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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GheddonLN

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                            T A L E S  O F  S Y M P H O N I A
                               FAQ/WALKTHROUGH by GheddonLN
                                For the Nintendo GameCube
    "My glorious return to the FAQing scene, and for what game! Tales of 
    Symphony offers thrills comparable to those lived in the past Tales 
    games, but with a lot more polish and style thanks to its "next-
    generation" pedigree. When you first see the beautiful graphics, you'll 
    feel like a total stranger to the series, but when you try the battle 
    system, with its trademark breakneck-pace and hectic controls... that's 
    when you'll be sure you're right at home."
    Well, that's what I wrote a year ago... no, more than a year ago. For 
    some reason, I let this FAQ rot in one of my many, dusty folders after 
    finishing it. Hm... I think I got bored writing the lists... which is why 
    I decided not to include them (seemed like overkill). But anyways... here 
    it is... A FAQ for Tales of Symphonia...
    Let's get it started.
    I.	Walkthrough
    II.   Sidequests
    The camera floats about the land as a voice explains how the world came 
    to be as it is now. Eventually, you'll be transported to a wooden shack 
    which kind of serves as school. Enter Lloyd Irving, the game's hero. In 
    typical Gheddon fashion, I'll let you watch the cutscene... by yourself. 
    No summaries or anything, not from me at least ;)
    ======      ************ 000000000000000000000000 ************     ======
    0000                        S Y L V A R A N T                        0000
    ========= ** ========= ** ========= ** ========= ** ========= ** ========
    I S E L I A                                    
    After the insightful cutscene, you'll take control of Lloyd. After 
    chatting with your partner's, approach the room's exit to get a short 
    scene. You'll have to make a choice along the scene; pick the second to 
    keep the scenes flowing. When prompted, agree to accompany Colette on her 
    quest to retrieve the Oracle. You'll be given some information regarding 
    skits; afterwards, speak with the blue haired kid nearby to get a Magic 
    Lens. By now, you should get your first skit; hit Z to watch it. Examine 
    the Colette-shaped hole at the northern side of the screen, next to the 
    board, to earn a title for the chosen girl.
    Exit the classroom through its only door and head out the building. After 
    the small amount of dialogue, head down the dirt road to find a white, 
    shiny circle on the floor; these are your save points. After saving, you 
    have a variety of paths to choose. The road that's directly above the 
    save point (the one with the wooden archway) should be avoided from now. 
    Instead, head up from the save point and when possible, turn west (the 
    house over there is locked, mind you). In the subsequent screen is Genis' 
    house; should you approach it, you'll trigger a scene.
    Go south to reach a small plaza of sorts. There are some soldiers around 
    here, a locked-up house and the Halo store. The equipment sold there is 
    useless, since you have it already, but they sell the ever so useful Gels 
    and Life Bottles. Stock up and leave. Head north to arrive at the Save 
    Point area; head east instead of north and proceed rightwards in the next 
    screen. Head inside the first house you come across to meet a guy who'll 
    fully heal you for free. Neato.
    Head back to the save point screen. Well, it was nice exploring the town! 
    Too bad it's time to go town ;) Head north and into the next area.
    A monster will pop out of nowhere! Bust down this fool with standard 
    physical strikes. After he's gone for, another fiend comes into the 
    scene. Shift targets and attack the zombie with Lloyd, and through the 
    menu, attack the ghost with magic. After the battles, head out to the 
    world map.
    W O R L D  M A P                    
    Enemies now roam the are and are completely visible, so you choose 
    whether you fight them or not! Watch the skit and head down and then turn 
    right. Keep going along the coastline until you find the Martel Temple. 
    Head inside.
    M A R T E L  T E M P L E
    After the introductory cinema, head up the steps all the way to the 
    temple's entrance. Here, you'll have to fight!
    It's a standard fight, really. Cast your two spells on them with your 
    partners, and attack physically with Lloyd. That's about it.
    + + + + + + + + + + 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, your first boss fight! Attack him some (heal up if you have any 
    wounded character) until a scene kicks in. After it, you'll resume the 
    battle, with a new, mysterious ally. Pound him physically with Lloyd (not 
    much else to do) and have your pals attack magically. You might want to 
    set their Strat. so they're more laid back and attack with their spells 
    This guy attacks with both his hammer and spiked ball. A hammer hit does 
    around 100 PTS of DMG if it connects (gulp!). Thankfully, you can stun 
    this guy with a handful of well placed hits, meaning he won't get much 
    chances to strike you down. Heal if you need. I've noticed that he also 
    blocks attack often, and likes to counter after being hit a couple of 
    times. His spiked ball does about half the damage as the hammer-sword, 
    but it is still dangerous.
    He's a strong guy, so expect a couple of your characters to lose a lot of 
    their health. The mysterious guy who aids you heals often, so you should 
    not worry too much. Attack him constantly and block if needed when he 
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Enjoy the cutscene and don't agree to stay outside; Colette will stand up 
    for you (...meh. I can already smell the love!). After some more scenes, 
    you'll be inside the temple (and you'll have the Training Manual).
    You'll be at a hub of sorts. There are three paths to take; head to the 
    right first. Around this area, you'll find hard-shelled SPIDERS that can 
    soak up lots of hits and wobbly SLIMES, who attack from afar and do 
    considerable damage. The spiders are best suited for your strikers, while 
    the slimes should be dealt with magic.
    Anyway, move along the chosen path. You can find some more enemies, 
    namely ZOMBIES, whom you've already fought and are easily damaged by 
    physical strikes, and GHOSTS, who are weak to magic. At the end of this 
    path there is a staircase that goes down; descend into a room with a 
    glowing, tiled floor that overlooks a shrine of sorts.
    You'll have to fight a GOLEM. He's a big, powerful guy, but he's slow. 
    Attack with Lloyd and retreat to prevent a possible, hard-hitting strike, 
    or block if you're feeling like it. Magic works excellently. When he 
    blocks, punish him with your magical strength. When he's open to attacks, 
    hit him with your techs as well as your attacks.
    After he's gone for, he'll turn into a huge rock and slide down. Another 
    GOLEM will pop out. Now, the idea is to beat all of the golems that keep 
    appearing and send down the stone they turn into. Deal with them as you 
    dealt with them before: attack frontally, and block when you see the 
    GOLEM is about to strike. Use magic and techs and it should be no 
    His spin attack should be easy to block or dodge if you're really near to 
    him; his pound attack should be blocked (hit X as soon as he raises his 
    hands). His pound attack is hard to block if you're mid combo, so you 
    might just need to be struck down... or run back. None is really 
    effective, really o_O It isn't a damaging attack, thankfully.
    Now, as you can see, the room has nine holes you can push the blocks 
    through; not all of them are of any use, you see.
    # ** #
    # #  *
    # #  #
    Push down the blocks down the asterisked holes; the one with two 
    asterisks should be fed two blocks.
    After completing this task, exit the room through the northwestern 
    staircase. Run to the bottom end of this area to find an offshoot with 
    three chests, which contain a Life Bottle, an Apple Gel and 250 Gald. 
    Now, return to the Golem room.
    Walk down the staircase at the southwestern tip of the room (you might 
    need to drop down again that extra crate at the double-asterisk hole). 
    Save up and head to the northern end of this winding path. Push the crate 
    forward (if you did not drop the two crates, as told, there won't be a 
    crate to push) to create a bridge. Hm... interesting, Zelda-like sound 
    You'll get the Sorcerer's Ring at the shrine at the top. Cool, this thing 
    has made it through many games and it doesn't seem it'll be leaving 
    anytime soon! Head up to find some new enemies roaming the area. Finish 
    them off.
    Now, if you want to explore the temple some more, you'll need to do some 
    more Golem killin'. Exit the room and come back. Kill off the Golem that 
    appears and drop down his block here:
    # # # Now, go down and push the extra block forward to crate a bridge 
    * # # towards the staircase there. There is a chest with a Life Bottle 
    # # # at the top of them. Now, there is one more item to get. Exit the 
    room, re-enter, and kill the Golem again. 
    This time, drop down his block through here:
    # # # Once again, head down and push the extra block into the gap to
    # # * craft a bridge. Cross it, head up and get your Panacea Bottle.
    # # # Kill the enemy floating around, too. 
    This'd be it for this room. The Golem has re-appeared, and if you kill it 
    now, you'll get a block that's really useless.
    Make it back to the central hub (along the way, watch the skit when 
    prompted). You went through the rightmost wing already and got the 
    Sorcerer's Ring; the left wing would seem like the obvious place to 
    explore now, but it is blocked off by debris. So, instead, head north.
    Get really near to the blue, circular field here and hit X to activate 
    the Sorcerer's Ring, clearing the path for you. Approach the portal and 
    warp up.
    Enjoy the scene. Among other things, you'll be told your next destination 
    is to the south, where the Seal of Fire rests. Talk with your friends 
    thereafter: when you speak to Kratos, you'll an extra scene. Warp back 
    down and head out of the temple (unless you wish to stay around and level 
    up; if you've fought constantly up to this point, that shouldn't be 
    If you wait a bit before heading out of the temple (around the warp 
    circle), you'll get a series of fun skits. It's not like you have to wait 
    too long, so stay behind for a bit and watch them.
    It's not like you can exit the temple, anyways, since when you try to do 
    so, you'll be interrupted by a scene. After it, try to exit the temple to 
    be interrupted by yet another scene. Outside, walk out to the world map 
    and watch the skit there. Now, head back to Iselia.
    I S E L I A                                    
    Talk with the people around and head inside the school for an extra scene 
    and a new title for Genis ("Brotherly Love"). Now, you're free to explore 
    the town. Visit Genis' house (you can actually enter it) and check out 
    his bookcase. Also, notice that there is a locked cupboard.
    Stock up on healing items at Halo and head back to the save point area. 
    From there, go east and enter the huge house you'll come across to 
    trigger a scene. Watch it (you'll get the Collector's Book). Once it is 
    over, your next mission will be to... vist Genis' house.
    You should get a skit along the way. Anyways, at Genis´, you can get an 
    explanation about cooking, which is a fairly useful art you should pay 
    attention to through the game (as Lloyd said, Gels ain't cheap).
    Head to the southern tip of town and approach the town's exit to meet 
    Noishe, Lloyd's pet. After the short-lived scene, exit Iselia.
    W O R L D  M A P
    Our next destination, the Iselia forest, is directly to the left of the 
    town. Head inside.
    I S E L I A  F O R E S T
    A short cutscene and then you're on your own. Enemies around these areas 
    include MINICOIDS, small mushrooms with moderate resistance and attack 
    power and who're weak to fire. Physical attacks work well, too. The 
    SLIMES make their comeback, being as damaging as ever; deal with them 
    first in any enemy party. Lastly, there are hard-shelled SPIDERS and 
    agile RABBITS, who're moderately weak but fast.
    Head up the slope you start at. Keep going up (it's a linear path) and be 
    sure to open the chest you'll find along the way, to get a Life Bottle. 
    It should be noted that if you waste time around this place, you might 
    get a skit. At the very top of the area, proceed to the next screen.
    Here, enjoy the scene. Save at the memory circle, then, and proceed to 
    the area past it to check out on Genis' friend. A short cinema kicks in. 
    You will be in front of the Desian human ranch once it ends. Instead of 
    heading to the front door, head to the left of the ranch. You'll see 
    another cinema.
    Meet Marble, Genis' so called friend. When prompted, agree to make a Key 
    Crest for Marble. When told to, run away. After the scene, head back to 
    the front entrance and go to its rightmost side. Look up for a ledge here 
    that overlooks the shrubbery. Approach it from its bottom side and jump 
    Bounce up again and pick the chest (Orange Gel) that's to the right. 
    Afterwards, head up the ledge opposite the chest and approach its peak. 
    You'll witness Marble's whippage.
    Listen to Lloyd's ridiculous salvation plan. When the time to take it 
    into effect comes, you'll be fully healed, thanks to Genis' mad-cookies. 
    The whole thing fails (well... duh) and you'll end up engaging two Whip 
    Masters. They really aren't tough, as long as you take a conservative 
    approach into the fight. Slash them some, and once the combo is done, hit 
    the block button.
    That way, you'll save a lot of health and kill them quickly. After 
    they're done for, a scene kicks in. Endure through it. The scene ends up 
    by sending you to the save point of yore (well, of ten minutes ago, 
    actually). Do your thing and head forward into the next screen.
    Now that you're alone, blocking should become one of your main abilities. 
    Take a conservative approach into your fights (hit-and-block) to save up 
    health. There is a new enemy here, a BEE of sorts, who is weak and when 
    struck once has little to no chance of surviving (just keep comboing it).
    Anyways, run up the slope. Hm, bifurcations! There are three additional 
    paths (besides the one you came from). There is one directly to the 
    right, and two ahead of you. One of these two goes further forward while 
    the other one veers to the right and eventually converges with the first 
    road. It also leads to an Apple Gel chest as well as a bridge.
    The other available road (the one that goes further ahead) is to be 
    explored now. You can either turn left or right here; to the left there 
    is a small mount with an Apple Gel resting at its top. Head to the right 
    and open the chest overlooking the river to get a Leather Glove.
    Head back to the bifurcation now and take either of the other two roads. 
    Both lead to a bridge you should cross. At the other side, move forward 
    and open the chest you will come across to get 500 Gald. Head around the 
    corner and move on. A tree trunk serves of an archway to the northern 
    road, besides which there is a road that veers to the left; it leads to a 
    dead end.
    So, instead, cross the tree trunk archway. You have probably noticed the 
    item bag resting on top of the trunk. You can simply pick it by walking 
    into the trunk. It contains an Orange Gel.
    Head further to the north to exit the area.
    W O R L D  M A P
    To get to Dirk's House (which is Lloyd's, too), simply go along the dirt 
    road marked on the grass. Head inside.
    D I R K ' S  H O U S E
    After the introductory sequence, simply head forward and into your house. 
    Inside, watch the tragicomedy-kind of scene here.
    Once it is over, you'll be outside. When prompted, pick the "Just a 
    Minute" option and talk with your partners. Once you're done, speak to 
    Colette, who's sitting at a bench next to Noishe's stable (speak with 
    Noishe, too.)
    After the scenes, it'll be morning and you'll be in control of Lloyd. 
    Head down the stairs. Save at the memory circle that's underneath the 
    staircase and exit your house.
    Head towards Lloyd's mother gravestone and speak with Dirk. You'll be 
    given the Key Crest and a whole lot of items that should be of use on 
    your travel. More importantly, you get the Sylvarant Map. After the 
    scenes are done for, you'll be taken back to Iselia.
    I S E L I A
    After the initial cutscene, head to the eastern side of the area and 
    proceed to the next screen. There, walk towards Colette's house. It 
    should be noted that you'll probably get a couple of skits as you wander 
    about the town. Watch both.
    At Colette's place (the big house up north) you'll get a scene, where 
    Lloyd is told (through a letter) the truth about Colette's sudden 
    departure. When you're about to be told some more interesting stuff, 
    something crashes into town!
    Exit Colette's and, blam, Desians are attacking the town! A cinema 
    reveals that your obvious destination is the town plaza, but before 
    getting there, head towards your school. A local soldier there is being 
    harassed by some Desians. Kick their half-elven butts.
    You'll get an Apple Gel and an Orange Gel for your efforts. You should 
    get a skit around this point; visit Genis' house, too, to find it in 
    flames and trigger a scene. Now, head back Colette's house area (save 
    here) and go south. Kill the Desians gawping at a burning house.
    Having done all of this, head to the plaza on the southern side of the 
    town (you can get there through all of the roads the town has). A scene 
    will kick in there, and thereafter, a boss battle!
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    A gigantic, nasty looking mutant with an interesting wardrobe (similar to 
    Marble's...) This guy uses his long arms to claw you for around 60 PTS of 
    DMG a hit. So, he's powerful. If blocked, the damage is reduced to around 
    12 PTS of DMG.
    Genis is far too weak to attack this guy head on, so set one of his 
    spells to your shortcuts and use it constantly. Have Lloyd run up to the 
    monster and apply the laws of hit-and-block: slash him once or twice with 
    a special skill or normal attack, and hit the X button to block the 
    subsequent attack.
    It should be noted that this guy has a variety of tricks up its sleeve. 
    He can attack you mid-combo, and if it performs an uppercut, you'll be 
    sent flying backwardly. Once you land, it'll take a few seconds for you 
    to send up again. Should you attack it with an aerial attack, he might 
    uppercut you in midair.
    If you see Genis getting dangerously near to the monster, be sure to 
    alter his strategy so he stays back ("Don't Pursue"). If his TP depletes, 
    he'll move forward, no matter what. So, once he exhausts them, use an 
    Orange Gel on him.
    You can usually apply the hit-and-block tactic, but some times, it's even 
    possible to back off and dodge the attack altogether. This would be hit-
    and-run. However, the combo must be short, so you get time to run away 
    before a monstrous hit connects. If the combo drags on too much, you 
    won't make it and will be slashed.
    Other times, when you move in for the kill, the guy might swap you, 
    preventing you from getting near. If you have quick reflexes, you can 
    block this. Keep in mind that when Lloyd is running, it takes him time to 
    stop. So, even if you stop, you have to wait around a second for your 
    defenses to come up. That second is usually well-spent by the monster.
    The monster also has an attack called "Insane Cell". He creates small, 
    circular, dark-energy field around his body. Should you get near it, 
    you'll be damaged. It's quite damaging, don't get fooled!
    As you wear down his HP, he'll add more attacks to his repertoire. One of 
    such attacks is Impact Hammer, where he slams you with his long arm. This 
    attack can actually hit you twice, for a total of around 80 PTS of DMG!
    As told, hit and block tactics work well. Slash him and block down his 
    attack, while you constantly cast Genis' spells. By attacking him this 
    way, it's possible to slow him down just enough so he doesn't corner you 
    (which would be very bad).
    A great skill for this fight is Demon Fang. It strikes the enemy even if 
    you're far from him, so if you want a long-distance fight, it's the skill 
    to go. Exhaust your TP reserves with such skill. It'll damage the bastard 
    greatly, and it'll also gradually push him back. 
    Using such skill exclusively works, surely. Instead of replenishing 
    Genis' TP, do so with Lloyd's, and keep on the onslaught. However, once 
    Genis' reserves run low, he undoubtedly will try to attack the monster 
    and will probably get killed! So, try to keep a balance between both of 
    these guys.
    It should be noted that you're going to be damaged a lot in this fight; 
    sometimes blocking is impossible, you know. For that, it's imperative 
    that you constantly use Apple Gels to heal. Genis probably won't need 
    them (since he'll be laid back, as long as you feed him Gels to keep his 
    TP up), but Lloyd will be at the shores of the Stygian many times 
    throughout the battle. Heal him with Apple Gels and DON'T let him die. 
    Why? Life Bottles are expensive and hard to come by, and Genis will 
    probably get wasted before he can even revive his partner o_O As long as 
    you keep Lloyd around the 250s Hit Points, it should be all right.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    See? Told you it had a strange wardrobe ;) Meh. Anyways, the scene is 
    quite touching (it is!), so watch it. After all of the cinemas are done 
    for, you'll be officially banished from town. Talk with Frank and her 
    wife to learn Colette went south. Try to exit the town to find Noishe and 
    get a new title for Lloyd: "Drifting Swordsman". 
    W O R L D  M A P 
    Go south along the dirt road. If you veer to the east of the road, you 
    can find Nova's Caravan where you can rest up if needed. Also, you can 
    save. Anyways, resume your way south along the dirt road.
    You'll eventually reach a place where a scene kicks. Here, you'll be 
    given an important explanation on Exspheres. After the Tutorial, it'll be 
    added as an entry to your Training Manual. Neato. There is an EX Gem to 
    the west of here, among some trees at the bottom of some hills.
    For now, you need not to worry about Ex-Skills. Resume your way south 
    along the dirt road. On your way, you will come across a House of 
    Salvation. Here, you can rest to heal your wounds (i.e. fully heal 
    yourself). Also, you're bound to get a skit here.
    Approach the guy in green garb to initiate a scene. You'll be given an 
    cryptic explanation about some monuments and Long-Range Mode. Agree to 
    learn more about it, to clear up your doubts. Ah, I get it now. That's 
    good. Now, get some insight on Guidepost Monuments. Yeah, that's right...
    Head inside the House; at its second floor, you can heal for 100 Gald. 
    Save, too.
    Now, exit the House of Salvation. Ahead of you (further to the south) is 
    the Trite Desert. Wander into it. Here, you can find BANDITS who are 
    regular humans with daggers; they're powerful when it comes to offense, 
    so be careful with them. Also, if you stay on the area long enough, you 
    might just get a skit.
    Other enemies include SCORPIONS and SIDEWINDERS. Both of these guys can 
    poison you, but the Sidewinders kind of get the advantage, as they can do 
    so from afar. These two are also quite damaging, so if you dive in 
    towards them recklessly, expect to get your HPs reduced real quickly. If 
    so, back away and heal. The best to deal with them is with magic, Demon 
    Fang (from afar) and hit-and-block/run tactics.
    We were heading south, remember? Head into Triet as soon as you spot it.
    T R I E T 
    Woah! Chambard? Try Triet! Seriously, is this some kind of homage to 
    ToDII? Even if it isn't, simply watch the scene.
    After it, you might want to check out the wanted poster the Desian just 
    put up, for laughs, you know. Entering the house directly to the right of 
    it is also recommendable; there is an inn there, as well as a save point. 
    Do as you see fit; before leaving, though, head up. Go the balcony's 
    eastern end and examine the pottery there.
    It's the Wonder Chef! He'll teach you the Cabbage Rolls and will also 
    bestow you with the appropriate ingredients. The rooms themselves don't 
    hold much, so leave.
    Talk with a guy in blue garb across the "Traveler's Mate" (item shop) to 
    get a short-lived mini-scene. Also, you might want to stock up on items 
    and get your first Panacea Bottles (an essential item). If you're the 
    type that doesn't like to fight, there are also Holy Bottles, so you can 
    reduce the enemy encounter rate.
    Even if you're up to the fighting challenges, purchasing one or two might 
    be good, just for kicks. 
    Now, if you head further down the store's road, you'll be called upon by 
    a storekeeper. Agree to listen to him. He'll ask you to bring some Beast 
    Hide; if you've been fighting, you should have one. If not, battle some 
    enemies at the grassy lands until you get one.
    Once you have it, talk with the old guy. You'll get a Soft Leather 
    (armor). This guy will basically improve your stuff by giving him the 
    right items. Which is good.
    If you have an extra Beast Hide, you can turn the Soft Leather into Hard 
    Leather. Do so if you can. Notice the two Chakrams here; you'll 
    eventually come back and get 'em.
    He'll give a short, to the point explanation on customizing (yep, it is 
    like most of the game's tutorials). Afterwards, you might want to check 
    out the adjacent stores. If possible, upgrade Lloyd's equipment (and 
    Genis', too). If in need of money, sell some items, namely, Beast Hides. 
    They sell for good cash. Don't touch the Magic Cloth (if you have) 
    though, and don't sell all of your Hides.
    There is a hut across the Weapons Shop. Talk with the guy and he'll say 
    "Isn't this an impressive hole?". Hm? Oh, yes, look at the odd shaped 
    figure on the hut's wall. That's the hole, and it looks just like 
    Colette... Hm. Anyways, be sure you've purchased all you _could_ get 
    here. Damn, those things are expensive!
    Right now, you might be thinking about fighting outside of town, but I'd 
    advise against it. Enemies give out minimal EXP and almost no Gald, so 
    it's rather useless. Forget about those weapons you couldn't get your 
    hands on.
    Anyways, it's time to go further into the town. Head across the road next 
    to the inn. Talk with the cat-dressed woman there and ask her about the 
    Katz Exploration Team. These guys will basically explore areas for you, 
    even if you can't access them anymore, and scope on items and enemies, 
    adding them to your collection.
    They'll also look for Guidepost Monuments and unexplored places. It's a 
    really useful feature. If you wish to get this area's Guidepost, pay them 
    so they do so (you could also look for it, it's much cheaper). The 
    success rate increases if you pay them more. 
    One of the Katz explorers that's next to the reception will sell you EX 
    Gems for your grades. You increase your grade by winning fights, by the 
    way. Right now, you probably can't get it any gems, so simply head past 
    him and into the next screen.
    Talk with the people here. Here you can also find a food store so you can 
    replenish your reserves and get that cookin' going again. Go up from the 
    food store to find Fortune Teller's hut. Head inside and talk with her to 
    trigger a scene. Pay the required 100 Gald to keep it flowing.
    You're told she's "heading to the oasis that was destroyed when Efreet 
    went out of control"... huh, right. Backtrack all the way to the town's 
    entrance and try to exit. You'll be stopped on your tracks by those 
    Desians fools! Fight them (they're easy, but keep an eye on the Bowman. 
    Kill him first) to continue with the scenes.
    S Y L V A R A N T  B A S E 
    You'll be locked up in a cell. It seems there is no way out, but Lloyd 
    has an idea: hitting the guard patrolling the area with the Sorcerer's 
    Ring. Do so to unlock your cell door.
    Open the two other cells to the left to get a Beast Hide and a save 
    point. If you feel you can't open them, Examine the little panels besides 
    each door. That's the key to opening.
    Now, head to the right and go into the small, disorganized control room 
    up north. Open the chest there to regain all of your equipment pieces; 
    they'll be automatically outfitted on Lloyd. Now, head further to the 
    right. At the corner, a scene will kick in and you'll have to do battle 
    against some soldiers. Beat them (be sure to employ conservative battle 
    tactics here) and head through the door.
    After the short, semi-insightful scene, check out the energy ball here to 
    change to the Sorcerer's Ring function from fire to electricity. With it, 
    you can stop the flying robots here on their tracks. You can also fight 
    them RAYBITS. They're weak, attack wise, easily stunned, but have 
    moderate HP. Should you beat one, it'll regenerate after it. You'll also 
    earn a skit. Keep beating them to get extra skits (wandering about for a 
    lot of time might earn you the "Help, Genis" skit).
    Now, as explained on the cutscene, the idea is to freeze the robots on 
    the blue panels here by using the Sorcerer's Ring. This'll unlock the 
    westernmost door. The northernmost door is also locked up.
    To get one to stand on the blue panel, simply stand in front of it (take 
    some prudent distance) and lure the robot towards you. When it hits the 
    panel, fire at it with the S. Ring. You must freeze both fast, because 
    the Ring's effects wear off after a bit. I'll be honest with you: this 
    part can be notably frustrating. Damn these stupid minigames.
    The best way to do this painlessly is to exit and re-enter the room. When 
    you do, both robots will be floating right in front of the panels. Simply 
    wait for them to fly by them and stun them. The one that's giving you its 
    back is easily stunned, but the other one, which is coming your way 
    (unless you go around him) will dash toward you once he spots you. It's 
    harder to make him stop on the blue panel when he does so.
    Once you get the door opened, head through it. In the next room, move on 
    to the left. Eventually, you'll see the path veers forward, but also 
    continues to the left. Ah, yes, like any good Tales dungeon, this place 
    is a goddamn dance of bifurcations. 
    Should you take the upper path you'll spot a guard that, when beaten, 
    gives out a Memory Gem. Head down this road and through the door. In the 
    next screen, open the chest to get a Beast Fang. Check the yellow 
    machine; it's a shop. Stock up on items.
    Go back to the bifurcation and take the road to the left. You'll land on 
    a room with a Gamecube in its middle. Examine the small panel next to the 
    'Cube for a cryptic explanation on this puzzle. 
    The gist of it: there are three poles on the room's western end. You need 
    to hit 'em with the S. Ring. Hit the bottom pole to open the room's 
    bottom door. Head through it to find a completely empty room. Meh.
    Hit the upper pole now to unlock the upper door. Before going through it, 
    you might want to hit the middle pole to unlock the rightmost door. Head 
    towards it. Uh, what is it? Memory Gems? As you approach this door, 
    you're bound to get an explanation (out of nowhere) regarding these Gems 
    and sealed save points. After you endure through it, squint for a odd-
    shaped pattern on the floor. Step on it; it's a save point! Unlock, and 
    Open up the door you just unlocked and get the item in the chest there. 
    Go back to Gamecube room. If you want to return to the previous screen 
    (the one with the bifurcation), hit the middle pole. Even if you don't 
    need to go back, hit it. Then, blast the upper pole followed by the 
    middle pole. This'll unlock both the bottom and upper doors.
    Head through the bottom one and pick up the Magical Cloth in the room 
    with the pillars. The door further to the south is locked.
    Back at the Gamecube room, head through the northern door. Walk up the 
    steps here to find a robot who simply won't pursue you. He'll merely 
    stare at you; you can beat him down if that's what you wish to do.
    Back at the GCN room, hit the middle pole and then the upper one. Finish 
    by hitting the bottom pole to unlock the control room. Save and head 
    through the upper door.
    Here, go forward a bit to get a cutscene. After it, you'll be on a boss 
    fight! With all of your party members, of course...
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + + 
    Foot Soldier x 2
    Modify your Strat: have both Genis and Colette set theirs to "Don't 
    Pursue" and "At Once". Give Kratos the "Heal", "Scatter" and Move Freely. 
    Set Colette's and Genis' spells to your shortcuts, too.
    With Lloyd, I suggest running up to the soldiers and killing them with 
    physical strikes and Techs. Do not worry about blocking or anything, 
    since it's real hard to do so. Just focus on kicking the soldier's asses; 
    Botta will, meanwhile, attack with elemental magic and his sword. His 
    elemental attacks are notably good at damaging, but his slashes aren't 
    specially powerful. 
    Once the soldiers are done for, you may focus on Botta. Constantly tap on 
    the C-Stick to trigger your spells, while Lloyd attacks him head on. It 
    might be wise to change Kratos' directives from Scatter to another, more 
    attack-oriented setting; leave "Heal", though. It is useful.
    When attacking Botta with Lloyd, finish your combos with Techs, if 
    possible. Just be sure that you block after finishing a combo, so you 
    prevent Botta from wrecking too much havoc on you. If you get too near 
    him, he's bound to use a ground attack, where he slams his sword into the 
    ground and crates some shockwaves.
    This attack hits more than once, but is blockable. By blocking it, the 
    total damage should not surpass the 50 PTS of DMG. If unblocked, it 
    should do over 120 PTS of DMG. His other attacks did around the same, so 
    it's no biggie (well, his spells could go past the hundreds...). 
    As usual in this game, keep your friend's TP up so the spell casters 
    don't decide to get too near Botta. If they do, too many will be around 
    him. And if the situation, he will use Stalagmite to wreck some critical 
    damage on you. This attack could go past the 200 PTS of DMG! If your 
    spell casters get too near him, you're going to lose them. Even if you 
    replenish their TP, it'll be a while before they back out...
    ...and Botta ain't no fool. Once he sees the weaklings attacking him, he 
    IMMEDIATELY shifts his attention to them and starts kicking their 
    asses... real quick. Even if you slash him like a madman he won't flinch; 
    he'll keep laying waste on those poor little guys! In general, keep an 
    eye on your TPs to keep this kind of scenario from happening.
    That way, the only people Botta will attack will be Kratos and Lloyd, 
    who'll be up front and can block his attacks. Kratos will heal you from 
    them, too.
    Botta Over-Limits after a bit of punishment, and when he does, be 
    careful! If he ever gets a chance to land a hit on your weak-boys, he'll 
    make you pay dearly for it; there is no stopping him! Over-Limited Botta 
    is quite more powerful, but not much of a threat as long as he only 
    focuses on Lloyd and Kratos.
    When he's casting an spell, it might be wise to heal. You don't know if 
    such spell might turn out to be Stalagmite, and this guy is basically 
    unstoppable when it comes to spell casting. Since it's Kratos who heals, 
    have Lloyd keep on attacking.
    Keep the onslaught of spells and attacks and he should fall to your 
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the battle there'll some cutscenes. You'll end up in the map; head 
    to the southwest to find Triet (you'll have to withstand a skit on the 
    way). Head inside.
    T R I E T
    After the scenes, talk with Kratos and exit the screen. Head up and enter 
    the rooms to chat with your partners. Colette's should be visited first; 
    after the scene, visit Raine's room. Talk with her once again after the 
    scene; check Genis, too, and select not to wake him up to learn how fond 
    this guy is of you. Exit the room and you'll be given a choice (damn?! is 
    this Skies of Arcadia or something!?). Follow him for additional scenes.
    In the morning, save and head out. Watch the scene and you'll be told 
    that your next destination is to the southwest. You'll also get the 
    Monster List from Raine; it records enemy data for further analysis. 
    Raine will also join you. Her initial spell (First Aid) makes her a 
    healer as of now. If She's in your party, Kratos' role might be limited 
    to fighting only.
    Now, it's time to go. Before heading out, it might be good to explore the 
    town again.
    You probably have a lot more cash now, so re-checking the stores is 
    recommendable. Upgrade Genis' and Colette's weapons. The Flying Disk (the 
    standard Chakram you can purchase here) can be customized into the Duel 
    Ring if you have a Beast Fang. Get it. Purchasing armor is also vital; if 
    in need of money, sell some Magic Cloth and Beast Hides, if you have any 
    --just don't sell all of them.
    There is a fun little sidequest you can begin here. With Colette as the 
    displayed party member, talk with the town's wandering dog. If you wish 
    to do so, return to the House of Salvation and talk with the dog there, 
    too. The idea is to talk with all of the world's dog to get a special 
    title. The quest has just started!
    Oh, I should note: while you wander about town, you might get a skit. 
    Wait for it and once you have it, exit.
    W O R L D  M A P
    Head directly to the southwest. You should the Triet Ruins at the 
    horizon. Head inside.
    T R I E T  R U I N S 
    A short scene precedes a fight against two elemental based enemies. Set a 
    water-based spell to one of your shortcuts and beat these flying dudes. 
    They're FIRE ELEMENTS. They aren't really tough and attack with Fireball 
    mainly, which does around 50 PTS of DMG. Not too bad.
    You'll be given some new defensive skills you can pump out anytime. After 
    the scenes, you'll get a skit, too. Once it is done, head to the left and 
    go up the steps to find the temple's actual entrance. Through the 
    introductory scene you'll be given Raine's "Archeological Mania" Title. 
    Enter the temple afterwards.
    Walk forward along the hall. You'll bump into some of the temple's 
    enemies, namely, the FIRE BIRDS and BROWN POTS. The POTS defend a lot, so 
    it's hard to damage them adequately, while the Birds are agile and swift. 
    Both aren't tough, really. Employ the standard "attack-block" combo along 
    with spells.
    I should note that it's recommendable to keep your TPs up through the 
    exploration, but if you feel you're wasting too much item, simply 
    accommodate your party's Strat. to a more physical-attack minded kind of 
    offensive. That way, you'll save up lots of TP and replenish it after 
    every fight (so you can cast first Aid). It's a good way to proceed. If, 
    however, you're going to face some of the toughest enemies (Fire 
    Warriors), don't do this, at least not with your weaklings.
    Ahead of the entrance is a doorway that leads to a shrine of sorts, and 
    two paths that go up and down, respectively. The shrine is the actual 
    destination, but ignore it for now and go south. You'll find SCORPIONS 
    here, who you've fought in the desert. No biggie.
    At the far end of the southern hallway, there is a doorway as well as a 
    chest, but the chest has some debris on top of it. Shoot it down with 
    your S. Ring and claim the Lemon Gel inside. Thereafter, head through the 
    Here, move forward a bit and turn right into the small nook there. A 
    scene kicks in. Fire at the torch there afterwards. Kill the enemy 
    floating about to earn a Memory Gem. Exit. If you wish to get more items, 
    head up the steps BEFORE firing at the torch, and light up the one there. 
    Then, fire at the first torch. 
    Head back to the shrine entrance and go in. There, move south and open 
    the chest by the monster to get an Apple Gel. Then, run to the far north 
    side of the screen and turn left when possible. There is another chest 
    here, guarded by a monster. Kill it and earn your prizes, a Life Bottle 
    and a Bracelet.
    Go back around the corner and push the block there down for a couple of 
    tiles. You should spot a small gap below an staircase, to the left. Push 
    your block into such gap. It'll fill half of it. Now, a bit to the south 
    of this place there is another block; drag it here and push it into the 
    other half of the gap, creating a bridge to the staircase and to the 
    torch. Light it.
    Now, head the stairs and follow the linear path towards some chest with a 
    Mumei, 1000 Gald and a Savory.
    Go back to the shrine entrance and head north along the winding path. You 
    might find FIRE WARRIORS here, by the way. Eliminate their companions and 
    be careful of them. Their standard attacks do half-a-hundred PTS of DMG, 
    while their special skill does up to a hundred. Block and don't let your 
    spell casters get too near.
    At the end of this path there'll be a stony chest resting besides a 
    doorway. Don't open the chest; it contains a dangerous FAKE enemy. If 
    you've played abundant RPGS, you might know that these guys pack a 
    whallop and are usually hard to beat; this no exception. Head through the 
    doorway instead.
    Go forward and head around the corner. Run down this path and be careful 
    of the floating enemy; it holds a party of two Fire Warriors, a Fire 
    Element and a Brown Pot; definitely not good. At the end of the path, 
    where there is a boulder, go down and light up the torch there. This'll 
    raise some blocks. Backtrack and use them to cross to the other side; 
    light up the torch there.
    Before leaving the place, head back to the area with the torch and look 
    for the boulder resting around there. Now, in front to the torch there is 
    a small gap next to a treasure chest. Push the boulder into the gap and 
    use it to get to chest, which contains a Stiletto. You can also use one 
    of the raised platforms to get to a chest with a Circlet.
    Head back into the middle shrine and ascend; halfway through the 
    staircase, you'll notice you can use a raised platform to cross to the 
    sealed save point, as well as a teleporter. Unseal the save point, save, 
    and hit the warp.
    (BTW, if you wander around too much, you should get a skit).
    A scene kicks in. Watch it for a bit.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Ktugachling x 2
    An elemental boss! Hit Y and work a bit on your Strats. and shortcuts. 
    Wind Blade and Aqua Edge should be set to the C-Stick. Meanwhile, have 
    your spell caster take a laid-back, magic-pumping approach to the battle. 
    Set Kratos to "Heal". Have all of them "Attack Same" (i.e. attack the 
    enemy you attack).
    Focus on the Ktugachlings. Go for them with Lloyd, which will make 
    everybody attack them. Thankfully, Colette and Genis will stay back. If 
    you see Colette getting too near, don't worry. She can handle it. Kratos 
    will be healing constantly, too, so it's no biggie. If needed, though, 
    heal manually (go to the menu and select First Aid). Specially Lloyd 
    (we'll see why).
    So, run up to the Ktugachlings and start jamming on the A Button, as well 
    as the B button to rack up some quick, hard hitting combos. The idea is 
    to button mash to give the Ktugachlings little chance to move about and 
    finish them quickly. Since everybody will attack the same enemy, they'll 
    help you. 
    It sounds easy. Let's outline some problems: Lloyd will be real near to 
    the Ktugachling AND to Ktugach, which means he'll be punished twice as 
    much as your party members. Kratos' healing helps, but it's not enough. 
    Ktugach attacks with a mult-hitting spike attack (each hit is worth 30 
    PTS of DMG) while the Ktugachlings simply lounge at you. However, damage 
    will rack up fast. How to deal with this?
    Your pals really won't suffer too much. With Lloyd, it'd be wise to take 
    a "blind blocking" approach. How so? After getting a combo down on the 
    Ktugachling, immediately hit the X button to block for a few seconds. 
    After blocking down a few attacks, resume your attacking. This is a nice 
    way to tackle these guys. While attacking, you'll be undoubtedly damaged; 
    but by applying this strategy, the damage is drastically reduced.
    It's highly possible that you won't even know what you're blocking; 
    that's why I refer to it as blind blocking; it works, to an extent at 
    least, and it's useful. Lloyd is your main concern, since your other guys 
    will rarely get damaged (if you set up the adequate strategies). If 
    Colette is getting too near these folks, keep an eye on her. Heal her 
    often (manually). She won't be as damaged as Lloyd, but she's weak, HP-
    After a Ktugachling is gone for, switch to the other one. Kill this one 
    even quicker (keep an eye on your health) so you can finally focus on 
    Heal up your wounds first (give priority to Lloyd). If needed, run back 
    and wait you can replenish your health. Then, run forward.
    While you combo him, Ktugach is stunned. Once he gets back on his feet, 
    he'll unleash the Spike attack. So, the idea here is to combo him (a 
    three hit combo; use techs to damage him more) and hit X to absorb the 
    Spike attack. Meanwhile, jam on the shortcut buttons to send spells 
    flying towards his way and prevent your weaker characters from getting 
    too near.
    TP disappears fast in this battle. When replenishing it, give priority to 
    Kratos and Genis. Kratos, for the healing; Genis, because you can't 
    afford him to get too near. With Colette it's not biggie, since she's a 
    mid-physical striker, and can soup up the hits. Kratos should be given 
    priority above everyone else, though. Healing depends on him, remember?
    While you fight, you might sometime see Ktugach lay down and start 
    shining; he's going to cast Eruption. This spell has a limited attack 
    range, plus, it takes him a lot of time to actually cast it. So, after he 
    announces he's going to use, you have plenty of room to move back and 
    dodge it. Should you be hit, be ready to absorb up to 150 PTS of DMG.
    All in all, I must say it's a fairly simple fight. Keeping your HPs up is 
    fundamental, and blocking the spike attack is a necessity; otherwise, 
    Lloyd will die too often. Eruption is damaging, but can recovered from. 
    Not too bad.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the scenes, Colette will have learned Angel Feathers. Neato. Head 
    out of the temple for an extra cinema. Your party will camp thereafter. 
    Talk with your partners before chatting with Colette. Twice. Outside, 
    watch the skit and go back to Triet.
    T R I E T
    Raine will get the title Sisterly Love here. You are here to stock up on 
    items, so do so. Save if you feel you need to. After you've gotten your 
    items, chat with the townsfolk to learn that your next destination, the 
    Ossa Trail, is to the east of the town. Before heading over there, you 
    might want to pay a visit to the Triet Ruins to earn a level or two. Get 
    to level 11; if you wish to go past there, go you! It's time consuming, 
    W O R L D  M A P
    So, head east. The Trail's entrance is at the bottom of some hills, on a 
    grassy patch past the desert area. Head inside after saving.
    O S S A  T R A I L 
    Head up along the dirt road until a scene kicks in. Pick whatever choice 
    you want to keep the cinema flowing. Once it is done, resume your way 
    forward. In the next screen, you'll find some enemies, namely THIEVES and 
    ARCHERS. The Archers are definitely the major threat, hitting from afar 
    for notable damage; deal with them first, and then go for the thieves.
    There are some MANDRAGORAS, AXE BEAKS and BEARS in this area. All are 
    surprisingly powerful, specially the Mandragoras, who are rather swift, 
    and the Bears, who hit hard (be sure to block). In any party the Bear's 
    on, it's better to deal with him last.
