• Misc. Codes

    Enter the following while playing:

    Start, Start, Triangle, Start, Start, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, X100,000 Opals
    Start, Start, Triangle, Start, Start, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, XAll Bunyip Keys
    Start, Start, Triangle, Start, Start, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, RightHighlight all collectible objects (a beam of light will point to them)
    Start, Start, Triangle, Start, Start, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, TriangleUnlock Sly's Rangs (the second 8)
    Start, Start, Triangle, Start, Start, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, SquareUnlock the first 8 boomerangs.

    Contributed By: Idioasis and SilverPhoenix.


  • Boomerangs

    You need to collect enough opals to buy these at the boomerang shop in Burramudgie. They're the red eggs.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Firerang2000 Opals
    Frostyrang2000 Opals
    Infrarang4000 Opals
    Lasharang4000 Opals
    Megarang6000 Opals
    Smasharang5000 Opals
    Zappyrang4000 Opals

    Contributed By: Nadnerb.

  • Cost of upgrading/buying boomerangs from Sly's Shack

    You need to collect a amount of opals to upgrade/buy these boomerangs.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Deathrang30000 opals
    Freezerang8000 opals
    Kaboomerang12000 opals
    Lavarang8000 opals
    Multirang8000 opals
    Omegarang14000 opals
    Thunderang10000 opals
    Warperang10000 opals

    Contributed By: wellington.

  • Secret Cut-Scene

    Complete the game, get the full 100% in your stats menu and you will be greeted by a special cut-scene to watch.

    Contributed By: Glomerate.


  • Fourbie Trick

    In case some of you don't know what the Fourbie is, it's the red truck that you use to go places. There is a trick to get opals while riding the Fourbie. It only works once per game. Not game as in the entire disc, but game as in a single file. The trick is to hold down the R2 button while driving on the road in the Fourbie and hold the the left analogue stick to the left or right. It doesn't matter which way you hold it though, as long as it makes the Fourbie turn in circles. After a few seconds of spinning, you'll get some opals. You can use opals to buy stuff. Enjoy this nifty little trick!

    Contributed By: blackbolt13.

  • Regaining life fast

    When you get hit, you can go swiim underwater come back up and have full health.

    Contributed By: Nadnerb.

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