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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jimfish

    Version: 1.999 | Updated: 12/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              'MMMMMMMMA .,,,,,',,,,,,.        .',,,',,,,,,,'.,,,,   ,,,,           
              'MMÐCCCCC( (@@ÐÐÐ3Ð@@@Ð@%C!    *C$5@ÐÐ$%#@@Ð##5J%@@@, !ÐWÐ$.          
              'MMM7...  ¦ÐW@5@W3MMMÐÐWMWW( ,$ÐMMMMMM#5MMWÐÐWMM55WMA'#©©#'           
              'MMMM©M@!3WÐJ.7$3=AWW$3%WMW($MMM%. %MW%AWM@$%ЩM% !#WWWÐ*             
              'MM©$((=$@@#335@©3MMM#WMM#¦'@WMÐ'  (JJ(AWMÐÐM©MC'  7WMM(              
              'WMMC .$ÐWÐÐÐÐWMM3ÐMW¦AMMÐ!'5@#J      .5MMA(ЩM%.  =MMM*              
              '$A#=.7AAA=¦¦(#55C##5,.355A!$##%*     .$5AJ !%AAC. ¦5%7'              
              '===**((¦¦   ,77=¦77=' .¦==(¦=3AA(.   .7=(!  *((=!.,==¦.              
              .('...*,!.   *(!.. .¦¦* ..'('.',7CC!*,,,=('   ¦¦¦ . ,((.              
              ,W,  .3A%,.. 3AJ. ..75,.  *#' ..$%A,..'CA5¦ ..¦#¦.. 7A$'              
              ,W, ..$%@,   C5@....¦#..  *#'  .$%@,...C5%! ..,#,.. (AÐ*              
               ,.   '',.   ',,    .,    .,    '',.   .,,    .,    .,,               
                          _____           _   _            _                        
                          \_   \_ __  ___| |_(_)_ __   ___| |_ ___                  
                           / /\/ '_ \/ __| __| | '_ \ / __| __/ __|                 
                        /\/ /_ | | | \__ \ |_| | | | | (__| |_\__ \                 
                        \____/ |_| |_|___/\__|_|_| |_|\___|\__|___/                 
                              Published by:                                         
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         ~Y8888P' Y8888P' Y888888P `8888Y'  `Y88P'  YP         YP                   
                              Developed by:                                         
         db    db d8888b. d888888b .d8888.  .d88b.  d88888b d888888b                
         88    88 88  `8D   `88'   88'  YP .8P  Y8. 88'     `~~88~~'                
         88    88 88oooY'    88    `8bo.   88    88 88ooo      88                   
         88    88 88~~~b.    88      `Y8b. 88    88 88~~~      88                   
         88b  d88 88   8D   .88.   db   8D `8b  d8' 88         88                   
         ~Y8888P' Y8888P' Y888888P `8888Y'  `Y88P'  YP         YP                   
    -------------------------------------------------------------FULL GUIDE         
                          *          An FAQ           *                            
                          -            by             -                            
                          *       Steve Taylor        *                            
                          -  Began: 12/October/05     -
                          * Posted: 16/October/05     *   
                          - Updated: 26/October/05    -                        
                          * Finished: --/-----/--     *                           
                          - E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com -                            
    Hello! Hello! Far Cry Instincts is a game recently out as of writing, and there
    were no guides posted for it, save my demo guide. I'd also been recieving
    requests to write up one, so here it is. And yes, because there is no guide 
    for Instincts for the XBox release, I've decided that taking a full approach to
    the game is the best idea, as that way I can include everything in one easy 
    file. So instead of a small, plain FAQ that just runs through the main game, 
    I'd have a large, fully complete guide to all sections of it, to provide all 
    the information that I can. 
    Because the guide contains quite a fair bit of information, the Table of 
    Contents has been made bigger to account. It takes on the same format as my 
    other smaller FAQs, except it now uses sub-sections. Be sure to look through 
    for the section you need (E.G. You want to find out about the Map-Maker) and 
    find the appropriate heading.          
    To save time of scrolling through the whole FAQ, search strings are avaliable  
    and are noted in the Table of Contents.                                        
                                     Table of Contents:                            
                                   (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                                   (C-N) Contact Me   (C-N)
                                   (V-H) Version      (V-H)
                                   (G-I) Game Info    (G-I) ***
                                   (R-V) Review       (R-V)                        
                                   (C-C) Controls     (C-C)                        
                                   (S-T) Story        (S-T)                        
                                   (C-H) Characters   (C-H)                        
                                   (T-H) Tips/Hints   (T-H)                        
                                           1.a. On Foot                            
                                           1.b. Shooting                           
                                           1.c. Driving                            
                                           1.d. Feral Abilites ***
                                   (W-G) Weapon Guide (W-G)                        
                                   (V-G) Vehicle Guide(V-G) ***
                                   (W-K) Walkthrough  (W-K)                        
                                        -2.a. The Game                             
                                          -2.b. Welcome to Jacutan                 
                                          -2.c. Beach                     
                                          -2.d. Native                          
                                          -2.e. River                       
                                          -2.f. Rainforest                        
                                          -2.g. Mines                         
                                          -2.h. Cliff                           
                                          -2.i. Sub-Aquatic Facility            
                                          -2.j. Dead Marshes         
                                          -2.k. Wasteland            
                                          -2.l. Black Forest **          
                                   (FAQ)     FAQ       (FAQ)                       
                                   (CNC) Cheats/Codes  (CNC)                       
                                   (G-S) Game Saves    (G-S)
                                   (I-M) Island Maker  (I-M) **                    
                                   (M-P) Multiplay Tips(M-P) **
                                   (C-M) Map Database  (C-M)                       
                                   (G-L) Glitches      (G-L)                       
                                   (S-I) Skip the Intro(S-I)                       
                                   (E-M) Past E-Mails  (P-M)                       
                                   (X-L) XBox Live     (X-L) ***                   
                                   (T-K) Thanks to...  (T-K)                       
                                   (C-R) Copyrights    (C-R)                       
    *This section needs to be re-vamped.                                           
    **This section needs to be completed.
    ***This section needs to be started.                                           
                            (I-I)     INTRODUCTION   (I-I)                         
      - Survive by Any Means - Go it alone by setting traps, scouting ahead, 
    sniping from afar, and commandeering all types of assault vehicles. 
      - Shoot to Kill - Finally, AI that's actually intelligent. Enemies react in 
    real-time, take cover, call in reinforcements, and use advanced group-formation
    tactics to take you out. 
      - A Whole New World - Discover all-new locations including abandoned mines, 
    aquatic labs, and a host of locations not found in the PC version. 
      - Wage War Online - Explosive Xbox Live play allows you to engage in island 
    warfare in more than eight unique modes of multiplayer combat. 
      - Create a Slice of Paradise - Build your own multiplayer maps for use on 
    Xbox Live or in split-screen mode. This first-of-its-kind editor for the Xbox 
    console is ultra-powerful and specially designed for the Xbox Controller and 
    allows gamers to switch from editing to playing on the fly.
    After escorting an inquisitive journalist to a remote tropical island, Jack 
    Carver finds himself stranded in paradise, hunted by an unrelenting team of 
    highly trained mercenaries. Incorporating state-of-the-art graphic technology 
    and a host of 
    innovative FPS gameplay conventions, Far Cry redefines the term "survival 
    action." As Jack, you'll have to outwit hordes of cunning mercenaries through 
    all manner of tactics. Make long-range assaults, set traps, commandeer vehicles
    - even develop new skills and abilities to outlast the island's evils and 
    escape with your life. 
    ~Play.com's synopsis
                                (C-N)  CONTACT  ME  (C-N)
    Yes. It's official. I love the attention. Gimme your e-mails. Make my head 
    To send me mail that I will read, please set it up with the following fields:
          E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com
    Subject Line: Far Cry Instincts Guide
    Now that you've got my interest, you must abide by the rules below, or else it
    won't be read and instead, ignored. Please, if you want your voice to be heard,
    follow the rules/guidelins.
                                         THE DO'S
    - Inform me of errors that I've made. Either constant grammar or factual info. 
    - Pass on strategies and solutions on how to solve parts of the game which I
      have not mentioned.
    - Ask for help about things not mentioned in the guide.
    - Write in words. Not internet short cuts.
    - I like to read e-mails with proper formatting and grammar. Please do be sure
      to write your e-mail like so.
    - To inform me of your custom map which you'd like added to the database.
    - Glitches! There's loads of glitches out there and I want to include them all.
    - Your opinions and your views on the game. 
    - And please, read through the guide before even thinking about contacting me.
      I've had many e-mails in the past about my other guides where they ask me 
      questions which were answered, or not answered in some cases, since some were
      about the demo guides I had wrote.
                                        THE DO NOT'S
    - Send me chain letters or spam. That's one big no-no.
    - Send attachments. In some cases, I do accept them, but usually for just for
      pictures/images only, such as maps and such.
    - Call me names/Insult me/Threaten me/yadda yadda yadda...I don't need it. 
    - Use child like e-mails with crap colours. I don't want size 32 bright yellow
      font on top of a lime green background. 
    - Type in alterNaTiNg CaPs LiKe ThIs or just in ALL CAPS AND STUFF.
    - No stupid 1337 speaking. If I see it, it's deleted in a flash. \/\/ 0 R |).
    - Ask irelevent questions which I answered in my guide. It irritates me to have
      that done.
    See those rules? Well...they're more like guidelines anyway...but it doesn't
    matter either way! OBEY THEM OR DIE!
                              (V-H)  VERSION HISTORY (V-H)
    0.5 ~ October 13th 2005.
    After a very short time of waiting, Far Cry lands on my doorstep and I begin
    playing. As I go along through the levels, I re-take them and restart over and
    over whilst recording information to include in my guide. It should be finished
    before long. Stay tuned.
    As of writing, it has a lot of basic information included and the guide up to
    the first 6 levels, but not including. It has a halfway through complete weapon
    guide. I have started the Island Maker and it is halfway through, but I thought
    it would be best to leave it out until completion to save confusion. 
    0.9 ~ October 17th 2005.
    The majority of the guide is complete, save the last level. The Mapmaker is
    also missing, but that will be included next update.
    0.95 ~ October 21th 2005.
    Due to an error on my part, I've recieved a dozen e-mails informing me that it
    was Ubisoft Montreal that infact developed the game, and not Crytek as I had
    orginally stated. I've removed all references to them as developing it. I've 
    have also started work on a "Custom Map Database" section which will list some 
    of the hottest maps which circle both on and off Live, their creators and other
    information. Oh, and another thing, added an e-mail section for past e-mails
    sent which may be of some interest.
    0.955 ~ October 22th 2005.
    Glitches ahoy! Yes, I've now started a glitch section. At the moment, it's 
    small at the moment, so be sure to send in some of those glitches by e-mail! 
    Also, an expanded code section is now here with a few more cheats, as well as
    a newly found path to avoided the merc camp at the start of "Beach."
    Stay tuned for another update within the next few days...
    0.958 ~ October 23rd 2005.
    Okay, nothing much today. Added a section on how to avoid watching the intro
    movie again and again, 1 new cheat and I *HAVE* started work upon the custom 
    map database. As of writing (23/10/05) there is a topic up on the Far Cry 
    Insincts board at GameFAQs asking for all of those maps that you play.
    You can find that topic here: 
    And I almost forgot, a rather nice chap e-mailed me asking for additional help
    on the Mines level where he was having trouble, so I've added a small note to
    that level just for him. 
    1.00 ~ October 24th 2005.
    Finnaly. It's finished. Well, in practical terms it is, but a guide is never 
    finished when it comes to me. There's still maps to find and add to the
    database (which is now included in the guide), multiplayer modes to talk about,
    Map Maker tutorial, vehicles guide, XBox Live...I can go the whole way and 
    include the game's specs and data. 
    A guide is never finished.
    1.15 ~ October 25th 2005.
    A whole bunch of maps added to the database, as well as the odd touch up here
    and there. No real improvement as of yet to the walkthrough. This is my little
    child now...it's growing bigger and bigger and won't ever be completed, not 
    even with my daily updates. 
    1.30 ~ October 26th 2005.
    Lots of things to talk about...
    A complete re-working of the weapons guide was long overdue, so that's been 
    done. I still need to get around to the Xbox Live section ofthe guide, since
    many people have been asking about tips and such on the Predator mode, I do 
    need to get onto that. The Map-Maker section is also in need of some work, 
    since there is no real guide on it, just the tips that he great users of
     GameFAQs have come up with, so expect that stuff shortly.
    Oh, and nearly forgot (well, I did, but I remembered), there's now a gamesave
    section up. So in case of you having trouble passing a perticular section of
    the game, just download one of these saves to pass it. Easy. So far, there's
    only one, but it'll get bigger. 
    1.33 ~ October 27th 2005.
    I am seriously annoyed. Thanks to a disc-error, the guide was wiped out. WIPED
    OUT! GONE! *SCREAMS* I am really annoyed and angry, but thankfully, it wasn't
    gone completely due to GameFAQs' hosted version. Sadly, this means there's no
    updates today. I did have a massive kick up the rear to the guide today as well,
    it has vehicle guides, game data and features, feral abilites, maps, glitches,
    new game modes, map maker tips, information on how to pass different areas, 
    e-mails...IT HAD LOADS. There was XBox Live information, a warning section,
    touched up areas. 
    ARGHHHHHHHH! And calm. I may of wasted a good 5 or 6 hours solid typing sessions
    yesterday and a bit more today, but...oh well. I can work on it today and get it
    all up to standards by tommorrow. Sorry, folks. I'm as annoyed as you are.
    1.66 ~ November 2nd 2005.
    Just a quick update after a certain person requested their name be removed from
    the FAQ. Done and done.
    1.88 ~ November 4th 2005.
    I still have no updates as of yet...I'm getting lazy. >_< This update is just
    to say that the ending solution has been included, thanks to [removed] 
    That's it...for now.
    1.99 ~ November 12th 2005.
    Thanks to [removed] Lagerfeldt for slapping me out of my sloth-like phase. I've
    added a small multiplayer section with the three tips that Lagerfeldt had sent
    in. Also, another tip was sent in by David Jones on how to save Val's health
    from depleting too much during NATIVE.
    That's it, sadly. No updates to vehicles or anything. Sorry gang.
                                  (R-V)    REVIEW   (R-V)  
    *Because my review KEEPS getting rejected time and time again for some reason,
    I have to include here.*
    **After another try, the review was finally accepted.
    Shooters today...What do you think of? Medal of Honour? Squad-Based Team shoot 
    outs? ALIENS?! Well, that may be true for the majority of FPSs out there doing 
    the rounds at the moment, but just once in a while, you get a whole new take on
    it all. Far Cry is exactly that. It takes a step back from the genre, breathes 
    in and looks up and down the line before taking two steps forward and kicking 
    In Far Cry Instincts, you take on the role of Jack Carver, dishonourably 
    discharged from the military and now drifting through the pacific on his small 
    charter boat. One day, he hires out his boat to a female reporter who wants to 
    go to a small private island where some crazy military stuff is going down. 
    After waking up from a nap, Jack finds the reporter gone and his boat about to 
    be blown apart by helicopters.
    Forget the story now, let's talk about the gameplay. Far Cry, after the 
    successful feedback from the first game, has always been renowned for it's 
    incredible AI. The reworked and rebuilt CRYEngine is amazing beyond relief. The
    enemy mercenaries will circle around you, provide covering fire, hide behind 
    cover when you fire upon them. They work in groups and attempt to take you 
    down, working in formations and countering you. <3 These enemies are just like 
    their real-life counter-parts, with real senses and emotions. Well, not so much
    on emotions, but their senses do play a part in it all. At night, they lose 
    their way when looking for you...in daylight, they can see for miles and spot 
    you. Great stuff, eh? I'll come back to another feature of the game in a 
    second, but first...
    The other great factor to Far Cry Instincts is the lush and awe inspiring 
    graphics. The wonderfully, incredibly, edibly detailed jaw-dropping 
    environments will get your heart pumping. It's all rendered without a single 
    fault...no loading times, no glitches, no problem. There's not even a single 
    bit of slowdown to be found in the game, and that's not all. Detailed clothes 
    and weapons add to the whole experience, and just a simple play for 30 seconds 
    will cause puddles of drool to form around those pasty white ankles of yours.
    Okay. Back to the "other" feature I mentioned. This "feature" has caused a stir
    and has divided the fanbase of the game. ...Jack...can...mutate...into...a...
    ...beast. Yes. Thanks to an injection he receives, Jack begins to go back to 
    those animalistic instincts, with improved vision, smell, hearing and speed. 
    Not to mention, sheer brute strength. Using Jack's instincts, he can hunt and 
    track his prey from a distance before closing in for the kill. No offense to 
    Ubisoft, but...are we stupid? Can't we enjoy an excellent shooter without 
    something so mind boggling like this? Granted, it's a nice idea, but I can't 
    help but feel lowered into another group of gamers other than FPS fans. Bah. 
    Maybe I'm too cranky. And don't get me wrong, I like the blend between animal 
    play and shooting action. It worked for The Suffering (I've also spotted a few
    similarities between Far Cry and Suffering) and it also works here. Looking 
    back upon it, I really do enjoy the "Predator" feature. <3
    If you've played through the Story mode and you hunger for more, you've got a 
    massive bank of fun available to you from the start thanks to Multiplayer. 
    There's the tradition classic deathmatches, team deathmatches and a new 
    variation of Capture-The-Flag...Steal The Sample. And these maps aren't small,
    scaled down maps. It's like you're going through the Story mode environments 
    and levels. Massive. Detailed. Great. Not only can you play no Split-Screen, 
    but also take the action online with up to 16 players. Oh, and not to mention 
    the new game mode "Predator." In this mode, a whole bunch of mercs are trekking
    through the map in order to power up a generator. Sadly, these generators are a
    long way away, and they need to enter the Predator's territories. Predators are
    strong...fast...well, super human, really. The mercs need to survive and work
    in teams, providing cover and become dummies to draw predators away from areas. 
    Guess what? The game's still not finished with its surprises. Far Cry Instincts
    has another great feature that should be included with every game. LEVEL MAKING
    TOOLS. Yes. You can build your own tropical dream paradise (or indeed 
    nightmare, war-torn pit) with anything you like. Thanks to the easy and 
    wonderfully simple interface, you can be building high detailed maps in 
    minutes. Players are free to make whatever map they want....Indoor or outdoor. 
    Mountain top or underwater. Jet-Ski races or Humvee driving ranges. Trenches or
    jungle warfare. Simple drag-and-drop controls allows for players to easily 
    build their dreams up without frustration and programming skills. Are you 
    finished with your map? Upload it to XBox Live and play your favourite game 
    modes on it with the rest of the world. You'll never get bored thanks to the 
    innovative and unique minds of gamers who know what you want.
    Get This Game. Adapt. Evolve. Survive. Go Live. Make Maps. Kick Ass.
                               (C-C)     CONTROLS      (C-C)                       
    Here's a brief over-look of the controls. The game throws you into the jungle
    without any major tutorial, but it does provide you with numerous handy hints
    as the game progresses.                                                        
    Below is the control pad for you to see the layout of the control pad and the
    actual game play controls below that.                                          
                             XBOX CONTROLLER BUTTON LAYOUT                         
                            ______                ______                           
                           /L.TRIG\              /R.TRIG\                          
                       /                                    \                      
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/        (Y)     \                     
     Left Stick------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)   |                    
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A)      |                    
         (Back)------|-> O      _____                         |                    
     (Start)---------/--> O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\------(Black)       
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|--------(White)    
         D-PAD------|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Right Stick    
                    /                                          \                   
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |                   
                    |       /       Controller S       \       |                   
                    |      /        made by Thuyker     \      |                   
                     \____/                              \____/                    
                                     ON-FOOT CONTROLS
           Throw rocks/     ______                ______               Shoot/
       Throw grenades----->/      \              /      \ <------------Install Trap
                       /                            /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯ Reload/Action  
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/      v (Y)     \ 
      Move/Stance----|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|----------Melee/Push 
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Jump         Object
                     |   O      _____                         |
                     /    O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\--Toggle Mines/Traps
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---Toggle Rocks/
         Select-----|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <----Look |         Grenades
          Weapon    /                                          \
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |
                    |       /                          \       |
                    |      /                            \      |
                     \____/                              \____/
             Left Thumbstick | Move                  
     Clicked Left Thumbstick | Stance (Crouch/Prone/Stand)                         
            Right Thumbstick | Look Behind / Left / Right / Forward                
    Clicked Right Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
                Left Trigger | Throw rocks/grenades                                
               Right Trigger | Fire Weapon/Install Trap                            
                    D-Pad Up | Select Weapon                                       
                  D-Pad Down | Select weapon                                     
                  D-Pad Left | Select Weapon                                       
                 D-Pad Right | Select weapon                                       
                    A Button | Jump                                           
                    B Button | Melee attack/Push object                            
                    X Button | Reload/Action button                          
                    Y Button | (tap) = Feral Run / (hold) = Feral Sense            
                       White | Toggle Rocks/Grenades                              
                       Start | Pause Menu                                      
                        Back | No effect                         
                                     DRIVING CONTROLS         
                            ______                ______
                           /      \              /      \  <------Fire Weapon
                       /                                    \
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/        (Y)     \
       Throttle------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|-----Handbrake
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A)      |
                     |   O      _____                         |
                     /    O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O   \
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O     |
      Select Weapon-|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Look
                    /                                          \
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |
                    |       /                          \       |
                    |      /                            \      |
                     \____/                              \____/
             Left Thumbstick | Left / Right Steering / Throttle                    
     Clicked Left Thumbstick | Honks Horn (Multiplayer Only)                       
            Right Thumbstick | Look Behind / Left / Right / Forward                
    Clicked Right Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
                Left Trigger | Handbrake                                     
               Right Trigger | Fire Weapon                                         
                    D-Pad Up | Select Weapon                                       
                  D-Pad Down | Select Weapon                                     
                  D-Pad Left | Select Weapon                                       
                 D-Pad Right | Select Weapon                                       
                    A Button | Jump (ATV only)                                    
                    B Button | Swap between turret and driving                 
                    X Button | No effect                          
                    Y Button | No effect            
                       Black | No effect                                          
                       White | No Effect                                           
                       Start | Pause                                      
                        Back | No effect                      
                              (S-T)    STORY   (S-T)                               
                                  Get Dirty or Die
    Some say Jack Carver settled in Micronesia because he was running away from his
    past. A dishonourable discharge and a price on your head can make earning an
    honest living pretty tricky, but "obstacle" was not a word in Jack's 
    It took several years and fair few boat trips, but eventually Jack developed a
    taste for the simple life. Maybe this is why he didn't smell the trouble when 
    Val Cortez appeared on the dock with cameras and swimsuit and a daypack full of
    cash. And the smell became no stronger when she asked him for a ride to the 
    Jacutan islands, a remote archipelago that is not known as a local picnic
    Jack's boat and livlihood are now but a charred pile of toothpicks. To cap it
    all, his client has disappeared and no matter where he goes there are 
    psychopaths in fatigues intent of blowing him up or gunning him down. Jack has
    this uncanny feeling that he is cornered in a merciless yet desperately 
    beautiful tropical jungle and that violent death is just a coconut away.