    Keep moving until you have take a turn to the left and go up a steep 
    slope. At its top a bifurcation rests; it goes to the left and to the 
    right. The leftmost path is actually a limited portion of grass that 
    holds a Battle Staff; the camera might make it seem like a full-length 
    path; it isn't. Once you've gotten such item, take the other available 
    Run to the subsequent screen, where the trek upwards resumes (note: keep 
    your health/TP up around this place. There is a boss battle coming up, 
    and it starts without notice). It's a steep path; once you see the road 
    flattens down and then resumes in another steep, declined slope, head 
    south (down) to find an offshoot with two chests (Apple Gel and Melange 
    Gel) as well as a save point. Heal up and save (fight the monsters if you 
    feel like so).
    Run down the steep, declined slope that continues eastward. At the next 
    screen, keep going down and take a sharp left when prompted, at the base 
    of the cliff. Head down, turn right when needed and pick up the Orange 
    Gel that's patrolled by a soldier. You might find a WITCH if you engage 
    them; deal with them first, before anybody else (they're quite strong, 
    though!). Then, run down the hill across the chest (heal on the way 
    At the bottom of this hill, a scene kicks in. Right after it, it's battle 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Wind Guardian
    Techs and Strat, ASAP! I recommend the standard party here (no Raine). 
    Set Angel Feathers and a Genis' spell to your shortcuts. Be sure you have 
    Tempest and Tiger Blade on Lloyd's shortcuts. As for the Strat, go for 
    "Don't Pursue" and "Keep Reserve" on the spell casters, and "Heal" and 
    "Move Freely" on Kratos. Set Kratos' to "Attack Same", too, as well as 
    Go for the Guardian first. Hit it with a Slash-Tempest combo and then 
    block immediately the Guardian's two-hit combo. Go for the combo again. 
    This guy likes to protect himself a lot (just like you ;)), so your total 
    damage might be greatly reduced. It's important that you block, though. A 
    combo of this guy adds up for serious damage, and it sends you flying 
    back (effectively stunning you).
    The Guardian also uses a fireball kind of attack that hits 4-5 times for 
    around 90 PTS of DMG, total. If you're really near to her, it'll miss. 
    But if, for instance, you were sent back, and you're running to her, 
    she'll use it and hit you head on.
    Sheena probably won't bother you, but she'll go for Colette and Genis; 
    with Kratos, their HPs should be up the whole way. Lloyd will get less 
    attention, but he'll often be healed by the time he hits the 400s. Keep 
    Kratos' TPs up to keep the healing going on.
    Keep in mind that if too much of your party members get too near an 
    enemy, and another one is left behind, Sheena will probably go for this 
    one and beat the living crap out of him. In this case, shift tactics so 
    your party attacks the Guardian will you look for Sheena. Hit her twice 
    or so, block and backtrack to drag her away and "spread" her attacks.
    However, don't let the Guardian alone for too long! If you do, she'll 
    kick your ass _hard_. The only way to effectively control her is with 
    Lloyd, by attacking her and blocking her hits. Your other friends can't 
    handle her; trust me. So, if you can't get Sheena to spread, simply 
    backtrack and let her bitch be killed (so be it!)
    That way, she'll eventually run up to the main party, giving your dead 
    friend space to be revived. In this scenario, Kratos will have to heal up 
    like crazy. Use Gels if needed. Meanwhile, you should always attack the 
    Guardian so it doesn't get a chance to wreck havoc. 
    Eventually, the Guardian will be killed. Kratos should have kept your 
    party at optimum conditions throughout; Lloyd is probably beat, though. 
    Give him a Gel while you run up to Sheena. Now, it's possible to end with 
    her rather quick. Simply get up to her sexy ninja body and slash away, 
    hitting A furiously. You'll rack up fast, easy hits.
    Sheen really won't get much of a chance to recover if you jam on the A 
    button fast enough. If she ever breaks your attack string, hit block to 
    absorb the damage and then resume your attacks. It's possible to hack 
    away her for quite a bit before she can get to stop you. As a matter of 
    fact, and if she was damaged as you dealt with the Guardian, you can kill 
    her quickly just by juggling her.
    It's a simple fight. The Guardian ain't too much of a threat, but she's 
    the most dangerous of the bunch, due to her high blocking and damaging 
    attacks. And if you your party the "simple" task of dealing with her on 
    their own, be ready to get creamed. But she's easy to get down with 
    Lloyd. Once she's out, Sheena ain't hard.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Enjoy the cinemas and heal your party. Go inside the mine.
    Watch the skit and run forward to hit a bifurcation. You can continue 
    further into the mine by going forward, to the right and to the left. 
    Head left and then all the way up to get a Fine Guard. Head back to the 
    bifurcation and turn to the right. Head all the way down to get a Black 
    Return to the bifurcation and take the middle road all the way to the 
    next screen. Here, open up the two chests for a Ex Gem Lv 1 and a Beast 
    Fang. Note the floating Black Skull who won't pursue you. You can even 
    talk to it; do so and you'll be asked if you want to fight.
    Don't be reckless and start fighting just like that; you'll get creamed. 
    This guy is the Sword Dancer and he's one tough cookie! He's part of a 
    bigger sidequest. You can beat him later, but after you go through 
    certain story-related events, he disappears. He stays here until you get 
    to Hima (and do a couple of things here).
    Since you have yet to save, I'd suggest holding off on fighting him now. 
    Instead, let's finish this place, get to the world map to save, and then 
    return. Ok?
    So, exit the mine shaft and go south from it. Head out of the Trail. To 
    do so, you'll have to  watch a skit before. You'll learn to use Unison 
    Attacks after that. Read the Tutorial.
    Outside, save and watch the skit. Now, head back to the shaft and talk 
    with the Sword Dancer (note: you might feel like proceeding with the 
    story so you can get to a town and stock up on items. Not a bad idea, if 
    you feel like doing so). Initiate the battle.
    ... Oh, you'd rather go to town a little while and get some items. Okay. 
    Just follow the dirt road towards Izoold.
    I Z O O L D 
    Here, talk with the dog that greets you and head into the house nearest 
    to the entrance to find the inn. Resting there triggers a skit (doing so 
    one more time triggers yet another one). Do so and save afterwards.
    Talk with the townsfolk and then head to the eastern side of the town to 
    find a bridge that leads to the docks. Here is the items shop. Stock up 
    on Orange Gels and Life Bottles (very important if you feel like fighting 
    the Sword Dancer). 
    Now, you can proceed with the story or fight the Dancer. If you feel like 
    fighting him, read the strategy below. Otherwise, go past it and read 
    what suits your tastes better.
    Preparations: First, I suggest you bump up your levels to the 13-15 area 
    by battling the folks at the beach. Be sure you fight the "big" guys 
    (larger, experience-happy groups) to speed up the process. You'll also 
    earn Gald this way, which is necessary to get all of the items you'll 
    need. Apple Gels are notably useful, but you should give Orange Gels and 
    Life Bottles a priority. Also, be sure you have the Unison Gauge 
    completely filled up; Lloyd's "Beast" and "Tempest" learned; a party of 
    Genis, Colette, Kratos and Lloyd. 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Sword Dancer
    Shortcuts are for losers! Instead, go to all of your non-controllable 
    character's Tech Menu and have them use only a select amount of spells: 
    Angel Feathers for Colette, Lighting for Genis and Lighting/First Aid for 
    Kratos. Set both Colette and Genis for "At Once" and "L-Range Magic". 
    Your other character (Kratos) should sport "Heal" and "Move Freely".
    Let's analyze a couple of things about this fight. First, it's hard. It 
    took me lots of tries to beat it (mainly because I was utilizing the 
    wrong party), but in the end I managed to get through it with all of my 
    party members alive at the end of the battle. The Sword Dancer hits hard, 
    specially on unsuspecting folks. This is the battle where you'll learn 
    just how terrible the game's AI can be.
    When you run up to the Dancer with your controllable character, he'll 
    usually do a two-hit combo and sometimes performs a "Cross Slice" attack 
    after that. If these attacks manage to connect, prepare to be killed on 
    the spot. Now, how do you deal with these? Simple: block. 
    Now, there are a lot of variables to be considered here. When you first 
    start the fight, you'll be at a prudent distance from the Dancer. Run up 
    to him and immediately hit block to absorb the first wave of attacks. 
    This'll be an important rule in this fight: every time you run up to the 
    Dancer, hit the block button. Blocking the first two attacks is fine, but 
    after they're done, keep your finger pressing X for a split-second.
    Why? Cross Slice _may_ follow. If you let go of Block too soon, it'll hit 
    you and practically kill you. The split-second pressing of X will give 
    you a great chance of blocking it, and, if it doesn't come, you only need 
    to resume your attacking.
    Now, for the attacking. Angel Feathers and Lighting both do great amounts 
    of damage, but Lloyd also needs to contribute to the battle! The best way 
    to attack the Dancer with him is to hit him good with a standard sword 
    combo (hit A rapidly) followed by Tempest and finished by Beast. By 
    pulling off this combo, you'll knock the Dancer over.
    While he's on the ground, heal your wounds, revive fallen allies or 
    replenish your TPs (more on all of this later). Keep in mind that the 
    Dancer enjoys to block, and if he does, he won't be knocked over. If 
    that's the case, you should hit the block button once you conclude your 
    combo to absorb the inexorable barrage of attacks that shall follow.
    This is all very simple, but like I said before, there are tons of things 
    to consider: firstly, the combo Lloyd will be continuously using drains 
    TP fast, so you'll have to replenish it on a minutely basis(well, not 
    really). The best moments to do so is when the Dancer is knocked over. 
    Back away a little and utilize a refreshing Orange Gels to keep the 
    skills flowing.
    Replenishing your other character's TP is as fundamental, too: Genis and 
    Colette need to crank out the spells to rack up the damage, but more 
    importantly, to keep them back from the Dancer. No matter how you tweak 
    their Strats., they'll always run up to the Sword Dancer whenever their 
    TPs run dry, getting effectively creamed on the process. By maintaining 
    their magic bars at an acceptable level, this shouldn't happen too often.
    But it'll happen, nonetheless. And that brings up another point: prepare 
    to die. A lot. Lloyd will be dying the most, and, with any luck, your 
    other characters won't be visited by the Reaper too often. Life Bottles 
    are fundamental in this fight. Administer them to the affected character 
    as soon as he or she goes down. 
    To prevent too much dying on Lloyd's part, you'll have to play it careful 
    sometimes. Instead of running to the Dancer with just 200 HPs, wait for a 
    healing. Or heal yourself with a Gel. While you float around waiting for 
    the healing to come, the Dancer gets dangerously near to your other party 
    members. This is really not a trouble, since it's easy to push him back 
    with Lloyd's combo attacks.
    However, sometimes he'll shift his attention to one of your party members 
    and start whacking him. In those cases, the best you can do is run up to 
    the dancer and hit block. It'll immediately shift back its attention to 
    you, and slash you good. However, it's easier to control damage issues 
    with your controlled character, so it's better this way.
    Overall, you have to learn to block, attack constantly and heal 
    frequently. High TPs are a must. Healing will be nicely handled by Kratos 
    (whom you should revive first whenever he dies), so manual-curing will 
    most likely not needed. Just be sure you try to keep your characters at 
    optimum conditions and distract the Dancer with Lloyd (so it doesn't kill 
    the rest of your folks). Use Unison Attacks, too.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Are you back? Good. Now head to the docks.
    After stocking up on items, explore the docks a bit. There is a cat-woman 
    here who'll play Emotion Balloon with you, a weird minigame where you 
    match the "EB" shown to you with the d-pad button that's assigned to it. 
    Not too good.
    There are two ships here, too. One of them is docked on the eastern side 
    of the harbor, staggering over the dim waves. The other one is a bit to 
    the southwest, ahead of a small storehouse. Max, its owner, and 
    apparently the only guy who'd be willing to give you a ride, refuses to 
    provide you with any means of transport. Shucks.
    So, head back to the town's first area and head into the northernmost 
    house after talking with the guys around here. Speak with the lady there 
    (you might need to do so twice) to trigger a scene. Once it is over, 
    backtrack to the harbor and head over to Max's boat.
    Agree to take the letter to Aifread. When you're ready to leave, chat 
    with Max and pick yes to ignite a scene.
    P A L M A C O S T A
    Stroll through the docks and chat with the townsfolk. There is even a dog 
    to be named! You should also get a skit around these parts. 
    There are various shops around here. The newer equipment is pretty 
    expensive, but if you've been fighting a lot you should have the cash to 
    afford them. Now then, if you've burned some of it on healing items 
    (coughSwordDancercough) you might not be able to upgrade your party. Hold 
    off for a bit if that's the case.
    Even then, you might just be able to upgrade your weapons at the 
    Customization Shop. Some of the items require you to make a previous 
    purchase at one of the local stores (aha! a powerful synergy it is, 
    a'ight?). Some can be made right off the bat, if you earned the items 
    previously (most likely, but even then...)
    The harbor has two exits: the northern one leads to a sealed-off 
    lighthouse, while the southern one connects the docks to the main 
    residential area. Shortly after entering it you'll witness a cutscene. 
    Short story made even shorter: Colette makes some girl break her Palma 
    Potion. And you have to replace it.
    You don't have many places: you can enter the inn right besides the two 
    guys who are, apparently, the girl's bodyguards. They are the ones who 
    limit your exploration: should you go too far, they'll basically stop 
    you, thinking you're just trying to escape. Meh, whatever.
    Head east of these two guys and enter the big building there (on its 
    second floor you can find the Katz Exploration Team) which would be the 
    best place to get a Palma Potion at... but it turns out they're sold out!
    Go inside the shop next to the wine-and-drinks shop. After the short 
    scene there, purchase the Palma Potion for a hefty 1,000 Gald. If you're 
    short on cash, you'll be told you can amass some of it by playing a 
    minigame. Keep in mind that you're told this ONLY if you first view the 
    shop list with less than 1,000 Gald. If you view the shop's list with 
    over 1,000 Gald, and then purchase something, lowering your cash to less 
    than such amount and proceed to check out the list... you won't get the 
    aforementioned suggestion.
    With the Potion in hand, head back to where the girl's bodyguards are and 
    hand over the item. After the scene, head over to the easternmost side of 
    town and cross the bridge over there. A cutscene kicks in.
    Stroll about the plaza. There is a narrow paved road that leads to 
    steamship that rests on the horizon, Dorr's mansion to its left, and the 
    Church of Martel to its right. Head into the church and chat with the 
    priest to get some valuable information. Go out once the chitchat is 
    over. Your folks will consider the course of action, and they'll decide 
    visiting General Dorr is the best-suited plan.
    Now, before heading over there, you might want to visit the steamship 
    area. As you approach the vehicle itself you will get a nice cutscene. 
    Once it is done, you're free to talk with the people around the area 
    (check out the two guys by the bowsprit. Heh.) There really isn't a lot 
    to do here, I just figured you'd like to see the whole town ;)
    There is another interesting place around these parts, namely, the local 
    Academy, right next to the church. Right off the bat you're given a 
    challenge... on the intellectual level, though. And you don't have to 
    take it up right up. 
    Examine the weird, torch-like thing underneath the staircase to find the 
    Wonder Chef, who grants you the recipe for the Omelette. After getting it 
    head to the right and explore the two classrooms spread across this short 
    hall. In the second one you're given the possibility to become a waitress 
    for a short time.
    It's an interesting minigame. People come over and giver you orders. You 
    memorize them (and the people's appearance), make the cook prepare them, 
    and then deliver it to the appropriate folks in the right amounts. Do 
    well enough and you'll get some cash and the "Turbo Waitress" title.
    Go back to the entrance area and head to the second floor. Enter the 
    first classroom to trigger a scene. You'll be asked three questions, and 
    their answers are: Guardian, Acceleration due to gravity and I don't 
    know. Having taken up this test, exit the classroom and head over to the 
    adjacent room. Another hilarious scene for you to enjoy.
    Once it is over Genis will have a new title: "Honor Roll". Good enough. 
    You can now leave the academy.
    So now would be a good time to backtrack and consider heading into Dorr's 
    place. Before crossing the doorway, talk with the two big-framed guys by 
    the door. Doing so triggers a special scene (only of you choose to see 
    it). After you're done with it you might want to enter the mansion once 
    and for all.
    Head up the steps and watch the scene. By the time it ends, you'll be 
    given a new objective: to reach Hakonesia Peak!. When you exit the 
    mansion, you're bound to get some skits. Go back to the previous screen 
    and move to its westernmost side and chat with the people there to learn 
    that Hakonesia Peak is to the northeast. This is also where you can exit 
    W O R L D  M A P
    I'd suggest fighting around the beaches and grasslands for a bit to earn 
    cash. That way you can modernize your party's equipment.
    There are GIANT BEETLES around this area, which are flying enemies who 
    usually come in back packs. They're really weak, so I'd say no special 
    considerations should be taken with them. The bigger parties give out a 
    nice amount of EXP and Gald.
    At the beaches you can find FISH and SEA JELLY. The Jellies can resist a 
    lot of hits before going down, but aren't very damaging. The Fishes are 
    run-down-the-mill enemies. They give out much less EXP and Gald than the 
    other guys, but they really ain't too bad.
    Finally, there are SOLDIERS and ARCHERS whom we've met before and are 
    EXTREMELY resistant, but don't do much damage. Not so bad. Oh, there is 
    also a skit to be seen around these parts. Just wander around until it 
    shows up.
    Another enemy you will see around here is the GRASSHOPPER. They can dish 
    out quite some damage; consider defending. They can also poison you, 
    which is never good. Use Panacea Bottles or prevent it altogether by 
    equipping any Poison Charms you have.
    There are also some places to be visited around the map. Firstly, head 
    more or less southeast from Palmacosta and to find Nova's Caravan sitting 
    in the middle of a grove. 
    Talk with the people inside (one of them tells a hilarious story about 
    tree nuts crafting beautiful melodies). You'll get a Linkite Nut and some 
    interesting information about how to find Aska. Like Raine says, it's not 
    like you have to look for her right now, though...
    Go back to the field and head towards the mountain that's behind the 
    Caravan. Resting at its bottom there is an Ex Gem Lv2. Take it.
    That about sums it up. Our next destination, Hakonesia Peak, is to the 
    northeast, so stroll over there. You basically just need to follow the 
    dirt road and cross the bridge at its northeastern end. Keep on until you 
    find a House of Salvation. Head inside.
    Talk with the people around here and name the dog before heading into the 
    House itself. Inside, talk with the assassin who previously tried to kill 
    you to learn she's called Sheena. After the short scene, you're free to 
    heal at the top floor (save, too). Once you come back down, talk to the 
    newly-spawned people. Leave then.
    Resume your way towards Hakonesia by following the adjacent unpaved road 
    that goes more or less north. The path branches out after a bit, one of 
    the roads leading to the continent's easternmost shore where the 
    Guidepost Monument is. Follow the other available road to finally reach 
    the Peak (it's a long walk). Before heading in, head to the east of it to 
    find a Magic Mist overlooking the sea.
    Head into the peak now.
    H A K O N E S I A  P E A K 
    Head into the only house here and talk with the old chap inside. Turns 
    out the impostor Chosen party sold him the Book of Regeneration and won't 
    let you look at it unless you pay him some money... or bring him the 
    Spiritua Statue that's the House of Salvation. Hm... exit his shack to 
    witness another scene.
    After it you should get a skit.
    So, head back to the map and move over to the House of Salvation we just 
    passed by (on the way you're bound to get a skit). A word of advice: 
    fight a lot as you stroll about the map. Levels are quite easily attained 
    around these parts. You should be at around level 14-16.
    Heal up and talk with the priest by the Spiritua statue to learn that you 
    can't it take just now. Exit and now, head back to Palmacosta.
    P A L M A C O S T A
    The first thing you might want to do is to stay at the inn and save. 
    Then, head to the town's plaza by Dorr's house. Fight the Desians there 
    after the scene (it's a simple fight).
    Once the whole thing ends you'll be at Cacao's shop. Stock up on the 
    necessary items and head towards the town's western exit (you're bound to 
    get some skits by this time). Talk with the woman in white garb by the 
    exit and agree to walk her part of the way to Hakonesia.
    You'll be at the House of Salvation the next minute. Approach the House 
    itself to trigger a cutscene. Agree to help out Chocolat and enter the 
    House. Speak with the Grand Priest to trigger yet another cinema. As it 
    flows you'll be prompted to make a choice; pick the answer that suits 
    your tastes. 
    Our next destination is the Human Ranch; leave the House.
    W O R L D  M A P 
    If you read your Synopsis you'll be told that the Human Ranch is to the 
    southeast of Hakonesia Peak... which means you should go southeast from 
    the House along the dirt road. When the road ends, go northeast. Turn 
    around the mountain to find the ranch nested between the shrubbery. Head 
    P A L M A C O S T A  H U M A N  R A N C H
    After the introductory cinema, watch the skit and dash forward. Another 
    cinema kicks in; watch it. You'll be told if you want to go back to 
    Palmacosta to confront Dorr, or if you want to storm the ranch right 
    away. The logical option would be to go to Palmacosta, but I highly 
    suggest attacking the ranch. So, in order to follow this walkthrough, do 
    so too please :)
    Head through the rightmost path towards the ranch's front entrance. 
    Battle the WHIP MASTERS and BOWMEN around the area. They're upgraded 
    versions of the dudes you've faced in the past; they're easy, overall.
    Open the main door and do battle against the guards patrolling the yard 
    while moving to the northernmost side of the area, where the entrance to 
    the ranch awaits.
    Inside you should examine the pedestal in the middle of the room to 
    change the S. Ring's function to that of a "radar". You should also get a 
    skit around here.
    Exit the area through the door to the right. In the subsequent screen, 
    fight the two Desians and trigger the radar to uncover some items, 
    namely: Omega Shield and White Silver. At the top right side of this 
    small platform there is an interesting, cylindrical structure. Trigger 
    the radar and choose to examine it. Do so until a staircase appears in 
    the horizon. Notice how the bridge across from it disappears once the 
    staircase pops up. 
    Firstly, make the bridge appear and head to the other side. Watch the 
    short cinema that explains how the apparatus in the middle of the 
    platform works (it heals you). Fight the Desian for a Purple Card and 
    pick up the hidden items (Orange Gel). Trigger the radar again and check 
    the cylinder (from now on "radar switch") to craft a bridge that leads to 
    a hidden life bottle.
    Deactivate this radar switch and activate the one on the previous 
    platform so only the staircase is visble. Head back to the main hub 
    (where you got the special Radar Ring).
    Exit through the west and kill the lone guy there for a Memory Gem (there 
    is also a hidden Apple Gel). Go southwest to find a small passage that 
    sprawls into a wide hallway with lots of enemies (the robot group is 
    quite damaging). Clear it and trigger the radar to find an Orange Gel by 
    the hall's northern exit, which is actually a dead end... with a hidden 
    Life Bottle.
    So, stroll towards the corridor's southernmost exit. There, go forward 
    but then go down the hall just now (you can't go up it, anyways). 
    Instead, head past it and get the hidden item there. 
    Run back to the main room and "unlock" the warp point there by using your 
    radar. In the next screen, save and explore around. There are a total of 
    four possible paths: the one you came through, a sealed warp point off to 
    the north (it can't be unlocked with just the ring) and two doorways 
    veering off to the west and east.
    Firstly, head east. Hit the S. Ring button to uncover a bunch of 
    invisible crates. One of them, at the bottom of the platform, overlooks a 
    gap that precedes a small landing with an item on it. Clear the gap with 
    the block and get the Ex Gem Lv2 that's resting on the small platform. As 
    for the other crates, you can easily move them around.
    Push them into the gaps by the small landing where the Ex Gem was. You 
    can now easily access the refresher area. Heal up if needed and hit the 
    radar switch on the eastern side of the crate platform. At the other 
    side, go down the stairs to trigger a small cinema, along which you'll be 
    given a Red Card. Having done that, cross back the bridge and lock it 
    back through the radar switch.
    Backtrack to the save point (NOTE: I think it's necessary to head back to 
    the refresher area to make the staircase appear again), four-way 
    intersection and veer west. 
    In this screen (the prison area) you'll be given the Blue Card. With that 
    in hand, return to the previous area and open up the sealed warp to the 
    north (simply access your radar). Transport to the subsequent zone.
    Here, there are some enemies as well as two warp points. Finish off the 
    Desians and take the leftmost warp after picking up the Melange Gel that 
    rests besides it. In the next area, use the upper warp point. In this new 
    screen, pick up the hidden Apple Gel resting by the recently-used warp. 
    Then, take up the northernmost warp point.
    Kill the enemy upstairs (the staircase will be here only if you've 
    followed the steps mentioned throughout the area's walkthrough) and get 
    the hidden Panacea Bottle. Head back to the warp room and take the bottom 
    transporter. Then, take the western, red warp (grab the item next to it).
    In the next screen, don't pick the hidden "item" to the north, as it is 
    an alarm-triggering device. Instead, take the southernmost warp and pick 
    up the Life Bottle there. Head back to the previous room and go north 
    this time around. In the next area, take the western warp (pick up the 
    item floating by it) and head through the north. Then go west.
    Beat the Desians here to free Chocolat. She then takes the northern warp; 
    before following her, go east to find a sealed save point. Unlock it and 
    save/heal. Then, head north. At the next screen, beat the Desians (after 
    the mandatory scene, of course) and then you'll have to deal with 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Whip Master
    Strat./shortcut time! Set some powerful spells to your shortcuts (Angel 
    Feather is somewhat mandatory) like Stalagmite or Spread... or if you're 
    not there yet, then Lightning, which is also quite powerful. If you don't 
    feel like using the C-Stick, then simply have both Colette and Genis use 
    only one spell (through their Tech menu) by canceling out the other ones. 
    Set your CPU-controlled characters to "Attack Same"; Genis should also 
    have "Use Skills Freely" and "L-Range Magic". Colette should "Move" & 
    "Attack Freely" while Kratos "Heals". That's about it.
    Magnius will be attacking right off the bat with some powerful skills, 
    such as Eruption, which can hit your entire party for a hefty 300 PTS of 
    DMG, Beast, that knocks you back and deals over 200 PTS of DMG, and his 
    standard physical attack, which knocks off around 150 HPs! His lackeys 
    serve as a nuisance and give him plenty of space to cast his spells.
    It's important that you first kill his lackeys. They're weak, but have a 
    lot of HP. They're not too bad; the problem is that Magnius will be 
    assaulting you while you deal with the soldiers. Manually heal your 
    wounds through items or First Aid (through this first part of the fight, 
    it might be good to have Kratos cast First Aid exclusively. You can then 
    tweak his behavior).
    If you get a chance to cancel one of Magnius' spells, do so, but be 
    careful; if you get too near to him, he'll definitely use either Beast or 
    his axe-swing attack, both of which are powerful. Blocking is a definite 
    advantage you have here, so be sure to use it constantly to absorb some 
    of the damage he can deal.
    Magnius might sometime focus on only one or two of your party members and 
    wreck havoc on them. If that's the case, simply run up to him to get a 
    nice share of the fighting; otherwise he'll just cream the members he's 
    focusing on.
    If you have the Unison Gauge full, be sure to hold off on using it until 
    Magnius is alone. That way he'll take most of the damage.
    When you go forward to attack Magnius, be sure to heal your folks before. 
    Also, I've noticed that both Genis and Colette seem to lose their TPs 
    quite quickly here, so it'd be good to replenish them for maximum 
    effectiveness. Do so with Kratos as he is the one with the healing.
    Magnius ain't a joke; keep that in mind. Aside of the aforementioned 
    attacks, he's got Flame Lance which roughly does 150-200 PTS of DMG. 
    Guard-breaking Hell Axe is another dangerous attack that dishes out over 
    200 PTS of DMG, while Hell Hound, which can hit two party members at a 
    time, hits hard (200-300 PTS of DMG), is hard to block (but not 
    impossible) and knocks you back. Ouch!
    Healing and reviving are two fundamental actions you'll need to 
    constantly do; otherwise you'll get killed. Maintaining both your TPs and 
    HPs will take you through the fight, since Magnius attacks often, hard 
    and uses attacks that often can't be blocked (so they dish out maximum 
    pain). TP reserves will be exhausted on a blink here, so you've got to 
    keep an eye on them, otherwise your spellcasting will be limited.
    Powerful spells really help the battle go by faster, so if needed, cast 
    them manually through a shortcut or through the Tech Menu. If you see 
    Genis is reluctant to use Stalagmite, Spread or any other powerful spell, 
    then set it to a shortcut and wiggle on it. Damaging spells add up to the 
    pain quota and stun Magnius, which is good.
    Blocking is not as effective here as it's been in other battles, but it 
    still can absorb some damage of a some of Magnius' attacks; yet, they're 
    worthless against some others :) That makes healing all more important. 
    Mark my words: you need to heal and revive.
    If you can knock off his HPs at a steady rate and maintain yours up, then 
    it shouldn't be too hard of a fight. It's really more about being careful 
    with your folks than anything else (since he's easily healed from).
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After all the nice scenes, exit to the map and watch the skit you'll 
    probably get. Head back to Palmacosta.
    P A L M A C O S T A 
    Healing at the inn and buy some new items, specially if you used some 
    against Magnius. After that, head to Cacao's shop for a scene, and then 
    move over to Dorr's mansion. There, head downstairs after the brief 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    This girl is quite powerful! Still, she's not as tough as Magnius and I'd 
    say she's quite easy to defeat. Have some powerful, hard-hitting spells 
    set to your shortcuts.
    Run up to her unleash some combos on her; use skills such as Beast or 
    Fierce Demon Fang to deliver the coup de grace; it makes racking up the 
    damage a much faster process. Meanwhile, wiggle on the stick to unleash 
    some powerful spells. With some timing, you can obliterate her with a 
    powerful combination of spells and skills, that can easily add up to 20 
    or so hits.
    Blocking is quite effective in this battle; this girl attacks by using a 
    series of quick-hit combos that often deal around 200-300 PTS of DMG, 
    perhaps even a bit more. These attacks are very damaging, as you can see, 
    so manually healing from them is a must. Even then, if you keep the spell 
    casting up, it's highly probably that only Lloyd will be damaged by them, 
    since she doesn't have any long-range attacks.
    As a matter of fact, Kratos finished this battle with full-health, which 
    was quite a surprise! He basically spent his time healing. My other 
    characters were barely touched, and they were easily healed from. So, as 
    long as Lloyd attacks her relentlessly and you keep your other characters 
    busy, casting a myriad of spells, they should be alright.
    Kilia will eventually sprout some wings off her back; her combos become 
    more powerful and harder to block (they usually pierce right through it) 
    plus she uses them more often... and faster.  Lloyd will be in for a 
    world of hurt, so keep the healing up, but, also keep up the offense. If 
    you heal steadily, Lloyd should not die.
    To prevent your other characters from getting too close to Kilia, have 
    them constantly cast long-range spells... and make sure the TPs reserves 
    are always moderately full so they don't feel like going to the 
    frontlines. All in all, this is an easy fight. Just make sure you heal 
    Lloyd's wounds.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    If you came here before going to the Ranch, you'll be given a passcode 
    and Card Key which you can use to enter the ranch through a different 
    path; if you've already gone through it, you'll get a Pass you can use to 
    cross Hakonesia. All of this along the cutscenes, of course :)
    As you move around Palmacosta, you're bound to see some skits. Save/heal 
    and stock back on items. You can also play "Orienteering" at the plaza 
    (talk with the soldier that rests at the southwestern corner of it) where 
    you must find people that match the criteria given to you. The soldier 
    gives out some clues that are actually quite helpful.
    The people who you have to look for are: a boy that wanders about the 
    steamship dock, the two guards overlooking the mansion, an old woman 
    standing inside a fence by the academy (tell her she actually hear you) 
    and the fishing stand (yes the stand) at the northern dock (the one that 
    belongs to Seven Seas). Finish the game by talking with the soldier at 
    the plaza (there is no prize, mind you).
    Keep playing and you should have to find more people, but those are the 
    first, I think (this might be random. If it is, please contact me).
    Now, head to the western side of town and talk with the woman in white 
    garb. Take her with you "part of the way" so you end up at the House of 
    Salvation. From there, head over to the human ranch and veer south from 
    it. Go inside Thoda Dock.
    T H O D A  D O C K
    The house nearest to the entrance is actually a House of Salvation, so 
    heal up there if needed. Across the House's entrance there should be a 
    white, dotted dog that Colette should take here time naming. Inside the 
    House's first floor, look to the right to find an almost-hidden desk with 
    the travel woman. Pay her 200 Gald to be taken to the Thoda Geyser.
    Save up and head up the rocky slope. There a cutscene will kick in. After 
    it, name the dog to the left and chat with the people around. There is 
    also a guy by the top of the slope who sells items, and is the first guy 
    to start selling Melange Gels. They're expensive, too.
    Head to the rightmost side of the spring and head up the small mount over 
    there. After the scene you'll play a small minigame. Simply follow Genis 
    directions and you shall not fall (or take damage). It's simple and quite 
    easy. Once it finishes, you'll have the Spiritua Stone with you. Neato.
    Examine the lectern-like thing next to the signpost here to find out it's 
    the Oracle Stone. This'll open up the water temple. 
    W A T E R  T E M P L E 
    Head all the way forward through the entrance road. Along the way, you'll 
    find FLOAT DRAGONS and STARFISH. The Dragons can poison you, which is 
    never good, so take a conservative approach towards them and back off 
    every time you see "Poison Needle". These two guys are only moderately 
    damaging, so they're not too tough.
    At the end of the path there is a staircase that goes down; proceed. 
    You're bound to find GREEN ROPERS (ah yes, I remember them...) and WATER 
    ELEMENTS. The Elements have the extremely powerful Aqua Laser (over 300 
    PTS of DMG); the Ropers have lots of HP and have a spin combo-like attack 
    that hits abundantly and quite hard for what it is; it can shove off more 
    than 200 HPs, I'd say. When you see the Roper is about to perform it 
    (it's got a telltale sign, don't worry) hit block.
    A good way to deal with multiple, ultra damaging Elements is to 
    constantly shift between them whenever you see they're chanting a spell. 
    That way you can silence them and prevent further damage.
    At the bottom of the aforementioned staircase there is another downward-
    oriented stairway, and to its far right, a chest, holding a Mermaid's 
    Tear. Snag this item and then head down. From there, proceed to the very 
    bottom of this temple. It's a rather expansive platform that overlooks a 
    small pond with some geysers to the west, and has a circular, lit-up 
    shrine to the east, resting next to two treasure chests.
    The chests hold a Life Bottle and a Circlet, respectively. The shrine 
    next to them changes the function of your S. Ring. Ignore it for now, 
    though. Instead, exit the room through the southwestern path.
    You'll arrive at a huge, two-story room that's composed mainly of 
    catwalks-like roads, small, interesting shrines and whatnot. Head across 
    the entrance to find two big, cylindrical pillars resting along the right 
    wall; in between them is a hidden path that leads to a minute platform 
    with two treasure chests positioned on top of it. Open them for White 
    Silver and an Orange Gel.
    Back at the previous screen, head over to the small shrine to the left of 
    the aforementioned entrance. Such shrine is composed of two flanking, 
    unlit torches, in the middle of which there are two water jugs. Light up 
    the torches and head back to the room with the S.Ring-shifting shrine. 
    Shift the S.ring. Then, go through the southeastern exit. In the 
    following room, head down the flight of steps straight ahead.
    Turn right to find a series of wide, horizontally lined archways that 
    serve as a support to a bigger platform. Underneath such platform, and by 
    crossing the archways, you can find a duo of chests holding a Stun 
    Bracelet and a Circlet. There are also some foes to be fought here, 
    amongst which you can find the big-but-tender OCTOSINE.
    One of the enemies here (the one on the eastern side of the archways) 
    holds a valuable Memory Gem. Anyways, after snagging all of the possible 
    items, head down the staircase at the bottom side of this platform. 
    You'll land in a rocky, unpaved and brief road.
    The enemy floating about is usually a dangerous combo of Ropers and 
    Elements. Healing must be employed throughout such a fight, and skills, 
    too, so it ends rather fast.
    At the western end of the road there is a doorway. Cross it to enter an 
    L-shaped (with a small offshoot by the L's bottom-left) at the tip of 
    which there is one of those small shrine, the same as the one in the 
    floor above of you. There is also a boulder and an enemy; I'd say get rid 
    of the enemy.
    Enemy, push the boulders backwardly towards a small square that's 
    underneath the doorway you just used to enter. It should make a click 
    sound. Once you've done so, backtrack to the first shrine we visited, 
    where we lit up some torches.
    As told in this walkthrough, you should have already shifted your S. Ring 
    from fire to water; if not, do so now. Anyways, at this shrine, hit the 
    rightmost jug with a blast of fresh, clear water. Having done this, go 
    back to the boulder-room shrine.
    There, you only have to splash the rightmost jug at the shrine to fulfill 
    this puzzle (and get an interesting Zelda-like sound, again... hm). With 
    all of this done, head back to the floor where the first shrine is. By 
    now you're probably wondering where you can find a good save point. Head 
    directly across from the shrine area's entrance door and go a bit past 
    the two cylindrical pillars. Squint hard at the area in front of the 
    railing to find the faint remnants of what once was a save point.
    Save/heal and work on your Strategy. You'd want a fully-healed party that 
    can attack magically and physically and has healing capabilities; I 
    suggest Raine, Kratos, Genis and Lloyd, because you'll need some healing 
    in the next fight. Have Raine "Heal", of course. And "Protect Friends". 
    Make sure that her only cast-able spell is First Aid.
    Meanwhile, have Kratos shift between First Aid and Lightning, as well as 
    any other skill you feel is useful. Have your Spell-caster (Genis) take a 
    laid-back approach with a L-Range Magic/Don't pursue setting. 
    Kratos should also have "Heal".
    Oh, and have they everybody except Lloyd use "Scatter".
    Now, head over the platform that just rose and step into the warp. It's 
    battle time!
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Amphitra x 2
    Andulocia is the main guy here, but as you were probably expecting, it's 
    highly recommended to go for her(?) lackeys first.
    Keep in mind that Andulocia will start wrecking havoc on you as soon as 
    possible with Spread, which is outstandingly powerful, shoving off over 
    600 PTS of DMG if fully hit! Now, that's quite something.
    So, how to go around this? Well, you... can't. Andulocia can't be stopped 
    mid-chant, so once she starts casting a spell, it's party time! The best 
    way to prevent getting killed from that is to heal constantly; keep your 
    HPs above 800 and you should be fine.
    At first, I suggest moving around a lot with Lloyd. Have some nice, 
    powerful spells on your shortcuts and wiggle on them while you circle 
    between targets. Constantly hit R and shift your objective, head towards 
    it and slash it down with a combo or two. Keep moving. This helps, trust 
    Your folks will do a great job handling the Amphitras, so don't be 
    surprised when you slash one and it dies. If possible, manually heal. It 
    helps a lot, since your friends will sometimes ignore healing. And top-
    notch health is really helpful throughout this battle.
    When you circle around Andulocia, try to block or block-jump (hit block 
    and press "left" on the stick) to prevent damage from her, which is often 
    a lot (her bubble-combo deals a good ~250 PTS of DMG, while the Aqua 
    Laser can take off as much as 300-300 PTS). The Amphitras don't dish out 
    that much pain, but it's still considerable.
    When you're hit by Spread, manually heal to prevent further, threatening 
    wounds. That's a good strategy.
    After moving around for a bit, the Amphitras will be dead and it'll be 
    Andulocia against ye. Before engaging her, heal up your party. Two 
    healers makes this noticeably easier.
    Hit Andulocia with a powerful combo that makes her stagger (finish it 
    with Beast, for example) and hit block to absorb her subsequent attack. 
    Or block-jump to dodge it altogether. If she starts chanting an spell, 
    backtrack and hit block to absorb it with Lloyd. Also, take some time to 
    heal any wounds you have.
    I died quite a bit through this fight, mainly with Lloyd. He's going to 
    die, don't sweat. However, your other party members shouldn't die too 
    often if you maintain them healthy.
    All in all, a semi-tough fight. Andulocia is relentless and quite 
    damaging, so healing takes a great importance. Make good use of any 
    spaces you get to replenish your health and attack conservatively. Use 
    Unison attacks, too. If your characters die, don't be afraid to employ 
    Life Bottles.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the bevy of scenes, exit the temple. Watch the scene outside and 
    save at the washtub dock.
    Make your way to Hakonesia Peak and enter the shack there. I should note 
    that you're bound to get some skits as you make your way (sleep at the 
    House of Salvation to get one, for instance).
    Talk with Koton to earn a scene where the party reads the Book of 
    Regeneration. Afterwards, head up the slope to the north to find two 
    soldiers standing by the pathway that leads to the "Asgardian" part of 
    the continent. Cross it.
    W O R L D  M A P 
    The enemies around this area are no joke! DRAGOON RIDERS and VELODRAGON 
    accompany some old guys. These two enemies do a lot of damage per hit (to 
    the point it's obscene) and have quite a bit of resistance. Be careful 
    around them.
    There are also WARRIORS and SORCERERS, the two of which seem to have no 
    resistance whatsoever, are easily stunned, and take lots of damage per 
    hit (due to their limited resustance). They aren't too much of a threat, 
    so don't sweat it.
    Most of the bigger groups give out generous amounts of EXP and Gald, so 
    anybody who's feeling like incrementing his/her levels should fight 
    around for an hour or two.
    Anyway, just out of the Peak it's a dirt road. Follow it into an 
    intersection in the middle of the spread-out, lush grassy fields. 
    Mountains surround the horizon. At the intersection there is a House of 
    Salvation. There is a dog to be named and information to get (be sure to 
    speak with everybody), like the whereabouts of your next destination.
    You can go east towards the Balacruf Mausoleum, or head weast to Asgard. 
    Of course, we could head over to Luin, but let's go to Asgard first (both 
    of this cities are marked off as must-visits on your Synopsis). 
    Go southwest to find Asgard practically hidden amongst some strategically 
    placed cliffs and mountaintops. 
    A S G A R D
    Just by the entrance is the Vortex Inn, hidden beneath the rocks and 
    placed next to the flight of rocky stairs. Further ahead there is an 
    improvised entrance to the city, formed by the two cylindrical pillars 
    that sustain the stone bridge gazing at the top of the them.
    The shops are spread along the upper area. There is also a natural cavern 
    formed within the rocky walls that contain Asgard, inside which ancient 
    piece of wall-art rest, waiting to be gawked by impressed tourists and 
    art maniacs. 
    There are not a lot of new items to be bought at the Weapons  Shop, but 
    the Armory is carrying an interesting set of new items. The Katz 
    Exploration team is also floating around here.
    At the bottom area of town there are also some interesting places to be 
    visited. The item shop is around this place, too, next to the road that 
    leads into a cavern. Next to it is a dog waiting to be named, and up a 
    gentle slope you can find a rather large mansion that it's actually an 
    inn, but an expensive one.
    You can go down a small flight of steps across the item shop and go 
    forward along the twisting path. At its end there are various ways to go, 
    including a dragon's ranch to the left and another inn to the right. Ich! 
