's about Aliens creating
    mischiefs on Earth. Prank items like Bowling Ball to crash the 
    Earthling, Karaoke to damage their ear drums and so on.
    You will be starting off by helping Cosmi, to do prank things.=)
        2.     GAME BASICS
      (you are not allowed to change any buttons control)
          - Main menu
         Directions button: Shift cursor
         Triangle button : Cancel 
         O button : N/A
         X button : Enter
         [] button : N/A
         L1 : N/A
         L2 : N/A
         L3 : Same with directions button
         R1 : N/A
         R2 : N/A
         R3 : N/A
         Start: Enter
         Select: N/A
          - Battle stage
         Direction button: Move around
         Triangle button: Cancel
         O button : Scan
         X button : Select
         [] button : N/A
         L1 : Switch item
         L2 : Camera View
         L3 : Move around
         R1 : Switch item
         R2 : Camera 
         R3 : N/A
         Start: Pause
         Select: N/A
     :Your objective:
      Your objective is to play tricks on them, then collect the coins drop by 
      the Earthlings. The more you collect, the better it is. But, if you get hit
      by the Earthling, not that you will lost your coins, but you get chase 
      by them.
      Every stages have different goals and rules. Some like, get 500 coins 
      within the time limit, tag with your partner and get 500 coins, or,
      obtained a higher scores than your opponent within the time limit.
     :Panic Time:
      A special event that occurs once or twice per stage. They are just event 
      that triggers you to panic in a funny way. (Eg. Cars will be move around 
      the city at a very fast speed. Once you got crash by these cars, you will 
     return back to your original form.)
      In order to play tricks on the Earthlings, you will have to disguise 
      like them using the "Scan Gun". "Scan Gun" uses the Earthlings' DNA 
      and let you diguise like them. All you actions, movements, will be similar 
      to them.
      To disguise like them, first you must collect their DNA (target, then O 
      button) and then look for a mini shape UFO, step into the green circle, 
      and you will change. 
      (But take note that you can only collect one DNA per time.)
     :Mini UFO:
      It's a mini UFO. This UFO helps you to disguise to someone else 
      once you step into it (with a DNA in your gun). But take note that once 
       you step into it, you wii diguise and so do the position of the mini UFO.
      Disguise into them, off course, have certain limit. You will have only two 
      lives as a disguised human form. Once you get hit by once, you will be 
      in your garment, then back to original another hit. Follow on you will 
      losing a certain amount of coins for every hit you received. (30 coins)
      Items help you to create mischief on the Earthlings. Every time you change 
      into a human, you will see a collection of items(max. 5) on the right-hand 
      lower side of the screen. All this items can only used once. Once all are 
      used, you will have to find another DNA and UFO and disguise again. 
      But certain items are dangerous to use(Like T-Rex and Tacks). 
      So be careful. Certain items like camera can just change you back in 
      a single hit(unlike two hits).
      Be careful, always know HOW TO ESCAPE!! (I am sure you don't want to 
      lose your coins and effort.)  Earthlings are aggrieves and will kept chasing 
      you until you disguise to someone.
      If you want to get more coins within a short period, combo building
      is extremely important. Once you increase your combo to 10 and above
      (using items), the coins dropping rate will increase from 1 to 5. 
      (Plus the coins look even more attractive!!)
     (Want to know more? Visit them at: http://www.capcom.com/uts/)
       3.    CHARACTERS
    There are 10 characters in this game. Every character have different special
    attacks and stats.
    Name: <-- Name of the alien
    Description: <-- About the alien 
    Special attack: <-- Their ultimate special attack
    Name: Cosmi
    Description: The main character in the story. He's from Mischief plant. 
                    Stupid I can say. As he is always got caught while do pranks.
                    Suffered from terrible defeats, he strikes again on Earth, the
                    most aggresive and dangerous place for 
    Special attack: Cosmiman
                    This S.A. causes Cosmi to became a muscular hero that
                    that trashes anybody whom stands him way.