    Jack's choice is this: Either embrace the wilderness and make its brutality his
    own. Or marvel at the beauty and face extinction up the barrel of a mercenary
                              (C-H)    CHARACTERS   (C-H)                          
                                   Col. Richard Crowe
    Richard Crowe's country of birth is a closely-guarded secret, but the South 
    African dossier on his mercenary activities suggests that he turned up in a 
    Johannesburg orphanage at the age of 14. It is well known that he served in the
    Apartheid-era security forces after checkered tours of duty in Namibia and 
    Angola during the border wars. Rumors of atrocities have dogged him ever since 
    he was invited to retire from the SADF in 1993 with the rank of colonel. For 
    the next few years, Crowe surfaced in over a dozen conflicts across the 
    southern hemisphere, earning substantial remuneration - and in one case in 
    Rwanda, significant scarring - for training and leading elite counterinsurgency
    troops. As he moved from war to war, the colonel assembled a small but fiercely
    loyal cadre of officers with whom he would later form The Adversity Group, 
    based out of offices in Dubai. Euphemistically known as risk-management 
    consultants, Adversity has done little in its decade of operation to dispel 
    Crowe's reputation as a sociopath war criminal and profiteer.
                                      Valerie Cortez
    The woman who would become Val Cortez was poached right out from under the U.S.
    Army's nose. She'd moved from 98J to Information Warfare Specialist with three
    chevrons on her sleeve and would have taken a spot in Aviation School. But the
    CIA got a look at her test scores and knew that she had a talent that the Army
    wouldn't be allowed to develop. She fit the profile perfectly and it only took
    two weeks of screening in Langley for her to realize it. Strangely enough, her
    training put her back in the hands of the Army, only this time at Ft. Bragg and
    in unmarked BDUs. On graduation day, she met her handler, a veteran spy she 
    would only ever know as David. She learned to trust David with her life, and in
    time, a lot more. The affair ended when the Agency said so. David continued to 
    run stings on bioweapons markets around the world. She took special activities 
    assignments that got blacker every year, until the day she got the call: Bring 
    David in.
                                     Dr. Herman Krieger
    Dr. Herman Krieger's old life ended in 1974 with the death of his seven-year 
    old son in a car accident. In that devastating moment, new priorities formed in
    the mind of Austria's preeminent pharmacologist. Krieger resigned as the 
    associate director of the World Health Organization and began liquidating his 
    family's assets. His wife left him the following year. Krieger's ideas about 
    imposing 'natural selection' on humanity attracted some old attention. 
    'Gotteserbengesellschaft' had been around since the 1750s but their original 
    methods - notably eugenics - had given way to maverick drug research carried 
    out on human subjects in developing countries where the authorities could be 
    induced to look the other way. Krieger used his professional connections to 
    found a non-profit conservation project as a front for GeGs activities. 
    Unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies began to exploit the opportunities for 
    securing new patents, and Krieger enjoyed unprecedented funding for his work.
    The GeGs was eventually uncovered, but by then Krieger had vanished with over
    Herman Krieger has spent the last twenty five years fixated on a single burning
    question: "'What is the unique factor that determines human survival?" He was 
    twice nearly arrested: Once for attempting to purchase medical data originally 
    gathered in the course of wartime atrocities; and again for attempting to 
    smuggle a restricted plant species out of Brazil. His obsession has taken him 
    to every corner of the world; from the Sudan to the Andes, from Haiti to 
    Bosnia, and from Mongolia to Borneo. He became convinced that the key to 
    improving survivability lay in improving adaptability. After finding an obscure
    reference to transformational shamanism practiced in Jacutan, Krieger began 
    quietly bribing the Micronesian authorities to secure uncontested development 
    rights in the archipelago. He found that the islands themselves afforded him 
    not only the specific knowledge that he was looking for, but an ideal sample 
    group on which to test his new theories...
    Krieger has greatly expanded the research capabilities of the Jacutan 
    operation, recruiting scientists from the ranks of the disgruntled, the 
    discredited and the dismissed - and funneling money into construction. But his 
    work continues to be defined by its failure to produce a stable recipient. His 
    first experiments resulted in 100% fatalities, due to Krieger's practice of 
    administering massively toxic doses of known entheogens - psychoactive drugs 
    associated with mystical euphoria. He introduced supplementary treatments to 
    boost the subject's tolerance and allow them to receive even higher doses and 
    sustained periods of altered consciousness. Unsatisfied, Krieger tried to add 
    radical neurosurgery and eventually gene therapy to the mix in an effort to 
    build his 'ultimate survivor', but the results were either vegetative or too 
    monstrous to be considered still human.
                                        David Doyle
    "Doyle" is not his real last name.
    A brilliant PhD candidate at U. Chicago with a dozen offers from the biotech 
    sector, David felt a void that research couldn't fill. The CIA recruiter 
    recognized that hunger and David left academia behind for a new kind of school,
    The Farm. His test scores were off the charts, but he turned down a top 
    position at the Sci-Tech Directorate for a bottom spot on the Ops waiting list.
    This was 1989, and he didn't have to wait long. Somat Koreliyev, a molecular 
    biologist, walked into the Iraqi consulate in Baku with a complete inventory 
    manifest from the Vozrozhdeniya bioweapons lab and 72 hours later David was 
    over the Aral Sea logging his second H.A.L.O. jump. Three years and one valor 
    citation later David was on the clandestine service roster, running 
    interrogations, profiling HUMINT assets and doing a little recruiting of his 
    own. When the Krieger file was reopened in 2001, David was the only operator 
    with deep enough background to go in for as long as it took.                 
                           (T-H)   TIPS / HINTS   (T-H)                            
    This section will go over some basic skills which'll be used frequently through
    out the game and levels. They are as follows:                                   
    1.a. On Foot                                                                   
    1.b. Shooting                                                                  
    1.c. Driving                                                                   
                                    1.a -   On Foot                                
    Crouching Carver, Hidden Predator
    Ducking down and hiding in the bushes makes it harder for you to be seen. Use
    this to your advantage and stalk your prey before leaping up and taking him 
    Learn to Jump
    This may sound obvious, but most don't do it. They just expect to hit the A 
    Button and land where they want it to go. Doesn't always work. Learn where 
    Carver will land, how far he can go and how high. Experiment on crates and 
    boxes. In case you ever need to get out of a place in a hurry, leaping over
    something will slow the mercs down and could just save your life.
    Live Under the Cabins.
    If alert mode has been activated, you need to hide. Best place? Crouch down and
    go prone to crawl underneath the many wooden cabins throughout the jungles and
    tropics. Wait until things cool down a bit or they the guards go off to search 
    another place before climbing back out.
    Use your Senses.
    Hitting the Y-Button will enter Scent Mode (When Jack has learnt it), allowing
    you to track down enemies via the smell they emit. Learn about where the enemy
    is in the trail, since some people get confused as the smell lingers and hides
    the enemy in clouds of scent.                                               
    Silence is Golden.
    Silence is golden. Take your time when sneaking through places. Walk, don't 
    run, since it does cause noise and may alert a few guards to your presence. You
    can easily make your way around a whole camp if you take your time.
    Watch Where You're Going.
    Sneak and watch where you're walking. Be careful not to walk straight around a
    corner and into a whole room full of trigger happy mercs (ala Hans Solo), so 
    lean around corners to scope out the whole scene before going blindly in...
    Later on in the game, you'll find that alarms cause Jack's performance to 
    weaken and his vision will blur. To stop this, find the alarm switch which will
    be on the alarm poles (or on the wall in some cases) and punch it. Once the 
    switch is broken, the alarm will stop.
                                       1.b - Shooting                              
    Check Your Magazines.
    Have you ever stumbled into a gun fight with a gun with a few rounds left in
    the magazine? I have, and I was promptly blown away before I could reload. Be
    sure to check your ammo and reload before moving on. You never know...
    Grab Those Guns.
    Shooting mercs and leaving the guns and ammo is foolish. Why? This game is 
    about survival and staying alive, not brushing off a few rounds because you
    can't be bothered. I lost my life a couple of times because I ran out of ammo
    to take down a Rocket Launcher-toting baddy down and was promptly blown to 
    Take Them Out From Afar.
    Grabbing yourself a sniper rifle will even the odds. Just zooming in and 
    looking around will turn up a whole bunch of targets just patrolling. You can
    easily take them down one by one and they won't know where the bullet came 
    from, and even if they did, you have enough time to slip away and vanish into
    the background. Easy.
    If you feel you're outnumbered, remember, you're never outgunned. Just suit up,
    reload and run out from your hidey-hole all guns blazing. Just keep mincing 
    those enemies up with whole magazines and you can survive. 
    Divide and Conquer.
    When two guards are next to each other or behind cover, just toss a grenade 
    over to their feet and watch as they scatter. Pop out and drill them with a few
    rounds to the head. Easy money. Best thing is, it works with any number of 
    What 'Em Bounce.
    I'm not talking about Val, you pervert. <_< No. Instead, the grenades and rocks
    Jack can lob. Many people overjudge their throws and the grenade goes over the
    heads of the enemy, as I've seen many times with my friends as they play Live.
    Just enter Map Maker and enter Preview mode for the unlimited ammo purposes. 
    Toss some grenades and test the limits.
                                      1.c - Driving
    Driving School.
    When you find a vehicle for the first time, just take it for a spin. I suggest
    going into Map Maker, placing a vehicle down and practise driving with it. 
    Then, begin to build ramps and slopes and practise driving over them. Not just
    with land vehicles, but with boats and all. Make rivers and streams and 
    practise your turning without slowing down. It's great practise for when you're
    under fire in the real thing...
    Pedal to the Metal.
    Never slow down. If you do, you might just end up being crushed under a falling
    tree or being plastered by gunfire. You need to get away from something, that's
    why you've got the vehicle, so use it to the full!
    Find a Favourite.
    You're presented with a choice. A bike or a Humvee. Which do you choose? The 
    one you like and can handle the best. Not only is it down to your preference, 
    but think about the terrain ahead...Is it bumpy? Narrow? Then take the ATV bike
    due to it's durability. Flat? Wide? Take the Humvee.
    See those mines?
    There are some really large WW2 water-mines still present throughout Jacutan
    to keep intruders at bay. When you've got missles and bullets barely scraping
    past your head, it'll be a damn sight hard to navigate your way past a maze
    of these mines, so combining your skills of control and shooting to steer past
    these mines and kill the mercs on the embankment; or better still, shoot the
                              (W-G) WEAPONS GUIDE (W-G)
                               Jack's Melee Attack
    Jack after a short trip through the jungle will develop a brutish melee attack
    using his mammoth arms. It's one hit kill and devastating. Blood and guts go
    flying. The let down is that you need to get really close to the enemy to
    unleash the power.
    It's highly effective and is used when no weapon is avaliable. But you will
    favour this over the knife attack.
                                   Jack's Knife
    Your basic weapon. Jack carries a large knife with him at all times, just in 
    case. It's a powerful weapon but you must be in touching distance of the target
    which does hinder it's effectiveness. You wouldn't want to run up to a grenade
    throwing, SMG-weilding, war-mongering mercenary, now would you? No. This is 
    used for those stealth kills. It doesn't matter if you've already got a gun or
    not, but if you see a lone guard with his back to you...chances are, you're 
    going to stab him in the back. A simple tap of the B-Button will unleash this
    one-hit kill, but it will sit redudent during other moments of the game.
                                    9mm Handgun
    Your traditional weapon found in all shooters. It's strong and powerful with
    some bite to it, as well as a fair clip size of 15 rounds. The range is long,
    being able to line up a head shot from a long distance. It has a some what
    lethal stopping power to it, but there are some much more deadlier weapons out
    there for you to use, but this will keep you entertained until you find those
    stronger weapons.
    This gun is good as a side-arm and when you're out of SMG ammo. The drawback to
    this gun is the sound it makes, which can alert enemy guards and mercs into 
    investigating, so you might want to watch your fire and noise control. The 
    other drawback is in the way of its fire-rate; slow and semi-automatic.
                              9MM Handgun Surpressed
    This is the upgrade to your standard 9MM Handgun. It's fitted with a nice, long
    surpressor allowing for some much more silent kills and take downs. It's 
    similar to the normal 9MM in every aspect, save the stopping power. With all
    silencers comes the slower and less powerful blows from the gun, but thanks to
    the noiseless-ness of the gun, you won't need more than a single shot if you go
    for the head. It's a nice gun and you'll prefer using it over the standard one,
    but like before, you'll use something more powerful once you find it...
    There is the option to duel-wield, but going Rambo with Solid Snake's arsenal
    is a bit contradicting...
                                   Desert Eagle
    The stopping power on a Deagle is amazing, but when you have two? It's an 
    unstoppable fighting force. Think of it as the opposite to the Supressed 9MM.
    It's **** loads more powerful and **** loads more louder to scare off any mercs
    in the area. 
    It's best for once your prescence is known and later on in the game, where all 
    out fighting is the only way through. It's highly accurate, so use that to your
    Sadly, this is found way to late in the game, too late in fact. At the end, the
    enemies you face are meatier and carry the deadliest of weapons, and who'd want
    to use a pistol on *them*?! You'll enjoy it for the short time it lasts...
                                9MM Automatic Pistol
    This weapon is few and far between and is only found during the closing levels
    of the game, sadly. When I first found it, I fought it was just a more powerful
    version of the 9MM, but then I remember exactly what AUTOMATIC meant. You just
    need to hold down the trigger and *rat tat tat tat*, a few seconds later the 
    whole magazine is empty, and you'd still be a live. It's a great weapon, but
    it is weak. Thankfully, this is placed in the pistol slot and you can still 
    hold more powerful automatics for those gun fights, turning to this one as a
    last hope. It's great for taking down guards when you're on the back of a ATV
    or Jet-Ski.
                               The Submachine Gun (Mp5)
    It's one of the standard weapons used in most games, movies and can be found in 
    real life being used by anybody and everybody. It has great accuracy and an 
    excellent firing rate, but it does have a reasonable to average stopping power,
    but the firing rate does make up for it so you would hardly notice at all.
    The MP5 fires at a really incredible rate and can take out a couple of groups 
    of thugs with ease, and if you do combine that with the sheer accuracy that it
    has, you've got yourself the perfect weapon to be killing with. It's also 
    highly common and ammo can be found in every direction! Win-Win!
    It's noisy, but it's powerful. It all boils down to your personal choice, Rambo
    or Sam Fisher? But I'll go with Rambo, since levels such as "Mines" and such 
    are so linear that gunfights are unavoidable...
                                      The P90
    The P90 is a submachine gun. It's a powerful one. And according to the specs of
    the reallife counter-part, it has a range of over 200 metres. Excellent. Using
    two of these babies doubles up the clip size to 100 rounds, allowing for some
    all-out gunghu fighting. You'll want to exchange your MP5 for this baby whenever
    you can, as it is superior in every sense. Shibby.
    It's highly accurate and is most useful on bikes and other vehicles, brilliant
    for drive-bys and keeping people at bay as you pass them, not to mention in just
    plain old gun fights.
                                  Assault Rifle
    This is effectivly a very powerful rifle with the ability to take down enemies
    with sheer precision accuracy, as well as launch grenades with it to blast 
    up enemy positions. 
    It has an excellent rate of fire, coupled with the accuracy...Excellent. 
    There's not much to mention about this weapon, since it is that brilliant. The
    range of fire is long, from both grenade launcher and normal fire. The grenades
    that it can fire detonate on impact and can reach their target much more faster
    and accurate than a simple toss of your hand-grenades.
                               Carbine Assault Rifle
    This poweful weapon is much like your M4 Assault Rifle. It's got highly 
    accurate sights with a scope mounted onto it for those long shots, although it
    is lame because it only has a single level of zoom. It has the power to take 
    down enemies from a distance as well as from close range.
    You will be using this frequently once you find it due to it's rapid fire rate
    and reliability, but you will drop it once you find:
    a.) A P99
    b.) An Assault Rifle
    c.) Anything more powerful.
    It also has a small silencer fitted to it which allows it to double as an all
    out weapon as well as a stealthy take-down gun. Sadly, it's weak and enemies 
    will need to be pumped full of lead before they're taken down. 
    Like with all shooting games, the shotgun is one powerful weapon. It has the
    power to kill and blow apart an enemy at close range, but after a long distance
    it's really poor. Once again, like with all games, the shotgun is the loudest,
    which will cause major alerts around the area if it goes off. Guards will be
    majorly alarmed by the blast and come and investigate, so it's best to use 
    this in a "All-Out" situation where it's all about survival more than stealth.
    Best to use in tight buildings and military bunkers for its power at close
    Holds 7 slugs.
                                  Scount Sniper Rifle
    The Scout Rifle is a dumbed-down version of the big Sniper you'll find later on
    in the game, but for now, this will be your long-distance killer. It's weaker
    than your standard rifle, but it makes up for it with its silencer. This makes
    it perfect for eliminating guards ahead one-by-one so you can easily continue
    your journey...
    The zoom is also shorter than its big brother.
                                    Sniper Rifle
    Everybody knows the basic principles of weapons in games. The sniper rifle
    holds true to the traditional counter-parts of predecessing games. This rifle
    has a massive zoom and is the most powerful weapon found in the game (depending
    if you count Jack's melee or rocket launchers), capable of ripping straight
    through an enemies chest and killing him instantly. The recoil on this baby is
    massive, which is really of no surprise when you hear the sound of the thing.
    The recoil hinders its performance as it's hard to recover and take down a 
    guard if he's on the move, but it doesn't matter, since this should be used 
    from a massive distance, allowing for you to slip away into the jungle's cover.
                                    Rocket Launcher
    This is the beasty. When you come to a weapon like this in games, you know
    that you've reached the ultimate.
    This massive rocket launcher can tear into an enemy location and blow it to
    a smouldering crater in the ground. It has a low level of zoom with only 2x
    the magnification, but it is still large enough to get a closer view on those
    enemies. Accuracy? Who cares!? When you've got a blast radius like this it
    doesn't matter!
    It's perfect for eliminating threats in the forms of boats and helicopters, as
    well. Excellent weapon, but rare in it's apperances, and ammo is really few and
    far between.
                                    The Machine Gun
    This weapon is great. Really. It has a massive magazine and an incredible 
    firing rate. It will rip into enemies and obliterate them all. Accuracy? Who
    cares when you've got something that can fire at such a speed! You can only
    carry one of these, but once again, who cares? It's an excellent weapon which
    you'll pick up and keep forever. However, looking back on it, you can't help
    but feel that the bullets piercing the bodies were weaker than the sheer
    precision and highly-accurate Assault Rifle rounds.
    Either way, they are both meaty.
                                The (Mounted) Machine Gun
    Think of this like the MG-42 from the WWII era. It's big. It's powerful. But 
    it's not going anywhere (until Jack's feral abilites, that is) anytime soon. 
    You will find this beast of a weapon mounted to the backs of Humvees and boats,
    as well as placed at sandbagged nests through out the islands. It's highly 
    strong, and coupled with the sheer rate of fire, you've got yourself a perfect
    slaughtering tool. It's also highly accurate, hitting in the area inside the 
    cross hairs everytime. You'll be ripping apart enemies with this until the
    hammer clicks. Brilliant. 
                               The (Mounted) Gauss Cannon
    I called it the Gauss Cannon since it reminded me of the Halo 2's new Warthog.
    It's effectivly like the Mounted Machine Gun post, but it fires rockets! You
    will only find this beast of a weapon once in the game, but you'll be giggling
    to yourself and go power mad with the force this has. 