    So many places to rest at :)
    To the right of the inn here lies another part of the town. There is also 
    a dog to be named. Head up the flight of stairs and enter the house to 
    the right. There, go upstairs and examine the record player on the floor 
    to find the Wonder Chef! He'll teach you the Meat Stew.
    It's possible to further explore this zone, but I wouldn't deem it as 
    necessary. Our real destination is at the previous screen (around where 
    we found the third inn). Next to such inn is a long road that leads to a 
    long staircase. Head up.
    After the scene you can stay behind to listen Raine's mind-numbing 
    chatter, talk with your folks... or head around the square-shaped ruin to 
    find two mischievous kids. Endure through the annoying scene (I hate 
    Raine. Who does she think she is!?)
    Once the cinema is over, you may save at any of the available places in 
    town... and heal. Having done this, move back to the ruin area, where the 
    game will continue. Go up the stairs to start a cinema, at the end of 
    which you should leave. Move over to the easternmost area of town and go 
    into the house where we found the Wonder Chef.
    Read the dialogue that ensues and bounce back to the Ruin's entrance 
    staircase. Long story made short, you'll need to pick a party that 
    includes Raine for the following fight. Since she provides the healing, 
    pack in some physical strikers and the obligatory spell caster.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    This guy ain't really too bad. He's go a decent defense, and can dish out 
    a good amount of damage. Physical hits shove off as much as 160 HPs, 
    while its scythe combo deals around 60-130 PTS of DMG per hit (it's a 
    Jump block and normal block will be of great importance. Have somebody 
    occupy himself/herself on healing constantly, and set up some powerful 
    spells to your Shortcuts. Use them constantly throughout the entire fight 
    to put a dent on the Windmaster's health.
    Limit your character's attacking choices so they use the best spells more 
    consistently or actually heal whenever it is needed.  The onslaught of 
    shortcut-summoned spells will help rack up the total damage delivered, 
    but it won't make the boss stagger.
    With Lloyd, move forward to the Windmaster and employ a good combo of 
    techs and physical strikes. Tempest and Fierce Demon Fang work well, if 
    you have them. After performing it, you could end up with Beast to stun 
    the boss (although it sometimes does not work). Or you could block, to 
    absorb any subsequent hit.
    When you're near the boss, hit block and perform jump blocks steadily to 
    prevent damage: after you perform a combo, or when you get near him. Once 
    you've done such maneuver, run forward and slash him down with a powerful 
    amalgam of attacks and Techs. Meanwhile, try to nail him with your 
    strongest spells (Stalagmite, Spread, Photon).
    Manual healing should not be necessarily used too often, but you might 
    find yourself in a dire situation. In that case, don't hesitate to heal.
    All in all, I'd call this a simple battle. As long as you can deal with 
    the semi-extreme damage the Windmaster can deliver, you're good to go.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the scene, go to Linar's House (the one with the wonder chef). 
    Watch the cinema and once it is over, make your way out of the city. On 
    your way, rest at the expensive inn to trigger a scene with Kratos. 
    Accept his training proposal. You should also get a skit or two as you 
    W O R L D  M A P 
    Well, hello! Make your way to the House of Salvation.
    Veer west. You'll find a city; it's Luin. Ignore it and keep moving. On 
    the horizon, next to the big mountain that's a besides a wooden bridge, 
    you can find the Guidepost Monument. At the other side of the mountain 
    it's the Tower of Mana, and a bit to the northeast of it a chest sits 
    resting in front of the ocean, holding an Ex Gem Lv2.
    You can visit Luin as you make your way back to the House.
    From there, head east along the limited cliff that ends up in a wooden 
    bridge. Cross it and head eastwards towards the peninsula's end. Just 
    before the small crevice formed by the mountains, amongst which is the 
    Mausoleum, turn more or less to the north to find a Strike Ring resting 
    at the bottom of a soft mountain, some hundred meters away from the 
    The Balacruf Mausoleum is your next destination. However, before getting 
    to it, I'll comment on Luin. If you're not interested, skip over to the 
    Mausoleum directly below. You can also visit the Lake Umacy, to the 
    northeast of the House of Salvation, on top a plateau, surrounded by low 
    forests and with a mountain overlooking it. Some scenes take place there.
    L U I N
    As told before, skip over to the Mausoleum part if you don't wish to 
    visit Luin.
    Directly ahead of the entrance is the inn. Rest up and save if you feel 
    like it, or you can visit the Weapons Shop directly to the left of it. A 
    customizer also uses this place for its business; he can customize all 
    sorts of new weapons for you, but they all require an assortment of items 
    you may not have now.
    The actual shop is very lame, so if you can't customize you might as well 
    leave. From here, head west towards the next screen, where a scene 
    ensues. You'll be given a swashbuckling choice here. Endure through the 
    If you exit this area through the far southeast you'll find an ever-so-
    useful item shop. If you examine the small piggy-bank to the left of the 
    counter you'll find no other than the Wonder Chef, who'll teach you the 
    Seafood Stew.
    Hmmm... that's about it for Luin. Proceed to the Mausoleum.
    B A L A C R U F  M A U S O L E U M
    Name the dog roaming the area and chat with the nice folks that loiter 
    the entrance of the ruined Mausoleum. If you head over to the far left 
    side of the entrance you'll find a treasure chest beneath an improvised 
    hut, behind a traveler. 
    Anyway, head to the northernmost door where a scene is triggered. 
    At the inner side of the mausoleum you'll be treated to a series of 
    branching paths... hm. Head to the right to find a square room with a 
    sealed save point and an slithering worm. Among the enemies in this place 
    are ARACHNIDS, GARGOYLES and HARPIES. The Harpies can absorb an uncanny 
    amount of damage, as do the Arachnids. But none of these are two tough.
    Open up the chest here for a Beast Fang and try to light up the torch. 
    The strong wind current coming from the western side of the Mausoleum 
    quickly suffocates the fire. 
    Head west, past the entrance to find two possible paths to take. The one 
    that goes further west has a portion of the floor clad in punctured 
    iron... try to cross that and spikes will protrude from the floor and 
    single-handedly remove 125 HPs out of your bars. Ich!
    To cross the spike-protruding floor simply move slowly across it (heh). 
    At the other side, head up the steps and kill the enemy there to get a 
    Memory Gem. At the very top, read the inscription to the left and push 
    down the block to the bottom floor. From there, move it into the pattern 
    on the floor to stop the wind current.
    You can now read the plaque east of the entrance. Neato. And you can also 
    unlock the save point there.
    Go back to the spike-protruding steel floor and look up. Oh, a hallway!
    This other available path veers northward and its highlights include 
    spiked, squared plaques that crash against each other in a slow fashion. 
    These are spread across the hallway and are easily dodged. So, go north 
    through this hall.
    At the other side there is a floating skull; it probably carries a few 
    SKELETONS or, heck, WIND ELEMENTS. Try to do away the Elements first, or 
    at least keep them from using their powerful magical attacks. The 
    Skeletons do above-average damage but sustain lots of it if they can't 
    manage to block.
    Ahead of the spike-plaque hall is another torch smothered by the strong 
    current crashing against it. To its left is a short flight of steps; head 
    up. Be careful with the enemy there, as it may carry a MELTING POT. These 
    guys are VERY DAMAGING, specially since there usually is a duo of them. 
    If you get caught in their rapid-fire combo attacks you can expect to be 
    400 HPs nearer to death.
    Go forward and check out the inscription by the lit-up torch. You might 
    wanna jot it down; if you're following the walkthrough it might be 
    unnecessary. Anyway, head around the corner and cross the hall with the 
    spike-plaques. Next, you may light up the two torches, effectively 
    unlocking the door leading to the final part of the dungeon... however, 
    we're not done yet.
    Instead, head past this door and go down the steps (note: ignore the 
    S.Ring-shifting device to the left). Read the inscription by the torch. 
    Across from it is a block; push it forward so it is perpendicular to the 
    wind current and carry it to the right until it stands upon a switch. 
    Once you've done so, it'll stop the wind current here. Head north and get 
    the Iron Guard and Blue Ribbon off the chests.
    Go south to find a torch; light it and read the inscription to its left. 
    Also, get the Beast Hide out of the chest. Now, backtrack all the way 
    back to first, twin-spike-plaque hallway, by where there should be a 
    torch; light it and read the inscription by it.
    You might want to save now at the memory seal east of the entrance.
    Having done all of this, go back to the door you opened by lighting up 
    two torches (I mentioned it as the door leading to the final room) and go 
    down the steps to its right once again. Turn left and examine the S.Ring-
    shifting device resting underneath the foundations of the road above of 
    Shift the Ring and go through the door with the torches. Finally.
    A seemingly out of place scene takes place and you'll regain control 
    shortly thereafter.  Next, you'll be in a sprawling room with two enemies  
    floating about. Killing them might be a good choice. You can also get a 
    skit around here.
    Notice the five windmills, all differently colored. The inscriptions on 
    this dungeon were tips on how to work them out.
    They're spread out like this:
    1     2
    3     4 
    You can skip over to simplified solution, or read on for an in-depth 
    1 is red colored, 2 is green colored, 4 is yellow colored and 3 is white. 
    5 is blue. 1 would be what "the _throne_ of gods", 2 is "the power of 
    gods", 4 is the "rich earth", 3 is the "calm earth" and 5 is "the blue 
    wind princess"
    What you have to do is to start the windmills with your S. Ring in a 
    certain order to unlock *something*.
    The meanings are a tad ambiguous, but it works. Now, let's check out the 
    info from the inscriptions that describes how to work these puzzles:
    "That which is offered to the throne of gods, from the power of gods, 
    makes the rich earth as the calm earth and arrives at the blue wind 
    princess. This be as if traveling the giant's body in the manner of a 
    clock's hand"
    This is dreadfully easy. Just start with the "throne of gods" and make 
    your way through the windmills in clockwise fashion, finishing with the 
    blue wind princess.
    Next, "That which the blue and wind princess protects. Heads from the 
    throne of gods and across the rich earth. Stands up the calm earth, and 
    gazes up ay the power of gods".
    Notice that it first mentions the blue wind princess; it goes first. From 
    there it should be smooth sailing.
    Lastly, "The holy seal that extols the king, flows from the throne of 
    gods to the rich earth, travels from the power of gods to the calm earth. 
    And when the blue princess is born in the center of the world, the holy 
    seal shall also be complete".
    Start from the throne of the gods. Quite normal.
    Uninterested folks need to apply? Good enough. Check out this simplified 
    solutions and also, the prizes you earn from working out each puzzle.
    1 2 4 3 5 = destroys a wall with an enemy and a chest holding a Ex Gem 
    5 1 4 3 2 = destroys another wall, which holds another enemy and a chest 
    with a Blue Ribbon.
    1 4 2 3 5 = Unlocks the door leading to the seal.
    Once you've unlocked the door, heal up and head north (you might want to 
    backtrack and save, but it's not entirely necessary) to the seal room. 
    After the mandatory scene, a mandatory boss fight.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    I should mention that I started this battle without healing (I forgot 
    *smirk*) and didn't really have much trouble... but I guess that's 
    because I compulsively used Orange Gels on everybody VERY often 
    throughout the fight, which made me endure it.
    Iapyx flies about and uses only a handful of attacks. When you're near 
    it, it spins and renders around 230 PTS of DMG. When it manages to get 
    some air, it tries to keep foes away with its Feather attacks, that can 
    dish out as much as 300 PTS of DMG if each feather connects.
    His most dangerous but seldom-used attack is Air Thrust, which can shove 
    off as much as 450 HPs out of various of your party members, since it's 
    got a decent "splash" radius. As told, he doesn't seem to use it often, 
    and is rather hell-bent on preventing anyone from getting too near him by 
    utilizing constant physical strikes.
    Lloyd will be severely damaged throughout the fight, but it's possible to 
    lessen such wounds by employing block often, and by manually healing (or 
    trust Kratos/Raine's judgment on that. Be sure they're set to "Heal"). 
    Unlike other fights, blocking after a combo is only mildly effective 
    here, since Iapyx is fast and will often strike you after you unleash a 
    bevy of strikes.
    It seems very vulnerable to Beast, since it doesn't like to block too 
    often. A good combo should be one with fast, quick-hitting attacks, and 
    finished by Beast to send it tottering back. This also gives you some 
    valuable time to be spent on healing your folks or replenishing their TP 
    Genis is practically a must in this battle, since you need to unleash 
    spells constantly to rack up some decent damage, since physical attacks 
    only do a little of it. Spread is by far the best attack to use here; 
    ignore Stalagmite, though. It does pitiful damage to the flying enemy, as 
    do any other spells. Angel Feathers, and I guess Photon, work good.
    Constant use of Spread also gives out a little bit of time to use on the 
    all-important healing, since Spread stuns your foes. As mentioned, it 
    also renders notable amount of health.
    Obsessively maintaining your TPs up will be a great asset in this battle. 
    That way you can keep up the Lloyd's combos and keep up the relentless 
    spell-casting, all of which makes the fight flow easier, stuns the enemy, 
    and give you time to heal if needed. Healing is also an important point: 
    use Apple Gels, or manually heal through Kratos/Raine, or whatever; just 
    keep your HPs up.
    In general, a good spell casting will keep the monster at bay (to an 
    extent) and make the battle flow faster. Employ Lloyd's Beast to stun it 
    easily and get valuable time to replenish your health and TP. If you 
    maintain an adequate balance of healing, you shouldn't need to revive 
    dead characters... but if it comes down to that, don't hesitate to use 
    Life Bottles.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the scene, you'll be fully healed. Make your way back to the 
    entrance and try not to fight enemies. Once you try to exit the 
    Mausoleum, a boss fight ensues.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Resolute Assassin
    Have Genis "Attack Same" and be sure he's only got Spread and Stalagmite 
    as his cast-able spells. Meanwhile, set Kratos to "Heal" and "Scatter". 
    Your other character should try to attack, but, in case it is Raine, make 
    sure she takes a laid back approach and works as the healer only.
    The Guardian and Sheena move around with great agility and attack with 
    great cunning. The Guardian moves one way, Sheena the other, and they 
    swiftly start to wreck havoc on your party. If you concentrate on the 
    Guardian, Sheena will employ her grace and make her way to Colette or any 
    other character and employ a series of hard-hitting combos on your ally.
    Her attacks are less damaging than those of the Guardian's, but she's 
    quicker and can rack up hits faster; the guardian is about pure, 
    unadulterated strength, but he's rather cumbersome. Even then, he enjoys 
    blocking and playing it conservatively.
    I'd say it's better to attack Sheena first. Lock-her-on and run towards 
    here jiggly self. Immediately pull off some floor-based, hard-hitting 
    combos. If you see she's not blocking, use Beast to send her back 
    stuttering, which should give you a limited window of time, which in this 
    case should be employed on something different to healing.
    How so? While you're attacking Sheena, the Guardian might be shredding 
    one of your other partners, and the only way to stop him from doing so is 
    to hit him with Lloyd. If you stun Sheena, haul ass to the Guardian and 
    hit him a couple of times. Do this only if you see one of your 
    character's HPs declining dangerously fast (that means he's being 
    creamed). Otherwise keep hitting the girl.
    Healing is really important here, believe or not; manually heal with 
    First Aid or use Apple Gels; they both work. Just try to keep an 
    acceptable level of HPs _and_ TPs and it should be good.
    Sheena can be killed quite quickly, specially if she forgets to block. 
    Once she's out, the Guardian ain't much of a threat. He does lots of 
    damage, but he's rather slow and can be blocked off quite painlessly. 
    When he's your only target, all you've got to do is mercilessly attack 
    him with the best of your repertoire. Don't get too cocky, though; be 
    sure to heal.
    If Genis has "Attack Same", his spells will let you prevent these two 
    guys from getting too annoying or dangerous, all while dishing out 
    massive amount of pain. He'll attack whomever you're attacking, which is 
    a very useful thing, indeed. It also helps stun them.
    Colette and Raine are both decent attackers (Angel Feathers and Photon), 
    but if you have the latter coupled with Kratos, she's better off healing 
    and letting the 6'1'' mercenary attack... or you can have him be a 
    partial healer, too, all while attacking. This way it'll be quite hard to 
    Keep your hit points up and try to prevent the Guardian or Sheena on 
    killing your characters by attacking him/her exclusively (to do so, move 
    around the field and shift targets constantly) and it should be good. 
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    The now hackneyed ritual of party vs Sheena starts! Watch the scenes and 
    exit the Mausoleum. More cutscenes. But these ones... are rather 
    interesting. Aaaanyways. Leave the Mausoleum and make your way back to 
    Luin (rest at the House)
    L U I N
    Explore town and move over to the fountain area where you will recruit 
    Sheena. Further move around town for some skits.
    Your next destination is the human ranch. Exit Luin through its far east.
    W O R L D  M A P
    Go east until you find a raised portion of land; a plateau. You can 
    probably see glimpses of the ranch's structures from afar, as it rests on 
    top of it. Head inside.
    A S G A R D  H U M A N  R A N C H
    After a short scene you'll have to fight some Desians. Beat them for an 
    extra batch of cinemas. After them, you'll regain control inside the 
    ranch. Go ahead. When you see the glimpse of a bunch of crates to your 
    right, move over there to find a Beast Hide resting the grass. Then enter 
    the ranch through the north.
    Inside the ranch itself, take the northwestern door for some more 
    cinemas. After you regain control, pick up the item hidden at a corner to 
    a bit upwards and go down the staircase ahead of it. Kill the Desian and 
    resume your path parallel to the conveyor belts. At the end, head up and 
    turn left to find an extra Desian. Kill him.
    Save up at the memory seal overlooking the conveyor belts and exsphere 
    factory spread between them. Resume your way leftward and make quick work 
    of the Desian patrolling the staircase. Head down these thereafter and 
    take the first left you can. Go up the raised platform and make mincemeat 
    of the Desian there for a Memory Gem.
    Open up the chest for an Iron Baracelet and return to the hall running 
    parallel to the leftmost parcel. Go north (there is a Desian around here) 
    and up the steps. A cinema kicks in immediately. 
    Head back to Luin. After the scene, head directly to the south of where 
    you are to learn about your next destination, Hima. Also, talk with the 
    swordsman by the weapons shop and agree to train with Kratos when 
    prompted. Of course, you can only train with him if you trained at 
    Asgard; otherwise is mission FALILATED!! 
    Anyways, exit Luin through its westernmost side (around the fountain).
    W O R L D  M A P 
    Head towards the dirt road ahead of you. If you go directly to the north 
    of Luin you'll find the land tightens as the ocean starts sprawling to 
    your sides. Head to the top of this cliff to find a chest with a 
    Technical Ring and ahead of it, a Skit Point. To get to the skit you'll 
    have to go down into the beach, though.
    Go back to Luin and land on the dirt road that's ahead of it and right 
    before the cliff. Veer west (you might find big, but easily beaten OGRES 
    along the way) through it. Powerful and damaging COCKRATICES also inhabit 
    the area; their tornado attack dishes out lots of pain, over 200 PTS to 
    be exact, so better be careful! Spread dismiss them quickly, though.
    Move along the path. As you near its end, you should notice on the map a 
    long, straight peninsula that is also the end of the this portion of the 
    continent. A bit to the right of it there is a wider, ample peninsula, 
    more or less southeast of the main road. As you hit this peninsular area, 
    you should immediately notice a sinuous, fierce-looking, brownish road 
    that heads up a mountain.
    This actually the entrance to Hima, but before heading there, go 
    southeast from it. When you hit a long, steep mountain that is spread 
    across the land, head around it. Look around to find the Guidepost 
    Monument as well as a skit point. Now trek back to Hima and go in.
    H I M A
    Move along the arid, cooked-up (by the sun, no less) road to find a big 
    house, at the front of which there is a dog to be named. This is also the 
    inn. Rest and talk with the woman there to learn some shocking 
    information regarding Pietro... hm. Save and leave.
    A shop rests to the right of the inn (which is the whole village, 
    actually). You can get items, weapons and customize newer stuff. Stock up 
    on what you need and then head around the inn. Trek the slope there.
    Once you reach the first rest a scene kicks in. You'll get the Desian Orb 
    after this. Now, you might to visit the mountain's summit to chat with 
    the guy there, and name the dog by the graves. Enter the inn's bottom 
    room (by the save point) and examine the pot letting out some steam to 
    find the Wonder Chef and learn the Risotto. 
    Having done all of this, move back to the Human Ranch.
    A S G A R D  H U M A N  R A N C H
    Examine the boulder just by the entrance. You'll be inside after that; 
    beat the greeting Desian party. After that, you'll have to slit up your 
    team. Along with Lloyd you should pack Genis for his spell-casting 
    proficiency and a healer; for this, I'd suggest Kratos, but Raine is also 
    pretty good, I'd say. 
    Lloyd's the infiltration team, so keep that in mind. After you've picked 
    your teams, you'll take control of Lloyd's, the infiltration team. Go 
    down the steps below to find a refresher (heals you and lets you purchase 
    items) and a save point.
    There are two ways out of this room: through the north and through the 
    south, both doors put along the western wall. The southern door is by the 
    save point, while the northernmost one is besides the machine Raine 
    hacked to. First, head through the north.
    In this new room there is a hallway that stretches all the way up and 
    finishes with a treasure chest holding a Cleric's Hat. Should you go down 
    instead of up, you'll have to go around a corner and from there, you can 
    head left. Do so for a bit until you see another sprawling hallway that 
    hosts two chests at its northern tip. There is also a weird machine in an 
    offshoot to the left.
    They contain Pellets and a Lamellar Leather. Now go to the machine in 
    that little nook to the left, at the bottom of this hall. Shut it down 
    and now return to the control room. This time around, exit it through the 
    Examine the S.Ring shifting device gazing upon the conveyor belts to 
    increment the power of the ring's fireball. Head down the steps 
    protruding next to the belt and head along the road that runs parallel to 
    them. You should notice that there are small, barely noticeable aisles 
    that serve as boarding points for the belts. As of now, you should ignore 
    them, though.
    Instead, go south and up the steps there. Turn left and clean the area 
    out of Desians before going down the westernmost flight of steps, to land 
    in a pathway running next to the leftmost conveyor belt. There, take the 
    first left and check out the machine with the green, transparent panel. 
    This'll teach you how to stop the conveyor belts.
    Board the nearest parcel and look towards the cylindrical, vibrantly lit 
    batteries spread between both belts. As you slither down, take good, 
    accurate aim and fire at the batteries. Don't let the belt get the best 
    of you! Once you've destroyed them, trot to the other conveyor and do the 
    same with the trio of batteries over there.
    The parcels will immediately stop. Head to where to found the 
    instructions and go north from there. Run up the steps and board the 
    conveyor to the left, that serves as a steep, stairless inclination 
    leading up to our destination.
    At the top, instead of heading into the dark, mysterious abyss within the 
    belt's exit port, go up the steps to its left. There is a door there and 
    to its right a nice chest with an Ex Gem Lv2. Run through the door.
    In this new room, kill the Desians for good measure. Unlock the memory 
    seal and save/heal before boarding the nearest warp.
    You'll shift to the deactivation group. Exit the area through the 
    southeastern door (NOT the one we took we Lloyd; that'd be the 
    southwestern). Kill the Desian and exit the area through the south to 
    reach the courtyard.
    Kill the Desian and enter the crate "complex" to the right. Look for a 
    small opening between the crates, a bit to the bottom of them), and run 
    through it. You'll find a bunch of smaller crates. Move them around to 
    make a path to the door at the upper side of this small complex. It's 
    quite easy, you just need to intelligently move the crates (which isn't 
    too hard). Go through the door.
    You'll reach an intricate portion of this level, with various paths to be 
    taken. First, go right to reach the traditional, rectangular room with a 
    Desian on it, waiting to be killed. Once he's done for, head through the 
    top-left opening to reach a room with a Card of Earth and a switch; press 
    it. After the short cinema, head through the door across the switch.
    Beat the Desians here to get another cinema. Now, you have three ways to 
    proceed (not counting the useless upstairs area): exit through the door 
    right in the bottom-middle of the room, or take either of the two paths 
    at the bottom right and left. The bottom right takes to you to the switch 
    you just hit. 
    Let's go first through the bottom left opening. Get the Stun Charm there 
    and activate the switch on the floor. Once you've done so, go back to the 
    previous room and exit through the bottom middle. Kill the RAYBIT 
    hovering about and go south to reach a three-way intersection. You can go 
    right, left, or further to the south.
    Check out the southern door to disengage its lock and make it possible to 
    quickly head back to the control room. Anyway, now, you have the right 
    and left paths to choose. Head through either of them. You'll eventually 
    reach a rectangular room with a door shut-tight (and a Desian wandering 
    about), and a opened doorway, which leads to a Raybit nested on top a 
    Kill the Raybits on both wings and trigger both switches. Depending on 
    your party, the Raybits could be a bit hard, but careful healing is 
    really all you need.
    The action will shift back to Lloyd. Save/heal and hit the warp.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Energy Stone x 3
    This battle is quite tough. Your Healer should be set to heal, and Genis 
    (you have him, right!?) should have Air Thrust or Stalagmite set to his 
    shortcuts. Be sure they all have "attack same".
    Your first priority is to get rid of the Stones. Immediately lock on into 
    one of them, jam on the shortcut and head over to where it is. Use a 
    powerful combo and hit block after it; these things a special energy wave 
    that, if too near, racks up lots of powerful hits (around 300 PTS of 
    DMG). Guardian would be a great way to lessen the damage, but hold off on 
    that for now.
    If you're encircled by the Stones, shift targets and RUN! If they gang 
    you up, their energy attack will be too much to handle and will kill you 
    in no time! It's good to escape and heal any wounds (manually) when this 
    The stones are usually pretty close together, but they like to fly 
    around. When they like some of your guys, they get to him and start 
    depleting his or her HP. You should circle through the many stones, all 
    while using a ridiculous amount of Air Thrusts, so they don't get rid of 
    your pals too quickly.
    Healing is of extreme importance. We've already discussed them Stones and 
    how damaging they're; but there is also the Kvar factor. If you stay away 
    from him he really can't do much, but if destiny is hell bent on getting 
    your characters next to him, be ready to be rumbled.
    Kvar has a limited assortment of attacks: his Lightning Combo is usually 
    preceded by two wand strikes, which are weak; but then comes a burst of 
    lightning which, by itself, shoves off as much as 400 HPs. He's got a 
    spell that basically sends a gigantic, spherical wave of energy your way, 
    reducing lots of HPs (as much as the previous attack).
    He'll also sometime float, raise his wand and quickly cast a spell. This, 
    I think, is as potent as the others; I only saw it once.
    With a good usage of Guardian and the standard block you can absorb a lot 
    of Kvar's hits, but while the Energy Stones are around it's simply not 
    possible. That's why you should do your best to stay away from him, all 
    while compulsively healing your wounds with items or spells. If you see a 
    character being picked at by Kvar, run up to him, slash Kvar until your 
    friend runs, and then get the hell out.
    The stones have lots of HPs, sadly, so it'll be a while before they're 
    out. Kvar will use his short-reaching Lightning combo throughout this 
    first portion of this fight; his long range wave attack is bound to be 
    unseen throughout it. However, don't count on that, as he may use it.
    Heal up when you're ready to engage Kvar. Now, when you run up to him, 
    hit the Guardian button to absorb his first wave of attacks. Let me 
    mention something, though: Guardian _doesn't_ last long enough to 
    completely nullify ANY of his attacks. So you will be hit; not as many 
    times, but it's still notable damage.
    Attack Kvar, all while pumping out Air Thrusts (don't forget about 
    them!). When you see him strike you with his wand, block the first hits 
    and then IMMEDIATELY activate Guardian to lessen the damage done by the 
    Lightning burst. As a matter of fact, you should hit Lightning any time 
    the arcane pattern appears underneath him (i.e. he's going to cast a 
    As told, most of his attacks will still deal out great damage  even if 
    Guardian-ed. But it's an amount you can deal with. By pumping out Air 
    Thrusts and using strong combos you will make the fight flow faster.
    A important matter here is, without a doubt, healing: you'll need to heal 
    a lot. Items are very, very useful in this fight, as spells often take 
    too long. You will also find yourself needing to use Orange Gels for TP; 
    don't hesitate to do so. Lloyd will also die often, so Life Bottles 
    should be employed adamantly. 
    I know this is becoming a trite diatribe, but hey, it works: healing is 
    important, otherwise you'll be killed too often; and revival of your 
    characters will let you stand up to him adequately. And TP... well, you 
    need the spells for the damage.
    The one that'll need healing the most will be Lloyd; don't doubt it. The 
    other ones should do moderately well.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Watch the scene. You'll be at Asgard
    A S G A R D
    Save and head to the area where Linar's house is; head into Harley's 
    house (built into the very stone) and go through the upper right door. 
    Talk with Harley to get the Figurine Book. Then, head to the Asgard ruins 
    for a cutscene. 
    Go to Luin and head over to the fountain area; talk with the guy there to 
    be taken to Hima. There, move forward to the inn for additional 
    cutscenes. After them you'll have the Tower Key.
    Now head to the world map.
    W O R L D  M A P
    Head back to the Luin area by going northwest and, when you hit a dirt 
    road, veering a bit east. Cross the bridge by Luin and run to the north 
    along the eastern slope of the mountain over there. You'll eventually 
    reach a small space positioned among the mountains and silently gazing at 
    the sea -- it's the Tower of Mana. Head inside.
    T O W E R  O F  M A N A
    Go through the front door. At the foyer a scene occurs and after it 
    you'll have to pick a party member to come along with you... Colette is a 
    mandatory, so you only have one spot. A healer would be good, but Genis' 
    spellcasting does great justice... your choice, anyways.
    At the next screen, move to the right. You'll find LIVING SWORDS and the 
    infamous GRIM REAPERS. The Swords are very weak and fall quite easily; 
    the Reapers like to defend quite a bit but they're easily dealt with. So, 
    proceed tranquilly. 
    It's a circling staircase dimly lit by torches and sustained by pillars. 
    Try to fight all of the enemies you find as you go up (TOY DOLLS are 
    woefully easy), as one of them grants an ever so-useful Memory Gem.
    Trust me, it's quite a long walk. At the very top you will find a brown 
    treasure chest containing an Armet Helm, next to a doorway; head through 
    it. You'll reach an ornamented square room boasting an interesting, 
    mirror-clad block and a series of cryptic structures. At the northern 
    side of the room there is a curtain; burn it.
    This'll cause sunlight to beam in into the room. Push the block into the 
    ray of light and align it with the two "structures" on the eastern and 
    western side of the room (a white sphere to the right and a stone door to 
    the left). Thus you unlock the westernmost door. Head through.
    After crossing the aforementioned door you'll hit a balcony suspended 
    over a dancing-room like room. There is a locked-up save point (unseal 
    it) as well as a warp point. Save and utilize the warp by examining the 
    pedestal next to it.
    Examine the bookcase directly to the left of the opened door. You should 
    be able to examine it; do so to get Boltzman's Book. Then head through 
    the aforementioned door and up the steps.
    Here, burn down the curtain to the left and push the block into the 
    sunlight. Align it with the uppermost door to destroy it; proceed to the 
    next screen. Once you arrive at it, head directly to the left and burn 
    down the curtain there.
    Scout this area. It's a sprawling room with lots of blocks and various 
    spherical pieces. There is a dilapidated bridge over it, too. At the 
    northern side of it there are some treasure chests (Ex Gem Lv 2, Lunar 
    Guard and Moon Robe). A door is also around these parts. Ignore it for 
    Instead, let's work out the blocks. There are three spherical pieces 
    spread out, accompanied by blocks that reflect sunlight in different 
    directions according to the alignment of their mirrors. Let's check them 
    1--           2--           3--           4--
    ############# ############# ############# ############# 
    # ########### ########### # #     ##    # #           #
    #    ######## #########   # #    ####   # #          ##
    #       ##### ######      # #   ######  # #       #####
    #          ## ###         # #  ######## # #    ########
    #           # #           # # ########### # ###########
    ############# ############# ############# #############
    That's the way the mirrors are shaped inside the actual blocks. Now, 
    let's examine the spherical pieces:
                 O This is, in a different scale, how the pieces are put in
    O        O     the room. It's now time to organize the mirrors/spheres:
                               %          O
              This is how it'll all look. "X" is where the light
              beams from, the "%"s represent the sunlight's direction and
              the Os are the spherical pieces. The numbers are the mirrors
              and their location. To learn which number represents 
              which mirror check the above diagram.
    Having done this, save up and the northern side of the room and go 
    through the adjacent door. Pick up the Stinger Ring next to the doorway 
    here and then break through to the next room. There, exit through the 
    south to reach another spiraling staircase. Ascend.
    SPECTERS are a new breed of enemy you might bump into; they're not too 
    hard, though, so just go around them with magic. At the top of the spiral 
    there is a door; cross it and turn left at the next screen. Kill the 
    monster floating about and open up the two chests to get an Ex Gem Lv2 
    and Iron Mail.
    You can now cross the light bridge shimmering over the crevice, or, uh, 
    kill the enemy down the steps _  Seriously though, just cross the light 
    bridge. You'll take control of Lloyd's group. Save up and go along the 
    light bridge that just formed. From there make your way along steps and 
    bridges until you reach the other group.
    Heal up and pick a party for the following battle. A Healer, Genis and 
    Lloyd are the best recommendation. I dislike having to force you to use a 
    certain character, but I mean, seriously, Genis > you, at least now.  The 
    fourth character will NEED to be Colette.
    Have your healer be set to "Heal", Genis use "L-Range Magic" and "Use 
    Skills Freely", while Colette is put on an attacking mindset that goes 
    along her capabilities. Heal up, too and have Air Thrust on your 
    shortcuts along with another powerful attack (like Angel Feathers). If 
    you feel like so, make your pals unable to use many spells so they pump 
    out only the best. If you have Raine, don't do so; her support magic is 
    actually quite useful.
    Step into the teleporter.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Right off the bat he'll lunge at you for around 280 PTS of DMG and will 
    basically corner your party; PUSH HIM AWAY! Tempest or any variation of 
    it, accompanied by a strong spell, are enough to do so, partially, at 
    least; repeat the process to get him completely away from you.
    The spell stuns him; hem staggers back when struck by Tempest. Keep in 
    mind that this combo will do good damage to him, and if he blocks it, he 
    won't even flinch and will just resume his attack.
    It's worth noting that his attacks are nearly all short-ranged. He's got 
    an attack where he summons two dark horses that trot through the 
    battlefield and damage anyone within their wake (for about 280 PTS of 
    DMG), but that's about it. Whenever you see him raise his legs block or 
    trigger a healing spell or whatever. If it is the dark-horse attack you 
    won't be able to do much, as it usually goes past Lloyd if he's real 
    close to Iubaris. If he isn't, block.
    Iubaris has his own brand of Photon, which does heavy damage to anyone it 
    hits; heal such wounds manually, or you won't stand a chance.
    Whenever you attack Iubaris he usually retaliates with a strong, hard-
    hitting combo; blocking it is _nearly_ too easy: blocking cannot prevent 
    such string of attacks to send you flying back. If you feel like it, pump 
    out a Guardian to negate the attack altogether (to an extent... you still 
    receive a little bit of damage).
    Iubaris likes to jump around the battlefield, a lot: he lunges _past_ you 
    and strikes down two of your folks, pulls off a nice combo that wounds 
    some other guys and when you hit him he shifts back his attention. 
    Normally he'll simply retaliate against Lloyd (who should be attacking 
    him) but don't dismiss the chance of him jumping forward (damaging Lloyd 
    in the process) and hitting some of your fine friends.
    Sometimes he chains his attacks with the dark-horse summon which will 
    really put a dent on your folks. He'll also fly up and after being 
    suspended for a couple of seconds Force Ray will come out of his mouth, 
    shoving off 300 HPs out of anyone that is hit.
    In general, you'll be hurt a lot. Manual healing through First Aid is 
    effective to counterattack the pain but simply not enough; employing lots 
    of Apple Gels along with the aforementioned spell is a strongly 
    recommended procedure. It takes less time and replenishes decent amounts 
    of HPs. 
    Utilize Gels constantly, mainly with characters who are out of harm's 
    way; they're the best to be given such task. Your healer should also heal 
    whenever possible, but sometimes that becomes a bit too hard and time-
    It's also important that you constantly hack away at Iubaris. Tempest, 
    Fierce Demon Fang and other techs are good, but the best way to actually 
    damage him is through your spells: Air Thrust is by far the best as it 
    stuns Iubaris (making any of Lloyd's techs a world better) and adds up 
    lots of damage; hits. It gives you valuable time to deliver the gels to 
    the appropriately wounded character.
    Having spells on your shortcuts and pumping them out relentlessly is a 
    great way to go on about, but don't let your character/s that are not 
    among the 'cuts list of privileged folks stand idle! Manually command 
    them to use strong, hard-hitting spells against Iubaris to rack up 
    damage, hit and make your time ;)!
    Stay mobile and hit block/Guardian often; whenever Iubaris lunges at you 
    be sure to replenish your health and do your best to prevent Iubaris from 
    damaging your friends a bit too much. Pushing him away or getting his 
    attention is rather easy of you combine a spell with one of Lloyd's 
    Iubaris will be bouncing around, flying and generally attacking you 
    without mercy. Healing is rather important as evidenced here. Through 
    First Aid and the gels it should be an easy task, though. This'll put a 
    dent on your TPs; be sure to replenish them CONSTANTLY. Lloyd will be 
    among the characters whose TP runs dry fast. Genis is bound to suffer 
    from this predictable syndrome. Orange Gels were made for a reason; 
    employ them well.
    Carefully planned healing is an important and effective strategy here. 
    Blocking won't really reduce damage by a great margin but it's rather 
    effective. As long as you make up windows of time through spells/tech for 
    healing, keep up the heat and do well, generally, it should be good.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the scene you must exit the tower (backtrack through Lloyd's path 
    for a much shorter trek). After the cinema head into the world map and 
    from there go to Lake Umacy. A scene ensues.
    Now comes a semi-optional part of the game. Our true destination is 
    Hima's mountaintop, where we must ride the dragons to the Tower of 
    Salvation. Nonetheless, there are some loose ends to be tied up before 
    heading there: namely, getting the world's summon spirits. As told, this 
    is semi-optional. If you don't wish to do them, be prepared to do so 
    later in the game... when the summons have become more powerful (you'll 
    have to fight them, yes).
    If you don't wish to go on a fetch-quest, simply skip past the row of 
    UNDINE: First, you must head over to Lake Umacy. A scene ensues there and 
    you're directed to the Thoda Island Geyser. Cross Hakonesia Peak and haul 
    ass to Thoda Island. From there, make your way into the Water Temple and 
    proceed to the altar chamber (heal/save before heading there). You'll 
    have to fight Undine. (note: Sheena must be in your party).
         BOSS -- UNDINE
         Genis is a must here; Sheena is obligatory; so is Lloyd. So your 
         other character must be a healer (Raine or Kratos). 
         Undine's modus operandi Is a fairly simple one. By attacking her
         constantly she stays back and all she'll do is unleash a one or two
         sword slashes and Spread. Mostly Spread. Undine's spell-casting 
         cannot be stopped and she certainly enjoys employing such spell.
         Her Sword Slashes and Spread can be foreseen quite easily. She
         raises her sword, hit block; a slash is coming your way. She's
         surrounded by the trademark arcane symbol, wait. When she casts
         Spread, a water circle will appear on the floor; it'll shoot
         off the water that's the actual spell. When you see the circle,
         back away; you get enough time.
         Of course, this is too simple. Undine's sword slashes are very 
         damaging at 170 PTS of DMG per hit, and if she aims at somebody
         other than Lloyd with Spread that/those person/s are likely to
         be hit. Spread does considerable damage, up to 300 or more, I'd
         Sheena will come with Lloyd to attack Undine head to head. 
         Attacking the Summon Spirit relentlessly is enough to keep her
         back, which means your spell caster/healer will be safe -- lest
         it be Kratos, who'll go forward too (that's why I prefer Raine,
         so you can control the dying/healing). An occasional Spread will
         flee and hit the chanters, but that's easily healed from; you don't
         even have to do so manually.
         With Lloyd/Sheena/whomever else you'll need to more careful. It's
         easy for Lloyd to escape Spread and the slashes but nonetheless
         he'll be hit. Your other strikers will be receiving even more pain
         as they can't dodge Spread and other attacks as effectively.
         How to go around this? Dispense Gels non-stop to your main attackers
         I wouldn't suggest First Aid too much as it eats lots of time before
         being cast. Gels are a quick, painless way and are just as effective
         When it comes to attacking Undine, Air Thrust is a tremendous choice
         as is Photon (if you don't have Raine, don't fret). Air Thrust _can_
         stun Undine's spell-casting if cast at the right time, but you'll
         need immaculate timing. Even then, keep performing the spell to add
         up lots of hits and give you small time to perform further combos
         or heal up.
         Lloyd won't do much damage; however, it's important that he attacks.
         The usual combos combined with ground-based Techniques (Fierce Demon
         Fang and others) are very effective, but will usually leave you open
         for attack (unless she's about to cast Spread). Block often to 
         lessen the damage. 
         Healing your strikers is of great importance. Since you will be 
         chanting lots of spells, techs and whatnot TPs will run dry quickly
         so replenish those to. It's a bit of a long fight but it'll 
         eventually be over.
    You'll get the Aquamarine and the ability to summon Undine. Now, head 
    back to Lake Umacy (gulp!) and watch the scene there. You'll get the 
    Unicorn Horn and Raine will learn Resurrection. She'll also earn the 
    title of Grand Healer. Having done this, head to Luin and talk with the 
    guy by the fountain to be taken to Hima. Go into the inn (stay away from 
    the mountaintop) and pay a visit to Pietro.
    He'll be healed in no time. If you return to Luin Pietro will be standing 
    by the entrance asking for donations; provide him with cash to make him 
    rebuild the city of destruction; but not now. Further information can be 
    found in the sidequests appendix of this FAQ.
    SYLPHS: Head over to the Balacruf Mausoleum. There, go to the altar room.
         BOSS -- SYLPHS (Yutis  Fairess  Sephie)
         Once again, Sheena must be with you. 
         I'd say going for the arrow girl first. Have "Attack Same" with
         Sheena and another guy while Genis attacks different Targets with          
         This is a hectic battle and healing will be of extreme importance.
         The Sylphs will bounce around and kick your folk's ass. As told, go
         for the arrow girl, as she can attack for afar with quick-hitting
         combos (each hit takes off around 270 HPs). Look for her and push
         her down with Tiger Blade/Tempest and then proceed to slash her guts
         out. Mercilessly.
         Meanwhile, have Genis cast Spread a whole lot and your healer employ
         Gels. Yes, Gels. Given the fact that there are so many targets and
         they're very swift, you can expect to absorb tons of damage 
         constantly so First Aid is too slow for this.
         Jam on the buttons so you get rid of the archer quickly and then
         shift your attention to the swordsman. Repeat with her, but try to 
         block-jump away from her attacks as it is easy. Meanwhile, keep 
         performing those spells and healing!
         The third Sylph should be dealt with equally.