    Name: Becky
    Description: Cosmi's "childhood" mate. Becky falls in love with Cosmi 
                 and will do anything to grab his attention. But life for Becky 
                 is unfair, nothing work successfully to grab Cosmi's attention. 
                 Now, Becky follows Cosmi wherever he goes, hopefully
                 to obtain his love. 
    Special attack: Warp
                    Becky can immediately escape with this S.A. As this 
                    summons a UFO to transport Becky to somewhere else.
    Name: Mumpy
    Description: He's very impulsive maybe because he was born near volcano. 
                 Comes to Earth to practice his pranks. 
    Special attack: Volcanic Blast
                    Stackes out magma and anybody touches it will run all 
                    over the place. (Because of the fires on their butts)
    Name: King Vork
    Description: He was once call the notorious King that sends invasion to the 
                 other planets and harm other aliens' lives. But he came to find 
                 out how interesting the ailens in Mischief planet lives. And now
                 he is helping the ailens with the trials of putting pranks.
    Special attack: Mob Attack
                    This powerful S.A. summon small little vorks to attack 
                    Earthlings in all eight directions.
    Name: Baron Proptop
    Description: He's a lonely alien from the Mischief plant. He comes to Earth
                 to make money, because a nun from a nearby church rescue him. 
                (When Baron fall off to the Earth while he is suddenly in fatigue 
                 stats on his adventure)
    Special attack: Lasso
                    The surrounding Earthlings will be tied up. Their movemets 
                   and actions are all seal up temporarily. 
    Name: Princess Cleo
    Description: She's a pretty princess of the Mischief planet. She's 26 year old
                 and a popular singer. She collects various certificates and
                 awards as a hobby. Now, she comes to Earth to expand her awards 
    Special attack: UFO call
                    This enables Princess Cleo to disguise to another human form 
                    without a mini UFO. But first you need a DNA in your "scan
    Name: Cadabra
    Description: Loves to practices astrology with his mother. Nervous and 
                 distrustful, take his trial again because he was cheating in the
                 last trial of mischief.
    Special attack: Grudge Missile
                    Fires off a missile, crashes anyone. 
    Name: Master Itazura
    Description: His age is 2004, builds a dojo to help those students on the 
                 trial of mischief. Gives a lot of information to Cosmi before
                 every stages.
    Special attack: Golden Armor
                    Wears a golden armor and trash anybody whom on his way.
                    (Similar with Cosmic's S.A.)
    Name: Magnetron
    Description: Go for contests to know him true own abilities. Stingy and 
                 uncharacteristic of him is a genius when he was borned.
    Special attack: Magnet Hand 
                    Magnetron will be able to suck up all the nearby coins for a 
                    short period.
    Name: Cosmi Sr.
    Description: Cosmi's father, expert on doing tricks and became a family man
                 until little Cosmi was born.
    Special attack: ????
                    Cosmi Sr. will be able to use all kinds of special attacks.
        4.    WALKTHROUGH
              1. Coco Town
              2. Pharoh Island
              3. Raccoon City
              4. Frontierville
              5. Big Booty Bay
              6. High Stakes Hill
              7. Pranksylvania
              8. Cosmopolis
    This is the stages section. There are a total of 8 different stages.
    Each one have different Panic time and Goals. In this section, I will explain 
    how to deal each one and the weakness of that opponent in each stage. 
    Lastly, every stage's time limit is 10 mins.
    Stage: <-- Name of the stage
    About the stage: <-- Short description about the stage
    Goal: <-- What's the goal
    Panic Time: <-- Panic Time event in that stage
    Method: <-- Method of passing the stage
    Note: <-- Special things you need to take note of.
       Stage: Coco Town
    About the stage: Coco Town have lots of aggressive Earthlings, chases you
                     if you play tricks on them. If you return back to Alien 
                     form, they will starts to chase you even if you don't play 
                     tricks on them. 