    There's not much to say about it, other than it carries 20 rounds and it is as
    powerful and as fast as a rocket-launcher. Excellent for the short-time it 
    Grenades are powerful weapons. They can take out whole rooms full of thugs 
    before they can even begin to think about saying "OMFGWTFISTHAT?!"
    This pineapple shaped goody of death has an excellent throwing range and can
    be flung from one area to all the way to the other side. It explodes a few
    moments after impact, so don't worry about throwing it too far and fearing it
    blowing up in the sky. The radius is medium sized, and provides serious flames
    and heat to burn nearby victims. It's great to ambush with; you're hiding in
    a tree, two mercs below...just throw down a grenade to make them scatter, then
    when the smoke settles, drop down and mop them up. 
    These are traps installed on the ground. Simply have an enemy stand or walk
    over it...BOOOOM! His corpse goes flying due to the HE claymore mine. They are
    strong and powerful and useful for destracting enemies with (e.g. plant one,
    cause an enemy to stand on it, and sneak around the area whilst everyone runs
    to the sound of the explosion.)
    The mine is not that useful, since you will usually forget you have them since
    you are always progressing forwards, not backwards and trap-laying. Still a 
    nice trap, though.
                                       Spiked Branch
    This spiked-branch is an excellent new feature and original idea to a game. 
    It's powerful and is a one-hit weapon. You just need to simply find a tree, set
    up the trap and then lure an enemy to walk by and *SNAP!*...he's dead. It's 
    not effective in a gunfight however, as they are more alert, but it's much 
    better when they are by themselves.
    I can't say much more about this weapon except it's a nice novelty, but I can't
    help but feel it will be redundent once you find your first gun.
                            (W-T)    WALK-THROUGH    (W-T)
    Welcome to the actual walkthrough and guide for Ubisoft and Crytek's wonderful 
    game, Far Cry Instincts. Below you will find the actual search strings so you 
    can find the exact level you are having trouble with and then search for it. 
    Good luck, cause you're going to need it when you're out there...trapped and
    alone...hunting for your own survival...
                                          -2.a. The Game                           
                                           -2.b. Welcome to Jacutan                
                                           -2.c. Beach                     
                                           -2.d. Native                          
                                           -2.e. River                       
                                           -2.f. Rainforest                      
                                           -2.g. Mines                      
                                           -2.h. Cliff                            
                                           -2.i. Sub-Aquatic Facility              
                                           -2.j. Dead Marshes
                                           -2.k. Wasteland
                                           -2.l. Black Forest                      
                                     2.a. The Game
              'MMMMMMMMA .,,,,,',,,,,,.        .',,,',,,,,,,'.,,,,   ,,,,           
              'MMÐCCCCC( (@@ÐÐÐ3Ð@@@Ð@%C!    *C$5@ÐÐ$%#@@Ð##5J%@@@, !ÐWÐ$.          
              'MMM7...  ¦ÐW@5@W3MMMÐÐWMWW( ,$ÐMMMMMM#5MMWÐÐWMM55WMA'#©©#'           
              'MMMM©M@!3WÐJ.7$3=AWW$3%WMW($MMM%. %MW%AWM@$%ЩM% !#WWWÐ*             
              'MM©$((=$@@#335@©3MMM#WMM#¦'@WMÐ'  (JJ(AWMÐÐM©MC'  7WMM(              
              'WMMC .$ÐWÐÐÐÐWMM3ÐMW¦AMMÐ!'5@#J      .5MMA(ЩM%.  =MMM*              
              '$A#=.7AAA=¦¦(#55C##5,.355A!$##%*     .$5AJ !%AAC. ¦5%7'              
              '===**((¦¦   ,77=¦77=' .¦==(¦=3AA(.   .7=(!  *((=!.,==¦.              
              .('...*,!.   *(!.. .¦¦* ..'('.',7CC!*,,,=('   ¦¦¦ . ,((.              
              ,W,  .3A%,.. 3AJ. ..75,.  *#' ..$%A,..'CA5¦ ..¦#¦.. 7A$'              
              ,W, ..$%@,   C5@....¦#..  *#'  .$%@,...C5%! ..,#,.. (AÐ*              
               ,.   '',.   ',,    .,    .,    '',.   .,,    .,    .,,               
                                 2.b. Welcome to Jacutan
            -"What happens when a routine boat cruise to a tropical paradise 
               turns into a bloodbath? Jack Carver knows first-hand!"
    Welcome to Far Cry's training level. The game will brief you on the basic moves
    that you will need to master in order to conquer this game, as well as show
    you just what Crytek and Far Cry can do. 
    Anyway, watch the magnificent cutscene and opening intro (set all in first
    person, awesome) and watch as that puny boat gets pulverised into thousands of
    splinters. Awww...brilliant. Jack, being a strong swimmer and knowledgeable guy
    of this kind of environment (not to mention just to avoid the onslaught of 
    bullets) heads for land. Once he's there, it's all up to you ...
    "You're Jack Carver, captain of a pile of floating debris and burning fuel that 
     used to be the Lady Karma. This was supposed to be a routine charter. Take a 
     travel reporter named Val Cortez out to see some war-era shipwrecks. Easy 
     money. Until a pair of military choppers blew your boat into tookpicks. Now 
     Val's missing. And you've got one shot for survival. Swim for the wreck..."
    That'll be your briefing, nice and sweet. It's all about survival; hunt, or be
    When you take control of Jack, just pause for a moment without worrying about 
    going anywhere or being shot at, and take in the lush environment of Far Cry. 
    The lapping waves as they gently rush over the sand and back out again...the 
    golden beach fronts of the islands...green, tropical plants and trees make up 
    the foliage. Beautiful, ain't it? Well, it would be if you weren't be chased by 
    two helicopters full of gun-weilding lunatics! Dive back under the water to
    avoid their flying bullets and just keep swimming for that destroyed rust 
    bucket in the foreground. Follow the little blue blip on your radar to keep 
    yourself on track, and when you emerge, be sure to dash inside the open door or
    you may end up cannon-fodder from the helicopter's fire.
    Now that you're inside, just take your time to get used to the controls. The 
    game teaches you it's basic controls whilst you climb through the ship, so just
    follow the directions. Don't worry about the noises that come from the belly of
    this beast, as the men you hear can't get down to where you are. When you come
    out into the corridor, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to 
    speak. Simply run and jump through it and out into the lake. Two guard occupy 
    the deck above, but swimming really fast should help avoid all the bullets. 
    Climb the vines on the other side of the lake and over the rocks.
    Now the game leaves you to your own devices, letting you hunt for your own
    survival, throwing in some helpful hints now and again to avoid sticky 
    situations. For now, just take your time exploring.
    A short while up the path and you'll notice a standing lone guard. Don't worry, 
    since he's not facing you and he doesn't attack. This is the stealth-kill 
    tutorial. Follow the game's instructions and kill him silently with a quick
    tap of the B-Button. Well done! Don't worry if you screw up and he spots you,
    since he's unarmed.
    Follow the path around until another in-game command comes up. This time it's
    about making deadly traps and luring unsuspecting targets into it's path. This
    trap is a thorned branch, pulled right back around a tree and once a target 
    gets too close...SNAP! The branch swings right around and impales that stupid
    dumb merc. Anyway! Pay attention to the pop-up menu and carry out what it
    says, and then get a safe distance from the trap behind some cover. Throw a 
    couple of rocks near the tree to attract the guard's attention. When he goes
    off to investigate...WHAMMO! Watch his corpse fly! Go over to his body wherever
    it might of landed and collect his dropped 9MM pistol.
    Just to make sure that you've mastered the Branch Trap, try it again on a 
    couple of other trees, but since there's nobody to try it on, just practise in
    setting them up correctly. Once you've mastered it, just get back to following
    the path around and up the sandy little hill. A lone guard will be bumlbing 
    about being scared by a couple of birds. Either sneak around him by hiding in t
    he foliage to the left of the path or just drop him, either with a 9MM round to
    the head or a nice backstab. Collect his fallen gun for twice the pleasure and
    double the fun. After a short distance from this guard will be a large wooden 
    hut in the centre of the forest cluster. As you approach, another hint box will
    appear, telling you of a new move that you can do...Going Prone.
    So sneak up to the hut and go prone (by clicking the right thumbstick) to crawl
    under the cabin and then hold A until you roll over on to your back. To get the
    feel for it early on, I suggest you do take the guard out through the floor
    instead of evading him, as it does gives you a move and the ability to do it
    again later on. So yes, take out the guard by shooting him through the 
    floorboards and then emerge from under the cabin by the hint box's command. 
    Clamber inside the cabin and collect the fallen guard's ammo and then begin the
    climb up the hill and up to the rocky cliff face, overlooking a bunch of 
    dockside huts and a lone man. 
    That man down there is the radio-operator. This damn punk just ordered an air
    strike to destroy the island. That's not nice, is it? You can either take the 
    man out with a head shot from the top of the hill or slowly drop down the side
    of it, sneak up and backstab him. Either way, kill him. Once he has been taken
    down, an attack chopper will be inbound and fly over head. Don't worry, he'll 
    drop off and land further up. For now, just collect the goodies scattered around
    the table and then turn around to the wooden bamboo hut. Jump up the stacked 
    boxes and climb up to the Blue Marker. Jack will stumble upon and pick up the 
    radio headset, and as soon as you can, rush inside of the hut's main room and 
    swap your 9MM pistol for the SILENCED 9MM Pistol that lies on the table and 
    then leg it out to the docks. 
    The voice you're hearing on the headset is the voice you must listen to at all
    times. At the moment, he'll warn you of incoming napalm fighters who'll blow up
    your location, and you *DON'T* want to be there when that happens.
    (A magnificent closing level cutscence, might I add. <3)
                                        2.c. Beach
              -"Even outgunned and outnumbered, Carver's got a few tricks up 
                   his sleeve. Do whatever you need to do to survive. 
                                       Adapt or die."
    After leaping into the ocean and swimming for his life, Jack'll end up washed 
    ashore another island, not far from the now destroyed old one. Listen to your
    mysterious helper through your headset for a bit to get a bit of background 
    info on your objectives. Your new friend in your ear is Doyle, the mysterious
    person who seems to know what's going on. He wants you to meet up with Val, 
    your charter, but before doing that he wants you to visit a Command Tent out in
    the depths of the island. A tent, eh? Well, yes, that's where you're headed, so 
    prepare yourself for a much longer level than that walk-in-the-park.
    If you venture out into the open water again, you'll be spotted and quickly 
    blown out of it by enemy helicopters, so I advise you *NOT* to do it. 
    Before you wade into the shallow water and over to the beach ahead, first align
    your cross hairs on to the stationary guard taking a cigarette break. Aim for 
    his head and then shoot, hopefully downing him with a single shot. Cross the 
    water and then proceed along. Ignore the helicopter as it flies over head, as
    it poses no threat. Just keep walking along the beach until you come across yet
    another guard by a make-shift camp with fishing poles out front. Your choices 
    are to kill him, or to walk around the camp. Walking around it seems the better
    choice (it avoids guards discovering the body and getting freaked), so do it.
                 After re-playing this level looking for secrets, I stumbled
               upon some vines which you can climb and will by-pass the mercs
              on the beach. Just walk out into the water without killing the
              merc and he'll pass two short little trees on the left by a rocky
             cliff. In between these two trees is a hidden set of vines. Climb
                       them to take you up and around the camp. 
    Stick as close to the walls as you can, as they provide the most cover. Once 
    you're past the little make-shift camp, and up to a rock overlooking the area.
    You can stay here and let the guards pass, taking the one behind out with a 
    shot to the head, and then the one in front, but it's simpler to just keep
    moving and around to a large patch of greenary. Go prone and stay perfectly 
    still as far to the walls as you can, letting the two guards doing their sweeps
    pass. As soon as they do pass, get up fast and run as far away from them as you
    can! All the way down the beach! Further down the beach, you'll come across 
    another new danger....this time in the form of an armed patrol boat. If you 
    venture out to where it drifts, the machine gun fire would rip you apart. Just
    ignore it really, since it should be stationary and won't spot you. Just cling 
    to the wall and sneak around the corner and follow the golden sandy path along.
    The number of guards are increasing, as you come across a couple of guards up
    ahead (Maximum of 3), so pass them however you please; stealth or all out gun
    blazing. (If you want to go by sneakily, just go prone and crawl through the
    long grass that runs along the rocky wall to the left)
    After passing by them, you'll now be pretty much in an open space, so pick a 
    way to the other side and stick to it. Stealth is the most useful tactic here, 
    otherwise the 3 guards you slipped past earlier will come hounding on you now. 
    My choice would be to stick to the left hand wall all the way around the field,
    since it provides the most cover, but it may prove problems for some when a
    barn-esque building is concerned. There will be a *LOT* of baddies around it, 
    so be warned and plot your course around them. Plus sticking to the left takes
    you right to the tent...
    Eventually, you'll see the Blue Blip on your radar begin to get closer, and it 
    is the Command Tent you're looking for. Sneak up on it from the North and 
    inside. Pinch all the goodies inside and out the way you came. You may be 
    rumbled by a guard who walks into the tent, in which case stealth is out of the
    window and it's purely Gung-Ho from that moment on. 
                       Carver will remark on how there are
                  a few ways through. Hinting at the sheer number
                             of ways through a level.
    If you made it out alive and quietly, then head to the next blue-blip on your 
    map which will take you a little wooden bridge. Head down one side of it and 
    into the water below,  crossing the river and sneaking over to the bank of the
    other side. Using stealth and timing, make a run for the large hill.
    If however, you failed and gun shots were fired back in the tent area, then 
    just run for that bridge and cross it, blasting up all of the baddies here 
    who'll be postioned in some of the huts and outside of them. Grab the frag 
    grenades from the crates to the far left and then leg it up that hill and
    follow the path and you will suddenly stumble upon a massive complex of 
    military huts, hangars and command posts. This is the front entrance to the 
    base, there is an option to go around it, which I'll explain in a second.
    Val will be man-handled and shoved into Crowe's helicopter, which means she's
    alive, but it also means you can't meet up with her and fly out of there.
    For now, sneak down sticking to the wall as close as you can, and when you 
    reach the large of patch of grass and trees, go prone and hide. Wait until 
    the helicopter decides to take off and a Humvee will drive off to the entrance.
    Just wait and you'll see it has car failure.
    Sadly, the front entrance is bad for stealth and you may end up rumbled but if 
    that's the case, blast up all the enemies closest to the Humvee and jump in. 
    Reverse it up and head to the Blue Blip marker and smash it out of the gates.
    If you want to sneak through the base, plot your own way through to the hanger
    on one side of the base where a Humvee is stored, but if you don't care about
    silence, just run to the large barracks ahead of the front gates and inside for
    a whole load of ammo and armour.
                                SNEAKING UP ON THE COMPLEX:
    Instead of going through the front door and risking everything, how about the 
    Ninja approach? It'll take a little bit longer than the front entrance, but it
    is worth it in the end.
    After grabbing all the equipment you need from out the Command Tent, slip out
    the back and head to the bridge like you would normally. Instead of crossing it
    slip into the water (Be mindful of a patrol boat which may pass through) and 
    follow the water around TO THE LEFT. There will be two guards walking around
    so put them out of their misery. Continue following the water around until it 
    ends in a little trickle. When it does end, you'll want to go back in to 
    stealth mode. You've got a lot of ground to cover, and guards come thick and 
    fill the gaps between you and the camp. Setting up traps would be the best 
    option, with the sneaky headshot here and there. You'll come across a few enemy
    posts here and then (One nice little army-man even made himself a treehouse!)
    so either avoid them or clear them out.
    Eventually, the open forest would end in a small pathway which'll lead to 
    fenced area. Smash open the drain and crawl through. You're now in the camp and
    nobody knows it!
    Keep your foot on the accelarator throughout, only breaking on the tight turns.
    I can't really help you on this driving bit, so you're on your own. 
    -When you reach your first fork in the road, take the left road.
    -When you pass the second hut, slow down or you may end up flying off the cliff 
    -When the Helicopter fires a rocket at the rocks, don't worry, just keep 
    -Once you make it to the check point, either burst through the barrier or jump 
     the ramp slightly off to the right.
    -If the helicopter fires a missle at a tree, SPEED UP OR BE SQUAHED! Same goes 
     with the blown out bridge.
    This driving portion will end once you hit a fallen tree. So switch over to the
    turret gun just after you make visual on the tree and eliminate them all. Once
    they're all gone, hop out the Humvee and continue up the hill.
    You'll see a large, COMMs dish up here, and beside it will be a couple of 
    drums. If you picked up some grenades on your journey, then you'll want to do a
    Gung-Hu approach, but if not don't worry. 
    GUNG-HU : Sneak up to the hut, go prone and crawl to the other side of the hut.
    Prime a grenade and throw it up to the where the barrels all are, or just take
    aim and shot. Wait until the whole lot goes up, taking a radio-mass tower and a
    guard outpost with it!  Once the outpost is smashed by the fallen tower, leap 
    into the Humvee and down the road.
    If not, simply stealithy take out the men in the first hut via going prone, and
    then it's a simple case of fire-and-manueveur. Make a break for the Humvee and 
    once you're in, smash through the gates and have another fun driving section 
    filled with more helicopter-missile-blowy-up-trees bits.
    Don't worry about the other Humvee which appears out of nowhere, just keep the
    gas down and you'll lose him easy. Once again, further up, just drive through
    the centre of the two crates and ignore the other Humvee.
    Once you reach the bridge, and the helicopter destroys it, just hit the pedal. 
    It doesn't matter if you don't make it, since you are not meant to.
                                      2.d. Native
    After having a mighty tumble down the cliff, Carver shakes it off and carries
    on with his survival. Just listen to the friendly voice that whispers through
    your headset for your mission objective and then make your way down the hill.
    This time, instead of collecting weapons from an armory, you're destroying an
    armory. Fun.
    Make your way down the hill and then wade through the water to the log. Leap
    over it and then splash into the other body of water on the other side, before
    crossing this and into the trees. You'll see a large stretch of road going up
    the hill, but it's lined with mercs the whole way, so sticking to one of the
    sides of the forest, begin sneaking through. Throw some rocks if some mercs get
    to close, as you don't want to go start shooting and draw the attention of 
    whole hordes of baddies. At one point your greenary cover will end, but don't
    worry, as you won't be exposed for long. Just wait until the path is clear 
    before breaking cover for the top of the hill. Jump onto the vines and climb
    them up to the top and over. Turn left and you'll see yet another set of vines,
    climb them and you will then make sight of the village.
    A battered fence has been ripped into by a fallen tree, so go under it via 
    prone and through the hole it made. Now you're in an even bigger camp than 
    last level. *gulp*
    Sticking to the sides of the area again, carefully make your way around the
    main camp to avoid patrolling mercs. Avoid everybody until you come a man
    who's standing by a bunch of crates with his back to you. When there is nobody
    watching, stab him and run around the area and on. Because you haven't 
    experienced full running and gunning yet, this is the perfect chance to do so,
    since there is lots of cover and guards are easy to kill as long as you have
    the MP5. Just don't stop running and gunning! When you come to a save point, 
    stop with the onslaught and run to the far left and into the ditch, creeping
    along and around the perimeter of this section of the camp. You'll come to a
    fence and a hut, so go prone and using the underside of the hut, get to the
    other side of the fence. Sticking to the left the whole time, circle around
    and into yet another large part of the camp. Sticking as to the far left as you
    can, make your way through the camp, crawling under cabins when needed. 
    Eventually, you'll come to a fence, but going around to the left again will
    reveal a hole. Go over to the supply shed and around it to see a smashed 
    window and a crate. Using the crate, climb into the building.
    Collect the gun and the health pack that is on the top shelf and then drop back
    down again. Go over to the crate and pick up the C4. Now, to plant the C4, go
    over to the Blue Marker and stand in front of the red-indicator. Press X to
    place the charge. GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! Smash the window and begin to run
    as far as you can. BOOM! The whole place goes up. Run through the newly smashed
    open fence and run.
    As you begin to run for it, two All-Terrain Bikes will climb up the hill in
    response to the alarm. Just shoot one rider of the bike and then steal it, 
    turning it around and racing back down the hill with it.
    Experiment with the bike, taking whatever path you please, as there are some
    nice jumps you can make which'll improve your driving skills. But don't worry
    when you make it down the hill and something happens...
    Okay, well, Crowe comes swooping in and blows your ATV up with a missle and
    Jack is thrown clear when he confronts Crowe. After a brief encounter, you've
    got to follow his helicopter...
    Cross the wooden bridge and follow the path, taking the right path when you
    get to the fork. Just take it down the hill and then draw your weapons and
    begin to shoot up the punks at the bottom, but mind you don't hit the ATV 
    parked up. When you can, make a break for the bike and hit the bridge ahead
    and jump into the water and siwm for land. Just run all the way shooting 
    and stop once you make it to the save point. Shoot up the merc inside and then
    begin your crossing off the wooden bridges...
    Of course, you don't have to cross them, as you can swim or just stick to the
    land. After crossing the lake of water, take the path along. You've got a long
    route to take with a few mercs and a whole lot of forest. Evade or eliminate.
    Eventually after a long run through that forest will be another compounded 
    surrounded by a large perimeter fence. Wait until the two guards finish talking
    and then just sneak up close to it, around the guard post, jump over the 
    sandbag bunker and backstab the guard. Retreat to the forest. Anyone notice
    you? If not, then sneak through the area by the left hand side. At the far end
    will be Crowe's infamous chopper. Just ignore it and sneak over to the building
    on the opposite side. Sneak all the way around it and into the locker room. 