         I'm sorry for the lack of an extensive strategy, but healing is
         mostly what you'll need to do. Lots of it, through Gels and the
         occasional spell. Try to kill your targets quickly to lessen the
         damage done to you and slow down the pace. TPs will run dry quickly,
         so keep an eye on those, too.
    After the fight you'll get the Sylph summon spirit.
    EFREET: Well, you'll have to travel quite a bit. Firstly, go to Luin and 
    from there head to Hima with the travelsman by the fountain. Exit Hima 
    and go west towards the beach. You should find Nova's Caravan. Head 
    inside if you wish, but veer southwest instead (in your map, you should 
    be heading to the tip of a long peninsula).  Turn south when you hit the 
    beach to find a bridge. Cross it.
    Activate the Guidepost Monument to the west of the bridge and then head 
    around the mountains. Go south until you find the Ossa Trail. If you 
    haven't beaten the Sword Dancer, do so (it should be extremely easy). 
    Anyways, just cross to the other side. Dive into the desert and go to 
    Triet. Heal/save there and stock up on items. I also recommend paying the 
    Katz so they find the Guidepost Monument for you. Either way, move over 
    to the Triet Ruins. 
    At the Ruins, go the warp point (I suggest duking it out with the Fake 
    here. It can only be damaged by magic, but now it should be easy to beat 
    it. You'll get an All-Divide and Spirit Bottle).
         BOSS -- EFREET
         Sheena, Genis, Lloyd and a healer, as usual. Have "Spread" on your 
         shortcuts along with another strong attack, such as Photon.
         Be sure Genis can't cast Fire spells. Engage.
         Start off by casting Spread and performing S.Seal: Water on Sheena
         herself and Lloyd. If you have Kratos, on him, too. 
         Efreet is vicious. He's got lot of attacks and most of them manage
         to hit various party members at a time. Let's go over such attacks.
         Firstly, there is Explosion. When it is cast, you won't see a thing.
         Shortly thereafter a powerful energy beam will crash against the 
         floor and crate a shockwave that engulfs anything within its wake.
         Totaled up, the damage done by this attack surpasses the 1,000 PTS!
         Blocking reduces it to around 500, but you're still sent back. 
         Besides, it's likely that your friends won't block adequately and
         be hit by it. This is a dangerous attack that's thankfully not used
         very often and will usually hit two party members, at most. It's
         tough to heal from it on time; a combination of spells and Gels
         is the way to go.
         Raging Mist is a rather interesting attack. Basically, the floor
         turns into molten lava and you start taking hits as you stand on
         it. When you see the floor melt up, all you have to do is fly
         away from there by block jumping or performing Tempest. Both
         are as effective. You're bound to eat up a couple of hits, though.
         Each one of them shoves off around 170 PTS of DMG.
         Efreet's other attack is Eruption which does around 500 PTS
         of DMG to anybody along a semi-wide spectrum; blocking it is
         possible, with Lloyd, at least, but your other friends will have
         a  hard time doing so. You get around a second to escape from it
         before it connects, so be swift and move out.
         Lastly, Efreet will pick up whomever is real near to him and
         while choking him shove off up to 500 PTS of DMG out of that
         person; this attack is unblockable.
         As told, casting S. Seal: Water should be among your priorities.
         It's real tough to do so: Sheena likes to attack Efreet head on,
         and WILL be interrupted as she casts the aforementioned spell. To
         go around this, shift control to Sheena, move away and bestow the
         powers of water upon Lloyd, yourself and Kratos, if you have him.
         Then, shift back to Lloyd and resume the attacking. If there is
         something good about this fight is that Efreet can be hit 
         deliciously easy. Pump out Spreads like a madman and perform 
         combos on him while he flies up (Tempest, Tiger Rage and whatnot).
         Beast is a moderately good attack; but Spread is your greatest
         You'll have to move around a lot to dodge some of Efreet's attacks,
         and your folks will most likely eat up most of them (damn the AI).
         Blocking is useful if you see you cannot escape Explosion or 
         Eruption, but, trust me, it doesn't absorb as much damage as you'd
         be led to believe. It's mostly useless, so it's better to escape.
         Sheena and whomever is attacking head-on will suffer a lot. With
         Lloyd is a bit easier to control the damage received by ducking and
         whatnot but Sheena/Kratos will suffer all of the vexations. The
         chokehold attack, Eruption, Explosion... it's a hectic battle.
         Healing takes a whole new meaning here :) It's almost impossible
         to keep up with the damage done to you, so you don't expect to be
         full-health throughout the entire fight. You'll be very low on
         HPs many times, but don't fret! Try to have it over 600 and you
         should be fine most of the time.
         Of course, Efreet will kill you in that case, but not very often.
         Explosion and the chokehold attack are the only attacks that can
         do so and they are not used too constantly. You can't do much when
         that happens so simply revive, pump out First Aid and hope for the
         Utilizing Gels in combination with First Aid is the best way to
         proceed. Gels are fast but they don't heal enough HPs; on the
         other hand, First Aid is slow. A powerful combo of them will keep
         you alive through most of the fight.
         Spreading will keep Genis back and make him be one of the least
         damaged party members. Have Lloyd perform powerful strings of 
         attacks to rack up the damage.
         Healing and reviving will be of extreme importance. Your friends
         will die often and surely will hit critical status more than once.
         Quick employment of your healing tools will be fundamental to your
         This is the most-damaging boss we've faced thus far, so be sure
         you have enough Gels!
    After he's out you'll get his summon. Now, before heading back to Hima 
    (we're almost done), I suggest visiting Dirk's house. Exit the desert 
    through the northeast and hit the dirt road. Once you find the House of 
    Salvation, veer northwest. You'll eventually arrive at Iselia.
    Cross the forest and move to Dirk's. Talk with him some to begin 
    processing Pellets and get an Ex Gem Lv3, Metal Sphere and Onion (you'll 
    have to talk with him more than thrice, I think). You'll also get an 
    Exsphere Shard.
    Anyways, now make ALL the way back to Hima ;)
    You don't want to go summon hunting/already went? Well, got to Hima. 
    There, head to the mountaintop (save/heal/stock up on lots of items). 
    Talk with your folks spread around the village and finish with Colette. A 
    series of entertaining scenes ensue. You'll get the Assassin's Ring along 
    the way. After this, it's rockin' time! Save and go to the top of the 
    T O W E R  O F  S A L V A T I O N
    Head inside and move across the light bridge suspended over an infinite 
    gap. As you go along, you'll have to watch a scene. Bodies circle along 
    the infinite chasm that spreads out below you, in an endless, ominous 
    cycle. Warp up after this.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, he ain't too bad. You're forced to employ Lloyd, Sheena, Raine and 
    Genis. Be sure Genis can only cast his strongest spells, that Raine 
    CANNOT use Photon and Sheena... hm, no prob. Also, having a full Unison 
    Bar at the start of the fight is good. Work your Strats so Genis and 
    Raine stay behind. Oh, and be sure you have a moderately nice supply of 
    Remiel starts by floating around an area and generally being a dork. When 
    you run up to him he occasionally fires a triple-hitting arrow shot, each 
    hit knocking off over 120 PTS of DMG. You can block it rather easily IF 
    you see it coming; otherwise not even catwoman-like reflexes will save 
    you. Other than that he uses his Holy Lance, where he summons a bunch of 
    celestial spears and impales whomever it is directed to.
    It's quite easy to dodge with Lloyd; once you see a rainbow-kind of aura 
    appear on the ground jump-block back and you'll dodge it. As usual, if 
    its directed to your other characters it'll be next to impossible to save 
    them. The best thing you can do is to assign somebody to use a healing 
    item on the affected person while the spell is cast; so, after he's fully 
    hit his/her health will be replenished.
    Attacking Remiel at this phase is relatively simple. Pump out tons of 
    techs, employ lots of magic spells (be sure you have some on your 
    shortcuts) and heal/cast support magic on your party.
    Eventually Remiel will start to warp around the field. This is when 
    things get a bit hard, as he becomes nearly uncontrollable. He'll warp 
    up, shoot some arrows and dish out notable damage before he starts 
    chanting a powerful Holy Lance spell to knock off even more HPs. Since 
    his spell casting cannot be cancelled, only prevented, you can't do much.
    He'll also add "Judgment Ray" to his repertoire, a tremendous attack that 
    dishes out as much as 700 PTS of DMG. It's got a telltale sign (an aura 
    beams around Remiel) so it can be easily dodge; but man, you really have 
    to back off as it's got a very large hit radius so if you back out only a 
    little you'll be hit.
    At this second phase attacking is a bit harder and will be done mainly 
    through spells, so keep them coming! You'll also see your characters die, 
    get to critical status and generally, have a bad time. Manual healing is 
    a must; but be sure your characters can also heal/revive through their 
    own free will. Both methods will be of great help.
    Lloyd will have a hard time nailing Remiel but it's possible to do so; 
    besides, you must do so to pump up the Unison Bar. If possible unleash 
    one more attack (or your first if you didn't have the bar full at the 
    start of the combat). It makes Remiel stagger, gives you valuable time to 
    heal and racks up some nifty damage.
    Magic will be your main weapon through the warp-phase of the battle. 
    Healing will also become very, very important. So, heal ;) All in all, a 
    moderately easy fight.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Now comes another fight...
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    He's really, really hard. He basically bounces about pumping out mad 
    combos with his sword and tearing your party up. He usually hits one or 
    two characters only, but he can cripple half of their HP rather 
    painlessly. His Grave attack does so, for instance. It's hard to land 
    effective hits on him (he blocks often) or any hits at all as he's very 
    agile. Even then, he usually counters with a strong attack and halves 
    your HP o_O Employing Guardian is of extreme importance with Lloyd; use 
    it often. Your other characters will be hit a lot, though. Be ready to 
    revive, heal and replenish TPs like crazy. Kratos is hard to handle, I 
    cannot stress this enough, so healing and using Guardian are two 
    strategies that must be used often. Eventually Kratos will go nuts and 
    start using Thunder Blade like crazy. This is probably when you'll lose 
    the fight :) This attack will probably kill you in one hit (because 
    you're never at full health): is practically impossible to dodge, hits 
    various times and it can land on multiple characters. Taking a careful 
    approach to Kratos becomes even more important now: Sheena will probably 
    die, but to prevent Genis and Raine from becoming mincemeat continuously 
    tap on the shortcut buttons (be sure they've got some spells there) so 
    they stay away, while Lloyd attacks carefully, with lots of dodging and 
    blocking (mostly blocking). Using Unison attacks will really help, too. 
    You have to keep it up for quite a lot before he goes down, so be ready 
    to employ lots and lots of items (to the point you'll lose most of them). 
    If Kratos ever kills your other party members you're most likely doomed, 
    because he gets rid of them fast. Do your best but don't sweat it if you 
    lose; the game continues anyway.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, sorry for the rather brief strategy over there ;) Anyways, you'll 
    now have to fight Lord Yggdrasil. Kratos was insane but he could be 
    beaten; not so here. Die. Just die and keep on.
    S Y L V A R A N T  B A S E
    After you regain control, turn right and immediately thereafter, head 
    north. There is a new breed of soldiers here, the EVIL WARRIORS who carry 
    gigantic hammers. They have a high amount of HP but are easily beaten 
    with a quick succession of physical hits.
    Anyways, at the end of the corridor turn right to arrive at a bridge 
    suspended over of an expansive warehouse. In a small nook nested in front 
    of the bridge's entrance is a store of sorts; stock up, sell some items 
    if needed and resume your way rightwards.
    You'll reach an sprawling room filled with crates, stairs and an S. Ring 
    shifter directly across from the entrance door; be sure to do the 
    shiftin'.  Now, you may want to scout the area: the upper part of it and 
    the bottom part, which is reached by going up the steps next to the 
    entrance and from there heading down.
    At the bottom area there are three blocks; two are laying about while one 
    is nested on top a small platform. Now, pick up the two laying around and 
    push them towards the staircase to the left. Accommodate them so they 
    form a natural bridge towards the platform the third block is on (this 
    isn't too hard). Push down this third block and drag it towards the top-
    right side of the room.
    Evaluate this area. There is a small, stepped platform sprawled in the 
    middle of it ahead of which is a blue panel. To its right is another 
    small podium separated from two chests by a small gap. Position one crate 
    in such gap while you create a bridge between the middle platform and the 
    rightmost podium (using the remaining crates). Cross through this 
    makeshift structures to reach the chests.
    They hold a Straw Hat and a Ex Gem Lv2. After doing this, push the 
    "pale", nearly-colorless, "different" block into the blue panel in the 
    middle of the room. Then head down the stairs it unlocks.
    You'll reach what seems to be a water drainage. Ahead of the staircase 
    there is a small pond of clear water; to the right a block. To the left a 
    machine nestled along the wall (move around until you can "Examine" it) 
    and a pillar circling about on the top-left.
    Hit the machine with the S.Ring and toy around with it. Head back to the 
    upper area and head to its bottom side. Look for a slightly odd-colored 
    square portion of the floor with pink lights on its bottom and top (it's 
    by the steps). Position two blocks (straight line, like this "!") on such 
    piece of the floor and head back to the bottom room.
    Go to the circling cylinder and hit it with your S.Ring and examine the 
    machine. Push the switch.
    This'll lower the aforementioned, odd colored squared "platform" with the 
    two crates; cross over to the other side and turn left. Hidden by the 
    raised platform with a panel on it and directly in front of the pond is a 
    chest with a Protect Ring. Get it; now, head to the podium's bottom side. 
    Activate the pillar there, climb up the stairs of the platform and 
    trigger the switch.
    Cross over to the other side of the pond and push the odd-colored block 
    (to the right) onto the chasm formed by the drainage of the water. Now 
    head to the other side and go down the stairs across the panel-ridden 
    platform into the crevice where you dropped the block. Drag it to the 
    blue panel. Now hit the pillar.
    Go back up and exit the room through the southern tip of it. Watch the 
    scene. Now head through the leftmost door. In the subsequent corridor, 
    turn left but veer northwards whenever possible. Run along the corridor 
    into the hangar. Watch the scene. 
    ======      ************ 000000000000000000000000 ************     ======
    0000                      T E T H E ' A L L A                        0000
    ========= ** ========= ** ========= ** ========= ** ========= ** ========
    F O O J I  M O U N T A I N S
    Descend through the soft slope, save and proceed downwards. In this next 
    screen resume your descent. Along the way you'll have to fend off against 
    some easy enemies (they can be moderately damaging but it's not too bad) 
    and will also get a nifty batch of items. It's a completely linear road 
    albeit a bit long. Eventually you'll reach a small, open area that has a 
    few "craters" on the floor and two chests. Head south from there and look 
    to the left to find a hidden path; at the end of it is a Misty Robe. Head 
    back to the main road and go south to find the exit. Watch the scene and 
    (note: you'll be getting lots of skits here).
    W O R L D  M A P
    A brave new world is spread right in front of you; time to get 
    a'exploring'! There are some items to be gotten here before veering 
    northwards to Meltokio. Firstly, head all the way south from the 
    mountains till you find a chest containing Super Pellets.
    From there head west along the dirt road that is extended through the 
    continent's western side (check the mini map). At the end of its is a 
    microscopic canyon with an Anti-Magic Bottle nestled on it.
    Now go back to the Fooji Mountains and go north until you find a city 
    encircled by tall walls. West of it there are a series of lush forests; 
    two actually, divided by a peak that protrudes off the nearby mountain. 
    Explore the southern tip of this shrubbery.  Look for a canyon (a nook of 
    sorts) nested next to the aforementioned peak. Wade through it a bit 
    until you get a valuable Reverse Doll.
    Trek back to Meltokio and turn to east of it until you hit the shores. 
    From there go south until you find a mansion of sorts positioned on top a 
    peak, gazing at the ocean. It's a House of Guidance; here you can rest up 
    for a hefty sum of 600 Gald and chat with the people.
    Head west from the House to find the Guidepost Monument among the 
    thicket, in front of the mountains.
    Well, that's about it. Run back to Meltokio and head inside.
    M E L T O K I O 
    After the introductory scene, head forward for further cinemas. Head 
    right and enter the building there (the inn). Go further to the right to 
    reach a small plaza; east are the slums, north is the Elemental Research 
    Head to the western side of town to find the item shop/Katz stand. You 
    can purchase Lemon and Pineapple Gels here for high prices; try to get a 
    couple of them, at least. 
    Climb the staircases in the middle of town to trigger a scene. Turn west 
    thereafter and enter the shop that's right after the bridge. It's the 
    weapons/customization store. There is a cute little cat on the upper-left 
    side of it which is actually the Wonder Chef! You might want to upgrade 
    your weapons stock, too.
    Directly below of this shops is the coliseum where strong warriors test 
    their might and skills. Stay away from it for now... or fight if you feel 
    like so ;) Anyways, east from the plaza where you found Zelos is the 
    armor shop. If you have the cash to spare, upgrade.
    Back at the plaza, go north into the upper class quarters where the 
    filthy rich live. To the west is the church, to the right in a subsequent 
    screen a garden of sorts. Run past the huge mansion just ahead the 
    introductory steps until you find a fountain; enter the estate that's 
    next to it.
    Head upstairs and turn left. At the corner, examine the present with a 
    chef hat to find the Wonder Cheffiour! After this, exit. You may further 
    explore the upper quarters and then head back to the "main hub" of them. 
    Go upwards to the entrance of what seems to be the local castle. 
    Approach the entrance doors to trigger a brief cinema. After that, head 
    to the church and speak with the main priest. Exit after that to watch a 
    rather funny scene ;) Head towards the castle entrance after that to 
    trigger another cinema.
    Inside, Presea will join your party. It's time to explore the castle. 
    Head west and, in the next screen, go upstairs (explore about if you 
    wish). Here, if you go further up you'll reach a balcony with red double 
    doors, leading into the royal chambers. Before heading there, go east.
    Go down and explore the eastern side of this portion of the castle to 
    find a memory seal. There really isn't much else to do; head back to the 
    royal chambers doors and barge in.
    Throughout the following cinemas you'll have to make a rather hard 
    choice, at least on the moralistic side >_< It's up to you to decide what 
    to do, though ;) I must admit that it was a semi-tough decision (not the 
    usual bad/good kind of thing).
    Exit the castle and meet up with Zelos at the cathedral. He'll join you; 
    now, leave Meltokio. At the world map, head northeast until you find a 
    huge bridge. Go inside.
    G R A N D  T E T H E ' A L L A  B R I D G E
    Move across the bridge until you find a blue katz staring at the ocean; 
    talk to him to play Green/Red Light. Basically, you have to run forward 
    when the katz is not looking and stop when he is looking, and so until 
    you get to the finish line. Other children will try to beat you to it; 
    the competition is fierce! (check the appendices for extra info.)
    Clear the bridge and exit to the world map. There, go northeast until you 
    find a small village. Go into it.
    S Y B A K
    Scientists galore! Anyway, explore town. Head inside the huge building on 
    the northern side of town and examine the interesting "painting" 
    positioned among the two cyclopean bookshelves... well, it's the 
    wunderkind of a chef! He'll teach you a new tasty recipe ;)
    Now head to the southwestern screen of the town and go into the big 
    building there. After the scenes, exit it by going east and head back to 
    the town's main plaza. Go over to the merchants at the northwest and chat 
    with the one hidden among some boxes, covered by the clandestine shadows. 
    After the merchant obdurately gives up his Key Crest, make your way back 
    to the academy and talk with the people by the entrance. After you're 
    inside, head through the door left of the dinosaur and in the following 
    hallway enter the second door from right to the left.
    Backtrack to the main lobby where a ludicrous cutscene ensues. After them 
    you'll the Tethe'alla Map and Sheena will rejoin your group. Exit through 
    the door that was just unlocked and exit Sybak. Go back to the Grand 
    Bridge at swing your leg across it.
    Fight the Knights at the other side.
    After the scenes, head to the Fooji Mountains. Climb to the very top, 
    fighting some new, tougher monsters as you. (be sure to save/heal 
    whenever possible). You'll reach the top in no time, where a boss fight 
    (put Colette and Raine in your party, as well as Genis. Set Photon and 
    Judgment/Angel Feathers to your shortcuts. Be sure Raine has "Heal" on 
    her Strats. The rest is standard-issue)
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, this nice lady is actually moderately hard ;) She's got lots of 
    POWERFUL attacks that'll make tasty mincemeat out of you if you don't 
    heal properly; but if you do it should be easy to handle.
    Having Guardian among Llody's available attacks is a good choice, but not 
    necessary. With him, I suggest going forward and pumping out a quick-
    hitting attack such as Sword Rain Alpha, Tiger Rage or even Raging Beast; 
    a combination of such is also pretty good. Try to pump out Techs that are 
    ground-based and not high-flying stuff such as Omega Tempest Strike.
    Guardian helps to minimize damage done by her short-range attacks, 
    namely, her physical strike, which cleans off around 350 HPs out of your 
    bars and Leonazium which can, quite easily, remove as much as 600 HPs! 
    These two come out real fast, so there's no way to predict efficiently, 
    but by paying attention is real possible to block them, too.
    These two attacks are used on a regular basis but are not the girl's 
    exclusives. She also has a trio of long range attacks: Dark Sphere, which 
    in total can do over 700 PTS of DMG; Ice Tornando, which can hit various 
    characters for a hefty 300-500 PTS of DMG; Agarazium, a tractor beam kind 
    of attack that reaches the 500's and lastly, Bloody Lance which is bloody 
    powerful, doing as much as 500 PTS of DMG totaled.
    That's quite an arsenal! Lloyd can block most of this attacks with a 
    careful use of Guardian but when they're aimed to your other pals they 
    certainly won't. 
    Jam on your shortcuts to chant Photon and Judgment as often as possible 
    as they're the two most damaging spells. Performing them often also means 
    that when you're damaged you _could_ have to wait aeons before a healing 
    spell comes out.
    And that's why I nearly lost this fight. I simply kept casting spells 
    while my characters were down on their 700's and seldom healed (mostly 
    through the AI). Eventually, Pronyma got too vicious and my characters 
    started to die!
    How to go around this? Manual healing. Even if Raine is casting Photon, 
    head into the menu and select "Heal". She'll cancel her previous spell 
    will start to cast Heal/First Aid. Meanwhile, have somebody else dive 
    into the Item inventory and use a Gel.
    Do this rather often while Lloyd attacks relentlessly with his combos and 
    Colette pumps out the ever-so-powerful Judgment. Genis should be given 
    the task of dispensing items, so give him a few spell-casting breaks. If 
    you heal adequately Pronyma won't be able to kill you. Now then, even if 
    she does, just revive and fully heal such character. I recommend taking 
    breaks from fighting to do so; have two friends focus on healing a 
    wounded character and, if there are too many, have your entire party 
    concentrate on this beneficial task.
    Pronyma hits real hard but so does Judgment, Photon and Lloyd. Genis 
    ain't too bad, either. So, racking up the damage ain't really a problem. 
    The problem could be surviving Pronyma's powerful onslaught of attacks 
    that can obliterate you if you don't do adequate healing. As long as you 
    constantly keep your characters up all while pumping out Judgments (the 
    most important spell here) everything should go very smoothly.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Save and exit the Fooji Mountains. Now head into Meltokio. A scene ensues 
    and then you'll be in the sewers.
    M E L T O K I O  S E W E R S
    Go forward past the odd-colored patterns on the floor and turn right. 
    There are SEWER RATS, VIOLENT VIPERS and JELLYFISH spread around here. 
    None are particularly hard but it should be noted that they do have a 
    hefty amount of HPs. Vipers are poisonous so get rid of them first.
    Head up the steps at the end of this short path (you might GIANT LEECHES 
    here. As nearly every enemy here, they're poisonous). Turn left and take 
    note of the cobweb connecting to an adjacent platform; it can't be 
    crossed. So, head further to the left and examine the S.Ring shifter 
    The new S.Ring function you'll get shrinks your party to microscopic 
    levels. Stepping on the various blue panels returns you to normal! Be 
    wary, though, as enemies are tougher when fought in mini-mode >_>
    Look at the top-left side of the shifter altar and stare at it until you 
    make out a thin ledge that sticks out the wall; turn mini and board it. 
    Move across it until you find a rat's hole. Inside, dodge the rate and 
    pick up the Ex Gem Lv2. Go back to the shifter now and head south from 
    Turn mini and cross the cobweb. Get back to normal on the panel and 
    Defeat the rat wandering about to get a memory gem. Head up and turn 
    right; cross the bridge. At the other side you can go down the steps or 
    go further to the north. Head down the steps and pick up the Spirit Ring 
    hidden underneath them. Go back up and proceed north.
    The party will have a brief discussion; after that, pick up the Ex Gem 
    Lv3 off the wooden box and go up the long staircase. At the big, clean 
    platform up there, head forward to find a great machine. After the 
    dialogue, move to the left of the machine and gawk at the wall until you 
    make out the hard-to-see rat hole there. Inside is a Great Axe.
    Now, check out the machine and make it create a garbage block. After it 
    is done, let it rest and examine the leftmost portion of this platform. 
    You should see three gaps in the railing; concentrate on the middle one. 
    Push a block down it.
    Look at the bottom side of the platform, next to the stairs, to find two 
    more gaps. Create two garbage cubes and drop them through each gap. Once 
    you've done so, go all the way down and move towards the staircase 
    underneath of which you found a Spirit Ring (south of the flight that 
    leads to the garbage machine). 
    You should notice the blocks floating between a tiny rail line. Shrink 
    and board such; then, use the cubes to break on through to the other 
    side. Transform back to normal and turn the valve there. After this, 
    backtrack to the once-locked door where your party discussed and proceed 
    to the next portion of the sewers.
    Right across the entrance is a sealed memory seal; to the right a 
    staircase. Unseal the save point, save, and go down the staircase. Go 
    into the small nook next to it, by where the blue panel is, to find a 
    hidden chest with a Breastplate. Head back to the save point.
    Turn left of the save point and look for a grated set of stairs at the 
    bottom of screen; veer downwards to find a small wooden box. Board it 
    while in mini-mode and, at the next screen, turn big and open the valve 
    there. After that, shrink again and "Jump" into the pathway that's across 
    the valve. Clear it and make your way into the garbage machine. Go 
    through the door you just unlocked.
    There is another machine here. Before making any cubes, explore the 
    sprawling but linear catwalk, at the corners of which cobwebs gaze upon 
    the level below. Also, take a good look at the catwalks railings; notice 
    that there are some gaps along them. Take note of the panels, too. Hmm...
    Make a garbage block and start pushing it along the catwalk. At its first 
    turn to the right there is a gap (on the bottom side); however, you don't 
    need to push the block down it. Push the block a bit past the cobweb but 
    not enough so it falls. Now, shrink and use the web to go around the 
    block. Step in the panel and now that you're at the other side of the 
    cube, _drag_ it rightwards *one* space. 
    Shrink again, head around the block one more time and _push_ it 
    rightwards (there is a difference) until you find a gap. Now, exit to the 
    previous garbage-machine room and head down the stairs there; then, 
    through the door that was before unlocked (from now on referred as the 
    "connecting door").
    Move forward and trot down the steps to the right, behind the save point. 
    Look for the tiny pathway protruding out of this platform and board it. 
    Go forward and turn left when possible. At the other side, go up the 
    steps on mini mode and head into the cage by crossing the space between 
    the bars. Open up the gate to the right; also, step on the almost 
    invisible switch in the middle of the cage. It makes a bridge extend west 
    of here.
    Once you get out of the switch the bridge goes back to normal; anyway, 
    exit the cage through its rightmost side and from there make your way to 
    the "upper machine" (the one by the catwalks). Create a block and follow 
    the previous ritual to get it to the gap where you dropped off the first 
    Instead of dropping it off, though, use the cobweb to go around it and 
    then drag it upwards. When you can't keep dragging it, you'll be in front 
    of a gap and next to web; use the web to, once again, go around the block 
    and this time around, push it forwards but be sure it doesn't fall down 
    (one space).
    Get to the block's side by using the web and drag it rightwards until you 
    can't do it anymore; get to the block's opposite side by using the nearby 
    cobweb and push the cube down the gap right here.
    Make your way to the connecting door and into the bottom level, where you 
    just dropped off the cube. Move towards it (turn right from the save 
    point, go up and take the first left to find it) and drag it into the 
    switch in the middle of the cage (the block is, conveniently, right 
    across the switch).
    Run to the upper machine once again and create a block. Drag it to the 
    place where you dropped off the second one just a while ago (repeat the 
    ritual). Once you get there, don't push it down. Simply put it in front 
    of the gap. Then, go around it and drag it up once it's not possible to 
    keep doing so. Get to its bottom and push it once space up so it is about 
    to fall; make sure it doesn't.
    Bounce to the block's right side and drag it to eastwards. Toy with the 
    block there to drop it down the gap. Now, head to the bottom level. Take 
    the path right of the seal and head all the way up into a series of 
    grated steps; take the left one to arrive at a platform with the block 
    you just dropped off. If you look at the platform's bottom railings you 
    should see a gap along its rightmost side.
    Oh, check out the upper wall right next to the staircase to find a very 
    invisible mouse hole; inside is a Ex Gem Lv1. 
    Anyways, push the block down! Now, backtrack to the memory seal and from 
    there head west until you hit a wall. Go north from there across the 
    grated bridge; at the other side, turn right and climb down the steps. 
    Proceed rightwards a bit more until you notice the mini pathway spreading 
    along the wall. Board it and proceed to its right until you can go up 
    into a podium with a valve.
    Twist it to unlock a door. Head there and proceed to the next room. Here, 
    go across the entrance to find a chest with 2500 Gald.
    Now, move back to the entrance door and head south; then, climb down the 
    steps, turn left and proceed upwards past the panels. Turn mini after 
    them and examine the wall between the two brown pillars on the right 
    wall; you should find a rat's hole, with a Thunderbolt inside. Head 
    further up towards the drainage tubes. You should make out part of a 
    pathway underneath the tubes; shrink and cross to the other side.
    Go down and head into the rat's hole on the leftmost wall (it's totally 
    visible, but, should you have trouble finding it, it's right between two 
    pillars) and then proceed south past the panels. Fight off the wimpy 
    convicts that appear (really wimpy convicts, might I add).
    After the scenes, go up. There is a S.Ring shifter as well as a chest; 
    should you want to open it you'll have to fend off against a Fake. Defeat 
    it with magic (that's the only thing that damages it) to get an Elixir 
    and an All-Divide. Should you fight it now? Yep. Pump out Angel Feathers, 
    Spark Wave/Air Thrust and Heal like a madman with Raine/items, be sure to 
    revive and it's quite possible to beat without too many problems.
    Either way, head up the stairs here and at the top head to right and up 
    the ladder.
    M E L T O K I O 
    Phew! I suggest stocking up on items, healing at the inn and perhaps 
    getting a few new weapons/pieces of armor. Then, head to the city's 
    bottom level and turn east and go up when you run past the inn. Head into 
    the fenced building over there, the Elemental Research Laboratory. A 
    scene ensues.
    Exit this place and run to the upper quarters of the city. Head to the 
    eastern wing and look for a conspicuously big mansion on the rightmost 
    side of the area (not the one with the pillars and the porch*, but the 
    one to its right, that's clear white and outlined with gold).
    Talk with your buds on the lower and upper floors. Afterwards, talk with 
    the butler and tell him you're ready to rest. Now you must go back to the 
    Elemental Research Lab where you'll get a Wing Pack (to store the EC). 
    Now, you must exit Meltokio, and to do so, you need to head into the 
    sewers. Before doing so, look around for dogs and name 'em (look in the 
    slums, at the upper floors, and outside Zelos' house).
    Head to the park on the westernmost side of the bottom level and board 
    the manhole. Pick Quick Jump to be taken outside immediately, exit 
    Meltokio, and head into the Tethe'alla bridge. Climb down the right 
    staircase, head into the docks on the right and chat with Kuchinawa.
    You'll get Kuchinawa's charm and will board the EC.
    Go directly straight from where you are and look for a pier to right; 
    disembark on it. Now, head to Sybak.
    S Y B A K
    After the scene, name the dog on the main plaza and head southwest to the 
    Academy. There is an extra dog here; left from it it's the manhole you 
    used to go out from Kate's lab. Head into it once again to reach the 
    enclosed quarters where half-elves rest. Kate's promise to recant the 
    Exsphere's power over Presea is to be fulfilled by reaching Gaoracchia 
    Forest  which is to the northeast.
    G A O R A C C H I A  F O R E S T
    Beat the Papal Knights ahead of the entrance (they've got lots of HP and 
    can shove off moderate amounts of HP, but in general they're easy).
    Head forward along the linear road to find many foes, such as the BOXER 
    IRIS, PUMPKIN TREE and TROPICAL WORM. The Boxer Iris is VERY vicious, 
    fast and bloodthirsty... plus it does lots of damage! Besides, he looks 
    to follow you around. Beat it to a pulp with strong Techs and show him 
    who's boss! The Pumpkins can also do lots of damage, specially if two 
    gang you up, but are not as violent as the Worms.
    You'll eventually find a S. Ring shifter. Shift your ring's function. 
    Now, if you want to exit to the other side of the forest, head west. At 
    the map, go forward and turn northeast to find the area's guidepost 
    Monument. There is also a skit point around here.
    Now, head back to the forest and move over to the shifter. From there, 
    turn right and go along the fierce road, smothered by roots and plants. 
    At the next screen, proceed onwards and get the Drain Charm hidden within 
    the foliage. The bright patch of sunlight across from it serves as a 
    reloading point for the S.Ring's light cannon.
    There are several paths to be chosen: north, south and east. Galore! Head 
    north. After the road twists to the right it's highly possible that 
    you'll see a conspicuous dome of leaves surrounding a chest; burn the 
    dome with your S. Ring and claim the Phoenix Rod hidden within. 
    Afterwards you might want to backtrack, reload your ring to preposterous 
    levels (to its max) and come back here.
    Head into the next screen then. There are several more paths: north, or 
    south. Go south and burn the two leafy domes. Get the Witch's Robe off 
    the chest and head east past the plants that were just burnt out. At the 
    next screen, run along the single path and burn out the plants you'll 
    find to get an Angel Bracelet.
    Go down to reach another bifurcation and head south to find another one 
    (geez!). Left is a plant dome but it can't be burnt; to the right there 
    is a replenishing patch. Rejuvenate and then head further to the right. 
    Go north then.
    Turn right to find another "planted" chest. Burn its coverings to find 
    out it's sealed. Hmm... also, you might find a bunch of new enemies here. 
    You've probably seen Phantoms and Ghouls (easy) but the UNDERTAKERS are 
    most likely new. Huge coffins attached to their backs, a bent over, red-
    garbed figure with a mysterious demeanor, utilizing its striking luggage 
    to defend itself with violence by employing the decadent and magically 
    corrupt elements enclosed within the wood.
    Beat the floating skull around the sealed chest (a bit to its left) to 
    get a Memory Gem.
    From there, go south and veer eastwards then. Burn down the leafs and 
    proceed into the next screen; there, unlock the save point (save/heal) 
    and head into the next screen. We're about to go out of here. It might 
    not seem like so, but we got most of the area's items (only missed a 
    Pretty Ribbon) and even though we didn't come across the Sword Dancer. 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    He's got lots of skills, is fast, furious but in general he's a wimp. His 
    damaging attacks can be alleviated by employing careful dodging, moving 
    around and healing. Employ lots of Techs and pack an extra attacker to 
    aid you, while Genis pumps out powerful spells. Meanwhile, have somebody 
    heal constantly. By employing these tactics the battle should go by 
    smoothly. Just don't forget to block!.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Exit the forest through the south.
    At the map, move forward. There are new enemies around here (BEAST OGRE, 
    GOLD BEETLE and MANTIS) There is also a Skit Point... and the village of 
    M I Z U H O 
    Explore town, stocking up on items and whatnot. There is a dog waiting to 
    be named, too. Talk with Orochi outside the house surrounded by a small 
    Regal will join you. Afterwards, head back into the Vice-Chief's place 
    and examine the washtub directly ahead of the house's entrance. You'll 
    find the wonder chef and will be taught Ramen. Chat with the Vice-Chief 
    to be able to rest for free in this place.
    Before leaving, move about town to see a few skits. When you feel you're 
    ready, go back to Gaoracchia. If you want to fight the Sword Dancer read 
    the strategy enclosed by asterisks; otherwise, right after you enter into 
    the forest go north and exit. At the map, cross the bridge and dive into 
    the dense forest in front of the pond; you should have not many 
    difficulties finding Ozette.
    You might want to pay a visit to the Sword Dancer. At the entrance area, 
    take the exit next to the S.Ring shifter. Head into the screen subsequent 
    to the save-point room. There, go forward and turn left when possible. 
    There he is! Save up if you wish to fight him now. A word of advice: have 
    lots of Lemon Gels, Pineapple Gels and, more importantly, Life Bottles. I 
    once was in the threshold of beating him (with these low levels, of 
    course) with 3000 HP to go (which can be knocked off rather easily)... 
    and ran out of methods to revive my folks. I was knocked out soon 
    afterwards. Damn.
    Get Ready! Make sure you party is Raine, Colette, Genis and Lloyd; fiddle 
    around and obligate Colette and Genis to cast, exclusively, Spark Wave 
    and Judgment/Angel Feathers (both of 'em) while Raine's repertoire is 
    limited to: Resurrection, Heal, Photon and her support spells. Make sure 
    everybody's got "At Once" on their Strats., except for Raine, who should 
    have heal. Oh, and in your U. Attack menu, put everybody's most useful 
    attack (Judgment, Photon, Spark Wave and, strangely, Omega Tempest) on 
    their one-hit slot (so there is no need to fiddle with the stick).
    Good equipment is useful, but lots of Gels and Life Bottles even more! A 
    full Unison Gauge, too ;) Anyway, before chatting with Dancer, cook a 
    meal that pumps your Defense. Engage!
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Sword Dancer 2
    Somebody's gonna want to hit me when I say this guy is not that tough; 
    he's definitely tough but also very beatable. His modus operandi is 
    fairly simple, mind you: he combo'es whomever is too near him by 
    employing his trademark one-two-followed-by-Cross-Slice to shove off 
    conspicuous amounts of damage, but, hey, he might add an extra, arse-
    kicking element to the chain: Death Spiral, where he twists with his 
    extended quarter of swords and casts death upon whomever is too near; 
    it's a tremendously powerful attack, but it can be survived (more on this 
    Sometime later he'll reduce his patterns to spell-casting almost 
    exclusively, casting myriads of dangerous of spells such as Grave, Spark 
    Wave, Flame Lance and whatnot, all hitting numerous party members and 
    dealing damage that needs to be considered! Aside from that there is 
    nothing too special: his toughness resides in his sheer, unadulterated 
    strength and powerful defense.
    What to do? You must start by pumping out a mandatory Unison Attack. As 
    suggested before, be sure your spells are cast by pressing the 
    appropriate button (with no sticks) so they come out easier. That way you 
    can cast Judgment, Spark Wave, Photon and Omega Tempest painlessly and 
    dish out lots of damage (and also create a Compound U. attack).
    Now it's time to analyze the rest of the battle! Firstly, be sure you 
    cast some support spells on your lads. Barrier on Lloyd is fundamental, 
    and aside from that, nothing else is much useful, but anyways. With Lloyd 
    you need to have a bevy of ultra-important techniques among your 
    repertoire: namely, Hunting Beast (or Beast), Omega Tempest, Tiger Blade 
    and, more importantly, Guardian (be sure this one is on the B-button 
    Why? Hunting Beast/Beast not only produces considerable wounds, it also 
    generates enough force to propel the Dancer backwards and make it crash 
    down (unless he's blocking) effectively nullifying his momentum (mass 
    times zero velocity = zero) and, more significantly, providing you with 
    time to treat your wounds, revive a character, cast a support spell or 
    simply attack him! It's not as useful as it was in the first fight 
    against the dancer, but it's useful nonetheless!
    Omega Tempest is sort of a preemptive measure we need to take. The Sword 
    Dancer won't stand idle on a corner of the battlefield; he'll constantly 
    slither towards you, very methodically, yes, but eventually he'll be upon 
    your party. If he's, he can wreak havoc with little to no effort. When 
    he's hazardously proximate to you, perform Omega Tempest to push him 
    backwards and haphazardly eliminate his threat for a while.
    Tiger Blade/Rage is an attacking measure but now comes one of the most 
    important skills in this battle: Guardian.
    When The Dancer chants an enchantment it's usually directed to the rest 
    of your team and not Lloyd, which means Guardian won't be of much use 
    against that. There are times, however, when the Dancer will cast his 
    spells on Lloyd. It's fairly easy to see them coming (Spark Wave forms a 
    temporary wave around you before starting to dish out damage, Flame Lance 
    can be seen from a distance; same with Grave) so Guarding them is quite 
    possible; and important.
    Lloyd is an important asset and maintaining him in premium conditions of 
    great preponderancy. However, the caster's spells are not the things 
    Lloyd will be blocking; rather, it is the Dancer's ubiquitous physical 
    strikes and combos. You can safely block the first two hits but unless 
    you're at maximum health the following thumps will finish you. A careful 
    and intelligent combination of block and Guardian will get you through 
    You need to master the art of Guarding, which is kind of easy, anyways. 
    Even then, sometimes you'll mess up and get hit; hey, that's life! The 
    first two slashes are absorbed by a standard block; the next two might 
    two, but Death Spiral will kill you. So, start Guarding halfway through 
    Cross Slice to survive the Spiral.
    Now, the infamous Jump-Block is also pretty useful! You can get away from 
    tons of attacks by accurately employing it; in the first fight against 
    the dancer this was our main weapon against its combos, and it still is! 
    Jumping back nullifies most of the damage, but it needs to be done with 
    precise timing. Jump Block also works neatly against his spells: since 
    you can predict them, why Guarding them, jump back!
    Keep in mind that sometimes the telltale sign of a spell will catch you 
    mid-combo and the only way you have to "escape" it's Guarding right after 
    it's started. If you try to jump block it might not work (although trying 
    is not bad ;)). Also, it's worth noting that Guardian won't get you 
    through an entire attack. For instance, Guarding Spark Wave will protect 
    you from the initial attacks but the last two hit will be fully taken.
    How will you proceed against such a formidable foe? Firstly, be sure you 
    have Spark Wave and Angel Feathers in your shortcuts. I'd suggest 
    Judgment but since it is so inaccurate I went against it. Now, you need 
    to constantly jam on these shortcuts stubbornly. Both spells should come 
    out rather speedily, which is a plus in a fight like that. Raine should 
    do a good job of healing through AI.
    Have Lloyd pour attack after attack upon the Dancer, namely, Hunting 
    Beast, but make sure he performs the adequate amount of Guarding and 
    Blocking. Punch out the aforementioned spells with unprecedented 
    relentlessness (the C-Stick will be clickin' like crazy). The Dancer 
    likes to block a lot, so a lot of Lloyd's combos will get nullified. No 
    matter, though.