                     There are two floors in this stage, one where all roads and 
                     humans concentrated together, and a small room on the 
                     second floor.
    Goal: Collect 500 coins in 10 minute while avoiding Becky!
    Panic Time: The cars will start to dash all over the road and to prevent your-
                self from getting hit, just do your tricks on the side of the path.
                (You can lure Becky on to the main road, causing her to bang by
                 the cars. So my, how evil)
    Method: You can complete this stage by two ways. First, just use your item 
            on the middle of the area as there is more Earthlings. Try and use item 
            like Karaoke, which can normal found from the females or boxing glove 
            to send the Earthlings all fly away. 
            Take note of the panic time by stand along the roadside. There are 
            about two UFOs upstairs of this stage. 
            *Combo building in this stage is very easy to obtain here.
            Another way is to switch your target to Becky alone. Just hit her two
            times with items to get 30 coins.
    Note: It's totally recommended for you to go and practices in Master Itazura's
          Dojo before you start the stage. Take a look on the Tutorial.
       Stage: Pharoh Island   
    About the stage: This stage is a located inside a ancient square, and lot
                     of traps waiting for us. Boulders will rolling down from 
                     the top to the bottom. Take note. And Mumpy maybe a little
                     bit difficult.
    Goal: Collect more coins than Mumpy within 10mins!
    Panic Time: There are two types of boulders in this stage. One is the normal
                boulders and another one is golden color boulder. Normal boulders
                will keep rolling from the big hole at the top of the stage down 
                and changes to golden rocks when it is panic time. Whoever 
                Earthlings got slamed by the golden rocks will drop more coins. 
                Thus inflict more damage when it hurt you.
    Method: Beware of the rocks rolling from the top. You can't use a lot of 
            items as Bowling Ball appear lot in this stage. Bowling Ball will
            only inflict one straight line but will bounce back when it hits a 
            structure(Hurt you if you don't use it properly). You can 
            either use Bowling Ball or target at Mumpy to complete this stage. 
            As for the Bowling Bowl item, head to a corner, usually at top 
            places, then cast the ball down(So to protect yourself)
    Note: You can escape from the Golden Rock falling down from the top by going
          to the upper bridge. Or head to a small room from the side of the stage. 
          You will sometimes find a UFO inside.
       Stage: Raccoon City
    About the stage: There are two types of creatures in this stage. One is 
                     normal human and also the Zombie. Raccoon City, you will 
                     find the Nemesis here. 
                     Your goal is to nab coins from Nemesis. Somehow, I will 
                     struggle a lot in this stage.
    Goal: Cooperate with King Vork to reduce Nemesis' coins to 0 in 10 minute! 
          Nemesis will drop 30 coins for every 5 hits.
    Panic Time: Virus will spread to everyone. You will get virus
                infection, causing you to return to Alien very quickly. Virus will 
                degenerates your items to a "pink fluid" item symbol slowly. 
                If you accidentally press on the virus fluid, you will return back. 
                So be careful. But you will not be getting such infection if you 
                are a USSB soldier.
    Method: It's totally recommended to always use the USSB soldiers here instead 
            of the Zombie resident. Nemesis is the green color symbol on your map. 
            Beware that Nemesis have two types of attacks, one is like Cadabra's 
            Grudge Missile, which he sends missiles to you. Another one is he use 
            his weapon and swing around vigorously and hit anybody. 
            Try and use "Tank" item in this stage as it's very powerful like the 
            Rocket Launcher. Remember not to stay to close to Nemesis only if
            you had done 4 hits on him. Other than that, just beware of his attacks.
    Note: If Cadabra returns to alien form, immediately go and grab the coins 
          back. Nemesis will stab the coins from Cadabra.
       Stage: Frontierville
    About the stage: A cowboy town stage. Beware of the folks here(They moves
                      around alot. Difficult to target them) Baron Proptop is 
                      powerful here.
