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    Devil's Arms/Abyssion FAQ by Ket Shi

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/05/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    [Devil's Arms/Abyssion FAQ Version 2.0]
    For Tales of Symphonia
    By Ket Shi
    ! Warning:  Spoiler Alert!  There are many spoilers in this document, so be
    careful. !
    [Table of Contents]
    1.  What are the Devil's Arms?
    2.  FAQ
    3.  Weapon Stats
    4.  Where to find the Arms
    5.  Abyssion (with strategies and tips)
    6.  History
    7.  Credits
    8.  Legal
    9.  Contact
    10.  Closing
    [1.  What are the Devil's Arms?]
    The Devil's Arms play a vital role in a major sidequest during Tales of
    Symphonia.  They are basically cursed weaponry (see FAQ).  There are nine in
    all, one of every different weapon useable by the game's characters.  Their
    power has an enormous potential to grow after you complete the sidequest, and
    they can become the unofficially strongest weapons in the game.
    [2.  FAQ]
    The Devil's Arms sidequest is a rather difficult one at times.  There are often
    questions raised on the topic, and so I will try to answer them.
    Q:  What's the deal with these black treasure chests?
    A:  There are several black treasure chests scattered throughout Tethe'alla.
    If you obtain the Nebilim Key from Abyssion, you can open these and get the
    Q: Where do I find Abyssion?
    A: First you must obtain the Evil Eye and/or Soul Eater. Then go to Flanoir and
    talk to the dark-haired man slumped at a house's door. After a short scene, you
    will receive Lloyd's Nebilim and Nebilim's Key, which allows you to open the
    black chests.
    Q: I got the Evil Eye and/or the Soul Eater (or all the Devil's Arms), but
    where is Abyssion?
    Q: I went searching for a Devil's Arm and I couldn't get it, even with
    Nebilim's Key.
    A: First, if a character is missing from your party for storyline reasons, most
    sidequests immediately grind to a halt. For example, neither Abyssion nor the
    Sword Dancer can be fought against. Once you have all eight of your party
    members together, they become available again.
    Q:  I can’t get the Sand Worm to appear!
    A:  Two things:  Do you have all 8 party members?  Have you talked with both of
    the men in Triet that mention the Sand Worm?  Hopefully that will cause the
    skit to pop up.
    Q:  I heard the weapons increase in power.  How?
    A:  During the course of the game, every enemy a character kills is recorded.
    When you "unlock" their power by defeating Abyssion, every kill the character
    has ever made counts by adding a tiny bit of attack rating to the weapon.  It
    takes a while (sometimes several playthroughs) before one can become deadly,
    but one that is suitably powered up is terrifying to behold.  If you choose to
    transfer battle data (10 Grade) in the Grade Shop you'll retain the kills made
    to a new game.
    Q:  How much do they increase by?
    A:  I'm guessing 1 power per kill.
    Q:  So kills made before unlocking their power counts?
    A:  Yes.
    Q:  But the difference in power doesn't show up!
    A:  From your stats it shows in weapon power and everything they seem
    incredibly weak.  But fear not, the Devil's Arms prove your effort in battles.
    My Presea equipped with a Diablos in a 4th playthrough can get in 2700+ damage
    for a single good hit.
    Q:  Will defeating stronger monsters (such as a Gold Dragon compared to a
    Bandit) give more power-ups to the weapon’s strength?
    A:  As far as I know…nope.
    Q:  Are they actually Dark elemental?
    A:  They may be called Darkness weapons, but thankfully they're not.
    Q:  Huh?  Some of the weapons actually LOWER stats unrelated to attack?
    A:  Yup.  They -ARE- cursed, after all.  But some of them actually give nice
    bonuses; for example, Raine's Heart of Chaos gives a mighty +50 to Intelligence.
    Q:  Why do they have two weapons for Kratos/Zelos?