    Healing should be done manually, but not through spells; leave Raine's AI 
    for that. Constantly jump into the menu and utilize Gels. Lemon Gels are 
    extremely useful for they heal lots of HP rather quickly; however, 
    they're also scarce. Use them, nonetheless. However, try to alternate 
    them with Apple Gels to keep your reserves balanced for tougher portions 
    of the fight. Try to heal after you're hit by a strong magical attack, 
    specially if it lands on Genis, Raine or Colette.
    If the damage is too severe, don't hesitate to employ a Lemon Gel, 
    specially if your HP reaches the 500 or so. If it is knocked into the 
    thousands an Apple Gel should be employed. Keep your eyes affixed to your 
    HPs to opportunely utilize the Gels and keep the HPs up.
    Life Bottles are also important items; whenever somebody's dead, revive 
    the, it's as simple as that. The revived character should immediately be 
    healed to prevent further deaths that could be uncomfortable to your 
    With spell-casting so constant and obdurate, TPs will run dry in no time 
    and in those case action needs to be taken; in Lloyd's case, a Pineapple 
    Gel is a necessity, because Lloyd can't function without TPs. Same goes 
    for everybody else. However, priorities should be established when 
    performing TP-recovering maneuvers: Genis should be given the highest 
    priority, followed by Raine and Colette.
    Why? Aside from being nearly useless without the spell-casting substance, 
    these characters enjoy moving forward when they're out of TPs giving the 
    Sword Dancer ample space to totally tear them up; that's why they need to 
    be taken care of rather quickly.
    The fight might promise to be annoyingly extensive but I found out it 
    wasn't; I also found out it wasn't nearly as tough as I expected it to 
    be. With a healthy supply of items adequate healing was a cinch (those 
    Lemon Gels sure are good!) and constant reviving saved my day. I also 
    cast my spells with immaculate dedication so damage kept flowing; Lloyd 
    blocked, dodged and Guarded whenever it was possible.
    But, as usual, healing is what'll make this fight for you. By keeping 
    your HPs up it won't be that hard. Just heal after a spell connects, cast 
    spells steadfastly and attack with Lloyd. Knocking off 30,000 HPs isn't 
    that hard; what's hard is to be alive long enough to knock 'em off. And, 
    even then, it really isn't that bad.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    You'll get a Yasanaki Jewel.
    O Z E T T E  
    Cross the path leading into the town and turn left to find the inn; rest 
    up and check out the parrot by the receptionist's desk to find the 
    wunderkind of a chef ready to teach you Tenderloin. Across from the inn 
    is what you'd call the main plaza; south of it a winding path heads into 
    the upper workings of the town, where a dog waits to be named.
    On the upper side of the main plaza yet another dog is; there is an armor 
    shop, too. Take the southeastern exit and head into the next screen, 
    where a scene ensues. After that, leave Presea's house area through the 
    southwest and you'll immediately be on the world map. Head south towards 
    Altessa's House, which is the "nook" formed on the cliff spread along the 
    base of a mountain (it's yellow-ish).
    A long scene ensues there; after it, leave and head through Ozette so 
    you're at the other side of it. Take a quick trip back to Mizuho and talk 
    with Puninja, the owner of the item shop; after that, check out the well 
    behind the chief's house for further scenes. You'll get a Secret 
    Notebook. Purchase a Mizuho Potion (important) and leave.
    Head back to the Ozette area and head to the northeast, where an EC Dock 
    rests. Board your EC and surf your way into the southernmost continent 
    and there, head to the its _southern_ tip where a dock is. I make special 
    emphasis on south because a dock rests on the southeast, too.
    After landing head forward to find the mine's door gazing at the valley. 
    There are some skit points spread around it (one with Regal, for 
    instance, stands on a peak southeast of the dock ) as well as items (head 
    along the peak where you found Regal's skit until you hit a beach. A Rune 
    Cape sits on it)
    T O I Z E  V A L L E Y  M I N E
    Immediately after you enter a boss fight begins!
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Defense System
    Guard Arm x 4
    Auto Repair Unit
    Orbit x 2
    Really easy. Destroy the two Orbits and then crack open the Auto Repair 
    Unit. While it is down, run forward to the Defense System. Hack away at 
    it with myriad attacks (jam on the shortcuts) until the Auto Repair Unit 
    is restored; destroy it again and resume your attacking. It's a very 
    simple and easy battle.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Go back to the previous screen after the scene and get the Ex Gem Lv1 
    behind the cart. Head into the shaft you were taken and head forward.
    You're going to find RED RROPERS, RED BATS, BASILISKS and ROCK GOLEM all 
    of which are simple. It's highly possible that you've spotted the machine 
    in front of a crevice, in front of which a rail line extends. Revive the 
    machine to begin a cyclic process of a gondola running along the rail 
    line. Board it when it gets to you and as you go forward shoot the switch 
    north of the gondola (the one with an arrow, on top of a pillar) to 
    change its direction (the alternate path the gondola can take is not of 
    our interest now).
    Move forward so you find a locked door. Left of it is a huge boulder 
    (beat the enemy around for a Memory Gem) and across, an elevator. Board 
    it and go down. At the bottom, veer southward until you see some wooden 
    planks leading into a raised area. Head up into the small space where a 
    bunch of dilapidated carts rest and examine the upper side of them to 
    find a Crescent Ax (it's a bit hard to get it, since it's so out of the 
    Climb into the raised area, as there is a Saint Rapier there, by the 
    planks. Head to the upper side of it to find the extremely vulnerable 
    ROLLER SNAIL and behind it, a Sand Saber. After snatching it, go back 
    down the planks and head southeast. A S. Ring shift rests lonely there. 
    You'll get the Mana Bombs.
    Head all the way up into the elevator and ride it upwardly. To the left 
    of the locked door there is a boulder you can blast so you're able to 
    jump past the gap, into the area with the gondola machine. After blasting 
    it, head back to the S. Ring shifter and turn back to normal. Jump the 
    gap into the gondola and hit the switch so it shifts direction. Once 
    again, clear the aforementioned gap, head down and get the bombs. Make 
    your way into the gondola and have it take you straight ahead.
    I'm sure there is a far more convenient way to do this, but I've yet to 
    find it ;) Anyway, head into the cave at the platform and destroy the 
    boulder. Turn right and blast an extra rock. Backtrack into the main path 
    and run up; head into the small room to the left to find the Iron 
    Backtrack to the block on the right that was just blown and head along 
    the twisting path there (another block will need to be blasted). Turn 
    left and head down the plank into a damp, lowered area; at its right 
    there is a Battlesuit. Head back up and turn left. Head all the way to 
    the left until you hit a wall, go up and climb down the planks. Activate 
    the machine there.
    Go back up and run forward, turn right and destroy the boulder. Straight 
    ahead is a plank, but before getting to it blow up the rock south, and 
    then the one past the plank. Afterwards, climb it down. Reach its bottom 
    and talk to the little Gnomelette for a funny scene (give 'im the Mizuho 
    Potion). Snatch the item to the right and climb into the upper area by 
    utilizing the planks.
    Turn right and unlock the memory seal. Proceed further to the right 
    (destroy the block to the south) and turn up when possible. You'll reach 
    a pathway that extends rightwards and has a small alcove at its 
    beginning. Head down this path to trigger a scene. After it finishes, 
    turn right (do not deactivate the trap you just escaped from) and head to 
    the road's end to find a Naploosa Bacura, an enemy which cannot be 
    Move close to it and have it follow you until it is right in the path 
    through the which the trap-boulders flow. If you get too near to the 
    Bacura it slaps you! Anyway, have it follow you along the aforementioned 
    path (note: head into your Ex Skill menu and set Lloyd's Ex Skill to 
    "Personal" so he runs faster). Once the Bacura is halfway through this 
    road he gets bored and starts to backtrack; hit the switch to unleash a 
    rock into the path, run down and get into the small space on the left.
    The rock should connect and the Bacura will be destroyed. Deactivate the 
    trap and backtrack over to where the memory seal is; take the elevator 
    ahead of it. At the bottom, explore this small area to find a couple of 
    items (Thunder Cape and Super Pellets) and run through the Bacura's 
    remains to find a Devil's Arms (more on this on the Sidequest section). 
    Run to the area where you first found the Bacura and proceed to the next 
    screen. There, veer rightwards and go down the steps next to the bridge. 
    Proceed eastward to find an Ex Gem Lv3. Go back to the bridge and cross 
    it. At the other side, blow up the boxes until you find a chest, 
    containing the Inhibitor Ore.
    Exit the mine. Now, head back to Ozette. Head forward to see a scene; 
    beat the Knights (they do a lot of damage but are easy if you heal 
    sporadically) and see the long cutscenes. Agree to Quick Jump to Mizuho.
    M I Z U H O
    Head to the chief's house, sift through the brief dialogue, and visit 
    Sheena in front of Jizou (the graveyard) AFTER talking with your buds 
    spread around Mizuho. Exit the town and head over to the dock around 
    Ozette. Surf northward for a bit until you find a dock, behind which a 
    greed-shaded tower is. Enter it.
    T E M P L E  O F  L I G H T N I N G
    That's some good music there!
    Move forward and elude the fields of bolt. At the other side, turn left. 
    At the end of the path there is a save point behind bolt field (elude 
    it). To the south there are some yellow blocks.
    Head back to the "main road" (where the shiny pattern on the floor is). 
    Now, let's evaluate this area. Far to the right there are some colored 
    blocks we should ignore. In the middle of the main road there are three 
    possible paths to take: the middle one, and two on its sides. All of them 
    lead to a thing I call lightning re-director.
    Or lightning rod ;) Anyways, the middle road has a certain particularity: 
    it's got a switch that, when hit, unleashes a bolt of thunder that hits 
    one of the three rods. Which one? As you may now, lightning strikers 
    higher ground. So, the highest rod will be hit. However, it'll only hit 
    whichever block is active. What does it mean to be active? Check out one 
    of the "safe rods" (the one on the sides) and you'll notice that when you 
    do so, a stick protrudes off it and hides, depending on what you want.
    When the stick is out it means the rod is active. Now, this is what we 
    need to do. Activate the rod on the far right and now head into the 
    middle path. When you hit the switch the lightning will blast the 
    uppermost rod, which we just activated. De-activate the rod here, and 
    then, go to the rightmost stick and de-activate it. Leave only the 
    leftmost one active. Having done so, hit the switch.
    This'll blow up a cage right in front of the western rod. Head across it 
    to find a S.Ring shifter, which grants you with the power to unleash Blue 
    Lightning. With that in hand, head to the easternmost side of the main 
    road, where two blue blocks are. Blow them up and go across of where they 
    were to find a treasure chest containing a Silver Guard. Get it and with 
    that in hand, head over to the middle path. Break on through past the 
    switch and run up the stairs behind the rod.
    You'll hit a cyclopean, high-roofed hall of sorts. It boasts two 
    expansive staircases to the left and right of the entrance, and, atop a 
    flight of steps, a door blocked off by a blue crate. There are tons of 
    path to go through now, so let's take it easy ;)
    Taking the leftmost staircase leads to a short hall with a door blocked 
    off by yellow crates; the rightmost staircase leads to a similar area, 
    with the difference that the door is not blocked off. At the end of such 
    paths there is a flight steps that leads into an altar room with a pillar 
    of three, differently colored crates. The bottom one is blue, so hit it.
    Now, it's time to explore the rest of the possible paths. Head to the 
    bottom hall first, and exit through the north.  Here, turn left (to the 
    right there is a dead, non-working apparatus we should ignore for now) 
    and blow up the blue block. Head up the stairs next to them and proceed 
    to the next room.
    This is a dark area where lightning strikes often and provides ephemeral 
    light. It really isn't that dark, though, but you can fall off the 
    ledges. Anyway, go down and head up the steps. Head along the linear road 
    (it's got some tight ledges, though) and exit to the next screen.
    Climb up the short flight of steps to be put against the dance of the 
    varied paths! Fortunately for you, we're severely limited as of now. Head 
    south from where you enter to find an almost-hidden door. At the other 
    side, turn right until you find a lightning rod and a blue block floating 
    off past it. Blast the block and activate the rod. You'll fall down. Pick 
    up the Ex Gem Lv3 and head leftwards.
    Hit the block floating off the rod, and then activate it. Pick up the 
    Duel Helm. Head past it to find another floating block; blast it. Now, 
    head all the way to the right to find yet another rod, with a block 
    suspended next to it. Do your thing and when you fall down, claim your 
    There is a rod to the left, but before heading there, go past the chest 
    you just emptied and head through the door. Follow the linear, darkened 
    path up some steps. Keep going until you climb down some more steps; 
    there, turn right and go up the partially-obscured peninsula that's away 
    from the main road to find a Spirit Bottle. Go back to the previous 
    screen and head over to the rod we just talked about. Activate it.
    Backtrack to the darkened room where we got a Spirit Bottle and drop 
    down. You'll be in the main hall. Exit through the north. Here, turn left 
    and go down the steps along there (next to the stairway leading up) to 
    reach a dampened area. De-activate the rod there and climb into the 
    little podium on the east. Shift your ring so it shoots Yellow Lightning.
    Make your way back to the very entrance (the "main road") and head left. 
    Crack open the yellow blocks and snatch the Shining Star.
    Now, haul ass to the main hall. Climb the leftmost staircase and 
    electrify the two crates there. Head over to the main altar past these 
    blocks and make quick work of the yellow block that's forming a pillar. 
    One more to go! Head to the bottom of the main hall and exit through the 
    With this, go back to the main hall and go through the eastern exit (atop 
    the stairs). Wade through the dark room.
    At the next screen, destroy the crate floating just off the balcony. Now, 
    go back to the main hall and go north one more time. Turn right and 
    activate the rod there. Now, head to the far west and go up the 
    staircase. There should be a chest here, containing an Ex Gem Lv2. Claim 
    it and proceed through the door. Cross the dark room.
    In this screen you'll arrive at, cross the bridge that's on top a short 
    flight of steps (the room we're currently at should be referred to as the 
    bridge room). Exit by the eastern door to reach a darkened room we've 
    been at before. Proceed until along it so you reach its end. At the next 
    room, go up to find a lightning rod we fiddled with in the past. De-
    activate it and return to the bridge room.
    Head up as soon as you enter. Approach the machine concealed behind a 
    stairway. Examine it twice and pick "I want to see higher up". Hmm... if 
    you choose start, you'll see the panorama we just appreciated, with small 
    dots of light flowing through a marked (hmm...) direction. You'll also 
    get damaged -_- Anyways, the idea is to shift the dot's direction for our 
    This is the general layout of the panorama:
    #     #     #     #     # Blow up the set of crates with the XXX's
    #     #     #     #     # underneath them. As you do so, kill the
    #°°°°°#     #°°°°°#     # enemy floating about for a Memory Gem.
    #°°°°°#     #°°°°°#     # Now, head to the bottom and re-activate
    #     #°°°°°# XXX #°°°°°# the machine. Magic ensues! The bridge
    #     #°°°°°#     #°°°°°# in this room will now collapse. Veer
    #°°°°°# XXX #°°°°°#     # down it. At the bottom, head down the
    #°°°°°#     #°°°°°#     # steps behind the dilapidated structure.
    #     #     #     #°°°°°# Proceed downwardly to the very bottom
    #     #     #     #°°°°°# and exit through the door there. At the other 
    side, shift the Ring's function so it shoots Red Lightning.
    Now, go back to the previous screen and ascend up the bridge. Head east 
    into the darkened room and drop down to reach the main hall. Now, make 
    your way back to the main road, the entrance, and turn right. Blow up the 
    crates at the bottom for an Ex Gem Lv3.
    One more time, folks! To the _main hall_, aye, aye! Exit through the 
    westernmost door we unlocked in the past (at the top of the stairs) and 
    wade through the pitch-black roads. You'll reach a balcony with two red 
    blocks; crack 'em and get the Power Greaves out of the chest. Noooow.... 
    make your way back to the main hall and head northward. Unlock the memory 
    seal there, save, and... heal ;)
    Prepare yourself! Genis is nearly a must; be sure he can only cast Wind 
    Spells. Sheena is also useful, with her Sylph summon but, more 
    importantly, her S.Seal: Wind. A Healer is also necessary. I recommend 
    rain, but it's your choice; what I love of this game is that every party 
    member is outstandingly useful and can be used anytime, against whomever, 
    and still win! Awesome ;) The Strats. should be self explanatory.
    Go to the main hall and climb to the altar at the top. Destroy the final 
    crate and activate the rod. Through the following scene you'll have to 
    press A when you notice the dialogue stagnates. Anyways, you'll 
    eventually have to engage!
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, he's pretty simply in all honesty, not what you'd expect given the 
    premonitory cutscenes. 
    He's got plentiful attacks, but only a few are a real threat: firstly, he 
    uses "Strike" to hit physical attacks who're real near to him; this 
    usually only affects Lloyd. It does lots of damage and Volt usually uses 
    it right after you end a combo. It's rather simple to Guard it or Block 
    it, but even if you don't do so, don't worry. After souping up a couple 
    of them just whip out a Lemon Gel and keep goin'.
    Spark Wave is extremely weak and nothing to worry about. His "Master 
    Field" attack targets a pretty big, circular area, but it's not enough to 
    hit the magicians who're, hopefully, away from you. It's got a telltale 
    sign that should give you time to cast Guardian or block it off. If 
    you're hit, expect to soup up as much as 800 PTS of DMG. Once again, 
    shrug it off. Your healers will eventually treat you, and, if he/she 
    doesn't, just wait a bit until you're in a critical state to whip out a 
    Lemon Gel.
    He also employs Cardinal Strike, which hits only those real near to him 
    and Thunder Blade, which is usually aimed at your magicians (or whomever 
    is far away) for big damage (800 or so).
    Your casters won't be hurt too much, which is good. Meanwhile, your 
    strikers will be :) As suggested, shrug off the damage and resume your 
    attacking, while occasionally utilizing a Lemon Gel to speedily head your 
    wounds and keep it up. 
    Attack Volt with lots of Air Thrusts and long, hard hitting combos from 
    Lloyd (Tiger Blade/Rage, Raging Beast and a couple of variations of Demon 
    Fang combo quite well) and defending occasionally. If you have Sheena, 
    cast S.Seal: Wind on your strikers and resume the attacking. It helps a 
    great deal, since Volt has high defensive capabilities. He's, 
    nonetheless, quite vulnerable, specially to Lloyd's combos.
    Unison attacks are a great aid, so be sure you have a full bar at the 
    start of the fight. If you obstinately attack Volt, the bar should fill 
    up again rather easily, giving you the chance to employ an extra Unison 
    attack, which is always good ;) Attacking Volt is a great pleasure, 
    because you land lots of hits and he's cumbersome, which means he won't 
    be dodging many of them ;)
    All in all, a simple fight. Lloyd and his partner will be receiving 
    plentiful damage, but sporadic healing does the trick (and the AI's 
    healing helps a great deal). The battle will take a good amount of time 
    to end, though.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    You now have Volt as your summon pal. Good enough! You'll earn a bunch of 
    stuff. Exit the temple and board the EC. Go southeast to a "fjord like 
    area". You'll reach a bunch of snowy peaks. Examine your map; you should 
    see a dot put in the middle of them peaks. Maneuver towards that place; 
    you should have no difficulty seeing a dock from the distance (when 
    you're near to the dot, of course). Disembark, save, and enter the 
    Tethe'alla base.
    T E T H E ' A L L A  B A S E 
    After the initial cutscenes, speak with Orochi to regain your health. 
    Also, buy some items at the refresher on the bottom left corner of the 
    room; save up, too, if you wish. Utilize the S.Ring shifter and leave 
    through the main door.
    Here, exit through the east. You'll arrive at a room with a straight hall 
    that stretches eastwards, and one that goes northward; this one is rather 
    long. Now, along the eastern hall there is a laser beam which can't be 
    crossed; but, lucky you, a crate is conveniently placed next to the 
    beam's origin, so all you have to do is push it into the ray's range to 
    nullify part of it and make it possible to cross to the other side.
    There is an important catch  with the block, though; you need _drag_ it 
    from its front, don't go around it and _push_ it, because if you do, 
    you'll be hit by the laser the crate was blocking! Anyway, once you 
    nullify part of the laser, run across the hall and through the door at 
    its end. Beat the Desian there to get a part of the passcode you need. 
    Depending on the order you get these passcode fragments, the final pass-
    code will different. So, if you decide not to follow me, yours will 
    differ from mine.
    Exit the shaft where you got the code to find the block resting besides 
    the door. Push it towards the nearest beam, go around it, drag it a one 
    space and then push it into the upper beam, the one covering the 
    northernmost hall. Proceed in such direction after completing these 
    tasks. At the end there is a door; head through it.
    Snatch the Silver Circlet from the nearest chest and take a look at this 
    room. A laser blocks the way westward, and further up the path is also 
    blocked off. There is a block to the right. Create a path on the left 
    beam. Now, go around the crate and drag it away from it. An extra laser 
    burns ahead of you. Carry your block there. Once you've locked the ray 
    up, go around the cube and drag it away.
    Having done this, take it through the small path that goes up, to find 
    yet another ray. There is also a door to the left of here. Go through it.
    There are two paths to take; one of them goes up into a huge warehouse, 
    and a brief one extends to the left. Drag away the local block from its 
    starting position and collocate it in front of the leftmost laser field. 
    Cross to the other side to find another huge room; there are two Desians 
    patrolling around it. Beat the purple one to get the second portion of 
    the code.
    Go up the small podium by where the soldier was patrolling and hit the 
    small structure there with your S. Ring. Thereafter, examine the small 
    panel tucked away on a corner, next to the apparatus we just triggered. 
    Activate it.
    Take good note of this room and head back to the previous one; this is 
    also an important room. Anyways, backtrack to Orochi, heal, and head into 
    the big lobby that's outside his hideout. Turn west and through the door.
    You'll reach another branching path with blocks and lasers galore. Up 
    north there is a bunch of bifurcations, so ignore that for now. _Drag_ 
    the local block from where it is and put it in front of the western laser 
    beam. There are two doors here; one of them leads into a shaft with an Ex 
    Gem Lv2 while the other leads to a Card of Ice.
    After snagging both items, work out the nearest laser grids so you're 
    able to go north. Do so and dive into the next screen.
    Turn left as soon as possible and enter the door there. Kill the Desian 
    for the last part of the passcode. There is a chest here with an Ex Gem 
    Lv3. Exit this elegant room and turn right so you reach the main corridor 
    once again; dash northward. 
    At the next screen, kill the greeting Raybit to get a memory gem. Get to 
    the room's uppermost side and turn right, up a short flight of steps. If 
    you triggered the panel a while ago there should be a block at the far 
    end of this platform; drag it leftwards. Look for a gap in the platform's 
    railing, along its leftmost edge. Push the block down it so it hits the 
    laser beaming machine below.
    Remember the "important room" I told you to take note of? The one where 
    we got the second part of the code? Where we triggered a switch? Head 
    there. It's actually the room where we dropped off the block just now (if 
    you don't know how to arrive there, head east from the room outside 
    Orochi's. In the next room, go north so you hit a laser-gridded area. 
    Work them out so you reach its western side. At the next screen, head 
    west past the laser. There you are!)
    Have you arrived? Good. Head to the northwest side of this expansive 
    place. Get the Dragoon Tooth and Thunder Blade out of those chests. 
    Thereafter, head to the hall just outside this area (the one I told you 
    to take note of). Go north to reach another big, warehouse like room.
    Save up (unlock the seal first, doh). There are myriad things to see 
    here, but, to summarize: this one gigantic puzzle. Anyways, go up the 
    steps on the upper right side of this area to get an item out of a chest.
    Head to the northwest and evaluate the area: a flight of steps heads up. 
    Atop of the stairway's landing, an extra flight goes up but there is also 
    one concealed on the upper portion of the platform that heads down into a 
    limitedly square platform, next to which there is a gap. Should you not 
    go up the steps, you can also find the aforementioned square and its 
    respective gap by gawking at the small alcove behind the staircase's 
    There are two gaps, as a matter of fact. Also, there are two blocks here. 
    Hm... push the blocks into the gaps, firstly. Head up into the stair's 
    landing and head down to the makeshift path we just formed. Cross it to 
    get a Lavender. You should notice that there is one of those weird, 
    spiraled structures behind the chest. Shoot at it from the appropriate 
    Head into the landing and go down into the main area. Notice that the 
    staircase you just went down has a small rest halfway through it. Now, 
    take away the blocks from the gaps they're at and carry them over to the 
    staircase we just analyzed. There is a small, horizontal space right in 
    _front_ of this stairway (there is one below it, too, but ignore it). 
    Carry the two blocks into this space. If done correctly, you should be 
    able to board one of the blocks by using the stair's rest I just 
    Good! Board the blocks and take the Aqua Cape out of the chest to the 
    left. Now, carry one of these two blocks into the elevator next to the 
    switch we powered up a while ago. The elevator is a squared platform with 
    four available spaces where you can tuck the block; put it into the top-
    right one, get into the lift and ascend. At the top, push the block 
    forward one space and get down.
    Climb the stairs to the left and at the landing, head up. Turn right at 
    the top, go down the stairway and, at the bottom, go left along the thin 
    path stretching at the bottom of the platform. There is the block we just 
    worked with. Drag it rightwards all the way until you can't do it 
    anymore; go around it and _push_ it that extra space you were needing. 
    You now have it in front of a gap; push it down it and get on top of the 
    block. Shoot the spiral ahead of you.
    Go to the very bottom of this area; the lift on the far east is now 
    functional. Carry a block towards it and ascend. At the top, carry the 
    block forward and crate an improvised platform in front of the lone chest 
    there. Open it up to get a Tomahawk Lance. Now, go back to the lift we 
    just rode and turn left. You'll reach a non-functional elevator, with a 
    powering spiral next to it. Head north for now and get the Beam Shield.
    Make your way back to the non-functional elevator. Hit the spiral next to 
    it and then board it. Go down, along with the block that was resting on 
    top of this crane. At the bottom, carry the cube into the gap formed 
    alongside the right railing of the platform you're on. Push it down it; 
    it'll fall on top another crate and form an effective path into a chest 
    containing an Ex Gem Lv3. Head down the stairs here and exit the room.
    Re-enter it, save, fully heal and re-arrange your party. Make sure it's 
    got Genis and a Healer. If you wish to do so, go back to Orochi (wouldn't 
    recommend it). Anyways, because you left and came back, the block's 
    positions have been reseted. Carry one block into the easternmost lift 
    and head up. There, push it forward. You should notice that there is a 
    gap in front of a chest we opened in the past; to the right of it, 
    alongside the wall, there is another space.
    Slide the block into this rightmost niche so you're able to cross to the 
    other side. Do so and head up. Examine the panel by the door and input 
    the pass-code. Head through the door. A scene ensues. After it, a battle 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, this is a fairly tough fight. Have Genis be unable to cast 
    Lightning and Earth spells and set Eruption to your shortcuts.
    Botta is a nuisance, but not as much as Yuan. This latter is really 
    powerful, employing powerful physical attacks and spells. Botta attacks 
    mainly through Stalagmite, which can be Guarded quite easily, but if it 
    connects, you can expect to lose as much as 500 HPs.
    Go for Yuan first. This might seem unorthodox, but it's best to distract 
    him, because otherwise he'll have an easy time maneuvering around and 
    generally kicking your ass. As told, Botta is far less dangerous, even 
    though he's got some fast, hard-hitting ground based attacks.
    Whomever is up front will be taking a lot of damage, keep that in mind; 
    specially Lloyd, since Yuan also uses physical attacks for lots of 
    damage. But anyway, employ Demon Fang-based techs alongside with Tiger 
    Rage and perhaps Raging Beast to create good combos that deal out nifty 
    No matter if you have Regal, Sheena or Zelos, be sure you've got one of 
    his/her techs on your shortcuts, alongside with Genis' Eruption. 
    Constantly tap on the stick so both of them attacks come out constantly 
    and aid you in the attacking.
    Blocking Yuan's main attacks is a bit hard, but possible. However, your 
    main worry should be to block off his magic-based techs: Thunder Blade 
    and a field-like attack that often misses. Both have heads-up signs that 
    are extremely useful when trying to predict them, to the point it's 
    really easy to (same goes with Stalagmite), so blocking should be made 
    Given the fact there is so much going on sometimes blocking is pretty 
    hard; so expect to take lots of damage. To solve this, you must employ 
    Lemon Gels whenever you hit the 800. Your magicians won't get there too 
    often but your frontline attackers will. Pump out those gels to replenish 
    health and it should all right through most of the fight.
    Jamming on the shortcuts is important, but creating good combos with 
    Lloyd is too. But more importantly, try to Guard Yuan's attacks to lessen 
    the damage and keep up your HPs out of the 800 range. Yuan also has an 
    Indignation attack which will instantly kill you most of the times (over 
    1,900 PTS of DMG) unless you back off (which is kind of hard with your 
    brain-dead buds).
    Damage will seemingly come out of nowhere; just heal and stop wondering 
    about that. Attack relentlessly Yuan and block his myriad attacks. Botta 
    is so useless here that he'll probably die before you kill Yuan, even if 
    you have not been aiming him (meh). If he doesn't, no prob; Stalagmite is 
    easy to dodge, although his other, less ranged attack is quite powerful 
    too and most of the time you won't see it coming ;)
    Eventually, they'll be dead. Just keep up the healing through Gels and 
    the attacking and it should be fine.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    We're flying! Wahoo! It might be good to return to a known town to heal, 
    save and get items.
    Our next destination certainly isn't obvious. Your Synopsis is a bit 
    cryptic but provides a helpful tip: explore the eastern skies. So, head 
    over there. When you're on the easternmost corner of the world, fly 
    around the middle of it (along what'd be the equator). You should see a 
    shining ball in the sky. Approach it. A battle ensues.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Baby Dragon 2
    Winged Dragon
    I personally found this battle to be obscenely tough. The two Baby 
    Dragons float about the field and employ some VERY powerful attacks that 
    can do over 700 PTS of DMG, along with considerably good physical strikes 
    which somehow many to stun you. The Winged Dragon comes out a bunch of 
    holes scattered around the field and aside from waving its head around 
    for 400 PTS of DMG each touch, employs a devastating Nest Crack attack 
    that, single-handedly shoves off as much as 1,500 PTS of DMG out of your 
    bars! Isn't that bad!? Firstly, aim for a Baby Dragon and head to it. Try 
    your best to employ with a combo that utilizes Beast, Raging Beast or any 
    variation you may have; this is extremely useful. Tap on your shortcuts 
    to pump out some spells that'll aid you, but, mainly, attack like a 
    madman with Lloyd. Blocking is not an easy feat here; the dragon's 
    "tornado" attack comes out without warning, although their clawed strikes 
    can be nullified by hitting block after a combo. Pump out Gels 
    occasionally to keep it up. Now, keep an eye on your party's HPs and try 
    your best to revive them as soon as possible; be sure to use a good 
    amount of Gels. Nest Crack will kill you a couple of times, but it's not 
    too bad.
    When you destroy the babies, go for the Winged Dragon. Now it's harder 
    because your party is somehow less mobile, so Nest Crack will wreak havoc 
    on your team; put your money on that. Attacking this guy is a pain in the 
    rear, because he's whirling around, so landing hits is a bit hard and he 
    slaps you with ease; spells often miss (specially Eruption and others) 
    and if you cast spells often, Nest Crack will _always_ hit your spell-
    casters (if you use abundant magic your casters remain in one place _too_ 
    long performing the enchantment, and the dragon will more often than not 
    aim at those stagnating with Nest Crack) so be ready to do some _serious_ 
    reviving. This part of the battle is extremely frustrating, due to all of 
    the reviving and healing that'll need to be done and the limited amounts 
    of damage you can dish out. But keep and you should win after going 
    through a lot.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    You'll be right outside the Temple of Earth. Before diving into it, pay a 
    visit to the nearest town (or the farthest, i.e., Mizhuho, due to their 
    superior stock of items) and stock up on healing implements. Also, visit 
    Altessa's House and talk to Tabatha to learn the recipe for Curry 
    (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. READ THIS!!!) Come back here and go into the 
    T E M P L E  O F  E A R T H
    Shift your S. Ring at the shifter nearby and dash forward. You'll bump 
    into a bunch of high stone; use your S. Ring to make them fall. Proceed 
    onward and talk with the Gnomelette positioned on the bridge. If you gave 
    a potion to the Gnomelette at the Toize Valley Mine you should be able to 
    proceed; otherwise, you'll have to settle things at the Mine.
    Proceed onward till you hit a bifurcation: you can go further up or veer 
    south. First, head south along a sinuous road. You're going to find some 
    interesting enemies around here, like the CLAY GOLEMS, GIANT SNAILS and 
    EARTH ELEMENTS, all of which are easy; keep an eye on the elements and 
    prevent their spell-casting, though. You'll also bump into NEVIROS, who 
    do acceptable damage but are quite vulnerable.
    Anyways, move along this road to find a cave. Cross the bridge there and 
    pick up the Mythril Circlet at the other side. Go back to the previous 
    screen, and backtrack along the twisting path to the bridge where you 
    talked to Gnomelette. Move forward and keep an eye on the path. Once you 
    see a snail up front, gawk at the bottom side of the road to find a small 
    alcove. Stand in it and activate your ring to create a path that goes 
    Turn left there and stand besides the rock structure here; use the S. 
    Ring to make it stumble down, and claim the Mythril Guard. Take note of 
    this small platform and backtrack into the main path (where you called 
    forth the cataclysm that made it possible to get into this landing) and 
    go north and into a cave.
    Cross the bridge and chat with the Gnomelette to the left. You'll have to 
    cook him some curry. Select the character that will do so (be sure it's 
    not Raine or Zelos. Genis and Regal work well). After the scene, you'll 
    notice that the path the gnomelette was blocking is now free to be 
    crossed. Note that a thin, inclined corridor runs parallel to it. Get 
    into such corridor and head to its top; beat the monster there and claim 
    the item behind him.
    Go the path Gnomelette was blocking and talk to the additional Gnomelette 
    standing on top a wooden bridge. Now comes a short minigame of sorts. 
    Basically, the idea is to stand on the bridges and destroy them through 
    the S. Ring, and keep doing this until you reach the bottom. As you go, 
    you'll get items. The initial bridge is conformed of three pieces, and 
    depending on which one you crumble up, the different items you'll get. To 
    get the max out of this game, repeat it various times. And refer to this 
            ###-###---###-%%%%%%   Fairly complex, huh? The "%" are safe,
             !     !  !            rocky paths; the "#" are the collapsing
             !     !  !            bridges. The X's are items. And the "-"
            ###-%%%!  %%%-###-%X%  are simple divisions you should ignore. Oh
             !     !        !      yeah, the "!"'s signal where you'd fall.
    %X%-###-%%%  ###-%%%    !
         !        !         !
         !        !         !
         !        !    ###-%%%
    %x%-###-%%%-%%%-### !
         !           !  !
         !           ! %%%-###
    %X%-%%%-###      !      !
             ! ###-###-###-%%%
             !  !   !
    ###-###-%%% !   !
     !   !     %%%-%%%-###-###-%X%
     !   !              !   !
    ###-%%%    %X%-###-%%%  !
     !              !       !
     !              !       !
    At the bottom of the cliff, head to the western side of the road (fight 
    the Dragon around here to earn 10,000 Gald) so you're taken to the 
    starting area once again. Gnomelette stand here. If you wish to repeat 
    the crumbling game, ignore him and make your way back to the bridges. 
    Otherwise, talk to him to begin another game. Basically, he moves along 
    the nearby path; get ahead of him and kill any enemies loitering the 
    road, because if Gnomelette touches any, he'll charge you a bunch of 
    Head into the cave at the end of the path; you'll find Gnomelette 
    positioned on top of the bridge there. If you have anything to do here 
    (like getting mad amounts of gald from the Dragon at the bottom of the 
    above minigame's cliff. Or, you might wish to wait till you actually need 
    lots of Gald to come back here and spend some quality time chatting with 
    the Dragon) do so, and come back here. Talk to Gnomelette. 
    Another game ensues. What you must do is to utilize the S. Ring when 
    Gnomelette pounds the bridge; he'll count to three, and jump right after 
    that. When he's at his max height, hit the S. Ring button so it causes a 
    shockwave right when Gnomelette pounds the bridge. Do it thrice. You'll 
    fall into the level below; the path south leads back to the main area, 
    while up north is a memory seal (save/heal) and Gnome's altar.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Gnome is a rather hard boss, but not to the point of being insane. He 
    employs a limited amount of spells which both can shove off as much as 
    800 HPs; his physical strikes are a bit weaker, at around 320 PTS, but he 
    usually combo's them for devastating results. He basically attacks with 
    his body, bouncing around while seldom swinging his shovel and whatnot. 
    He can dish out plenty of damage, not precisely in a single attack, but 
    rather in a quick succession of them as he's strangely fast.
    Anybody who's under 800-900 HPs should be given immediate attention as 
    he/she is bound to die in any moment, should Gnome decide to employ a 
    couple of attacks on such character; or, in an alternate scenario, cast a 
    spell such as Stalagmite, which is quite devastating.
    Blocking his attacks is rather easy, mind you. Jump-blocking them is a 
    bit harder, though, because of Gnome's large frame (you don't cover 
    enough distance with your jump and will be hit rather easily). Try to hit 
    block as often as possible to minimize damage; keep in mind that your 
    folks ain't as good as you _could_ be at blocking, so they're bound to 
    take lots of damage. Healing through Gels and reviving is the way to go.
    Pound out Air Thrust and the usual spells; with Lloyd, be sure you've got 
    S.Seal: Wind cast upon your sword and employ a two-Tech, fast hitting 
    combo such as Tiger Rage-Fierce Demon Fang, which can be performed very 
    quickly, deals out good damage and due to its speed it's possible to 
    perform it various times on Gnome before he manages to cancel you. Don't 
    worry too much about your other character's attacks, just be sure the 
    spells keep flowing out.
    As usual, his spell-casting must be inexorably absorbed. When he begins 
    to chant a magical attack, break off from the attacking and perform a bit 
    of healing. Practically all of his spells have telltale signs that make 
    it easy to dodge them; however, as usual, your party members are bound to 
    be hit, due to their limited brains >_<
    Gnome deals lots of damage, but an adequate supply of Gels will let you 
    get through it without too many complications. Be sure you enchant your 
    weapons with S.Seal: Wind and perform the suggested combo, or another 
    fast and reliable variation while pounding out the spells. Just be 
    patient; it should go through smoothly.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the fight, go south (pick up the Mithril Bracelet) and leave the 
    Board your Rheairds, fly to a town to heal and stock up on items. Now, 
    head over to the northeastern, snow-soaked continent. Land on it and walk 
    around before entering Flanoir. Fight some enemies, specially 
    PENGUINISTS, to earn Penguinist Quills (get three). There are also a 
    couple of skit points around here. 
    F L A N O I R 
    Talk with the dog by the western inn, and then head into it if you wish 
    to heal. Otherwise, turn right and speak to the man sprawled in front of 
    the big building; his name Is Abyssion and he provides you with the 
    Nebilim key and sword so you can hunt for his "Devil's Arms", mysterious 
    weapons sealed with unholy power.
    Head down the steps past where Abyssion is and turn north. A merchant 
    there will undoubtedly stop you to ask for a Celsius' Tear, which you 
    don't have. Go north into the next screen. There, you can enter the 
    highly-solicited doctor's office or immediately veer eastward and proceed 
    to the next screen after talking to the local dog.
    Proceed to the northernmost side of this area to find a bunch of ice 
    statues; the building next to them corresponds to the weapon shop. 
    Inside, some new items await your purchase, but be careful! You already 
    have some of those (or, should have). If you try to access his 
    customization services you'll be told they're not being offered right 
    Climb up the steps outside this shop to find the accessory store, to find 
    the most varied items, among which are Black Onyxes (30% more HP) and 
    Moonstones (30% more TP) for a hefty 25,000 Gald apiece. Hmm, perhaps in 
    the future we'll get some! Oh, the old woman inside this house offers to 
    make Penguinist Gloves out of Penguinist Quills. Take note of that.
    Move further up from this shop to find the church; head inside and run 
    down the leftmost aisle to find a... pot resting on top what seems to be 
    piled-up green cloth. Examine it to find the Wonder Chef, ready to the 
    teach the subtle lusciousness of Quiche. Yum!
    Now, it's important that you get the Penguinist Quills (steal them! it's 
    a lot faster) and make Gloves out of them (you only need a pair, so 3 
    Quills are enough). Also, I suggest procuring the Devil Arm's from the 
    Earth Temple and the Gaoracchia Forest. Let's see how.
    Firstly, head to Altessa's House. On its leftmost corner, next to the 
    small flight of steps that lead into Altessa's improvised workshop, there 
    is a Gnomelette. Have a good chat with him. Exit Altessa's and fly into 
    the Temple of Earth. Trek through the entrance pathway until you see a 
    cave opening on the left; head through it. Beat the snot out of the 
    dragon floating about and go to the road's other end.
    After the Gnomelettes leave, move past where they were to find a small 
    podium with a blue chest. Open it to get a Devil's Arm. Now, exit the 
    temple and fly over to Gaoracchia's northern entrance, by Ozette. Inside, 
    turn left into the next screen (the one with the save point). Head 
    further up from there. In the subsequent area, simply trot through the 
    left-oriented road until you find the blue chest... or a bunch of vines. 
    Burn them if that' the case. Either way, get the item out of the chest.
    Well, that's about it. Return back to the Flanoir area. Heal/save and go 
    into the world map. Journey south. When you see a bunch of caves and 
    paths formed in a depression, fly over it and agree to head inside.
    T E M P L E  O F  I C E
    The temple's courtyard is a snow-covered patio with a bunch of chests 
    sprawled around it and some enemies. To get the chest, head forward past 
    the snow monticule that is to your right. Veer right then and go to the 
    small nook to the southeast to find two chests. Head forward; venture to 
    the far left to find a frozen river. At its southern portion there is 
    another item. After getting it, go to the northeast corner of the area 
    and go inside the cave there.
    Immediately next to the entrance there is a S.Ring shifter; utilize it. 
    Proceed southward up this gentle slope. Take a right when you reach the 
    top. Get the item and journey upwardly. Another mild ramp ascends into a 
    raised area; to the right of it there is a Mythril Gauntlet overlooking 
    the waters below. Climb up the ramp (you can find LOBOS around here) and 
    the ones that come after it.
    You'll reach a platform where you can continue further up, or turn right 
    to find a bridge built from rock-solid ice. Head up to find a cave; to 
    the left of its entrance there is a Mythril Armor; get it and go inside. 
    You'll reach the _outside_. Directly ahead of you there is a frozen, 
    inclined river that, should you touch it, will make you slide all the way 
    to the entrance. Gulp!
    Instead, take the path south of the entrance, that veers rightward along 
    a snowy wall. You'll eventually find a crack that wounds the road; on top 
    of it a stalactite drips water into the crevice. Wait for a drop to fall 
    down and hit it with your S.Ring; this'll form an Ice Cube. Resume your 
    way down and at the bottom, turn left. Head into the cave that's next to 
    the crevice there. Inside, get the Celsius' Tear (only if you have the 
    Penguinist Gloves) and an Ex Gem Lv2.