    Goal: Collect more coins than Baron Proptop in 10 minute!
    Panic Time: There will be a sandstorm stirring on the town when it's panic 
                time. All the signs on the map will disappear for a while and the
                screen will became very blur. Be careful of the surrounding.
    Method: There's a tricks here. Prepare two items: Vacuum and Boxing
            Gloves or Gun. Once you have these two items, go and found a horse 
            and use the offensive item on the horse. If you do so, the horse will
            rage mad and dash all over the place. Go to one corner and hide, 
            suck all the coins after the horse is sooften down. Baron is easy to 
            trick but he is also execllent in hurting you. Beware. Repeat the 
           horse rage method to complete the stage.
    Note: When it's Panic Time, be careful of Baron Proptop may put tacks 
            on the floor. 
       Stage: Big Booty Bay
    About the stage: There will be two forces of people here. One is the military
                     forces and and Pirates forces. This town features the two 
                     forces fighting plus the panic time over here is dangerous. 
    Goal: Collect 500 coins within 10 mins while avoiding Princess Cleo! 
    Panic Time: There will be missiles sending off to you. You can avoid by 
                going to the Pirate Ship or became a pirate. Regardless of what,
                soldiers chases you if you are a Pirate and vice versa.
    Method: Try and use items like Karaoke in the Town Square(just north
            part of the stage) or camera on Princess Cleo. You will needed to 
            run around alot. Take note of the clowns, they can be dangerous too.
    Note: There are few UFO in the ship and also in the town square. 
       Stage: High Stakes Hill
    About the stage: This stage is about casino. Beware of the thieves and panic
                     time here. Note that the opponent here is Magnetron, which 
                    can be tough for you. 
    Goal: Collect more coins than Mangetron in a 10 minute period!
    Panic Time: It's jackpot when it's panic time!! All's coin's drop rate will 
                 double. Take note of the green symbol flying around, hit it you 
                 will recieved 200 coins. If Mangetron hits the flying 200 coins 
                 UFO, kick him away with items and pilfer the coins.
    Method: Don't let those burglar come near you. (They will nab your coins) 
            If they stolen from you, they will ran around like mad cows and drop 
           coins all over. Vacuum is totally essential here. Vacuum during panic
           time and you will be in guaranteed success.
    Note: Just know how to rob coins from Earthlings and Magnetron. Conserve
           "Vacuum" item, they are very useful here.
       Stage: Pranksylvania
    About the stage: There are also two types of creatures on this stage. 
                     Zombie and Priest. Beware of the Deaths on this stage. 
                     They are floating ghosts with black outfit and a scythe. 
                     A single hit from them will make you return back to ailen.
    Goal: Cooperate with Cadabra and collect 500 coins within 10 mins!
    Panic Time: The Deaths will roam around and hunt for you. To
                pulverize them off, just get yourself to be a priest and use a 
                Holy Circle to get rid them. They will drop alot of coins once
                they are purified. To win you will have to do this offen.
    Method: There are two Holy Circles in this stage. They are symbol 
            on the floor that are located outside the church and inside the 
            church. When you disguise as a priest, you will see three Holy 
            Circles in your inventory. In order to use this item, attract those 
            deaths to the symbol and press the item.
    Note: The priests here have only 3 Holy Circles in their inventory. Conserve 
           the items and priests. Vacuum back all coins if Cadabra return.
       Stage: Cosmopolis
    About the stage: This is the hardest stage you can ever had. Especially the
                     opponent is Master Itazura. This stage is build solely to 
                     capture aliens whom had roamed the Earth and cause troubles.
                     The Space Citizen are human with space suit. Just be careful
                     of the laser robots and Master Itazura.
    Goal: Collect more coins than Master Itazura in 10 minute time!
    Panic Time: The Panic time here is called Meteor Shower. As this happens,
                alarms will be on. This will causes everyone to recieve a trip 
                fall(You will be back in alien!) This also affect Master Itazura.