    Stab the guard who patrols and then take the stairs up. Collect goodies when 
    you find them, but you are really headed for the Blue Marker on your radar 
    which will lead you to a radio room with a couple of dead operators. Hit X and
    open the gate via the switch on the wall. Race down the stairs and man the 
    machine gun post against the wave of mercs before jumping out and through the
    open gate. Follow the road and grab the ATV. Use it and follow the road all
    the way through even more camps and compounds, but just keep the pedal down
    and fire at those in your sight to make it through. Eventually, you'll come to
    a paddy field, but just race through it and ignore the chopper. It'll come to
    a dead end at a bunch of vines, so jump off and climb them. Race through this
    jungle path and to the ever-so-close marker.
    Backstab the guard and grab his sniper rifle. You've got to cover Val who's on
    the docks ahead. Just take aim by clicking the left thumbstick, and hit the up 
    button on the D-Pad to increase the zoom. Shoot all those who aren't female 
    (but just generally aim for those who run on to the docks from the left). Val
    is really weak and you'll see that she is losing health most the time. Just
    keep your aim steady and fire upon them fast. After eliminating them all, 
    Carver will feel a sharp sting. Tranqulizer dart! Carver gets caught by Crowe,
    knocked out with the butt of his rifle before being dragged away by his loyal
                      This tip was sent in by David Jones:
    At the end of Native, Val's health doesn't start to decline until you kill the 
    merc sniper. If you've already got a sniper rifle you can get in four or five 
    shots at the attackers before the sniper reacts. I then killed him and then(I 
    might have had to kill one more attacker-can't remember) the game seems to lock
    for about a minute before taking you to the  level's closing cutscene.
    Jack will be bound to a chair at gun point where all sorts of crazy stuff 
    happens. Present is Crowe, a soldier, an a strange doctor over a TV monitor
    who watches from a camp a far distance from your location. It's a wonderful 
    scene as Jack struggles with his bound hands, but more importantly, he's 
    injected with a strange injection by Crowe which causes bad distortion.
    Everything goes blurry...but the last thing you make out is Crowe's fist as it
    slams into your face. Ouch. Level complete.
                                      2.e. River
    Jack will awaken to be inside a moving cargo container. He's unarmed, but he's
    got a secret weapon thanks to that injection he was given...FERAL ABILITES. 
    Just wait until a message pops up on screen to learn about your new moves. Hit
    the B Button whilst standing by the doors to smash it. Keep repeating this 
    until they smash right off their hinges and crush the guard on the other side.
    Be freaked out by Carver's hands before grabbing the dead man's gun and
    shooting the other guard quickly. Go over to the door in the chainlink fence
    and smash that open as well, step through and repeat with the other gate. Run
    out into the wilderness...
    "Feral Abiliotes expend Adrenaline; You automatically recover Adrenaline at a
    slow rate, but you can recieve sudden boosts a few ways. By stalking your 
    enemies undetected for an extended period, by taking damage in combat and 
    consuming high-calorie MREs; pick up the MRE on the nearby crate."
    Do as it says and grab the MRE from the crate to gain 100 units of adrenaline.
    Now continue following the path around. When you come to a tent, sneak up to it
    and listen in. If you're spotted, the scientist inside will hit the alarm. The
    loud noise from the alarm will frighten Jack and he needs to turn it off. To do
    so, just hit the B button on the alarm pole to silence it. Now hit the other
    pole which has been bent out of the ground slightly to cause it to ignite a 
    puddle of gasoline. The explosion which follows will destroy and kill all enemy
    thugs ahead, so head through the newly cleared route. Take the path right, 
    otherwise you will arrive back at the truck stop at the start. Take this path
    to the other camp and quickly shoot at the piles of barrels in the centre to 
    stop the guards from shooting. Bash the alarm if it goes off before collecting
    all of the ammo from the huts. Leave via the main gates and follow the road 
    along. Using the crates as cover, go for the heads of the patrolling mercs 
    before advancing up the field and killing the rest. Take the road north from
    here and into yet another camp. Use the sandbags as cover and eliminate the
    guards. Follow the roads again into a large area. Steal one of the ATVs when
    you have a chance (either from the mercs or from the garages) and race down
    the roads.
    There is the option to go through a small swamp, pass the gallows where a dead 
    merc hangs before sneaking through the garages...
    Cross the bridge and keep driving and ram straight into the large gates and
    continue through. Keep driving and driving through the large camp and smash
    through the other gate at the end and up the hill. When you see the flaming
    barrels (I thought it was a Humvee with fullbeams on), veer off to the left 
    or right and up the hill. 
    Ignore the other ATVers and dodge the Humvee before smashing through the
    barrier and down the long bumpy road to the river. Be careful not to shoot
    the Zodiac boat which sits in the river, but shoot everything else. Once the
    4 guards are dead, ditch the ATV and steal the Zodiac and drive it up river.
    Some nice Bond-esque moments ahead, where a bad guy kicks an oil drum into
    the water and tries to shoot it in an attempt to blow you out of the water.
    Once you reach the end of the river, a tree will be struck by an RPG and
    block off the water, but it's a bad place to be, so use the wooden docks just
    before this area. Quickly jump out of the boat and make a run for cover,
    but don't stop in one place, otherwise it'll be blown to pieces. Run all the
    way around the area and close the gap between you and the rocket launcher man,
    since he can end the game is seconds. Wipe him out. Shoot up the other man
    and collect the weapons before continuing on up the hill...Jump into the water
    and swim over to the little launch on the other bank. Jump up and using the B
    button, push the Zodiac here into the water below and jump in after it, riding 
    up stream again. After a nice long boat trip up the river, you'll come to some
    very large flood gates and a small guard post up beside it. Dock up and shoot
    the two mercs before entering the cabin. Jack will find himself a new headset
    to talk to Doyle with. Listen to him before opening the large gates. Leave the
    Zodiac and steal the Jet-Ski instead and ride it through the gates. Two patrol
    boats will open fire, but race through the centre of them and keep going.
    Eventually, the river will become a large lake filled with WWII river mines.
    Just slow it down and navigate your way around them all. After passing a
    patrol boat dock, tightly packed mines will bob up and down in the water, so
    slow right down and shoot one to pass them. Dock up at the wooden structure and
    steal the parked Humvee from the two gaurds. Enter the large make-shift camp 
    and park up by the small Aztec-esque pyramid and collect the Scout Sniper from
    the merc at the top. Using this, begin to pick off some targets before dropping
    down and re-entering the Humvee. Race down to the centre wooden buildings and
    swipe yourself a Hovercraft and race off downstream. This excellent vehicle and
    just slide right over those bumps of land so don't worry.
    Ride this baby all the way through the temple-esque area before swapping it 
    with one of the many ATVs parked up. Racing your newly found bike, follow the
    path around and up all sorts of large bumps until you come to a large flat
    lake of water. Jump off the bike and using Feral Strength, smash the supports
    for the bridge and drive the ATV up the newly made ramp. After crossing through
    the small camp, switch vehicles again for the Hovercraft and take off down
    After a short stretch up the river, Val will contact you via headset. If you
    follow the river, a whole bunch of patrol boats will have been wrecked by some
    awesome force. Ignore them for now and continue upstream. Dock up when the 
    river comes to an end and climb the hill. More carnage and blood soaked bodies
    line the area. Steal the Humvee and follow the path along. Jump out and go on
    foot once you reach an over-turned Humvee blocking the road. Enter the hut and
    activate the switch before going through the gates. Follow the road. What the
    hell happened here?! It's utter destruction. 
    Just enter the camp and shoot up all of the survivors...including those who are
    injured and just crawl along the floor in agony. Show all of them no mercy, 
    using everything you've got against them. I can't help you with this battle, 
    but you should have learnt enough to deal with such a large battle. At the end
    of it, a Humvee will arrive to take you down. Shoot up the riders of it and
    steal it, riding it out of the large gates.
    Just follow it along and when the line of crates block your path, jump out and
    run to the Blue Marker on foot.
                                  Level Complete.
                                      2.f. Rainforest
    This is a mind boggling level. Just walk past the truck and to the large open
    forest. Take your time and admire the wonderful swamp and fog effects before 
    simply following the path deeper into the forest.
    As you approach a tree that has fallen over, Jack's vision will go all crazy,
    and a large orange thing will wizz across the screen leaving an odd trail  of
    smoke with it. This is Jack's Feral Smell. It helps him hunt down prey and
    enemy targets by tracking their scent, so follow the trail of scent that the
    target emits. It will lead you to a small flare and a dead merc; collect the 
    ammo and follow that scent deeper into the woods. As you crawl under the tree,
    some animals will run about overhead before jumping out of bushes ahead to 
    attack. These creatures are nothing you've ever seen before. Shoot them before
    they even get close, or else you'll end up dead a lot quicker. After they are
    both dead, slowly advance, keeping your trigger finger itchy. Cross the swamp 
    and take aim on one of the three creatures, kill it. This'll cause whole hordes
    of them to come out of nowhere, so just run backwards and open fire on the 
    whole lot. They're weak, taking only two shots to die, but in groups they can
    take you down easily. Go over to the ripped tent and collect the guns, but just
    look at what they could of done to you (i.e. RIPPED YOU IN HALF!!) 
    Go up the hill to the flare and climb the vines up. Follow the road and it'll 
    take you to another flare where more of these creatures lurk. Shoot them and 
    more will arrive again, but just keep firing at them and moving to wipe them
    out. Get back to follow the road.
    When you reach the blue marker, enjoy the cutscene of Val taking down to Mercs
    and jump down and listen to her. When she's vanished again and you've got 
    control, go over to the Shotgun resting against the wall and swap it with your
    MP5. This baby can rip those little monsters apart easily. Rummage through the
    tents for some Claymores, health and ammo, then suit up and go deeper into the
    "You can percieve scent trails left by living things: Press the Y Button for a
    few seconds to concentrate; Using Feral Sense depleats Adrenaline, so Press and
    Hold the Y Button again to relax."
    Do as it says and test it out. You'll see some targets up ahead, so run all the
    way over to them. They may be dead, but you still know how to track targets 
    now. Pass the Japanese downed-fighter and continue on your way. After a while
    you will be on a small cliff overlooking two mercs talking, just drop down and
    stalk them and kill them. Flip on your Y-Button and enter Feral Sense and track
    the other mercs in the area. Kill them all, but stick to the overgrowth for 
    cover. Now just follow the river with all guns blazing wiping all things with
    a scent, including the merc who's high up in his tree. The best way to do this
    is to just run from left-to-right all the way up to his perch and shotgun him
    from below. Pick up the rifle he's drops. Now follow the river, go up the hill 
    on the left, cross the bridge and go to the rocks on your left. 
    Ignore the flare that is thrown and concentrate on killing the mercs who
    throw it with your scope. There's four mercs in total, so it's easy killing.
    Drop down after they are gone and then take aim on the next sniper who will be
    in a tree. Shoot him and continue.
    When the river gets blocked, go to the left and up the hill to by-pass it. Hit
    Feral Sense and hit the zoom on your Sniper. Track the targets and go for their
    heads. Once they're dead, drop down and collect the goodies. Before crossing 
    the wooden bridge, just take aim with the scope and kill the lone merc who 
    stands on the opposite side. Now swing across and go for the sniper in the tree
    ahead. Now whip out the shotgun and blast the other guards into dog chunks.
    Blast the next sniper out of his tree and then follow the river again. A short
    distance from the last sniper will be a whole squadron of enemy soldiers, so 
    just step back, hit the Y-Button and take aim and snipe them all out. Once they
    are dead, collect the stuff and move on up the rocks. Shoot the guard above and
    then climb the vines. Clamber through the crashed helicopter and now follow the
    light of the distant flare. Snipe the man on the bridge and his two 
    counterparts and sticking to the right, climb the hill and then kill the other
    two mercs. Cross the large rickity bridge. After following the road, you'll
    come across a proper merc base, with proper buildings. Sniper the man on the
    gun turret first, then the other mercs as they go up to investigate. Now
    approach the building, sticking to the overgrowth. You'll see a nice looking
    tank, but ignore it. Using your Senses, kill the last group and then enter the
    building. Smash the gate open and collect the stuff and then go down the stairs
    into a eery tunnel. Follow it and crawl under the obstacle before taking the 
    left fork for some Adrenaline. Go back and kill the other mercs who lie down
    the other paths. For some easy kills (and the perfect place for Scent Mode),
    shoot the lights for some mighty explosions and darkness. Eventually the 
    tunnel will re-enter the forest, so go out and follow the water along. More of
    those damn creatures! Blast them all up and move on. They will attack all the
    way along, so be warned for plenty of fights. After a while, the water will end
    at a cliff and vines. Climb them.
    Go up the hill, as down is a dead end. You'll come to a fire and a large bunker
    complex. Climb the stairs to the top. A large helicopter will appear, so just
    run around the top of the bunker complex and get the Rocket Launcher from one
    of the small towers. Open fire on that God damn helicopter and blow it from the
    sky. Now either using the rockets or sniper, take out the enemies from a far
    before shotgunning the ones nearer to you. Race across the complex and into the
    tunnel. Follow it along; Doyle will contact. Go down the stairs and begin to
    shoot the mercs ahead. Ignore the generator objective and keep following those
    tunnels along and into a very large "lair" room (think Bond baddy's hideout) 
    and blast it up, killing everyone. Follow the exit out of there and along
    the corridors to the Generator Room. Backstab the guard you see and shoot the
    other, before hitting X to shut down the power. Just follow the red swirly 
    lights to find your way back into the large "lair" room. Shoot the mercs and
    climb the ladder. Smash the gate and collect the armour before following the
    corridors. Shoot up all the punks and then the one who hides behind a flipped
    over table. Crouch and go under the half-open gate and take the stairs up.
    Bash the gate and go down the ladder. Toss a grenade in the elevator or just 
    shoot them. Drop down into the lift and smash the bottom grate and drop down to
    the floor. Follow the corridors in the direction of the blue marker and it will
    lead you to the Hacker. Slash him up from behind and grab the Pocket PC. Run 
    out of the room and begin a deadly onslaught from all angles at the waves upon
    waves of guards. Go through the large generator room and through the door on
    the left. Continue through the rooms, and then smash the gate open, jump the
    pipes and climb through the vent system via going prone. Smash the vent cover
    off when you get to it and drop down.
    Follow the corridors along and into a large hanger where a helicopter is
    stored. Walk deeper into the room and around the Helicopter. Crowe will be up
    outside overlooking the room and'll throw a Flashbang in. When he goes and you
    regain control, jump up and shoot the guard who drops down and then leap over
    the side of the copter and kill the other. Turn around and then edge out, being
    careful not to be ripped apart by the Machine Gun fire. Shoot him, and then 
    swing around your gun and concentrate your fire on the barrel to the left of
    the merc above. Then make a break for the Machine Gun post and use it, blasting
    up all of the targets who come from all sides.
                       I found it easiest to plant some Claymores down
               by some doors and then wait by the door infront of the chopper
                         to be cut open. When it was, I just ran.
    When there is a break in the combat and the mercs are supressed enough, just
    hit the ground running and go through the door opposite the helicopter and 
    out into the Wilderness. Just keep running and don't stop. When you come to
    a small building in the distance, just keep running and gunning and head
    straight into the building to the Blue Marker. Press and hold X to activate
    the lift and wait for it to arrive. Climb in, activate it and ride it down.
    Level complete.
                                      2.g. Mines
    Jack will radio Doyle for some directions. Just leave the elevator and follow
    the tunnel ahead. Smash the board off and into the large room. Find your way
    over to the hill and climb it up to the scaffold bridge. Cross it and smash
    the planks to your left, then jump up and following the wooden bridges up and
    into a new tunnel. Smash the planks to gain entrance to it and follow it. Let
    the man descend down the zipline and listen in on his radio transmission. After
    it is over, you'll see that they now have flashlights, so hiding in the dark
    won't do you any good. Just run and jump onto the platform ahead, then onto the
    next one along before onto the ledge with the armour. Drop down and begin to
    blast up the thugs below. Once they're dead, head through the next tunnel and
    repeat the process of punching out the boards. Some thugs will come around the
    corner ahead, so chuck a grenade up there and take them out.
    When Jack reaches the corner, his visual will go all crazy and blurry for a few
    moments, so don't panic. Enter the large section of the cave and then proceede
    to kill the mercs. Once they are dead, leave through the other tunnel. Jack's
    vision will go again. But this time it's clearer. Using your newly found vision
    take out the enemies before moving on. You'll be ambushed from the rear and 
    front, but just kill the puny fools. Follow the large, linear tunnel along,
    swiping at the mercs or shooting the lamps to kill them. When you emerge out
    into another large room, duck behind the overturned yellow mine cart and wait.
    When you get a shot, take it, and move up the field using cover. Men will drop
    in from the ceiling, so take them out. Follow the path around and head through
    the other tunnel...a short distance in, an earthquake causes a cave in.
    The lack of light in the tunnel finally causes Jack to control his vision,
    allowing for Night-Vision to be activated at a tap of a button.
    "Your eyes have become attuned to the dark; Press and Hold Y for a few seconds
    to concentrate; Using Feral Sense depletes Adrenaline, so Press and Hold Y 
    again to relax."
    Enter the large room and begin to shoot up the baddies. Climb the ladder and
    follow the cart rails over to a ledge and then turn left. Go prone and crawl
    under the obsticle. Take out the men as they absail down into the cave and then
    mop up the rest as they take pop-shots at you. Drop down and head to the Blue
    Marker which is just ahead.                                                    
    Another cave-in will happen, but don't worry. You need to refuel the generator
    so that the elevator will work. Get to it. Collect the armour and ammo from the
    floor and then back up to the stairs. Follow it around and hit X by the valve
    to open it. 1 down. Shoot the two men who are on the high platforms on either
    side of the room and then head around the platform for the second valve. Turn
    it. Head back to the front of the elevator and hit the X Button in front of
    the large lever to activate the pumping method. After it's been pushed down,
    drop down to the large control panel and hit X to start up the generator.
    The lights will return to normal and now you can use the elevator. Go back up
    and hit the X Button by the switch to the left to get it working. Fight back
    the enemies who come in from the other sides of the room until the elevator 
    has arrived, and when it does, get in and ride it down.
    When it stops, get out and Press X by the large gate to open it. It's really
    dark at the moment, so hit Feral Sense to see where you're going. Inside the
    large room will be a couple of mercs trying to feel their way around the room,
    but sneak up to them and backstab them. Swap weapons for the larger P99
    and then climb up the suspended rails above and jump to the rocks above. Go
    down the tunnel and crawl out the small gap to reach the next room.
    Just sneakily avoid the whole group and then follow the Blue Marker on your
    radar down a large and well-lit path. Mercs will make the mistake on trying
    to take you out, so use the barrels and explode them in their faces. Keep
    following the path. Wipe out the next lot of mercs with a grenade or two
    before wiping up the rest with hefty gun fire. Go through the next tunnel.
    For this, you need to crouch down behind the mine carts and using X, push them
    along to provide cover from the Machine Gunner ahead. Switch carts when the one
    you're using is blocked by something. Using the cover from two mine carts, jump
    up and nail the gunner. Climb the ladder and use the MG to kill the mercs who 
    try to take you on. Jump down and punch the planks to follow the tunnel. Just
    cross this large room in your own way before going down another path. Follow
    the maze of tunnels until you emerge overlooking a group meeting of mercs.
    Sneak down closer and toss a grenade into the rabble, and then shoot those on
    the other side of the broken bridge.
    You need to cross this bridge and get to the other side, so climb back up the
    hill and around to the other bridge on the other side. Drop down and begin a
    fun game of jumping from platform to platform before arriving at the other side
    of the bridge. Follow the path.
    Jump across to the next couple of platforms and look down to see some mercs    
    trecking through the tunnels below. Just stick to the high road and collect    
    the ammo and armour from a head and then sneak down the track to the right. The
    weird creatures are back again, so let the Mercs and creatures duke it out with
    each other before stepping in and killing the winning force. Once they are down
    head through the tunnel where the dead body lies.  Another earthquake...but    
    watch how that creatures jumps. Cool. Follow it through the tunnels, slashing  
    up any mercs that you come across. When you reach a large chasm of light, just 
    hop from one rocky platform to the next. 
                    To Gene Cermak: Here's a little note for you.
    When you enter this large rocky chasm with the beam of light, activate Feral   
    Vision and stick to the left wall. Jump onto the rocky-platform below and don't
    stop moving. Jump across the chasm to the platform on the far right, as if you 
    stay on the rock you're on at the moment, it'll break off and fall.            