    Exit this cave and backtrack to the cave at the top; head back into the 
    temple. Go all the way right to find the ice-bridge.
    Cross the bridge, and from there, proceed east until you see the path 
    lets you re-direct southwardly. It's a road enclosed by fierce rocky 
    walls. Once you exit it, you'll notice that you can go further down, or 
    turn right and from there veer north. You'll find another stalactite 
    dripping water; freeze it to create a block. Drag it down and take it 
    left then; drop it into the gap there (the "road" we just crossed) and 
    clear it. At the other side, a short cinema ensues (take note of the 
    totem's face directions)
    Now, trek to the bottom of this area to find another stalactite oozing 
    liquid. Create a block and cover the gap to the left; cross it. Head to 
    the far left and stand in the platform protruding off the main path. Once 
    you do so, you'll be able to "examine" the pond here. This'll freeze the 
    lake, giving you the possibility to cross it. Keep in mind that when you 
    begin moving one way, you can't stop until you hit a solid object. Do as 
    follows to get all of the items and reach the other side:
    Firstly, head right, to the gap we covered a while ago. Get into it and 
    run forward. Then, left, down, left, up, left, up, right, down, left, get 
    the Rosemary off the chest and position yourself on the bottommost 
    portion of its platform. From there, head right, up, left, down, right, 
    up, right, up. Get the Ex Gem Lv3 and run forward to find a quartet of 
    totems which you'll need to accommodate.
    Make sure the rightmost totem is looking down, the leftmost one is 
    looking to the right, the uppermost totem is staring left and the bottom 
    one gazes rightwards. This'll unseal the door that leads to the local 
    summon spirit. Re-arrange your party so it includes Sheena, Genis, a 
    Healer and Lloyd. Be sure Genis can't cast Ice-based techs; same with 
    Sheena. Work out your Strats. a bit (set Genis and Sheena to attack 
    Same). Then, fully heal yourself and head into the altar room.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    This battle isn't too hard, actually. Fenrir moves around with great 
    agility but it's easy to catch and to stop with combos. Celsius doesn't 
    move too much and her attacks, while accompanied by Fenrir, don't seem to 
    be too dangerous. 
    You must first aim for Fenrir. With Lloyd, run up to him and perform a 
    series of deadly combos: Tiger Rage combined with Raging Beast is a 
    quick, effective damaging combo that'll make Fenrir teeter back and lose 
    his cool. It's quite damaging and should Fenrir block (so he doesn't 
    doodle back) you can hit your block button rather easily after it.
    Meanwhile, pump out Eruption and another powerful attack by your 
    accompanying characters (either your healer or Sheena). They'll be aimed 
    at Fenrir if you set your friend's Strat. to "attack Same", so the damage 
    will be racked up fast!
    I've noticed that while Fenrir is around you won't suffer much damage. 
    Celsius usually stays back casting her rather weakened version of Freeze 
    Lancer (around 300 PTS of DMG) and sometimes get to you, punch/kick, and 
    move back. Sheena does a rather good job of keeping here at bay! And 
    Fenrir is easily controlled by employing the suggested strategies.
    Your TP will endure the Tiger Blade/Rage & Beast/Raging Beast long enough 
    for Fenrir to go down. If you were too badly wounded, heal through a 
    couple of gels and replenish your TP reserves to invigorate your team and 
    be able to handle Celsius with ease.
    She'll employ her usual repertoire of attacks, most of which are short-
    ranged. This means Lloyd is the one who'll be getting the most hits, 
    which translates into plentiful damage! When fighting Celsius in this 
    one-on-one fashion damage is dramatically increased to whomever is laying 
    waste on her. Mainly due to her combos and a ice-spike attack that deals 
    over 1,000 PTS of DMG! Wazzoo!
    Fierce Demon Fang/Tiger Blade and then Beast (or any variations of these 
    three attacks) produce an effective combo against Celsius, but it drains 
    TP rather speedily. If she gets to you, escaping through Tempest is a 
    good choice. These attacks are good, but they need to be accompanied by a 
    good deal of fire spells, which DO shove off a lot of HPs, so jam on your 
    Lloyd will need to be healed often but that's it. In general, this is a 
    fairly easy battle.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Exit the temple. At the map, you'll be transported to Ozette. After the 
    scenes, you'll be outside Presea's house. Exit the area through the left 
    (you can stay behind to see some more skits). Enter Altessa's House after 
    that and talk to Altessa. Head into house then and speak with him some 
    more. A bunch of things are discovered; leave afterwards.
    Board your Rheiards and fly east. However, don't just go east aimlessly. 
    Check your map and check for an island, rather long, which is located to 
    the southeast of Ozette, north of the southeastern continent, along its 
    middle side. You could also say it's located on Tethe'alla's equator. 
    It's the only island around there, with a big mount that overlooks lushly 
    green plains surrounded by beaches, along which Altamira is spread. Land 
    and go in.
    A L T A M I R A
    After the introductory scenes, we must survey Altamira. Everybody you 
    talk with will try to provide with info regarding Raine's whereabouts. 
    Going into the beach, to the west, will net you more people to talk with. 
    The big building ahead of the entrance is the inn. Pay a hefty sum inside 
    to rest; or explore it, to find the stores: item, weapons, armor and 
    customization (all on the 2nd floor).
    Back in the city, head forward to the first area's northern edge. Chat 
    with the woman there, dressed like a playboy bunny (hmm), and with the 
    dog. The girl tells you that to totally explore Altamira you'll need to 
    employ the elemental railway. To the right of the girl, and next to the 
    dog, a road stretches right. Approach the man there for a scene. After 
    that, head over to the elemental railway. Use the lift to go down; talk 
    with the man on the railway and tell him to take you to Lezareno.
    Head inside any of the elevators and go to the Sky Terrace. Approach the 
    gravestone right in the middle; exit the sky terrace after enduring the 
    scene up there. Ride down to the first floor, where further cinemas take 
    place. After that, exit Altamira and board your Rheairds. Head east from 
    The Otherwordly Gate is a bunch of stones, pillars and debris put over an 
    island east of Altamira.; you can't miss it. Go in when you find it; 
    you'll have to do battle against some fools, but it ain't too bad. 
    You'll be outside Palmacosta. Head inside Neil's house at the main plaza; 
    after the scenes, board your Rheairds and explore the world for skit 
    points and items. When you feel you've flown around enough, head to the 
    Palmacosta Human Ranch.
    There, further scenes will ensue. After them, talk to Botta and have him 
    take you to the Remote Island Human Ranch.
    R E M O T E  I S L A N D  H U M A N  R A N C H
    Head forward through the main path until you reach the "lobby". It veers 
    northeast, northwest and north. Only the upper path is unlocked, so go 
    over there and proceed to the next screen.
    Here, a tiled platform rests to the right. You can simply cross to the 
    other side, but if you only do that, you won't be able to clear the gap 
    there. So, what to do? Come back to the tiled platform; notice that when 
    you step in each tile, it lights up, all while it "turns off" another 
    tile. The idea is to light up every one of them. This is the path to 
                        _ _ _
    -Right three tiles !<!<!<!
    -Up three tiles    !V!X!^!         
    -Left three tiles *!>!>!^! You start off at "*". From there, follow    
    -Down five tiles   !V!X!E!  the "arrows" until you reach "E". "X's"
    -Right three tiles !>!>!^! are empty spaces. And the V's mean "down".
    -Up two tiles
    The number of tiles counts the one you're in. So, let's say you're here 
    X## and the "#"'s are the adjacent tiles. In this case, I'd tell you 
    "right three tiles", because I count the one you're in. It shouldn't be 
    hard to understand, specially with the mini-map there.
    Cross the platform, beat the Desian and clear the gap by employing the 
    bridge that was just lowered. Next, go up to find another tiled platform. 
    You must do the same as before, light up all of the tiles. It goes as 
    this (remember to count the tile you're in).
    -Right one         _ _ _
    -Down three       !>!>!V!
    -Right three   _ _!^!X!V!_ _ 
    -Down three  *!V!E!^!<!V!<!<!
    -Right three  !V!X!^!X!V!X!^!
    -Up three     !>!>!V!<!^!>!^!
    -Left three       !V!X!^!
    -Up five          !>!>!^!
    -Right three
    -Down five
    -Right three
    -Up three
    -Left six
    The verbal directions are easier to comprehend than the map, but you have 
    both just for kicks! Anyway, cross to the right side of the platform, 
    beat the Desian and clear the gap by utilizing the translucent bridge 
    there. Next, head over to the following zone by proceeding eastward. 
    You'll arrive at a circular chamber with a S. Ring shifter; shift its 
    function and stand in the middle of the chamber. Hit A and agree to go 
    When it stops, exit. You'll be on a small platform with a tremendous, 
    cyclopean structure that stretches up, like an obelisk. Spread around its 
    platform there are four strange, finger-like structures that jut out of 
    the floor; resting beneath three of them there are four chests. Get them 
    Nestled next to the obelisk's wall there is a series of yellow buttons; 
    press them to open up the cells that extend along the tower. A scene 
    ensues and after it you'll be right in front of the elevator. Head inside 
    and tell it to go further up.
    You'll be on a platform overlooking a huge chasm, with what seems to be 
    laser railways suspended over its profoundly dark extension. When you 
    stand by the lasers and use the S. Ring you'll summon a chariot. This 
    thing will then start to slide along the lasers, NEVER stopping. The idea 
    is to "change" its directions steadily so it goes where you want.
    How does this work? Notice the small panels on the laser railways. Once 
    you hit one, the chariot will turn towards whatever direction its 
    currently-active-light is telling it to. To change such direction, hit X. 
    The idea is to maneuver around the railways so you reach a warp-point 
    which leads into a railway higher up. As you go, you'll find gaps that 
    make you fall down, fields of electricity that damage you and places 
    where you'll need to make quick, reflex-testing turns to avoid falling 
    down or missing a warp.
    It's a fun game and really easy to figure out. Just get used to the 
    direction-shifting, build up your reflexes and make some mistakes; 
    eventually you'll have the routes down and will make it through to the 
    other side with ease. Once you reach the uppermost platform, head to the 
    following screen. There, simply proceed rightwards.
    You'll reach the most intricately puzzle-like part of this dungeon. 
    Basically, there are a bunch of warp points you must wrestle with. You 
    can change their colors with your S.Ring, and depending on that, you'll 
    be taken to different places. Psych! Insane! Not so. I must thank Brady 
    Games' guide for a quick, painless and prolific (item-wise) solution to 
    this puzzle. Here is how it works:
    -Shift the first warp to pink and head up. Turn left and pick the Ex Gem 
    -Warp down to the first floor and shift the first warp to green. Get the 
    Saffron to the right; also, beat the Desian.
    -Go back to the first room and make the warp go blue. Warp up and turn 
    right to find another warp point. Make it pink and teletransport.
    -Turn right and disengage the lock there. Warp back to the previous room 
    and make the white teleporter blue. Head up. Another white warp rests to 
    the right. Color it pink and transport. Turn right and get the item.
    -Warp back one room. Make the white ring here green and take your 
    molecules to the following area. A staircase greets you; head to its left 
    to find a Holy Cloak beneath. Then, climb it all the way to the top, 
    where another warp rests.
    -Color it blue and teleport. Turn left, beat the Desian and get the 
    -Warp back once and make the teleporter there green. Warp. Get the chest 
    underneath the steps, and then climb them. Cross to the other side to 
    disengage a lock. Now, transport back once.
    -Color the warp pink and head up. Beat the enemy (careful with the Sea 
    Horror's Aqua Laser; it's very, very powerful). A small podium rests 
    here, and underneath it, to the right, two chests (Minazuki and Ex Gem 
    Lv4.) Get the items and climb into the platform to find another warper.
    -Make it blue and fly away. Get the Mythril Axe to the left, and climb up 
    the steps. Head all the way up to disengage the last lock. Now, go back 
    down until you find a white warper. Make it pink and transport; snatch 
    the Ex Gem Lv3 out of its chest. Warp back once.
    -Turn the white ring blue and teleport. A flight steps greets you; go to 
    the right of it to get a pair of Mythril Greaves. Head up the stairway to 
    find a Revive Ring. Now, if you head to the very top you'll find a white 
    teletransporter. Color it pink and fly away.
    The two transporters here are a way for the game to tell you that you 
    could have arrived here much sooner... but without as many items. Save 
    up/heal. Head through the door here and proceed upwards. Next, exit the 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Rodyle isn't too hard, but he ain't too easy either. He's very big, so 
    landing lots of hits on him becomes easy and pleasant. This also means 
    he's got powerful offense, with attacks that usually do around 300-400 
    PTS of DMG and send you flying back. If you're knocked up, hit X to land 
    adequately. His attacks can be blocked off very easily: after finishing a 
    combo on him, simply hit the X button to lessen down damage. While you 
    fight and are moving around, hit block often to absorb any attack. 
    Guardian is also a great choice here.
    He's got other powerful techs that deal over 1,000 PTS of DMG. These are 
    hard to see coming, and thus, blocking/Guarding them is a bit hard. 
    Gravity Well CAN be blocked; when you see its aura surround you, chant 
    Guardian and you should absorb most of the hits. Other attacks are 
    harder, so be ready to take up lots of DMG. In that case, pop a Lemon Gel 
    and keep it up. Try your HP to be around 1,500 at all times (2,000 would 
    be ideal) so you can survive all of Rodyle's attacks.
    I suggest both Genis and Raine for this battle. Photon/Eruption works 
    rather well, but if you're at a decent level (the level you should be 
    around if you've fought a lot but haven't spent more than 1.5 hours, 
    total, leveling up) you should have both Holy Lance and Gravity Well; if 
    so, set them to your shortcuts and blast away often. Both of these 
    attacks hits a lot of time and each hits knocks off as much as 300 HPs. 
    They're great choices, but if you don't have them, use Photon accompanied 
    by a strong, multiple-hits spell. Either way, jam on the shortcuts often.
    Since Rodyle is so big it shouldn't be too hard to land hits on him. 
    Tiger Rage and Demonic Tiger Blade can be chained with extreme ease, for 
    devastating results. You can perform the combo twice, for lots of damage, 
    before Rodyle will retaliate. In that case, block back or hit Guardian; 
    or, soup up the hit. Raging Beast instead of Demon Tiger Blade is also 
    functional, although it eats up TP faster. The first combo also consumes 
    it rapidly; when you're out of it, immediately pop a Pineapple Gel and 
    keep the offense up.
    This fight is rather easy. Heal opportunely, pump out constant spells and 
    attack him relentlessly with Lloyd. In no time he'll be knocked out.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    You will have to fight some Baby Dragons. There are lot of them and they 
    can corner you with extreme ease. Agh! Insanely jam on your shortcuts to 
    stop them on their tracks through spell, and employ Raging Beast/Tiger 
    Blade to keep them back with Lloyd. Use lots of items to keep the HPs up 
    and attack like a madman; that's the best way to deal with 'em.
    A new batch of sidequests has become available... in Tethe'alla. Here in 
    Sylvarant, you might want to later visit Izoold's beaches... trust me (or 
    check the sidequests section). Oh, Triet also houses an interesting 
    minigame (once again, refer to the sidequests appendix). I should note 
    that if you try to exit Palmacosta, you'll be given the option to quick-
    jump to the Sylvarant Base, our next destination. If you wish to explore 
    the town, just select to wait.
    At the base, you'll be taken to Tethe'alla after a series of scenes. Your 
    next destination will be Altamira. It's good to know that you can now 
    travel between both worlds. But anyways, head to Altamira.
    A L T A M I R A
    Go to Lezareno where a series of scenes will take place. After them, it's 
    time to enjoy Altamira's nightlife. Check in at the inn and tell the 
    receptionist you wish to go out at night. This opens up the two upper 
    floors of the inn and lets you use the elemental railway to reach some of 
    Altamira's more interesting places. First, explore the upper levels of 
    the inn. The fourth floor houses a pumpkin next to a stairway; it's the 
    wunderkind of a chef! Wahoo!
    Board the elemental railway and chat with its driver. At the casino area, 
    talk with the dog next to the building's entrance. Head to the far right 
    of it along a bridge. When you see a blonde man, speak to him and agree 
    to purchase the Devil's Arm from him. That's all you can do here... the 
    casino and theater are unsurprisingly stale, with nothing to do inside 
    them. Meh. When you wish day to come by again, sleep at the inn (it's the 
    5F VIP room, yep).
    Fly the Rheairds to Mt. Fooji. Go south from them until you find a 
    plateau with a blue temple nestled on it. Enter the Temple of Darkness to 
    trigger a laconic cutscene. You'll be out afterwards, so fly over to 
    Meltokio and there, pay a visit to the elemental research laboratory (to 
    enter it you'll have to Quick Jump through the sewers). As you go you 
    will meet Kratos; watch the scene. Resume your way to the Elemental 
    Research Lab, where further cinemas must be endured.
    Go to the Coliseum on the city's middle level (west side of it). Inside, 
    talk with the woman behind the counter and pick your fighter. Depending 
    on whom you choose, the entrance fee will be lower: Zelos pays nothing, 
    Presea 5,000 and the rest, 10,000. Then, you'll be at a room that serves 
    as resting quarters for participants. Talk with the guard up north and 
    tell him you're ready to rumble!
    After the first fight, you'll be at the resting quarters. Head to the 
    rightmost side of it and through the door there, to reach the prison. 
    Mover over to the cell block to find Kate; watch the following scenes 
    until you arrive at the Elemental Research Lab and get the Blue Candle. 
    When you're ready, fly over to the Temple of Darkness and crawl in.
    T E M P L E  O F  D A R K N E S S
    Slide along the entrance road till you find a bridge; further ahead from 
    it's a chest nestled behind a fallen structure. It contains an Ex Gem 
    Lv2. Get it and cross the bridge. At the other side, head down the ramp 
    that inclines into the mysterious inner workings of the temple. You'll 
    arrive next to a block with red eyes, which cannot be worked out with. 
    Turn right to find a vibrating shadow. After the scene, proceed right and 
    exit through the door on the right wall. Come back; an enemy will have 
    appeared. You could have to do battle against MANTICORES and PHARAOH 
    KNIGHTS. Anyway, approach the shadow. It'll now begin to follow you; note 
    that they dislike getting near light, or seeing you battle enemies. If 
    you do any of this while in their presence, they simply will stop moving. 
    To get them to follow you again, touch them; with this one, though, 
    you'll have to exit the room you're in, come back and touch it. Don't let 
    it turn itself off! 
    Anyway, you don't need this first shadow now, so exit the area you're on 
    through the east. Here, head down the stairs. At the bottom, examine the 
    "sparkling" thing underneath the staircase to find out it's actually a 
    chest holding a Headband. 
    After nailing it, go back up the staircase. At the middle of it, examine 
    the opening on the wall and agree to go through. Change the ring's 
    function inside the small room. Now, you can activate the blocks with 
    faces spread around the dungeon, and turn off the lights also put out 
    around the maze.
    Drag the red-eyed block here away from its resting point as much as you 
    can. Then, go back to the previous screen. There, return to the room 
    where you found the first shadow. Touch it, douse off the light next to 
    it and proceed leftward past the block. At the end of the road, turn 
    south. Dodge the enemy and head down the steps there, to find a green-
    eyed block tucked inside a nook. Activate it.
    After the scene,  grab the green block and push it out of its starting 
    position. Climb back up the steps and head forward, until you see a 
    stairway going down, to your right. Head down it. Dodge the floating 
    skull and proceed right, to the light that is next to the inclined bridge 
    (it leads down). Turn it off with your ring and proceed downward. Nullify 
    the light at the bottom and approach the save point.
    The shadows will wait for you here no matter what, so turn right and go 
    down the big staircase. In this area, go back up the stairs and head to 
    where you shifted your ring's function. Hit the red block there again 
    with some shadow and drag it away. Exit this small offshoot and backtrack 
    to the "main room", where we found our first shadow. Head to the left to 
    find another red-eyed block; push it all the way into its niche.
    Now, go back to the big stairway with the crack that leads to the 
    shifter. Head to its bottom, and there to the next screen. Climb up the 
    stairs to the save point, and from there ascend up the inclined bridge. 
    Turn left at the light and proceed to the leftmost corner of the area, 
    along the raised platform that stretches next to the staircase's base. 
    Turn south there and, at the bottom, veer right until you reach a 
    "bridge" that leads to a shadow. Pick it up.
    Backtrack all the way to the save point (work the lights out) where you 
    dropped off two shadows in the past and drop this one off there. Now, 
    once again, go back to the "main room" (where we found our first shadow) 
    and head all the way to the left. Veer southward from there and climb 
    down the steps. Notice the white-eyed block to the right? Hit it with a 
    burst of darkness. Then, push it all the way into its niche. This'll make 
    a boulder with a shadow on top of it to fall off.
    Hit the green-eyed block next to the white-eyed one and drag it away from 
    its nook. Climb up the steps and head forward until you see a stairway 
    heading down; walk to the bottom and there, turn left till you hit a 
    wall. Direct yourself southwardly, to find a block with a shadow nestled 
    on top of it. Notice that there is a thin, _marked_ path that stretches 
    next to the "candlestick" to the right of the block. Put the block in 
    this path and push it to its upper end, which forms a small nook. Once 
    you do so, the shadow gets off the block.
    Head to where it lands and drag it to the save point area. Phew... climb 
    back up the bridge and at the light, head left. Go down the soft slope to 
    find another, blue eyed block. Bring it to life with a stream of shadow, 
    and push it all the way into its niche. Go back to the save point; climb 
    down the staircase to the right; in the next screen, run all the way up 
    and proceed to the next area (the "main room"). Go south, get the Shadow 
    Dancer out of its chest and pick up the last shadow.
    Cross back through the bridge. The shadow will now stay here. Good, 
    because we need to wrestle with the block system some more ;) Exit 
    through the right (by the bridge where the shadow will stay) and climb 
    down the steps to the crack that leads to the shifter. There, hit the 
    red-eyed block and drag it away. Backtrack to where we left the shadow, 
    pick it and go left, all the way. Turn south then and climb down the 
    steps to find the green-eyed block. Activate it and push it into its 
    Go back up the steps and head down the stairway further ahead. From 
    there, it should be smooth sailing to the save point area. Phew.  Save, 
    touch every one of your shadows and head to the upper end of the 
    platform, as there is a makeshift bridge there that leads down. The 
    shadows will go down on their own. Follow them. In the next screen, go to 
    the bottom and there, head up.
    Proceed further ahead through the main path to reach an almost-circular 
    platform with a couple of branches. Take the bottom path to reach an Ex 
    Gem Lv2. The right path leads to find an Ex Gem Lv4. Take the upper path 
    and from there, trek to the bottom (it's a long, annoying road. Damn 
    those shadows). You'll eventually reach a platform with a sealed memory 
    seal. Unlock it, save/heal, and re-arrange your party so it includes 
    Raine and Colette. Set their Light-based techs to your shortcuts, work 
    out your Strats. Sheena will have to accompany you, so ditch Genis.
    Take the long stairway left of the memory seal. From there, keep going 
    down (argh!!). You'll reach the altar, and if you have all five shadows, 
    you'll witness a scene.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, this guy can make lots of damage but it's quite easy. He can be hit 
    at large with plenty of attacks without him blocking, and staggers back 
    often. Yeeha! His attacks are rather strong, though. When somebody's 
    casting a spell he's got the tendency to warp to that person and slap him 
    for around 600(?) PTS of DMG. Sometimes he employs his standard attacks, 
    too: Dark Sphere knocks off as much as 700 PTS of DMG, while his combos 
    run the gamut from 400 to almost a thousand PTS of pain! Blocking his 
    attacks is a really hard task, but given the fact that he's so easy to 
    stop on his tracks with relentless attacking, it shouldn't be too 
    Tiger Rage/Raging Beast should be used with Lloyd. Use lots of Tiger 
    Rages on him and then a Raging Beast. Shadow makes it easy to do so. You 
    could add any other attack, but I think this works well. You'll add up 
    lots of hits and damage with ease by employing it, and Raging Beast will 
    most likely knock him off-balance (it's rather easy to pull that off). He 
    doesn't remain down for long, but you have enough times to pop a Gel or 
    two before he gets back. If he retaliates with slaps, block with Lloyd or 
    let the others absorb it. To prevent too much attacking, run up to him 
    and utilize combo attacks (normal + the aforementioned one) since it's so 
    On your shortcuts there should be Judgment/Angel Feathers (lots of power 
    but mediocre accuracy, or, moderate power and excellent precision?) and 
    one of Raine's spells, either Photon or Holy Lance (with any luck you'll 
    have the latter). If you have Holy Lance, pump it out with steadfastly, 
    as it is really powerful against this guy and will probably be your main 
    weapon. Judgment is powerful, but tends to miss too often, so I'd suggest 
    Angel Feathers. Constant use of this attacks makes thing flow faster.
    Your healer, Raine, won't probably get too many chances to use Cure or 
    Heal in between Holy Lances/Photons, so the way to heal Shadow's powerful 
    strikes is through Gels, as usual. As told, blocking off his attacks is 
    rather hard; only his normal hits are semi-blockable, and even then, 
    normal guarding much do much; use Guardian for better results. I wouldn't 
    deem this necessary, though. The best defense here is to make Shadow 
    teeter as much as possible through Tiger Rages and the almighty Raging 
    Beast. This'll give you plenty of time to breath.
    Healing through items is the way to go. Keep assaulting Shadow with 
    normal attacks and spells to prevent him from getting too many attacks. 
    Revive any dead characters, and maintain the heat up. I'd think that's 
    the best way to go around him, to exploit his weak defense.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Exit the temple.
    A S K A  &  L U N A
    Now it's time to find, beat and sex0r Aska and Luna. Before that, I 
    suggest going through one of the myriad sidequests available at 
    Tethe'alla, because a whole batch of them will become. Anyways, when 
    things have been smoothly dealt with, warp to Sylvarant. Travel directly 
    northeast from it to find a lavishly green depression girdled by 
    mountains. In the midst of it a lone, shriveled tree looms. Land next to 
    this saddening panorama and go "inside".
    It's the Linkite Tree Nova always talked about! Approach and examine its 
    exhausted extension. Now would be a good time to fly over to Nova's 
    Caravan nestled besides Hakonesia Peak. Talk to the this pundit man to 
    learn more about the Linkite's nature.
    It's now time to visit the Linkite's shrunken home and nourish it to 
    life! A series of fun scenes follow. 
    Once they're over, you might to a little extra thing: get on your 
    Rheairds and transport to Tethe'alla. There, soar the skies to Altessa's 
    House where you need to chat with Mithos. After that, examine the red, 
    eye-catching ExSphere on the table to initiate a series of scenes. You'll 
    suddenly be on the Toize Valley Mine. Go to the waterfall area by veering 
    east on the entrance and, in the next screen, going through the 
    northeastern exit.
    Once you reach another cinema begins. Live through it. Once it ends, 
    you'll be back at Altessa's. This mini-quest it's over now, so I'd say 
    it's time to pay a visit to the summon spirits of light and get 'em to 
    join your ranks. Backtrack to Sylvarant and fly to the Tower of Mana.
    Inside, go the very top (SAVE ALONG THE WAY!). When you reach the 
    teleporter to the altar room, you meet no other than Kratos who... well, 
    babbles on. At the top, organize your party so it _excludes_ Colette and 
    possibly Raine, but packs in Genis and a healer (who could be Raine; just 
    be sure to de-activate her light-based spells).
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    THIS FIGHT IS EXTREMELY HARD! Pack in lots of Life Bottles, Pineapple 
    Gels, Lemon Gels and, if you didn't save, the disposition to employ at 
    least one Energy Tablet (o_O). Aska and Luna are tough bosses, mark my 
    What makes them so tough? They're fast. I found Aska to be almost 
    harmless, as it only moves around, beaks at you for a bit, but when you 
    hit him it stays away. He's slow so constant running around the field 
    makes things be even easier. Even then, its attacks do considerable 
    damage, from a measly 200 to a rather dangerous 600.
    The real problem comes in the shape of a woman sitting on a rainbow-
    colored moon. Floating around calmly, Luna pumps out powerful photon 
    spells that are unavoidable and hit really hard! (around 800), plus they 
    stop you on your tracks o_O When you get too near she slaps you for 
    around 200 PTS of DMG, and often teleports around (making landing Unison 
    Attacks on her an uncertain exercise).
    What makes this battle so complicated is Luna's bad-ass attack, the 
    powerfully unpredictable "Limited Ray". With almost no casting time and a 
    pretentious amount of power, this attack alone has the power to ravage 
    your party within seconds. It comes out of nowhere and renders as much as 
    1,000 HP out of your bars in a single hit. Often and speedily a ray of 
    light will be shot out from the sky to explode among your lines, 
    effectively eliminating those who're lacking on health.
    Aska might not be that much of a threat, but it takes HP out of you. 
    Eventually your party will be badly wounded; you'll try to heal them and 
    it'll be possible to. Eventually, though, Luna will go gun-ho and start 
    performing the dangerous Limited Ray so often reviving your folks it's an 
    impossible task, to the point it becomes otiose to do so; they'll just 
    die back in a matter of seconds. You heal your partners through gels, 
    they get killed in two more attacks. Argh!
    Knocking out abundant spells with Genis is a great offensive; Thunder 
    Blade is an awesome spell here, so set Genis' pattern to Attack Same and 
    veer over to Luna with Lloyd. Impetuously strike her petite body with 
    combo strokes, conformed by attacks such as Tiger Blade and, more 
    importantly, Raging Beast. Luna's blocking is not reiterated so making 
    her teeter back through a good, pounding Raging Beast is not an 
    impossible task. 
    Blocking after the combo is not necessary. Instead, have a quick glance 
    at your bars and treat anybody who's being pounded by Aska. Try not to do 
    so with Lloyd and simply keep jamming on your combo buttons to entertain 
    Luna; Genis spells, which are hopefully being cast, will be a great aid 
    on this important task. Cast T.Seal: Dark on your weapon to maximize 
    Aska will slowly but surely chop away at your Hit Points, so if you see 
    it becoming stubbornly addict to one of your partners and is too focused 
    on getting his Life out of his/her bars, break off the attacking on Luna, 
    get to Aska and chop away at it to get pressure out of your team and 
    balance it. You'll be doing this rather often. Having Sheena, for 
    instance, with a Scatter Strat. helps things greatly (and it's highly 
    Things will get a bit too complicated once Luna takes enough of a beating 
    to get her into "Limited Ray" mode. As told, this attack flies out fast, 
    hits hard and, more importantly... ... it's really fast! o_O Wave after 
    wave of it comes and knocks you out. You need to thoroughly attack Luna. 
    However, how are you going to be able to stay alive?
    Tenacious healing is the answer! Keep in mind that it'll have to be 
    _really_ tenacious healing, because Luna is merciless. Employ Life 
    Bottles right after the character dies, and wait for a chance to use 
    another item while commanding Raine to cast a spell. Through both means 
    you should be able to keep a delicate balance on your health. However, it 
    won't be enough. Sometimes while you're waiting for the Item's wait bar 
    to extinguish a character will be killed: and it could be Raine!
    So, back to reviving, waiting and healing. Whomever is revived MUST be 
    IMMEDIATELY healed, otherwise he'll be killed in no time flat. Feed him a 
    good, acidic Lemon Gel for maximum effectiveness (no Apple crap here, 
    bud). Meanwhile, command Raine to cast constant Heals to add up to the 
    total curing. Otherwise you won't stand a chance.
    Relentlessly smack Luna and show her what you got. If you keep up the 
    onslaught of spells and Tiger Blades-Raging Beasts, she'll be obliterated 
    in no time.
    Aska is now the next enemy. Without Luna, it's just a cumbersome, 
    oversized bird that shouldn't pose too much trouble. Just block its beak 
    attacks, slam its poor skull down and heal so you don't fall now. 
    Eventually it'll be dead.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Cutscene time! Kratos will join your party. 
    I S E L I A  H U M A N  R A N C H
    You'll arrive here after more scenes. Enter the ranch's inner area and go 
    down the steps to the right. Inside, save up and change your S.Ring's 
    function at the shifter. Proceed northward then (dodge the red spotlight 
    slithering over the floor).
    Once you hit the area past the hall a cutscene triggers. You'll have to 
    pick a team that accompanies you to the Mana Reactor. This team will have 
    to fend off against a boss, so choose well! After the scene, open the 
    chest on the southern side of this "main hub" to find a Lovely Mitten. 
    You can go west of north now.
    Go north, maneuvering past the spotlight, to reach a sprawling room with 
    two limitedly small paths on its northeast and northwest corners. Head 
    northeast to find a pair of chests. They contain an Ether Sword and a 
    Rune Staff. Backtrack to the sprawling room and veer west to find a Solar 
    Spinner, Cor Leonis and Murasama.
    Backtrack to the main hub (the big, circular panels here are refreshers 
    that sell items and heal you. Hit the two poles next to the western door 
    with your S.Ring to unlock them. Dodge the spotlights and proceed to the 
    next screen. Beat the Desians here and go down to the bottom. There, turn 
    east to find a secluded pathway. Proceed to the next screen.
    Dodge the spotlights. Past them, head all the way to the right to find a 
    Rune Robe positioned across a flight of steps. Climb up them after 
    snagging the item. You're now given a _multitude_ of paths to take. Turn 
    right and you can find a hall that goes north, or go further to the right 
    to find a flight of steps that heads down. 
    Take a left, to the very leftmost corner of this room. There, power up 
    the two poles next to the locked door. Beat the Raybit floating around if 
    necessary and get the Aqua Greaves, Rune Mail and Rune Shield at the top 
    of this small warehouse. Exit, and take a laconic right until you find a 
    path stretching upwards. Board it. You'll find another poled door. Power 
    the sticks up to unlock the door that leads a room with a lone soldier 
    and three chests, holding: Hairpin, Rune Gauntlet and Rune Guard.
    Backtrack out of these rooms and proceed further to the right. The hall 
    starts to wall-up here. At the extreme right a flight of steps climbs 
    down; a bit before it its similar goes down, too, but southward. Trek 
    down this one. Dodge the spotlights and unlock the door at the bottom, 
    leading to a sober room with two chests: Rune Circlet and Rune Cloak. 
    Backtrack and hike back up them steps.
    Dance rightward for a second and go north, down the aforementioned steps. 
    Turn right to find a hallway that extends to the south. Follow it; at its 
    end, a locked memory seal and a door wait. Cross the door, get the War 
    Hammer out of the chest and beat the enemy for a Memory Gem. Activate the 
    elevator here so you can go up the main area easily, so it's possible to 
    heal and purchase items back at the main hub.
    Go back and save at the now-unlockable memory seal. Fully heal your party 
    and go north to find a door with the trademark sticks. Unlock it and 
    outmaneuver the spotlights in the subsequent hallway, at the end of which 
    a warp point awaits.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, this isn't too hard of a fight. Firstly, have two powerful, ranged 
    spells with that deal multiple hits (Gravity Well/Holy Lance, for 
    instance) on your shortcuts. Secondly, be sure _everybody_ is set to 
    either Scatter or Attack Far; or a combination of both. Lastly, have a 
    good deal of healing items.
    With Lloyd, aim for an ExBone. Like ToDII's Maxwell, who I beat with 
    Demon Twist, these little things are made mincemeat by employing the 
    similar-functioning Tiger Rage. Set it to an easily accessed shortcut 
    button and blast on it while you're locked on an ExBone. Meanwhile, blast 
    on your shortcuts to make the magic flow and trust on your fourth 
    character's wits. Forcystus will cast a series of normal spells that are 
    still damaging. This phase of the battle demands constant movement, so 
    you'll see a reduced amount of attacks; but it's still enough of them.
    Simply focus on getting rids of the ExBones. Heal any wounds that are 
    inflicted upon you. It shouldn't bee too hard to send the ExBones to 
    kingdom come with obstinate employment of Tiger Rage or Tempest 
    (preferably the former). Once they're out, shift your attention to 
    Forcystus, pop a couple of Gels to replenish lost TP and HP, and for him 
    He attacks physically with a three-hit combo that deals over 700 PTS of 
    DMG, which is roughly the same damage his attack-wind spell string does. 
    He performs both often, although sometimes he surprises you with an Air 
    Thrust for a good 500-600 PTS of DMG. These attacks are easily healed 
    from by a popping a simple Apple Gel, and, in the former two's case, by 
    blocking. Keep in mind that this guy can cast Wind's strongest spell (so 
    far), Cyclone (gulp!), for an obliterating 1,800-2,000 PTS of DMG. 
    Whomever is caught within it is sure to die unless he/she is absolutely 
    How to attack Forcystus? Keep the onslaught of them spells with the 
    reiterated hits and unstoppable power while you run up to Forcystus and 
    employ a simple and repetitive string of Demon Tiger Rages or, why not, 
    simple Tiger Rages. These attacks are quick, nearly 100% accurate, deal 
    good damage and aren't usually blocked. After employing a good amount of 
    them, performing Guardian might be good; standard blocking isn't good.
    Forcystus will attack Lloyd mostly (and your fourth character if he/she 
    is a frontline attacker), so heal him(them) through Gels (as spell-
    casting takes too long, and its time is better spent on pumping out 
    assailing magic). Forcystus is still good enough to send a spell over you 
    and knock Genis' humanity back, so keep an eye on their HPs.
    His attacks are not that powerful, although for Lloyd damage will stack 
    up at a deviant rate. Keep an eye for Cyclone, because this attack can 
    really break you! If it catches Lloyd, simply watch him die, but if it 
    girdles Raine, Genis and Kratos, sweat it good, boy, cause you're going 
    to have one hell of a situation (with a good amount of accent in every 
    syllable!)... or perhaps not, if you're properly healed. Thanks to 
    Namco's inane decision to remove the "call for yer mateys through down + 
    X (or was it O?)" command, once you see the shredding waves of furious 
    wind trap your friends in a threatening lock of gusting air, pump one or 
    two of them to full health so he makes it through and helps you enact the 
    I really don't think this guy is too hard. Heal, survive Cyclone and use 
    a ludicrous amount of Tiger Rages/Demonic Tiger Rages. 
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Watch Forcystus preposterously funny "death" (heh). Exit the ranch now. 
    After a series of scenes, [CHANGE DISCS] and proceed.
    [DISC 2]
    A  S E R I E S  O F  E V E N T S
    After the scenes, exit Colette's house and head to the school for more 
    cinemas. Talk to Raine at her house after this and then drift to the 
    town's entrance. After this you'll be at Dirk's; talk with him and then 
    chat with your folks spread around the house and its outskirts. At 
    Lloyd's room, next to his bed, there is a bunch of wood that makes the 
    wonder chef loom into the area and teach you the Miso Stew. After getting 
    it, head to the balcony area to find... Colette (MEH!). Now warp to 
    Tethe'alla and visit Altessa, where you're directed to Sybak. Go into the 
    big building just up from the entrance. After the cinemas, go to Meltokio 
    and quick jump through the sewers. You'll... be taken inside the sewers. 
    Walk a step or two to trigger a scene, and then exit the sewers. At the 
    city, visit the church, where you must enter the small room to the left 
    of the entrance. Along the long scenes Colette will earn the "Spiritua 
    Reborn" title. Exit the king's room when prompted, turn right and climb 
    down the steps. Head through the door further to the right to initiate 
    another scene.
    Talk with Hilda at the castle's lobby and now go to Lezareno at Altamira. 
    There, talk to George at his office; trek down to the second floor for 
    further cinemas. After them, go back to Sybak's big academy building to 
    the west of the entrance (since the ban on you has been removed you can 
    go through the main door). Go through the door nearest to you and in the 
    subsequent screen be sure to repeat this practice. Get the Zircon out of 
    the chest and exit Sybak. Fly to Mizuho (outfit Sheena with some good 
    items) where some scenes ensues. Talk to Orochi by the entrance (save!) 
    to be taken to the place where the duel against Kuchinawa will take place 
    (try to chat with your buds before doing so, though).
    Kuchinawa is a really tough opponent; if you manage to beat him you're a 
    badass ;) Anyway, he basically employs a series of fast, nearly 
    unpredictable attacks that do LOTS of damage (around 300 per hit, and 
    each combo is usually composed of three attacks). If you could 
    effectively block all of them through a pattern this battle would be 
    easier; being able to utilize items would also help. But neither thing 
    consummates. Blocking this guy off is a highly possible exercise if you 
    simply tap the block button endlessly; in the midst of attacking, it's a 
    doubtful thing. Kuchinawa's zealousness gets him to unexpected levels, so 
    be ready to re-load a lot of you're hell-bent on beating him. Firstly, 
    you'll need at least one Black Onyx. Two would be ideal to attain the 
    maximum HP permitted by your level, but I'm well aware these items are 
    hefty purchases. 
    Beat Dragons at the Earth Temple to amass the necessary money, and soar 
    to Flanoir to get the aforementioned minerals. Once you have them, be 
    sure you give Sheena her Guard Plus ExSkill. Now, begin the fight. 
    Firstly, set Pyre Seal to your "RIGHT+B" shortcut. The way to deal with 
    this guy is simple: firstly, wait for him to come towards you and rush on 
    yourself. Block his initial wave of attacks (which should include a 
    thunder blast which can be _dodged_ but not _blocked_) and perform either 
    a one-two combo followed by a Pyre Seal, or simply Pyre Seal. While the 
    guy's on the floor, smack him twice and block; or start blocking even 
    while he's on the floor. To chip away all of his 10,000 HPs you'll have 
    to battle for quite a bit, so don't get discouraged. What makes this so 
    hard is that when you run up to him he usually pulls out a strong, 
    unbeatable combo which he then strings into subsequent destroying 
    attacks. Oh, and the fact that he's relentless.
    Lose and you get Corrine's Bell; win and you also get the Asura card for 
    Sheena. Anyway, let's move on. After the fight, stock up on items at 
    Mizuho if needed, board your Rheairds and fly to the southeastern 
    continent. Look at it on your map; notice the peninsula to the northwest 
    of it. Land on its tip to find a lush forest in the middle of it, 
    surrounding what seems to be the outlines of a village. Wade through the 
    thicket until you're given the possibility to access the Ymir Forest. Go 
    Y M I R  F O R E S T
    [NOTE: I suggest reading the whole thing, or at least looking through to 
    get a grasp on the Blue Seed's location, as I refer to it often]
    Move all the way forward to the S.Ring shifter and change your ring's 
    function and get the item behind the tree there (a Resist Ring). Then, 
    climb up the tree stump to the right and employ your ring to see a brief 
    scene explaining its effects: it is able to call animals. Backtrack a bit 
    till you see a big tree root on the right, beaming up; climb it and beat 
    the enemy there, which is probably a group made out of KILLER BEES, which 
    are uncannily damaging but easy to beat.
    Backtrack a few metres; you should see a root beaming upwardly, and 
    underneath it, a wooden path. Go along it. When you see you can go up or 
    down, veer downward to find two tree stumps; you can only climb into the 
    one with the flower. Do so and call forth a boar through your S.Ring to 
    unlock the nearby chest and earn a Solar Guard (the boar smashes it with 
    its fierce horns, making it open-able).