    A:  Well, technically Daggers and Swords are considered different weapons; each
    gets an Arm.
    Q:  Help, I didn't get Regal's Apocalypse in Welagaia!
    A:  Don't worry; you'll be back towards the end of the game.
    Q:  Did Abyssion (and the Devil’s Arms sidequest) change very much in the PS2
    A:  Yes, yes, and yes!  For one, Abyssion is now immune to All-Divides.
    (Gulp!)  Check EChang's GC-to-PS2 Changes Guide on GameFAQs for the whole story.
    [3.  Weapon Stats]
    Their actual in-game listed power is negligible, so that will not be listed.
    [3a.  Lloyd's Twin Sword Arm:  Nebilim]
    "A cursed weapon.  Its background is a mystery."
    Eva -20 Lck -20
    [3b.  Colette's Chakram Arm:  Evil Eye]
    "A cursed weapon.  Kills the weak with one glance."
    No stat changes.
    [3c.  Genis' Kendama Arm:  Disaster]
    "A cursed weapon that's evil to the core.  Use with caution."
    Acc -30 Eva +100 Int -30 Lck -50
    [3d.  Raine's Staff Arm:  Heart of Chaos]
    'A cursed weapon that pulses with evil energy."
    Acc -30 Int +50 Lck -30
    [3e.  Sheena's Card Arm:  Gates of Hell]
    "A cursed card with with a picture of a feather from an evil black bird."
    Def -40 Acc -20 Eva +60 Int +10 Lck +10
    [3f.  Kratos' or Zelos' Sword Arm:  Soul Eater]
    "A sword known to devour the souls of its victims."
    Def -50 Acc -30 Eva -30 Int -50 Lck -30
    [3g.  Kratos' or Zelos' Dagger Arm:  Fafnir]
    "A cursed dagger made from the bone of a wicked dragon."
    No stat changes.
    [3h.  Presea's Ax Arm:  Diablos]
    "Chaos can be heard pulsing within this weapon."
    Acc -20 Eva -20 Lck -20
    [3i.  Regal's Leg Guard Arm (...):  Apocalypse]
    "A cursed weapon with an evil, dark aura."
    Def -20 Acc -20 Lck -20
    [4.  Where to find the Arms]
    [4a.  Nebilim]
    Obtained automatically after first speaking with Abyssion.
    [4b.  Evil Eye]
    After destroying that annoying Bacura in the Toize Valley mine, take the lift
    to the floor below and examine the block's crushed remains.
    [4c.  Disaster]
    First, you need two things:  One, you must already have the Fafnir.  Two, you
    must be able to go out at night in Altamira (gained after the Alicia series of
    events at the Lezareno Company) by staying at the inn and choosing to stay
    awake.  Go to the Casino/Theater area and look for a man standing on the
    bridge.  Buy the kendama from him for 1000 Gald.  A short scene with Abyssion
    will ensue.
    [4d.  Heart of Chaos]
    Upon collecting every other Devil's Arm besides this one, return to Flanoir and
    talk with Abyssion.  He'll depart and Lloyd will mention that Koton, the old
    collector geezer, probably has the last one.  Return to Hakonesia Peak in
    Sylvarant and speak with Koton for a short scene, which results in you getting
    the Arm.
    [4e.  Gates of Hell]
    This one is in the Temple of Earth, and requires a bit of work to get.  In the
    same room with the Dragon is a short path that is blocked by a Gnomelette.
    After completing the Temple of Earth, go to Altessa's house and find the
    Gnomelette sitting around idly.  Talk to him and he'll depart.  Now return to
    the room and the Gnomelettes will (finally) leave, allowing you to plunder
    their loot:  A black chest containing Sheena's Devil's Arm.
    [4f.  Soul Eater]
    Head to Triet.  In the main part of town and by the oasis there are two men.