    When you enter the next large room, swap your gun for the shotgun and grab the 
    Now, kill the creature that appears and plant the C4 on the pile of rocks up   
    ahead. You've got to get out fast! Head back to the "Moonlight" chasm where    
    you just came from and wait until the C4 detonates. Re-enter the room and      
    climb up the fallen rocks to get up to the next platform. Jump the gap and     
    then head through the tunnel on the right. Collect the goodies from the dead   
    merc and continue on your journey to a very large and open cave. Leap onto the 
    lower level and then slowly and carefully...cross the very narrow plank of wood
    which connects your rocky platform to the centre island. Collect the weapons   
    and ammo from this storage section, and then using the crates as cover, shoot  
    the mercs who attack from the area you just came from. Hit one of the barrels  
    to end the fight early. Then turn around and climb up the plank of wood to the 
    next area, shooting the barrel to kill the guards. Stick to the ledge and      
    follow it up. Crouch and go under the wooden plank and then kill the rest of   
    the forces. Follow the tunnel to another, larger room. Jump down and follow the
    path around up. Keep going around until you come to a Zip-Line. Jump up and you
    will automatically hook on to it and begin to slide down. Prime your guns and  
    begin to open fire on the baddies as they stand on the bridges and stuff, but  
    go for the barrels everytime to speed things up. When you reach the marker,    
    Jack's zip line will break, causing a plummet down into the darkened depths of 
    the caves...                                                                   
                                       2.h. Cliff                                  
    Luckily, Jack survived. And would you look at that! A light at the end of the  
    tunnel. Just listen to Doyle first and then take the exit out and breath in the
    fresh air. Listen to the gut-wrenching screams coming from all over and then   
    just attack them all with Feral, brutish strength. The scenary is much more    
    lush in this section...<3 <3 <3                                                
    Anyway, a short distance from the mouth of the cave is an ATV bike. Jump on it 
    and drive down the path to your right. Run down the man who stands by another  
    ATV bike and drive up the large hill. When you reach the large helicopter,     
    veer off left and brake RIGHT AWAY. You don't want to go flying off that...    
    ...wonderful...beautiful...amazing cliff. Just look at how well-rendered it is 
    and just look at the draw distances. <3 <3 <3 The whole scene is great. Climb  
    the hill to your left to find a Zip-Line. Guess what? You're crossing this     
    scary, massive...beautiful canyon. Okay, I'll stop with the compliments but    
    yeah, you've got to cross it. Hit the A button to jump onto the zip and slide  
    down across to the other side. Slice up the two mercs and turn around. See that
    handglider? Yup. You're now going to be flying it.                             
    Hit X to enter it and take off. Swing the handglider around left and head down 
    the large canyon, just mind you don't hit the rocks or trees or anything. Enjoy
    the nice leasurily glide around the canyon. It's simple to control, so don't   
    fluster when in control of the glider. When you see the red smoke flare, slow  
    down on the approach and jump off, otherwise you'll be blinded by sheer intense
    light. Run up the hill fast, eliminating the merc and his friends further up.  
    Keep running and follow the hills up and down until you reach the control tower
    ahead. Using cover from the barrels, shoot up the mercs ahead, gunning for the 
    barrels when you have a shot. When you make the run for the tower, toss a      
    grenade up to the ledge and keep running and wait under the platofrm until it  
    goes off. Climb up and head for the ladder, taking it to the roof. Your vision 
    will go really bad and crazy as you get to the top, but just shoot where the   
    mercs are highlighted and then go over to the Blue Marker. Wham the B-Button   
    twice to smash up the control panel and regain your vision. Enter the building 
    and follow it through and out to the hill. Some mercs will run out behind a    
    rock, so just kill them. When you reach the cliff face, some helicopter rumbles
    will begin to get louder louder. Head for that bridge in the distance!         
    As you do, Jack's speed will get faster and faster, and once you reach the gap 
    in the bridge, hold down A and release just before you fall, and you'll bound  
    that huge distance and land safely on the other side.                          
    "You've harnessed your pure animal speed; Press Y to activate Feral Speed; With
    Feral Speed engaged, you can also make giant leaps: Press and Hold A to focus  
    your power, then release to jump; Remember: Feral Speed depletes Adrenaline, so
    Press Y again to relax."                                                       
    Hit sprint and run your ass off for that next bridge and jump the gap, and then
    go for the next bridge doing the same. Don't worry if you don't make it, since 
    you can climb the ridges to get back up. Once you reach the crate blockade,    
    jump it and race down the canyon. Using your animal powers, smash up the men   
    who attack and begin your descent down the spiral. As you reach the bottom,    
    you'll notice a Jet-Ski parked up. Steal it and race down stream.              
    Just keep your foot down and race under the bridge and rock formation before   
    stopping at the riverbank hut. Kill and shoot up all the mercs and just ignore 
    the chopper that comes in, as he soon flys off and over the cliffs.            
    When you climb the hill to the top, the chopper will come back again and drop  
    off reinforcements to take you down. Set up behind some cover and lay down     
    some fire upon them. Show no mercy. Raid all the tents and punch all people,   
    armed or not. Then, get out to the helipad and over the cliff edge and down    
    the hill to the river. Steal the Ski-Jet from the Jetty and race upstream      
    Doyle will contact you again, but keep going upstream and land on the beach    
    to your right. Shoot up the mercs and then begin to clear out the large bunker 
    complex. Head up and around the large mountains. Grab the ATV bike and race it 
    along the route to the blue marker.                                            
    You'll come smack into a large Communications centre, but just race across the 
    bridge and around and out the other side. Continue up a bit more, but jump     
    out once you hit a deadend with two rocks. Head between these rocks and across 
    the bridge, shooting the merc in his tower ahead. Procede across to the next   
    tower, and then the next. Leave the poor scientist alone and head into the     
    elevator and ride it up. The lights will flicker, but don't worry. Leave the   
    lift when it arrives at the top and kill the man here. Hit the switch to power 
    up the control room. A very loud roar will be heard...be warned...as through   
    the viewing screen in front...will be a very large ****ing monster!            
    What's worse? The door to the outside opens, and he gets free. *gulp* Go out   
    through the side door and follow the halls along and get outside. Head up the  
    ramp and follow the trail of dead corpses and wails from the beast. Head       
    through the research centre and out the door to a flaming generator. This      
    monster's strong. Drop down to the bottom and watch as the poor merc is crushed
    by a crate. Run to the mounted machine gun and open fire on the monster as he  
    runs about. If he smashes it, run to the next one. Then, just enter a game of  
    cat and mouse with hefty gun fire, and if close enough, some melee hits. After 
    a whole full 10 minute fight with this beast, he'll get tired of having his    
    **** ruined and fall over dead. Doyle will then open the gate, follow the      
                   Thanks to an e-mail by Mark Ganeles, I realised there
                   was a much more easier way to kill the monster. The
                                 solution is below...
    In section 2.h. (Cliff) I found an easier way to kill the freaking huge 
    monster.  I discovered this slightly by accident while hiding in a cargo 
    container to regain some health...
    One of the cargo containers contains several of the barrels that explode when 
    shot.  I got the monster to follow me in, quickly ran by him, turned, and fired
    at one of the barrels.  It must have set off a chain reaction, because after 
    the huge explosion, the thing just keeled over and died.  Now he may have been 
    weakened by my constant gunfire, but whatever the case, the exploding barrels 
    finished him off.
    This strategy should greatly lessen the 10 minutes to kill this beast you 
    suggest in your guide.
               -Thanks again, Mark!
                                    Level complete.                                
                                 2.i. Sub-Aquatic Facility                         
               If you want a shotgun, MP5 or a P99 turn around at the start and    
    follow the trail and you'll find the shotgun in the center of the road, with   
    the MP5 to your left in the grassy area. The P99 is also in the grassy area to 
    your left and up the hill, but a few metres before the Shotgun.                
    And if you really want some more weaponry, head right back to the start of the 
    level, back to the gate from the last mission. Out front will be MP5s, Carbines
    and grenades...even a Sniper Rifle! Use them if you have trouble with the fire 
    fight in this mission.                                                         
    Now that Carver has defeated that badass, ugly creature thingy, he still needs 
    to meet up Doyle. Follow the path and be wary once you come to a collection of 
    barrels, since a single bullet (which will be headed your way) will blow the   
    whole lot up and you with it.                                                  
    Once the action starts, swing yourself to some cover on the high ground to your
    left and begin taking down some of the mercs ahead. Once you've surpressed the 
    enemy enough, make a break back to where those barrels were and hide behind the
    rock in prone. Moving slightly to your right, take aim for the bad guy on the  
    rocks to the right of the bunker in the cliff. When he's down, stand up and    
    fire upon the rest of the mercs from behind the rock, aiming for the barrels   
    when you see them.                                                             
    Some mercs will try to flank you from the rear once you take down the sniper   
    near the barrels, so be warned.                                                
            If you have trouble with this first fight, don't worry, I did too.     
            Just collect the Sniper Rifle mentioned in the previous note and       
            use it to take out the enemies from afar, one by one, starting with    
            the sniper behind the crates to the right, and then the gun turrent    
            to the left.                                                           
    When the smoke settles and the last merc is dead, pat yourself on the back and 
    head to the blue marker and into a darkened, watery room. Using your Feral     
    Vision, shoot the heads of the mercs with some silenced or with the Sniper.    
    Once the three mercs are down, cross the water and crawl under the half opened 
    doorway. When some smoke starts appearing, dive behind a crate and hit the     
    Feral Vision button again. Take out the mercs and then keep following the      
    tunnel. Take out the merc behind the counter.                                  
    Quickly, either smash the vent in the wall and climb through, or duck behind   
    the wall of crates on the right of the room, as a whole bunch of mercs will    
    come through any second.                                                       
    Going through the vent, follow it around and punch the alarm button on the wall
    to stop the noise. Stand up, and using Feral Vision, aim for the head of the   
    merc. Climb through the window and toss a grenade down the newly opened door.  
    Jump out and shoot the merc to your left and go down that corridor. Go through 
    the rooms via the automated doors and follow them through using the blue marker
    as directions. Shoot the merc at the end and go prone to fit under the doorway.
    Sneak across the room and over to the mechanic in the corner. Backstab him. Go 
    down the corridor on the left and take out the mercs and mechanics as they run 
    around the room. Another alarm will be sounded, so turn it off via punching    
    the switch to the left of the window. Go around the only corridor avaliable and
    take out the two mercs from a distance. Keep following this along and around   
    to the bathroom, killing the merc in the corner.                               
    Go prone and crawl through the open vent. Listen to the conversation and then  
    smash open the vent and kill the mercs. Crouching behind the counter, shoot the
    other mercs as they come over. Move out and into the other dining area and take
    out the merc behind the table and then those who come in from the door.        
    Go down the only open path and take out the mercs to the left, right and center
    before moving on down the left corridor. Take down the thugs and go through    
    the darkness and into the locker room. Navigate your way through the maze of   
    lockers and crawl out through the half opened door to the outside.             
    Listen to the two mercenaries as they chatter away before lining up a headshot 
    on each. Collect their weapons and jump over the crates by the fence and over  
    into the water. Dive under and swim right pass the facility to your left. When 
    you pass it, surface and climb up the hill to your left and take down the      
    sniper. Using his rifle and the rock as cover, take down the other sniper on   
    the opposite bank.                                                             
    Get back in the water and swim for the centre island, tackling the merc who    
    stands guard on it. Now, facing away from the facility, snipe the sniper on    
    the cliff and then swing around to snipe the other two mercs.                  
            If you want to do this more stealthily, after climbing over the fence, 
            stick to the land on the right and follow the hill. Sneakily kill      
            the sniper and take his rifle before continuing along the hills and    
            taking down the other sniper up here with another backstab. From here, 
            you can begin to snipe the other mercs one by one.                     
    After they have all been taken down, jump into the water again and then head   
    for the blue marker. Dive under the dam-like structure and around to the valve 
    on the right. Hit X to turn off the hot water and then go through the open     
    hole in the wall.                                                              
    When you resurface on the other side, climb out of the water and take down the 
    lone engineer with a melee attack. Go through the door and cross the blue      
    marker to enter the Science Wing. Follow the corridors along in the direction  
    of the next blue marker. You can watch the scientists as they perform          
    operations on test subjects...creepy.                                          
    Anyway, follow the rooms along and you'll find the Amber Keycard you need.     
    On our way back, stop when you come to the                                     
    "Floaty-Men-In-Glass-Tube-Kinda-Thing" room and listen in, since Crowe arrives.
    After they both leave, continue. Turn left at the end, right, right, through   
    the door and right. Go through the blue marker.                                
    You'll now meet Doyle for the first time and be placed on an operation table   
    for surgery. When the lights go out, be warned...strange things happen.        
                   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *                           
    After Jack has finished pulversing a scientist, look to your right and then    
    slash at the dude in the door and the alarm as well. Leave. Follow the         
    corridors, going through the doors as they open up to you. When you come to a  
    large room, wait for the floor to open up and dive into the water. Go down and 
    then through the piping in the wall to the lake.                               
    Surface and then go up the sandy hill. Your vision will be slightly impaired   
    for a while, but don't worry, just keep following the Blue Marker. When you    
    do hit the Marker, use your binoculars to zoom in on the Merc camp ahead and   
    watch as a test subject slaughters them all. Close the gap between you and him 
    and smash him with your fists. Using his gun, mow down the other zombie like   
    creatures and collect their guns. Head past the wreckage of the trucks and into
    the water and up to the other side. When you reach the next marker, just watch 
    the firefight between Mutant and Merc.                                         
    Jump down and head for the open gates and follow the path. Go Rambo and shoot  
    up all of the mutants. Collect the armour and shoot the enemies off in the     
    distance. Head around for the big set of gates and through them, killing the   
    mutants as you go. Follow the path along and when you come to a pool of water, 
    run for the bent over tree and shoot the mutant who arms the gun turret. When  
    he is down, jump into the water and swim to the other side to the bottom of    
    the building. Toss a grenade up into the murder hole above and let it kill the 
    snipers inside. Ignore the building and instead follow the fencing around to   
    a gap and through it. Shoot up the mercs/mutants and get behind some cover.    
    When the group by the gate is gone, leg it through there and up the hill.      
    Just shoot those who oppose you and head through the gate. Step up the pace and
    move between cover as you slaughter your way up the Mercenary hill. You'll be  
    relieved by the sound of a helicopter, since they are better than swarms of    
    Keep the killing up and jump up onto the crate to the left of the gate, onto   
    the shipping container, before jumping the wall.                               
    Oh crap. Crowe again, and you must beat his forces. Shoot the mutant who is    
    still in his tank before avoiding the incoming rocket from Crowe. Move up the  
    field and turn around with your back to the wall, shooting up the onslaught    
    of mutant mercs.                                                               
    Move out across the field and collect all of the weapons from the fallen       
    mutants before picking another spot of cover. Crowe will blow off a door of    
    a container to let more mutants flow out. Just keep firing and mow them down.  
    Just keep this process up, collecting items from the open containers to aid you
    in the battle.                                                                 
    When the battle is over, Crowe will retreat, but by luck, one of his stray     
    rockets will cause a tower to tip over, allowing for you to climb up to his    
    position. Collect the armour and health from the control room and then drop    
    down the other side. Follow the path along to another set of large gates. Go   
    around the right to reveal a hole in the wall, go through it. Watch the        
    cutscene with Val, and once it's over, jump into the sandbunker and man that   
    machine gun. If you want, hit B to rip it off and use it as a convential       
    weapon. Just run about and gun down the enemies who swarm from every angle.    
    This fight's easy with the Machine Gun, plus the armour and health scattered   
    about. When it's over, head through the open cargo door. Smash the alarm on    
    the right and head into the room with Val.                                     
    Listen to Krieger over the monitor and when he's cut off, race out of the room 
    through the door behind you and left outside. Hit the Y button and enter Feral 
    Run to speed up. Grab the Jet-Ski and take off down river. Steer around the    
    water mines and keep the pedal down. Just keep driving and ignore the rockets  
    raining down around your ears and follow the water. It's a long race with many 
    dangers such as boats and mines, but take care on the corners and if you are   
    blown out of the water, steal a Jet-Ski from an enemy fort. When you arrive    
    at an area where a Helicopter swoops in, just keep driving and hit the beach   
    and jump off. Race up the hill with Feral Run and around the path. Don't stop  
    and go straight into the narrow gap and into a cave, using Feral Vision to see 
    where you're going.                                                            
    When you come out the other side, you'll see you just missed Crowe. Release    
    your anger by running all over the place and slaughtering his loyal mercs.     
    Climb the ladder and eliminate the soldiers on the rooftops before taking the  
    Sniper Rifle off of the merc here. Use it to take down the other sets of       
    soldiers. Climb down the ladder and around, jumping the stairs. Kill all of the
    mercs and head through the open door and into a control/maitenance room. Grab  
    the equipment and hit X to open the gates. Head back outside and turn right,   
    shooting the guard in the back of the head. Shoot his counter part and then go 
    left, over the railings and around to the centre where a bridge is. Hit Feral  
    Run and prime the jump button, releasing it where Jack reaches the middle of   
    the bridge. If you don't make it, swim for the ladder and try again. Run out   
    the gate and to the Blue Marker, where a nice little Jet-Ski is waiting for a  
                                LEVEL COMPLETE!                                    
                                    2.j. Dead Marshes
    Jack, after racing across the ocean on a Jet-Ski, arrives at Crowe's island. 
    Listen to Val over the radio for your objective and then move out. This level 
    is hard due to the weather conditions and darkness, but make use of the Vision
    mode. Head up the field and take down the three mercs in the cabin via Sniper 
    Continue up the path and under the log. Crowe will taunt you again and release
    more mutant mercs. From your prone position under the log, take down the 
    mutants from afar before moving on up. In the distance will be a parked up
    Humvee, but with passengers. Just follow the red glow of the brake lights and
    sneak up to it. Before you make it, a mutant will detonate a bomb and blow 
    itself and the Humvee up. Damn. Stay away from those creatures.
    Using your Sniper and Vision, pick off the two mutants from afar. Go through
    the mess of tipped over cargo crates and be ready with your firing finger as
    a mutant will run down the hill at you. Climb that hill.
    Take down more mercs and head for the flaming wreckage. The bridge will of 
    been blown apart, and another one of those BADASS BIG MOTHER****ING MONSTERS
    will rampage about on the other side. You have no choice but to drop into the
    swamp water below. Follow the river along and you'll come to a couple of poor
    mercs trapped with their broken down Humvee. Charge them all and if one of 
    those suicidal bomber zombies come near you, just whack them with a punch to
    send them flying and detonating in the sky. Don't stand around punting these
    critters, follow that Blue Marker!
    A large fence will block the way, but a friendly Zombie'll blow a hole in it.
    Climb through. Race along and Jack'll enter Scent Mode again.
    "Your sense of smell has become precise enough to clearly percieve individual
    targets; Press and Hold Y for a few seconds to concentrate; Using Feral Sense
    depletes Adrenaline, so Press and Hold Y again to relax."
    Off in the distance will be a large bunker/complex. Race around the fence and
    climb the ramp and drop over to the other side. Slaughter the mutants and head
    over to the Blue Marker. Go into the building west of the marked one and climb
    the ladder. Jump the roof and land on the other one via Feral Run and jump
    down through the hatch. Collect the explosives and jump out the hole in the
    wall. Kill the two mutants and race to the next Blue Marker. Circle around the
    building and climb the ladder. Jump over to the next one and climb that as 
    well. Go around to the control panel and plant the C4. Jump off of the roof 
    and stand a safe distance back.
    Well done. Now just go back to the building where you got the explosives and
    go through the hole in the fence.
    Slaughter the groups of mutants and keep running for that marker. When you
    hear loud, distorted screams, stop, as you may just end up running into a 
    suicidal bomber zombie. Be warned, as you're now in a fight between mutants
    and mercs together.
    Just race to the other side of the camp and up the ladder. Follow this path
    along and when you come to overlook three mutants, shoot the barrel on the
    far left. Drop down and follow the blue marker. Oh crap. When you reach a 
    concreted area, another one of those HUGH MOTHER****ING MONSTERS will come 
    charging at you. *gulp*
    Don't worry though, as just let him throw his fists into the ground and slash
    at him with your own fists. He'll die after just a few short hits. Leave via 
    the hole in the wall.
    You'll end up outside a small camp. Sneak over to the gate and shoot the two 
    mercs through the fence. Jump onto the barrel rack to your right and up onto
    the roof of the guard hut. Drop down and murder everyone. Follow the wooden
    structure along and jump onto the wooden raft. Using this you can cross the
    water with no fear of being shot as you swim. Just keep on this raft until it
    reaches the other side of the lake. Go up the dirt hill to your right and it'll
    take you to a bridge with a cargo truck on it, go left and down the hill to 
    find another cargo truck. Jump onto the Humvee and over.
    Another BADASS HUGE MOTHER****ING MONSTER. Using your Melee attack, pummel him
    to death. Easy. Or is it? After defeating him, one of his other monster friends
    will smash through that main gate. Rush past him and throw a grenade at the
    entrance to a small hut to blow off the barricade to it. Climb into find a 
    massive display of weaponary. Collect everything you can, replacing your weapon
    with a Machine Gun and lean out of the door, firing upon that monster and his 
    mutant friends.
    When his friends are done, run out and slash him, but still keep firing. When 
    he's had enough and died, Val will contact you again. Head through the gate.
    Mission complete.
                                       2.k. Wasteland
    Head south, following your current path to reach an enemy camp. Sneak down the
    hill and listen in to a couple of mercs talking. When they dispurse, crawl 
    under one of the metal fencing and begin to kill the mercs. Sadly, the 
    helicopter isn't usable. :/
    Instead, follow the paths deeper into the camp. When you hear voices, run to 
    the cabin on your left and collect some ammo and health. Be sure to also pick
    up two Deagles. Now, sneak over to the window and take aim on a head of a merc,
    before shooting the rest dead. When they are all down, head into the next room
    and hit the marker. Press X to radio into Val. Set yourself up by a window or
    door and open fire when you spot the enemies. Once a Humvee comes bursting 
    through the gates, get out the radio room and shoot those who surround the 
    vehicle. Shoot those off in the distance before piling in and driving off.