    From here, go forward toward what seems to be an isle up front. Facing 
    off against the wandering boar puts you against a whole family of them, 
    where the small ones move swiftly and damagingly through the field, while 
    the big ones are rather cumbersome; even then, these guys can rack up 
    plenty of hits and do notable damage. Go with god.
    Anyway, the isle seemingly holds nothing, but behind the tree on it a 
    chest looms over. Before such island the path stretches to the left. 
    Follow it to the next screen. Here, take the first left you can to find 
    another blooming tree trunk. Climb onto it and immediately cast forth 
    your S.Ring's charming melody. Nothing big enough happens... not yet. 
    Head back to the previous screen and pour forward.
    Take the first right you can and ignore the "jump" command when it's 
    prompted. Eventually you'll reach a bifurcation, where the path goes up 
    to a island with a blooming stump, while the rightmost derivation also 
    leads to similar results. Ponder about the meaning of life. Thereafter, 
    move to the eastern stump and perform the S.Ring ritual to earn a Blue 
    Seed. Examine the behind of the tree next to the stump to get a Crystal 
    Shell. Then, go up along the path that extends across this wooden piece.
    Backtrack all the way to the "main path" (the one that leads back down 
    into the previous screen) and backtrack to the very S.Ring shifter. Here, 
    examine the small patch of ground to the left of the shifter, where you 
    can plant the blue seed we got a while ago. This makes blue flowers bloom 
    on the lily pads scattered across the forest.
    From there, go down a few steps till you see a road turning leftward. 
    Cross this small "bridge". Then, look up to find a thick root encroaching 
    upwardly. Climb it up. Pour rightward to the next screen, where you must 
    resume your way. ORCROTS might be found here; they create auras around 
    them every now and then for moderate protection. Easily slash them to 
    At the end of this path, go down the root and veer left to find a lily 
    pad (not counted). Use your S.Ring there. This causes a chest to 
    seemingly slither toward you. Anyway, go back right and pick the path 
    underneath the big root. Go along it until you reach the raised 
    "catwalks" suspended over the matted forest.
    Firstly, turn left and proceed along the linear road: down a stump and 
    into a small isle with a save point, a chest with a Maid's Hairband and 
    that floating chest which holds a White Seed. Up front a boy requests you 
    to find him a Ymir Fruit. Backtrack all the way back to the catwalks and 
    head eastward up there, to the next screen (you'll to climb down a root). 
    Next, climb up once again into the catwalks and proceed right until the 
    path crashes and re-directs itself southwardly. You should reach a 
    familiar platform, by where we earned our Blue Seed.
    Trek back to the S.Ring shifter and plant the white seed on the patch 
    left of it. This makes a flower bloom in the forest's twigs.  
    Go down from the S.Ring isle and hike up the thin root to the right, 
    which leads to a wooden plank where appropriate accommodation provides us 
    with the option to jump into another oversized twig. Call forth the eagle 
    to land next to a big crate; drop it down and backtrack to the main 
    S.Ring area. From there, head to the very tree where you found the Blue 
    Seed. Climb up the root a bit behind of it, and go forward along the 
    bridge. Once you reach a gap filled by a tree, next to an adjacent 
    bridge, trek down.
    Go right to reach a blooming stump that makes the Ymir Fruit fall into 
    the water. Now comes the fun part; getting it. Pace back leftwardly and 
    go up the root. At the catwalk, turn south and climb down into another 
    plank. Go to the to the north, and there, summon a bunch of bugs through 
    the stump. Then, head to the place where you found the Blue Seed (simply 
    run eastward) and from there go up to a lily pad.
    Summon a fish; after the quick scene, move as if you were heading to the 
    isle where you made the bugs fall. Instead of heading towards it veer 
    west, climb up the root and generally make your way to the path which 
    leads to the isle; containing the stump that summons the Ymir Fruit. If 
    you head left, instead of right, away from the aforementioned isle, 
    you'll find another stump. Summon a bunch of bugs here.
    Now, go all the waaaaaay back to the road extending from the platform; 
    where we summoned our first bugs (not the platform itself), and veer 
    west, underneath the big tree, to find a lone lily pad. Stand in it and 
    perform the ritualistic S.ring dance. Wazza! Anyway, hike to the upper 
    areas (use the root to the right of here) and head to the northwester 
    corner of it, where a lone twig is suspended besides the catwalk. Jump 
    onto it and summon an eagle through your S.Ring.
    Go right and summon a boar on the stump. Now, go back the last liliy pad 
    we dealt with (summon back the eagle on the white flower to the reach the 
    main dungeon once again), and from there, take a few steps to the left to 
    get a grasp of the road on the upper left corner of the screen; head over 
    there and proceed to the next area, where a lone lily pad tranquilly 
    floats over the water. Jump onto it and redundantly employ yer S.ring for 
    the penultimate time (be sure the big fish floating about is very far 
    away from you).
    Finally, lead your avatar to the S.Ring isle and go left from it. Follow 
    the sinuous, wooden road to the last lily pad; call forth a fish, and 
    after the brief sequence, go to the S.Ring shifter isle and pick up the 
    fruit from the Lily Pad. Now, wade to the upper side of the forest, where 
    the save point and the boy are; save and approach the little kid.
    You'll get a Metal Sphere and the ability to cross over to Heimdall.
    H E I M D A L L 
    Here we have a tune that sounds, in parts, so much like FFVII's nostalgic 
    music (*sniff* I LOVE 'EM) that I was _literally_ forced to play through 
    that game all over again. Anyways... enjoy the cinematography. Explore 
    the town's trio of stores (weapons, armor and items) to find a bevy of 
    new implements, a good bunch of which you should have snatched out of 
    chests. Underneath the inn's porch there is a dog waiting to be named by 
    The elder's house is nearly completely secluded; left of the inn is a 
    thin road that goes along a fence; it leads to another screen: can you 
    believe it? YOU BETTER DO! Anyways, you'll reach the elder's house area. 
    The house itself is far to the north. Before heading inside, go 
    underneath it to reach a small rest to the left. Cross the plank there to 
    reach a platform that holds an unnamed dog; you know what to do...
    Now, head into the elder's place. Before talking to the lone, flagrantly 
    placed elder, head into the back-room and check out the painting there to 
    evict the wunderkind of a chef out of his hiding place! Learn, master and 
    eat the Cream Stew. Yum! Now talk with the elder; this initiates a brief 
    dialogue which concludes when you're given the Elf Elder's Staff.
    With this in hand, return to the entrance to recollect Raine and Genis; 
    thereafter, leave town and quick-jump through Ymir's forest. At the map, 
    board the Rheairds and soar towards Latheon Gorge, on the southwest. It 
    really isn't far away; it's a steep mountain wounded by a fierce-looking 
    dirt road, inclined over a small "pond" (sorry, lacking the 
    geographically correct word here o_O).
    L A T H E O N  G O R G E
    Move forward along the entrance path. After the dialogue, get the Ex Gem 
    Lv4 at the off-shoot to the north; then, veer eastward. When you see the 
    path going south, follow it to find a S-ring shifter; change the ring's 
    function and go back to the main path. Resume your way along the eastern 
    road, which suddenly twists north. At the end of it there is a chest with 
    Rare Pellets, but there is also a raised portion of land on the left side 
    of this path; it leads to a wind-blowing plant.
    Position yourself in front of it; let it blow wind a couple of times, 
    maybe more, till you get used to its pattern. Utilize the S.Ring once; it 
    transforms you into a bubble which can be softly pushed along by the 
    wind. Having learned the plant's patterns, calculate a good time to en-
    bubble yourself so you get caught in the current; cross to the other 
    side. Examine the emaciated plant there, and then, go north.
    At the end of this brief road you'll find a Kirima Tree. Take a Kirima 
    fruit of it and backtrack to the famishing plant; feed it the fruit to 
    bring it back to life. The flower will now be healthy, ready to blow some 
    wind! Float over to the adjacent platform by employing the flower's wind 
    current. You'll land right next to another flower, but ignore it for now; 
    instead, head right to find a pathway that stretches upwardly. It's kind 
    of a linear road which concludes in front of a wooden bridge.
    Cross the bridge to the next screen. Here, go right. Eventually you'll 
    find a road that goes north, while you can proceed further to the right 
    to find an Ex Gem Lv3. Across the northernmost path there is a semi-
    hidden inclination that takes you to the upper platform. There, pick the 
    Ex Gem Lv3 beneath the tree to the left. Practically across the blowing 
    plant here there is a ramp which goes into a secluded nook; there, a 
    Devil's Arm rests. Get it.
    Directly to the right of the local blowing plant there is a Kirima Tree 
    and across it there is a dying plant. Get a generous amount of Kirima and 
    feed it to the suffering plant. Go back to the tree, turn left and 
    approach the blowing plant there. Have it push you forward; as you float, 
    the plant we just revived while re-direct you to an adjacent platform. 
    Head up to find a tree with Amangos; pick lots of them and then proceed 
    up the path next to it, to reach the following screen.
    Here, go forward until you hit the rocky wall. From there, you can go 
    right, or left. Left holds a chest with an Ex Gem Lv4 and a gigantic, 
    purple plant. There is also a dead plant here; revive it, and revive the 
    one to the far right, on top of a slope. Then, go back to the purple 
    plant and have it blow you forward.
    You'll land in an isle of sorts; revive the local dead plant so it can 
    carry you to the waterfall. Pick the Star Cap to the left, and use the 
    plant to the right to return to the isle. From there, utilize the bottom 
    blower. Land in the subsequent piece of land and go down from there; pick 
    up the Rare Shield out of its chest and have the huge plant blow you 
    Move along the path you land in and climb up the steep slope at its end, 
    to reach the nook where you got the Devil's Arms. From there, rehearse 
    the past routines to reach the northern side of the area, where the 
    Amango tree is, and from there proceed to the next screen (where we first 
    saw the big, purple plants).
    Here, climb into the platform to the right, which should have two blowers 
    if you revived one of them in the past; if not, then just revive it! 
    Anyways, use the bottom blower to cross to the other side. Here, employ 
    the nearest blower (not the one up the hill). If you revived the plants 
    as directed in the past, you'll cross over to the other side safely. Get 
    the Flare Greaves behind the nearest blowing plant; get the Toroid to the 
    far right.
    Revive the plant up the slant; now, approach the other plant here and 
    float to the platform across of it. There, a big purple, bad-momma blower 
    is. It takes you to another screen. Here, go down the podium you land in, 
    and head south along the adjacent path. Revive the two plants there; now, 
    backtrack to the landing point and employ the plant there to reach 
    another landing with two more plants; kill the rightmost of these two 
    (feed it Amangos) and then use the leftmost to arrive next to the two 
    plants we revived in the past. 
    Backtrack to the landing point and kill that one blower. Next, board the 
    leftmost platform, with the previously revived plants, and soar forward 
    by utilizing the rightmost blower. At the next landing, go up the slant 
    to find a wilted tower; revive it and climb up the slope to the left to 
    find an additional, well-formed flower; have it blow you forward, so the 
    plant we just revived captures you in its breath and pushes your humanity 
    (NOTE: if you wish to get an item in this screen, before proceeding to 
    the next, go to the two plants on the bottom-left corner of the area; the 
    ones that were dead when we first found them. The leftmost one of them 
    carries you to a platform with an Ex Gem Lv4. The catch? You have to 
    backtrack all the way back here, from the very first area. Ugh!)
    You'll land in a cliff with a blower. Now comes a seemingly "puzzle-some" 
    series of maneuvers. Firstly, float west. Then, climb up the slope to 
    find two flowers. Use the purple one. At the next platform there is 
    another flower; if you've been healing plants as suggested, there should 
    be a gust of wind stretching up. Use the local flower, which, in 
    conjunction with the vertical wind current, takes you to the subsequent 
    landing (revive the plant).
    Fly leftward from there to find a cave (revive the plant by the 
    entrance). Inside, pick a couple of spell casters and open the chest; 
    it's a Fake (it can only be hurt by magic, hence the spellcasters). Have 
    Lloyd position himself in front of it and adamantly block; just that, 
    block. Meanwhile, pump out lots of spells through shortcuts. The Fake 
    will be dead soon enough. You get an All-Divide and an Elixir.
    Go up the nearest slant and from there ascend once more. Kill the slug 
    slithering about to get a memory gem, and ascend an additional time to 
    find a Draupnir on a chest. Go down twice and turn left past the 
    wandering flower. At the westernmost end of the area, you can go up to 
    find a Kirima tree, or simply proceed south to the next screen. Here, 
    revive the dead plant and soar rightwards. Do so once again by employing 
    the all powerful purple blower.
    You'll reach another landing (_if_ you revived the plant by the cave's 
    entrance !!). Once again, use the only available blower to reach the 
    subsequent area. You can calmly revive the local plant, but it won't be 
    of much use -_- Anyways, go right and climb up the slope there. Move 
    along the linear, beautifully decorated road. Pick some Kirima and feed 
    it to the plant by the bridge; do so again with the plant past the 
    Also past the bridge there is a hut with a save point next to it, 
    directly south of the hut there is a Battle Pick. Save and enter the hut; 
    go behind the man here to find a toy bunny in a closet of sorts; examine 
    it to find the Wonder Chef. After doing so, it might be good to speak 
    with the man, who is the storyteller. What the heck!? Anyways... after 
    the dialogue, pick a good party (with a healer, doh) and go back to the 
    hut; don't enter it. Instead, cross the bridge and use the flower at the 
    other side: have it blow you forward. You'll be caught in a series of 
    currents which will ultimately take you to a small podium; there, a 
    cutscene is enacted.
    After it finishes, save at the memory seal and exit through the door the 
    storyteller opened. Next, proceed rightward (heal now) and employ the 
    local flower to reach the cave behind the waterfall. Move forward a 
    couple of steps for a scene... 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, this is ain't too bad. Plantix does lots of damage with its 
    whipping attacks, but they're close-ranged; therefore, only your close-
    range fighters will be really hurt. It's long-range attacks are also 
    damaging but far less accurate, which means your spell-casters won't have 
    too much of a tough time. Pour forward and employ Beast (any variation) 
    as well as Eruption and Holy Lance for lots of damage and high-counting 
    combos. Constantly pump out these attacks, as they come out fast and do 
    lots of damage (specially Eruption; Beast is also particularly useful). 
    Pop Lemon Gels occasionally to heal Lloyd. Eventually, the plant will 
    reveal its skull. It'll start using more long-ranged attacks, but Lloyd 
    will still be the most-damaged. Pop a quick gel, keep an eye on Lloyd's 
    HP and resume your attacking. Now it's the time to use Unison attacks, 
    too; Plantix is initially invulnerable to them, but with its skull 
    revealed, they become effective. Attack relentlessly, heal on time and it 
    should all go well. A very easy battle, really.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Back at the hut, talk with the storyteller after saving, of course. A 
    scene, composed mostly of dialogue, ensues; there is lots of interesting 
    stuff waiting to be said here! You'll be right at the entrance of Latheon 
    Gorge. Go outside, save and board the Rehairds. Now, fly over to an 
    island southeast of the Toize Valley Mine.
    Go into the "Abbey" there. Talk with Zelos' sister, Seles (meh) at the 
    abbey's top floor. After that, fly over to the Tower of Salvation, right 
    in between the middle of the center of the world. Save and prepare a good 
    team before going in.
    T O W E R  O F  S A L V A T I O N
    Simply proceed to the entrance and endure through the compulsory 
    cutscenes. From there, make it to the warp to witness more cinemas.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    This undoubtedly is a tough fight but it sure can be won. Firstly, you'll 
    need a powerful spell that hits lots of times; Cyclone is your best card. 
    It hits an absurd amount of times and does decent damage to Kratos. Other 
    than that, Spread and even Tidal Wave could be of use; but Cyclone is the 
    greatest. Meanwhile, be sure you've got Raine as your healer and she has 
    cure; also, disable her light based spells.
    Lloyd should have on his shortcuts a series of quick attacks, such as 
    Tiger Rage and Fierce Demon Fang, along with powerful, slower techs such 
    as Raging Beast and Demon Circle. So, with this, we have one spot for one 
    last character; be it Regal, Presea, Sheena or whatever, it doesn't 
    matter. Just pick.
    Be sure you have a good batch of healing items; around 5 Lemon Gels and 
    5-7 Life Bottles work well. 
    I won this fight through obdurate healing; this might seem hackneyed 
    already, but it is true. Of course, Cyclone's outlandish amount of hits 
    and power, combined with Kratos' uncanny vulnerability to Raging Beast 
    helped; that, coupled with a strong Unison Attack in the middle of the 
    fight. However, I Got through it all due to healing. No contest, really.
    Kratos Aurion's attacks are mainly physical; so, Lloyd will receive lots 
    of damage. His attack-Lightning Blade combo is specially powerful; I'd 
    estimate it does around 1,000 PTS of DMG. It's quick, sharp and almost 
    unavoidable. Guardian is probably the way through, but I don't think it 
    can guard all of it.
    His spells are scarcely cast; Judgment hits _really_ hard, though it is 
    rarely employed (and, like Prism Sword in ToDII, it misses often). Other 
    spells include powerful iterations of Eruption and Thunder Blade, 
    although their limited radiuses really make them less harmful.
    To attack Kratos, things are really simple. Start chanting Cyclone, move 
    forward and hit block to endure through his initial batch of attacks; 
    after that, pump out a Tiger Rage, subsequent to which a Raging Beast 
    should be cast; this is an easy combo that knocks Kratos most of the 
    time. He gets on his feet _real quickly_. Run up to him again, Guard, 
    then employ another combo or simply an attack: Demon Circle, Tiger Rage; 
    it works. Around this time, Cyclone should be being cast.
    Cyclone or whatever, really, because some people might not have it. If it 
    is a decent spell, it should stun Kratos all through the attacking 
    animation. Use this time to further attack him with aerial-to-midair kind 
    of attacks (Tempest, Tiger Rage) and whomever serves as the fourth 
    character (who should have an attack on the shortcuts). If you're badly 
    wounded, pop a Gel around your buds. But mainly, keep attacking.
    Kratos expeditious attacking is damaging, sure; thankfully, you can, too, 
    damage him rather easily and abundantly. His blocking is strangely 
    scarce, so most attacks will do proper damage; he's also easily hit.
    The real problem comes to the damage he can dish out. Spell-casters 
    should not have much problem with this, thanks to their laid-back 
    positions. Other types of characters will face constant flagellation. How 
    to go around with this? Raine. All throughout the fight, have her be your 
    absolute healer; she should do no more. Constantly AND _manually_ (this 
    is important) heal wounds; 2,000 HPs is not enough against Kratos, so 
    when you're on that threshold, immediately use Cure to get back on track. 
    This is really, really important. Keep your HPs above 2,000 at all times 
    with all of your characters. Break from attacking if in dire need of 
    healing; if you do so Kratos might get plentiful space to stab you to 
    death, though. In those cases, heal through a Gel to keep up till the 
    proper healing comes.
    This is a very beatable battle. He isn't quite the demi-god. Try not to 
    be too conservative in your attacking, otherwise the fight will never 
    end. Attack and attack, but, mainly, maintain a good level of health. The 
    stun-time Cyclone/whatever provides is great for Curing; spell-casters 
    should be easily cured. And if a striker needs treatment, pop a Gel to 
    sustain a couple of hits before Cure is cast; that's how I survived. I 
    healed whomever was at 2,000 HPs or so. Since spells take time to be 
    cast, sometimes I simply broke-off the attacking and stayed back. If I 
    saw Kratos was getting a bit too much space, I used a Gel, attacked him 
    to shrink his movement options and waited for the healing. That's about 
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    After the scenes, you'll be outside a jail cell. Use the platform nearby. 
    Turn left (your left), save at the seal and go up the steps to find a 
    warp. A scene ensues.
    W E L G A I A 
    As Colette, push the leftmost box rightwards and then drag away the box 
    on top of the transporter. Back the prison, use the nearest transporter 
    to reach Welgaia. There, turn right. To the far right there is a door, 
    while there is a similar one on the upper wall; go through this one. In 
    the next room, enter the room to the left. A Devil's Arms await. After 
    getting it, exit its room and examine the door to the right of it; it's 
    an elevator. Have it take you the various levels and chat with the 
    angels. It's necessary to do this.
    Now, exit and go all the way back to the main area. Take the door I told 
    you was to the far right. Speak to the Angel there to earn a Mana 
    Fragment in the most outlandish of ways. Back at the main area, use the 
    walkways west of here. At the next screen, save and go north towards the 
    purple transporter. You're unable to use it now, though, so go east 
    (backtrack to the platform previous to the transporter and take the other 
    available road). Follow the linear road to the next screen.
    Here, you can go up a flight of steps or down its homologue. On the upper 
    level you find a series of lifts, two of which lead to Refreshers. The 
    elevator left of the easternmost lift carries you to a refresher, but is 
    also in front of a panel; examine it in order to trigger a scene. Now, if 
    you need to purchase item, use the easternmost lift itself, as it leads 
    to a vending machine. Across this easternmost lift there is another panel 
    which holds valuable information. 
    After examining such panel, go back to the entrance of this area; from 
    there, go down the steps. Here, you can see two lifts spread across the 
    upper wall, which serves as the foundation of the upper floor. On the 
    bottom portion of this platform, across the two lifts, there is an extra 
    transporter camouflaged among the bright-blues. Now that you know it's 
    there, you should little trouble finding it. Board it and have it take 
    you to the platform to the right.
    If you've collected the necessary information you'll be able to leave. 
    In the next room, move left, save, and proceed to the next area. Below, 
    go across of the stairway; careful of the flying robots here. With their 
    quick, 150-PTS-OF-DMG attacks they rack up LOTS of hits easily; be rather 
    careful. Anyway, across the stairway a path veers north, but it's blocked 
    off; further the left it extends southward after a bit. At the next 
    screen, move along the hall to reach a rather big room. On the top-right 
    corner of it there is a door, which leads to an anti-gravity chamber. 
    Here, when you start moving, you won't stop till you hit something! The 
    idea is to clear this room. Move in these directions to do so:
    1. Right  6. Up    11. Left   16. Down
    2. Down   7. Left  12. Down   17. Right
    3. Left   8. Down  13. Right  18. Up
    4. Up     9. Left  14. Down   19. Right
    5. Left   10. Up   15. Right
    Enter the control room, beat the Raybit and get the item (Ex Gem Lv4) out 
    of the chest here (it's gray-and-green chest. It shouldn't be hard to 
    miss). Thereafter, activate the red panel nearby. Back at the anti-
    gravity chamber, exit to the previous room. Take the southern road; 
    follow it all the way, as it leads into a nook with an item: a Rare 
    Guard. Backtrack all the way back to the room previous to the anti-
    gravity chamber, and from there go back northwards to a previous screen.
    Go up the steps. If you head right, you'll reach the staircase that goes 
    into the warp that leads to Welgaia; a bit before it there is a path 
    veering up, that was once locked but is now open. Take it. Next, you can 
    enter the room to the right, or proceed leftward.
    Go leftward to an adjacent screen. Here, go down. Immediately south of 
    you it's highly possible you'll notice to short corridors; they both end 
    in chests. Pick the two of them to attain new items, and go west, to get 
    a glimpse of a hallway which extends to the north. It ends in a blue 
    panel; hit the button. Now, backtrack towards the two short corridors, 
    and from there, up the steps into the previous screen. Go right here, 
    through the door across the stairway.
    In this new screen, proceed rightward; a staircase goes south, while a 
    corridor extends further to the east. Take it. You'll see a door, but is 
    locked, so, instead, head south to reach a bifurcation. Turn right and 
    when possible go down. Along the corridor, keep a sharp eye on an item 
    positioned along the left wall; it is a Holy Robe. At the bottom of the 
    path simply go to the next area, where a linear road is to be followed. 
    It ends in a open area, different to the tight corridors we've crossed. 
    At its northern side two roads veer up; the first one, from right to 
    left, leads to a small room with a Dragon Fang. Pick it, and approach the 
    leftmost corridor. At the base of it there as in item; an Ex Gem Lv3. 
    After snagging it, go into the corridor and move along.
    At the next screen, head left. You'll be back in a seemingly similar 
    area; go south, turn left and down the steps. From there, make it to the 
    anti-gravity chamber. Move like this: right, down, left, up, left, up, 
    left, down, left, up, left, down, left, down, right, up and right. You'll 
    hit an elevator. It'll carry you to another anti-gravity chamber.
    Here, move like this:
    1. Down    8 Right     15. Up
    2. Right   9. Down
    3. UP      10. Right
    4. Left    11. Down
    5. Up      12. Right
    6. Right   13. Up
    7. Up      14. Left
    Proceed along the one-way road in the next room. You'll eventually reach 
    a point where a path offers itself, heading south, while you're enticed 
    to proceed east. East is an item; Energy Tablets. South, and then to the 
    left, you reach the anti-grav chamber we just reached; only you arrive at 
    it in a different place. Move left, up, left, down, right, down, right, 
    down, right, up, left, down. Hit the lift, boy!
    You'll be back at the very first grav chamber. Right across of you, 
    though, there is a lift to be taken. Wazza!
    The final anti-gravitational-force chamber. Follow these hot direction:
    1. Left    7. Right   13. Left    19. Right
    2. Up      8. Down    14. Down    20. Up
    3. Right   9. Left    15. Left    21. Right
    4. Up      10. Down   16. Up
    5. Right   11. Left   17. Right
    6. Down    12. Up     18. Down
    In the control room you'll hit, get the Holy Circlet out of its chest and 
    examine the blue, glowing panel to get the Elevator Key. Backtrack to the 
    anti-grav room and there, head to the lift on the bottom-left side of the 
    screen. It's the easiest thing ever; it transports you to a previous 
    anti-grav. Here, go right, up and left. You'll be back at the "main 
    dungeon". Go north all the way to reach another screen. Go up and right 
    when possible; look for a path which goes north. Take it, and go right 
    through a doorway whenever prompted. Proceed all the way eastward till 
    you find a gray door with a glowing panel next to it; examine the _other_ 
    panel, non-glowing, to unlock the door IF you have the Elevator Key.
    Heal, prepare a party and go up. Examine the sphere there and agree to go 
    down. Exit the lift and go across of it. There is lots of machinery in 
    this open area; between the leftmost set of it, along the upper panels, a 
    chest is tucked, holding an Ex Gem Lv2. Go up and turn west then. In the 
    subsequent room, heal, and board the warp.
    Now you'll face Yggdrasill; it really isn't much of a fight. Just survive 
    for long enough (you won't need need to cause damage, I think; as far as 
    I know you only need to endure) till the battle ends. Heal to prevent an 
    unexpected death, and it should be fine. Enjoy the scenes, exit the 
    Tower, save. As you exit the tower's outskirts, you're immediately taken 
    to Altessa's.
    Save on the seal just outside the dwarf's house and enter. Cutscene time! 
    Some shocking--albeit highly expectable--truths are revealed. These are 
    some nice scenes, ya? You'll have to do battle against some angels, too. 
    Speak to the guys around here after the small fight. Then, fly over to 
    Flanoir. Save and then explore town. The doctor's office is reached by 
    going east from the entrance and then, head north. Move forward to find 
    Zelos and then  enter the hospital. The greedy doctor will pick three 
    characters to accompany him to Altessa's; these three are the lowest 
    three, relation-ship wise, that you have in your party. Psych!
    Colette will come in and ask if you want to go out for a walk... I think. 
    Or something. This part is really hazy, but I know that if you deny her, 
    another character will come in; rinse and repeat once more, for a total 
    of three possible people coming over. If you agree to Colette you'll get 
    her Snow Hare's. I think that if you agree to Zelos (if he's around) he 
    also gives you an item. I got Colette, denied her, and along came Genis, 
    followed by Presea. Lastly, when I told everybody "No", I got a fourth 
    scene, with Kratos (apparently this only happens if you have a good 
    relationship with him). I saw all of them cutscenes (had to reload my 
    save file plentifully). I got an item out of Colette's and Kratos'. As 
    told, I think you can get one of Zelos' if you pick him. It should be 
    noted that if you see Kratos', you'll get the chance to let him join you 
    later on... however, this has its price...
    If you agree to talk with the first person who comes along... well... 
    let's say it favours Zelos.
    The scenes following these dialogues are different depending on which 
    ones you see. If you see any of the first three, Lloyd will tell Zelos he 
    trusts him; if you speak to Kratos, he'll ask him if he can trust him! 
    Yes, yes... can you guess the price you're gonna have to pay for chatting 
    with good old Mr. Aurion? Mwahahaha
    [If you like Zelos a helluva lot, don't pick Kratos as your chatter]
    There are lots of new available sidequests. And, also, the Sword Dancer 
    has once again appeared; he's on the northernmost exit of Iselia Forest. 
    He's got 99,999 HPs, so fighting him now might be kind of tough; however, 
    I highly recommend you to do so. He's beatable, and, so far, we've beaten 
    him as soon as we got the chance: no "I'll come back much later" crap. 
    The real deal, a'right? So, let's keep that string alive. Face him. It's 
    the final time we'll battle him.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Sword Dancer 3
    You'll need the following: Thunder Blade and Holy Lance (both shortcut); 
    Cure; Black Onyxes on everybody (real important); 20 Lemon Gels; 20 Life 
    Bottles; 15 Miracle Gels; as many Apple/Orange Gels as you can. And, if 
    you are really hell bent on beating him, one Energy Tablet (or two; just 
    be sure that after the fight you still have some to boot). The Black 
    Onyxes should be outfitted to Raine and Genis; the third one should go to 
    Lloyd (hey! He's damaged quite a lot!).
    The Sword Dancer is oh-so-powerful: it's cross-slice attacks usually 
    shear off as much as 2,000 PTS of DMG per combo; it's spells do a bit 
    less. Ground Dasher, however, is the exception; it does around two 
    thousand, too. Indignation is rarely cast; it renders 3,000 HP out of 
    your bars! Thankfully, right before it connects, an aura is created 
    around the area which is going to be affected. Just break off the 
    attacking and run away. Some of your buds might be caught in the "cone of 
    death", so just revive him.
    The Dancer has a fairly high defense; normal strikes do little to him. 
    However, they're necessary: Raging Beast, for instance, might knock him 
    back (although it's now harder to do so) unless he's defending, while 
    Tempest or Tempest Beast help you push him back, thus preventing him from 
    cornering you. Swift attacks such as Tiger Rage, Demonic Tiger Rage are 
    usually for racking up damage; here they do little, but combo'ed with 
    Beast or Tempest you can attain some interesting results. 
    Don't you go around thinking Lloyd's attacking will be useless; it just 
    won't be the core of your offense. That would be Thunder Blade and Holy 
    Lance; each one of them does really good damage; Thunder Blade is around 
    the 2,000 area, while Holy Lance is sheer insanity: the last hit renders 
    as much as 1,000 HPs! If you have Colette around, have her employ her 
    Light-based Techs. They're powerful, too. But Thunder Blade/Holy Lance 
    are absolute madness. Be sure to cast them ridiculously often.
    Constant casting of Holy Lance means Raine will have reduced healing 
    time. Lloyd should administer Gels to himself; waiting for Cure is otiose 
    here, so just deal with it yourself. Colette or "the fourth character" 
    does not pose much of a problem. I'll say it now: Colette is the best 
    choice for such fourth character; she stays back, so damage is greatly 
    reduced. Her healing should be handled when she's around 1,000. The 
    others should not fall below 2,000.
    Raine and Genis, as they stay back, should also have some liberties in 
    the healing department; but they don't. They're the core of your 
    attacking, for Christ's sake! Raine should be fed Gels, too, as well as 
    Lloyd. Try not to overuse them, though, because they run out, too! Genis 
    is also really important, but you can spend time Curing him. If Raine is 
    attacking, simply give him a Gel.
    That's the hardest part of this fight: maintaining a good level of HPs, 
    mainly because Raine is attacking and attacking. When you heal, you 
    usually break off from the assailment; this means the Dancer moves around 
    rather freely and gets to cast some spells. Lloyd and Colette are the 
    ones who should work out the Gels; it's the best thing. Meanwhile, have 
    Raine and Genis attack.
    Since Gels are limited, try not to use them always; sometimes, just wait 
    for Cure to be cast. Some guys can handle a couple of seconds with low HP 
    (not Lloyd, though). If your buds are badly wounded and things don't seem 
    to be going along smoothly, simply pop a Gel. That simple.
    Thunder Blade and Holy Lance: attacking. Combined with Lloyd's slashing, 
    the Dancer will be kept at bay (so to speak). Its myriad attacking 
    choices and sheer power make it hard. Use Gels on your most important 
    characters in dire situations, but don't exhaust them too quickly! 
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    You'll get the Kusanagi Blade. Yes, indeed. The Sword Dancer has been 
    beaten. So, fly to the Tower of Salvation in Tethe'alla.
    T O W E R  O F  S A L V A T I O N
    Move forward; after the scene, keep moving upward. There are two 
    refreshers in a room to the right. There is a teleporter is next to this 
    room, too. Use it. Now comes a rather interesting scene. No spoilers will 
    be told, but if you talked to Kratos at Flanoir, you'll have to face 
    Zelos here; if you chose the first available person, you won't fight 
    Zelos but a Gatekeeper.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + + 
    Angel Swordian x 2
    A total joke. You can catch the Swordians in a quick sucession of Tiger 
    Rages and kill them with that; it's really easy. When it comes to the 
    Gatekeeper, just do the same constantly. She has high HP and can do 
    decent damage, but a good, never-ending combo of Tiger Rages will 
    eventually kill her.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Meh, he's really easy. He's fast, agile and does decent damage with its 
    combo (but only to those real close to him, though). Simply get to him 
    and employ quick skills such as Tiger Rage and Demonic Tiger Rage for 
    lots of hits and damage; use them constantly, as it's easy to land hits 
    on him. Meanwhile, have some spells on your shortcuts and cast them all 
    through the battle. This is an enjoyable fight, as it's very easy to 
    powerfully smack Zelos without too many repercussions. Heal Lloyd 
    whenever needed (he's bound to get damaged a lot).
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    So, regardless of whom you fought...
    You'll be at the inside of the Tower now. Move forward along the 
    available road. When you're given the choice to steer either rightwards 
    or leftwards, go forward; those other two paths are blocked off. The 
    upper path is also blocked by a tree branch, but it can be burnt by the 
    S.Ring. Proceed.
    In this new screen, go up and turn right when prompted. Go around the 
    railing there and then down the stairway; at the level below, a Diamond 
    Shell awaits. Go back up and head south away from railing and examine the 
    gap between this platform and a thin bridge suspended to the right; agree 
    to jump... holy crap, it tilted! Turns out the bridge is unstable. Crap, 
    we'll need to figure out something.
    Go back up and jump into the bridge. After it tilts, simply go along it 
    till it slants rightward; jump off into this platform and go through the 
    door to the right. In the subsequent room, go south along the linear path 
    which is kind of a bridge. It eventually concludes in a bifurcation where 
    you have two path to take: the upper one is blocked off by branches, 
    while the leftmost one is clear.
    Firstly, burn off the branches (you'll have it to hit a few times) as 
    behind them there are three chests, holding an Ogre Ax, Hanuman's Staff 
    and Southern Cross. With these, take the leftmost road next to where the 
    branches where. Along it an additional branch needs to be burnt; do so 
    and go past it. Follow the path southwards (another branch will need some 
    burnin') to find a stairway which leads up. Take it.
    At the upper level, go down first to find a panel; examine it to unlock a 
    nearby door, which leads back into the entrance. Anyway, take the 
    stairway here, heading further up. Go forward along the road (burn the 
    branches), turn right around the corner and, when possible to go up or 
    down, firstly head down to find a Heavenly Robe tucked away in a corner; 
    then, go up. The path is suddenly blocked by a branch, just as you're 
    offered the chance to veer east. Burn the branch as there is an item 
    hidden behind it: Energy Tablets. Having attained them, go east.
    This open area you'll reach also has two interesting offers: a road which 
    goes north (leads to a pair of chests, holding a Star Mail and an Ex Gem 
    Lv4) and one that goes south (down). Take the bottom path once you've 
    gained the items and follow its linear extension to a door. In the next 
    room, get the Phoenix Cloak at the bottom of the balcony and check out 
    the big boulder to the right of it; hit it with your S. Ring till it 
    Now it's time to backtrack. Exit the boulder room, head up along the path 
    and steer west when possible. From there, head south and look for the 
    stairway to the left; head down to the previous screen. Here, go 
    southward and through the door we unlocked with a panel in the past. Head 
    all the way rightward till a road going north is offered; take it.
    Back at the tilting bridge room, go down the steps to the north. Approach 
    the already-tilted bridge and jump onto it. Run along it; thanks to the 
    boulder, it won't slant all the way down, but only halfway; jump into the 
    adjacent platform and approach the flight of steps. Pick the item next to 
    it (Star Guard) and go up. Head away from the stairway to find a warp; 
    have it transport you.
    Go down the steps and beat the Angels. From now on, they'll wander the 
    Tower. No prob. Oh, you'll also lose Regal momentarily. After the scenes, 
    go south from where you are to find a Refresher along the leftmost wall 
    and a Shaman Dress on the southernmost tip of the platform. Veer north 
    now, past the warp (save). Get the item over there and go back to the 
    warp; transport.
    Head down the spiraling road and, at the bottom, cross the bridge in the 
    middle of the spiral structure. Witness the scene as you; you'll now lose 
    Sheena. Hmm... are we on our way to destruction? Whatever. Next, go 
    forward all the way till it's not possible to do so anymore; turn right 
    at that moment. Go past the first platform into the adjacent one, with a 
    wandering flower on it. Get the item hidden underneath the slanted block 
    of stone on the bottom of the landing (a Star Helm) and keep going right 
    to find a memory seal. Save and head south.
    When it's impossible to keep going down, turn left till you're forced to 
    veer upwards. Go in such direction and turn right when the path heading 
    further north is blocked off. After taking such right, go down to find a 
    warp point. Take it and go forward in the next screen; more scenes. Beat 
    the enemies that come along. You'll now lose Raine (argh! I hate her, but 
    she's an useful healer ;)). So, go forward after the scene, all the way 
    to the top, and turn right. You'll reach a platform which has a path 
    going south; the platform further to the right has a similar one. Which 
    one to take?
    Take the first one and take the item beneath the slanted piece of debris 
    (Star Shield). To the left of this is the road that leads to the next 
    warp point; keep in that second, aforementioned, south-going road also 
    leads to a memory seal. So, it might be good to go out of the way to save 
    there and then come back to the warp. When you do so, transport. Go down 
    the steps nearby and approach the blast doors at the bottom. After the 
    subsequent, "heartwarming" scenes (heartwarming, dammit, no need to be a 
    tough boy >_>) you'll lose Presea.
    So... go right from the broken warp and then head north. When possible, 
    turn right to find a memory seal, and from there head south for an item 
    (Star Circlet). Back at the memory seal, go up all the way and so the 
    same, this time leftwards. Once you find a wandering angel, go south to 
    find an Ex Gem Lv3. Back at the memory seal, head right from it and from 
    there go down. At the bottom, veer left; a Star Gauntlet awaits. Back at 
    the memory seal, save, and go right once again. Now, instead of head 
    south, go north. Warp up.
    Go forward along the path. You'll reach an intersection of roads, where 
    it's possible to go both right and left; and up, too. To the east and 
    west there are items: Ex Gem Lv2 and Star Bracelet. Get them and go 
    north. Another scene; you've lost your last character! Lloyd the Achilles 
    will now be alone. Warp up and go east from the broken transporter. At 
    the platform with the wandering rosebud, go up and then turn left to find 
    an Ex Gem Lv4. Go back to the rosebud and head eastward till it's 
    impossible to keep doing so; head up, then, till you see the warp. Run 
    all the way left from there to a memory seal.
    Go south and take the first right you can. Proceed along the path to find 
    a wandering flower and a slanted piece of rock; beneath it there is a 
    spirit bottle. Get it and go back to the warp. Fly to the next screen. 
    Here, approach the bridge for a quick scene. I'm betting that this scene 
    is different if you have or not Kratos' pendant. Save at the seal up the 
    steps and examine the sword sticking out of the wall. A scene occurs.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Idun x 2
    Firstly, have your strikers on "Attack Same" and your spell casters, with 
    spells on your shortcuts, on "Scatter". Light based techs are extremely 
    useful here: Holy Lance, particularly. 
    Go for the Iduns with Lloyd and have just one more person accompany him; 
    make sure it's not one of the spellcasters, as suggested. The Iduns do 
    lot of damage and can stun you rather easily; however, there is a way 
    around this. Get to them and immediately hit block to survive the initial 
    batch of attacks; then, start using Tiger Rage or Demonic Tiger Blade 
    (preferably Tiger Rage) constantly at them (putting it on the B button 
    shortcut eases thing). You'll catch the Idun in a death-combo which is 
    extremely hard to end (for them of course). Eventually they'll break off; 
    block and repeat. This way you can kill both Iduns.
    Pronyma and the Iduns do outlandishly high amounts of damage; I certainly 
    wasn't expecting this much, really. As told, the Iduns are easily dealt 
    with Lloyd, but they can wreak havoc on the rest of your team. Oh, and 
    even though Lloyd can handle them easily, block when you approach them 
    and before you initiate any Tiger-Rage combo. Their attacks are powerful 
    and will undoubtedly knock you. Pronyma, meanwhile, will be attacking. 
    This first stage of fighting should have trademark healing; constant 
    healing, mind you. The damage done here can be ridiculous, so better pop 
    out those Gels often (cast Holy Lance instead of Cure, and use Gel). 
    Howevever, don't go nuts; save.
    Pronyma is as damaging and more-or-less tough as she was the first time 
    you fought her. She's quick and use lots of powerful attacks. You'll 
    often be around the 1,000-2,000 threshold, which is bad. Heal through 
    Apple Gels so you're never below 2,500; if you're, though, simply use a 
    Lemon gel or make use a good Cure. As told, save items; you'll know why 
    soon enough. Cure is a good way to heal, although sometimes it's too 
    slow. Be wary of Pronyma's Prism Sword; it's powerful, really powerful.
    To attack her, move forward, block and employ Demonic Tiger Blade 
    constantly, while jamming on your shortcuts to keep Holy Lance coming; 
    this aids a lot. Lloyd's techs does decent damage and catches Pronyma in 
    a hard-to-break combo. You can employ these seconds to heal, cast a 
    protective spell, and what not. She eventually frees herself, so follow 
    her around. Keep a good eye on Raine's and Lloyd's HPs and heal; promptly 
    revive whoever goes down (otherwise you won't stand much of a chance). 
    Holy Lance is by far the most important attack here; Lloyd's techs are 
    really good, too, as they help stun Pronyma. If you have Genis, have him 
    cast Thunder Blade constantly; any physical striker should do whatever he 
    wishes. It really doesn't matter.