    Talk to them and they'll tell you about the legendary Sand Worm.  Exit to the
    world map, and, lo and behold!  A glowing ring of light appears near Triet.  It
    leads not to a skit, but to a battle with the fierce creature itself!
    -Sand Worm
    HP:  13500
    Attack:  2500
    Defense:  250
    Weakness:  Water
    Resistance:  Earth, Darkness, Ice, Wind, Lightning, and Fire
    Drop:  All-Divide
    Steal:  All-Divide
    It can hit hard and it regularly tunnels beneath the sand, popping up beneath
    your characters.  If you need All-Divides, have Colette attempt to steal one.
    After vanquishing the worm, you will obtain an All-Divide.  Lloyd also
    discovers a Devil's Arm that it dropped.
    [4g.  Fafnir]
    The Fafnir is in what is most likely the first black chest you saw, way back in
    Gaoracchia Forest.  Using the Light power with the Sorcerer's Ring, uncover a
    round bush near the exit to reveal a black chest.  Pop it open to obtain the
    Fafnir.  You'll also get a scene with Abyssion.
    [4h.  Diablos]
    When you gain access to Latheon Gorge, you'll stumble across this one almost
    immediately. It's in the second screen in a small depression, with a maniacal
    Crush Tortoise nearby.
    [4i.  Apocalypse]
    In Welgaia, there is a large building with several floors.  The ground floor's
    door to the left has the chest containing the Arm. Don't worry if you missed it
    the first time; you'll come back to Welgaia much later in the game.
    [5.  Abyssion]
    [5a.  Basic]
    Once you have collected all nine Devil's Arms, Abyssion promises to be waiting
    at the bottom level of the Temple of Darkness to seal them.
    Head back to the bottom level of the temple and de-equip any Devil's Arms you
    may have on. He will take all nine of the arms.
    However, Abyssion ends up turning against you!  Get ready for the most
    difficult boss of the game.
    HP:  120000
    Attack:  2250
    Defense:  425
    Weakness:  N/A
    Resistance:  N/A
    Drop:  Hyper Gauntlet, Jet Boots
    [5b.  General Notes]
    If you are not at level 75 or over, it is highly suggested that you use an
    All-Divide (I hope you have some from the Mimics and Sand Worm).  All-Divides
    halve the damage done to both the enemy and ally party.  It helps ensure that
    you'll survive his attacks, and that you can whittle him down gradually.
    Raine is a must for dealing with him.  If you have her Technical type healing
    skills (you really should!) Revitalize is invaluable for dealing this punk.
    Set up her Ex Skills to Speed Cast (Lvl 3), Happiness (Lvl 4), Item Pro (Lvl
    4), and Spell Save (Lvl 4) to make the Compound Skill Concentrate, which almost
    always means her spells never get interrupted.  Use a Faerie Ring and a
    Mystical Symbol to speed things up.
    [5c.  Abyssion's Attacks and Behavior]
    His attack list is as follows (missing some):
    Double Demon Fang
    Fierce Demon Fang
    Tiger Rage
    Raging Beast
    Victory Light Spear
    Demon Spear
    Mass Devastation
    Ring Cyclone
    Swallow Dance
    Flame Lance
    Prism Sword
    Gravity Well
    Ground Dasher
    Meteor Storm
    Holy Lance
    He borrows techs from every character in the game except Sheena, and pulls out
    the appropriate Devil's Arm for the attack.  Thankfully, he never heals
    himself.  As you wear down his health, he begins using his devastating
    Indignation and Meteor Storm spells more often.  I've heard that on Hard and/or
    Mania, he also uses Indignation Judgment, Genis' "super" version of Indignation.
    [5d1.  General Tips]
    [5d1a.]  Jimmyboy offers, "Raine is pretty much a must, unless you intend to
    waste a lot of gels or Energy Tablets. Keep spamming Revitalize and Photon if
    you can afford to squeeze one in. Try and use a Unison attack on Abyssion while
    he's casting a spell so as to cancel the casting. Also, using a Unison attack
    while Abyssion is in Overlimit (which will almost definitely happen at least 3
    times) will let you inflict normal value damage during the U. Attack (however,
    Abyssion will go into Overlimit AGAIN shortly after, so watch out)."