    When you come to another merc set-up, pull up and man the turret of the Humvee,
    shooting those off in the distance. When they are down, go down the hill and
    rip the turret from it's joining. Now, hit Y to enter Feral Run and head out
    the camp, leaving the Jeep. Follow the path along and to the next Blue Marker.
    Enter the building to your right and collect the items. Leave and shoot the 
    mercs. Some hide in trees with rocket launchers, so be warned. Follow the blue
    marker again, but stay on foot so you keep your new machine gun.
    Before you drop into the water, shoot the mercs who patrol and drop down. You 
    will now, sadly, lose the machine gun but never mind. Swim across to the open
    pipe to the left and climb through it. Sadly, more of those suicidal creatures
    will appear in a screaming frenzy. Just run and punch them to make your way
    through. Go through the broken fencing and follow the river. Another mutant
    will run down another pipe, so shoot him and climb up there. Follow it through
    and you'll wind up in a base. Climb the ladder and watch an short battle between
    mutant and man as they struggle to board their chopper. 
    Anyway, pick off the survivors via sniper's scope or with some meatier and then
    run across the battlefield. Head through the building at the end, dodging and 
    killing the rocket launcher before climbing the stairs and jumping over the 
    fencing. Jump on top of the fallen roofing and use it as a ramp to the next 
    area. Go through the building and BAM! Flashbang. Some mercs will zipline into
    the building, so stand behind cover and let them do so. Toss a few grenades
    down there and mop up the rest with gunfire. Jump down and follow the route
    around. Collect the Assault Rifle and grenades and head through the open door.
    BAM! Another Flashbang grenade. Launch a grenade up to the balcony where the
    guards using assault rifle by pressing the left trigger and then get behind 
    cover to shoot the rest.
    You need to find the elevator switch, so head out through the door and outside.
    Get behind a rock and blast up the commando mercs, advancing as you do. When
    you reach the hut, hit X by the switch to throw it and power the elevator.
    Using the same technique, re-cross the field and back to the building. Take 
    down the guy on the bottom before running and gunning for the guy on the
    second floor. Get on the elevator and ride it up.
    Take down the sniper on your right and then the guys waiting down the stairs.
    Drop down and go up the hill to the right and listen to the gunfire. Let them
    approach before firing a grenade into the crowd and dropping down to finish
    up the job.
    Now being to slowly cross the field, using the sniper to take down punks from
    a safe distance. After a long battle, turn off left and follow this path. Head
    for the large building East and enter it. Using your feral abilites again, run
    around the building looking for cover whilst slaughteing the mercs.
    Climb the ramp and jump the fence. Another monster dude will come and attack,
    so dance around him slashing with your fists. When he's down, leave via the 
    hole in the wall. Follow the path around north and watch the Commandos take 
    down some exploding zombies. Throw a rock over their heads and sneak up behind
    them and backstab them one-by-one to avoid being hurt. Shoot and kill all of
    the zombies who attack you and continue up the path which'll lead to another
    area. Let the Sniper jump and run to his objective before sneaking up to the 
    cargo crate and sniping them.
    Enter the hospital. Remember, Doyle is in here somewhere. Be on the lookout.
    Follow the corridors around to the marker and when you reach the doors, hit
    B to smash them open and to find Doyle.
    Break open the next set of doors and be sure to arm up and reload. You need to
    protect Doyle. Move ahead and eliminate the merc, sticking to some cover. Then,
    procede to escort Doyle outside and kill those who pose any threat. When you're
    outside, use the Sniper Rifle to take down some of them and mop up the rest 
    with normal gun fire. When you reach your first set of small buildings, equip
    your Sniper and counter the other sniper. Shoot the other merc before he has
    a chance to do the same to you. Hide in the building and restock, taking down
    mercs as they try to attack you. Move out and mop up rest. You're headed for 
    the helicopter in the distance. Just move up to it and clear out the area and
    Doyle will safely board it where you and he take off.
    Mission Complete.
                                     2.l. Black Forest 
    Carver will be shot out of the sky in a wonderful cutscene. <3, but sadly, it
    came at great cost, since Doyle didn't have a chance to get out. ;_;
    Anyway, after being dropped into the ocean, swim to the island. The wreckage of
    the blown-up and destroyed research centres still smolder and smoke away. Climb
    the hill through the wreckage and find a good vantage point, since a Humvee 
    will pull up sharpish down below. Just fire a few shots at a target and let the
    two sides fight it out. Mutants will explode and mercs will open fire, even on
    some of their own. Drop down and kill all of the survivors. Head to the right
    and raid the small merc camp, picking up all the ammo and armour, even from the
    back of the cargo truck. After you're suited up, head back inland and follow
    the blue marker up the hill.
    Halfway up, you'll hear the blood-curdling screechs from the sucidal mutants,
    so stand back and fire upon them with caution. Advance up as you'll be a while
    if you want to take them all out. Once you've made it up the hill, jump onto 
    the wreckage and over to the next rocky hill. The game will now autosave.
    More of those damn mutants will come screaming their suicidal squeals, so 
    exercise caution and take them out from a distance before dropping down and
    moving up the field. Once you make it around the corner, you'll spot a storage/
    military base ahead. Kill those around and make your way through to the yard 
    of it. In the distance will be a couple of large pipes and one will be lit up
    by the explosion of a zombie, take that pipe and use it to reach the other side
    of the wall into the lava-field. Be careful, though, as those exploding mutants 
    do hide in the pipe,so be careful when rounding corners.   
    Once out at the lava pits, stick to the strip of land in the centre and follow
    it using Feral Vision, as the darkness makes it hard to see around. Go up the
    hill and shoot the mutants who attack. At the top of this hill will be some
    flood-lights and two bunkers either side. Tactically approch the bunker on the
    right and toss a grenade in to clear out the machine gun post. Go around the
    back of one and inside, using the machine gun to take down the oncoming mutant
    scum. Once they are all dead, rip the machine gun from the ground and keep it
    for now.
    Continue up the hill. When you reach the top, you'll be overlooking another 
    lava-pit and a row of buildings to the right with the distant sound of sniper
    fire. Drop down here and approach the barrels and crates ahead. Duck behind one
    since you might just get your head blown off by a sniper. If you have one, 
    counter-snipe him and move on, but if not, just wade out slightly to make him
    waste ammo and once he stops to reload, run for cover further up and repeat
    until you get to the tree outside the building where he shoots from. Using
    the machine gun, rip into the attacks who pop up at the windows, before moving
    up the field and in.
    Shoot the merc who runs down the stairs and then the one on the ledge to your 
    left above. When they are down, move up the stairs and take down the other guy
    before finishing off the other two who come from below. Get back upstairs and
    jump onto the ramp leading to the roof. Collect the sniper ammo from the fallen
    sniper and then go over to the make-shift zipline which stretchs over a large
    pool of lava. Nice. Ride it and once you land on the other side, follow the
    path. Tread carefully once you hear mercerary voices, since stealth is best
    here. A large fire will be started, but stay away from that side and stick
    to the right. Crawl through the long grass and quickly remove the two guards
    standing around. Now, hit Feral Run and speed along the path ahead, slashing
    the merc as you do. 
    Now, becareful ahead, as a Humvee is blown apart by a rocket-launcing merc,
    so keep moving at all costs. Strafe around the central island he's on, firing
    shots as you do in an attempt to bring him down, but becareful not to blindly
    strafe right out into the lava. Is he dead? Well, don't be too relieved, as 
    another rocketer is further up the field!
    Get so you are directly facing the direction of the sniper and hit Feral Run.
    Hold down A and release once you come a large gap in the rocks to safely cross
    the lava-pool below. Keep Feral Run on and make super-speed up that hill. Don't
    worry about the rocket-man, as a Grenade-Launcher punk is further up. Just run
    into him and slash him up, before heading to the ever-so-close blue marker.
    Ahead are all sorts of burning trees, but ignore them, as evil mutants walk 
    around aimlessly below, so put them out of their misery. You may notice that 
    one or two might get sniped by an unseen marksmen. Doesn't matter for now. Just
    follow that path around...
    ...oh, I forgot to mention, take extra care along this small section, as 
    claymore mines have been set-up. Just carefully walk and if a red light starts
    bleeping, run backwards and fast! If you find you have trouble, use Feral Sense
    and shoot them from a far. Once you make it to the save point, duck behind the
    crate nearby and watch the battle through the scope of your rifle. When its 
    over, switch to a more meatier weapon and run to blast up the remaining mercs.
    As you approach the base, a helicopter will rumble overhead and more attacking
    mercs will open fire. Jump over the barbed-wire barriers run straight over and 
    man the machine guns, firing at where the enemy muzzle fire occurs. Oops. I 
    forgot to mention, this isn't a machine gun! It's a rocket-launcher/mortar 
    post! Have fun just blasting up the mercs with your new toy. After a few waves,
    the attack will die off, allowing you to rip off the rocket-launcher and enter 
    the bunker via the main entrance point. 
    Jack will open the doors...
    ...and suddenly, these mutants you faced before don't seem to bad...not since 
    the mutants you meet right now are super-strong, super-fast and can TALK! 
    Blimey. Jack'll be thrown back with the sheer power of a hit from on of these, 
    but thanks to the mounted-launcher you just picked up, you can kick some ass!
    One shot into the centre of the group is enough to kill them all. Easy, huh?
    Anyway. Using Feral Vision, navigate your way through the dark and over the
    stacked boxes to the next Blue Marker. More mutants will run in and hide behind
    the vehicles, so fire away with your rocket-launcher. After that batch is dead,
    turn your fire onto the platforms and catwalks above, firing at the mutants
    who are up there. Once *THAT* lot are dead, concentrate your fire on the rest
    on the ground floor. Once they are dead, head into the small office and collect
    the ammo and health. As you do, Val will contact you over the radio, so listen
    to the chit-chat before headed to the elevator she sends for you. Once she 
    wishes you luck, leave the office and head to the Blue Marker.
    Hit X and ride the elevator up. Once the doors bing open, two mutants will
    attack, so kill them before stepping out. Head into the lounge to your right
    and out to the balcony. Jump the wall and onto the ledge, before bounding over
    to the Piano room's balcony. Enter and shoot up the mutants in here before
    running back out to the balcony. Now you're faced will whole legions of these
    mutants. Just keep moving and keep firing, using grenades and melee attacks
    whenever you can. Don't ever stop, and once the roof of the piano room caves
    in and a Blue Marker appears, run and jump, climbing up the rubble and killing
    the mutants on the roof. Once at the top, run into the opening where you see
    some brown doors and over to the Blue Marker which happens to be another
    elevator. Ride it, listening to the nice elevator music as you do...
    ... Fancy that. Not even a little "BING!" to know the journey's ended, but
    having a massively scared and mutated Crowe bashing open the elevator and 
    throwing you through a wooden beam is quite the wake-up call. He's crazy...he's
    strong...he's going to kill you. Turns out, Krieger's still the bad guy who
    taunts you from his villa balcony. Damn him. *shakes fist* Just watch the
    cutscene to see just how strong Crowe really is (and he's armed with the 
    gattling gun from his copter, just so you know) and be prepared for...
    ...THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! *insert crazy guitar solo here*
                The solution below was sent in by Lagerfeldt... 
    The by far easiest way of completing the end sequence is by first shooting 
    all the mutants, ignoring Crowe totally. Stay in cover using the helicopter. 
    You can use the rockets to speed up the process, although it shouldn't take 
    more than 1 or 2 minutes.
    Then go close to the cliff where Crowe is standing, right beneath him. You will
    be in perfect cover here. Look up and shoot him at few times in the head and 
    he'll jump down. Once down, he will have his back to you as he is resting a few
    seconds on the ground. Do a feral attack using the B-button. Continue using 
    feral attack and bashing, and he will never recover from the blows. Keep your 
    aim focused and have him in view at all times. With this method he will never 
    get a single shot fired and die in around 30 seconds, and there's no need to 
    pick up health or even shoot him.
                           ENDING INFORMATION TO COME SOON!
                        (FAQ) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ)
    Question: "Erm...whatever happened to that arrow trap?! I saw it on the 
    trailers and it's nowhere in the game. Where is it?"
    Answer: Nowhere. Sadly, this arrow launching trap was removed. No reason has
    been given as of yet, but I feel it was because it would be redudent next to
    the thorned branch trap. 
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Question: "Okay, no arrow trap. I can live with that. But what about fixed gun
    turrets? I can't find any to add to my multiplayer map! Where?!"
    Answer: It's not included in the map-maker for some reason, but the "SPECIAL"
    section is looking rather empty, and it might just be included with an update
    with Downloadable Content in the future...
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Question: "Last question about missing items, but can I have a zip-line added 
    to my multiplayer map? I have this really cool..."
    Answer: Same deal. It's not included as of such, but chances of them being
    included as an update are high. Stay tuned.
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    Question: "I haven't played the original Far Cry, but apparently it's the 
    same as Instincts. Is this true?
    Answer: Not per se. Instead, some of the scenarios are changed for the release
    of Instincts.  If you want to know, read on, but there are spoilers for the 
    game, so only read if you dare...
    "In a nutshell, the multiplayer is far better - more balanced and largely more
    fun if you have XBox Live. If not, then the Xbox version (in my eyes) falls 
    short of the PC version in a number of ways that I point out in the topic I 
    linked to (where I link to another topic: i.e. read the board next time).
    If you've played the PC version, aside from feral abilities and a bit of 
    stealth which doesn't always work, you'll be dissapointed with the Xbox version
    single player. It's very short and has terrible AI etc. etc. as I've pointed 
    out before.
    If you've got XB Live, the map maker and multiplayer make this worthy of a 
    purchase, if not, I would try before you buy."
    ~Morgoth22's opinion.
                              SPOILERS AHEAD!
                              STILL SPOILERS!
    Jack is going on a boating trip, taking Val with him as they met at the docks.
    Boat gets shot by mercs, Val captured by Crowe and his mercs. Jack goes to 
    rescue her and finds out about the experiments Krieger has been attempting on 
    the local wildlife. Doyle helps you through much of the game but in the end, 
    though Kreiger gave his DNA to control them, it is Doyle who is really behind 
    the scheme. After you kill Crowe and meet up with Val, Doyle lies to you and 
    gets you to inject what he tells you is an antidote. In fact, it's the virus, 
    and you have to get past Krieger and a bunch of Tri-Gens to kill Doyle and get 
    you and Val the antidote.
    ~Morgoth22's summary.
                         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Answer: Skip down to the "Skip the Intro" section to by-pass this annoyance,
    for both you and members of the GameFAQs message board who tire of answering 
    this question by the truck-load.
                         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Question: "I can't get past X! I need to get to Y but I'm stuck! Help?!?!?"
    Answer: I didn't make the Walkthrough for nothing, you know. If you still have 
    trouble, even after reading the guide and trying a few times, drop me a line
    using my e-mail (jimfish@gmail.com) and I'll get straight to work on it.
                         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Question: "I'd like to host your guide on my website, http://XXXXXXXXXXX.COM/
    .BIZ/.ORG/.WHATEVER, is that allowed?"
    Answer: Depends. There's a "list" of sites which I've been informed to avoid,
    with some I've told to instantly accept. If it's a good site, with high-traffic
    and dedicated users, then there's a high chance of me accepting, but if it's
    the opposite, then expect a large NO. As I said, it all depends...
                              (CNC)  CHEATS AND CODES  (CNC)
    There are a couple of codes avaliable for you to enter, and they are as 
                             Password                     Effect
                             =-=-=-=-                     =-=-=-
                           TheWorldIsMine             	All Maps
                           VitruviAnRush	         Infinite Adrenaline
                           BulletsofHell	            Infinite Ammo
                           GiveMeHealth                100 Health Points
    ~Thanks to daylightsend7 (GameFAQs) for these cheats.
    These codes are to be entered in the Cheats Menu. To find it, start a game, 
    press Start for the Pause menu and go down to the Cheat Menu. From here, just
    type in the passwords. Remember, they are case-sensitive, so type them in as
    you see them. You can also use the Cheat Menu from the Main Menu.
    There are some codes which supposedly do not work with "the retail version" of
    the game, which I presume are for the test copies or demoes. However, some 
    people have gotten these cheats to work, but how, they don't know.
    They are included below:
                             Password:                      Effect:
                             =-=-=-=-=                      =-=-=-=
                         CarvErVitrUvian                 Invincibility
                          AmAFastMachine                  Run Faster
    ~Thanks to BobbyXXWindle for these two cheats.
    And there is one more code for you to enter which has baffled players since it
    was discovered. It might be an easteregg dedicated to somebody. It might be a
    hidden message for the players to decrypt. It might just be something some nerd
    threw in. Who knows? I don't.
    To witness this message, enter Map Maker and do as follows:
    Hold L + R + Y + B + X + Clicked Left Thumbstick + Clicked Right Thumbstick and
    press A.
    This brings up a secret message. As I said, is it pointless? Is it useful? ???
                              (G-S)   GAME SAVES  (G-S) 
    *This section is for those who have trouble passing a certain section. This way
    they can simply download the save and transfer it to their XBox for an easy
                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
     Game Save: Checkpoint: Final Boss Fight With Crowe
     Save Link: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/save/far_cry_instincts_eu_b.zip
               Description: This save is directly before the fight, you just need 
                            to watch Crowe as he climbs up to the ledge and then
                            you're thrown right into the fight. This saves you from
                            killing your way through the masses of mutants at the 
                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
                           (I-M)    ISLAND MAKER     (I-M)
    1. A custom map you have already made can have some replay value added to it by
    simply changing the time of day and saving it as " map name Day" or "map name 
    Night". Now you have two versions that play a lil' differently.
    2. When placing spawn points; put them together when with teams, and scattered 
    without teams.
    3. You can use fences to 'armour' up different buildings. Block windows, 
    protect doorways, etc. Just experiment, and you'll learn a lot.
    4. When you are making a map that is going to be used for CTS then try to 
    position each teams base at the same angle to the sun. That way one team won't 
    be running into the blinding sunlight giving the other team an advantage.
    5. Make sure spawn points either face something interesting or towards where 
    the player should be heading. (I've played a few maps where I've spawned facing
    a wall, it's silly)                                                            
    6. Smooth your land, make sure people can actually get out of the water with    
    7. Test all your bridges. Ramps can go into the ground, it looks better and    
    provides a smoother ride.                                                      
    8. Just cause the space is there doesn't mean you have to use it. Make the size
    of your map reasonable, you won't often be playing 16 players so don't use 
    every inch of the map.
    9. Symmetry is evil! If you have to make your map symetrical, make sure it's 
    really obvious which area you're in otherwise players can get lost. To do this,
    you can begin placing red or blue flags on the buildings etc.
    10. Test out all your vehicle positions and what they'd actually be used for, 
    no point having a big jeep in a level that consists mostly of water and small 
    narrow paths.
    11. Try to get all your land mass done before you start with brushes, as 
    changing terrain afterwards can alter the position of things you've placed 
    which can just be a pain.
    12. Long straight bridges are ... BORING... If you really want players to get 
    up to a certain point, usually for a hangglider, a few options are: adding 
    cover and weapons along the path leading to potential firefights, evolution 
    pickup at the bottom so players can sprint up, or a vehicle.
    13. Make it detailed, but keep the concept simple.
    14. Just because you can change elevation does not mean you need a thousand 
    mountains. Mountains are nice when time is put into their placement and use.
    15. Take time placing your ladders - it may be a pain, but it pays off when you
    don't hear 1 complaint about people falling off of them or getting stuck 
    trying to reach the top.
    16. Use nature to make the snipers work for their shots. Trees and bushes (even
    high grass) make excellent cover from a sniper in a tower.
    17. If you making paths through wooded area - try and make it look a little 
    worn. Use some sand paint or even some cliff paint - even sink a few rocks into
    the ground.
    18. Use the ability to hop into the map at any time to your advantage. You have
    100% control of the camera in this view.
    19. Please don't take your map online after only an hour or so of editing it. 
    Unless you're playing with people who know ahead of time that you're looking 
    for advice and suggestions. It can really frustrate an unsuspecting optimatch 
    player when they hop into a 20% finished map - and end up getting booted 
    because they are "killing people" If it is going to be a test map with you and 
    your friends, max out the friend slots on the options before you launch the 
    20. When playing Capture the Sample, make sure there are a few ways to get to 
    the sample. I made a map with only one small path up a hill to the sample and 
    it was way to easy to defend. Try making a few paths to the sample from 
    different directions to keep the defending team on their feet.
    21. Place weapons strategically. Don't just throw them into the map where 
    people will have a hard as hell time trying to find them. Don't bunch them 
    together all in one spot (depending what type of map it is) and don't put the 
    most powerful weapons close to spawn points. It's okay to have some hidden 
    spots that hide powerful weaponry but people don't want to go around with a 
    pistol the whole match.
    22. Make the level design interesting and unique. People don't want to run 
    through miles of ugly and bland forest just to find nothing. 
    23. Also try to vary the weapons in the map. I try to use two of every weapon 
    except maybe the heavy machine gun and the rocket launcher. I use only one of 
    each of those.
    24. Make sure that the health packs are spaced somewhat evenly so that you 
    don't have to trek across the map after a fire fight to get patched up.
    25. Make sure the elevation of your map varys often; I hate maps that are just
    a cluster of 3 person islands with long range weapons and water scooters only. 