    Don't take things too lightly; she's tough and can obliterate you. Coolly 
    heal and attack; you'll make it through.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    A cruel scene follows. If you fought Zelos at the entrance of the tower, 
    Kratos will join you... otherwise it'll be Zelos. Hm... I chose Kratos, 
    mind you. I have a separate save-file which will help me discern Zelos' 
    file rather easily, but I'll work on that in a future version (I 
    promise). Anyways... re-organize your party, _heal_ and be ready to 
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, he is hard. Definitely not a pushover. He's got lots and lots of 
    attacks, most of which do 700 to 1,000 PTS of DMG. Practically all of 
    them have wide hitting areas: Ray, for instance, has an easy time hitting 
    everybody for tremendous amounts of damage. His "physical attacks", often 
    used when you're near him, also seem to do plentiful damage to whomever 
    is too near. Ground Dasher is tremendously damaging, snagging as many as 
    four members in its wake (often three, but sometimes, all four of them!) 
    for around 1,000 PTS of DMG. He flies around a lot, casts spells quickly 
    and generally wreaks havoc on you. HP which has just been healed is 
    suddenly depleted; it's like that. Beast and similar Techs don't do much 
    to him; you need a quick attack such as Tiger Rage through which you can 
    attain long combos and damage. I suggest both Raine and Zelos/Kratos, 
    with "Heal" as their Strat. Be sure Raine can't cast light spells. Your 
    "fourth character" could be Sheena or Genis.
    Using Raine's protective magic helps a lot; Keenness increases damage 
    done, which is a big plus. Any enchantment that helps you defend a bit 
    more against magic is also a big, enormous help: use it. As told, move 
    forward and relentlessly pound Yggdrasill with Tiger Rage. He won't 
    falter, so don't go around expecting that to happen. Having Raine's Cure 
    on your shortcuts might be quite useful. The other shortcut button should 
    have a powerful attack; use it all through the fight, and hit the Cure 
    shortcut every once in a while (i.e. really often) to keep it coming out: 
    it's really important that you heal here. Kratos'/Zelos' occasional 
    healing, combined with this, makes you stand a better chance here; a much 
    better chance. Popping Gels at regular intervals is also a necessity.
    Yggdrasill is too damaging for our tastes; he's swift and casts spells in 
    no time flat. Tiger Rage, when used as relentlessly as I suggest, eases 
    things; the problem is that aside from that, Kratos'/Zelos' occasional 
    hits and Genis'/Sheena's attacks, there isn't much else to distract 
    Yggdrasill, so he'll be getting plenty of space. I had Sheena in this 
    battle, and she wasn't too useful (although T.Seal: Darkness helped a 
    bit); Genis' Cyclone and Thunder Blade attacks might be much better. It's 
    your choice anyway. There isn't much to be said; don't be afraid to use 
    Energy Tablets (I ate two), but don't go nuts: don't waste all of them, 
    and don't go around feeding Elixirs to your buds like they were Orange 
    Gels. Energy Tablets are for those times when you revive your three dead 
    characters and Yggdrasill is about to cast a spell; quick healing is 
    definitely needed at those times. And that's what the Tablets are for.
    Promptly revive and heal and attack Yggdrasill with Lloyd and a second 
    character, while Raine and co heal non-stop. It's a long fight, but 
    constant blasting of your shortcuts will make it a bit shorter (spells 
    will come out faster, after all).
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Phew... watch the scenes. A whole batch of side-stuff can be done... but 
    now we must release Origin. Exit the tower, save, and fly to Heimdall 
    (more precisely, the Ymir forest, but you just have to quick jump it).
    Talk with your buds spread around the town (Regal is around the elder's 
    house, for those who can't find him) and then talk to Colette by the inn. 
    Tell her you're ready to go to bed and go into the inn.
    It's now time. Next morning, head to the elder's house area and exit to 
    the Torent forest by speaking to the watchman on the northeast.
    T O R E N T  F O R E S T
    Holy crap, this place is utterly, absolutely confusing! Anyway, move 
    forward along the entrance path. Eventually, a brief scene takes place 
    and an animal hides in a tree trunk. Now, you can explore the place. 
    Firstly, head to the left; here, the path breaks up. The road which heads 
    to the top of the screen "leads out of the area"; well, it should, 
    because it actually brings you back here!
    The other road, going away from this one leads to two more additional 
    paths: the bottom ends in a Stardust; the other one also "leads out of 
    the area"(ahem). So, backtrack to the trunk where the animal hid and head 
    to the right of it. Take the bottom path of the two choices you're 
    offered with, and then pick the upper one (careful with the CARNIVOROUS 
    PLANTS around here: they're extremely damaging (can shove off around 
    1,000 PTS of DMG in no time flat) and have tons of HP), to be led into 
    another bifurcation; veer right to find a Crystal Dagger.
    Now, make it to the trunk and hit it with a good burst of S.ring energy. 
    The furry will come out; follow it to the next screen.
    You'll be right next to the trunk that needs to be hit; before we do so, 
    let's get some items! Firstly, take the right path. As you go along it, 
    keep a sharp eye for a slug; kill it and cross the road behind it. You 
    shall see a treasure chest; inside it an Angel's Tears has been resting 
    for the past few eons. 
    To left of the trunk there is also a very visible chest up north, 
    containing an Acalanatha. Attain it and then backtrack to the trunk; hit 
    it to lead the furry out, and have it carry  you to the third area (go 
    right from the trunk, go along the road and veer right again through the 
    road where the slug was. From there, it's a one way highway to where the 
    furry is).
    Here go north. When possible, turn right to find a pond; go further east 
    past it. Now, veer further up. Battle the wandering flower to earn a 
    Memory Gem and then go right till the path breaks up. South there is a 
    Gold Dragon which bestows lots of EXP to those who beat him; north it's 
    the trunk, which you need to hit. Go back to the pond area and look for 
    the path next to it which goes north; you'll find the animal over there.
    In the fourth screen, simply go forward until you hit an intersection. 
    This shall be point a. Head to left to find even more paths; take the 
    bottom one to be taken to a Mana Protector. The upper-right holds an Ex 
    Gem Lv4 at its top. Back at point a, the introductory intersection, take 
    the upper right road. Turn to the actual right when prompted and head 
    along this path; a small, visible off-shoot protrudes out of it, and in 
    it a Ex Gem Lv3 awaits for an owner. Get it and proceed to the right.
    Unlock the memory seal there. There are three roads which go away from 
    it: one to the north, two to the south. Of the two south, the upper one 
    ends in an Ex Gem Lv4. Take to the bottom one to crash into another 
    bifurcation; the road which goes eastward eventually twists its way 
    towards the behind of the local waterfall, where you'll find two items: 
    Warlock Garb and Shield Ring. Go back to the bifurcation we just hit and 
    take the bottom path, till you find the trunk. Hit it and proceed to the 
    next screen following the little critter (it'll go the next screen nearly 
    immediately, so don't hesitate to go after him!)
    Here, run towards the very top of the screen. When you reach a 
    bifurcation with a wandering flower, proceed further up and look for a 
    road to the right, where the trunk is. Hit it, HEAL UP, and go to the 
    next screen, following the furry. A scene ensues.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    This is quite the insane battle. Having around 15 Lemon Gels is 
    recommendable; not because you're going to use all of them. It's because 
    right after Kratos comes another boss! 
    Pick your strongest, hardest-hitting (or fastest-hitting tech) and put on 
    the B button slot. This could be Demon Circle, or Demonic Tiger Blade. 
    Also, have Tempest on your shortcuts. That way, you can get behind Kratos 
    He employs a quick-cast Grave (takes no time to be employed) for around 
    800 PTS of DMG. He also likes to capture you in a trademark, 1,000 or so 
    PTS of DMG combo; there is his S.Lightning Blade (or something like that) 
    which he's been using for quite a while now, and it's about as powerful 
    as his normal combo... because it is often employed along with a 
    traditional combination.
    Kratos is very beatable. Firstly, run up to him and block his initial 
    wave of attacks. Now, start hitting B to try to get a Tech out; sometimes 
    Kratos simply catches you and it's impossible to do so. If this happens, 
    heal after every combo, and then start trying to hit him once again with 
    the B button Tech. If you nail, repeat it till he captures you in his 
    furry of attacks; if you don't, you can either soup his subsequent 
    strikes, heal, and try again; or fly behind him with Tempest and have an 
    easier time nailing him.
    When you manage to hit him, do your best to keep doing so. Hittin him 
    during spell-cast is not as easy as it'd seem, since right after you 
    start the Tech animation the spell is usually cast (since they're so 
    fast!), effectively nullifying your combination!
    With a very powerful Tech the battle is considerably easier. Tempest aids 
    very notable, so be sure to use it! Heal as suggested, don't get too 
    cocky, and it all should go well.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Now comes some more scenes. Re-organize your party so it includes Lloyd 
    and Sheena and get ready to rumble.
    + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + +
    Hmm... like ToDII's Maxwell, this guy was unusually easy for me. He can't 
    deal with fast Techs (Tiger Rage and Demonic Tiger Blade, and any other 
    variation), is very big, so he can be caught in endless combos with ease. 
    Besides, spells stun him easily! He's got lots of spells, and one of 
    them, where he summons a blinding field of thunderous light, does around 
    1,000 PTS of DMG! (hard to tell, really!). Thunder Arrow is supposedly 
    very powerful: I never got to see it damage me too much. Since Origin is 
    so easy to nullify, things should by smoothly. Simply get to him (use an 
    Unison attack of possible) and start using a quick string of Tiger Rages, 
    Demonic Tiger Blades or any other fast, multiple-hit attack and try to 
    combo it to a "tank tech", namely, Demon Circle or Raging Beast. To ease 
    things, pack in two quick techs and two tank techs to your shortcuts and 
    use them indiscriminately; and very often, of course! Meanwhile, set a 
    good spell to your shortcuts (like Thunder Blade) and cast it. This kind 
    of attack usually stuns Origin and gives you even more time to attack 
    him. Heal through Gels (that should be enough) and the party will be over 
    in no time flat.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    At Heimdall, save the villagers from the collapsing tower. One is left of 
    Torent's entrance, while the other two are around the store area. After 
    nailing them, go to the elder's house (maneuver through the debris) and 
    talk to him. Now, leave the town. After the scenes, leave it for good and 
    fly over to Sylvarant. Go to Dirk's, get the Material Blade (weaker than 
    the Kusanagi Blade, nyuk) and Eternal Ring. It's now time to do some 
    sidequests: if you haven't beaten the Sword Dancer (oh no, Timmy!) do so; 
    it's also possible to fully re-construct Luin and more! The last batch of 
    sidequests will require you to visit Derris-Kharlan, but, even then, you 
    can still accomplish a few of them now.
    Go to the Tower of Salvation and head inside it. You'll be transported to 
    D E R R I S  K H A R L A N
    That's one good tune there!
    Move along the path till you reach a platform with two available roads. 
    The leftmost one leads to an Ex Gem Lv3. Turn right of it and go along 
    the slanting, rocky road to reach an Ex Gem Lv2. With that in hand, go 
    back to the first Ex Gem and veer south from it; from there, wade 
    northeast along the adjacent path.
    In this new screen there are various items to be found. First, there is a 
    small, almost puerile platform behind the "candlelight" here; it's to the 
    north and it leads to a Golden Helm. Go right from the candlelight for 
    plenty of time till the road crashes and extends north; from there veer 
    up, for a long time, until you find a chest besides a wandering skull. 
    Pick the item and go left and then, up; all the waaaaay. It's a huge 
    road; it ends in a platform with two angels, with an off-shoot protruding 
    out of out it: there, an Ex Gem Lv4 is.
    You'll hit a platform with a strange pattern on the floor; DON'T TOUCH, 
    and go south! Further explore the area till you find another item (around 
    the right side of the area), a Magical Ribbon and come pack to the 
    pattern. Touch it for a scene, and then warp to the next screen. There, 
    go forward till you find the character that was possessed by Mithos. 
    After the scene, he/she'll join. Use the warp here.
    At Welgaia, go left towards the walkway, which leads into the "main 
    area". So, cross it. A scene ensues here. Two of your buds will return 
    top your team (Sheena and Zelos/Kratos). After the scene, head right and 
    examine the glowing panel on the floor to initiate a battle with a mini-
    boss monster. Its "rattling light" attack does plenty of damage, but it's 
    rarely used; never you'll be critical just by being hit by it. Run up to 
    it and use lots of Techs till it falls.
    Now, approach the warp to the southwest to be taken to the prison area. 
    There, go down the steps, save, and go north. Take the flying panel to 
    Regal's prison. Witness the scene by approaching him and Presea; after 
    it, examine the blood pond on the floor and beat the mini boss. Then, go 
    back to the warp here and make it to the "main area". There, head to the 
    walkway. Next, go forward till you reach a platform with multiple paths: 
    one leading back to the city's entrance, one leading to a path blocked 
    off by a field or light, and the third one which you should take.
    It takes you to the refresher room. You can still stock up on items and 
    heal! Anyway, take the steps that go down, next to the entrance. There, 
    take the lifts on the upper portion of the platform to be taken down 
    below. Approach the jail cell to the right for further cinemas. Then, 
    examine the broken mirror and beat the mini-boss. Now, go back up and 
    exit this room. Go along the road to the platform with the multiple paths 
    and head to the one which was blocked off by the field of light. After 
    the scene next to such field (which earns you the Derris Emblem), proceed 
    up the teleporter.
    Move forward to a warp, and transport. You're now at Mithos' castle! The 
    actual road is just up the stairs right here, but there is further 
    exploration waiting to be done! IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO BEAT THE FINAL 
    WORLD MAP AND DO SIDEQUESTS, READ ON (you'll attain all of the above, 
     Turn east of the entrance and go through the door. There, take the road 
    below the raised platform here, to find an angel; beat it. This causes a 
    chest to appear. Anyway, enter the room to the right, where an item 
    waits, and then exit. Head to the this area's left side and run up the 
    stairs there.
    Go up once more; you should see a door to the right. Run through it to 
    reach a library. Go behind the couch here (from the left) and hit A to 
    get a Prism Guard. Go back and go left from the doorway we just exited 
    from (it's not necessary to climb up the steps, unless you want to beat 
    the angel) and exit through the door there. You'll be next to a bridge; 
    next to you there is also a door. Cross it to reach a spiraling 
    staircase, which extends downward and upward. Try to mark the door you 
    came through, and fully explore the staircase's many rooms up and down. 
    Firstly, head left from the door to find only one item; heading up till 
    you find a Spirit Bottle (there is also a Mortality Cloak behind the 
    couch) , then come back to the door I told you to mark.
    Back at the bridge, cross it. Next, you can take the door directly across 
    of the bridge, or go through the other one. It leads to another spiraling 
    staircase! Once again, mark the entrance off in your mind. Now, go left. 
    At the very bottom, pick the Blue Shield. It's time to make it all the 
    way to the right, exploring. Once you find an Elixir, go through the next 
    door and beat the angel there for the Past Stone (it'll appear on a chest 
    on the back).
    Exit the door and head right, to the top of the spiral. Go through the 
    yellow door to reach a balcony of sorts. Here, go right. Keep an eye on 
    the upper side of the screen; the door you came through is positioned 
    along a wall. Once the wall ends, broken, and the sky is revealed, 
    approach it. Behind the corner of the guard there is a trove with an  
    Elemental Guard. Head all the way to the right to find a similar space, 
    with a Ninja Sword. Pick it, and run through the door further to the 
    Go down till you find the bridge room. Cross it and pick the bottom door 
    at the other side (across the bridge). In this new area, enter the 
    chamber to the far left, get the item, and exit. Next, head all the way 
    to the top platform, with a wandering angel. Once you get there, you 
    might think there is no way further up; but there are two flight of 
    steps. Take either one, and go left to find a chamber with a Demon's 
    Seal; go right to hit a balcony. Head along it to the far right, to find 
    a smaller balcony with the Future Stone in it.
    Make it to the "hall" (entrance of the castle) and beat the dragon up 
    north for the Vinheim Key (note: when you get back to the hall, brief 
    cinemas with your stones might take place). Now, go back down the stairs 
    and turn left; approach the blue panel of the floor to witness a short 
    scene (if you haven't done so already). Push the blocks that appear into 
    the glowing warp (positioned on top of the glass floor) so they 
    transport; you'll be taken along with them!
    Take the dark one first. There is a gapped bridge here; push the boulder 
    into the space. Go back, and take the dark blue, red and purple boxes 
    (the purple crate is in the right side of the hall); repeat the process 
    of pushing them into the aerial gaps. The last block must be taken across 
    the bridge you'll form with the boulders, and then put into the gap on 
    the floor. Once you've done so, warp back to the hall and head to the far 
    right. Approach the symbol on the floor, witness the scene if you haven't 
    done so already, and take along with you the yellow, green and light blue 
    blocks (two of these are two the left!). After forming the bridge, carry 
    the white block across it and collocate it in the niche on the floor.
    Pick up the Sacred Stone of the chest that unlocks. With this, you can 
    use the warp at the base of Mithos' castle's hall to teleport back to the 
    very entrance of the Tower of Salvation; that way you can do more 
    sidequests, like beating Maxwell and Abyssion. Anyways, once you're 
    ready, save (right side of the hall) and go through the door up north.
    After the scene, take the warp to the final battle.
    B O S S  B A T T L E 
    -- Mithos [55 000 HP]
    Well, he really is a bit tough. There is a way around this, though:  
    Demonic Tiger Blade. Run up to him with Lloyd and use it constantly to 
    stun Mithos for long and dish out a whole lot of damage, while you cast a 
    spell or have your strikers aid you in the mauling of Mithos. Such combo 
    of attacks will let you juggle him for long; eventually, he'll cast one 
    of his powerful light spells, most of which affect wide areas and usually 
    do around 1,000 PTS of DMG per hit! Use a couple of Lemon Gels here and 
    there but try to save up, as another battle is coming. Through the use of 
    Demonic Tiger Blade and your friend's accompanying attacks, Mithos will 
    be more-or-less of a cinch, as long as you keep healing! Oh, and be sure 
    to heal the nasty statuses he bestows upon you with his Retribution 
    -- Mithos 2nd Igniton [60 000]
    It's more of the same, except this time he's even more damaging: those 
    who're near him are bound to be hit by his rattling-light attack, which 
    does over 1,000 PTS of DMG, or his energy field skill, which also does 
    around the same. He's constantly using a combination of these two, so 
    close-range fighters WILL be damaged plentifully; pop Gels here, don't 
    worry about it, you're about to finish the game anyway. Cure often and  
    use the old Demonic Tiger Blade + Beast combo which works excellently, 
    accompanied by magic (Thunder Blade) or a couple of strikers; Regal-
    Kratos/Zelos-Lloyd is a devastating trio against this guy, even though 
    Genis is also quite good. Hold nothing against him (unless you want to 
    carry over lots of items to the New Game + function) and he'll eventually 
    Enjoy the ending. You're finished! It's now time to go out more, play 
    soccer, read and eat (and also take a bath). You've played the game long 
    enough! Give a try to other rpgs (Star Ocean 2 and 3, Persona 2, Shin 
    Megami Tensei), get a girlfriend and start those Polish lessons. Life 
    goes on...
    [This is my way of saying: "Sayonara, good reader! Hope you enjoyed the 
    FAQ!.". Thanks for reading, really ;)]
    COLETTE (DOG LOVER) -- All through the game
    With Colette as your avatar, talk to the many dogs all around the world. 
    Once you've spoken to every one of them, you'll get a new title for 
    Colette. Here's the run down.
    -  House of Salvation around Iselia
    - Triet
    - Izoold
    - Palmacosta
    - Palmacostan House of Salvation
    - Thoda Island Boat Dock
    - Thoda Geyser
    - Asgard (x2)
    - Asgardian House of Salvation
    - Hima (X2)
    - Meltokio (x2)
    - Sybak (x2)
    - Mizuho 
    - Flanoir (x2)
    - Altamira
    - Altamira Night
    - Exire (x2)
    - Heimdall (x2)
    - Iselia 
    - Luin, City of Water (last stage of remodelation and upgrading).
    KRATOS & LLOYD -- (All the way to Sylvarant's Tower of Salvation)
    These are some training scenes which earn your Kratos' favor and let you 
    attain his figurine later into the game. To trigger them you speak to 
    Kratos at certain specific places. They are:
    - At Palmacosta, speak to the guards guarding the Governor's place.
    - At Asgard, beat the Windmaster and stay at the Cool Breeze inn. Kratos 
    offers to train.
    - After quickly going to the Asgard Human Ranch, come back to Luin and 
    speak to the swordsman by the destroyed weapon store.
    - At the Hima mountaintop, speak to the dragon dealer. The party splits 
    up. Talk to Kratos twice.
    WHOLE PARTY (REBIRTH OF LUIN) -- After curing Pietro
    Another entertaining sidequest, albeit a bit taxing on your wallet. 
    Basically, after Pietro is cured, you can go to Luin and donate him money 
    for the re-construction fund. Pietro only takes SELECT amounts of money 
    per stage of reconstruction; paying him more or less will earn you mad 
    props, but, in the former case, it'll means you lose some money, and in 
    the latter, you'll lose some money and nothing will get done! For 
    instance, if he requires 5,000 Gald and you give him 100,000, you've just 
    wasted a good 95,000 Gald, for he only employs 5,000 of them! Give him 
    4,888 and you'll get nowhere, either...
    Re-building Luin is a very satisfactory exercise; also, when it comes to 
    the "upgrading" of it, it means giving birth to great armor/weapon 
    stores; besides, the "upgrading", when fully attained, makes Luin a 
    beautiful place. Here's the run down on the money to be paid. As for the 
    aesthetic effects, there are more than those listed: you can see houses 
    gradually getting back to life, bridges being worked upon and so on. On 
    the stage of upgrading, things gradually get more beautiful. I'd be too 
    taxing to list them all, so I just give you a general idea of the whole 
    - 5000 (Pietro thanks you)
    - 12,000 (woman joins)
    - 21,500 (name change to City of Rebirth)
    - 15,000 (more people appear)
    - 20,000 (more people appear)
    - 25,000 (lots of workers re-appear)
    - 35,000 (item shop re-opens)
    - 40,000 (more people appear)
    - 45,000 (the Katz returns)
    - 50,000 (Fully restored Luin. Better Weapon/Armor Shop)
    - 75,000 (stone streets, better bridges, upgraded Katz counter)
    - 100,000 (better buildings, more elegant vibe)
    - 5,000 (statue of Sheena built)
    - 5,000 (statue of Lloyd built)
    - 5,000 (statue of Raine built. Pietro leaves).
    GENIS (EB) -- (Always at Izoold)
    In this game, you match the Katz's emotions with yours by pressing the 
    adequate items. That's about it. Prizes include Apple Gels, Life Bottles 
    and Lemon Gels.
    WHOLE PARTY -- (After clearing Latheon Gorge; must choose Zelos over
                    Kratos at Flanoir, or do it before such events)
    Firstly, return to Meltokio and speak to the butler at Zelos' place. 
    You'll need to go to the castle; after further events and traveling, the 
    party will have to make haste to the Gaoracchia Forest. There, kill the 
    Papal Knights. You'll get a title for Lloyd which dresses him formally. 
    after this, you're suddenly at a ballroom. When you're told somebody's 
    waiting for you, you get to pick somebody else; he/she'll get his/her 
    formal dress. In the actual ballroom, speak to three more people to get 
    their dresses and title.
    ZELOS -- (After speaking to Seles at SE Abbey)
    Go to Zelos' house. As you go, a scene should happen. You'll get a title 
    for him.
    WHOLE PARTY (COLISEUM) -- (After speaking to Seles at SE Abbey)
    Matches can be partaken here. Beating Beginner's Class -single- with 
    anybody will unlock the Beginner's Class -party-, where you can fight 
    with up to three members. Clearing a Class unlocks the subsequent level 
    (Intermediate and then Advanced). Conquering Advanced Class -single- with 
    anybody nets you a title for the character in question, as well as a 
    Krona Symbol. Clear Intermediate Class for a bunch of items that boost 
    your stats. After obtaining the Vinheim Key, clear Advanced Class with 
    everybody to obtain a weapon for such character (check chart below). 
    Beating it twice with Zelos let's you fight Seles, to earn a Last Fencer 
    and Elemental Circlet. Lastly, beating the Coliseum's Advanced Class -
    party- earns you a Mumbane ArmoR, Star Cloak and Krona Symbol.
    Prize chart (structure: Name(title ; weapon):
    Lloyd (Sword of Swords ; Valkyrie Saber)
    Colette (Super Girl ; Angel's Halo)
    Genis (Ultimate Kid ; Final Player)
    Raine (Gladiator Queen ; Crystal Rod)
    Sheena (Rose of Battle ; Divine Judgment)
    Zelos/Kratos (Grand Champion/Conqueror(Kratos) ; Excalibur)
    Regal (King of the Coliseum ; Kaiser Greaves)
    Presea (Deadly Flower ; Bahamut's Tear)
    COLETTE -- (After talking to doctor in Flanoir)
    Go to east of Meltokio's castle throne room and speak to the maid around 
    there (keep a sharp eye). You get a new costume (title) for Colette).
    ZELOS -- (After speaking to Seles at SE Abbey)
    An important event if you want Zelos' favor, speak to the child standing 
    outside Sybak's inn.
    GENIS -- (After talking to the doctor in Flanoir)
    Head to Meltokio's Slums; there, you'll need to go to the rooftop where a 
    short amount of dialogue ensues with an old man. Go to the item shop in 
    the city and talk to the Katz there. Now, go to Katz' Village on the 
    northwestern corner of the Sylvarant map. Talk to the elder (a spinning 
    cat on the upper platform) and go back to Meltokio's slums; talk to the 
    old man again. You'll finally obtain a title for Genis and his Katz 
    SHEENA;-;(Chief Igaguri);-;here %%%%%% 
    WHOLE PARTY (ORIENTEERING) -- (Always at Palmacosta)
    Speak to the man on the bottom-left side of the plaza and agree to play 
    this game. Here, you must find certain persons around town by following 
    the provided clues. There are various, randomized patterns to this. It 
    really isn't that hard of a game; it's quite simple actually, and sane 
    GENIS (RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT) -- (Always ay Grand Tethe'alla bridge)
    Here, a kid up front gives you the "red/green light". Red means you can't 
    move (or else you'll lose), green means: run! The idea is to get to this 
    kid before the other guys do; they're fierce, though, pounding you out 
    with their shoulders! Skillfully run along the edges of the bridge for 
    maximum effectiveness, and hit start when red light comes so you stop 
    immediately; this strategy means you can run for a second more, right 
    after you're red-lighted, because you can stop immediately. Beating the 
    game with the Vinheim Key nets you the One World kendama. 
    PRESEA -- (After beating Rodyle)
    Head over to Meltokio's upperclass leveland visit the easternmost side of 
    it. Go inside the house there (_easternmost_) and talk to the woman 
    garmented in what seems to be a pinkish dress. Exit the house and agree 
    to keep the conversation up. Now, at Sybak, speak to a man next to a dog 
    by the Academy's entrance. Exit the area for further scenes (agree to 
    have Presea talk)  and talk  to the woman in Meltokio and then exit her 
    "house" to claudicate this series of events.
    PRESEA -- (With right conditions, after beating Rodyle)
    Once you've reached Ozette, approach the item shop. A man named Wells 
    should insult the party. By triggering this event, you'll then be able to 
    get a title for Presea by visiting the gravestone northeast of Altamira's 
    main entrance.
    MIXED -- (After beating Rodyle)
    Go to Sybak and speak and speak to the man in blue by the junk. He gives 
    you a ring. After clearing the Iselia Human Ranch, go to Altamira. Head 
    towards the Elemental Railway; a scene takes place and you're given 5,000 
    Gald. Return to Sybak and speak to Joshua. Go to Meltokio and go east 
    from Zelos' place to find the woman who gave you the money at Altamira. 
    Let her fill you in, and speak to the man near the junk at Sybak. Now, go 
    through the Flanoir doctor event later into the game and speak to these 
    two at the slums.
    RAINE -- (After clearing the Iselia Human Ranch)
    There is a house east of a three-story building; enter it to find the 
    elder. After talking to him, head towards to the southeastern (more or 
    less) place of the city, east of where a kid and its mom are playing (I 
    think); you should look for a hut outside which a woman warns you about 
    it. Talk to her and go inside, to find Raine's mom. After the scene, you 
    get Virginia's Diary.
    MIXED --  (After beating Rodyle)
    Head to the Izooldian beaches when it's possible to do so. A scene ensues 
    and you finally heal Clara!
    MINIGAME -- (After beating Rodyle)
    Visit Triet at Sylvarant and speak to a man by the inn. A minigame 
    starts. Basically, a series of middle-aged men walk down the street and 
    are numbered. Thereafter, you're given a long string of clueless old 
    chaps who you must identify in the order given to advance to the 
    subsequent round. As it flows, more uncles are added to the list, which 
    means more fun! Employing devious techniques such as jotting each men's 
    characteristics and number is highly endorsed. Beating the game nets you 
    an interesting 1980 Gald, while goading yourself to attaining a total of 
    100 identification accomplishments nets you a title for Lloyd, an 
    adequate "Midlife Crisis".
    REGAL -- (After beating Pronyma and Yggdrasill)
    Go to Meltokio's castle and speak to the chef's left of the castle's 
    double doors to learn a new recipe for Regal and earn a title as well as 
    an alternate custome. This can only be done right after beating the two 
    bosses mentioned above; don't wait till later. After clearing the Torent 
    Forest, you can find more chefs at the Houses of Guidance spread around 
    Tethe'all and at Asgard. 
    WHOLE PARTY (DEVIL'S ARMS) (through the whole game; must have eight
                                  characters in team to get all Devil's
                                  Arms and to be able to speak to 
    Well, quite the entertaining sidequest. Firstly, obtain the  Evil Eye 
    from the Toize Valley Mine (check out the walkthrough) and then go to 
    Flanoir. There, speak to the blue-haired man in front of the building to 
    the right of the entrance. He'll hand over the Nebilim sword for Lloyd 
    and the Nebilim Key. With these, you can snag more Devil's Arms out of 
    sealed chests in various places around the world. I think you can get 
    Devil's Arms whenever possible, but to speak to Abyssion you need to have 
    eight characters in your teams. I THINK that this could also apply to the 
    collection of arms themselves, but I wouldn't know.
    -- Fafnir: This is the first one you should get; enter Gaoracchia from 
    either Mizuho or Ozette and veer west, into the area past the memory-seal 
    chamber. Look for a bunch of vines on the upper-left side of the area; 
    behind it it's the chest with Fafnir.
    -- Gates of Hell: Head over to the passage where the Dragon roams at the 
    Temple of Earth. Talk to the Gnomelettes to the far right, and then go to 
    Altessa's; speak to an additional Gnomelette there. Then, go back to the 
    Temple and get the Gates of Hell in the podium the Gnomelettes were 
    -- Disaster: In Altamira's night, use the elemental railway to be taken 
    to the casino theater. There, head along the bridge which extends 
    rightward. A man there will sell you this for 1,000.
    -- Soul Eater: Go to Triet when you can transport between the two worlds. 
    There, speak to the people around the store area to learn about a man who 
    got eaten by a sandworm... or something along those lines. Exit Triet and 
    go north (on foot) till you see a skit next to a mountain. Beat the Sand 
    Worm (it's easy if you're at a good level; it's quite damaging, though) 
    to attain this Devil's Arms.
    -- Diablos: Found at Latheon Gorge, on the second zone to the east. 
    There, look for a slant veering down along the bottom side of the cliff.
    -- Apocalypse: At Welgaia, this is found on the elevator room, north of 
    the warp that takes you to the prison area. It's on the room to the left.
    -- Heart of Chaos: Talk to Abyssion once you've found every other Devil's 
    Arms. Then, go to Hakonesia Peak and speak to the man inside the hut.
    With all them Devil's Arms, go to the seal room of the Temple of Shadow 
    (save/heal) along the way. At the botton, Abyssion engages you.
    --- Abyssion [120 000 HP]
    By far my favorite battle in the entire game, Abyssion puts up a hectic, 
    fast-paced battle where lots of combos can be attained, magic flows fast 
    and healing is important (although not as much as you'd think!); 
    Abyssion's dexterity lets him change Devil's Arms expeditiously, which 
    means one moment he'll be using Mass Devastation and the other, Fierce 
    Demon Fang. He combines his myriad physical skills with powerful spells 
    that take little time to cast and run the gamut from Ground Dasher to 
    Indignation, Meteor Shower and Prism Sword! Truth be told, halfway 
    through the battle I said to myself "This guy is quite the bastard! He's 
    hard", something I had not thought in any previous battles; that was 
    mainly due to his quick-going combos and sheer power!
    I never really cared about levels in this game; Lv68 is good enough for 
    Abyssion, I think, and if you're below, no prob; no need to go around 
    leveling up (the biggest waste of time in RPGs; damn them side-dungeons 
    that require tons of leveling to be possible to beat... even then, 
    beating them out on low levels is a tad easier, as you waste less time... 
    hm, I'm digressing...).
    Two healers are an absolute must: Raine and Kratos/Zelos. Put Raine's 
    Cure or Revitalize on your shortcuts, and give her a "Hold Position" 
    Strat. That way, she stays back and only moves when you command her; the 
    same could be useful for Genis (another semi-must): put his tech on one 
    of your shortcuts and have him stay back. It's less useful this way, 
    Have around 8 Lemon Gels, 8 Pineapple Gels, 10 Miracle Gels and Melange 
    Gels and 20 of the rest should do the trick; believe it or not, I only 
    used two Life Bottles all through the battle. 
    Lloyd's most useful Techs will be Raining Tiger Blade (if you have it) 
    and Demonic Tiger Blade; by a longshot. That, with Raging Beast, for 
    combos. Be sure your spell-casters have Black Onyxes to pump up their HP; 
    give the same to Lloyd, as he's the one who'll be eating the most hits. 
    Outfit Raine and Lloyd with TP-saving items; if you have one to spare, do 
    so with Genis. A Reverse Doll would be overkill, I'd say, but since the 
    game's final bosses don't really require it, you MIGHT want to do it; I 
    wouldn't recommend it. Oh, and you need at least one All-Divide.
    Be sure Raine has Speed Cast and perhaps Spirit as her fundamental Ex 
    Skills; for Lloyd, Add Combo is often good. Other than that, equip very 
    good weapons and armors (the Kusanagi Blade makes a bit of a difference, 
    but I'd say the Material Blade also works; I wouldn't know, I had 
    When you begin the fight, use an All-Divide; now, you'll notice how 
    quickly Abyssion moves about. The thing is, since your spell-casters will 
    be laid-back, he only focuses on Kratos/Zelos and Lloyd. Such unbalance 
    is deepened when you start attacking him, because he'll just try to fend 
    off against those who dare slash him. Raining Tiger Blade racks up LOTS 
    OF HITS; it doesn't do much damage, though, since Abyssion often blocks 
    all of the attack. However, since he'll be defending for so long, you can 
    employ those seconds to heal or cast a spell. Thunder Blade was my spell 
    of choice here and it worked wonders, since it managed to stun Abyssion 
    (break his combos and spells) and break his (obstinate) defense. Have it 
    on your shortcuts and constantly jam it; it usually comes it very 
    opportunely, since every attacking moment you get is opportune here. 
    Abyssion usually combos you for devastating results, around 1,000 PTS of 
    DMG. Don't try to heal through a Gel right off the bat, though.
    Instead, be a good judge of your abilities and keep fighting. Demonic 
    Tiger Blade is another outstanding attack against him; although it 
    doesn't hit as much as Raining Tiger Blade, you can use it almost 
    indefinitely, for good results. Anyway, if you're badly wounded from one 
    of his combos: simply command Raine to Cure and run up to Abyssion; his 
    next string of attacks will probably send you into critical, but after 
    that, you can juggle him till Raine Cures you. This is a very good, 
    offensive-minded way to go around healing. Other than that, keep an eye 
    on everyone's HP and command Raine to cast cure (through your shortcut) 
    when somebody is around the 2,000 area. It'll take a while before it 
    comes, but it's easy to entertain Abyssion for long enough so it works. 
    Sometimes he'll cast a spell out of nowhere, but if you always, always 
    keep yourself about 2,000 HPs, he'll only put you into critical, which 
    will then be healed through Cure. Sometimes he'll nail several 
    characters; in those cases, pop two Gels, tops, to ensure you have 
    characters alive in the hypothetic case he decides to use a wide-ranged 
    spell, and juggle him to buy time for Cure.
    He's got some mind-bogging spells such as Indignation, which you can 
    easily dodge, Meteor Storm (just soup up this one; move around a lot to 
    dodge some meteors) and Prism Sword; this last one is utter danger; it 
    only affects a selected area, but for what damage! Just run away from the 
    highly visible radius. Usually after these spells people affected by them 
    will be around the 2,000 area: call for a Cure and juggle at Abyssion.
    That was my main tactic: juggle at him to buy myself time for Cures (and 
    attain damage), cast Thunder Blade constantly to help my combos and use 
    Unison Attacks every now and then. Whenever things seemed to be too hard 
    to use a Cure, I popped a Gel. And what I saw things going too awry, I 
    simply fed my team a good Energy Tablet (used two) to keep going. 
    Pineapple Gels were often used, too, since the battle is so long and it 
    requires plenty of magic and healing -_- 
    I should mention that whenever you're fully healed, cast a Holy Lance on 
    Abyssion for powerful damage! Other than that, just have Raine heal like 
    a deranged woman; Kratos'/Zelos' aid is also quite valuable. Keep in mind 
    that you'll get plenty of Unison Attacks here (which is strange, since 
    your attacks are more often than not softened by  Abyssion's  defense 
    prowess) and also Overlimits: both for Lloyd and Abyssion. You might go 
    around thinking than an Overlimited Abyssion is a tremendous monster, but 
    nah, he's about the same; it's just that he combos harder and more 
    consistently, so popping a Gel might be needed. On a side note, an OL 
    Lloyd vs OL Abyssion one-on-one fight is quite the sight: both will 
    relentlessly pound each other (unless you stay idle and watch him rape 
    you), without faltering, constantly; it brings a tear to my eye!
    It's a fairly long battle and Abyssion keeps the hits flowing all through 
    it; he ain't afraid to use his most powerful spells, so be wary of that. 
    Constant use of Cure, even when it doesn't seem necessary, juggling and 
    Thunder Blade will get through this. I didn't need to use many Lemon Gels 
    (7), but I did use plenty of Miracle Gels and Melange Gels, as well as 
    Pineapple Gels; and I used two Energy Tablets. That's why I only revived 
    my buds twice, too. A good offense turns out to be the best way to keep 
    going here, but that doesn't mean you should ignore healing.
    After kicking his ass off, he'll be out. Presea will earn a new title, 
    and you'll unlock the true potential of the Devil's Arms: they get more 
    powerful each time you kill an enemy (not necessarily with them; kills 
    previous to the battle with Abyssion count; the person who kills makes 
    his/her Devil's Arm stronger, and not the others').
    WHOLE PARTY (MAXWELL) -- After obtaining the Derris Emblem 
    Go to Exire. I found it floating to the northwest of the northern 
    continent's southern tip (what!?), or: more or less to the northwest of 
    the Tower of Salvation. It's also found on the southwestern corner of the 
    world. There is a Wonder Chef in one of the houses (the one with a bridge 
    connecting to its top floor; it's the same one with the Katz team), 
    hidden as a scale model of a ship. There are also various dogs. East of 
    the three-story building where the Katz are it's a house by a staircase. 
    The house has a flight of steps, a thin piece of grassy floor, and then 
    the door. You can actually go around the house by using the grassy floor; 
    behind it it's a slanted ledge which leads to a shrine. Outfit your four 
    characters with the Ruby, Garnet, Opal and Aquamarine. You also need the 
    Derris Emblem. Check out the pillar for a scene and a fight.
    [Maxwell] -- 60 000 HP
    There really isn't anything too special about him... until he casts 
    Meteor Storm... perhaps twice! If you've beat Abyssion you've probably 
    seen the attack, but here, boy, it is crazily damaging! Around 1,000 per 
    hit, that bastard of a spell can obliterate your entire party. Equip 
    Demonic Tiger Blade on Lloyd, set a spell to your shortcuts (alongside 
    Cure) and use DTB a whole lot; Maxwell is very susceptible to it, so it's 
    possible to stun him, plus it does lots of damage; it's also fast, so you 
    can use it constantly. Couple that with Sheena's skills, a spell or two 
    and he'll be down in no time. Be sure you're at top notch form through 
    the entire fight so when he casts Meteor Storm you survive it; and after 
    it is cast, heal through Gels and Magic (and, if you were like me and 
    fought him just after beating Abyssion, with almost no Gels, an Energy 
    Tablet) and it should all be good.
    That's about it. You can now summon Maxwell.
    WHOLE PARTY (NIFLHEIM -- (After getting the Sacred Stone out of Vinheim)
    Enter Sybak's library and examine the book standing out of the rest; 
    after the scenes, go to Heimdall and speak to the green-haired elf on the 
    elder's house area (by the windmill). Then, go back to Sybak, examine the 
    book, and dive into Niflheim. It's a randomly-generated dungeon with 15 
    floors, where  there are often handicaps for you to struggle with, 
    enemies and whatnot. You'll also need to kill enemies to clear some 
    floors (red-colored ones). You have Soulfire, which, if depleted, means 
    game-over; replenish it by killing enemies and lighting braziers, but be 
    careful when doing the latter: missing a brazier means losing 10 Soulfire 
    points. It's a pointless sidequest... in my opinion; I really didn't 
    bother going through all of it.
    LLOYD -- (After the pact with Origin)
    Talk to the two kids to the right of Heimdall's entrance to learn about 
    GENIS -- (After obtaining the Derris Emblem)
    Go to Heimdall and talk to the men speaking in the park to the east; 
    you'll learn Meteor Storm.
    WHOLE PARTY (SWORD DANCER) -- All through the game
    The Sword Dancer is an elite monster from the underworld which needs to 
    be beaten thrice in order for it to finally rest; it lives to fight, and 
    you're the worthiest contenders he's found, so that's why he keeps coming 
    back (till, at his fullest strength, he's finally beaten). I've covered 
    the three fights in the main walkthrough, but here is a rundown on where 
    to find him (should you miss him somewhere, lest it be the last location, 
    he'll be gone forever).
    (Ossa Trail cave, right when you get there. He disappears when you speak 
    to Colette at Hima's mountaintop. You earn the Yata Mirror).
    (Gaoracchia Forest, when first crossing it. He disappears when you beat 
    Luna and Aska. He gives you the Yasakani Jewel)
    (Iselia Forest, when you come back from the Tower of Salvation with 
    Colette healed. He gives out the Kusanagi Blade).
    And that's about it... Sorry for the poor formatting... and the 
    lackluster content... and the lateness and... ah, whatever. My eyes hurt, 
    my head's spinning, I can't think clearly. Hm... eh... ah, that. If 
    you're one of my fans (there's like... 2 in the universe) then you'll be 
    glad to know I'm considering writing for some games this winter... we'll 
    -José F.

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