                To prevent this, find the green symbol floating around. Disguise
                to them before the MS end. Don't forget to collect Master
                Itazuara's coins.
    Method: You must be able to escape from Master Itazura's trap plus MS in
            order to win. There are 2 irritating laser robots that patrols 
            around. Don't get too close and under the green light and you will 
            be save. If got caught, the robot will send bolts in all three 
            directions(go through walls even) to hurt you. Find a item 
            called: 'Laser Weapon" and send to the Robot. They will return 
            back to normal.
            Strengthern your defense instead. Don't target Master Itazuara
            (Cause you will be tricked instead).
    Note: Grab Master Itazura's coins(because of MS and his tricks on Earthlings) 
              to win!
        5.    ITEM LIST
    This section shows you what are the items you can use in the stage. You can
    also take a look on these items on the Pause menu. 
    There are over 40 items you can use in the stage. Each have it's own weakness
    and strength. Combine them to produce the best result!!
    Name: <-- Name of the item
    Effect: <-- Effect of the item
    1.Name: Golden Hammer
      Effect: This item can only found in High Stakes Hills. This hammer allows 
              you to pound on your opponent for twice the coins as usual. Combine
              it with high combo to obtain optimal result.
    2.Name: Bruiser 
      Effect: Several dogs will trace and bite the opponent. Disappears after 
             a period of time or succeed in gnawing on the desired target. Vice 
             versa on you and you will be trouble, disguise ASAP.
    3.Name: Vanishing Capsule
      Effect: You will be temporally invisible. Also change back if hit by 
              something. Useful in avoiding Earthlings.
    4.Name: Gun
      Effect: A gun will appear on your hand. Shooting the targets will 
              causes them to teleport to somewhere else. Use it on alien
              that is targeting you.
    5.Name: T-Rex
      Effect: A giant creature will come down from the Jurassic Park(Really?) 
              Sneeze on the Earthlings and then charge forwards. It's attack area 
              is quite big, be sure to hide in one corner to prevent from begin 
    6.Name: Rocket Launcher 
      Effect: Launch missile and causes huge damage in a short area.
                  Useful in dealing Nemesis.
    7.Name: Camera 
      Effect: Flashes out 3 bright light. Short area, but very powerful. Sends 
                 you back to original form even just a hit. Do it on your opponent.
    8.Name: Fire Bowling Ball
      Effect: Another version of Bowling Ball, burns and slam flat any targets.
    9.Name: Holy Circle 
      Effect: Can only be found in Pranksylvania. Use to pulverize the Zombies
              and the deaths away.
    10.Name: In-Line Skates 
       Effect: This item lets you speed up, suitable for escaping from lots of 
               Earthlings chasing at you and traps.
    11.Name: Karaoke 
       Effect: This item lets you buzz the surrounding off with eerie sounds.
               Anybody heards it will be stunned for a while.
    12.Name: Tacks
       Effect: Tacks will hurt and stop anybody that steps on it. Useful on Baron.
    13.Name: Electro Bomb
       Effect: Throw this item to shock targets within an area. Best result when
              all Earthlings are concentrated together.
    14.Name: Demote Bomb
       Effect: Set it on a place. Press the Remote Switch to active the bomb.
    15.Name: Pie
       Effect: Freeze the Earthlings with this creamy pie. You will be confuse
               in directions if you got this.
    16.Name: Remote Switch
       Effect: Press it to put a bomb.
    17.Name: Virus 
       Effect: You will hate this item a lot. This item changes you back to
               alien form if all the virus symbol occupied all your item slots.
    18.Name: Tanks
       Effect: You will be invincible for a while. You can send missiles
              during this phrase. A sweet item to deal Nemesis with 5 hits.
    19.Name: Hula Hoop 
       Effect: Anybody steps into it will perform Hula Hoop dance. Anybody who
              are very near the person doing, will be tripped.