    I prefer a map with a few island and a sort of mountain jungle that you can 
    venture into with vehicles for high speed chase action (especialy near cliffs).
    26. When creating a forest or placing one of the "tree" brushes, use the rotate
    button to change their direction on each placement The result will be more 
    realistic vegetation and forest "look."
    27. Also, if you are placing trees - try and make sure there is grass below 
    them. Fifty 20 foot trees growing out of sand doesn't make much sense.
    28. You don't always have to put the sniper rifles right beside the most 
    optimum sniper point - make them work for it and actually enter the battlefield
    and tense action.
    29. USE EMPTY SPACE...BY LEAVING IT EMPTY - Just because you have space doesn't
    mean you have to clog it up with buildings or tons of trees. Not only do you 
    potentially hinder the performance of the map by cluttering it up with too many
    objects, but you also introduce claustrophobic frustration to the player trying
    to learn how to get around the map. Empty space is needed to allow for players
    to have long range gunfights and not just close-quarter battles. Do whatever 
    it takes to avoid making your entire map feel like a maze. This goes 
    hand-in-hand with "symmetry is bad".
    30. MAKING REALISTIC-LOOKING MOUNTAINS - Natural mountains and hills aren't 
    perfectly round bumps. To create realistic looking mountains, raise an area of 
    land you want for the mountain as high as you want it. Now make the cursor as 
    small as possible and DIG STRAIGHT DOWN (do NOT use Smoothing at this point) 
    until you've dug level with the main part of the land the mountain is on. 
    Do this somewhat randomly around the mountain and you can create very realistic
    looking crag formations. With patience and time you can even create paths up 
    and around the mountain. Naturally, don't forget to paint the sides of your 
    mountain with the cliff texture.
    31. GRASS DOESN'T GROW WITHOUT DIRT - If you've dropped a building (or other 
    structure with a solid floor) on a spot and now have grass magically swaying
    up through the floor, use the Paint tool and "paint out" the grass with Sand or
    Cliff paint. No one is going to see under the floor, anyway, and this will 
    eliminate the 3D grass effect.
    already kinda been mentioned but it's worth repeating - if you're going to put
    a bunch of items, such as barrels or crates, next to each other before you 
    place them Rotate each one even slightly from the previous one you placed so 
    they aren't all put on the map with exactly the same "look".
    33. Make it balanced, Make it look good, Make sure players cannot get stuck 
    anywhere on the map. 
    34. Smoothen all the coastlines
    35. Be sure to add something original and unique to your map, and not just the
    same things you've played through before.
    36. The best way I have found to make pathways up hills or cliffs is to use the
    set height tool. Make the area cursor a little wider than you want the path to 
    be, maybe one click or so bigger. Now use it like steps, place a raised area 
    one or two clicks higher than the ground level then move to the edge of that 
    and raise an area one or two clicks above that. Keep moving up the intended 
    trail making each step just one or two clicks higher than the last. When you 
    get to the end of your path go back over the edges with the smooth tool to make
    them all blend together to make a incline.
    37. Although your map may have an awesome layout and its a lot of fun to play 
    on you can make it even better by taking your time to smooth out sharp points 
    and edges where they shouldn't be. Sharp spots are fine on cliffs and mountains
    but they don't look good in the middle of your beach covered with sand. Sand 
    falls away from sharp points. If you can't get that sharp spot smooth at least 
    colour it like a rock with the cliff paint.
    38. Cosmetics are not necessary but can add so much to your map. Take your 
    time with all the jaggies here and there and watch your paint too. Spots on the
    side of a cliff painted like grass look a lil' funny so go over them with the 
    cliff paint again.
    39. Also try painting under water. I use the grass paint here and there to add 
    under water vegetation to spots making it look a lil more realistic.
    40. INVISIBLE BARRIER INDICATORS: If you hate hitting the invisible walls at 
    the perimeter of the maps with vehicles or otherwise (as I do ) instead of 
    making huge high embankments or fences etc - all you need to do is use the 
    "set height" tool and set it to the smallest cursor size (or just big enough 
    for a path width) and match the water level height with the terrain all the 
    way around the edge of the map (I use the sand colour for this giant square 
    This way everyone will know where the edge is and avoid driving into it - but 
    will still be able to see off into the distance so it doesn't feel contained 
    or claustrophobic
    41. UNDERWATER TUNNEL WAYS/MAZES : Place open crates (or any double open ended
    yet roofed off object) under water to create long cave like pathways when 
    connected to each other (you should probably lower the ocean floor first) - 
    stick something worth while inside or hidden within these underwater mazes - so
    that people will risk getting stuck without air trying to find the item(s) 
    (don't make it too frustrating though - it's all about balance)
    42. CAVES: To make huge caves inside giant tall mountains / land masses - all 
    you have to do is make the main mountain really huge and wide with a flat top -
    then use the "set height" tool and gradually dig holes anywhere within the 
    edges of the mountain top (the purpose is to dig a path way that gradually 
    gets deeper and deeper as you go
    You should start with a cursor width just wide enough to fit a vehicle - at 
    the top as you work your way down and probably wind the path so you can go 
    super far down inside the mountain - same way as making winding paths to go up
    a tall mountain- only this way it's easier to start at the top rather than the 
    Now when you have gone as deep as you want to go - re-adjust the cursor width 
    to a much wider setting(depending on the size of the cave opening you want at 
    the bottom of your path) - now you should have a huge winding path leading down
    to a huge opening (that will look like one giant hole/pit inside the mountain 
    when looking down inside it from the top
    Now it's up to you to put what you want at the bottom of the pit (cave bottom) 
    but now to turn the pit into a cave all that you have to do is place any 
    floating objects over the paths all the way down (these objects should span to 
    all of the edges of the pit top (the top of the mountain) (The large flat 
    topped objects are obviously best for this as they allow you to walk over them
    the easiest and to smooth/ connect the terrain edges to them the easiest
    The only trouble with cave making is the lack of any kind of decent camera 
    control to see over top or inside specifically where you want to when placing
    objects or smoothing the paths etc
    43. What is really cool is if you're gonna use water, make it like a small 
    connecting river. Like a path going through the land, then create 1-4 jet skis
    in the water. That way you can race jet skis! Hell, forget gun fighting and
    blowing each other up, just hop on a Jetski and race each other properly. Fast
    one over the checkpoint wins.
    If you want to make things more interesting and unique you could forgot about 
    the main aim of the game for a map or 2 and create a ATV race track with jumps, 
    alternate routes, water and the track being made with the sand or cliff paint.
    You can do this with other vehicles as well, like a water scooter track.
    Turn all the space into flat land and then de-elevate it into a patch of water.
    Then you can go around the whole area and make a connecting water track for jet
    skis/water scooters. To make it more exciting, put some rocks or fencing in the
    water for obstacles.
    Or you can elevate the land to make a break in the water, like a small hill. 
    Then put up a small elevating ramp and you can jump the jet skis. Awesome 
    racing fun!
    44. Make your beaches real...Meaning if you were on the shore and you walk out
    to the water, the elevation gradually declines rather than to suddenly drop.
    45. I saw this guy that made a STS map and the two teams spawn at the enemy 
    base. It was like an assault game. You get the sample at the start and try to 
    take it to your base that is defended by the enemy. Something interesting like
    this will make players sit up and pay attention.
    46. As with "having multiple paths", try to have your maps work on multiple 
    levels (low, mid, high) with each level (preferably) having advantages and 
    disadvantages. I've seen a lot of very big, very flat maps that have been 
    dominated by snipers because non-snipers just don't have anywhere to go or hide
    47. As a varation, try to work to make a map as vertical as possible. I saw one
    map where one guy had taken the Ruins brush set and built three multi-level 
    bases (with basements!) with the temple and bridge peices that were pretty neat.
    48. You can alter camera angle by clicking in the left thumbstick and moving 
    the right one.
    49. To go in and out of FPS mode just hit the back button, you'll appear where
    your cursor is at the time... do this often as objects and land mass look very 
    different from each view.
    50. Also, if you move or delete large objects, don't forget to update the 
    terrain shadows, assuming your map is set during the daytime or evening hours.
    51. Put plenty of bushes and rocks. If you have empty space between trees, use 
    bushes. They make it look lots better and provide some areas to hide in.
    52. Make sure to detail ever aspect of your level. Don't accept what's "okay", 
    make it to your satisfaction. Use deatailing ideas from the standard maps and 
    also the single player maps. Be Kubrick and design that perfect idea.
    53. To make something thats like a cave Put A BUNCH of rocks on each other to 
    make it look like a cave.
    54. If you have some area with shallow water try putting some grass paint there
    too. It looks neat with the grass coming out of the water plus it gives some 
    added camo to that area. It works great in Predator Mode, as you can hide there 
    in the grassy water and it's hard for others to see you.
    55. This has been said 1000 times before but the Smooth option is there for a 
    reason, use it.
    56. Make sure you you don't put too many Player spawns right next to Predator 
    spawns since the game uses player spawns for the helpless mercs.
    57. Try to put cover and maybe even some weapons next to the spawns, nobody 
    likes spawning and getting shot in the face by a Sniper Rifle because it's 
    staked out.
    58. Trees not only make your map look good but they provide excellent cover 
    in places that seem too open.
    59. Use the Paint tool to make your map look nice and layout paths, I don't 
    think anyone likes looking at mountains covered in sand or grass when you 
    know it should look like a mountain.
    60. Make sure when you make mountains and such on the edges of levels that 
    people can't fall in and get stuck. Very annoying.
    61. Try to give markers on where the map ends, trying to get away in a boat 
    and hitting an invisible wall that you didn't know was there is embarrassing.
    62. No matter how many times you go through the map alone there will always 
    be something that you missed. You might want to save the map with BETA TEST in
    the name or something, because odds are later you will find some things wrong 
    with it and want to fix it, once you find everything you can fix it, save, and
    publish it again and tell your friends to delete the BETA map from their HDD. 
    This saves alot of space.
    63. The Small, Medium, and Large Rocks can be used to make some over passes 
    and caves by linking the together.
    64. Make sure you manage the time of day, ambient sounds, and fog in your map.
    You would be surprised how much these contribute to the fun of a map.
    65. Balance is a very big issue in Capture the Sample, make sure you give each
    team a fair amount of weapons and cover. Having one team a lot better then 
    the other is a real kill joy.
    66. You might also want to brain storm a map and possibly even sketch it out 
    first on paper. Designing a basic layout before hand makes map making go a lot 
    quicker. (My note: One time when I stepped out of the bath, I saw my mirror 
    was steamed up. I spent 15 minutes just drawing out my level design in the 
    steam. Sounds crazy, but I have created some really cool maps from it.)
    67. Try to have a piece of paper and a pen on hand when you start playing your
    maps with friends, you might see something wrong that you might want to fix 
    later and writing it down helps.
    68. My main tip is don't always restrict yourself to creating something in 
    the "island" theme.
    By that I mean, you can create something completely different that isn't a 
    cluster of islands with waterways, which is what people immediately tend to do
    on a first attempt with the map editor, simply because its the locale that main
    game uses the most.
    69. It is possible to create closed levels with handy usage of the main wall 
    brushes and clever terrain manipulation, from there you can pretty much do as 
    you please.
    70. Also if you are making a closed in level, bear in mind predators can just 
    jump pretty high! You'd better be sure to play-test fully and make sure people
    can't get outside the boundaries you've setup.
    71. Turn off the snap brushes to terrain options as I find it gives you much 
    more flexibility. If you want to be more direct though using the D-pad when 
    rotating/sinking objects turns the object in preset increments and not 
    free-hand like the analog stick does.
    72. Don't set out to make a map that caters for all gametypes if the layout 
    doesn't really lend itself to the flow of that gametype. Chaos and Team Chaos 
    are pretty much the same deal, but Predator is a whole other thing.
    73. I find a really good tweaked Predator map is much more authentic if it's 
    geared towards that mode of play. Focus on it and make it specific.
    74. Be daring. If you have 16 players on a map, why not trapped them in at a
    tiny camp or building area? It provides a lot more intense gameplay than having
    large open maps every would. 
    75. Make hidden passages with things such as rocks, using trees and bushes to 
    cover the entrance slightly. Down this new cave, you can hide all manner of 
    things such as Evolution pick-ups or powerful weapons.
    76. What about making your own type of multiplayer mode? For example, race up
    to the top of a mountain to find a crashed truck with a cargo of Evolution 
    pick-ups. First one there keeps the pick-up, and the other players are then in
    a game of Juggernaut where they all try to take down the Predator.
    77. Try to alter your ambient sounds to match the map. And don't make it too
    loud, since it really is annoying and distracting.
    78. Try not to build your map 25 feet above water level. Vehicles often end up
    going flying off of these and can't be used again. Bad map design.
    79. Align everything perfectly. Well, not perfectly, but make sure it's all 
    lined up right, as jagged bridges and fences bugs people. Not to mention things
    such as floating crates and barrels...
    80. Be sure to conceal. If you build yourself a temple and one side has a set 
    of stairs leading down to nowhere, place something like a statue at the end, or
    a rock or two to block it off like a cave-in. Makes it look realistic.
    81. Make more than one entrance point to important places. Nothing sucks more 
    than a sniper dominating a map because all he has to do is protect a ladder. I 
    know there is little love lost for Halo around here, but one of the things that
    make Halo maps interesting is the way you can get behind someone chasing you. 
    It is a lot of fun when a good sniper sets up camp and his teammates defend the
    multiple routes to him.
    82. If your map is Steal the Sample, make sure both bases are equally 
    defendable and equally attackable. I hate playing games where one team scores 
    all the time because the other teams base sucks or their base is easy to 
    defend. The bases don't have to be clones of each other, but try to balance 
    them. . . BALANCE!!!
    83. If your map is Predator, make sure the Mercs can actually reach the 
    generator with a little work, and make sure the Predator can guard the 
    generator and not just be completely ambushed. . .BALANCE!!!
    84. If your map is Chaos, make sure a sniper can't dominate. A sniper tower 
    that sees all and only has one access point is too easy to defend. Put in 
    another sniper or a rocket launcher somewhere to counter the tower. Or maybe 
    make multiple access points to the good sniper spots so the sniper has to stay 
    on his toes . . . BALANCE.
    85. Don't put gimmicky crap in your map. Ramps that go up to infinity for no 
    reason may sound cool, but they don't make for a fun map. Huge pits with no 
    way to get out may sound cool, but . . uh . . NO!!! A sniper heaven where 
    everyone else is running around on the ground like roaches with no way to 
    defend themselves may sound cool, but . . .uh . . .NOOO!!! If it does not 
    serve a purpose or it's not cosmetic. . .DON'T DO IT!!!
    86. Remember, just because you can't see something on the surface of the water
    doesn't mean that something couldn't be there, so try to add detail and maybe
    some hidden features under the water on your next map. 
    One of my maps is shaped like a horse shoe of land around a cove of water. The 
    two bases are at the tops of cliffs at the mouth of the cove with a broken 
    bridge running between them...
    In the middle of the cove just beneath the bridge and under the water is a 
    broken down truck lodged in the seabed with some crates around its wreckage. 
    All of which is slightly covered by some sea plants...
    Right in the middle of those crates and plants is the only rocket launcher 
    on the map. So you need to do a bit of exploring to find it.
    (*That's what I, jimfish, did with my map Seclusion....Oops...it was meant 
    to be secret...*)
    86. Want a gun-turret but annoyed that there isn't one? Think again! By using
    a boat and placing it on land, you have yourself a turret. Not good enough? Try
    covering it will sandbags to mask the boat and just leave the gun exposed...
    Still not enough? Lower the terrain where the boat is placed, leaving only the
    top half-exposed. 
    87. Be sure to check your items are placed properly. Sometimes they may just
    get lose in the sand if it's not flat...
    88. Remember that just because the game is mosty islands, you aren't stuck with
    islands alone... and just because you're using the military brush set doesn't 
    mean you have to make a military base.
    For example, I used military and jungle, and made a baseball stadium, just 
    because I could... I'll be the first to admit that the open outfield is a great
    way to get sniped, but at least I was original... and with how open the field 
    is, and how tall the grass is, going prone is almost like being invisible.
    I even started playing with my sports idea, and made plans to try a football 
    field with the research brushes.
    It's all in how original you can get.
    My bleachers are just a simple little pavillion, a few legs, and some sheet 
    metal... but stack them 3 high and 3 wide, cover the back with some fences, and
    add a couple of ladders, and it actually looks like bleachers.
    Just try to be original. Islands with vehicles were fun for the first 3 days, 
    but now it's time to move on.
    89. When doing a tropical map without using the secondary brush set, use the 
    bamboo fences and lower them enough so you can shoot over them while crouching.
    It's practically a sand bag for you.
    90. Need a 3 story building? Get 3 barracks and some closed containers and 
    stack them like this. B=Barracks C=Containers.
    Use the holes in the walls as the entrance.
    91. Keep your players looking up and down as well as side to side by making 
    multiple levels on your map.
    A map with hills and cliffs or 2 and 3 story bases is a lot more fun to play 
    on than a map where everything is at eye level.
    92. Increasing the fog just a bit helps a lot with the ugly textures of far 
    away objects, but don't make it too foggy or else you wont be able to see who
    is shooting at you.
    93. This one deserves its own section by right, but for now, it has to be put
    down as a tip. Thanks to krull for this one!
    Experimenting with the put weapons on top of ladders thing, you can make 
    weapons float in the air, or if placed in the correct spot the weapons will 
    fall from the sky, meaning you can place weapons high in the air, if they fall
    they will essentially have a longer respawn time, good for rockets if you don't
    want them to come back quite as fast. I haven't quite figured out how to make 
    weapons float or fall consistently, but I have figured it out for carbombs!
    Place a crate where you want the bomb to fall, now switch to a ladder and raise
    it into the air, higher for more spectacular effects, but lower for ease of 
    use, then switch to an RMV and place it on top of the ladder, then remove the 
    ladder...In the mapmaker all the carbombs fall out of the sky, on Live 
    sometimes they fall when you first spawn, then they float in the air. This is 
    where keeping them kinda low comes in handy, hit them with a rocket, grenade 
    launcher, or a ton of bullets, and they become on-demand death from above.
    Here's the fun part, after you place the RMV, jump into the map and watch it 
    fall, see where it landed on the crate and exploded off in a certain 
    direction...You can now tweak the position of the crate slightly, and test it
    out, until you get a really cool effect. example: vehicle drops on the box, 
    explodes, bouncing over a fence, off a wall and right landing right near your
    sample. Very interesting results for small maps!
    DO NOT, delete a floating vehicle while it is in the air, your game wil freeze.
    DO NOT try to move a vehicle that has been placed in the air, game will freeze.
    If you made a mistake on vehicle placement, remove the crate below it and it 
    should delete the vehicle above automatically, if it doesn't, save, reload, and
    the vehicle will appear on the ground, (this is what happens if there is no 
    crate there, and thus, the reason for the crate.
    DO save often in case you mess up and it freezes.
    Also when positioning the crate, you can also try to add nearby trees, rocks...
    Anything you want, to experiment with the different crash results. I have a a 
    bunch of good weapons hidden in an area that is overlooked by a ton of 
    carbombs, two bombs above each Sample base, for defense or offense, or a 
    distraction >_>
    The map is really small though, more along the size of an original Rainbow Six 
    3 map, this trick works much better in such a map.
                             (M-P)  MULTIPLAYER  (M-P)
    This section is dedicated to the multiplayer section of the game. Tips, hints,
    guides, they will all be here...over time. For now, there's only these 3 tips
    sent in by Lagerfeldt. Thanks, dude!
         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                    Being hunted by a Predator
    When someone is hunting you as a Predator their vision is changed. This means 
    they'll most likely just follow your orange trace since details are blury. If 
    you know you are being hunted by a Predator, make a clear trace to a tree, go 
    right behind it and place a branch trap. Hide right behind the tree and the 
    Predator will most likely aim straight for you and get killed by the trap - as 
    he can't see the trap due to the blurred vision. You can "steer" the Predator 
    to the right side of the tree where the trap is by aligning yourself correctly.
    This has worked very successfuly for me on Live, and is a satisfying way of 
    eliminating a Predator quickly.
         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                      Being the Predator
    When you are the Predator, remember to use the super jump to your advantage. 
    Hold down the jump button while running and release it for the super jump. 
    This will help you get a better idea of the vicinity of enemies, instead of 
    just running around franctically looking for prey. On some maps the super jump
    enables you to jump to high places that can't be reached otherwise, great if 
    you have the sniper rifle and are at the end of your Predator-run.
         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When placing Claymore mines, the curved side of the mine will determine the 
    blast direction. Use this to your advantage. Remember mines can be removed by 
    shooting at them. Branch traps can successfully be placed on a tree near the
    ground by looking down when placing it. This will help hide the branch.
                           (C-M) CUSTOM MAPS DATABASE (C-M)
    Welcome to the Database for all of those custom maps that you guys have been
    busy creating. As of now, it's small and tiny, but it's growing...
    To read this section, it's set up in fields, like below.
                               *                        -
                               -       Name: ???        *
                               *    Creator: ???        -
                               -       Size: ???        *
                               *  Brust set: ???, ???   -
                               - Game Modes: ???        *
                               * XBox Live?: ???        -
                               -Description: ???        *
    Now, it's pretty simple to understand. Name of the map, who created it, the 
    size of the map, what brush set was used, the game modes open to play, is it
    on XBox Live and finally, the desctiption of it. If you want to submit your
    map's data, give me a line via e-mail. See my Contact Information for more.