    [5d2.  Strategies]
    [5d2a.]  StudyPunkRockism brings in his team suggestion:
    Raining Tiger Blade
    Tiger Blade
    Sword Rain
    Sword Rain Alpha
    Rising Falcon
    Sonic Thrust
    EX Skills:
    Vitality (lvl 2 for Personal outside of battle)
    Add Combo
    Sky Attack
    Ability Plus
    Black Onyx
    Fairy Ring
    Sonic Thrust
    Lightning Blade
    Hell Pyre
    S. Lightning Blade
    Light Spear Cannon
    First Aid
    EX Skills:
    Vitality (lvl 2 for Personal outside of battle)
    Super Blast
    Yata Mirror
    Black Onyx
    Pyre Seal/Summon Light
    Power Seal
    Serpent Seal
    Life Seal
    Cyclone Seal
    Serpent Seal
    EX Skills:
    Hard Hit
    E. Guard (Eternal for Life Up for outside battles)
    Black Onyx
    Holy Symbol
    Raine as auto
    Sharpness and Barrier Turned off, otherwise every skill is on, all T skills
    learned except for Acuteness, Keenness is learned instead
    EX Skills:
    Emerald Ring
    Get Keenness on Lloyd, then Zelos, then Sheena. Have Field Barrier always up.
    Keep comboing with Lloyd, send Sheena to frontlines purposely to build her
    [Overlimit] so she can summon Luna. Hit and run with Zelos, and use items to
    keep up with healing. Even if Abyssion guards, keep hitting him so that he
    can't get up. Rarely will he get a guard break. It takes way too much damage to
    guard break him. Stay spread out so spells won't hurt all too bad. Try to have
    20 of each gel, life bottles, energy tablets, etc."
    [5e.  Aftermath]
    After defeating Abyssion, you’ll win a Hyper Gauntlet (best Defense for a
    gauntlet) and Jet Boots (move faster plus a defense increase).  A short scene
    ensues, and Presea gains the Empty Soul title.
    [6.  Credits]
    -kirbyfan919191, for giving information on the Fanfir/Disaster connection.
    -FF4, dragonkid180, and KupoMaster0907 for helping on weapon stats.
    -Jimmyboy, for getting down Abyssion's attack list and general info on Abyssion.
    -StudyPunkRockism, for his strategy.
    -VGMaster96 and link.sea, for Abyssion's attacks.
    -x Shadow, VincentScaryface, and KryptoPyro for findings errors.
    -Napoli, for being the cutest little kitty ever.
    -GameFAQs, for being such a helpful site.
    [7.  History]
    -October 24th, 2004:  Well, I FINALLY updated again.  Sorry for the long delay.
    More Abyssion attacks, FAQs, “political Abyssion correctness”, and fixed errors.
    -October 2nd, 2004:  Not much to say.  I combined locations, a large FAQ, a
    couple strategies, and various stuff to make this littl' FAQ.
    [8.  Legal]
    I created this guide.  You cannot use this to sell to others, or pass this on
    as your own work.  Only GameFAQs has my permission to host my FAQ.  Use this
    FAQ for private use only. If you'd like to host this on your webpage, contact
    [9.  Contact]
    If you have any comments, additions, questions, or suggestions, please contact
    me: kat5220127 at aol.com.  I will not answer questions that were answered in
    the guide.  Make sure to include the words “Tales of Symphonia”, "Devil's Arms"
    or something to that effect in your e-mail, or I might delete it.
    [10. Closing]
    I hope this will help other players get maximum enjoyment out of this
    incredibly fun game.  Thanks for reading!
    -Ket Shi, the Cait Sith Fanatic

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