    20.Name: Tornado
       Effect: Spins out a big hurricane. This will send all Earthlings away.
    21.Name: Fireworks 
       Effect: Earthlings surrounded this fireworks will get attracted.
               This item will just sneeze away or explode.
    22.Name: ????
       Effect: Press X to find out what is it and again to use it. 
    23.Name: Torch 
       Effect: A torch will appear on your hand. Fire will be on their butt if 
                anybody touches it.
    24.Name: Fart
       Effect: Sinks anybody that is behind you.
    25.Name: Elephant
       Effect: All the Elephants will range down from the left and right of the 
              screen. Crashes anybody that is on their way.
    26.Name: Bowling Ball
       Effect: Send a large blue ball that knocks down all the Earthlings.
    27.Name: Laser Gun
       Effect: Found only in Cosmopolis. Use it to deactive laser robot that
               is chasing you.
    28.Name: Cannon 
       Effect: You will be inside a cannon. You yourself will be send off. 
              Stops only after you bang an infrastruture.
    29.Name: Position Switch
       Effect: Can only found in versus mode. Switch your position with your 
               opponent by using this item.
    30.Name: Vacuum 
       Effect: Suck up all the scattered coins in the stage.
    31.Name: Coin Color Switch 
       Effect: Switch the color of the particular coins to your own color type.
    32.Name: Boxing Glove
       Effect: Blast the Earthlings off with this red glove.
    33.Name: Hamburger 
       Effect: Send a big hamburger down from the sky.
    34.Name: Jaws 
       Effect: Summon sharks from the sea and bites up targets within an
              area. Beware it will hurt you.
    35.Name: Cosmiman
       Effect: Cosmi's special attack. This item will transform Cosmi to a 
               muscular hero and punch anybody whom stands on his way.
    36.Name: Wrap
       Effect: Becky's special attack. Can teleport Becky to other places.
    37.Name: Volcanic Blast
       Effect: Mumpy's special attack. Fires off piles of magma and sends 
               anybody off with fire on their butt.
    38.Name: Mob attack
       Effect: King Vork's special attack. Send little vorks to attack anybody in
               all eight directions.
    39.Name: Lasso
       Effect: Baron Proptop's special attack. Tie up all targets within an area.
    40.Name: UFO call
       Effect: Princess Cleo's special attack. Summon a UFO for immediate 
               disguise. (Need a DNA)
    41.Name: Grudge Missile
       Effect: Cadabra's special attack. Sends a missile off. Very explosive.
    41.Name: Golden Armor 
       Effect: Master Itazura's special attack. It has the same effect with 
               Cosmiman item.
    42.Name: Magnet Hands
       Effect: Magnetron's special attack. Attract nearby coins within a period 
               of time.
    43.Name: Duel
       Effect: Bring your opponent back to the center of the stage.
    44.Name: Double Coins 
       Effect: Double the amount of coins Earthlings drop.
        6.    UNLOCKABLES
     :Unlock Tag mode and Music Options:
      Complete the game once with any characters.
     :Unlock Cosmi Sr.:
      Complete the game once with Master Itazura.
     :Unlock Hard Mode:
      Complete the game on the normal difficulty with an "A" rank.
        8.    TRIAL MODE
    In Trial mode, you will have to attain scores and challenge the score mark
    in the Trial Mode. 
    It's similar to walkthrough, but you will have to more coins instead.
    If you have any question regarding Trial Mode, do feel free to email to me!!
        7.    CREDITS
    Lastly, any easy way of dealing certain stages please send it to me! I will
    put it up for you.
    Thanks a lot to:
                     - YOU for taking a look on this faqs
                     - GAMEFAQS for such wonderful game website
                     - CAPCOM for creating such wonderful game
     Copyright 2004 Ang Qi Jun
    If you have any question regarding on this game, feel free to email to me =)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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