                              Name: Vulkan
                           Creator: JVekt (Gamer Tag: Bionic Wiggles)
                              Size: Takes up 3/4 of the map.
                         Brush set: Tropical, Military.
                       Time of Day: ???
                        Game modes: Chaos, Team Chaos, Predator and STS.
                        Xbox Live?: Yes.
                       Description: The old villages on these two isles has only
                                    one village active and fighting the military
                                    that took over the other and destroyed the 
                                    bridge that connected the the canyon that 
                                    connected the two islands. A supply truck 
                                    that was carrying an ATV was stolen by one 
                                    of the natives but was destroyed by a RMV. 
                                    The two land vehicles are now used by the 
                                    natives. Now the last fight will be held 
                                    between the Military and the Natives. 
                                            Pick a side and fight.
                             Name: Seclusion
                          Creator: jimfish
                             Size: Takes up 3/4 of the map.
                        Brush set: Jungle, Research.
                      Time of Day: Night
                       Game modes: Chaos and Team Chaos
                       XBox Live?: No.
                      Description: Away from the main islands of Jacutan, this 
                                   small off-shore base acts as a small training
                                   centre for small groups of mercs. After a brutal
                                   storm, the island was left ravished and cut off 
                                   with the rest of the world. The only hope of the
                                   men there were upon the helicopter which was 
                                   blown apart by the storm. Now, the pressure's 
                                   got to them all...Defend the base with your life
                                   until support comes...if it does, that is...
                             Name: Guerrilla Pit
                          Creator: Warrior dude
                             Size: Takes up 1/2 of the map.
                        Brush set: Jungle, Ruins.
                      Time of Day: Night
                       Game modes: Chaos and Steal the Sample.
                       XBox Live?: No.
                      Description: A rather small level with an L-shaped creek 
                                   running through it. Set within cliffs, Guerrilla
                                   Pit is very dark and foggy with dense forest. On
                                   the blue side sits a small temple, probably a 
                                   shrine of Buddha. On the red side, lays a small 
                                   mercenary encampment. You must use stealth in 
                                   Guerrilla pit, or die trying.
                             Name: Nature's Wrath
                          Creator: Shadow Commando (Gamer Tag: Angel 0f Fury)
                             Size: Small-medium.
                        Brush set: Tropical, Research.
                      Time of Day: ???
                       Game modes: Chaos, Team Chaos and Steal the Sample.
                       XBox Live?: Yes.
                      Description: A small island with abundant vegitation, a 
                                   single road goes from one base to another, the
                                   trees and bushes makes this a trap layer's 
                             Name: Deadly Oasis
                          Creator: My_2_Cents
                             Size: About 3/4 of the map.
                        Brush set: Jungle.
                      Time of Day: ???
                       Game Modes: All Modes.
                       XBox Live?: Yes.
                      Description: N/A
                             Name: Tropicana 2
                          Creator: JayFlipz489
                             Size: Medium
                        Brush Set: Tropical/Military
                       Game Modes: All Modes.
                       XBox Live?: Yes
                      Description: Tropical map consisting of small multiple 
                                   islands of different elevations. For more info 
                                   visit Jay's photosite:
                              Name: Mountain Fever 
                           Creator: Skillfactor
                              Size: Small
                         Brush Set: (Mountains)
                        Game Modes: All Modes.
                        XBox Live?: Yes.
                       Description: You are able to download this map from 
                                    GameFAQs.com It'll blow you away like they 
                                    did me. :)
                              Name: Island Fever
                           Creator: Skillfactor
                              Size: Huge
                         Brush Set: Tropical
                        Game Modes: All Modes.
                        XBox Live?: Yes.
                       Description: You are able to download this map from 
                                    GameFAQs.com It'll blow you away like they 
                                    did me. :)
                              Name: Separation
                           Creator: DevonEval
                              Size: About 2/4, to 3/4 of the map
                         Brush Set: Military, Forest
                        Game Modes: Steal The Sample
                        XBox Live?: Yes.
                       Description: Separation is a STS map with diffrent gameplay 
                                    styles. Red Team is more assault based in the 
                                    fact they can jump their boats right into the 
                                    blue base. Blue team is sneaky in a sense they 
                                    can swim into the enemy base and grab the 
                                    sample if the reds are not on Defence. Both 
                                    sides are fun to play on, and some of the not 
                                    often sought after things bring great rewards.
                             Name: D-Day
                          Creator: babyvegeta980 (Gamertag: Lightbishop)
                             Size: Nearly takes up full map.
                        Brush Set: Jungle, Military.
                       Game Modes: All Modes. Works best with Steal the Sample.
                       XBox Live?: Yes.
                      Description: On one corner of the map is the blue base; it's
                                   not that big but it's good for sniping. It has 
                                   4 inflatable boats and an armory with Desert 
                                   Eagles, snipers, a rocket launcher, auto pistols
                                   and not forgetting the carbines, assault rifles 
                                   and different weapons, including some health and
                                   armor. On the other side of the map, there is a 
                                   giant island with a bunker, (a few large 
                                   walkways with guard posts on top) 3 guard posts 
                                   near the beach and a sniper's tower. There is 
                                   also an inflatable boat, 2 ATVs, and a Humvee. 
                                   Finally there is the really small third island 
                                   in a corner. It has a lot of brush so it's good
                                   for sniping for both teams. The rest of the map
                                   is just ocean. If you want to play this map, 
                                   send a friend request to Lightbishop. He has
                                   testimonies of more than 40+ people who've 
                                   played it and loved it. He'll see you on live.
                             Name: Speedball
                          Creator: jessy1234 (Gamertag: little butter)
                          Terrain: Swamp, Military
                             Size: Around 1/2 of the map.
                       Game Modes: Team Chaos.
                      Description: If anyone's played Ghost Recon 2, I had that map
                                   where it looked like a big paintball speed ball 
                                   course. There are wooden bunkers in the middle 
                                   and wooden planked bases at the ends. It's like 
                                   a valley in the middle. Each base is on top of 
                                   hills and the teams charge down the hills into 
                                   the valley and then must fight they're way up to
                                   the opposing base. not
                             Name: Ascension BETA
                          Creator: Lucasucks (Gamertag: poopcity3)
                             Size: Around a 1/4 of the map.
                        Brush Set: Military
                       Game Modes: All Modes.
                       XBox Live?: Yes.
                      Description: This is simple a re-make of that classic Halo 2
                                   map, Ascension.
                             Name: Dual-Air Sunset (Dual-Air Night)
                          Creator: krull (Gamertag: X 420 Solidus)
                             Size: Medium sized city, LARGE mountain jump
                        Brush Set: Ruins, Swamp
                       Game Modes: All Modes.
                       XBox Live?: Yes
                      Description: In STS, both teams starts 225 meters high on the
                                   the top of a gigantic cliff jump. Bases are 
                                   separated by a wall but ladders allow access to 
                                   each other's bases. As you drive vehicles down 
                                   the mountain, the wall drops away enemy teams 
                                   are exposed to each other's gunfire, crashing, 
                                   attacks from the rocket platform, until they 
                                   reach the edge and launch hundreds of feet into 
                                   the air. Landing in the lake (hopefully), one 
                                   Team's base is a huge Egyptian temple to the 
                                   left, and stretching to the right is the rest 
                                   of the "city" leading to the other base. A 
                                   Patrol boat is planted right in the middle for 
                                   whoever makes the jump and reaches it first.
    Notes: Originally 1 team was up top, the other defended at the bottom, this 
    lead to hours of folks just jumping off the cliff for fun, now with both teams
    up there, it's not just a gimmick and full fledged vehicular combat occurs up 
    on the mountain, good stuff...
                             Name: CLIFFSIDE COVE
                          Creator: MECHALUCHA
                             Size: Around 1/4 of the map.
                        Brush Set: Military, Jungle
                       Game Modes: Steal The Sample
                       XBox Live?: Yes.
                      Description: Horseshoe shaped map with a cove bordered by two
                                   cliffs. The bases are at the top of each cliff 
                                   and there is two buildings down near the water 
                                   with the more powerful weapons. This is a fast 
                                   paced STS map for two teams of 4.
                            Name: Tropical Ground
                         Creator: Fragile Box 
                            Size: Medium-to-Large
                       Brush Set: Tropical, Military
                      Game Modes: All Modes.
                      XBox Live?: Yes.
                     Description: 5 Islands. 3 of them connected by bridges. 
                                    ...It's the perfect map for snipers.
                           Name: Lost Meridian
                        Creator: Laughing Falcon
                           Size: Huge (Full Map)
                      Brush Set: Tropical, Temple
                     Game Modes: All Modes.
                     XBox Live?: Yes.
                    Description: The map is huge, and covers the entire available 
                                 space in the map editor tool. There are five main 
                                 areas in Lost Meridian. They are the Island of the
                                 Magician, the massive Pyramid of the Sun, the 
                                 Temple of Four-Faces, the Tomb Swamp, and the 
                                 Village Ruins. Lesser known places of interest 
                                 include the Temple of the Dwarf, and the 
                                 mysterious Canyon of Many Faces. Needless to say, 
                                 this completely unique and original map, is packed 
                                 with many places to explore, and many varied areas
                                 to battle in. 
                              (G-L)  GLITCHES   (G-L)
    Far Cry is far from perfection in the line of glitches, as many strange things
    happen out on those islands...
                           Glitch Name: Underwater Chopper
                          Where Found?: Level 1; Training
    If you swim around to where Val took off in the Jet-ski after the boat is shot
    apart, you'll be chased by the helicopters. If you go out to the sea slightly
    after hitting the strip of land, the chopper that will chase you will descend
    and...go under the water. If you swim down after it, you'll just find a 
    floating machine gun. Weird.
                           Glitch Name: Water Scooter
                          Where Found?: Level 1; Training
    This glitch is bizarre, but explainable. As soon as Jack's boat is blown out
    of the water, turn around and swim for where Val took off in the Jet-Ski. Keep
    swimming and soon, you'll hit land where a racing water scooter tries to make
    a getaway but only flings sand everywhere. Around the scooter is a merc, Val 
    and "Blue-Man" (Blue Man appears quite a bit in the game...). Each of these 3
    are impossible to kill, so don't try. The scooter is also ridable for the first
    time in Single Player AS A PASSENGER, not the driver. Just stand by it and hold
    X to climb aboard. Sadly, you can't go anywhere with it, but oh well...
                           Glitch Name: Stand By, All Mercs!
                          Where Found?: Level 1; Training
    Beyond the Jet-ski is another set of vehicles, one of which you can drive. So
    keep swimming around the island and soon you'll see a boat in the water with 
    some mercs on the sand to the right. Swim over to the boat and hold X to enter
    it. Drive around, use the turret to shoot up the mercs who wait to be triggered
    by an event. These mercs are the one that will take off in a helicopter after
    you come to your first "real" merc looking over a cliff. 
    You can even collect the weapons from these guys and blow up the helicopter...
                           Glitch Name: Skip the Level
                          Where Found?: Level 1; Training
    This is not really a glitch, but oh well. After doing the above glitch, keep 
    swimming around the island some more and you will come to the hut where Jack 
    will jump from at the end of the level to avoid being blown up. If you swim 
    over there and walk into the hut, the closing cutscene will trigger and the
    game thinks you have collected the ear-piece, even though you haven't.
    Also, the dock is empty before the closing cutscene, but once it is triggered,
    a Zodiac will be docked there.
                          Glitch Name: Dead Lockup
                         Where Found?: Everywhere.
    This is a simple, yet highly annoying glitch. If you die (hit 0 health) and 
    the controller is suddenly unplugged, you need to turn off your XBox as the 
    game crashes and locks-ups. This is highly annoying for those who have dodgy
    XBox controllers when, even though they are plugged in, say they're not plugged
                          Glitch Name: Blue Man Returns!
                         Where Found?: Level Two; Beach
    The ever-so enigma Blue Man returns. After being foiled at the Jet-Ski, he 
    hides behind the large rock to the left of the start of the level. From the
    start, just swim around it and you'll come to him. He's grown a face this time,
    as well as a slight colour change. He also bought two pairs of binoculars along
    and a weak body armour (5 units), kill him to gain the armour.
                           Glitch Name: Rocky Cannon
                          Where Found?: Level Two; Beach
    If you come across a small rocky hill with a small crawling space big enough 
    for Jack to go prone and enter, try doing so. For some reason, when Jack crawls
    to the end of the "mini-mini cave", he'll be thrown through the rock and 
    propelled up. You can climb loads of hills and mountains by doing this and get
    to places you weren't meant to...
                           Glitch Name: Survive that Cliff
                          Where Found?: Anywhere with large drops
    This is not really a glitch, but it's a neat trick all the same which was not
    meant to be used. This was not found by me, but instead by _____.
    Get into a vehicle, drive off a huge cliff, and right before you hit the ground
    jump out of the vehicle and it will be like you jumped off a 2 foot drop. Use
    this to get to the bottom of canyons where you weren't supposed to.
                             (S-I) SKIP THE INTRO! (S-I)
    A lot of people have been complaining about not being able to skip the intro
    movie, being annoyed at having to watch it again and again just to play their
    game. So, to cut down on the amount of questions and topics that the GameFAQs'
    (and many other websites...) users have to go through, here is the "solution"
    to preventing this bug from happening...
    If you've found yourself unable to skip the intro movie on Far Cry Instincts, 
    pounding all the buttons on your controller until your hands are blooded 
    stumps, here's a solution and explanation.
        * If you set the time and date properly on your Xbox, this problem won't 
        * If you have Xbox Live and allow Far Cry Instincts to download the update 
          released yesterday (05/10/05), this problem won't occur. 
    However, if you put a different game into your Xbox (but why would you do 
    that?) and later guiltily return to Far Cry Instincts like an unfaithful lover,
    the intro video will play again in full. The reason for this is that Far Cry 
    Instincts copies a bunch of sound files onto your Xbox while the intro plays. 
    When you put in a different game these sound files are deleted and will need 
    to be copied over again the next time you use Far Cry Instincts.     
                               CONFIRMED AS OF YET....
                             (E-M)   PAST E-MAILS   (E-M)   
    This section is for all the e-mails I recieve. Some are here just so you know
    what people have asked me, others for factual information and the rest are very
    interesting to read...
    This e-mail was sent to me by [name removed 02/11/05 by request] who corrected 
    me of several errors in the guide, with some factual information about the 
    Regarding the FarCry Instincts FAQ you made :
    The original engine is from Crytek, but is so crappy it needs a very very good 
    PC (3000 Mhz, 1000 Mb RAM )  to run it... Forget running it on an Xbox @ 700Mhz
    / 64 MbRAM.... Actually a lot of people did not believe we could ever run it 
    even with modifications...But we re-wrote the whole engine, and made a new game
    with it... The licence ( the name "FarCry" ) belongs to Crytek, but most code 
    and data are from Ubisoft...There still might be 2-4% of original Crytek code 
    in Instincts....
    So it would be cool if you could reflect this in some way in the FAQ.... ;oP
                              Developed by:   
                     #     # #####  #   # ##### ###### #    #
                     #       #    #  # #    #   #      #   # 
                     #       #    #   #     #   #####  ####  
                     #       #####    #     #   #      #  #  
                     #     # #   #    #     #   #      #   # 
                      #####  #    #   #     #   ###### #    #           NOT!
    Thanks to:
    3 -Crytek: For developing this superb game. w00t.   NOT!
    Also, for vehicle controls, the left thumbstick click is a horn but only in 
    multiplayer... Didn't made sense to put it in single.. ;o)
    Keep up the good work and have fun!
    [name removed]
    Game Programmer
    Far Cry Instincts - Mission Pack | XBox
    This was sent by Kale Machedo. The e-mail talks about a funny event which 
    happens thanks to the itchy trigger fingered mercs.
    In the mines level theres something really funny, when you get up to the
    mercs who complain about how crowe should have given them night vision gear
    slowly sneak to them and one of them will randomly fire and then they start
    shooting at each other then only ones survives. I re did the level just to
    make sure and its supposed to happen.
    Gene Cermak's e-mail asking for help on "Mines."
    Dear Mr. Taylor:  I have been stuck on this mission and have been using the 
    Brady Games Strategy Guide.  The Guide info doesn't work with respect to 
    Objective 2 Escape the Mines, Part 2. So, I discovered your walkthrough on 
    GameFaqs and played this mission for the fifth time.  
    Unfortunately I was unable to finish it per your walkthrough.  You indicate 
    that when you reach a large chasm of light, just hop from one rocky platform 
    to the next.  Then you say, when you enter the next large room, swap your gun 
    for the shotgun and grab the C4.
    Mr. Taylor, I haven't been able to find a shotgun or C4 anywhere.  The first 
    chasm of light is the moonlight room and the next one is bright lights where 
    there is a rocky path that ultimately leads to a dead end, so to speak. I never
    found where I could hop from one rocky platform to the next. I follow the path,
    pass a barrel and run into two bad guys and kill them.  Then I advanced to that
    point and discovered a shaft of light and a huge chasm.  I tried jumping across
    to one of the rocky ledges and was successful a few times.  But when I try to 
    jump to the next spot, it breaks off and I fall into the chasm and get killed. 
    I must have tried this 15 or 20 times and the result is the same.
    I sure hope I'm missing something Mr. Taylor, but I don't know where to look 
    for the shotgun and C4.
    Any advice will be very much appreciated.  By the way, up until the end of your
    walkthrough, it was better than the pretty pictures, etc., in the Brady Games 
    Strategy Guide.
    Please put me on the right path so I can finish this mission.
    The game is great.
    Thank you.
    Gene Cermak
    This e-mail was sent by MIZARD CADZ, asking for a couple of gamesaves to get
    past an area that he was stuck on. This has sparked my creative side to now
    do a saved game section of the guide.
    Hi jimfish! 
    after reading your guide i thought i'd just give you an email asking about if
    you could make a save for me?? your guide is good but i cant do the level with
    the sniping. i can kill smoe of the guards but val keeps dieing. can you get
    me the save for the level after?
    Thanks to Mark Ganeles for this e-mail. He passed on a much better solution on
    how to deal with the monster at the end of the "Cliffs" level.
    Thanks for the great Walkthough for Far Cry Instincts.
     I discovered something you may want to add or update
    in your guide.
    In section 2.h. (Cliff) I found an easier way to kill
    the freaking huge monster.  I discovered this slightly
    by accident while hiding in a cargo container to
    regain some health...
    One of the cargo containers contains several of the
    barrels that explode when shot.  I got the monster to
    follow me in, quickly ran by him, turned, and fired at
    one of the barrels.  It must have set off a chain
    reaction, because after the huge explosion, the thing
    just keeled over and died.  Now he may have been
    weakened by my constant gunfire, but whatever the
    case, the exploding barrels finished him off.
    This strategy should greatly lessen the 10 minutes to
    kill this beast you suggest in your guide.
    Hope this is useful.
    Best regards,
    Mark Ganeles
                             (T-K) THANKS TO... (T-K)
    There are people who deserve credit, and they are as follows:
    Thanks to:
    -GameFAQs: Because they just belong on here.
    -GamersHell.com: For making the Character Bios which were used in this guide.
    -Ubisoft: For both PUBLISHING this game AND DEVELOPING it. :/ NOT Crytek.
    -Thuyker: For the Controller ASCII...again and again. <3
    -daylightsend7 and eaglesfan026 for the cheats and codes.
    -[name removed], Alexandre Pelletier, Philippe Dion and Francois Leblanc
     for their e-mails informing me of the "Crytek-Ubisoft" development issue. 
    -Holger Lagerfeldt for his ending solution.	
    -The whole of the Far Cry Instincts GameFAQs board and its users! <3
    -Thursday. The final day of writing where I placed as much info in as I can.
    -http://www.network-science.de/ascii/'s wonderful ASCII generator!
    -http://www.image-text.com for the Far Cry ASCII generation.
    -Yams, Spring Rubber, SoftReset, MetalGearREXDude, Hello2ucat, Falcor, Bass X,
    iamtheprodigy, BannedAccount, KageShinobi, PSXer, RoarMonkey, Lollybomb,
    Agonized Flyer, Tomba42, monker, derrate, Red Snake, DeathStalka2, GigaRaver, 
    TwistedCrow, NeoChaosPerfect, RedLight, Spiderman23JII, autoIoad, Moth366, 
    monster master, K1NGCAL, Pigwater, eeyoreluv, jedi zero, Bob the Cow V, 
    VisionofImmortality, trickery...and a whole bunch of RI'ers who are badass 
    and stuff and also...just for being...well, people.
                             (C-R) Copyright Information (C-R)
    This text file, "Far Cry Instincts FAQ" may not be republished and reprinted 
    for any charges and/or profits. This includes being reproduced in books, 
    magazines, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, on other web sites other than GameFAQs 
    without the permission of  the original author. Any changes to this 
    file without the permission of the author is wrong and breaks the law
    of copyright, so please don't do it. And as the legal owner of this
    guide, I bare the right to require any reproduced copies of 
    this guides to be removed from any source of media that may
    use this guide.
    You are free to save it for later reference, and you may 
    also print it if you wish. 
    The latest version of this guide can always be found on the GameFAQs.com
    gaming website. 
    Pfft...that's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, ain't it?
    Copyright 2005 Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor. <(o_q)>TM

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