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"The worst shooter on PS2"

Worst Shooter Ever.

That may seem harsh, but I've never seen a worse shooter than ghost recon. It's boring, limited, linear and FRUSTRATING! This is the first time I have played any of the Ghost Recon series and the second time I've played a Tom Clancy game. The other one I played was Rainbow 6 for ps1 and that was terrible.

The story is pretty stupid. The Koreans attack a US frigate with a silkworm missile and there are no survivors. So the president sends the Ghosts, a top secret, black ops, elite force of soldiers to try and disable the Korean's invasion plans. Wow another top secret squad! How original.

The graphics are pretty crap. You and your squad look like toy soldiers or playdough, and their outfits just look stupid. The environments are nothing special and are really just there. Water looks flat, bushes look pixilated, and trees are nondescript. Enemies have stupid dying animations with silly looking ragdoll animations. The third person view is also entirely unsuited to this genre you have a limited view and always have your guy's ugly head in the way.

Sound is amazingly average. Boring genetic gunfire and enemy sounds add nothing to the game. Voice acting is mind numbingly average and boring. Your squad's grunts when shot are silly too with very small yelps and no sound when they die. There is no music save for a somber military score when one of you squad dies, but really you'll want to shoot them yourself. Really. The menu music is very cool though.

The gameplay is utterly terrible. First is the rigid path through levels. You just can't do anything that you could do on a real battlefield. Example on level one: See that hill over there above the undergrowth that would give you a better view of the battle field and enemy positions? The first thing I did (by reflex after so many rts and fps) was crouch and try to climb it but my guy wouldn't, so I stood up exposing myself to fire and tried again, still I couldn't. I discovered that for some incredibly stupid reason the edge of the level was on those hills, meaning I had to go through a bunch of bushes obscuring my view of the enemies, while they magicly blasted me to bits since they can somehow see through bushes. No good.

Same with climbing roofs, getting into guard towers hiding in crates etc you can't do a thing.
Another thing unlike real; battles is the fact that enemies totally cheat when shooting. They can hit you even when you are in the middle of bushes, totally hidden, from very long distances, when you are lying prone on the crest of a rise, when you are only just leaning out from a rock, and other ridiculous locations. They also almost never miss when shooting you when you are at any of these locations, which is just so brain meltingly frustrating it's not funny. This is not helped by the fact that at top running speed your soldier moves very slowly and that he takes what seems like ages to kneel or go prone, which often leads to being shot.

Your squad “mates” are without question the worst allies in any game ever. Forget Elvis in Perfect Dark running in front of your gun, forget crappy allies in Age of Empires II who rarely attack and are of limited use. The squads in Ghost Recon 2 are just horrifically useless. They also die very easily. I was crouched shooting a silenced pistol and one of my guys ran in front of me and I shot him in the back of the shin with my pistol by accident and it killed him. WTF?

To command your squad you can select from a measly four orders.

Frag means your squad all toss grenades at the place where your crosshair is pointing. Scout sends the nearest person to your cross hairs location and checks for enemies. Suppress makes then shoot at the selected location to keep the enemies' heads down, and hold position just makes then all stay in place and stop following you.

Every single one of these is useless for some insanely obvious reasons. On top of that you can't select who will do something and either the nearest solider does it, such as scout or for the rest of the commands the whole squad does it. Totally no control.

Scout is the second worst. You select your location; the scout goes there and says all clear. You take about 2 steps and get shot by cheating enemies that shot you clear through a bush and which the scout ignored. Useless.

Frag is the best. All troops pull out frag grenades and throw them where you select. Tends to miss a lot so really almost useless. Grenades are rather weak in GR2 and an enemy can survive splash damage easily.

Hold position is the second best they all just crouch and wait. Stupidly they ignore thrown grenades and die instead. Making it useless.

Suppress is the worst. You can't suppress unless you know for sure that an enemy is there. You can't just send them out to clear an area, for some stupid reason. You have to stand there, position the crosshair right on the enemy and select the order while being blasted to pieces If you see an enemy then give the order to attack they all just shoot at the enemies from when they are. They don't move into position at all. Even if they are totally blocked by mountains buildings or whatever and don't have a clear shot at all they will just keep shooting. They are also very inaccurate. The most useless of all. If you see enemies and take cover and don't order they just stand there and don't attack.

As you can see the design is shocking, the AI is nonexistent, and the only purpose your squad serves is to frustrate the hell out of you.

Another thing that reinforces the total linearity is that if you do basically anything differently or wrong you just die, or are stopped by a invisible wall (edge of level or just there). Nothing like a real battlefield where flexibility is an important asset. A large part of recon boils down to frustrating trial and error.

The loading times are long, but they are only at the beginning of levels so it tolerable.

Replay is nothing. Boring unlockables, rigid gameplay and frustrating trail and error make it a truly hated piece of software.

Im so glad I only rented this utter turd.


Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/17/09

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (US, 11/30/04)

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